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    ISG members are starving

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarin  [View Original Post]
    Just thought of offering one of my private bird to those who can offer equal quality private bird.

    Please don't share forum wide regular indies as I already have a list of 100+. Please PM me only if you have an equal standard bird for exchange.

    Description of one of my private bird:

    She is not into this full time. Only once in 4 - 6 months.

    She is below 20. White, cute face, perky and firm tits, Clean and pink pussy. Nice shaped fleshy ass.

    She will reject your BJ or DFK requests. (But if you are an expert you may be able to. Remember she is a normal girl and not into this fulltime).

    She loves to get her pussy licked. Its very clean and pink. You can see the real expressions on her and moans.
    I got few contact requests. Few of them offered their "private birds". But I saw all of them are ISG known (but less discussed) or public (locanto ect) known numbers.

    If you are starving, don't rely completely on senior ISGians to feed you all the time. Request you to try hard and find some contacts by yourself.

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    ISG. Guide you to get laid

    Quote Originally Posted by DeshRaj  [View Original Post]

    This forum is for exchange of bird's Indies and WGs, not girl friends. Try adult hub for fun without benefits!
    I thought the ultimate intention is to help us get laid. .

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    Nice story


    Story is nice, you say so far you have met her thrice but not a single FR why bro straight way this post promoting this 20 K stuff. Thanks any case in am not interested in this red wine stuff. AM.

    Quote Originally Posted by UdayRathod2008  [View Original Post]
    For those interested in Malleswaram. Exclusive classy home bird available. Will meet only through introductions. I am happy to make an introduction if you PM me. I have known her since 7-8 months. Does a 2-3 HR session happily. Damage is 20 k. Exclusive and no tantrums. Will meet only after 9 pm any day to avoid being noticed. Meets only in her apartment. Apartment is quite well furnished. Looks to me that money is a filter to ensure only good and wealthy guys approach her. She will verify at security through her person before letting you into the apartment. Needs a photo before she confirms a meeting. If serious and interested then approach. Very choosy. I have met her thrice in the last few months. All of them on weekdays as crowd in the apartment does not notice you. She likes to have sweet red wine. On the first meeting did not carry anything. After that I carried a bottle of wine each time. The meeting was really fruitful and very exciting. She loves being pussy licked and will engage in all sex tricks. The last time we had dinner and then after an hour had the meeting. Interestingly, she went cow girl on her own. Only down side, she is experienced and around 35+. 38+-30+-36+. Very sexy tits, brown and firm. Milky skin and passionate if you can get her excited. Sustains a long session and can be patient till you pick up. My last encounter was very honeyful. 20 k is a little too less if money was her game, but it seems it is not. All the best.

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    Want contact

    Quote Originally Posted by WorkingOut  [View Original Post]
    Thank you so much for Megha's contact.

    I am in Blore next week and it will be of good help to me.

    Happy mongering.

    Need contact Megha Mimi but it should be good presentable.

    I got one from a good member but those 2 NE are not my type (plump) although they are open they said.

    Looking for GFE 10 on 10.

    Thanks. I am starting at Indra Nagar.

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    Anushka: Feedback please

    Can anyone share feedback on this girl. She claims to be a model and quoting pretty high. Is she worth the price. Your feedback on her will be highly appreciated.
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    Completely agree to you. Now a days she is showing lots of attitude. Lets show her our unity and not encourage her till comes back to her senses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny14  [View Original Post]
    Hope you had a great experience with Shreya. I never repeat unless I get a good GFE.

    Felt Shreya was a good GFE. Took her service 3 times till now. First 2 time same as yours had good session then a long conversation and again action. My last visit a week back I was lite by 40 min she started to shout at me don't you have sense etc I was very angry planned to move away from that place she convinced me and action started she had a small injury in her leg while playing so she restricted few position, she used to give good DFK without initiating but that time she refused. She was doing purposely didn't cum I stopped the act didn't go for the second round left that place paying half. Too much attitude and the way she behaved I was so angry. No more Shreya.

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    20 shades of grey

    Accidentally found gem.

    Went to my irregular SP whom I don't trust.

    Took beers and made him wait for 1 HR. Finally decided to go in.

