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Thread: North China - Beijing

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    First time to Beijing

    I will be visiting Beijing for the first time as a tourist. What would be a good hotel of choice in a touristy area for in-house fun at a spa (with at least he or more).

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    Beijinggrace from classified add in this site

    She is amazing performer, very warm and understanding, enthusiastic and happy person.

    Body 7.

    BBBJ 10.

    Massage 8.

    Attitude 10.

    GFE 10.

    Face 7.

    Worth every penny.

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    I have been on Badoo for a month now and it is time to report on progress. For those of you that don't know this app, it is the Tinder version heavily used in China. Thousand if not millions use it. The big difference versus Tinder, with the same profile you can get many matches everyday with actually good looking girl even if you are out of the age filter range. Getting matches is not a problem, just put some nice pictures, many, don't forget one with a dog makes you look like a good guy! And then start liking the pretty one you filtered. There is all kind of features to rise your profile to the top or send you only popular girl profile, they cost a bit but are worth to invest 50 rmb here and there.

    Once you have the match, unless your simplified Chinese is good I suggest to ask to switch to wechat. Wechat got a translator embedded that allow you to carry the conversation easily, Badoo chat doesn't have. She will write in Chinese, just reply wechat? And exchange ID. Once you are in Wechat then try to get a face to face ASAP to screen whoever is behind that profile. I usually invite them for a coffee or tea at Starbuck Sanlitun. It makes them comfortable and you can't screw up on location everybody knows it.

    Some statistics: about 70 matches in one month (about 2 a day), 12 face to face meeting, 10 of these meeting were waist of time, 2 were very good (including sex), 1 of the 2 is becoming a true girlfriend.

    Out of the 10 that were waist of time, 5 were not even close of the picture on their profile (some I even didn't recognize) , 3 were too good girl (Meaning no sex before serious relationship), 2 were hookers with ridiculous price (1500 for a 4 or 5).

    On the two that were good, one is absolutely gorgeous but a little bit on the material side Mikael Kor bags, Dolce Gabbana this, Gucci that etc. And the second one, a true gem, tall, a beauty from Sichuan but works in Beijing (not a WG). With that one I have to be at my best because I certainly want to keep her.

    Conclusion, Badoo works if you are looking for a girlfriend or a freebie but you will have to work and spend hours on chat. I doesn't work for WG. BUT if you are waiting somewhere and have nothing to do, have fun matching good looking girl!

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    Bella. A true gem in Beijing

    I have to say that I never had much luck with the girls I met in Beijing in recent years. I had sort of given up on Beijing altogether when it comes to this. The occasional take away from Maggie's never yielded much satisfaction, certainly nothing to write home about.

    And then there is this one moment that makes all the difference. My moment had a name. BELLA. She is all I am looking for in a girl to spend time with. ALL AND THEN SOME.

    She is tiny but not skinny, with a nice firm body. She has a nice pair of boobs. Just the handful I am looking for. Pretty face, girl next door type.

    More than anything else I feel we clicked. The chemistry was right and nothing I ever did deserved the term GFE more than my time with Bella. She is totally relaxed and the moment I met her I was with a buddy rather than a working girl. Bella enjoys what she does, and she does it VERY WELL.

    She is constantly probing to find out what else you might like. She is adventurous and likes change. Without going into every single detail. She exceeded all my expectations by far, and I am hard to please.

    A true gem for sure. (see bellapeking in the adverts section)

    GUILTY ;-)

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    In BJ a few days. Went to Lemontree. Found the place easily enough. Had to wander a bit to find the right building. Went early, 1 PM. They were all just beginning their day. It was a great experience, though I must say, I really just wanted the 500 oil massage and' tug. So I kept pointing at it, and the girl said "no" over and over. That wasn't so good. I think she probably meant "We don't take our clothes off for this. " which my girl finally made clear when she came in, but still. Don't just say "no" like you won't accept this thing.

    Prices have been discussed, I'm sure, but again, it's 300 for just the massage, 500 massage + HJ / 700 for 60 minute B2B + HJ / 800 for 90 minute B2B + HJ / 900 for B2B + BJ.

