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Thread: Bangalore

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    They are safe. I have used their facility in M'srm and K'mgla.

    Not great, but basic and functional.



    Quote Originally Posted by Bangathon  [View Original Post]
    Brothers has anyone used the guest house service from Cali Spa? Are they safe?



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    Can anybody help out with sharing the details of Liz

    Quote Originally Posted by IronRod666  [View Original Post]

    I have contact with her only through email. Very responsive though. Search for the same keyword in G. She is a 50 plus foreigner who is a expert in tantra as per reviews and her talks. She takes the session at her flat but the sad part is she is telling sky kissing prices for different packages starting from 15 k upwards. I haven't tried her and you can see her pics on website without the face. Has anyone tried it?


    Hey brothers,

    Can anybody help to share details of Liz or any other good MILF would really appreciate it.

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    FR Miss Shelly

    I saw this girl in the CCD, she was waiting for someone I talked her because it was morning time and there only 3-4 people so I asked her to drop somewhere if she wants and offer a coffee but first she denied lately I again insisted some how and she was ready for a coffee after long discussion I can't to know that she was waiting for someone.

    We talked and discussed she needed some money.

    Then I asked to give me GFE she was ready to do that I paid 6 k.

    She is good everything was there.

    Tight pussy.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    GFE: 9/10.

    DFK: 10.

    Backdoor: No.

    2 Shots.

    6 K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangathon  [View Original Post]
    Brothers has anyone used the guest house service from Cali Spa? Are they safe?


    Guest house which is Kmangala? If so its pretty decent and clean and good toilets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ssdel  [View Original Post]
    Very eager to please.

    Not a great looker.

    Great service.

    Everything on menu except Anal.

    Pic attached.

    In town for another week.

    Damages 5 LT.

    Hey brother,

    Can you help me out with contact details.

    Will share details of a Middle east hottie. Need some good indie willing to please.

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    Cali Spa

    Brothers has anyone used the guest house service from Cali Spa? Are they safe?



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    Avoid. Girls are genuine but costly. Service depends on girls but best to avoid because you can get similar profiles for much lesser amounts. They mostly quote 15-20 k and come down to 12 k but then they should ideally actually be 6-10 k at the max.

    Quote Originally Posted by IronRod666  [View Original Post]

    This is a very old FR from me. Who is going to break the ice now. How many of you have tried this agency. I have given it a shot after booking a hotel at Indira Nagar. I gave the booking details to the manager and as promised the profiles started to call me. Almost 10 profiles called me up. The rates quoted were for ST which was kinda fixed for everyone at 15 K for two pops. The profiles were decent enough but the hotel I booked was not GF friendly, so had to drop the plan. Thinking of trying it again but need to get advice from seniors first. The girls would send the pics through whatsapp and the damage.



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    Similar experience. Many locnt ads are fakee

    Quote Originally Posted by RahulTheMonger  [View Original Post]
    Good day to all my mongering brothers,

    I thought of sharing one of my early mongering experience. I know that most of you are already aware of it, but still. I had selected one SP contact from locanto & called him. He then sent me couple of pics in what is ap & asked me to select one & revert back (which I did). He then enthusiastically asked me to come to Shanthinagar bus stand. Once I reached there he again asked me to come to Mallya hospital. To be honest, I got a bit irritated. But since I was desperate at that point of time, I agreed. Once I reached there, I was made to wait for another 40 minutes. Now I was really pissed off. But decided to wait patiently. After while, 2 guys in an auto show up & asked me get in. Now the fun part starts. They straight away asks me for the money. I told them coolly that 1st they should show me the girls. But they were adamant. After a while they stopped the auto which was going around in circles all this while & said that the girls were on the way in another auto. So we all waited. After a while 1 auto pulls up with 2 ladies in it. One middle aged (looked like the keeper) & the other was a fat unhygienic girl in her twenties. I was told that they would escort me dorm here & I should pay up now. Somehow I decided to take a gamble & agreed to pay 6 k as agreed. Wrong decision. I was asked to get into the 2nd auto with the ladies while the 1st auto sped off with my cash. After travelling a bit, the keeper tells me that my fat co-passenger is the girl & there is no other option available. My worst nightmares came true as my gamble didn't payoff. I was so irritated that I started to shout on them. But it was too late.

    Hence my advice will be to stay away from such websites. I could have taken a decent ST in that 6 k, but it was my bad luck & stupidity.
    I too had similar experience. Advice everyone too avoid lcnt ads. Also best to avoid those who insists on online payments for advice bookings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur4  [View Original Post]
    Clean your inbox.
    Cleared a few. Can accommodate one msg at least.

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    BS Spa visit.

    Damage: counter- 1800 (weekday discount) + 500 tip for HJ.

    Masseuse. Miss J.

    Boring massage followed by mechanical HJ.

    Touching was not allowed, she denied saying she is on period, but on positive side she did not bargain further when I said 500 only for Just HJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreativeMonger  [View Original Post]

    Can anybody tell me who is this bird.
    Looks like the corp babe! Search 1 year old posts.

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    Your inbox is full

    Clean your inbox.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderBolt  [View Original Post]
    SP light. Still active in Bangalore?

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    Hello Seniors,

    Finally took a paid subscription. As I'm a newbie I request seniors to forward me the contacts of few indies. Same will be reciprocated.


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    Any idea who she is

    Quote Originally Posted by CreativeMonger  [View Original Post]

    Can anybody tell me who is this bird.
    That Rita from Ejipura, can share digits for a barter.

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    A couple of weeks ago I was slipped Shweta's contact number and decide to give it a shot, so I called her up and was directed to where she is operating out of, what really worried me is that she is located just a stone throw away from the area police station anyways I was hungry to I went for it.

    The house is a small place located in a residential area (that the best description I can come up with), she welcomed me in was very kind and smiled a lot at put me at ease. She was very polite took the donation and ushered me to the room.

    The room was OK only thing it smelled of sweat and there was a rub thrown on the bed for the deed. I opted for the Massage + B2B + HJ.

    I must say she had a nice body but the boobs seem fake and her body is quite hard for a lady (The TS comments now has got me thinking).

    She was really nice during the whole service fake moaned licked the ears and made everything sensual.

    Damage: 5 K.

    Place- 5/10.

    Face- 6/10.

    Melons- 8/10.

    Ass - 8/10.

    DFK. NO.

    BJ. Bad.

    Attitude- 9/10.

    Well she looks great in a saree and would like to bang her in a saree that has been one of my fantasies, but now on 2nd thought I doubt I will visit again.

    Would love if someone could help that fantasy come true PM any contact that rocks a saree.

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