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    NEs are everywhere in ISG Bangalore now, So here is one more

    Threesome With Lynda and Rebecca, Courtesy brother Orbicus.

    Will not right a detailed FR or post any pics which directly or indirectly leads to increased price, popularity and reduced service. So following are my ratings.

    Lynda: Scale of 10.

    Face - 6.

    Body - 7.

    Boobs - 6.

    DFK - 6.

    BJ - 6.

    Sevice - 8.

    Rebecca: Scale of 10.

    Face - 7.

    Body - 8.

    Boobs - 5.

    FK - 5.

    Sevice - 7.

    Damage : 6K (Was promised 5k next time )

    My Ratings may dissimilar from others because am a NE fan.

    Happy Fucking,



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    Thanks to BlreGuy15 for sharing her contact. Whatsapped her to set up a meeting, but she asked for reference. Did not know your name sorry, so just blurted our Sameer's name (Extremely extremely Sorry Sameer, was a spur of the moment thing). Her face completely changed. Then she asked me for Sameer's number. I was in a fix! Somehow presence of mind worked and I told her I am not a direct friend, but a friend of a friend of a friend. She asked me to send Sameer's number if I get it, as she wants to thank him. She was sounding really grateful and said it is because of guys like Sameer that she is able to support her family back in Mani_pur.

    Had taken a couple of beers as she had asked me to get. We were chit chatting over a beer, and out came her sob story about how she does not like what she is doing, and she is doing it only to support her family. She told me a very interesting think that she does not have many chinky (before you guys jump on me for stereotyping, that was exactly the word she used) friends, but friends of many nationalities especially African. She was going on about how she loves to party, and was telling me tales about her regular customers in Mysore and Bangalore. She really badmouthed a guy named Ashutosh Sharma about how abusive he was, even tried to burn her with a cigarette, was really rough and would not stop even when she wanted to and shortchanged her payment too.

    We finished our beers, and she asked me to go into the other room and wait. I went in washed up and when I came out she was standing there looking gorgeous in matching pink underwear. All the earlier pics which I had seen of her looked like she was a little chubby and overweight. She seems to have lost weight and looked quite fit. She was standing in front of the mirror checking her ass out, and that really turned me on and make a tent in my pants. She saw that and pulled me to her. Followed by some awesome DFK (really deep and sensuous). She could feel johnny poking her, so she undressed me and started off with a slow BBBJ (I was surprised as I thought that was off the menu with her). She was OK though, nothing great, as it was slightly toothy, and all of us know how the feeling of teeth is on johnny. She even did some tea bagging, which was much better. After a couple of minutes of this, she put on the condi (which she had asked me to get). Then she started with WOT which went on for 8-10 min. I could see she was getting tired, but I was nowhere close to finish. She asked me to flip to mish (she said she wanted to see me do it: P) and I obliged. She was moaning (definitely fake) all throughout WOT, and also intermittently during the first few min of Mish (probably fake). There was a lot of DFK even during mish along with a lot of nibbling her ears and neck, which she was liking for sure. She went quiet for a while her eyes closed, then started moaning again (definitely not fake). So after 15 min of mish I was still not close so asked her to flip to doggy, she obliged. Loved the sight of her ass and tried some anal fingering, to which she said nothing. So went on this went for for 10 min, but still no joy, so flipped her back to mish. After about 7-8 min of mish she was moaning (definitely real), but I was getting tired so pulled out. Told her to finish me off with a BJ. She just opened her eyes looked and me, grabbed my dick and shoved it back in and said. Just fuck me now, do whatever you want, don't stop. I didn't need any more invitation so fucked her brains out for the next 10 min (she came, I still didn't). I was really tired now so asked her to finish me. She pulled out the condom and started a HJ with some lotion. It was OK, and I spilled out after about 5 min.

    Got dressed and chit chatted for some more time. It seems she knows about ISG, but I just feigned ignorance. Guys, whoever thinks its a good tool to build a rapport with a girl by telling her about ISG, I don't think its a good idea for all the mongers. She reminded me again to send her Sameer's number to thank him, So Sameer if you are reading this please do the honors (I am sure you have her number). She even invited me to her friends be'day party at Xtreme sports bar in K'halli, but I declined. I clicked a pic of her in stealth mode, not very clear, but for what its worth, its attached.

    Face- 5/10

    Boobs- 6/10 (Bee cups).

    Body- 7/10 (definitely better than some earlier pics).

    BBBJ- 5/10 (slightly toothy, but good tea bagging).

    HJ- 7/10

    GFE- 7/10

    Damage- 3 k (one shot).

    WIP. Yes.

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    Regular MP

    Today went to my regular MP.

    Choose a regular therapist, girl from Mumbai, spaeks hindi. Started with a good massage and then went to with usual full nude for Rs1000.

    It was like a soapy massage with both of us sliding over each other with the cream, was awesome feeling.

    Then she told to push my johhy between her thighs almost like fucking. And then between her bums. I came over her ass. Felt great. She gave her no. For further fun.

    Just a report for my fellow mongers.

