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    Has any one tried any of the below attached girls. Please share your valuable feedback.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 23231791_141294716622744_1400073401_n.jpg‎   23414435_143468573072025_942397476_n.jpg‎   23549428_146481639437385_1297912790_n.jpg‎  

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    Requesting SP A contact.

    Hello guys,

    Have been following this thread for quite a while now.

    Have activated PM, request you to share the famous sp A contact or any other inde cont to start off.


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    The new branch is permanently closed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vishyb90  [View Original Post]

    Could you please point me to the new branch? Cheers.
    The new branch is closed due to lack of customers.

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    Just got subscription Goa FR.

    I just got myself a subscription after being a silent observer on the forum. My conviction on the power of the forum increased after being cheated 2 times on my recent weekend trip to Goa with friends. Even after reading several reports of how mongers are cheated in Goa, we decided to go ahead and try our luck. Tried a few websites and got cheated where the girls pics were heavily photoshopped and the girls created a ruckus after 1 hour when we paid for a FN. Next got duped by some local contacts who took us to a den who employed bait and switch tactic along with extortion threats to cheat us yet again. I can't believe we violated basic rules. Must be the alcohol!

    Do not monger in Goa however reliable the contact may sound. The place is filled with crooks and scamsters. We lost about 45 k of cash in these attempts.

    I know I am a newbie here but will some senior be kind enough and send me some reliable Afro contacts. Looking for some decent time after my forgettable experience on the weekend. Would prefer some girl on the slightly leaner frame.

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    FR on the Zen spa, Mimi and femina spa.

    Hey guys,

    Apologies for the delay report.

    A big thanks to Bindas101. I'm going to be reviewing 3 place.

    Report the Zen Kaland Nagar.

    Called the place directly and the manager was pretty open about the pricing and what on offer. B2B, HJ, was on offer. No F's. I'm a sucker for a good massage. Chose a girl called Jenny for B2B. Big built and a good rack. The deed started with a normal massage and then after 15 mins the deed started. She tried her best to pleasure me but I have gotten better massages. Was very talkative and even offered to meet me out side.


    Massage 6/10.

    Attitude 9/10 she let me touch her no questions asked.

    Tip 300.

    Total cost 2800.

    Mimi's den.

    This place is always my last resort. No issues with the place. She always has a minimum of 3 to 4 girls to choose from. Weekdays is always the best time to visit Mimi. I have also posted my report in the earlier post. It's almost the same.

    Femina spa.

    Well I tried this place asked on some recommendation but I think I got the wrong spa. Truly professional. Maybe I was unlucky. But would not recommend this place. The massage was average. Cost 1400. Full body massage.

    I would be happy to share contact details for any of the above mention places.

    Request. I have moved to new Bel road and if anyone could assist me or direct me to any good spa around this place it would really appreciated and will definitely post a report.


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    Met her once.

    Quote Originally Posted by RastorToto1  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried this inde has a place in EL city, says she is 30 but looks in the pic. Qouting 5 k for 3 HR 3 shots. The source for this inde is a bit unreliable so asking if she is genuine. Will probably try her this week.
    I have met her once number ending 270 goes by the name Swathi I guess, met her in ECity, she is cooperative but she has pimples on her body so didn't like it.

    Got the contact from loc site.



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    Check your PM. Don't pay more than 2.5 k.

    Quote Originally Posted by Burrah  [View Original Post]
    Could any body share SP Mimi's number, travelling to Blore for work could try some of collection during the weekend.

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    PM subscription got expired.

    Hi fellow ISG mongers,

    My PM subscription has unfortunately expired. I will try to reactive subscription at the earliest. Sunday night my subscription got expired.

    Meanwhile post FR my inbox is flooded with PM either for digits or reference of SP. I have certain concerns in sharing with everyone mongers mainly because this SP very skeptical in entertaining any new monger and also if I have share everyone they would start bombarding SP with call and then she might get pissed off and might change the number. We would have loss the VFM SP then.

    I would suggest that let take it slow and study with the SP. I will try to share SP details with few reliable mongers in upcoming dates preferably to the mongers to had shared with me contacts earlier and also monger who are willing to exchange good reliable Aunty / MILF / Mature Indie or Sp who can provide them. And then slowly with everyone.

    I was always open is sharing my contacts like Maria SP, Kiran MILF etc with anyone who had requested to me. With this contact I would like be bit cautious, Please don't misunderstand me this time.

