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    From patience 20' s diary

    Met old friend patience 20 today who was on a short visit to the town.

    While we drank and discussed where to go, he took me through his photo albums of past victories.

    In the meanwhile, petite lover kept tempting us to visit his haunt where he was fucking this hot petite stuff called kashish in missionary with her heels on (really? Sounds sexy and worth repeating).

    We Couldn't go as we were drunk but still can't stop myself from sharing these stunning pics shared by patience 20 once again without asking his permission.

    Long live buddy, you are the man.

    May this chick keep sucking you all her life for free.
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    PM subscription

    Quote Originally Posted by Passionatemum  [View Original Post]
    Hi Ramesh,

    Can I have this contact. I can exchange one at at.
    You need to get PM activated, otherwise you cannot exchange contact.

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    First one

    The first one used to be in Bangalore.


    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    Are these escort real or fake pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    Are these escort real or fake pic.
    As far as I remember, IamRamesh86 posted the picture of the first gal in Bangalore forum, but I doubt he went ahead cause he head to Bangkok. I am not too sure about it, please check yourself.



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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    This is the kashish that works in NL.
    Quote Originally Posted by HornyBoyForU  [View Original Post]
    She looks finee. Seems like have to try NL now. Any updates on the action on NL and do they entertain new faces? Would love to visit.
    Exactly I was going to say that, girls in NL look this nice?? Then it is worth trying!! I was worried about the how safe is it to be there? But this girl looks hot. Not bad at all. Only if one can rest assure about the health safety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    Are these escort real or fake pic.
    I have seen the second photo here before.

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    Girl friendly hotel

    Can anyone please advice if the Hyatt hotel in Santacruz is girl friendly or not.

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    He operates from Bandra buddy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnnny  [View Original Post]
    Kindly mention the area of this sp.

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    Hi Ramesh,

    Can I have this contact. I can exchange one at at.

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    2 b2 f from the hospital side. SP. Prem, Kancha.

    Quote Originally Posted by MA2000  [View Original Post]
    Just became paid member and activated my PM.

    She looks hot which place in NL and I believe there are four.

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    Hi Rohit,

    Any update here on the same since I am also planning to try her.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rohitbehel404  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys!

    Any reports or experiences on a girl who calls herself Radhika?

    I guess she's from Navi Mumbai.

    Her last digits are 85.

    Any help will be appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Are these escort real or fake pic.
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    MPs in Andheri west


    Has any gone to the MP in fun republic lane? How is it? Any idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyBoyForU  [View Original Post]
    It had been a while since I had visited any Indi, SP or WG due to my cruel work timings. So had to satisfy myself with Spa's. But today my old Sp kept on pestering me to visit his new place, so asked him to send me some snaps, all were typical NL stuff but one caught my eye. So told him I'll be there by 1. 00 a. M. Planned to have a couple of drinks with a friend and after finishing reached the place and called him, he was more than happy seeing me as if he found some lost relative. LOL. Anyways had been to the place before when another SP used to operate who got busted a while ago. As soon as I entered I saw the girl who I was to take going with someone else. Felt like kicking myself for not informing the SP prior. Anyways he showed me the lineup of 4 girls, and all of them were from Entire INDIA I. E one from Chennai, one from Kolkata, one from Delhi and one local. Congratulated the SP on his progress (he used to operate from a small saloon type place with cheap WG and the place which had 4 x 4 rooms and now he's moved into a flat with 4 rooms with a pretty decent collection. Chose the one from Kolkata with bazookas, I'm no expert but they surely were bigger than size 38. Mr. Johnie Walker (Black to be precise) took over as I'm a huge sucker for bazookas. She looked pretty ok too. But was a little more fat than I usually like but I couldn't keep my eyes of her cleavage. So bargained with the SP with whatever saneness I had and paid him and locked the room. She pounced on me from the moment I shut the door. A good amount of foreplay boob sucking, fingering, kissing she din't let me DFK, stating she doesn't like the alcohol smell. She went down on jhonny to give an OK BJ, I just couldn't wait any longer put on the condi and started doggy. I would have preferred WOT but her size made me think twice. After banging her till me knees and thighs gave up in doggy switched over to missionary. A good amount of time in missi and there came the tsunami which was inside of me for 4 months. Trust me guys Spa extras are good but pussy release are ecstatic. Anyways I was totally satisfied. Gave her a tip and moved out. Bid goodbye to the SP promising to return again soon. I've asked him to arrange CIS or Iranian if he can. Lets see. If any grammatical errors then please excuse. Its Mr. Walker typing.

    Looks - 6/10.

    Boobs - 9/10 (Would have given a perfect 10 had they not been saggy).

    Pussy - 5/10 (Too loose for my comfort).

    Attitude - 9/10.

    WIR. Yes for SP & No for girl.

    Damage - 3. 5 k + 0. 1 k Condi Boy + 0. 2 k Tip = 3. 8 k.

    Satisfaction - 10/10.
    Kindly mention the area of this sp.

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    Quite interesting, let me find out

    I stay around, let me check it out for you. Would you mind PM me name of the place? Would visit and chk. There are couple of bars around same lane and friendly. Being nearer to airport may be helping their business.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaGentleman  [View Original Post]
    There is a small discreet lodge on mahakali caves road close to the new Mcdonalds outlet. Not easily noticed since there is a vehicle that is parked outside it most of the time. One night noticed a chic quickly getting out of an indica and rushing in. She was ushered in by a guy who quickly opened the door and closed it as quickly once the girl was taken in. The indica sped off. Thought there was something interesting and called them up the next day. Asked for hourly rate and was obviously told there was a daily rate and pretended all was clean. Haven't gathered the courage to just walk in as its a known locality. Saw a similar pattern twice therafter where a chic rushed in, in the middle of the night.

    Neone has a clue about this place? Seems to be very interesting as the quality of the chic on each occasion was about 7/10 for sure.

    Rockyinstinct, I understand you know andheri well, any clue?

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