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Thread: Bangalore

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    Cali spa question.

    Want to know more on Cali spa. Can any one give a detailed report on Cali spa and how they work for in call? I am planning for an SI from the list. Can anyone give reports on them too?

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    OYO rooms required.

    Hi friends,

    Wanted to know if there are any OYO rooms available near Indiranagar which are Girl Friendly. Also whether they will provide with local ID card. Planning to take a girl for ST.

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    Kolkata pointers.

    Hey guys,

    Planning for two days Kolkata business trip. I would be having much free time. I heard that Kolkata is paradise for mongers. Could you please help me with bong girls, must places to try, must ladies to visit. I would exchange my entire Bangalore database in return. Thank you for the help in advance.

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    Mamatha reference.

    Global Fucker bro,

    I am still unable to activate my subscription. Some problem with my entropy account.

    With respect to reference for Mamatha. I got contact details from Indie Lalitha (Mature MILF). Most of the senior members should be have details her.

    Please meet Lalitha, she might lead you to Mamatha. Hope this is be helpful to you.

    All the best. Once is get account activated I will PM you.

    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalFucker  [View Original Post]

    I also have shared whatever contacts I had with you in the past. Please check your DM history. Also, no senior helped with a reference, so you are kinda my last resort.

    I understand the quality of birds on offer and it fits my bill perfectly.

    Hope your account is set up soon and the drought in my life ends soon.

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    Asha FR

    A week old report. SMSed her to confirm if she's the One. LOL. Got reply and asked me to call her next day morning to book appointment. Next day called her and booked an evening slot in kvillage. Reached on time and saw a petite pretty lady in her late 30's or early 40's waiting. She was in a saree and welcomed me with a smile. I washed and then got into room. She hugged me and then started our love making. Stripped her slowly and kept kissing her all over. Her attitude was amazing totally unlike the dead fishes encountered mostly. She provided BJ which as already told by fellow mongers was nice. Started wot and then finished is miss. Was happy and thanked her and paid the amount which as usual. My ratings out of 10.

    Assets: 7.

    GFE: 8.

    Kitti: 8 (it was wet twice during the act).

    VFM: 7.

    Damages: 2. 5 k.

    She has asked me to share her contacts and I'm happy to share here on PM.

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    More pointers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul9980  [View Original Post]
    More pointers bro.


    Clear you inbox bro.

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    Need a indie's contact.


    I am traveling to Bangalore in next week so guys can you please share some indies digit which is best service and cheap damages. You can also share trusted SP's digit.

    Thanks. I am waiting for your message.

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    Inbox Cleared.

    Quote Originally Posted by Narasimablr  [View Original Post]
    Clear your inbox.
    Have cleared the Inbox. Didn't realise. Thanks!

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    Another Mimi FR

    This is couple of weeks old FR. Was out of mongering for sometime due to some health issues. So, finally whatsapped Mimi and asked what's available. She sent a few pics and I chose Charlie. To cut short, a bad decision. I had read the forum about poor experiences from other mongers but still since the pics were good, I went ahead. Anyway, deal started and she was well, clich as it is but for want of a better word, a dead fish. No involvement, no energy nothing. I just wanted to finish and get out. She is pretty, nice assets and all but you're not there for a sex doll. I see sex as a pure lovemaking and not just pumping in and out. My ratings out of 10.

    Assets: 7.

    Kitty: 4

    GFE: 0. No bj on offer ( not even cbj)

    VFM: 2.

    I request my fellow ISGians to share contacts of willing indies and providing good GFE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BristoForYou  [View Original Post]
    On a similar lines you had put one more FR in Delhi page. Did you try two of them?
    Yes buddy. Met 2 different ladies at different times. Between Aug to Nov and could post FR only now.

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    SP A's digits.

    Hi brother,

    Can you please share SP A's digits. PM is active.


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    Delhi visit.

    Visiting Delhi for weekend. Stay at Karolbagh. Any contacts of indie or spa so that I could go out.


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    But carefull while dealing in FB guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by NaugtyRambo  [View Original Post]
    Hello buddies,

    Been bit busy with work since 2 3 months and couldn't explore much till this week. Apart from ISG I try to connect with folks in FB & came across this couple, if they like then lady meets alone.

    It might sound crazy, I like to finish fun during morning session and go to office which is refreshing.

    Coming to the point fixed appointment with Monika at 10.00 AM, she gave a coordinates one day prior and mentioned she will be waiting from 9;30 Am itself. Unfortunately I got stuck with some work and started late, got a call from her around 10.10 Am and I was still on my way, she was literally pissed off and started giving piece of mind saying " they are also human and can't keep waiting. Etc. " she calmed down only after I apologized & told her reason why I got delayed..
    But be careful while dealing wit her in FB guys. She openly shares the FB ID and tag it if the show is unsuccessful. Whatever the reason for the delay / cancel of action, it is absolutely not fair to openly expose the mongers. Mongers also have faced the situations were the girls had canceled the appointment or ditched the action in the last moment, we have read many stories here where the monger travels all the way and wen arrived the girl won't receive or SW off. But why is she exposing openly in FB. I suggest not to give out FB handle.

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    My Bangalore FR.

