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    Quote Originally Posted by Tintin7137  [View Original Post]
    Well there were two. One in the hall & one in the bedroom. Something like this but black in color.

    I could be wrong & they may be a led light or something but I lost all interest once I saw them!
    Damn! Several of us will have sleepless night unless somebody confirms.

    This just underscores the reason why.

    We should.

    (1) Use a different contact number for mongering.

    (2) Not reveal identity of any sort.

    (3) Watch the surroundings more clearly.

    In the last few FRs several doubts have been raised about safety of their location, but this is more serious.

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    Chinnu5353 bro please pm me if you get any inputs. BTW which mimi are you talking about out of below 2.

    1. One who used to stay in eazy'pura.

    2. Kora'mngla.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chinnu5353  [View Original Post]

    Planning to check out Mimi den. Request your suggestion on whom to pick and damages please.

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    Planning some action after long time, can any kind mongers share Preethi / other indies or reliable SP contacts. Will reciprocate the help with indie contact.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajayaju  [View Original Post]
    I was little busy which made the FR so late.

    Thanks to the bro for sharing her contact.

    I am a fan of petite girls and was so much interested when the initial reviews were happening about her. So booked an oyo and took her for a FN last month.

    The moment I saw her I really felt bad for taking her FN. She looked like some schoolgirl. She was constantly talking with her friends to solve the fight with her BF. Had to fuck her in intervals between calls. But I liked it to fuck her while she was talking like a lover to her BF.

    The rashes on her back was a turn off. But she obliged to whatever I asked. Just for kidding when I asked for entering without see, she told its fine and she has the tablets. I got afraid after hearing that..
    How you people do 4 shots with one Indi I never done more than 2. Get bored most of time except Indi like dolly or my married GF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunLovingNish  [View Original Post]

    Any review on this bird? Planning to meet her this weekend.

    How was the meet?

    If it was good, please PM me the contact and the damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priyanshu  [View Original Post]
    From Locanto say a post about parlour in Hebbal. Contacted the no and deal was fixed at 2. 5 k. Reached the agreed spot, where a guy picked me. He took me to an apartment on amruthahalli main road. Construction work was underway in that apartment. In one small room he showed me few girls. The girls looked like those from high class GB road girls of Delhi or Sonagachi, with face painted in powder. Anyway agreed to try one of them. The SP then asked me money. At this point, I had no hesitation in handing him over the money. But after 10 minutes he again demanded 500 for the palce. An altercation broke out and I stormed out of the place. It really sucks to be treated this way. Any way after some time one more guy called and apologize. I returned back and went ahead with the girl to that choosen room. The girl again asked for Rs. 2000 tip. WTF. She finally agreed at 500. But as I was carrying none, I went to an ATM and got some 500. After handing over the money, When I asked her to remove cloth, she refused to remove her top and just removed her panty. She said to complete the deed fast and go. By the time I had lost my desire. I came out of the place with.

    I think, being from Delhi, where on ISG forum, we were asking members to explore more and more, I am still hung up with heroism of that place. I think in Bangalore, I should stick more to recommendations from ISG community. First time in my life, I felt it unsafe and for experience is not less than at least 100 outings.
    So many people here warned about loc and craigslist. And again and again people will do the same mistake. Almost 98% of loc and craigslist are fake. Avoid at any cost.



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    Some FRs in last few days

    14th Feb (3 girls on same day):

    Jessica: Went to Mimi's place in Kamanahalli and tried Jessica first. Short and slim girl. Good service.

    Damage: 3 k 1 shot.

    WIR: May be.

    Ekba: After Jessica I tried Ekba. Tall by NE standards, nice figure and cute face. She was nice but I liked Jessica's services more.

    Damage: 3 k 1 shot.

    WIR: No.

    Maria / Lynda: After trying first 2 girls I rested for some time and then tried Maria (also known as Lynda). I had tried her long back as well and put FR with name Lynda. She was the best of the 3 I tried. In fact one of the best NE services at these NE dens I think. Fucked her for some time in different poses and she liked it all it seems.

    Damage: 3 k 1 shot.

    WIR: May be.

    7th March:

    Thai girl (repeated): I went to her place at around 2 pm and stayed for 7 hours. She was amazing as always. This was my fourth meeting with her and again a nice GFE.

    Damage: 10 k (plus 1 k for drinks and transport).

    WIR: Yes.

    23rd March:

    Shreya: Tried the recently discussed Shreya. I did not find her that good. She is very new to this and not to my liking. Nice figure, small boobs, ok looking. Services are not that good.

    Damage: 8 k for 2 shots.

    WIR: No.

