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    Quote Originally Posted by SumanChow70  [View Original Post]
    Could be. I thought that one of them was true until it was pointed out that the poster of the anti-review didn't even have a PM enabled. Shreya insisted on the cover, so should be fine. Her attitude is great.
    Sour grapes indeed. The girl is into business as she was in need of money due to her fathers demise. Let us not unnecessarily pull her down. Everyone has reasons or compulsions to get into flesh trade.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphaman1312  [View Original Post]
    It's true that Sania is out for a month from yesterday because of there festivals. But the place that she asks us to come are heavy dominated by minority's and I absolutely look like an alien in those localities. To be honest even though she claims that her place is safe, I always feel nervous walking those really narrow lanes as you get very weird stares and even when you ask for any assistance in getting directions they are skeptical in providing any info. You really cannot visit her in our regular office dress. You certainly need some preparation to visit her in terms of looks and dress at least.
    In my view the prep and anxiety is overstated. Please refer my FR.



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    Kimi / fimi at samayaa spa.

    Recently got a massage from Kimi / phimi of samayaa spa. Massage skills were good but tons of shitty attitude. Manager said she is from thai but for me she looked from NE. If that's true, I never came across such a shitty Thai lady till date. I was there to enjoy a good massage after day long back to back board meets. I knew about her ways from ISG, she quoted 5 k for B2B at the end. I laughed at her saying nowhere in India you will get it. To it she said she has clients giving 4-5 k for B2B. Though I left without taking extras, I want to tell you guys, whomever paying 5 k for a shitty B2Bfrom this girl avoid it. If you want message me I will send some good indie contacts.

    Never again for this shithole fimi / Kimi thing.

    Happy mongering.

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    Hats off to you!

    Quote Originally Posted by HunterVasu  [View Original Post]
    Left side if going towards Rhostpital signal.

    Some 10 people have asked you from which direction does the juice shop fall on left? Really? You can go to that hospital from 3 sides. From the ring road, from the SS Nagar police station or from the Sanjay ngr main road which leads you directly to the hospital signal. If you are putting up an info be good and tell the boys here from which direction is it on left? Now don't say from the direction in which you went!

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    Saath samunder

    Finally took a plunge at Saath Samunder reached there around 3:30 . Place was buzzing with activity. Took a 90 min deal for 2. 5 (I know it's high but was really looking for a good massage and release) the guy checked if I was OK with the mattress on floor (claims traditional Thai) or I had to wait for 15 min. Went for the floor option.

    Miss A walks in and massage starts after initial pleasantries. She started touching the little brother almost immediately and I asked what's in offer. After haggling we agreed for 2.5 B2B. After some dry massage she pushed the mattress toward door and started B2B. I was still facing downwards she gave B2B and stopped once in a while to give nice bum massage and taking care of my little brother from behind for some reason I like it this way. They I turned around and she put mine in between her boobs and moved fairly rigorously all the while looking at me and making good seductive expressions when I was just about to come I held her towards me and squeezed her tightly with a good DFK. After release she cleaned me up with tissues placed a clean towel on my little brother and continued with the massage as we still had 30 min left after some message she started massaging my legs and then moved towards my inner thighs my bro was active again. Seeing that she smiled again and held Johnny poured lots of oil and started jerking me off in slow motion and I didn't even ask for second release. Unfortunately even after rigorous efforts. She even Licked my nipples I couldn't come the second time but I really liked her awesome work on my bro.

    I asked her to stop and got ready for a shower. Its pain when the shower is not attached. Walked across took a shower with nice warn water and went back thoroughly relaxed. I know 5 k overall was high but trust me guys it was worth for me the way she does prostrate massage fingering just about right and her handling of my bro was in fact better than sex itself pretty arousing. A good masseuse after a real long time. She was willing to please. Don't flood me. The place is well known to all.

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    New to this. Would appreciate if I could get any help with some contacts near JP Nagar. Prefer housewives. Please PM!

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    Tina Photo

    Can anyone share Tina photo phone number ending with 184.

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    Thanks to fellow member for sharing rekha digits. Been to her place few days back.

    Kind of MILF experience she is between 32 to 35 stretches on tummy, it was OK and manageable.

    Went there bit chit chat in local language that made her to feel good and comfort, she hinted me to start and started in WOT and released and left place.

    She was asked to visit again and asked for sorry because of not able spend more time even for me to there was time constraint on that day so left early.

    Face- 6/10.

    Attitude- 6/10.

    Pussy- 5.5/10.

    Spent- 2.5 k.

    WFM- Yes.

    If desperate no other choice may repeat her.

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    Thanks to english teacher

    English teacher introduce her friend latha really my jony very happy.


    Over all good.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20170529_222647.jpg‎  

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    Need help

    I had called Tina 4-5 days bk she called me today and asked who am I, and how I got her no. Later she asked if I want service? I said yes.

    These things never happened with me I am bit worried that, she might call LE since there was some voice of men in the background of her call when I spoke to her.

    Please help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul9980  [View Original Post]

    Are you talking about Riya or Rachel?
    None of these two other one.

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    Ignore her

    Quote Originally Posted by LondonDude24  [View Original Post]

    Wanted to quickly check if anyone has any feedback on the girl below?

    Got pic from a very reliable NE contact.

    Please don't PM me for details yet as I am yet to try her.

    Don't judge book by its cover. She is ugly in real. Photo is highly Photoshoped. Her name start with S.

    If you still curious to know how good her pics Photoshoped, Check her in person.

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    Preethi timing

    Quote Originally Posted by Capricorn85  [View Original Post]
    I was not planning to write anymore FR on her, almost all of us know it.

    Meeting her after a long break, it was a fiery romance. Had carried some sensual music playlist and played it in blue tooth speakers.

    We did under shower, on the bed, over the table and on the floor. With chocolate and wine.

    Ended with dinner and coke.

    Usual rating and damages.


    Seeing a lot. Of interesting reviews on Preethi.

    What times is she available? Is she available during daytime or only on the evening / night?

    I was looking for a daytime encounter as I work from evenings.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyDJ  [View Original Post]
    Anyone knows about miss are from atma spa Bwadi, she left there but which spa she has joined.

    Please PM me if you have the info.

    I will reciprocate.


    Are you talking about Riya or Rachel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyDJ  [View Original Post]
    Anyone knows about miss are from atma spa Bwadi, she left there but which spa she has joined.

    Please PM me if you have the info.

    I will reciprocate.

    Check your PM.

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