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Thread: Bangalore

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    Bachelors party.


    I am organizing a bachelors party for my friend. Need some help / contacts, budget is a constraint.

    Suggestion on a good place. To keep cost low, prefer getting food and alcohol from outside.

    Two strippers. Thai is okay too, but have to be good looking with good attitude. Mostly will lead to FS after the show.

    Other ideas are welcome too.


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    Digits needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamiJohn09  [View Original Post]
    Hello bro,

    I have scheduled to meet Anekal Rekha on this weekend.

    Please confirm if this is her pic.

    Please share the digits, damage and your review. Could share you some good contacts in return.

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    Dolly BTM

    Anyone tried this contact Dolly from BTM?

    Any reviews would be helpful. I am being told she is not a regular inde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry4U  [View Original Post]

    Face- 6.

    Body- 6.

    Boobs: 5 - saggy and MILF.

    GFE- 6.

    Pussy: 5. Loose.

    WIR: Maybe.

    Damages: 3 k.
    Is she in Bangalore now?

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    San Jose etc.

    There are a lot of good ones out there. Most of the better and clean Indies are kinda expensive and charge around $500 for an hour. Given the prices and cost of living in Bay Area, rates are bound to be high.

    Check out ads on eros and reviews on and erotic review. Erotic review is paid.

    Quote Originally Posted by VijayMk  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I will be travelling San Jose this monthend and will be there a week. Any good references for mongering over there will be helpful.



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    FR. Needed.

    Can you share the digits. Did you try her?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raj98  [View Original Post]
    Hi Friends.

    Got in touch with this babe. Can anyone give me their inputs on reviews and damages please.

    Don't won't to raise the price.

    Will appreciate on a prompt reply.

    Please PM if necessary.


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    Phone number.

    Quote Originally Posted by Munna67  [View Original Post]
    Are you talking about the same maria where Asha used to meet.

    If yes pl share her digits.

    I had but got deleted.
    How can I contact to her.

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    Rakshana an Individual cum Couple.

    Quote Originally Posted by RahulKingKong  [View Original Post]
    She quoted 3 k /2 shots in Facebook but she never fixed the deal. Not sure how real she's.
    She used to advertise before on Loc. With the name Sonia from Mumbai. Then I found her FB profile and upon enquiring found that she can come oly for outcall with her so called hubby or BF who is a gay.

    So dropped the idea within that same time.

    Not having the pic, but she is not a great looker.

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    Any contacts / references in San Jose / Santa Clara.

    Hi all,

    I will be travelling San Jose this monthend and will be there a week. Any good references for mongering over there will be helpful.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Rishadar  [View Original Post]

    Any one tried birds of SP named Joyce? If yes please share your experience. I'm planning visit his birds. Awaiting your experience.

    Thanks in advance.
    Check my SP J FRs. I would honestly avoid. J, Mimi, Rita all part of same group and same collection of cars and operate out of one stinky dirty and unhygienic place. It might also get a visit by a LE some day considering the location it's at. Doesn't seem safe at all. Not worth it in my opinion. Rest it's your call. Just read any Mimi and or one of the SPs mentioned cars FR and you'll know the performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbanA78  [View Original Post]
    Tried the below 2 last week and my experience as below:

    Pronoun spa.

    Nb coupon. Maybe, that's why was not assigned Thai.

    Clean place with attached shower. No latch on doors, but magnetic lock.

    Was assigned a pretty NE, Miss A. Switched off light, came straight to question of extras. Only B2B, happy ending on offer. Quoted 3 K. Was able to nego down to 2 k.

    Decent job, good attitude. Said was tired and sleepy after partying late previous night. Gave her a short massage in return..

    Pronoun MP 1 k max for LOS therapists and you paid 2 k for a NE. This is how things spoil my friend. Please RTFF or ask for inputs before giving away your hard earned damages.

    EOD it's you who's losing and also hiking for others. Let's not make namma city more dry, there isn't any water left here already. HAHA.

    Save water, save environment. Help yourself and others by RTFF.

    Happy Racing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkCoven  [View Original Post]
    This is a month old contact through a friend of mine however I was hesitant as she was very choosy back then. She was quoting 19 K & prefers to meet only at 5 star hotels. She isn't answering my calls since the last few weeks. Has anybody got any reviews about this bird. Is she worth to try? Photos attached for reference.
    For 19 k, her pussy better be made of gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suresh13  [View Original Post]
    Poor guy. Who would break a leg for not giving extras.

    I have in touch with a MP lady from Thailand. Once I have inquired about her salary. To my shock, she said 1 lakh 20 k.

    Imagine how much a MP would earn.

    I think he would have asked his Subscription packages amount back hence they have created a drama. Stay alert don't pay lump-sum amount for packages.
    Its wrong. The salary of the most Thai girls are in between 30 to 40 k. But they will make alsmost 120 k to 150 k as tips by offering extras.



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    Joyce SP.


    Any one tried birds of SP named Joyce? If yes please share your experience. I'm planning visit his birds. Awaiting your experience.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Better don't go the lcnto way.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolerPrab  [View Original Post]

    I'm a newbie to Bangalore. Tried locanto for MP. Got a contact they directed me to place and I went.

    Over the call one guy spoke and redirected to another guy. That arrived and took me their place.

    In call that guy told me the price was 3 k for 4 hrs. As soon as I entered their place they started asking for 5 k. I paid 5 k, then again for Room rent he asked 2 k. There were four guys so can't help it and I paid. Two guys left the room. And now the gal is asking for 2 k extra. I paid her 1 k. Started the deed. Within 30 minutes one pop and they asked me to leave the place.

    I asked them that I have paid what ever they. They started fighting and told its all for one pop only. Was frustrated, no help, lost all my money. Felt very very bad and helpless.

    My worst experience.
    Well, I believe its an art to separate out the genuine providers and not so genuine ones from the ads in lcnto. There are some seniors here who have found good indes from lcnto ads itself, and there are some people who got duped contacting the not so genuine ones. So, If you don't have the proper instincts then better not to venture that way.

    And on top of that, why have you carried 8 k in your pocket when the deal was set to 3 k in the call?

    Never carry more than 2 k than the deal price. Though 2 k itself is more, but can keep it just for any misc charges in case. I would suggest even a lesser amount for that matter. Also, never carry your cards with you. Just carrying a plain old mobile and the deal price plus misc charges should be good. At least that would act as a stop loss for you.

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