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    Girl in Pic

    Quote Originally Posted by HotBoy347  [View Original Post]

    Wanted to know if anyone has tried the girl in the attached pic. How do you rate her services and what are her charges? Also, can anybody suggest a safe girl friendly hotel in Andheri east or west?

    Hey Friend. Never tried her. She quoted 15 k. The I said 10 K for night and she said 10 k for 2 hrs. She said she is 24.

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    She is in Mumbai only. But as mentioned by someone in this post, due to inauguration of HKD Hospi and heavy LE presence in that area, all these females may not be available for next 2-3 days, + Diwali.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManInIndia  [View Original Post]
    Is Anita away?

    I am not able to reach her on phone.

    Wishing all the friends here a very Happy Diwali.

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    How is that possible!

    Quote Originally Posted by SaintAnger86  [View Original Post]
    I heard strange noises, girl's moan and minor screams from the next cabin while I just lay down for my massage. Could figure out what was going on. The girl kept giggling on and on.

    Then the guy went for shower and returned. I heard him thank his masseuse. Masseuse asks, " would you like to drink water"? Guy says, "I will drink whatever you offer". Girl giggles again. All happening in open.

    Meanwhile the guy talks to other girl. Asks her name and where she was from.

    Guy left telling the girls, "My name is Sheldon and I will be back".

    Now Sir, was that you in Bandra on Saturday evening or someone impersonate you.

    Whoever it may be, I now know how that charm works. If it was you, you are a good writer and way better orator bro.

    Cheers man.
    Ha ha ha. I can't believe this, Saint.

    So we were in adjacent partitions at the same spa and at the same time. I was tipsy that early evening which resulted in a Spa visit.

    Of course being high on beer makes you oblivious to surroundings and one tends to speak louder than usual (makes other people privy to your banter with therapist).

    By the way, I feel it's a decent spa and I was chatting with a pretty therapist on my way out. Asked her name and going to try her next. Considering this is a cost effective spa with extras, I will write an FR soon and enlighten the brothers here.

    P.S. Next time you hear my gibberish at some Spa, give me a shout. Brothers will head for a drink.



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    JW Marriott

    Hi guys,

    I'm at the JW Marriott next 2 night in Mumbai. Anyone knows a place near bye or a phone NB.


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    How about her rates?

    Quote Originally Posted by BatWings  [View Original Post]
    Yeah. I have met her but at least 4 years back. Her name is Sonya. She is friendly and a decent performer.

    She is 30 plus and a bit on the flabby side. SO if you don't mind that you could give her a.


    Hi Bat Wings,

    Thanks for your response. What about her rates and for how many pops / sessions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by OnTheWings  [View Original Post]
    Well said, mate. Am little bit scared that "the bitter happenings at Mangalore" pubs (orchestreated by some Hinduvta group) should not creep into Mumbai and make us feel that RPP & Doble were better than the present power centers. Not sure how far we have to tolerate all these things.
    It is always ironic in India. Politicians are such hypocrites that they always act the opposite to their ideology. Remember the same combination (which we all presume will form the government now) was in power 15 years ago and it was the golden age of night life in Mumbai (dance bars etc). So we can hope for the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinShah718  [View Original Post]
    Guys, The famous NE at the offshoot of are-Spa seems to have left. Any idea about her whereabouts? She used to give one hell of a ride during the massage, and I sincerely miss her. Cheers
    I thought all NEs at the spas in Chembur never gave any extras (thought their massage skills are great). So who was this? (even though she is gone).

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    A Spa Band

    Hi all,

    As I have thought to share a few of my Reports after following this group from long time now. 1st FR which I wish to speak about is My visit to this chain of Thai spa in all over Mumbai, I visited Bandra.

    I took Swedish massage for 1 hour and was informed of the charges of 2. 7 k which I already knew as I had been to there other branches, but what followed next was no English word, adjectives or something which we have learned in school can describe.

    Once I entered the passage I was shown the cabin where there was this Thai style bed with curtains and asked to change in disposables with a very soft but serious tone by my NE therapist. I changed, she asked me before she entered and I asked her to come in, I was all ready for a good massage as I was very tired after long week and had a bad day.

    She started with legs and give some real long strokes up till my bum through my crack and I thought alright I might just get lucky today, and got some real good bum massage, but what followed was something amazing, after I turned and when she started to massage my legs and lower body she was actually touching my balls while massage and not reacting or not asking for any extras. And I gave her some hints but she was blank. Later when she started massaging my upper body she actually tucked the towel from my lower abdomen under my all ready for action hot rod and started teasing me more for next ten minutes. And man I just wanted to explode. Have never got teased so much that even 1 stroke with that warm hands would have given out a burst.