    I finally said fuck it and dropped 700.

    Another thing. I asked to choose from a lineup. One girl came in. Eh. She was fine, so I took her. Decent face, but gigantic natural tits. Spectacular, even.

    Massage was decent enough. She swapped to a light touch half-way through, however, man. The main event sure was something. Definitely the best tit-fucking + HJ I've ever had. She let me gobble up her chest and basically do whatever I want.

    If it wasn't so expensive, I'd do again before I bail, but eh. Back to Dongbei where I can get similar things for half the price.

    Would recommend. Just search for it, add the owner on Weixi. Owner is nice, and says she'll try and find me some good services in Dongbei. Now that's service.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RaviGoel  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the wealth of info. Have never been to Atmosphere lounge. What would you say is the best time to get there? Is it an early place or late (like Maggies)?
    I have been there only few times and it seems that girls come to check if they could pick up some hotel customers before going to other place. I was meeting someone for a drink at 9:00 and around 9:30 -10:00 some girls were coming to checkout the place. I haven't stayed late once so cannot confirm late night actions.

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    New destinations

    Quote Originally Posted by BurnNotice  [View Original Post]
    We just passed the mid point of July and it has been interesting.

    I usually go to Xiu, Maggies, Swing and Chocolate. I decided to try different places this time in Beijing to see what was going on.

    Atmosphere lounge, at the top of China World Summit a Shangri-La hotel just beside Kerry center. On a Monday night, found a Turkish girl claiming to be model (she is tall and beautiful), Ebriu. She travel with her friend from Uzbekistan (she is hot too). Difficult to engage in discussion but when she warm up she is quite a fun girl to be with and GFE is very good, sex? She knows what she is doing. She is quite a pro at this, she will stretch a ST into dinner even at 3:00 am and she will chat back the next day for coffee and of course more time. Her English is not bad, she is quite a dresser too so if you take her to a restaurant, you will be the center of attraction. One thing I like, she has good manner, she will ignore text or wechat while with you but the down side she smoke. Since she is only in Beijing for few weeks she gave me the green light to give her wechat so if interested PM me. Her rate is 1500 for ST (but she doesn't watch the time specially that she will stretch it to a lunch or food date).

    Centro at Kerry center. We keep forgetting this place and it has its up and down. The new general manager apparently is a bit more tolerant then the previous one so he allow girls to come in if they are very discreet and are not soliciting. That means you need to work a bit to get ha girl specially if she is not seating at the bar. Last week I sent a drink to one Chinese girl sitting in front of the band with her friend. At first I thought I made a mistake she is not working, she completely ignored me, not even a look. She didn't touch her drink for at least 10 minutes so I was thinking oops, bad throw! I went to the bathroom and on my way I felt a pinch in my back arm. It was her she followed me outside in the lobby.

    This girl was 38 and she looks like 25 . Perfect body, make up like a real pro, all designer clothes. She came to tell me that she couldn't engage any discussion with me because she was waiting her Singaporean customer and he was a jealous guy. We exchange wechat quickly, she ran back to her seat and I continued to the bathroom. It took maximum 1 minute, she came with her IPhone open on wechat scanning, I open my phone present the code and boom she was gone. The next day she text me we got together in the afternoon, her name is Yao Yao. All her customers are from Singapore. Interesting fact her ex-husband was a stock broker and he taught her how to play market. She is very active on the Shanghai sock exchange. She didn't green light me to give away her wechat so if you want to meet her try centro. She said the she goes early around 9:00 and sit in front of the band.

    Vics at Worker Stadium. I hate this place but you can find hot girls almost any nights you go there. A lot of them are not working but majority are gold digger or are already in relationship with a rich old guy and they go out to dance and party. So for this place you need to decide, are you going to find one that is working or you are trying to pick up a hot one that probably don't need your money.

