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Thread: South China - Shenzhen

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryBabb  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    Just so you know there is a bilingual and bisexual Thick black Caribbean girl over in Xiamen think her rates are like 200 us (I hope I have that conversion right).

    PM me if you want her contacts.

    Damn that girl is fine! PMed you.

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    Share the wechat of the girlwith me

    I will go to Shenzhen this week can you message me the girl wechat. Please.

    Quote Originally Posted by HardInThePants  [View Original Post]
    I probably, no, surely had the best body I ever to bed on my hotels sheets last week!

    Came in very late on a Tuesday night from Shanghai, driver took me to a unknown hotel that my business partner booked for me. Put my luggage in the room and started strolling the hotel floors for a Massage. 9th floor was the "spa" with one guy at the desk. He hinted that massage would only be possible in the rooms since the massage section on floor 9 was already closed. I asked to see the girls and one slim, mediocre tall lady appeared. I wold have rated her face 7.5/10 but since she was slim I took her by the hand and brought her to my room. I needed to shower since I was traveling all day. She watched me undressing and having the shower, giggled a bit but no further comments....

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    One Dragon Service

    Has any member here experienced a genuine "One Dragon" service at a sauna / spa in Shenzhen?

    Does it follow a specific set and timed routine (90 minutes to 2 hours) or can it be a set of 16 to 20 different techniques that are sometime offered on sauna menus. I do not remember reading posts of the "One Dragon" service here.

    Any more information regarding the services (yes I know it always includes fire and ice and other common techniques) would be appreciated.


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    SZ Sauna Codes

    Over the past 6 months or so, saunas have been making a strong comeback in SZ.

    I have been WeChatting to a few colleagues in SZ who say they have been surprised at the number and quality of places that are opening up again. Unfortunately FS is rare, and even lesser extras are hard to get for non-regulars. The places are still under scrutiny by the police.

    New code words have developed that even Chinese sometimes need to use to get extras (if they are not regulars).

    Apparently, the latest is "huán bǎo" (环保) which is code for massage with BBBJ and CIM, and is understood at all places that have girls (this does not include 5 star intern hotels).

    If you check your dictionary, you will find the translation is "environmentally friendly" or "environmental protection". Cute!


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    Shenzhen Renmin Rd

    I was back in Shenzhen a few weeks ago and headed for Xiangxicun (at the east end of Jiabin Rd) as this used to be a great place. That night there were just two girls, one was not interested in me and the other looked like she may have been [CodeWord903]. It's difficult to tell with Chinese girls but I would not take that chance. I went for a bite to eat at one of the nearby cafes then checked again but nothing had changed. I checked Wechat, but nothing and I looked on here, but nothing useful came up.

    By now I was getting a bit desperate. I had taken my Viagra before going out so every time a pretty girl walked past I got a hard on! I remembered a few years ago there were WGs at the bottom end of Renmin Road -around Chuanbu road. So I wandered down there and sure enough I was soon offered a 'massage' by a good looking girl. She wanted Y300 FS and would not bargain so I accepted. We went to a nearby 'hotel' where I had to check in (don't forget to carry your passport) and pay Y50 for the room. She quickly stripped off and got into the shower. She would not shower with me so I showered after her and then into action. This was very much a quickly and she did not hang about afterwards to wait for me to shower and dress but OK for what I wanted.

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    Caribbean action over in Xiamen

    Hey guys,

    Just so you know there is a bilingual and bisexual Thick black Caribbean girl over in Xiamen think her rates are like 200 us (I hope I have that conversion right).

    PM me if you want her contacts.

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    Tried one of the WeChat pimps. You need to be able to read and write mandarin for this to work. Even then they ask 700 for FS. Girl was nice and the one from the pictures sent. She arrived in a few minutes but service was rushed and she had really ugly nipples (dark black and sagging, no typo). She was surprised seeing a foreigner LOL. But took it like a champ. No shower by her or requested for me to do so, yuck (I had just showered but how would she know). Apparently they were extremely busy because of weekend as I was told.

