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Thread: Bangalore

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoBull  [View Original Post]
    I think he's referring to "you" the giant cab service provider.
    I went there twice 6 months back, but they were trying it's professional spa and no extras. Then stopped going there.

    But spa starting with F, sure shot extras.

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    FR Rekha.

    Thanks to senior zoom man for sharing the contact, its last week review.

    Called, fixed the deal.

    Too far, she took bath, prepared nicely, as others told face is little turn off.


    Prefer GFE can try her.

    Small racks,

    Damage 2.5.

    WIR why.

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    Tried the place!

    Quote Originally Posted by FunGuyChn29  [View Original Post]
    This is about a MP located near a s'ware park in KMGLA. The name is identical to a famous hotel chain.

    There are two therapists. I have tried both of them. Both of them give extras, and are very cooperative. The place is decently maintained, but no attached bathrooms.

    Overall a decent experience.

    Damage: 1800+800 tips.

    Place: Average.

    Birds: Average and cooperative.

    VFM: yes.

    Thanks FunGuy for sharing the name over PM. I tried this place and got a decent extra service. Charges were 1500 over counter for 1 hour and 500 to the girl. Yup, she was very cooperative.

    And not time watcher though refused me for B2B or FS and only gave HJ.

    Also, since joining this forum, have already tried two contacts shared to me (One in DEL and one BLR). So, you guys rock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munna67  [View Original Post]
    Would you mind sharing.

    I have one Sania's number but she is quoting 8 k.
    8 k for Saniya. Seriously. No words to say.



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    Quote Originally Posted by RakeshNew376  [View Original Post]

    I have issue subscribing with the site.

    I use only the American express credit card that doesn't work with this site. I don't have Visa or master credit cards.

    And site doesn't take debit cards, is there a way anyway can help us?

    I can pay the money back via paytm or some other source.
    Try Entropay.

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    Cab service provider, I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by JFF0517  [View Original Post]
    Which is the one starting with you? Can you give more details?
    I think he's referring to "you" the giant cab service provider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSlayer  [View Original Post]
    Yes Sania aka burkha girl fat and cute she is mother of 2 kid and husband not working story MILF hrbr layout area.
    Would you mind sharing.

    I have one Sania's number but she is quoting 8 k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VijayMk  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I will be travelling San Jose this monthend and will be there a week. Any good references for mongering over there will be helpful.


    Use Tinder. It's very effective. Been there, done that. All the best.

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    San Jose.

    Several of Asia massage parlors offer FS for $200. You can find them on CG. Do verify if there are any online reviews against their phone numbers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brdwj  [View Original Post]
    There are a lot of good ones out there. Most of the better and clean Indies are kinda expensive and charge around $500 for an hour. Given the prices and cost of living in Bay Area, rates are bound to be high.

    Check out ads on eros and reviews on and erotic review. Erotic review is paid.

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    Old couple.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForeplaySkinz  [View Original Post]
    She used to advertise before on Loc. With the name Sonia from Mumbai. Then I found her FB profile and upon enquiring found that she can come oly for outcall with her so called hubby or BF who is a gay.

    So dropped the idea within that same time.

    Not having the pic, but she is not a great looker.
    I think this is the same couple who was operating from silk board long back. She also goes by the name Sonia I believe. She used to charge 8 k. Never tried as there were lot of FR in the forum saying not worth.

    But for 3 k I don't know.

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    Thai Strippers?

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterPark  [View Original Post]

    I am organizing a bachelors party for my friend. Need some help / contacts, budget is a constraint.

    Suggestion on a good place. To keep cost low, prefer getting food and alcohol from outside.

    Two strippers. Thai is okay too, but have to be good looking with good attitude. Mostly will lead to FS after the show.

    Other ideas are welcome too.

    Do we have thai Strippers in BLR? I'm sorry for this question, but I never knew.

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    Verification required.

    Hi guys,

    Got the contact of this African Queen on Tinder, this was the picture shared on WhatsApp, Just thought I'll run it buy you guys, before I visit just in and feedback? Will do an FR shortly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Unknown-51.jpeg‎  

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    Usman's new birds.

    Any reviews on Usman's new birds? If anyone has tried. Please let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munna67  [View Original Post]
    Is this the Sania you are talking about?
    Yes Sania aka burkha girl fat and cute she is mother of 2 kid and husband not working story MILF hrbr layout area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry4U  [View Original Post]

    Face- 6.

    Body- 8.

    Boobs: 9 - Firm and handful.

    GFE- 9 very friendly and talkative.

    Pussy: 8.

    WIR: yes.

    Damages: 4 k /2 hours.
    Sounds decent bro please pm digits will share FR.

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