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Thread: Bangalore

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  1. #34171

    So silly

    Recently had a fresh girl from a SP incall in ex pm nagar. The girl was very tight and had difficulty in doing her. Asked her about the lube as expected she had no idea what it was.

    While giving feedback to SP told him the same thing. This is how conversation went.

    Me: She is very tight get her some lube so that she is not hurt.

    SP: Lube what is that?

    Me: Lubricant.

    SP: engine oil?

    Me: LOL no this is sex lubricant like durex play or KY gel.

    ME: look out for Durex play available at most of medical shops and stores.

    And I was rolling with laughter while have this conversation on whatsapp.


  2. #34170

    Rosy through mimi

    Yday night had a friend over from Delhi and he wanted to have some fun.

    Checked with mimi for someone who can spend full night with both of us negotiated the deal for 3 shots.

    Rosy came and we picked her up midway. She is a tall looking NE and looks gud and her english is good which was a blessing as we talked a lot started drinking and then I went for the first round.

    Action started off well with DFK and CBJ and then missionary and other position she was fairly tight and seemed little bit in pain. After the deed I saw some red on condom asked her about it and if she is having period she denied the same.

    My friend wanted to sleep with her and then have his shot a little later I moved to other room and let him have some fun. He slept with her and then we lost track of time and I woke up in the morning and figured out that they were up and starting the deed. He came out of the room fairly happy and I went in for 3 shot and then she told me she realized it is really red flag.

    I told her to take it easy and freshen up have breakfast and leave. Got her a cab and she left.

    Despite the disappointment of red flag I felt the time was well spent and the girl has excellent attitude and is intelligent and can carry conversation and is a good company.

    WIR may be.

  3. #34169

    Bata showroom spa exp

    Went to the Bata showroom spa with the groupon offer. Was sad to know that the tall Thai therapist had left. Hence had to go for another Thai name starting be, girl was good and gave hints.

    For extras. Asked her and she offered HJ for 1 k and B2B for 3 k. Tried negotiating for B2B at 2 but she did not agree. Did not want the visit to go waste so ended with HJ.

    Hope she will charge lesser for B2B next time.


    Counter- 1.1 k.

    Extra - 1 k.

    Wir. Yes.

  4. #34168

    Weekend MP

    Had spoke to G for incall, she gave 11:30 slot and I called her she did not answer.

    She was around 2 PM my interest was lost.

    Later started searching for any good spa for relaxation.

    There is one new spa at Horamavu.

    Wanted to see if any extras, it's pure professional one.

    Took 60 minutes sports massage, massage was good though girl was too short with no interest to see her. Overall her massage skills was awesome, later extended to 90 Minutes.

    Had steam bath for 15 minutes and shower.

    Overall very good experience, would recommend.

    Damages 3060/- including taxes.


  5. #34167

    Indes turning Pimps

    I got in touch with Inde Ankita and she seems to be in Mumbai. She offered the friend in the attached pic for 10 k 1 shot. I asked her to FO and she commented back saying this is not whole sale market. I did not reply it working girl sale market as I was in a gentle manly mood. However I found it interesting that this is the fourth inde who is trying to pimp another girl and that too at exorbitant prices. I think they realize the overpriced market and can make a quick buck at no effort. 5 k goes to the friend, they keep 5 k.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_3492.JPG‎  

  6. #34166

    New thai spa

    Have been reading about the new spa in Krmgla and decided to try it. Took the nearbuy voucher and visited the spa last Fri. Called them to book the appointment and did not know any specific therapist name to ask for (I had read in an earlier post that there was this tall girl who is very good). So I told the receptionist that I had visited them couple of weeks back and want to repeat the same therapist. I told her that I don't remember her name and but remember that she was tall. She told me that it could be Miss L and booked her for me. Went there and opted for Deep Tissue for 60 minutes. As I was waiting for my turn, saw another therapist who was also tall and sexy. In comes Miss L (was not as good as the one that I saw earlier & was little disappointed) and walks me in to the room. Rooms are good and clean. Miss L starts by informing me that I can ask for anything special. I say yes and she says its 4 k for B2B. I try negotiating for 2 k but she won't budge. Finally the deal is stuck for 2.5 k with topless and B2B. The next 20 minutes were awesome (she did a namesake massage before that, apparently she was working non-stop since morning without break).

    1.2 k voucher.

    2.5 k tips.

    WIR: Yes, want to try the other one.

    People who have visited there, any tips on therapists to try?

  7. #34165

    Gujrati girl

    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmaBlr  [View Original Post]
    Good Gujarati lass in town with SP are*k**h, 5'6 with nice boobs and sexy ass. Nice fuck is always good to start a weekend. Those who have the contacts go for it.


    Any kind soul from this forum, please PM me the digits.

  8. #34164

    Feedback please

    Hi bro,

    Any one have know about SA are ika, indis AP grl ending 614, from Bhanrkata zoo Road.

    Kindly provide feedback about her.

  9. #34163

    Out if the blue, it happened

    OK this thing will be long, cause it happened unexpectedly.