    In any case you need to filter quickly, who is working and who is not. Picking up a hot girl in this place is very difficult as you need game without being able to talk (its so loud and the language barrier). IF you don't have the body of a tall western guy good looking forget it. Its gone cost you a lot of drink and you will get nothing or if you get her drunk enough you might be able to bring her home but don't count on it, friends will be watching. My friend love this place and keeps trying to pick up girl and honestly I see a lot of good money wasted. But he has a lot more fun dancing with girls and partying than any other bar and he goes for the long term, getting to know the regular of Vics he might be able to score one for free one night. I am not that patient so, I went straight for the Mongolian girl. She said she was not working, just having fun and drink with her friends. I asked where are your friends? She responded, they are all gone with customers! I say OK good night then. 5 minutes later she comes to see me, 1500ST I replied 1000 and that was it. Her name is Muugi, she is OK but not a recommendation.

    Houhai. This place is near forbidden city and its full of restaurants and bars around a Lake. Very nice place to go for dinner before going out. I suggest to any of you coming for few days in Beijing to go have dinner to this area.

    One thing you will find at this place is many girls are going there in group. If you are two guys, dress well (don't forget to have kick ass sunglasses, Asian girls love guys look with sunglasses but not the cheap one. Invest in one real pair its worth it) sit at one of the terasse and smile at the girls passing by or sitting near you. Many girls there are not from Beijing they are visiting or simply tourist so they are more receptive specially on a nice evening. Do not engage in lengthy discussions because they are dying to practice English so you might get bug down. Just exchange Wechat and just say lets hook up later. We got there at 7 :00 on a Thursday and left around 10:30 . In that time I counted that we got about 15 wechat account. My friend even manage to get the one from the cute waitress.

    That was a bit of overwhelming, we got bombarded of wechat all night after, pictures, kisses, I love you etc. Too much trouble but if you are looking for a girlfriend and willing to invest the time that might be a way. For us end up deleting all of it and going to Maggies. Business is simple there. No need to describe Maggies you know what is going on there.
    Thanks for the wealth of info. Have never been to Atmosphere lounge. What would you say is the best time to get there? Is it an early place or late (like Maggies)?

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    Main provider?

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveFitz  [View Original Post]
    On my last visit to BJ, I called one of the main providers and got one of the best girls I have ever had in China. This was the second time for me to see her and I thought the first was great. She is pint sized with medium to large chest but full of energy and talented. Awesome GFE experience, BBBJ, DATY, fingering and she went nonstop the whole time, even after I got tired. After the post session shower, we stayed in bed chatting for a while. Great experience.

    Would you be willing to share the info for your main provider please? I will send you a pm.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SourCucumber  [View Original Post]
    Was in Chocolate Sunday, but no 10's like you mentioned? Some overweight Central Asians and old blondes. A single 7 but with too bleached hair. Those Ukrainians are they mostly in Chocolate or Maggies?
    Was a bit more lucky today. Went to Maggies first, but quality is falling rapidly. Been a while since, I've been there, but some of the girls don't even bother to dress up anymore. After a single beer I decided to cut my losses and head north for Chocolate. Seems like these days that the area around Chocolate are much more loose than before. Bleached blonde Russians calling out people openly on the streets along with Chinese aunties running after people who walk alone and have just exited Chocolate.

    Same bunch of girls like previous evening in the bar. However with much fewer numbers. On the curious side there was what I assume a Chinese gigolo (at least he gave a quite gay vibe). After nearly finishing up my drink and preparing to call it a night. This stunner of a 10 comes in. Bleached blonde hair and obviously dark brown in the roots. However unlike the rest of the girls. An amazing body and vibe. Luck has it that she sits approaches my spot. Deciding to investigate deeper the origin of her exotic looks, I find out that she is Turkish-Ukrainian. A quite nice mix somehow. We hit it off quite well at the bar and despite her initially calling 2500 (way expensive on Monday) - we agree to 2000 for LT.

    On the way she talks about not liking Arabs etc. I guess the motive is that there was no DATY or BBBJ involved and definitely no Greek. Since you'll end straight in Hell for doing Greek. Still I'm already in the cab with her, and I'm hard as hell. And her body is definitely quite a marvel.