    Overall it is still dangerous in SZ so service is rare and expensive. How do I miss the good old times.


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    Warning Wechat Anna

    If you get a friend request from an Anna do not accept. It is a marketing scam for a place called Barons in North Futian near the Walmart. They ask high prices and on Wechat promise extras but when you arrive you are clearly told by staff absolutely no hanky panky. Just 609-880 for veggie massages.

    I did not fall for it but wasted a lot of time getting there.

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    Shenzhen again

    Came back to Shenzhen recently and went to the same place again.

    Connected to the girl from last time by wechat, so I asked for her. She was happy to see me again.

    Her only foreign customer, so she did remember me. Same routine as last time.

    I invited her to my hotel for the evening. I stayed in the best western just opposite.

    She wanted 500 rmb for her visit, which was OK for me.

    We had a good evening, she came after her work at around 11 pm and stayed until the morning for breakfast.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasJefferson  [View Original Post]
    Was in Shenzhen for a few hours.

    Crossed the border from Hong Kong to China and just outside the border building on the left side is a rather big massage / sauna / spa.

    Price was 268 rmb for 90 min, inkl. Bath. OK I tried that.

    Got a nice massage girl, t-shirt and miniskirt, she asked me to sit in the wooden bathtub and there she washed me carefully. She did not join of course.

    She took good care to wash my little friend, who was fully erect very fast by that treatment.

    On the the massage, back side first. Nice touch, specially at the upper leg parts. Turn and she asked if I want handjob or blowjob. I wanted both and she asked tip of 300..

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    Hot and Cold BJ

    Had a day trip to Schenzhen. As you come out of the immigration building, cross the road and walk straight towards KFC. There is massage shop. Walk to the first floor. At the reception, there usually is a lady. Just ask what is on offer. They don't speak a single English word, so you have to communicate with signs. It's RMB 280 for a hot and cold BJ.

    Once you pay you are guided to a locker where you keep all your valuables. You will be given a wrist band which is also used to lock and unlock a drawer. You take a shower and you will be guided to a room. A lady came and gave a crap massage and started a hot and cold massage to completion and CIM. She wanted another RMB 280 for FS but since I had already come, did not want to stay longer to continue the massage or for FS. Took a shower again and came out. At the reception, there were two men now and they seemed friendly and wanted to connect through WeChat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TanMikel  [View Original Post]
    Any names of those places to recommend?
    For the BJ joints, the best source of updated and fairly accurate info is the sex 141 com forum. All them have wechat accounts for you to view the girls and to make bookings.

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    5 Hours in Shekou


    I've got 5 hours in Shekou tomorrow late morning / early afternoon before my ferry over to HK. This past week was my first time back to Shekou in 3 years and sadly noticed many massage places and bars are no longer. I'd love to get a good massage tomorrow early afternoon as a sendoff, but have had no luck to find a place near the Sea World area. Any suggestions. Please PM me!

    Thanks much in advance.

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    Metropark hotel Shenzhen

    I need to stay at Metropark hotel in Shenzhen, is there anything nearby, full service massage, KTV etc? Thanks for advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DodgyFellow  [View Original Post]
    All 3 of the hotels you listed either have in-house establishments that facilitate this activity, or are near several other places that do. Panglin and Crowne are a two, three minutes' walk from each other.
    Thanks a lot Dodgy! That's good to know. I now booked Crowne for two days. I also booked a daytime female tour guide to show me around in SZ. I'll be there second week of October and will report. Again, thanks for the intel! Hardy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardInThePants  [View Original Post]
    Will do some business during day time, hobbying at night. That's pretty much the plan for the two days and nights. I now tend to go for the two days in SZ, really just wonder if either of the named hotels holds more opportunity for the hobby?

    All 3 of the hotels you listed either have in-house establishments that facilitate this activity, or are near several other places that do. Panglin and Crowne are a two, three minutes' walk from each other.

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