    So I finally asked her directly to give me a HJ and she refused and still continued with her teasing. Which I was really enjoying. After which she gave me a head massage and in between stroked her hands from my head, to shoulder to chest to stomach to lower abdomen area and while doing that her boobs where like just 1/2 inch away from my face and I was going burst with that teasing act. And exactly that's when she stopped and asked me to go to the shower.

    Let me tell you this I have never ever experienced anything like this ever. I have travelled to lot of place around the world from China, Thailand, Sing, Germany, Turkey, UK but this was something I look up to and have gone for this again and again.

    Damage 2.7 k counter.

    I wished to pay Extra to the Therapist but she didn't agreed.

    Finally while leaving tipped her 0.2

    I wish to know if any fellow member have tried her, her name is So2 its a mathematical term. Then please let me know if they have every got any extras from her.

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    How about SP

    May be at least you could share SP details.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrojanHorse007  [View Original Post]
    It was 2 am at night, when Johnny suddenly got up and demanded action. As it was too late contacted regular SP's but no one responded. So thought would venture out by myself, as I knew some places to find out hot meat. I posted a FR about Bang bang in Juhu, so thought would try out the same thing had crossed my fingers to get lucky again. As usual, approached Juhu Tara Road, crossed the Mithibai College signal. I know, I would find some standing on the streets but they usually are not preferred as the chances of contracting STD are more, so I thought would move ahead. Took a left from JALSA and crossed JW Marriott and landed up straight opposite Ramada Hotel. I saw some auto guys standing and inquired for some nice fun with good experience. One auto guy took me to Khar. It was a spa very well disguised, and all the action was very well there. This place is just opposite to the lane Opposite to a hotel named Mini Punjab. It was dark so it was the first right before mini Punjab once you enter from link road. The auto called a number and a SP came out from a dark place. He asked details just to cross check. I tipped the auto guy 100 bucks. I made the auto guy wait, in case if I don't like the lot, then would ask him to show me something new anywhere else.

    The SP showed me 3 girls, as it was midnight so he was out of stock. Chose a North Indian girl named Divya out of the three and was taken to a nice room, with good Bed and AC. The SP came in and settled for a price of 3.5 k. I quoted 2.5 K, and the deal was closed at 3 k with room. The SP left and Johnny was damn excited to have fun.

    So it goes this way.

    Started with a nice chat with the girl. And made her comfortable. Sat next to her and slowly started with the fun. Started kissing her all over the body. Planted a nice.

    DFK which lasted for good 10 minutes. She started feeling a bit uncomfortable so made a lie on her back and and started stripping her off her clothes. It was uneasy for me for which she obliged and started taking it off. I too started taking off my clothes. I interrupted her in between and requested her not to remove the lingerie, as I wanted to remove it by myself. It turns me on to bite and remove the lingerie by my teeth slowly. Got over her red lingerie and those tits blasted out. Such huge tits, I sucked them for good 15 minutes. She started moaning, while sucking started fingering her pussy. She was wet in 10 minutes, and urged me get in, but I was in no mood to cum so soon, as I wanted to enjoy foreplay. I enjoyed every part of the body and lick every inch of it.

    I sucked her tits, and she was urging me again, I turned her and started pressing her tits by one hand and fingering by the another. She was moaning, and enjoying. She whispered in my ears that she never had such experience ever. This statement from hers really turned me on, and I though it right time to go in. She picked up the condom beside the pillow, put in on my Johnny, and made me ride her. Rode her for good 15 minutes and then blasted inside. Made the Johnny stay inside her pussy in spite of the loading, and made sure that every drop was utilized. Then slowly removed my johnny out and started sucking her tits again. Was exhausted completely but johnny was in mood of 2 rounds more.

    Second round-.

    She took me inside the bathroom and cleaned herself and me. Nice shower at midnight with hot water, while cleaning me, I hold her tightly and started with DFK.

    Grabbed her tits and started fingering again. Done with nice shower and wiped each other. Picked her up and made her lie down on bed, started with doggie. She insisted on a cowboy. So a obliged. She rode me for good 15 minutes which really didn't help to load my Johnny for the second time. The grabbed her tits and slammed her on bed again and started with MISH. Johnny was tight like a hot iron rod which wanted to reach the core pussy, banged her and she was moaning to leave her as it was really paining, but at the same time she was enjoying too. After a good minutes blasted inside as I had raised the energy to the maximum.