    Man I saw <20 girl in black dress and Mehandi in hands.

    Speaks awesome English.

    White skin, good shape, perky, non smelly. You name it!

    Hesitates to kiss. But a good GF material.

    She out romantic songs to set up the mood.

    Played with her after offering her booze.

    She starred getting calls as I was an hour late.

    So she was also restless and was not enjoying.

    She did CBJ which was OK. Didn't mind.

    When I wanted to enter her. I slapped her playfully.

    She liked it and wanted me to continue if I m interested to hit her.

    All shades of grey came into my mind.

    Didn't take advantage as I know this is a gem.

    Did one round and she said she has to leave. As she was getting calls non stop.

    Will explore her eventually.

    5 k short.

    In touch.

    Please don't bombard with details. Unless you have genuine for exchange.

    I have more than what forum has offered already.

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    New to this site

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to mongering and taken the subscription today only. Please help me with some initial contacts (girls / SP / MP) to start with.

    I'd really appreciate and return the favour in future.

    Thanks in advance!

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    American man's Bird

    Took hit on American Man's car yesterday. Pics attached. Again will keep it short.

    Face 85% of pics.

    Boobs huge and adorable.

    Tummy almost no.

    Performance will do everything to please you.

    GFE Yes.

    Tried all positions.

    Came back satisfied.
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    Lakshmi Ecity

    Quote Originally Posted by JayPurohit  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    Put up around Kanakapura Road and free tonight. Any decent fucks around tippsandra, JP Nagar, Ecity? These are places I see in 10 km proximity.

    Help me out kind bros.


    Hello bro,

    I got the number from one of ISG friend but not getting the time to experience.

    [Telephone Number deleted by Admin] Lakshmi Ecity. Please check from.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    This is a 6 month old FR. Got this profile through a therapist from a spa named after six, not the alphanumeric one. Contacted through WA and booked an appointment a day later. Typical NE, slim figure around 5 ft height. Guided me to near by lord theater in empty Mangla. Coming back to the deed, once arrived had a chit chat for 15 mins, then we undressed to our baby suits. Got into bedroom and she started with a slow CBJ. I started with miss then we got into wot, it was a pretty long session. Finally, I released in doggy. We washed up together and I left the place immediately.

    DFK: No.


    Pussy: 7 clean.

    Good ass.

    Damages: 3.5 k I know I overpaid by 1 k.

    Not a time watcher, helped me getting to the climax. I usually don't like to repeat. She is still in business and have 2 more birds these days in a different place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsianMonger  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends,

    It is quite long I posted a FR in Bangalore forum, how ever I was posting in Chennai forum since was doing action there. However has been contacting two MILF in Bangalore not discussed with forum one was away in Hyderabad, the other one had fever so could not have any action during 4 day week end. Yesterday was in bad need of a hole to shoot load that time got a call from Simran asking me as to why I have not met her after Ramzan. I needed a hole call is coming what a sync. Thought a known devil is better than an unknown angel and fixed the deed for today 11.30 AM.

    Today went sharp to her flat at 11.30 and had a nice 30 minutes session which covered Deep DFK, unlimited tits sucking, BBBJ, DATY and shooting load in missionary position. No need to write score card considering the services she is giving we can rate 7/10. Since I am a repeater she took 2.5 K. She is also willing for 2,5 K for those who are serious. Please PM me with some basic info of you and I can give her contact. Time wasters please stay away. Her huge melon pic attached. AM.
    Hi dude,

    I am interested. Can you please PM the reference and number.

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    Hello guys,

    Put up around Kanakapura Road and free tonight. Any decent fucks around tippsandra, JP Nagar, Ecity? These are places I see in 10 km proximity.

    Help me out kind bros.



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    Avoid Shreya- High attitude!!

    Dear mongers,

    I tried Shreya very recently and found her attitude is very high. She dint even allow me do proper boobs play.

    I had taken her for 2 shots, but looking at her attitude I dropped the plan and left the place.

    I have seen some FR mentioning her good service, but trust me when I tasted her, she had loads of attitude. So I recommend to avoid for sometime.

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    Any experience with Sophie please share?

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