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Thread: Bangalore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Percy1234  [View Original Post]
    Hello brothers,

    Am back in Bangalore in Whitefield area. Experience on my previous trip here was not good as seen from my two FRs. With your kind favor, hope I can have better luck this time. I have RTFF but don't understand the cryptic codes. My earnest and desperate final attempt to request for any info available in the Whitefield area. Prefer outcalls Indies. But so desperate now. Even spa or incall in Whitefield would also be very much appreciated. Please pm any details. I do have a list of contacts that some of you have shared. But they are not in Whitefield. If I am successful with your reference, I will share the list with you.
    Have you tried spa which is in A2 B sweet shop building. They have multiple branches.

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    #Me too

    Quote Originally Posted by Afsal  [View Original Post]

    Can someone please share the number of Cali spa Florence? Would like to try her before I leave the city. Will reciprocate with telegram / Afro / Indies.


    I'm fed up of tat moron who manages those Cali gals.

    He asks for unnecessary information.

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    SP Vicky contact!


    Can someone help me with SP Vicky's contact?

    Thanks a lot!

    Quote Originally Posted by AceofHearts  [View Original Post]
    Anyone did this adorable looking Petite who was with Prakas before? Any feedback?

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    Sincere gratitude.

    Hello VijayMohan brother,

    Thank you for the detailed reply. To be honest, your response boosted my morale.

    I need to move from stage-2 to stage-3 all the way to stage-4.

    Another plus size monger.

    Thank you,


    Quote Originally Posted by VijayMohan  [View Original Post]

    Read it somewhere in someone's Thailand diary that Plus size people are great working girl magnets because its very easy to bag a deal with them compared to a six pack stud.

    I'm 130 KG and moves like a mini lorry. Sometimes I make the girls ashamed by comparing my man-boobs. However, I always walks into a girls room with confidence because whatever inside there is for sale. The basic funda. Customer is king, applies for anything and everything that is for sale whether its chick or chicken. End of the day, when she licks 8-10 dicks before sleep its a job for her than enjoyment where you don't care about the length of the dick or number of packs.

    Its all about understanding this, having confidence and keeping your heads high. Wise men says that there are 4 stages to attain this-.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SrayDisc  [View Original Post]
    So I'm writing this right after my action packed evening. Went in to a hotel near MG to supposedly meet a a model of choose over WhatsApp. But alas was victim of a bait and switch. It's usually too late in these case as the Jonny gets hyper. Anyways because the babe was one of two that I had selected I went ahead. The girl won't do any lip kiss and BBJ and these days I somehow get more comfort with such people as it shows they are worried any catching something. So hopefully they are safer bet. Anyways this is purely my notion and no data behind hit.

    The girl had one of the most perfect boobs I have seen for a WG. They were firm and in my mind that alone was enough for me. She was extremely polite and never rude. But I think very inexperienced. Which is OK. Deed was pretty OK. Over all 6/10. Top-12/10. WIR. May be not. Many fish in the pond. Damages 8 k.
    Can you share the contact bro? Nicely written bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterMadan  [View Original Post]
    Been to this one near metro. Got little confused as I could see the hotel but nowhere the spa. So called up and receptionist said, come in. Now I knew. She assigned scarlet. Got an OK BBJ. Too skinny. But forthright in asking if I want bum message. And her nail were dangerous. So be little careful of any accidental bruise.

    Does anybody got same type of BBJ from Mangala branch. I got only HJ TA from the chubby one. Smaller one didn't try. If we get same exp as pm Nagar in Mangala, it will be easy to visit. Any pointers.
    Try their Jnagar branch.



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    Quote Originally Posted by AceofHearts  [View Original Post]
    Anyone did this adorable looking Petite who was with Prakas before? Any feedback?
    I got this pic from Prakash. Have not tried yet. How much is the asking price?

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    SP J reference.

    Hi brothers,

    SP J number ending 600 asking for reference.

    Please PM me if anybody knows the reference.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Cali Florence.


    Can someone please share the number of Cali spa Florence? Would like to try her before I leave the city. Will reciprocate with telegram / Afro / Indies.



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    Feedback required.

    Does anyone know Latha from K'guppe. Her number ends with 680.

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    Well Said.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheNone  [View Original Post]
    Vijay and other 120 kg guy.

    It's just your depression talking here. I am 150 kg guy and a proclivity towards hunt. Trust me dude looks and weight are something these chicks royally ignore as long as you are safe as a whisper sanitary pad and cash to spend. I have met 10 plus chicks and there are enough mongers whom know me personally and vouch for it. I hunted some 20 something girls to Pondicherry and few other nearby places and it was nothing short of honeymoon. A proper date and lots of love making and sex. A guy with 6 pack and crazy good looking make them insecure and trust ne there are enough fishes in pond and just as vijay pointed out. Confidence and able to hold conversation is the key. Rest assured, it's damn fun.


    Well said. TheNone's a baller when it comes to hunting game. The confidence and holding conversation is something we all need to learn and master in this game to succeed and with fat wallets, the world is in your hands.

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    Another one.

    Do we have the same spa in Empty Mangala?

    Could you provide more pointers or PM me.

    Quote Originally Posted by TravellerBoy  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    Looks like Mountain spa is being discussed a lot now-a-days Continuing with that, 1 pointer about the empty mangla version of this spa. Looks like a new tall NE therapist Miss G has joined in this place. And she does not provide extra The other two there does provide. So plan your therapist accordingly.

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    Need review on this Afro.

    Hey guys,

    I just found this Afro chick on the meet me app. She is quoting 10 k over night and 6 k for 2 shots. Is it safe to try these chick's as I have heard stories of Africans cornering and blackmailing people to extract money from them, but I'm not sure of the Bangalore scene thus happens a lot in Dubai. Please let me know if you have reviews on the girl. She told me her name is Kayla. Pic is attached and I did a video call to verify it as well. She was not bad to my eyes.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180524-WA0000.jpg‎  

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    2 x 2 matrix.

    Quote Originally Posted by VijayMohan  [View Original Post]
    1) Unconscious incompetency. Stage that you don't even realize this is even a problem.

    2) Conscious incompetency. Stage where you came to know that you have this problem (which you are in right now).

    3) Conscious competency. Stage where you can act confidence and be in the game.

    4) Unconscious competency. Stage where you are actually confident where you don't have to act anymore!
    Splendidly put. Is this framework your own? Can I borrow and de-contextualize for other uses?

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    M spa near Famous signal.


    Went to this talked about spa's branch in blank mangal.

    2 therapist both NE. Decent massage.

    Both provide extras.

    Miss Chl and Miss Kat.

    Damage- 1.2 counter and. 7 extras.



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