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Thread: Bangalore

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    No extras in the palace spa.

    Quote Originally Posted by Romit11  [View Original Post]
    Staying in a very big popular hotel in Bangalore name ending with palace.

    The hotel has a massage lounge but does it have extras?

    And if a Bangalore resident can help me with contacts it would be great.

    You will not get any extras in the hotel spa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MmanMeesh  [View Original Post]

    This is an FR two weeks back. Contacted Maria and she sent me a profile. Liked her and planned for the deed at her friends place in Horamavu. Was guided to her place. , and her friend greets me. Well to be honest I liked Marias friends large tits. Anyway the deed was with some one else and was guided to a room with bed on floor. Well I was in for a shock because the girl was different as was in the pic.

    With Johnny in for action, I went ahead with this new girl Swetha. Kannada girl with small frame all over. Undressed and she started stroking me. Kissed her face, she was a bit reluctant for DFK. I pulled her head down to Johnny and she started a slurpy BBJ. 5 minutes into it, I had a bit of the load coming out. I stopped her and myself from shooting more. Got back to kissing her. She asked if I am done and I said no, but this was. PreCum. I asked her to lie down and pumped her hard in missionary. I was surprised that Johnny was still firm after the first load release. Swetha was moaning and I slid by tongue deep in her mouth. This time no resistance at all. Came again in 10 minutes. Cleaned and left..

    She did it twice. She will send some pics and arrange a different girl.

    Last time she promised a nice Kannada girl, after reaching her place a Telugu aunty is in the room.

    I told her very strongly. We should come back without deed. Then only she will be honest.

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    M & n.

    I have never tried N & S duo but I can vouch for M & N duos service. They are not the best lookers but they sure do make sure to impress the customer. Also, FYI, they have another girl who does this with them. Last time I took her instead of M. Happy humping and do post your experience. Cheers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anima1981  [View Original Post]
    Dear Mongers,

    This is Anima, from Pune forum and Its been pleasure to be back to Bangalore for a quick trip. Last time you guys were so Kind enough to share good Indie digits and SP digits.

    This time, would like to try Duo in Bangalore and read there are few options available.

    Having the digits, I have Digits of Nandhita & sowmya then M& and digits. I have read FRs on both, But it was so mixed reviews and I can't able to choose, So need feedback from fellow mongers on which duo should I try and its worth for penny?

    My expectations are very simple, Lots of Acts with new different positions.

    If you have some other digits for Duo, please share their digits too and will reciprocate the same for Pune or Chennai digits.

    You can reach me through PM.



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    Little old FR. She is a little plump and short. Huge melons.

    Place is safe, Residential area. She guided over phone.

    Asked to take bath, started deed in towel. Nice Kissing, lots of DFK and BBJ.

    Tried WOT, Doggy and finished in Mish.

    Overall nice GFE.

    Cat a little loose.

    Paid 5 K.

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    Saath Samundhar.

    Visited last week. Prices going up, fellow brothers need to control.

    Could negotiate for 2 K B2B and HJ. Only top.

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    Some one had reported about action in Nagerbhavi Bangalore some time back, like to get that contact.

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    Trip in Bangalore

    Staying in a very big popular hotel in Bangalore name ending with palace.

    The hotel has a massage lounge but does it have extras?

    And if a Bangalore resident can help me with contacts it would be great.


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    Never replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Udataks  [View Original Post]
    Tried Sudha, age in early 30's, wheatish complexion.

    Did DFK, cowboy, miss, doggy, was very cooperative, CBBJ given but very minimal.

    Stays in Victory nagar, open for outcall.

    Loud moaning,

    Only understands Kanada.

    Damages 3 k.

    Earlier shared contacts but most of guys don't return promised favours.

    Will still share with 5-6 guys randomly.
    Even Bips in FB may reply but she (Sudha) never replies.

    Has anyone got lucky with her (Sudha)? Or is she tricking us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazgylg15  [View Original Post]
    I was in Kammanahali road today. Could find only two at 10:30-11:00 but weren't great. Also there was heavy police patrol and presence. I have picked up a lot of people from K'halli and scene looked dead today. I also visited the Afro pub as well. Guys to girls ratio wasn't that great. Checked out brigade road around 12:45. Found few Afros but uninteresting. Any clean up going on in Bengaluru?
    Recently local people have complained to LE about the activities happening there after 10.30, so LE has kept an eye on them. The scene around MG road has diminished long back but only Afros used to be available late night, recently there also lot of LE activities going on.

    If you want to catch Afros, then you can try on dating apps as many are active, you can even try in fb also if you can catch the links as plenty are studying here and are available for paid fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloRajesh  [View Original Post]

    Can any seniors guide on Thai / NE girls offering FS in bookstore spa in Ex pm Nagar. Damages etc.

    I have tried Thai girl Ms Me last week.

    Small firm boobs, good B2B. Though that is offered from counter for 3.5 k+500 tips.

    Good massage and decent handjob.

    Never got FS from book store.

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    M&n fr.

    Tried M&N last weekend.

    Good threesome experience. Called m and fixed appointment. Reached place an hour late due to heavy traffic. Safe place near Epura. M guided. Chit chat for 5 minutes then started. Continuous DFK and BBJ for 10 minutes. Didbcim in M. N still continued DFK. M cleaned up and came back. Deed continued non stop. M & N exchanged one DFK one BJ. In between M started giving me massage while N continued DFK.

    After started WOT with N. Then doggy N miss. It felt like eternity. M have a nice cream HJ. Some blow job and released.

    Overall mice and different experience.

    Then took both along with, paid and left.

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    Good LT options in Bangalore Indi or SP


    I was inactive for long time, but thinking to get some action.

    I prefer LT over St.

    Can you please share any good options for LT in Bangalore?

    Good SP or Indi would be a appreciated.

    I can reciprocate with good contacts in Delhi, Pune, or whatever from Bangalore I have.

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    Actresses anyone?


    It's been quite a fantasy for me to try out some actresses (esp. South Indian MILF type actresses). I'm already tired with all the Indies and the spa's and run of the mill types.

    Can anyone help me with some genuine contacts of actresses like mallu actresses from yesteryear softcore movies. Are they still in business. Has anyone tried them. Your help / feedback is much appreciated.

    Location is not a constraint for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloreHunter  [View Original Post]
    Hello brothers,

    I would want thank personally each and every who gave moral support and tips for my ED issue.

    I consulted the psychiatrist and he confirmed my issue is not only ED but I'm having disorder called Anxiety disorder which is the main reason. So I'm currently undergoing treatment for it.

    Reason why I'm posting here firstly to thank everyone who pinged me separately to offer help and secondly those who ed its better check with doctor than own medicine.

    I'm taking a small break from here, as my case is complicated and needs time to fix.

    Till then everyone be safe and happy mongering.
    Get well soon bro. ISG will be waiting for the hunter.

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    Clear inbox


    Tried to send PM for details, but your inbox is overloaded. Clear.

    Clear your inbox.

    Or you can pm the details, appreciated.



    Quote Originally Posted by HotPussyEater  [View Original Post]
    PM me. Surely help you to get it.

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