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    Good session

    This was a reference from a well known girl in this forum. Good thing is things are genuine. Certain interesting things were claimed about the girl all of which were actually verifiable and pics were also recent ones. Slightly chubby but not a very regular indie I guess and session was hot and natural. I am not sure she will want to meet a lot of people. So if you want to, I will need to first ask either her or the handler. Needless to say, I will do this only for well established seniors and can have discussion over PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter1982  [View Original Post]
    Please share your experience and FR details. Want to make sure I have good time with her.


    She is Swetha Singh, better avoid her. Lot of FRs on her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarBlr  [View Original Post]
    Can anyone share feedback on this girl. She claims to be a model and quoting pretty high. Is she worth the price. Your feedback on her will be highly appreciated.
    Both pics are there in Instagram with a different name, could be fake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinuf666  [View Original Post]
    I do not write FR's but in case anyone looking for fun in E. City try spa inside hotel with name of precious metal & flower near wipro gate. Looks safe, only 2 Thai therapists. FS also possible. Damage was around 4 k tip +2800 spa charges. Looks safe and very cooperative ladies. Rooms / towels are clean with AC and doors. I tried the one called pimi today and she is straight to the job. She does BBJ but has put braces now for my bad luck. Have fun! (this is a new one).

    The other one's name is Jesse. Reception does not give any info just go in and negotiate like any Thai spa. But sureshot.
    It looks like FS is not available here. Tried pi-mi today, I think she is a ladyboy and she insisted on 2 k for HJ and 4.5 k for B2B, so did not go for extras. The massage, room, shower, cleanliness etc are excellent, no steam. I might visit again just for the good massage or try the other Thai and NE.

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    Hospet / Hampi. Any contacts please


    Traveling to Hampi next week. Any MPs or SPs, please let me know.

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    Swetha Singh?

    Isn't she Swetha Singh from Magadi Rd? Dead fish. Avoid her. Check previous FRs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter1982  [View Original Post]
    Please share your experience and FR details. Want to make sure I have good time with her.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Heisen  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I'm new to Bangalore and thought of exploring mongering scene here. I found this girl on tinder and she's asking 5 k, any feedback on her?

    She is fake.

    And also if you can provide any numbers, I'd really appreciate. I'll return the favour for sure in future.
    First rule of mongering no advance booking.

    2nd pay before start work or after work.

    3rd no money lend to inde. If she really want ask her to provide service.

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    Avoid Shreya

    Quote Originally Posted by StarBlr  [View Original Post]
    Completely agree to you. Now a days she is showing lots of attitude. Lets show her our unity and not encourage her till comes back to her senses.
    I don't know how Shreya become famous here, I didn't like her face even one percent moreover so much attitude, guys wake up, stop wasting your money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaiRajesh  [View Original Post]

    I was out of ISG for quite some time. Today luckily found some time to write this.

    In recent time say in two months, tried following places.

    1. Mimi's den in Kmnalli:

    Got few picks through Wapp. Selected a very new girl NE. She does not even have mobile.

    She had very smooth skin, right structure. It was 2 sessions at 6 k.

    2. Spa in M. County:

    There are two therapists. Took massage from one Ms. S. Ambiance is very nice. Good massage with happy ending.

    3. Spa at hotel are:

    Its a new spa; mallu therapist. Smooth skin & beautiful face & body. Good massage with happy ending.

    Other than these, had couple of trip to NCR & Pattaya in last one year.
    I am a regular at number 3. The Mallu ms S is indeed a beautiful one, but the manager ms J is much better. I could crack the code one fine day, since then she does the service to me. Nice and safe place.

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    Shweta Singh

    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter1982  [View Original Post]
    Please share your experience and FR details. Want to make sure I have good time with her.


    She is Shweta Singh, many FR's already here on ISG.

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    Need M&N Contact

    Can any kind soul provide me contact of real M&N. I will be able to reciprocate with a few.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UdayRathod2008  [View Original Post]
    For those interested in Malleswaram. Exclusive classy home bird available. Will meet only through introductions. I am happy to make an introduction if you PM me. I have known her since 7-8 months. Does a 2-3 HR session happily. Damage is 20 k. Exclusive and no tantrums. Will meet only after 9 pm any day to avoid being noticed. Meets only in her apartment. Apartment is quite well furnished. Looks to me that money is a filter to ensure only good and wealthy guys approach her. She will verify at security through her person before letting you into the apartment. Needs a photo before she confirms a meeting. If serious and interested then approach. Very choosy. I have met her thrice in the last few months. All of them on weekdays as crowd in the apartment does not notice you. She likes to have sweet red wine. On the first meeting did not carry anything. After that I carried a bottle of wine each time. The meeting was really fruitful and very exciting. She loves being pussy licked and will engage in all sex tricks. The last time we had dinner and then after an hour had the meeting. Interestingly, she went cow girl on her own. Only down side, she is experienced and around 35+. 38+-30+-36+. Very sexy tits, brown and firm. Milky skin and passionate if you can get her excited. Sustains a long session and can be patient till you pick up. My last encounter was very honeyful. 20 k is a little too less if money was her game, but it seems it is not. All the best.
    I was under the impression that pimping is not allowed on this web site directly or indirectly. Any way, well tried, gods bless you get some clients, read as bakras.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyKimpkin  [View Original Post]
    Took hit on American Man's car yesterday. Pics attached. Again will keep it short.

    Face 85% of pics.

    Boobs huge and adorable.

    Tummy almost no.

    Performance will do everything to please you.

    GFE Yes.

    Tried all positions.

    Came back satisfied.
    What was the damage?

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    ISG members are starving

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarin  [View Original Post]
    Just thought of offering one of my private bird to those who can offer equal quality private bird.

    Please don't share forum wide regular indies as I already have a list of 100+. Please PM me only if you have an equal standard bird for exchange.

    Description of one of my private bird:

    She is not into this full time. Only once in 4 - 6 months.

    She is below 20. White, cute face, perky and firm tits, Clean and pink pussy. Nice shaped fleshy ass.

    She will reject your BJ or DFK requests. (But if you are an expert you may be able to. Remember she is a normal girl and not into this fulltime).

    She loves to get her pussy licked. Its very clean and pink. You can see the real expressions on her and moans.
    I got few contact requests. Few of them offered their "private birds". But I saw all of them are ISG known (but less discussed) or public (locanto ect) known numbers.

    If you are starving, don't rely completely on senior ISGians to feed you all the time. Request you to try hard and find some contacts by yourself.

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    ISG. Guide you to get laid

    Quote Originally Posted by DeshRaj  [View Original Post]

    This forum is for exchange of bird's Indies and WGs, not girl friends. Try adult hub for fun without benefits!
    I thought the ultimate intention is to help us get laid. .

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