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    Hello Bro,

    Trying to send pm to you. But your inbox is full. Please clear it.

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    FB Couple

    Bro, This one is OK. They are Delhi based but don't have much demand there for higher prices. They keep coming to BLR where there is a huge queue for 15 K ST. The girl is good NI slim etc and fun. But don't assume they are a couple and let your guard down (in terms of safety). At best the guy is a 1-woman SP, they do a lot of couple to couple in Delhi but they come here to earn big bucks. In terms of experience I would still rate Bips slightly higher. BTW they are here this week and they got clogged by so many requests that they have blocked everyone. I am flying to Delhi today for couple of weeks on a biz trip. Will try them there for a lower rate if possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexyMan1  [View Original Post]
    Better keep stay away with fb couples as they do lots of nakhras. Few FR's are present in ISG. You may do RTFF.

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    Contact of indi girls.

    Hello friends,

    I am from Pune, currently in your city, if you can help with some indi contacts especially Nandita I shall be greatful. I have çontact in Pune which I can exchnge if you are travelling there.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Much discussed Afro is back!

    Hello brothers!

    I am glad to tell you that the much discussed Afro the is back in action and is open for sessions.

    She was very popular a few months ago.

    Read my old reports (Clue).

    She's open for sharing her digits.

    Let me know if anybody wants to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulSoman  [View Original Post]

    This is a forum to share info on birds, get / give feedback. There is no rule in ISG forums to put cropped pics. What is the point if we put cropped pics. If you are uncomfortable for whatever reasons you are free to skip.
    Be a human brother, just think once, some people may post girl pictures without even confirming if she is a WG or not, she might be a normal girl from decent family. Some girls might be working secretly for some valid reasons and who are not regulars to this work, posting their pictures publicly will definitely put them under risk, why you want to disturb someone's life.

    Even if she is doing it regularly, then also she will also have a personal life, every WG has their own private life, I request people not to post clear face pictures of girl, It is all your wish and yes there is no rules but please think what you are doing is right or no.

    Safe mongering.

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    FB Girls.

    I want to set up a session tomorrow. Looking for mature busty GFE experience. Have been in touch with these girls from fb. I have RTFF. Searching the posts, here is my conclusion. Bipasha seems to be the only one to pursue. She does not meet all my criteria. But not sure I have any better options.

    Bipasha Sharma. Some good old reviews in ISG.

    Sapna Sap. Bad reviews in ISG.

    Reshma Singh. No reviews in ISG.

    Piu Khubani. No reviews in ISG.

    Monika Blr. Bad reviews in ISG.

    Manasa Rao. Bad reviews in ISG.

    Swetha Sridhar. No reviews in ISG.

    If you have any thoughts and can help a fellow monger, really appreciate you guidance.

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    Need good bury massage.


    I am new in this group and I need some good bury massage around no nagar.

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    Sandra NE chick.

    Has anyone tried the NE chick named Sandra, please ping me for more info. Like price and stuff.

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    Seniors. Need your advice.

    Dear seniors,

    I am new member here. Please PM me some good and genuine numbers of options in Bangalore.

    Some review would greatly help.


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    New member.

    Hi all,

    I am new member here.

    I am reading all the post from starting of this year.

    It would be great if you can help with some good numbers in PM.


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    Merry NE.

    Tried Merry NE / Horamavu Mimi. She is not at all what she looks like in pic.

    She is old, saggy boobs and unhygienic.

    Booked for 2 shots had only 1. Banged her for good 20-30 minutes.

    Did not enjoyed the deed although she is cooperative.

    My ratings.

    Boobs: 1.



    Pussy: 4.

    WIR: No.

    Damage: 3 k + beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManIsAt  [View Original Post]
    Hey dude,

    Do not post pics of girls with faces, try to post by cropping it. It is safer and better. Do consider as advice. Follow the same.

    Seniors do advice. To our fellow team mongers.


    This is a forum to share info on birds, get / give feedback. There is no rule in ISG forums to put cropped pics. What is the point if we put cropped pics. If you are uncomfortable for whatever reasons you are free to skip.

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    Cali Aradya

    Has anyone tried Aradhya from Cali?

    Please PM me the experience.

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    Thanks for loads of PMs.

    I have responded to most of couples and finalizing details. (Place, date etc).

    There were few offers for MWM by bachelor's which are refused politely.

    ISG rocks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Inblr01  [View Original Post]
    I was not expecting this. My mailbox is almost full now within 4 hours of posting. Pl give me some breathing time to respond.

    Fee things I want to clarify.

    1. My partner / Housewife mentioned is not available in market for sex as asked by few members to be shared her digit. So please do not ask her number. She is trying this first fine as couple fun as curiosity and experiment mode. It may happen that we might have to settle own partner fun and swap in separate rooms if she does not get comfortable in 4 some scene. So please give us some personal space to choose the scenes. It's all mutual consent basis.

    Secondly, there is no financial aid expected here and do not ask from us as well. The hotel room charges to be shared by all 4 people. This is protected session with condoms. We are pretty much OK with almost every action including Oral and anal..

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    Bird unknown.

    Looks like transgender! Be careful bro!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CumberSomeKid  [View Original Post]
    Hi folks,

    Has anyone tried this bird. Let me know if the bird is good.

    Pics attached.

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