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Thread: Bangalore

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrundleFly78  [View Original Post]
    Got this contact from one of my Non-ISG friends. She is not WG,. Only does this for additional income with "select & referred" contacts. Asking 10 for ST. Has anyone tried her & is she worth it?
    Looking forward for your FR.

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    Goa pointers needed

    Any Goa leads (indie, etc.) will be appreciated. Visiting tomorrow, please PM me. Thanks folks!

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    Roma from US man


    Any review on Roma from US man, quoting 20 k for 3 hrs. Is it worth try? Looking beautiful in photo.

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    Delhi mongering

    BLR folks,

    Need some advice on Delhi mongering, does anyone mongered in Delhi, how good and safe is Delhi, could anyone please ping me the hotels or place where I can stay for mongering.


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    Surprise catch FRs

    Posting an FR after multiple sessions with the pun kudi. I used to go to this spa a year back when few NE therapists were available giving nice HJs at 300 bucks.

    Session 1: Last week I was surprised to see this bird, booked her for 1 HR, first 30 minutes regular therapy continued and next 30 minutes it was lot of romance with TL followed by HJ. Tips 1 K and she ddnt ask for anything.

    Session 2: This time it was heavenly experience, lots of romance and foreplay but no sx. I won't be able to explain the mind blowing time I had, imagine a committed session with GF just before marriage. To me romance is a journey and fcking is a destination. Tips 2 K, its actually less.

    Got to know that they don't see many customers, I took permission to send my friends in. So I will be sharing it to trusted seniors and few others who have already requested for it. My PM is open for exchange.

    Counter charges are 2.5 but I pay much lesser than that.

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    Less customers maybe

    Quote Originally Posted by BrundleFly78  [View Original Post]
    Looks like she has brought down her rates. No customers? She used to quote 5 K for 2 earlier.
    Well, this FR is for a couple months old experience and she quoted me 5 k for two, but brought her down to 3.5. Which was surprisingly easy back then. Maybe she was desperate to make a name I guess.

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    Alphabet spa review

    Hi seniors,

    Visiting Bangalore this week and saw several too good to be true ads from a Hindi alphabet spa. Any reviews or guidance on if it is good? They also run ads under a flower name.

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    Final bang before marriage!

    Hello friends,

    Looking for some help! Getting married next month (no guys its not an invite) and looking to end the bachelorhood with a bang. The end of mongering. Going to be at Blr. Pune - Delhi on work trip next month and want to taste new best of dishes. Woolf be grateful if anyone can help. I do have inde contacts in Pune & Blr (also SP contacts in both cities) but looking for something new. I am more into fair petite girls (also CIS) but good GFE. Please help. I'll reciprocate for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDoe  [View Original Post]
    Yes, Sir! You got it right. Hahaha: the.

    Sounds good. Someone said it's a pro one (See above your post). But if you say so, I'll probably try. What you think about the privacy / safety, though?
    Its a new spa. Most of the therapist are from O2 Jayanagar branch. Door has latches inside. But there is a small rectangular opening in the door which can be open from outside. And massage is pretty cheap. 2 hrs around 1600 rs only. Been there only twice, therapist was little reluctant for extras but later she said she will do HJ but she won't remove tops. Tipped her 500 .



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    Quote Originally Posted by BlrRaj  [View Original Post]
    Yes. She changed her number.

    For 2 shots asking price is 15 k. Hence, dropped the idea.
    I myself guilty of overpaying her once.

    Won't try her even for 4 k for 2 shots.

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    Something seems off about the forum. Bangalore scene is getting a little bad I think. It used to be pretty awesome. The environment was quite constructive, I don't know what has changed, maybe interests have shifted towards self interest I think. I don't remember how many good folks used to help the newbies or anyone for such matter. It used to be a thread of PMs, after just a single post asking for help. Something is changing, and it will never let us all thrive. There still are many amazing seniors, but seeing the plight of the situation, maybe they have limbered down as well. Hopefully the generosity shall revive again and people (me being one of them) will be definitely helped without any self interest.

    Very warm regards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisHamilton  [View Original Post]
    Hi all. Regarding the afro ads on loc and who have tried any of them, are the pictures put up there real ones or are they fake?
    All the Afros in locanto does not share their original pictures. All the pictures are of models and actresses of their countries.

    There are few genuine and few fraud. Majority of them are based out in hennur, kothanur area. If any Afro asking for advance on Paytm should be considered as fraud. But they are good at service and try to please you. And if you repeat them and make friends with them they will take you to heaven with their services. Even sometime I get free service from some of them when they are horny.

    Advice from me don't pay them more than 3 k. You can negotiate to 2 k also if you are lucky. Try to be friendly with them. If you don't get great service from them in your 1st visit don't get disappointed. Try the same girl one more time after few days. Guaranteed you will get great service.

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    Anyone tried this bird?

    Got this contact from one of my Non-ISG friends. She is not WG,. Only does this for additional income with "select & referred" contacts. Asking 10 for ST. Has anyone tried her & is she worth it?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 296c75e8-6b28-469a-9cd0-5e65515eb119.jpg‎   789c7215-c8f6-420e-bcd9-d47066f8e202.jpg‎  

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    Looks like she has brought down her rates. No customers? She used to quote 5 K for 2 earlier.

    Quote Originally Posted by PabloEsc  [View Original Post]
    Hello good people,

    It has been quite a while since the last post. This is about the last time I tried Nanditha.

    Well, got the digits from amazing senior members here. Texted her on WA, and got a reply pretty promptly. Finalized on the deed 3 k for 2 shots. Reached her place and was greeted pretty well.

    To be honest, she isn't quite a looker, not for my taste for sure, but the attitude was quite good back then. Went to her room. Sowmya was also there, but she was having her monthly time, so she didn't join. Had a smoke, offered her as well, even though she said she doesn't smoke, she took a few puffs. She got me water and we started. The DFK was pretty insane and she tries hard to kinda please you. She has huge melons as you guys must already know, which was good of course. She started with the BBBJ, which was okayish. But well, it does work. After a little foreplay, I did her MISS and she kinda enjoyed from what it seemed. Released in a few minutes and yes the experience was okay. I wasn't as interested in going for the next shot so I just had a smoke, cleaned up. Paid her 2 k (asked to pay 1.5, but she asked more giving many reasons and what nots) I paid had some water and bid her farewell. The place was hygienic and good. And the attitude and hospitality was great too..

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    Have you tried the famous Nanditha-Soumya duo? They are closeby.

    Quote Originally Posted by AKMonger  [View Original Post]
    Recently moved to Nagarbhavi area. Just wanted to check if someone is aware of any Indies in and around Nagarbhavi / Kengeri areas.



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