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    FR on spa near Kmla

    Dear fellow mongers,

    I am a new member of this forum and would like to share my FR here. Actually I have a couple of experience.

    Experience 1: DSH Spa.

    Thanks to couple of seniors around here who kept posting on this forum about this spa (Near Kmgla next to M&S outlet) . So I booked an appointment here and reach the place after work. The reception is pretty OK. They guy in the reception told me the massage was 2700 but later negotiated and got a 25% discount. Most of the girls are Thai. Got this girl called I Massage was amazing and. Kept touching my jonny. By the end of it she popped the question, And then the negotiation started. She said 4 K FR B2B. I laughed it off. Finally she came down to 1 K for HJ and no top access. But she did tease me by showing me the view so that I pay her the next time to get access to them. And my god the view was amazing.

    All in all the experience was pretty good. I just wish I had got the top access but that's OK, Will try my luck the next time.

    Damage: 2 k +1 k.

    HJ: 9/10.

    TA: NO.

    WIR: Definitely.

    Experience 2:

    Sadly this experience is through Locanto. Yes, I know most of you have warned against it but couldn't help. Jonny was very hungry. So called the so called Indi, They said a boy would come pick me. I got a call in a couple of minutes and the guy asked me to come to a location near ex PM road. Reached there and they guy took me to a place where all big goon like people were sitting. So initially they asked for 2.5 K. I hand over the money and then another guy comes in and asked for 1.5 k for the room. I ask him to fuck off, then he settles for 500. Then finally a girl with big rack comes in. After she comes in the first she asks me is for tips for extra service. By now I understood the way the scam worked. I just handed her another 500 and let it be.

    The time with her was too mechanical but anyways jonny got what he wanted and I just took off from the place.

    Damage: 4.5 K.

    BJ: Nope.

    Overall: 5/10.

    WIR: No.

    Moral of the story: Don't get too desperate I guess.

    I request seniors to please share couple of SP in Ex pm road so that it will he not blow up too much out there!



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    Rosemary of spa


    Recently received a mail from "Kal" spa and am planning to take services of rosemary. Any reviews on her would be greatly appreciated.

    Also is it advisable to ask upfront during negotiation for FS?



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    Quote Originally Posted by DroidAmigo  [View Original Post]
    She is the best choice for those who like petite girl.

    She is bit choosy while selecting her clients. This may be because of some bad mongers and cheaters around.

    I licked her and started fingering then she got excited and had an orgasm after few min.

    Normally she didn't like giving BJ. But when I asked her to give she said Ok for BBBJ. Not a bad performance.

    She is very handy. Because of her low weight anyone can handle her nicely.

    She was excited and after my oral and she liked my body smell as I said. Then I came top of her and started to put johnny without rubber..
    Last Sunday she was ready for 3 k for 2 shots. Friday she said 5 k for 2 shots. Sunday morning she came down to 3 k. Try to bargain properly. In the forum Mr. Pratik already mentioned she is available for 3 k. Please. Control price hike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunLovingNish  [View Original Post]

    Any review on this bird? Planning to meet her this weekend.
    Nice rack. Meet her and update review.

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    Girl friendly resort

    Quote Originally Posted by AmitTv35  [View Original Post]

    Got in touch with a working babe but only out calls.

    Can someone suggest some hotel resort or service apartment were I can take her.

    Preferably in North Bangalore area.

    Thanks in advance.
    Go to green Valley resort in north Bangalore. About 30 kms from city. Safest.

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    Absolutely. I don't think this needs any debate. Bareback irrespective of customer volume is not safe. Stay safe and let not looks or cleanliness deceive you. Stay well. And remember the saying. No sex with untrusted partner without condom and exceptions to this is to go back to the first line again.

    Quote Originally Posted by IndianPsycho  [View Original Post]
    She's open to bareback and done it quite a few times. Given her current customer volume, it's not safe bro.

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    Please don't pay more than 3 k for 2 shots. She has given services even for 2 k. I know it.

    Please control the price. Don't allow your dick to take control.

    We are at loss now. I have shared her number with many and now she is asking for 5 k.

    Quote Originally Posted by GunturAv  [View Original Post]

    Thanks for the Megha's and Nisha's number. I am dropping Plans for Megha. Spoke to Nisha, but she is free only after 5 pm. I will update FR soon.


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    Anyone tried this bird?

    I am negotiating with a SP based out of Indiranagar. Digits ends with 868.

    Been in touch with him for 2 or 3 weeks and he WAped few birds.

    I asked him to send a decent bird for 8-10 K FN and I rejected 3 or 4 of his crappy birds that he WAped me.

    Today he sent this bird and he is quoting 15 k FN and he is saying if I can get similar bird for 10 k FN, he would offer one bird free for me.

    SP is genuine, met him at some common place and came back last time (pics and bird were not even comparable for that bird).
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    Oyorooms. Booking GF friendly rooms

    There are so many people here asking about GF friendly rooms.

    Few people PMed asking about it.

    I will make it simple for all.

    I am a regular oyo user (before I used to book in stayuncle which is quite expensive. Almost 50% more than oyo and that too for 11 hrs only).

    Also there will be price drops on weekdays if we are booking it late (like for 22-Feb 12 pm to 23-Feb 11 am room, if we book at send 6 pm on 22-Feb, we got additional 30% price drop).

    We could get a 3000 Rs room for 1200-1400 rs.

    1) select the city and area (Bangalore. HSR, Indiranagr or Btm).

    2) select the price range.

    3) select "Localite" and "Couple" in collections.

    Choose the hotel. Pick number of rooms and total guests (1 room - 2 adults).

    When checking in provide both of yours ID at the reception (pan not allowed).

    As simple as that.

    Attached the screen-shots.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image2.jpg‎   image1.jpg‎   image3.jpg‎   image4.jpg‎  

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    Well said bro

    Never ever try MP's and indi's in locanto or other sites all are goonda's. You explained nicely what is going to happen. Don't have PM. First buy subscription before asking for help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shartz6996  [View Original Post]
    Did anyone try this supposedly Russian escort, who is doing an in-call in Leela palace?

    SP is quoting 6 k.

    Somehow sounds a bit fishy.


    Min per night cost is Lela us 15-16 k, so if someone is offering 6 k it would be for 1 pop & hurried (like in 20-25 min max they will chuck you out).

    Might not get full GFE unless you book her for full night or long time which might cost you more.

    In US I have visited escorts and paid 250-300 $ per hour, so chances are there you might get good service if lucky. Do let us know your experience if you decide to try.

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    New Member. Need help From Senior Members


    I'm new here. Traveling from Chennai to Bangalore. Senior members kindly share Indi or SP details. Will surely reciprocate in the future.

    Have taken subscription. Will ping you guys. Kindly reply.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JessyBlr  [View Original Post]
    Book a room using or

    What I do is the following:

    1. book a double occupancy online.

    2. after that call and talk to a front office fellow and talk nicely and say you are visiting that hotel for the first time and hope all is well and its dsafe for a family etc.

    3. go with one big luggage of two small ones, if possible try putting a airline hand bag tag.

    It works normally.

    Take a OLA or uber instead of you driving. I tried to PM you but it seems full.
    Just book it in oyorooms.

    Select couple friendly with check-in using local ID.

    As simple as that. No issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnightRider19  [View Original Post]
    Hi seniors,

    I am a newbie having ref of spa whr assured extras. Please PM me good indies, Victoria and few spas. How to decode madhavi spa in Ex pm nagar.
    Just search the same keyword on Google you will find.

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    Review Please


    Any review on this bird? Planning to meet her this weekend.
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