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Thread: Bangalore

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    Where do you go

    Hello guys,

    Where do you go when you are in the need of a good nice bbj.

    Many of the places which were earlier sure shot spot are now closed like many spas with thai therapists Spa duniya, 3 letter spa, ek rawan.

    Alphanumeric is reopen but I don't feel like going there as all girls are in late 30's or even crossed it, I don't find it exciting and fulfilling.

    Guys guide me to any such place, PM me.

    I have few places to go to but these are not sure shot places and no BJ.

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    Raheja Anu

    Any one has idea where Anu is working now. Earlier she used to work in Raheja spa then shifted to hotel spa opposite to leela palace. Please pm me if you have any info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul9980  [View Original Post]

    Raheja spa had changed name also. New management. Even charges also on the higher side. Please avoid this spa as now they start charging 2500 for 1 HR (45 mnts massage and 15 mnts shower).



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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarin  [View Original Post]
    I had them for 4 k. Not at all worth a try.
    May I know which SP was it. Or you used my post to just increase your report count.



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    Request for Preethi Contact and Reference

    Hi all,

    Have been reading about Preethi from a long time. Have even requested few members for her contacts. But no luck.

    Could any kind bro share her contact and reference?

    Also does she lick the whole body, including asshole?

    Please throw some light.

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    Bird at SP A

    Hi bros,

    Had been to SP A recently, and enjoyed the bird in pic.

    Now a days SP A's CIS are not so good, so when he changed to a Indian bird, thought of trying.

    Went there at dusk. Paid 5 k.

    Her attitude was great. The best WG I have met so far.

    Had some good conversation as we did the deed.


    Face: 8/10 (Looks better than in the Pics).

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Pussy: Tight, but not so tight.

    Gave a really good BBJ and then did missionary and cummed in doggy.

    Took a shower and left in great mood.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sa.jpg‎  

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    Hi all,

    Need some info.

    I had provided Sanya contact to many members in this forum but didn't tried her and I just need review of her in recent days because unable to see reviews on her. Any one who met her recently can help me here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarin  [View Original Post]
    Just finished a nice session. The pic is attached if anyone wants to try.

    Please PM the contacts with reference. She looks good.

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    Rooftop. At KingsV

    Quote Originally Posted by BristoForYou  [View Original Post]
    I tried V Koramangala in google. Not able to find anything. Can you give some other clue? Looks like you don't have private message option.

    Is that one?

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    Blr MP

    How is the MP scene going in and around JP Nagar?

    Last night I saw some LE activity near to one of my regular place.

    Stepped back as I felt something wrong. Brothers any thoughts?

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    Thanks for the FR. She was asking all sort of identity proof and I had a thinking of seeing her.

    Digit ending with 592 is her usual WA contact. With the attitude of her responding in WA I kept in wait mode.

    Now will avoid.

    Happy mongering!


    Quote Originally Posted by WhyOhWhy  [View Original Post]
    This is a FR for Alisha. Uses two numbers ending in 651 and 592. Found via Locanto.

    Overall 5/10.

    Boobs 7/10.

    Face 7/10.

    Attitude 1/10.

    GFE 1/10.

    BJ 3/10.

    DFK 0/10..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ssdel  [View Original Post]
    Don't know are you promoting that site or are you genuinely asking for a review. Because the pic uploaded isn't of any chick.

    Please clarify.
    Genuine mistake in choosing the pic! Sorry.

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    Review needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Snigs  [View Original Post]
    Got a pic from a girl on some media. Has anyone tried her before? Please tell me the experience if you have.
    Attaching the right pic.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails p.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayPurohit  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    Received these pics from known SP. Anyone tasted these birds? Reviews and damages please. Asking price 13 K for full night.


    I had them for 4 k. Not at all worth a try.

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    Reviews please

    Hello all,

    Received these pics from known SP. Anyone tasted these birds? Reviews and damages please. Asking price 13 K for full night.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KhanaPakwaan  [View Original Post]
    Myself Pakwaan and I sort of liked the idea of the healthy HJ so reading the good post hurried to Madhavis where in one day I took the Olive Pomace package and later in the evening followed up with virgin Olive Oil. Very good experience. Exactly to my tastes. The effect of the Olive oil on overall skin was too much good and I walked out with the glow of health plus the euphoria of the chick. They make sure they hand out the best when you take the Virgin Olive Oil or the Extra Virgin package.

    Another plus point was the safety. They make sure you get what you paid for. The oil is not adulterated.

    Give it a go. The set-up is great, the bird is awesome and the oil is good enough to drizzle on your salad.

    If Madhavi herself is ready to provide a happy ending massage, I would be OK even with coconut oil. I am least interested in the effect of virgin olive oil on my skin.

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