    This is very weird, Saturday at around 4:40 45 I had gone to a lane opposite Raja Market, avenue road. Had to pick stuff for my office. While I was buying stuff and moving from one shop to another, a young marwari man approached me and in Hindi he asked "[Non-English text deleted by Admin]? " I ignored him thinks ng he was a hawlker, again he asked the same question, I looked at him and he made a weird sign. I took a second before realizing what he was offering, I actually am very cautious, even before going to the most talked about MPs here I think many times. But for some reason reason Johnny took over. I smiled back at him and he took me to a corner and in Hindi he said that he has a very new piece, the way he was speaking he looked like a pro. 1500 for an hour. I was in two minds, as 1500 was not a big amount to risk, was just bothered about the safety, but then said yes, he asked me to follow him, he took me between the lanes, never new those lanes existed, it was not far though, he took me to a small room on first floor. If you know avenue road then you will know how the rooms looks like ans how crowded it is. My hear beat pumped up, as he pointed towards the room and asked me to enter.

    As I enter I saw this typical chickpet fair skinned marwari lady, slim, pretty in saree. She was married as she had the Sindhur.

    She offered me water, just wanted to check if it was not a honey trap so looked outside but no one was there. As I speak Hindi, we became comfortable. And then we were in bed. The rest is all standard.

    You could make out she was new in the business, open to all, looking at the hygiene factor dint go for DATY, she said no for CIM.

    I had a good time. The risk paid. I gave her the money and left. While I walked down the guy was waiting and he dropped me back to the main road. I took his number but when reached my office I realized I had noted a number less, but that should not be a problem as next time I might find him back there, and moreover will trace the room back.

    Report card.

    Typical newly wed marwari girl may be 25 years, cooperative, tiny and soft boobs.

    Well the point here is that there can be market thriving in that area which we are not aware of. So guys who work near this are can try your luck. I can guide you to the lane.

    Regards KK.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

  10. #34162

    Be very careful with discreet CCTVs in MPs

    One is increasingly finding new videos on the various sites on the internet about customers getting "serviced" inside of Massage Parlous. And they are distinctly Indian as can be seen from the dresses of the masseuse.

    And more and more such videos can be seen all over the internet. So fellas, be careful. You all are grown ups here so won't be offering any "advice" as such. I don't want to sound judgmental or anything. I normally don't post here much but this needs to be conveyed as one wrong turn can spoil our entire lives.

    And a kind request to admin, Please do not treat it as spam sir! I'm posting this in many threads as this is a genuine advice to folks here to watch their backs. Nothing more nothing less.

  11. #34161

    Not not Sameer

    Quote Originally Posted by Bang4444  [View Original Post]
    I guess you guys are talking about SP S*m**are (I know him by this name).

    Number ending *475, number now all in web.

    If yes,

    Then one word. Avoid.

    He charges very very high.
    This is not Sameer, though do not know if he is in cahoots with the chap.

  12. #34160

    Miss and from Sanjay's team

    Tried Miss N, who is said to be one of the above average providers in Bangalore yesterday. Had been chatting with her the last 3 days and set up the meeting for yesterday for 2 hours. She initially quoted 20 k but was able to bring her down to 17 k only. Anyways, when I met her found out that she is at least 10-12 years older than her DP. Thought of walking out, but had been out of action for a while so went ahead.

    She was nice to talk too. She arranges for a place in Koramangala, where she said she was regular and knows the manager of the place.

    Did her twice. Once in mish and in doggy. Her boobs are the only notable assets. Here's my report -.

    Face- 5/10 (way older than the profile pic).

    Boobs- 8/10.

    Body- 7/10 (She has a surgery mark on her tummy and did not even remove the skirt she was wearing fearing it might freak some people off).

    BBJ- 3/10 (Did not know what she was doing).

    No anal and CIM.

  13. #34159
    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmaBlr  [View Original Post]
    I negotiated down to 9 k, seems few fellow birdies are paying 15 k.

    Looking for a reference for Dolly. She is not buying the usual Ka_Sh one anymore. Wants last 3 digits or another reference. Any help appreciated by PM.

  14. #34158
    Quote Originally Posted by IAmRamesh86  [View Original Post]
    That douche got caught with customers in Domlur last week he called me for help! I didn't help me because he was always a douche to me by quoting high rates, he gave lot of money to the police! May be he is trying to compensate from us! And horny Bangaloreans pay him what ever money he quotes he once called me a cheap Charlie because I always tried to negotiate with him (he said am the only customer who negotiate with him) I don't entertain such chowder heads his new number is all over the Internet he will get caught easily he pays the police by looting from us! Don't entertain him! He is on my block list now!! I will not over pay and get laid no matter how horny I am! Stop paying such high prices!! Read the Delhi forum and try to learn from them!
    12 k ST is ridiculous. Plus I agree his number is easily available on the internet. Price and risk considered together I would probably pass on this. Rather save the 12 K and bang multiple chicks in Delhi soon. For those going forward please use some brain power. Keep the rates sensible.

  15. #34157

    DW spa waste of money

    I saw one of spa near Iskn and thought of giving a try. Went there directly and asked in counter. They assigned one SI and was not a looker. But I thought of go with her. Then enter room. Boom no ac and no attached bath room. I was disappointed. She continued mechanical massage and did not bother to ask extra. Just came out with disappoint meant after spending 1.4 k.

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