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    Couple in jpngr

    Hi, can you please share the fb link of this couple or any sort of contact through which I can get to them. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xxcyclopsxx  [View Original Post]
    Hi Arider,

    They are really nice couples. They have an awesome group in FB too.



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    Quote Originally Posted by AriderArider  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys, it happened. Went to Jp Nagar posh area. Picked by a nice mature person. Since I had car, he guided me to a building near by.

    Went to the house in first floor. Posh house with nice fragrance. Just a casual chat with him for 10 mins. I was so tensed. After 10 minutes, his wife came around. Short BBW with next door aunty face. She was very cool. After some casual conversations, he said to me and wife, if you like each other please proceed to the bed.

    Wife went to bedroom and I followed her. She kept the door open and started removing the clothes. And I. Mine. Big boobs and big ass. She started kissing. Brutal kissing and brutal blow job and tea bagging. She enjoyed fingering. Two three time she came, I guess and enjoys the sex act. I think she is fond of sex. I don't want to get into details. Any of your fantasy will be fulfilled. You can cum on her anywhere and she can spread the sex fluid across her boobs and ass. Porn movie stuff.

    After the deed came out. Again had a cool chat and left.

    Her husband is a cool guy and I introduced him to ISG.

    The very thought that I am doing his wife. When he is out. Made my cock granite hard. But the lady will rule you. She will make your cock worship her.

    They are real couples and I don't want fakers and leechers to bother them. So only seniors pm to get the contact number.
    Hi Arider,

    They are really nice couples. They have an awesome group in FB too.



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    Why Paid

    Quote Originally Posted by Superma  [View Original Post]
    As didn't get any reviews from fellow mongers on Kengeri shwetha, decided to give a try myself with Kengeri Shwetha.

    Fixed appointment with her and she kept calling me frequently until I reached. That itself is a first wrong signal.

    On the quality which I should have judged but I didn't.

    Traveled almost nearly 30 kms to reach a place which is almost out of Bangalore.

    Asked to come to a temple on Mysore road after Kengeri.

    She told to get down in that place and not to take any personal or cab vehicle further.

    Hence got down from the vehicle and she started navigating and walked almost half a km.

    She guided to the house where she stays and asked to come to 1st Floor.

    Her Aunt was standing on the balcony she told and I asked where she is, she told.

    She is inside the house and asked to come to 1st floor.

    Got into the house and shocked to see a lady less than 4 feet, very fat.

    And ugly. On that moment itself decided I will not even touch her.

    No body will get mood if anyone sees her.

    I was shocked. Her appearance and her name are totally irrelevant!..
    Then why the hell you paid her bro, should have walked out saying any blame reason. Wasted hard earned money, at least should have undressed her played with her boobs if they are good enough. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshishAshes  [View Original Post]
    Bro if this is her, then avoid.
    This is Shonali right? She used to be tight (and eager) but again not the prettiest.

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    A wonderful experience after a long hiatus!

    Hello everyone. Even though I have been on ISG for sometime, whenever I log in, it was only to read up and keep myself updated of the Bangalore scene. Until now, I would like to post the wonderful experience I had with an inde whom I know and comes in from another state. Whenever possible. Since I too travel a lot, whenever she is in town I am away. But after a long gap we hooked up. She is very polite and well mannered. I took her to my place on arrival and she was looking pretty in an Indian outfit. Once home, she freshened up and we started off with some light kissing. She is very much into foreplay and that's what I love the most. ! Simply fantastic. We were all over each other for nearly twenty minutes or so, well that's what I assume because she was taking me to new heights and its totally another feeling when the girl too loves what you do. Even though we just got started, I was totally satisfied.

    We then started to undress and, I must say she puts in a lot of love in whatever she does. Should be around 34. For me that's awesome and compact. And to top it all she smells nice. We again continued with foreplay and she wanted me to enter her. I waited for a bit longer and that got her excited all the more. We had satisfying sex in three different positions and she came twice. I took longer though. Which I would say was good.

    She stayed in Bangalore for just two days as she had come to meet someone about an online ad shoot. Anyways I am looking forward to meeting her when she returns in August.

    I really feel good writing about her because, all the stuff I read up here somewhat sums up the way most people feel unsatisfied about their experiences. Very few come across good times. And I must say this is one good one.

    My ratings: body. 8/10

    Attitude: 10/10

    Foreplay: 10/10 (this is a new category I think should be introduced).

    Total: 8 k excluding food.

    To all fellow mongers, I now what it feels like to have a good time. Happy mongering people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardDisk127  [View Original Post]
    Called her today but now they shifted to kasturinagar, so not able to visit.
    It was actually the weirdest visit I have had. The crying baby, the old uncle and the curious route from ITC Colony. Hope their new premises are more normal.

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    Hi Bro,

    Beware with Coorgi Geetha!

    There was a FR from someone posting their experience Of caching an infection from her.

    Quote Originally Posted by HardDisk127  [View Original Post]

    I have been in touch with her from one month and scheduled meeting twice.

    But for one or the other reason she is cancelling our meeting.

    Wanted to try her once.



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    Thanks for all ISG friends


    As I was active earlier but not in this forum.

    I keep on following Bangalore forum has I am from here and thanks for all ISG friends who shared contacts with me.

    I had only NE girls and still I am not able to have session with any SI or NI girls.

    Especially kannada speaking.



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    California spa


    Sent mail and received total 4 profiles and messaged manager also.

    Planning to visit tomo, as one mallu profile got added this time.



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    Sushma-kengeri, now hebbal


    I called her and she updated now she moved to hebbal, some where near sanjaynagar.

    As per updates received from ISG friend she is both inde and sp.

    But for me she said she have a MILF currently of age 40.

    So still not took any service from her.



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    Shwetha kengeri


    I have been in contact from one week and scheduled meeting today.

    Its almost 3-4 kms interrior from kengeri bus stand.

    Please avoid her, she is a MILF but not good, I can't have her for free also.

    She guided me through phone, I saw her once I entered her house and straight away denied and she didn't say anything.

    No damages.



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    Coorgi Geetha


    I have been in touch with her from one month and scheduled meeting twice.

    But for one or the other reason she is cancelling our meeting.

    Wanted to try her once.



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    Quote Originally Posted by JaayZeez  [View Original Post]
    A good freind here shared an SP's no (ends with 031). The guy sent this pic and claims she is bollywood model - 15 k for 2 hrs and 40 k overnight. I have been ripped before but this one seems way over even by my 'tendency to get ripped' standards.

    Looking for any indes at higher end or same MPs with guaranteed FS. HashBoi85 and AlanShore440 mind sharing the MP details please!


    She is no way a 15 K material, the actual SP who holds her gives for 5 to 6 K ST.

    I indeed looked at her in real life and she looks low class and hence took someone else instead.

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    Angel & Rose


    Last months report.

    Thanks for all who shared contacts with me.

    Whatsapped her and received address, near cox town and visited twice.

    Good massage from both angel & rose, every time one CBJ & one session.

    So had session with bot of them.

    Total experience was good and damage 3. 5 k per visit.

    Called her today but now they shifted to kasturinagar, so not able to visit.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinnu123  [View Original Post]
    Wanted to try these gals whose pics were sent by SP. Your reviews will be appreciated.
    How is the first one quoted? I was quoted 5 k /9 k for 1/2 shots by SP. I had asked him for 6 k /2 and the deal broke down.

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