    This is my first FR as in Bangalore forum. I have no friends in here and particularly who mongers. But ISG came to my rescue. With lot of research I was able to get the situation in Bangalore.

    I am always into MP. So went through NB near my area and explored a couple of them.

    My experience / FR in Bangalore:

    1. 'Sabja' (translated in English) spa:

    I was new and wanted to explore. I knew I will need to spend some cash. So tried this spa from NB on my way to work. Went on an evening and the receptionist quoted 2.5 K for 1 HR basic pack. I asked for local therapist but they had only NE. So walked out. Later on I started getting promotional SMS offers with 50% discount. So thought of giving it a try. Went there and was assigned an NE who was in her 30 not a looker. As it has always been. No talk or signs. Did not bother to ask for extras. Massage was good. Room was dark and not a great ambiance I would say. Bathroom was neat.

    Damage: 1500.

    WIR: no. Nothing great about it.

    2. Buddhist school spa.

    Went one evening after office. There was one South Indian girl of 19 at reception. Asked her for an appointment. She told it is almost closing time and do not have time for 1 HR regular pack. So I started to leave and she suggested me to take a four hands massage for 1/2 HR. Which will cover my whole body. That sounded great and I said yes. Asked her for local therapist, Negative. So went along with NE. Both were short, average, typical NE. One was silent and other a talker. Massage was average. Did not ask for any extras because there were 2 and they don't usually provide extras from my past experience.

    Damage: 2 K.

    WIR: No.

    3. Ayur 'Hanuman ' spa.

    By now I had researched this forum and found this sure shot and more spoken place.

    Visit 1: I called up one evening for a last appointment. Walked in and paid charges and the guy asked to take Ria. She was a NI. So spoke in Hindi and was asking about the spa and her experience. Slowly slipped in "Do you provide service?" She said "yes and 500 for HJ +500 for touching". I said OK. After a little name sake massage. She pulled down my dispo from back and was caressing my bum and asked. "Do you need a massage In here? I said yes. She applied oil and did a great massage with great pressure on my hole. I cummed even on that. So told her to finish it off and paid only 500. She was not that great looker so did not bother to touch.

    Damage:1500 + 500 tip.

    Visit 2: same timing this time asked for Honey. She came in and she talked my language. So was chit chatting, she was a talker. She was massaging and when it came to front side I slowly asked "do you provide service?" She came closer pretending she did not hear me. So close that her lips were 2 inches away from mine. I said it again. She was like in husky voice and looking into my eyes. 'yeah I do. What do you want? By this time her hand was on my dick gently pressing. I was totally aroused. We kissed though she did not allow tongue. Lips were loose. Kissed, asked her to pull her top. Pressed her boobs and then asked for bottom access. Caressed her bum and pussy. Her attitude was great. She did not quote anything and accepted 1 k which is nominal without any hesitation or bargain. Only downside, her skin is very loose or saggy. Never seen that in anybody.

    Damage:1500 +1000 tip.

    My next 2 visits were similar but was bored of same therapist. Although I got great bum massage later on. She rubs the crack along and reaches the balls and tickles it with her nails gently. That arouses you but it does not make you cum fast. It is an ecstasy which takes you to the edge. But she does not touch the hole.

    3. Ayur 'herbal drink'.

    One day was going through spa listings and came across this one. Wanted to give a try on an instinct. Called and asked if they provide cross gender, positive. Went in, paid. Was lead to a room. The ambiance felt very familiar to me. Normal rooms as in houses with no A. See, normal massage table with no classy decoration around. In came a Si therapist. Average looking, typical SI girl in 24. I was ready on table. She started her massage. Asked her if it is a branch of the previous spa I visited. She said yes and asked do you visit there regularly. I said yes. She asked "who do you take?" I said honey. She was like OK. Then I asked "if place looks similar do I get services similar to the other one?" She said yes and asked what I needed. I told bum massage. She pulled down my dispo and did a namesake pressing I asked her to go deeper. She was like where and how. I asked to rub my hole. She was like "no I don't do that. Does anyone do that? I said Yes, honey does. She was like I don't do. I cummed meanwhile. Went for a bath and she came in for tip. I paid 400 . She said no the charges are 500 . I said you did nothing and I cummed fast. She was like that is not my fault. Did not like her attitude. She would not have allowed me to touch even if I had tried.

    Damage: 1500 + 500 tip.

    4. be spa Koramangala.

    Got NB coupon. This was one of a random try I usually do. Went there was initially disappointed by knowing only NE. Rooms were good like typical mid end spa with music, good ambiance. Glass shower area. Plump NE came in and asked me to change. I did not ask for extras because it was all no talk no signs kind massage. But massage skill was good. Good pressure. She did spread my legs individually and rubbed inner thigh till my groin. Still this was very common in many of my previous unsuccessful massages. But that teasing also brings excitement.

    Damage: 1000.

    WIR: No. Though I did once more. Not after that.

    By now I have started realizing that not actually the service part. But the part of asking service to a new therapist excites me. Anybody feel the same?

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    Hey guys,

    Long back had a session with a girl named Mimi who's was one of Mimi's girl (I know same name) wanted to know if anyone knows her where about S PM is active.

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