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    Hi all.

    Hi bros,

    I'm back. I returned to mongering after a year of brk due to my ED issues.

    Thanks to every single soul from ISG who helped me and personally pinged me.

    Last month I went to Ayur opp to Mark and Spencer and I asked new girl instead of honey. I was assigned Suma, she has worst attitude ever and very rude. She don't know shit about massage and while doing HJ I tried to touch but she pushed my hand and said give me more money. I told usually pay 500 but she said then go with those gals only, for the amount what you gave doing HJ only touch. After hearing this I lost my mood, I politely asked to stop and took bath.

    I will never go there again.

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    Was in emptymangala near to the famous mall signal due to some personal work. Saw a spa at the ground floor took the number from the board and contacted the spa person he said its unisex spa and female to male is available. When I visited the spa he said the female therapist went for lunch and he will reduce the rate to 600 for the male to male massage. He made me accept the offer. The massage room was a very small one with attached toilet. Regretted after entering there. Massage started and the massage was good. Mid way to the massage I sensed it was turning erotic. He slowly removed the towel inch by inch and sliding his hands near my private area. I should had stopped him there but the tension he was building with his hands made me wordless. After almost 20 to 30 minutes of erotic hand movements he gave a HJ. I didn't restrict, I didn't have an eye contact with him. Gave him 300 and rushed from the spa after bath.

    Though sometimes I feel guilty of what hapned there, I can acknowledge that as a pleasurable moment.



    Note: I'm not a gay and I'm completely straight. Since it was a taboo for me it gave me a kick wen it hapnd.

    If any one want the spa details please ping me personally.

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    Thats what I have. 1.

    Booked this spa efil ytuaeb in M'halli through the 999 app few months back. Was assigned a tall and lean NE. Its a salon basically with a single room spa with attached toilet. Good thing is tat the door has a latch. Asked for a bum massage and she readily agreed. Upfront she asked for 1 k,said I have only 400. With little bit of flirting was able to convince her for a HJ. Touched her here and there but since the fat was nil stopped myself in few minutes. Went there again on a different day, a short therapist was there. She does not provide extras, but the massage she gave was one of the finest I got in Bangalore.

    Charge: 999.

    Ambiance: 6/10.

    Might visit this spa again since this spa is open till almost 10 pm and with proper fieldwork I sense things are possible behind that latched door.

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    No to this dumpling.

    Been to spa nomil in colourfiled area a month back. They had agreed for coupon amount. Rooms are good. Only 2 NE therapist available. Got a short and fat NE. Asked for a bum massage which is a usual method I follow to find whether extras available. She denied straight away. Good for the pocket.

    Came out and saw a NE in good shape. But face was a let down. Saw two south indians who wen asked at the counters are new. May be they are available now in the spa now.

    Charges: 1000.

    Ambiance: 7/10.

    Better to avoid this spa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shockman  [View Original Post]
    WG don't discriminate other than a preference for green (money) and don't like slim, as in slim wallets.

    I am coming to the realization that they tend to prefer older, out of shape men rather than the fit, young sport fuckers, because they are viewed as less taxing on them.

    So take heart my brother, in the WG's eyes we're all equal.
    Totally agree with you bro. All are looking for green only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaturnFiree  [View Original Post]
    Dear all,

    I need a suggestion from you guys. Who is better among the FB girls?

    Piu or Vanitha vani (apsara shetty) or Manasa rao.

    All three almost asking the same price of 10 k for 2 hrs.

    Planning to take one of them by next week.
    Try VV. She is good if you like young and slim type.

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    Any reviews about one attached?

    I suppose this is with jimmy Choo expensive affair. So checking before deciding. Kindly help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180521-WA0082.jpg‎   IMG-20180521-WA0079.jpg‎   IMG-20180521-WA0081.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by STC2017  [View Original Post]
    Even that profile seems to be blocked or deactivated for now.
    Search with new profile Vanitha vani.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SalivaKiss  [View Original Post]
    Place is very safe. When I reached, she told that she isn't well, and told to try her sister. Her sister is not that great. She is OK type. V slim, hardly have boobs, but she is good in DFK.
    Thanks for the info. I will write FR if I try her.

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    Can you share digits?


    Can you share the digits of the SP?

    Quote Originally Posted by RosySax  [View Original Post]
    Finally I got a good experience. Thanks again to all the members who helped me. This time tried Marathalli SP even I don't like SPs but few members suggested and the bird was also looked good in the pic.

    Booked her for short time in the weekday to avoid rush and hiked price. Reached Marathalli bridge and then he guided me to his place where I had to walk around 15 minutes which was the biggest turned off. Same I need to do while coming back.

    Girl in his whatsapp profile looked awesome and I had lots of hope that this time I will get what I am looking for.

    After reaching there another disappointment waiting she was hardly 4.5 feet and looks like a kid lean and thin. She was looking just around 60% of the pics attached here but still beautiful. Went in washroom and when came out another disappointment was she was laying naked..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabir2017  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to ISG brothers who shared the contact.

    Fixed the deal at 4 k for two pops. Went there at 9 pm she said first see and then decide. She was trying to convince much.

    Saw her and then decided with an excuse to come out. Not worth 4 k.
    I am totally agree with you bro. She is not worth 2 k. Its her trick she always says on call first come and see and then decide. So this trap works for her because once you have gone there after traveling fucking 20 kms then most of the people would not return without a shot. I am one of the victim of her trick still regret trying her but during that time had no option.

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    FB girls.

    Dear all,

    I need a suggestion from you guys. Who is better among the FB girls?

    Piu or Vanitha vani (apsara shetty) or Manasa rao.

    All three almost asking the same price of 10 k for 2 hrs.

    Planning to take one of them by next week.

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    SP A price.

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloRajesh  [View Original Post]
    I concur. Never had girls from SP A below 4 k / pop.
    Have paid 3.5 up to 6 months back as a regular. Now he charges 4 to 4.5.

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    America spa.

    He also say that any review about him will attract legal action on booking time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabir2017  [View Original Post]

    I am just wondering whether the Cali spa manager is in ISG or any of his spy and has a subscription just to check on his employees / therapists. Recently I heard that he is firing Florence as she has shared her contact to a client. And is charging her with a hefty fine as she broke their contract.

    Requesting fellow brothers to be careful while sharing contact of any Cali therapists to other fellow brothers.

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    2nd Opinion for Scabies


    Thank you all for your advise. I am planning to go for a second opinion while continuing the treatment for scabies in the meantime. I will try some of the suggestions offered by fellow members.

    Thanks for the help.

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