    In the apartment it is obvious though that she is not a 10. Probably more a 7-8 - but still quite a lively vibe with a lovely nice rack. Maybe a bit of chubbiness here and there, but nothing beyond what you would expect on a normal person.

    The problem with girls from the USSR is though that they tend to talk too much. So before the action started, it prolly took another 20 min.

    The wait was well worth it though. Although starting out a bit fake, she started getting really wet during the act and had long sessions of DFK and real GFE. However still no BBBJ. Though her tight little mouth is good at nipple licking and DFK. Came after around quite a pounding where she was completely wet and came 2-3 times.

    She washed and then we saw some Olympics. She mentioned that she had done one of the divers for 1000 USD and had been unable to work again in one week because of his size. She complained quite a bit about it. But mentioned that most WG would much more prefer a regular sized Joe. Comparing myself favorably to some Olympic athlete boosted the self-confidence quite a bit.

    After 30 minutes she was ready to go again and she did a little dancing show, before I turned hard as hell. Unfortunately I was too tired to have and ending but banging this hot blonde. Who were moaning wildly was a very nice feeling. Got her phone and would prolly hit her up, if I were to divert sometimes from the local Chinese cuisine.

    One big minus was her use of cellphone and speaking Russian through Wechat during the breaks and start. I've had bad experiences with a single WG trying to scam me in cooperation with her driver. Pretending to be undercover cop. So that is still stinging quite a bit (the episode has thus far ended without any danger to my well being). She also left after the two fucks (originally said to stay till Morning but I guess LT is two "shots". In any case I don't really blame her for packing up after the 2nd go. I was tired as hell and needed some sleep before work.

    Looks: 8 (quite the stunner. But close up you kinda see the lacks).

    Attitude: 7 (She seems a bit manic-depressive, so sometimes she swell to be around. Other times she comes off as a bit cold and calculating.

    Price: 5 (not really that bad but definitely not good) Also she asked for taxi money, which I held steadfast on not giving. In the end that strategy worked pretty fine.

    Overall 8.

    Would do again?= Probably but would like to demand BBBJ then.

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    In Beijing also. Need help

    I am also in Beijing looking for some direction. Tried Lemon tree, too high to be a regular. Any options for MP or ind's for me also? (Primarily for BBBJ etc).


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    Check your mail

    Some contacts in Chaoyang. PM.


    Quote Originally Posted by OLoveIt  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I am in Chaoyang dist BJ, for few days, please help me with references of good MP and Indi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregoryB  [View Original Post]
    Dave, ignore those blamers. You gave a great report and rightfully not giving out her contacts!

    Sadly there are not many like it these days.

    I myself had several recommendations given here or in Shanghai Forum but always asked interested bro's to PM me.

    And it always worked to the benefit for both.

    The fees you are willing to spend for fun are multiples of membership fee needed to join PM.

    I hope my info helped. I think you found the right girl, enjoy. DF.

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    Aren't we cranky

    Quote Originally Posted by Canada  [View Original Post]
    Great Idea. We have enough ads in this section.
    [Deleted by Admin]Others have found what I have to say useful. You don't like what I have to say, just keep scrolling.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurnNotice  [View Original Post]
    Bar update!

    Chocolate has some new Ukrainian girls that appeared last week. I was able to get one out of the pack of wolf that was after them around the bar.

    Anna, a 26 years old real beauty from Donetsk, beautiful smile and of course golden hair (not blond not brown) .

    Lets be honest, she is not good at this. She was expensive $3000 for the night (I got her at 2:30) and although you feel like Kenny doing Barbie looking at these blue eyes, she is quite awkward.

    But I couldn't get mad at her because she as this style of a 12 years old girl, checking everything in the apartment, opening up the fridge, making herself a hot chocolate, looking at my closet, trying my T-shirt, she was a tornado in the apartment...
    Was in Chocolate Sunday, but no 10's like you mentioned? Some overweight Central Asians and old blondes. A single 7 but with too bleached hair. Those Ukrainians are they mostly in Chocolate or Maggies?

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    In BJ for few days

    Hi guys,

    I am in Chaoyang dist BJ, for few days, please help me with references of good MP and Indi.

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