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Thread: Bangalore

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    FR on Punjabi MILF Sweety.

    Got MILF Sweety contact from senior. Sorry bought her contact from senior.


    MILF: 5/10.

    Boobs: 5/10.

    Face: 3/10.

    Ass: 5/10.

    Pussy: 6/10.

    WIR: Hell. No!

    Damage: 5 k 1 shot.

    GFE: 6/10.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sweety 20180424_084956.jpg‎  

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    Few thoughts running in mind.

    Hi all,

    Sometimes when I think about this flesh business I just wonder how things are happening here. I belong to computer field, use net a lot but still never knew that ISG existed and somehow explored about it.

    But just imagine most of the girls (call girls) are definitely not so well educated and they hardly use net except watching youtube like stuff. I thought a lot but still couldn't get a satisfactory hint about these two questions:

    1. if a girl wants to join this business than how the hell they find these SPs and how they get into their hands, how they make their network when they just start newly, when they are just normal person in society just like us. Even if they don't get in touch with SP then how the hell individually they find customers safely and never got caught so far (in most of the cases).

    This thought and these questions are running in my mind from a long time but couldn't get any better explanation to myself. Anybody has any idea than please do share your experience.

    After reading few posts in ISG like everybody else even I have strong feelings that even few indies or SPs are using this forum. If this is true than can anybody share their experience about how this all happens.

    2. the second thought which is more interesting and exciting is since many girls work for a SP. So do SP also have sex with the girls work under them? I guess if they do then they would be doing free of cost its like you have sweet shop so you can eat any sweet you want and whenever you want?

    Or the relationship between the SP and the girl is just like very professional and they just do their business and they don't fuck each other and just both earn money with mutual agreement and never do this stuff.

    Please do share your experiences / thoughts.

    Ensure your safety in the jungleRaj. Be safe then play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MongerMan9  [View Original Post]
    Highly appreciated brother, you should be batched senior straight away for this reply.

    Yup, I will not be sharing single contact and for all the people who are barking against me please carry on.

    Safe mongering.
    Thanks I don't need to climb corporate ladder. I'm happy with current designation.

    Yes kindly do not share any contacts with anybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himalayan  [View Original Post]
    I think I don't know the art of paid sex. I need to think seriously on how to fuck without GFE. If there any article or a books that you can recommend. Gone are the days when you held your GF's hand & her body would quickly change temperature to tickling warm.
    I don't think you are alone with this predicament. Many amongst us cannot do without GFE. You should walk away when you see something you don't like. No point wasting our hard earned money on these no good WGs.

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    Because I don't share information with pimps. Also, I am not a king or anything but one thing I am 100% sure that I don't charge or earn my livelihood by selling contacts.

    Quote Originally Posted by MongerMan9  [View Original Post]
    You have not shared a single contact with me, please stop acting like king of the forum. Instead of writing these poetry and sarcastic reports at least write something useful to the forum and if possible help people that is actually hard for you as you are not used to it.

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    Don't quote.

    Don't quote the post with SP's digit. You're just making it worse. Report it to admins and they'll pull it down.

    How was it even approved? Jeez.

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    [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Near miss for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Himalayan  [View Original Post]

    I have been through MPs and Cali spa few times though never had FS FR.


    Got contact of NE SP and she sent below pics.

    Agreed since I have no contacts and this SP made me wait for a long time. She (SP) hardly talks on phone and only Text / WA with her broken English. Its hard to understand.

    Thanks for the review, I have an appointment later in the day with her (which I think I will cancel), photos seemed to good to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vviacheslav89  [View Original Post]

    First concentrate on studies & earn your job then you can do this activity. So 1st go and study. Later don't be burden on country. Be something useful. Good luck.

    At all guys. Don't share contacts with students.
    Perfectly said bro. I echo your voice.

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    No SP's are genuine in Bangalore.

    After mongering for some month I figured out no SP's are genuine here, either they charge sky rocket price for their services or they don't deliver what they promise. I got better services from Indies compared services from SP's. They are cheap and far more better services and attitude.

    If you have heavy pocket and little conscious about looks and body, then SP's will be the best choice but looking at the recent FR's,I don't think even SP's are giving good services to that level.

    Otherwise Indies are the best option. Its my personal opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThousandMiles  [View Original Post]
    I am not justifying the actions of many in this forum. But frankly I have shared contacts several times and those who have been around know that I never ask for contacts in return. In fact there have been couple of times when I got a PM mentioning that I will give a contact if you share one. And my reply always has and have been that I never trade contacts. I don't use ISG in that manner. Never needed to as well. People have been really nice whom I have my network here. Coming back to sharing; frankly I have been disappointed after sharing it several times. No FRs; leave alone that when I checked with the girl she said she got multiple pings and several queries asking for pictures and questions but none really took it forward. Some said they referred some one else etc etc. When this happens we loose that contact and also it gets tricky to refer again for any one else. Some times if the contact is raw we end up getting blocked. Again I am not saying every one does this. But mostly I ended up in this scenario. Don't understand if some one doesn't want to meet why ping, discuss, negotiate and then just disappear.
    I completely understand your point but there are people who paid to be member of this forum just to get some genuine contacts, however I believe because Bangalore is not that great place for these services, people are little in secured sharing contacts to the new members, as they think it will increase their rate.

    Secondly I see many Sr members sharing list of their experience with different SP's and Indies and at the end they mention, contacts will be shared with trusted members, what does that means.

    Then tell me brother what's the option left if someone is charging and providing genuine contacts then why any new members shouldn't approach him. If the new members can pay for ISG and also for these services. Do you think those guys will mind paying one time few bucks to get the list.

    If really you want stop this, Sr members should be more helpful. How will I know that you are helpful until & unless you re coming upfront when someone joins.

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    Kimera- Professional.

    Quote Originally Posted by PussyNamnam  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    Any members gotten lucky at Kimera? Ever since the Bong therapist left there hasn't been any scope at this place. Considering eh facilities and safety they provide it's quite disappointing that there aren't any extras. If anybody has had a unique experience, kindly do share.
    Tried Kimera in HSR yesterday. Miss R was assigned. Beautiful NE girl, petite. But no signs of extras and towel on throughout the massage. Professional and very good massage. Excellent, very neat, truly awesome rooms and ambience.

    Damage 1500. (after 500 discount).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkPassenger9  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Anyone tried any of these? Do write your experience.

    Don't spam my inbox please.
    First one was with SP A very long back. Average review, remaining no clue. Anyway 3rd looks yummy. What are the damages quoted.

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    Reports of distinction.

    There is something called reports of distinction in this forum. We can do that

    Quote Originally Posted by MrDoe  [View Original Post]
    Thanks guys and good points too.

    Wish we had sticky threads / posts feature here. We could've had a bunch of these posts on top (There are some more in another section that are well written for all of us).

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    Can anyone of you share BTM Pooja or Jp Nagar Pooja (MILF) contact please, I am back to mongering after a long break. Wish to try them. Thanks in advance.

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