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    A little late FR

    This is an experience which happened about 1. 5 months back. Finally managed to get connected with Simran and agree for a meet after some 5-6 times try to reach her. We met near Dominos in Koramangala. At first sight itself, I liked her. Very tall in black top and pants. She behaves as an absolute GFE. She was holding my hand, talking we had lunch and we walked into the acoomodation she had arranged in a service apt. Nice bliss time of 2. 2.5 hours. On GFE she is 9/10. Lookwise overall 7/10. Tall and nice body she would go along as a very good girl friend in any hotel. Good CBJ. We had two rounds one in doggie and mish. Bathed with her. Donation was managed at 10k though she was asking 15k. Worth the experience. She told me she doesn't do it quite often. I caught her an auto and saw her off. WIR . Yes, will keep as an option when I am frustrated though the money will try to pull me behind.

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    Isn't 15k too much for an avg looking girl with no boobs to mention, no matter where she is from.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ace of Hearts  [View Original Post]
    No I am talking about the same Angel who is leaving Bangalore today. She looks in high demand from other Money Bags not active or present on the forum. They might have drooled over her being Mauritian and French

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    Hello everyone,

    I have just joined this forum today.

    I would really appreciate if seniors here can help / guide me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DipakXxx  [View Original Post]
    I think we are confusing two different girls. My note was about Angel who is available in Mumbai for 5k and SP asking for 15K ST / 45K LT in Bangalore. Other note is about Angel who keeps herself quite busy now a days as everyone happy to pay 15K ST to bang her.
    No I am talking about the same Angel who is leaving Bangalore today. She looks in high demand from other Money Bags not active or present on the forum. They might have drooled over her being Mauritian and French
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    Bookstore spa pointers

    The name of the spa is Aurah and it is next to Sapna Book house in Indiranagar. Hope you will be able to search with this info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scientist1  [View Original Post]

    I tried searching for Bookstore spa in the net and could not find the address. Can someone please give pointers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThickLuv  [View Original Post]
    Might as well go back to your hotel, open some porn and jack off bro. You got to be kidding to pay 20k for that kind of experience. Hate to say it but you are fucking it up for all of us bro.
    Well said. 20K is seriously high amount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajeshVblr  [View Original Post]
    Sorry bro, didn't understand what you mean by "asked me will you cry". Why should you cry? Would she have been ready for extra services?
    She must have wanted me to Really feel really desperate, am sorry I can control.

    Thank You.

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    Please share the number.

    I sent pm also.


    Quote Originally Posted by RockyInstinct  [View Original Post]
    She charges 5k. I have her number.

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    Lots of BJ AND DFK

    Almost 50, I can't go for many penetrations, what I want is a female who is fair and beautiful and can give a lot of BJ and DFK.

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    Lots of folks took that contact from me. How were your experiences? Please post FRs. Without FRs the market will keep getting inflated because people don't know who to reach out to for contacts.

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    All MPs closed?

    The ones operating (Aurah, Orrah etc) are very lame. No B2B. No DFK. Only HJ.

    Stop paying these people seriously. This is pointless (even 8-9 months back. You could get a decent massage, suck some tits, get a rimjob etc.)

    Much rather go to a Maya or some inde who charges 2-3K for FS.

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    Indira Nagar MP

    After disappointment with Geetha, went to indira nagar MP. B2B is in the menu. They had 1 south and 1 north ok profiles. Paid 2k at the counter. Girl has good assets. Had a HJ and B2B paid. 3 tips and left the place.

    WIR: No.

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    Experience with Geetha

    After fixing the appointment went to meet Geetha at Hormavu. When entered the house, noticed her face and found the white patches. Was big disappointed by the appearance. Paid 500 and left without doing anything.

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    MP deals

    Hi All,

    Being a month end, searching for MP deals / coupons.

    Can any through some light on which are the MP / spas (with extras) available on coupon-websites.


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    Club at kammanahalli

    Wanted to tryout the afro club at Kamannahalli, to see what is on offer. Had been there on a week day and not much crowd. Had couple of drinks and waited till the end. Outside laid eye on one of the girls and decided to take her, offered 3k and she agreed and if we went to her room in hennur road. I told her I would like to shower and she joined me in the shower. Did a little bit of CBJ and she climbed on me, Johnny could not handle the WOT As she was too much to handle and came in couple of minutes. Gave her the money and left. I have her number can share it, if someone wants to spare the pain of going to the club.

    WIR: may be yes, if I want a strong does of fucking.

    This girl has an ass to die for, couldn't last long, doggy would have been a pleasure To look at that ass.

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