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    The Massage shops in Binduyuan

    On another note:

    Not being able to get the release I desperately needed, I decided to try out the 6th floor of the Binduyuan Building. Got there around 11:30. I chose shop 601. Why? There were girls in there.

    Let me tell you, I had a great time. I decided to skip any fake pretense of massage, in fact, I gave her a massage! Guys, that paid my ticket for fun, fun, fun. What a time we had in there. She won with 2 vs 1 cums. I was happy to lose.

    Afterwards, the auntie offered a nice cold bottle of water, which I needed as my metabolism was running overtime and I was still sweating from the exertions. I then sat on the couch for a good 30 minutes just talking chinglish and getting some free boob grabs from each of the girls ever now and then. It was the, let me guess if your boobs are real or not, game. Like I care! Great time.

    Damage 600 y.

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    Yes I was just steamed

    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron2  [View Original Post]
    Hi Randy,

    Just to clarify: both times I booked around late morning for an afternoon meeting and had no problems.

    Apparently the reaction time is not so good and she needs to arrange few hours in advance.

    Not good if you cannot plan beforehand.

    Yes, I over-reacted for sure. I am going to give her other try, with lot more notice.

    I apologize,,, Sorry Kitty, not your fault.

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    Kitty service

    Hi Randy,

    Just to clarify: both times I booked around late morning for an afternoon meeting and had no problems.

    Apparently the reaction time is not so good and she needs to arrange few hours in advance.

    Not good if you cannot plan beforehand.


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    Kitty's Service hours 12 pm to 9:45 pm

    Messaged Kitty at 9:50 to get a girl to come over. What a joke. Gave her all my info, address, preference, etc. Then she tells me to call her assistant, who is stated in her ad, that she doesn't speak English well. But ok. So I call her. And guess what? She doesn't speak fucking English well! So I again sms Kitty, who now tells me its too hard to find my place. Yeah, because the location of Dongzhimen Subway Station is a mystery.

    Then she tells me to provide her with a detailed address. Which I had already done. Then she tells me its too late at night. So guys, don't try to contact Kitty after 9:45 pm, it will be too late for any girl to come over.

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    Kitty's escort, part 2

    Repeated today with another girl Linlin. Even better.

    Apparently Kitty is quite selective. Overall, good quality, right price, easy.

    In case you think I am advertising, I am posting since many years, even if not so frequently.

    Take care and have fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamic  [View Original Post]
    Is this becoming the most boring thread in the world?
    Indeed. This thread as become a report type routine about folks spending 2 hrs searching up & down a neighbourhood for a place where to get a lousy HandJob for 1000 RMB.

    Back in the days, 2004 . We were happily sharing spots until 3 things happen.

    - Local police started to browse the site learning about our habits & locations.

    - Visiting foreigners started to brag about +1000 RMB for a quicky and argued with old timers that why we must offer tips.

    - Local foreigners started to fully or partially run their own escort agency. Once again jacking-up prices.

    Beijing is a town where most areas have their own street walkers.

    * Back buildings, small narrow one way street, where to find MLF at between 100 RMB to 200 RMB a pop in a 4 x3 room basement, starting from 11 pm till sunrises.

    * Avenues & Boulevards as well, you'll need a car or a bike, 200 RMB - 300 RMB, starting from 6 pm till 11 pm.

    Don't ask for addresses, I will not answer.

    Now, anyone in his mid 40's clean cut, well dress, fit, will score pretty much anything in less than 120 mn browsing a Mall.

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    Kitty's escort

    First time in Beijing, I found positive reports on kitty's escort in the Classified Ads thread.

    Easy to contact by SMS and wechat, I asked for a "next door" girl and we agreed on my preferences.

    Had to give hotel and room number plus name for telephone check.

    Krystina showed up on time at my room. Slim petite, long hair, nice rack larger than usual for a Chinese. Perfect body, face so-so, 24 years. Shower, BBBJ, daty (she enjoyed a lot) and sex various positions. Very friendly, no rush, but very little English.

    Fixed rate 700 taxi included, one shot within one hour.

    Recommended, much easier than picking up at some bar in Sanlitun.

    I am staying at Prime Hotel in Wangfujing, totally GF, 5 stars, found on booking dot com, 600 breakfast included.

    Tonight going to Hoohai for some beer and music, if anyone around we can meet.

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    Hey guys!

    I am visiting Beijing soon and I've been reading through your forum here and reading guides / reports from other sites. Since the scene has changed a lot recently due to the crackdown, I want to ask you, who seem to know all about this, how much of a risk it is to bring a girl to your hotel room (whether it's for massage or a girl from Maggie's or other similar place). I will be staying at the Novotel Beijing Xinqiao hotel, if any of you know that place. Is there anyone that could report me (and how likely is that) or am I just going to be one of millions of tourists that nobody cares about what's doing?


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    Full service

    Try call Beijing Hui Chun Massage. In Chaoyang district. Tel 152XXXX758.

    They have Y1000 category gal which provide full service in your hotel.

    Let them know what types of gal you like and they will try to arrange. They people who receive the call speaks English.

    Normal practice. If you know like the gal they send to your hotel, just pay Y100 to the gal and let her go.

    You can also negotiate for more than 1 hour or overnight services.

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    Craigslist "LILI"

    Had the place to myself and thought I would give the Craigslist Rant and Rave section a go. There are two "Lilies" listed, I decided to go with the Lili spelling. I know I shouldn't expect the girl that arrived to be the same girl in the picture, but I was hoping.

