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Thread: Bangalore

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac  [View Original Post]
    Any reviews on JP Nagar Nisha, Is she worth for the money spent? Number ends with 1428.
    Only one word for her. Horrible. Underssed her and went out. Paid token money.

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    Old MP FR's.

    Hey guys,

    Haven't had the time to write FRs on my MP visits in the last few months due to a busy schedule. I guess the ones that I mention below, most of the mongers will be already aware of.

    Hence would keep it short.

    1. Stressful spa:

    After reading through a lot of FRs was able to decode this spa. This spa was my first mongering experience and my whole intention to go to the spa was to get some action. Hence took an NB coupon and opted for a dry massage.

    Was assigned a therapist Ms are. Short but hot. First thing that came to my notice were the jugs. Most surprisingly she behaved as if she remembered me from my earlier visits. Probably mistook me for someone else. Lucky me used this to my advantage and became comfortable. The massage was average but who was interested and waited my turn get on my back facing her. With all the hints that she gave I still couldn't pop up the question for extras as I was new to this. Since we got comfortable enough she asked herself. 3 k B2B, 2 k for HJ with TA, 1 k for HJ. Negotiated for 1200 for HJ with TA referencing my "past experiences" with her. Finally got my hands on the DD and sucked them to my hearts content. Pure bliss. Felt her up completely and released after some time. Kissed her good bye and promised her that I would be back for her.

    Overall an awesome first experience. Recently the SPA has been taken over by another chain of spa and the girls have changed. I have revisited the place again but Ms are was not available and the therapist have not been great but the usual rates and services are still on. Wonder where she is now?

    2. Chinese instrument spa:

    Went to this spa with an NB coupon but opted for a Oil massage this time. Was assigned a therapist by the name Ms A. Noticed a few more therapist that had just finished their massage and all looked good. Fancied one therapist in particular but wasn't able to get her. So Ms A dint seem too friendly when I started a conversation. All responses were in one line in spite of knowing decent English. The usual hints and my tool asked the question for extras. 2 k for HJ and TA and 4 k for B2B. Tried negotiating quite a lot but she wasn't budging, hence gave up and asked her to continue the massage. Later she came down to 1500 for HJ with TA. Jhonny insisted and gave up. She started the deed but felt it to be too mechanical. Had good jugs but did a lot of nakhras after a few minutes. Finished cleaned up and left. Overall an average experience.

    Haven't been back to the same spa since then.

    3. Spa Duniya in EX PM Nagar:

    So this is last week experience. Was for work in the area and taught of trying this spa. Entered the Spa and was given a room which ended as soon as I entered it. Have never seen a smaller room than that. The SPA itself felt like it had only 3 rooms. 2 massage rooms and one room were the receptionist was sitting. Went with an NB coupon and was assigned a cute NE. Changed into dispo and the massage started.

    No hints whatsoever. The dispo wasn't even raised for the bum massage. Finished with the massage and went into the shower with no hot water. Sprinkled a bit of water on the body changed and left.

    Will not return for sure.

    This is my first FR, hence please ignore in case of any mistakes. Also hope I haven't paid too much for the services taken.

    I have been to a new spa yesterday will return with the FR in some time.

    Have fun.

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    Sowmya's contact.

    Dear bros,

    Lot of people sent messages for requesting Sowmya contact. I am actually touch with my friend who shared the contact. He is not responded. I will share to you once I get nod from him. Thanks for your patience.


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    Inde experience.

    Thanks to a senior tasted my first inde bird. Most mongers here would be aware about her.

    Started conversation on WA last week. Finally called me to e city. Asked me to get a pack of rubber. Met at the designated spot. Performed deed. She was friendly throughout but asked lot of questions. Overall was a safe experience.

    Damage: Asking for 6 k, managed to get down to 4.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Pussy: 7/10 (wet).

    Body: 6. 5/10.

    Face: 7/10.

    WIR: Yes.

    P.S: Since this contact is not mine am not at liberty to share.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180120-WA0007.jpg‎   IMG-20180120-WA0000.jpg‎   IMG-20180120-WA0005.jpg‎   IMG-20180120-WA0006.jpg‎  

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    It does not work like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by HornyMike  [View Original Post]
    Just arrived into town guys, staying at sheraton grand bridgegate next to orion mall. Looking for any recommendations on where to find chicks, massage, nightclubs etc. Any recommendations / advice most welcome. Will return if anyone if going to US.

    Its very difficult picking chicks from malls.

    Try face book. Try adult hub.

    Look for previous used names here. Search those on fb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBoy  [View Original Post]
    Can someone kindly PM me the new number of Rekha and also Nisha, with reference.

    I can share the contact of an NE not discussed on the forum.

    Thanks in advance.
    Check your inbox. Waiting for your NE contact. Share only if its worth a try. Thanks.

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    Are you talking about JPnagar Nisha or some other Nisha?

    Are you talking about some other Nisha?

    Quote Originally Posted by HariharanMohan  [View Original Post]

    Felt her service was way better than most SP gals supplied this weekend for 4-5 k dead fishes. Anyways those who had Nisha earlier will agree she is a GFE and does not come down from her. Price. (8 k for 2 session).

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    Any indie to take from Bangalore to Goa.


    Any help on Indies digits who are OK for travel? Let me know want to take one from Bangalore to Goa first week of Feb.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pace45  [View Original Post]
    Dear mongers,

    I desperately looking for indie and genuine contacts. I don't know how to request all of you. But no one is responding my request. As I requested long ago I got one contact that is not at all genuine. Please guys I request all of you please help me out.

    Sent you few contact to your PM.

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    Is there anyone have any Mangalore independent contact?

    If anyone have any Mangalore contact then please share. In return I will share Bangalore contact. Now I don't have any Mangalore contact but m looking for it. If there any guys here from Mangalore then pm me. M looking for Hw or girls in budget.

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    SP P bird review needed.

    SP P sent pics of this bird today, I've seen this bird with some other SP (pic attached), need review please.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20180121_133711.jpg‎  

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    Sylvia damages?


    I am in touch with Sylvia. Wanted to know from fellow brothers what should I pay for 2 pops? Is it usual 4 k for short and 8 k for night? She is quoting a little higher than this.

    Found some mixed reviews from some past posts, but couldn't see prices listed by any.



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    Mimi's gal.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGeezer  [View Original Post]
    Does any one know who this is? Any experience?
    She's one of the Mimi's gal, been with her twice. Very small frame with petite boobs. Smokes a lot. Weed or anything, she keeps smoking.

    According to her she's a model, a DJ, a dancer. I would say she has tried her hands on all of this without any success.

    Has tattoo all over the body. She's bit moody. So the act depends on her mood. First time it was really good. Second time was just OK.

    Involvement is decent. Not a time watcher and talks well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac  [View Original Post]
    Any reviews on JP Nagar Nisha, Is she worth for the money spent? Number ends with 1428.
    There are so many reviews about Nisha. She is fat lady with a cute face. 3 k for 2 pops.



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    Bro please avoid!

    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac  [View Original Post]
    Any reviews on JP Nagar Nisha, Is she worth for the money spent? Number ends with 1428.
    She was the worst experience ever! If you have a thing for blue whales you can try her as they both resemble a lot.

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