    Also I would like make few things clear with regard to profile of birds this sp shares. Mostly they are local Bangalore girls or MILF they are not imported from north. So keep your expectation low with respect to SP birds they are not HIFI looking birds. And also very rarely the sp shares good looking bird profile.

    Finally to mongers to whom I have shared detailed already. Please try to keep damages BTW 2 k to 2.5 k do not hike the price of the SP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eduorch001  [View Original Post]
    Hi ISG mongers,

    Mamatha shared with me young SI MILF pic. She was looking very good on the pic.

    Fixed a deal with Mamatha on a Tuesday. Typical SI MILF features along with very beautiful face.

    MILF was very talkative and was asking lots of question. She did not allow DFK but allowed me to do DATY.

    Coming to deed it was good experience overall..

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    Introduction & Cam Girls.

    Hi all,

    Just joined the form after a lot of reading and looking forward to it. Recently I just started mongering, but to be a little safer I have experimented with Cam girls on CL and Locanto. Every person I've messaged with have cheated me after I sent cash through PayTM. I've been cheated around 4-5 times just to get a cam session. Unless others have experienced otherwise, I would suggest to newcomers that this is not a good approach.

    Could any member PM and help me out with a cam girl's number to try out? Will report on how it goes.


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    SP A bird Sonam.

    Met today SP A's bird Sonam for the second time in 3 months. Last time also met her with the same SP. Without any doubt one of the best experience so far in Bangalore. She is definitely a must try and I was waiting for her eagerly after I met her first time.

    She recognized me from my last visit and made sure this experience is even better than the first one. The deed started almost from the doorstep and everything was available on the menu. Lots of DFK, a long BBJ and for the first time I got involved in DATY.

    She was very friendly and her expressions was amazing with lots moaning sounds which I felt was real. According to me she has set a benchmark which is very hard to beat. SP A is going to have a tough time in searching for a replacement for her. Honestly speaking after trying her last time I tried few other birds from SP A including couple of Uzbek girls but was disappointed. So I didn't even write any FR on them.

    And regarding SP A he is nice to deal with.

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    Same response.

    Quote Originally Posted by Velms  [View Original Post]
    Recently one of the fellow ISG monger shared these pics. Also SP P shared the same pics and quoted 7 k ST.

    But both SPs said she is not available now. Want to check whether its another case of bait and switch or genuine.

    Want to know anyone tried her.
    Got the same response. Was shared the profile on 1 evening and next evening when I asked she was gone. Really fishy.

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    Help needed with contacts.

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for some Independent or sp based contacts as am mongering this week and next. Price s not a constraint but that doesn't mean am some price hiker or something, meant to say am looking for classy and hifi contacts (which s obviously costly in Blore) I am ready to spend cash out as long as the chick s real. I had few burns in my years of mongering where a common practice was some SP sends fake pics and you get dejected wen you reach the place because the gals different. Thanks to google reverse pic search, I know lot of members do not want to share a number because of reasons 1) people start flooding the poor gals phone with calls and messages.

    2) people expecting for much more cheaper price.

    After all the burns I am still clinging on to last hope from ISG members to help me with with some contacts who I met up. I will reciprocate with the db list I have to someone who can help me on return favour basis.


    Honest monger.

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    Testing new waters!

    Hello people,

    I have been going to MP's for quite a while now and want to desperately try the FS scene, so any kind brother here can help me with some SP contact (via PM) who can provide a CIS. Its been a long time fantasy of doing a white skinned girl. Will definitely post an FR after deed.


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    Can anyone PM me Asha's digits?

    Have Maria's number.

    But can anyone ping me Asha's digits?


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    SP A UZK Car FR.

    This is a week old FR. So the car itself is no longer available in garage.

    The car is already reviewed here in more details. So nothing to add much other than the fact that, it was a great fun racing in this car and the pleasure of driving was so good that, I ended up taking 2 lapse. First lapse was on high speed, So I decided to slow down for the second and take the car for a spin for a long-drive. Performance overall was great. The car did seem more like a toy car than real from looks in person.


    Look: 7/10.

    Airbags: 9/10.

    Trunk: 8/10.

    Kit: 7/10.

    Performance: 8/10.

    Maintenance: 7/10.

    VFM: Yes.

    WIR: Not available. So no point of recommending anyway.

    Damage: 7.5 k + 500 tip - 2 lapse.

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