    I was in no mood for the 3rd Round, but she insisted on it as she claimed that she never met someone who had penetrated inside her so immensely.

    So again 3 round the same as second.

    After doing with 3 Road round just collapsed on the bed, and was lying next to her for good 30 minutes totally exhausted. I had my hands on those tits while lying down. After good 30 minutes she asked me that it was time for me to leave. I obliged and wore my clothes. I tipped her 0.5 K for her service. Total awesome experience.

    Total Damages= 3.6 K.

    3 - to the SP.

    0.5 K. To the babe.

    0.1 K for the auto guy.

    Overall exp-

    Looks- 7/10

    Tits- 9/10

    Figure- 7/10

    Exp- 10/10

    Will visit her again (please don't ask for reference as the babe has strictly told not to share with anyone else).

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    Happy Diwali

    To all my Bros here.

    Wish you all happy Diwali.

    May this festival of lights bless you with many chicks who are like crackers with you in your bed. LOL.

    Happy Diwali and happy mongering.


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    Sorry for late response

    Quote Originally Posted by Jstlookin  [View Original Post]
    Point 6 - your budget actually is as reasonable as any. It doesn't need hassling at all because other seniors here get it at 50% of the price you pay.

    Point 2 - this is your flaw, never state your budget, keep probing the SP. Once HE names a price, take 25% of it off as a starting point for further negotiations. If you pull it down 50%, HE might actually insult you. : the. Be firm, don't beg. Say that you know what you can get for that price else where. Don't discuss your finances with SP. No crap that I have low budget etc etc. "this is what I want, this is what you asked and this is what I will pay. Take it or leave it" usually works for me.

    I usually start of by clearly stating what I require and ensure that all conditions are well understood. Then I ask for the price and do the above. The SPs I have encountered are bloody good, I trust them no problem. Haven't had any issues in paying upfront or going to the hotel they chose.

    Hi Rigs bro,

    I just missed your reply and suggestions on my query. Today while going through the site, I read it. I am very sorry for late response bro.

    Anyways, thanks for the guidance and the points well taken. It will certainly help me in my negotiations.

    Hope all is well with you. I understand you are not in Mumbai for long.

    Play Safe. Happy Mongering and Happy Diwali.


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    I am starting post with finally doesn't mean that I have finally got a fuck which I was searching for. Its actually for finally I got my Pm Activated, I think I am following this forum since long long time now.

    Have got a lot of info from you guys and also would share a few now. But guys being in Mumbai haven't got in indi as yet and I am looking for 1 now. Seriously speaking I am very very bored of NL stuff now.

    Wish to try something new. Will surely give you back something contact as soon as I get any, genuine help from some seniors or people from the forum will be appreciated with some Diwali dhamaka.



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    What are NL and CH places?

    Can someone please PM me and tell me where is NL and CH. Read a lot of good stuff about it but can't find info on where they are located. Need to visit tonight or tomorrow. Kindly PM me soon. Really appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiziBoy2012  [View Original Post]
    Was in the central suburbs since the morning and had a window of opportunity in the early evng, so called up a sp whose ref was provided by a close friend. Spoke to her and fixed up. She sent over sm pics and chose 1 who was most appealing. The sp arranged for the place but she sounded quite apprehensive, she could not figure out if she should let me use her provided place. Finally asked the friend to intervene. And the matter was duly settled.

    Made it to her place at 6 pm and got introduced to the sp and the gal who I chose (she was already in the apt). Not exactly what I would have wanted in a place but had no other option at that time. So went ahead and paid the sp the agreed amount and headed into the room.

    The gal was decent to talk to. Got comfortable with small talk and asked her to relax. After some time she initiated dfk and started stripping. She had nice slim figure with 32 cups and overall a clean shaven pussy and no body odour. Started caressing me all over and took good care of johnny. Good sucker.

    Explored her curves and crevices and started sucking on her tits and at the same time fingered her to her climax. She gasped when my fingers explored her clitoris.

    After a few minutes she started to suck on johnny and johnny was ready for action. Put on the cover and asked her to ride. Then shifted to miss and finally finished in doggy..
    Hey buddy,

    Would appreciate if you would PM me the number of this Indie.

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    Yeah. I have met her but at least 4 years back. Her name is Sonya. She is friendly and a decent performer.

    She is 30 plus and a bit on the flabby side. SO if you don't mind that you could give her a.



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