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    Afro. Khali

    Its been like a sabbatical for me regarding posting FR's, but better late than never. Hit the famous afro bar in Khali, all by my own. Friends being busy, I mostly venture alone. Past success has been meeting some afro guys who have introduced to gals in their group, but never found that tempting enough. Anyways, today was the day to be. I went in there by 11 , paid entry 300 , and sat alone in a corner. Watching chelsea vs tottenham, and swaying on my seat to some afro music. In walk two meaty chicks, and they sit one hop away from where I was. Not much happening, except eye contact. 12:30 am paid my bill and waited near bar counter, and alas the gals take another exit out. Thought of calling it a day and head home (wife's away for some time. Another 45 days or so). Call it luck. I bump into the same gal at parking and have some banter, she was looking for a lift and I gladly obliged. Said I can have her for 5 and bargained down to 3 . Drop those lovely chicks home and remove money from ATM. Rest is history, spent a good 90 minutes there and had them 1 x1 .

    Damage 7 k in all (tips included).

    Gal 1 - meaty and juicy thighs and v friendly, cunnilingus ok, DFK not much, anal. Didn't try.

    Gal 2 - good figure, small tits but MOAB (mother of all bums) , could not finish with her, so called Gal 1 back, cz she got my mojo working.

    Did not take number, as I don't want to be restricted here, I am sure I bump into Gal 1 again, I may go for her, if not, someone else. Plenty of fishes.

    Have a lovely weekend monger brothers. Cheers HM.

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    Clear your Inbox

    Quote Originally Posted by Esco2388  [View Original Post]
    Hi bro,

    Would you mind sharing this SP contact?
    Life of a newbie is particularly difficult, don't make it worse by keeping your inbox full. Cleanup. Been trying to PM you.

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    Clear your inbox

    Quote Originally Posted by Folsky  [View Original Post]
    Mongering in Europe was such a hassle free effort. Punters are treated well, no LE threat, awesome environment. Feel like relocating out of Bangalore. In Bangalore we have to pay money to enjoy for a short duration with LE threats in mind.
    Tried to PM you, seems your inbox is full. Do the needful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul9980  [View Original Post]
    LE activities reported at Jayanagsr.
    This is scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotZen52  [View Original Post]
    In all the years of mongering, I never had a chance to lay a mallu, which was in my unfulfilled list. Got her number from an ISGian and sent message two weeks back. No response so kept quiet. Suddenly a missed call early in the morning last Tuesday in my mongering number which I keep in silent mode in the house for safety. Called her by nine am. As the bro has not given any reference just told a name that came to my mind. She was OK to meet in the afternoon. As I had some works to finish, told her I will confirm after sometime. Messaged her that we can meet by 3 to 4 and asked for damages. She replied 6 k max three hours. As I know hers is max 3 k and other expenses for place is also there replied max 5 k all inclusive. Was silent for some one hour. Then phoned up for confirmation or to drop otherwise. She said ok and asked to come near park in kmla which appears to be her usual pickup spot. By the time I reached there she called and confirmed and asked me to get protection from the nearby pharmacy and wait outside. Again called and asked me to give identifications and even while telling asked me to turn and lo she was waving from the corner of a side road. Then she took me to the service apartment which I knew already. Asked to pay 2 k. No ID required. Inside the room she asked for upfront payment. Paid 3 k. Then she undressed and asked me to join. She is tall to my liking but face is so so long face dark eyes and darker lips. But the body was ultra fit for a lady her age. No tummy or excess flesh. Good medium boobs. Started sucking the boobs and fingering the hole. In minutes the hole was gushing and she was moaning..
    Is this Tina with number ending. 184.

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    Bro Velms. Just simply avoid!

    Quote Originally Posted by Velms  [View Original Post]
    I got the pics from SP P. This is not his bird, but from his network circle based out of JP Nagar / Jayanagar. I told him that I will try this bird on Friday or weekend and he got a usual deal for me. But today he said that this girl won't be available and went back. She was staying in a hotel chain, name based on popular milk brand.