    The woman arrived quickly, no problem. Thin, petite and her shirt showed that she had half of the picture dimensions. Nice face, not a stunner but ok.

    Listed price was 300 Y. When we got to the bedroom, negotiations started. She started at 900 y to add a HJ! I laughed right in her face. Didn't mean to be disrespectful, but, cmon! Long story short, 500 Y for body to body, which never really happened. She reluctantly took of her panties after I insisted that is was part of the deal we made (and it was a long negotiation, I had to take the money back once to convince her I really was going to kick her out).

    She was jumpy (got up midjerk to turn on the bathroom light to check for some lurker? Stopped when she heard a sound from a neighbor and just complained about, really, everything. She was so worthless. It was the first time in my life I actually felt like treating someone like a wh ore. Which I then did, just a little. So that was kind of different for me and interesting in its own right.

    Don't use the Lili listing! What a nightmare!

    Now that other LILY picture. .hmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spensierato  [View Original Post]
    I will arrive in Beijing Monday nex week and would like a sweetie to relax me. I scouted in a site of indipendent escort, most of the offer ML, you know what this means?

    Any reccomandation or suggestion for a lady or agency is wellcome buddies.
    Make Love.

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    Phoenix Massage at 268 and Jiang Nan Foot Massage at 288; HJ included, don't let the ml's tell you different!. Phoenix is located on the same North / South road Holiday Inn (H. I. Is 200+/- meters south) fronts but is off down a small side parking area. Both places you can find on happy massage site with pictures of the building front and there is also a map tab on the page.

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    Phoenix Massage & Jiang Nan Foot Massage

    Quote Originally Posted by RandyDandy  [View Original Post]
    I always just ask the front desk to bring a "thin" girl to me. And then I indicate "no belly" on myself. They understand. No mommies. That way you will get a girl in her 20's, no milfs.

    Phoenix Massage, close to us, is ok, but the young one that was brought to me last time would not undress for me when offered addl tips. Also, she showed a real lack of experience handling the hardware.

    Number 15, is a 35 yo MILF, big tits (loose tummy) and a titty job will run you 400 TOTAL fees. She is loads of fun.

    The standard rate is 268, incld HJ.

    Also, happymassage website will give you plenty of options, but the search feature is a bit fucked-up since they updated their website a few weeks back. Combined with this wonderful site, it is all you need for cheonging.

    Update to Jiang Nan Foot Massage, rate has increased to 288 oil, 388 bdy-2-bdy.
    Hey thanks for mentioning these 2 places. Where exactly are they? Near Ginza mall? So what is the average damage for a rub and tug at Phoenix Massage? 268 or does it depend on who is servicing? Do they usually let you touch them? Personally I don't mind the lack of experience as long as she's hot and I get off. The average price I see for full body with oil is 198, and then negotiate for extras with the girl. They usually want 200 for a HJ, so 268 all-inclusive is a good deal. Hell, I'd like to make an extra 200 when I work, but I'm not really into the HJ business. Would you say there's a good selection of girls there?

    As for Jiang Nan Foot Massage, same questions, and is the 288 all-inclusive? Speaking of be-2-be, there's a provider called Lily, not sure which Lily cause there seems to be a lot of them, but she has a small group of girls who can offer be-2-be and then BJ. She asks for 900. I had a girl named Lily (not sure if it's the girl who I'm wechat friends with) and she said she's 26 but I'm calling bullshit on that. In any case, she's still hot and got really into it. She likes to tease. : the.

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    Massage and BJ

    Quote Originally Posted by EdwardFun  [View Original Post]
    Your damage is good value for a blowjob. I always worry about the hygiene of blowjob service from massage girls who offer service to many clients. Did she give you a bareback?
    The girl who indeed give bareback was 24. She had a tight body with perky tits but her face was just so so. That was over 6 months ago however. The same place that she worked now has older ladies. As far as when I prefer to get a BJ, if she's hot I prefer it. If she's just so so I'll think about it. Depends how much she gets me in the mood, such as her attitude. If I think she'd give a good one, I'd go for it. You get the idea. The last girl I had though is maybe 33. She's not hot, but I needed a legit massage. She was good and her method got me at attention, and long story short, best HJ I've had since my one year in BJ. She's pro.

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    Hilton Beijing action

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveNaive  [View Original Post]
    I don't travel to China often, but I have been here several times over the past 10+ years. In my first visits to Beijing, I would simply go walking around the road near the Hilton Beijing and find young freelancers at modest prices. I have seen fewer of them in recent years.

    There seems little question that Hilton Beijing is girl-friendly these days. I never had any problems in the past. This time, as I was heading to the elevator, a not-bad looking lady offered to come to my room for 1000 RMB. And when the elevator opened, a stunning blond (probably from a bottle) dressed in a sexy dress was leaving, doubtless having left behind a charmed customer. I would guess she was Russian or Ukrainian, or somewhere in Europe, and probably rather expensive given her looks.
    I've had very good luck at the Hilton. Found a girl sitting in the lobby, sat nearby and quickly determined she was "working". We came to a quick deal and up to my room. I once had in-call on the way and as I left the elevator to pick her up a very pretty, older lady offered to come to my room (she was roaming the 2nd floor near the 2nd floor bar). And then finally, if I strike out at the Hilton I walk over to the Kempinski in Lufthansa center and have struck gold in the lobby or bar of this hotel as well.

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