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    Please clear your inbox cannot PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robocop38  [View Original Post]
    Hi buddies,

    Can anyone share with me where I can bang foreign gals in banglore. Please guide me to the sp who provides the same. I read thru one of the posts that there is an sp in jpnagar. But didn't get reply from the guy. BTW after a long one fr from me.

    Saw this ad on net Elements in hsr. Called on they way from office and asked the damagae he told 1. 2 k thought it was reasonable so went there. After going there his asst showed samsung tab with prices nothing less than 5 k. I asked him the price and he told 1. 2 k he told that's for foot refloxogy buggers, he told for you the massage price is 2. 6 k but massage is worst attitude is worst. The girl kept asking about take a scrub. Take a four hands massage and pay 1600 extra it further spoiled the mood. When asked for extras she told am not a prostitute. I request this is not worth the single penny.

    Please avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mck789  [View Original Post]
    Genny: Did anyone find out who she really is? She continues to give ad with the same Dubai return story. Would like to know if she is real.

    Have anyone spoken to her or met her?

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    First ever FR and first encounter with Angel / Reeta of Ejipura

    Thanks to the Seniors SameeraRoadie, Deepaksa, Sanfeb16 for helping this Newbie (me) with her contacts.

    As soon as I got the contact I called and fixed up an apartments, she told to come near the ejip bus stop and call her. I reached there promptly and called her, then she asked to buy 2 KF ultra and 2 Blk berry Brezer and condom which I obliged.

    Then she gave directions to her place. I went there and then called her was searching for her looking up to the apartments, there were lots of eyes looking at me then she replied to look back on ground floor. And lo there she was in a black hot pant and a blue sleeveless T-shirt with fair skin, she looks better than her pic, I handed over the drinks she looked happy, then took me to her room. I could see Mimi / Maya (recognized her from the FRs) and some others in the living room. Reeta was constantly chatting wit her BF and talking to me at the same time about herself (heard she works in a restaurant) and myself to break the ice and meanwhile finished the two Blk berry Brezer.

    Later, asked me to wash my johny and come then she did the same came out with only a towel wrapped around her, she switched off the lights, no lights even in the bath she opened the curtains of window. There was very dim light coming from streetlight. She Started with the BBBJ slowly and licking my balls and johny full length for almost 5 minutes it was a bliss exp for me, then I went for kissing her lips to tits to navl and down for a DATY, after the Brezer I guess she was on a high. Then I slowly persuaded her to agree for a DATY and I ate her nice Pus for almost 10 minutes and could notice she had an exploding climax and was panting for breath and mentioned she has lost all her energy, pulled me near her and gave a DFK and then put the condom (KS long last) onto my johny using her mouth and asked me to fuck harder and she was moaning this went on for almost 10 minutes, tried Mish, WOT and came in Dogie. Phew! What an awesome and a sweaty session.


    Not a time watcher.

    Safe place.

    Dogie, Mish, WOT: Yes.

    DFK: yes.

    BBBJ: Yes.

    DATY: Yes (should I have not gone for DATY? Seniors your comments please.

    WIR: Yes.


    Session with lights On: No (Anyone had with lights on?

    2 Shots: No.

    CIM, COB: No.

    Damage: 3 K and. 550 for drinks (do not know if I paid more. This was my first time).

    WIR: Yes of course if it is with lights on.

    Be happy and make others happy.


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    Location please


    Please can you tell me the location of this spa. Don't worry. I will not ask any nasty things. Just in need of a good FN B2B with me doing some enjoying stuff. No FS.

    Please let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kroxx1988  [View Original Post]
    Hey there mongers,

    Visited the M spa last weekend. Place is simple, no space but the rooms with massage tables are huge. Also, the bathrooms are clean with hot water and all.

    Anyways, guy showed me 2 girls and asked 2000 for B2 B. Negotiated to 1500 somehow and pickjed a girl. Her name was Ms the. She was very welcoming, but extremely greedy.

    Here are the prices she quoted:

    1. Bottomless: 1 K.

    2. BJ without see: 1.5 K...

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    Location please

    Dear bro,

    I am new to this city. Please can you let me know where is this location? I shall exchange one of my known place in [Names in Code Deleted by Admin]

    Thanks mate!

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolRahul111  [View Original Post]
    Visited my regular spa for a nice massage. Took mamta with sharp features and a lovely rack and super looks. Massage was super, she asked for 1 k for complete nude b2 b, readily jumped and the experience hereon was out of the world. She kissed every part of the body and had super knockers. Attitude was super. After a out of the world b2 b, she took me to the shower, we had a nice bath together.

    Looks; 8/10.

    Attitude 10/10.

    Experience - 10/10.

    Body - 7/10.

    Breasts - 9/10.

    Age - 22 - 25 years.

    Cost 2. 5 k

    Tip 1 k.

    Wir. Yes of course.
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    All those efforts

    Quote Originally Posted by WarJunkie  [View Original Post]
    A few months ago I was in touch with a friend who mentioned that he had done some ladies on a chat app and asked me.... After a few rounds of conversation on chat app decided to meet... booked a double occupancy room, reached the hotel...she says sitting in the garden...ask her to get down at hotel...Another day!! ANother adventure!
    All is well, sir. But, finally did you manage to get her contact number.