    Today he got a new bird of his own (and I am more or less certain that he want me to take his bird instead of this JP Nagar bird).

    If anyone tried this bird, give FR and please PM her JP nagar SP digit. She is irresistible for me.

    My answer in one line. Just avoid. She is from Mumbai. Muslim girl. Don't get fooled by her busty look. Her boobs are smaller than my male boobs. She uses like double padded bra. No DFK. Very poor BJ overall a total waste of money. I did her with SP Arn near golf course around 6 months back for 4 k one pop. Total waste!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul9980  [View Original Post]
    LE activities reported at

    Really scary, when even customers are booked.

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    Seema FR

    Hello fellow mongers,

    I had heard about this NE girl, Seema since a long time. But could not get her through. Finally, I got in contact with her through an undisclosed source. She otherwise quoted 10 k for ST, but could get her down to 5 k for 2 shots (All because of the source I mentioned). But, to my surprise it was an awful experience. She believes that we are there for a desperate need, and absolutely 0/10 on GFE. She has a problem with anything said, and tries her best to [CodeWord140] the guy off!

    She is very mechanical, and a time-watcher. Not worth even 3 k.

    WIR: Never, even if I'm starving.

    VFM: NO, unless it's 1 k or something.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Overall: 4/10.

    A very bad experience. My sincere advice is to totally avoid her.

    Happy mongering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazgylg15  [View Original Post]
    Things are getting worse these days. Yesterday received a good pic from SP P. Reached the girl's place but found two guys waiting already. There is nothing frustrating than being horny and being made to wait. The girl said that she would be ready in two minutes but I returned as I knew people were waiting for her. She called me after 1. 5 hours and I was glad I dint wait. The SP broadcasting pics certainly isn't helping and I really pity the girls. Its a queue and more like a chicken farm these days. Really poor souls. Anyway visited Kammanahalli last night and picked a Afro yet again. 2.5 k. Wham bam thank you mam stuff but a great booty as always with Afros.

    Things are getting bit out of control with SP guys, particularly the ones who broadcast pics. Forget visiting MP and SP on weekends. Need to do more bar pick ups I guess. Inde's too are in Avery sorry state in Bangalore. Any bro with some good lead for bar pick ups please ping. Trying tagged, wechat and tinder too.
    Unfortunate! The pics looked hot. Last time when I met a bird by P she said there was days she took about 12 incalls. Imagine the pussy status!! Some good SPs have fixed ST's per day like 6 . Obviously P is not among them as he does dealing with about 3 parents ans clients walk in from all fours contacts.

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    Tried Jessica at Mimi. I had higher expectations. Started with CBJ, tried various positions.

    Overall: 6/10 experience.

    WIR: NO.

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    LE Activities

    LE activities reported at Jayanagsr.

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    Bad experience

    SP P shared this bird. Looks good. I thought today I am up for a treat. Took the money first. Started the deed, but too many nakhra's.

    Below average BBBJ. When I increased the pace, again nakhra's, I got pissed off and left without completing.

    Boobs: 5/10.

    Pussy: 7/10.

    BBBJ: below average.

    WIR: NO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDuperMyse  [View Original Post]

    Can somebody suggest the right price of Riya, I pinged her long time back and negotiations started at 10 K+locaiton, stalled at 8 K 2 shots including location. She is pinging me again and I guess it is right time to open my cards.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Max 5 k for 2 shots (that also high). She is very fatty.

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    Radha booking advise


    Has any of you got any experience in getting girl into Radha hotel in Whitefield area? Do they allow as guests for short time? I'm planning to book something over there for an encounter. Will stay overnight, but have the lady leave by 10 pm. Anyone knows or suggests if that is possible there?

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    Hi dear friends!

    I am visiting Bangalore on 24th to 27th & would need services of reliable indies. Kindly help with contact details.

    Please PM contact details.

    Thank you.

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