    27th March:

    Monica and Neha: Met her for the second time at their aunt's place in Ejipura. As always they were good with the BBBJ which ended in CIMs.

    Damage: 4 k for 2 shots.

    WIR: Yes.

    30th March:

    Pallavi: Tried this girl via SP Prakash. A fellow mate has already put an FR on her with her pics. She is very good. Not so white but ok looking. Nice figure with amazing boobs, not saggy and very soft and big. She is very sweet and cooperative too. DFK, amazing BBBJ with deep throat. WOT and Doggy and I came quickly. Fingered her ass a little in doggy. Definitely I try for all slim girl lovers.

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    You are right, I went thinking for first one but while actual seeing I liked the second one.

    SP P is good and behaves well as well with regular customers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Velms  [View Original Post]
    SP P sent the pics of two birds and decided to for the second one.

    When I went there, both birds were there in the same room, fortunately I didn't booked the 1st one because she is short and fat.

    And the second bird is slim to my surprise (expected little faster one, though she had little tummy. And she is not as fair as in the pic).

    She told that her name is Pallavi and she is from nagpur and she is on a 10 day contract with SP P.

    She has got massive boobs for her frame and the service is really good and she is open to DFK and BBJ too (I did ask her CBJ though).

    Worth a try!

    I tried indies only after joining ISG, looks like it's good to stick with reliable SPs than trying indies.

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    Definitely NO NO

    Read one of my FR before of Seema. Definitely no for her. Looks like a village female, stinking teeths and big time attd. Better to watch and shag rather than 6 k going down the drain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pra1234  [View Original Post]
    Thinking of trying Bong girl Seema number ending with 564 or Tamanna number ending with 547.

    If someone can elaborate upon the service and damages it will be very helpful.

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    Loc hit and try

    I know Loc if full of cheaters; and I won't recommend newbies getting ransacked there. But I did got few good options there.

    Given the rates in Bangalore; we are in desperate need of new contacts. All shared / trusted sps and indis here have jacked up prices here. So someone have to score or explore new avenues. And I guess loc and similar is one of those sources; at least for those who don't have local contacts.

    What we can at least do is create a blacklist of loc cheaters. And cautiously and cooperatively explore the new ones.

    By the way I was recently contacted by an old wg I know. She is now a SP; didn't tried her form last few years. I can share the contact to daring volunteers who can verify the stock and share feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TpbTpb  [View Original Post]
    Got these pics from an SP. Any reviews?

    The first pic is of Pooja, who travels a lot with different sps. She is average in performance. And really expensive if phoned as an inde.

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    Planning to check out Mimi den. Request your suggestion on whom to pick and damages please.

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    Stay safe.

    First of all, thanks to all the gracious members here for helping me out when I joined this forum a month back. Really appreciate it! I have a few pending FRs which I would try to share this weekend. Was quite busy travelling last month.

    On a different note, I reached Bangalore this week and had gone to the infamous BS spa yesterday (My second visit here). Initially there was no offer on the counter for B2 be, which they are known for. I still went ahead and took a regular option and wanted to try my luck with the therapist directly. But even the therapist did not budge (NE). In contrast, My previous visit here was amazing, to say the least. Had gotten an awesome B2B, BBJ and CIM from a Thai therapist.

    I chatted up the receptionist later and found that there was LE activity a few days back I nearby spa (s). Tried to get info on which ones they were without any luck.

    Just wanted to post it out here so that you guys are aware of this. Stay safe!


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    Quote Originally Posted by TomiSaac123  [View Original Post]
    I can get your world. I have gone thru it multiple times.

    We need to ensure that indes or SPs maintain the minimum quality. I request ISGians to put reviews more often.

    I see Dolly postponing the meet more often and treating us as puppets. We need to teach a lesson.
    The issue with Dolly is common to all I believe. I went to HSR twice in the night at 9 pm and cancelled both the time. First time I believed her story and I thought it was genuine so tried again after 2 days at same time. But I didn't even imagine that she will repeat the same story again and cancel it after making me wait for more than an hour. Really disappointed second time. The story she told me was that she is using her friend's room and friend has not reached to hand over the key.

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    One Voice

    Quote Originally Posted by Tirrence  [View Original Post]
    We could do something but not in our holy country. It is a form of cheating vocally, it surely is a crime. IF reported to P.S. You must be ready with proof Else you have lost the case.

    My opinion.
    You are absolutely right bro. All I ever wanted is that all of us (+Newbies) standing together and saying in one voice that "We will not pay money in advance and not go to any isolated places".

    On a lighter note, when the time comes, "Let our Brain do the thinking and not our Johnny!

    All of us are looking for Value for Money. In search for happiness, most of us end up with finding sadness.

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