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    Power of social media!!

    A few months ago I was in touch with a friend who mentioned that he had done some ladies on a chat app and asked me to join as well. I didn't pay any heed to it back then but downloaded it sometime ago on my phone. Its called btalk. The same guy.Introduced me to a lady (Miss C) who is a freelancer and meets people for paid sex through this app. Now the good part is when you connect through this app, it makes sure yours and her privacy is maintained since there are no phone #s involved.She sent me a pic in whisper mode which auto destructs in seconds. After a few rounds of conversation on chat app decided to meet her. She said she doesn't have a place, charges 5 K for 2 shots. I decided to book a hotel in Eh es ar lyout.Which is near a main road. I gave her the details on chat and asked her to meet me at the hotel at 2 pm the following day. She also asked how would she be able to recognise me, told her will wear red checkered shirt and jeans, reminded me of the.Old bollywood films meetinds, (I will be holding a red rose!! LOL), anyways that's that.

    I called the hotel and booked a double occupancy room, reached the hotel at 1:30 pm and chcek in. The guy at the reception asked for my photo I'd and said he would need the photo I'd of the other peson as well. Told him she is going to arrive later.But I hadn't asked her to bring her I'd. She pings me that she's already reached. I asked her where is she and she says sitting in the garden. WTF!! There isn't a graden I'm aware of in this hotel. Can't call her because I only have her chat I'd.She sends me her location snapshot over chat and I figure she is about 2 - 3 kms away in interior sctr 2 . I tell her to stay there and that I will pick her up shortly. I keep my stuff in the room and go on to pick her up. After a few rounds of.Texts I manage to see her at the corner of the street. Apparently she had used navigation on phone to reach but it had misguided her to some other place altogether. I park my car on the corner of the street and text her again, she asks which colour.Car and then both of us figure each other. She has her face covered like a hijab using a colour scarf.I ask her is she is carrying her photo I'd but she isn't, now I'm a bit concerned. I've already paid for the hotel and checked in and she doesn't have her phot I'd. Anyway, I take a gamble, ask her to get down at hotel and go before me and visit the rooftop.Lounge bar. I wait and then proceed to the rooftop. Meet her there for a beer and some chinese starter. We finish and I tell her that I will try to sneak her directly into the room. There are CC tvs on each floor but manage to sneak in. Once in, I put.The DND sign and then anxiously wait a call from reception saying they need her photo I'd, that didn't happen. Yippee!

    We chit chat for a while and she goes to change in the bathroom and slips into a short pink dress. She is phat!! A BBW, nice face, small boobs, huge ass, and thunder thighs. I get her on top of me (Yes I did!!) and cup her huge round ass! DFK and.Missionary follow and ends with Doggie. Rest and some time later a second shot. Sent her packing. I come back to bed, light up a cigarette and think. Another day!! ANother adventure!
    Last edited by WarJunkie; Today at 11:01. Reason: copy paste screw up from notepad !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Bro. I am just a simple monger like you. Your brother.

    Try Threesome with these girls. Both are really cooperatives.

    Work as a team to win your Mojo.

    Try them & post your Fr.

    I had availed of her services in Chennai last month for 2. 5 K a pop. How much is she asking for threesome now? And any pictures of the second girl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robocop38  [View Original Post]
    Hi Sameer am I invited too.
    I got a good bargain for her. BTW she would be leaving tomorrow. The SP guy told me if her demand increases, he'll keep her for another two days.

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    New MP

    Hi all members,

    I am posting this report as I have not come across anyone writing a report on this MP. This MP is near small Banaswadi, named on famous saint buddha.

    I have visited this place thrice, 1st time as a very good cost. I did not expect anything extra. Got good professional massage.

    Second time took a SI, Pad-ma, got nice service to my johny. She literally did massage by applying oils and all. Awesome climax.

    Third time selected the same SI lady, already had a good idea about her service, did not waste time, took massage to my johny, which is the first thing I expect from her. But this time I had access to her assets as well.

    This place I would recommend as you get the professional massage with extra and also not much damage.

    The place is clean, the only cons is that its screen covered, still you can manage things.

    Damage: 1 k +0.5 k

    Looks: 7/10

    Body: 7/10

    Extra service: 10/10

    I would go every time my johny needs a oil massage.

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    Ashwin Bro, you neednt feel bad. You were the Roman caligula of garden city. The kind of scent you've left behind in Bangalore, these chicks will follow you till the gates of hell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashwinder  [View Original Post]
    So much effort I made, to become Senior and all. So much contribution. And, when the Heavens open their gates, I am far away.

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    90% chance of disappointment. If you don't have a pic then don't agree to a price. Visit and select before discussing price.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollocal  [View Original Post]
    Wanted some guidance from seniors. Got in touch with a girl from SFF. Quoting 15 k for a couple of hours. Does not want to show face pics. Also another HW sent only body till mouth pic. She was quoting 10 k. Asked for face pics but refused. Is it worth to take a risk? Do you guys normally go in for action only after seeing face pics?

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