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    The Controversy

    I have been following this recent controversy regarding alleged promoting of certain indies by Raj. What I have noticed is irrespective of whether the allegations are true or not, suddenly the demand for these indies has skyrocketed. If you notice there are many requests for contacts of these girls on the forum. People are now running away from Raj and towards JD for these contacts. I think these girls are smart enough to sense the sudden increased interest of mongers in them. Will it help in reducing the costs? There will always be desperate mongers (mostly newbies) who don't mind paying higher rates for easy contacts.

    JD has certainly raised some valid points but I think it is always a fact that when demand increases these girls sense the opportunity to make some extra bucks. So can we blame someone who is sharing these contacts for the rise in prices? I met Niharika much before Raj. She used to operate by another name (Nandini) and she used to charged me 4 K for 2 pops and 8 K for LT (night) but when she started asking more I stopped contacting her and have never met her afterwards.

    So in the end it all boils down to what each individual's perception about the right price is. I have also received contacts from Raj and he has always told me that the girl is charging X-amount but I can negotiate. And I have negotiated every time and have availed their services only when I thought the the price is right else at times I have refused. We must accept the fact that like every other commodities prices, mongering prices are also governed by the principle of demand and supply. But in a market where demand is far greater than supply prices are bound to go upwards. Unlike in places like Thailand where supply is far greater, the prices tend to be lower. One of the reasons why I prefer to visit Bangkok or Pattaya where true VFM is assured.

    Just my two cents on the topic based on my 25+ years of mongering experience.

    Cheers. MG.

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    Bengali HW M*a is arriving on 19 Jun. Any one interested please call her. 09830893219. She is oral queen. Reffer --my name rocker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RokSon  [View Original Post]
    Decided to visit the you Spa at Juhu on a Saturday.

    Small place with a small reception with small Thais seated on sofas.

    Went confidently and asked for 1 hour with a good therapist. Was guided through a door.

    Into a passage with open cabins divided by hardwood partitions and curtains.

    Pretty cramped place. Had to remove my shows before climbing onto edge to edge bed.

    One needs to strip and hang clothes somewhere on hooks in the dark room.

    Changed into uniform (Jail Top and Pajama bottom).

    The Therapist arrived. Acute medium endowed babe. Name "kiki" sort of.

    Begin the massage and I got down to working out a deal within 10 min.

    Thais don't understand English very easily and long questions confuse them.

    So keep questions simple.

    Asked for What is available in extras?

    She said what do you want.

    I said everything. A full meal.

    After haggling. Decided on 2 K for TL and hands in and HJ.

    Got my hands into her bra but it was too tight. Tried putting into her panties.

    Again too tight. She obliged by removing top. Wow.

    Got sucking and tried to pull her over.

    She said noooo. Quiet someone will come.

    What Shit. It is all open anyways.

    Well she managed to get Johny to blow the in spurts.

    She quickly wiped everything clean.

    I was relaxed and satisfied.

    She moves out of cabin and I quickly dress and head to a single.

    Washroom to clean up Johny.

    Price: 2. 5 K for Massage. I asked them why so much. They said Sat is peak time + 2 K for Extras.

    Therapist: 8/10.

    Body: 7/10.

    Boobs: 8/10.

    Attiutude: Cute 7/10.



    Have visited again and got a success rate again.

    Advisable for newbies to test the grounds at this place before upgrading to other Spas.

    Thanks to some reviews by other members, I went checking out this place.
    Nice FR.

    Seems the name has M instead of K. Anyways. She is good at extras. Repeat her couple of times and you can get DFK and BJ for 2 k. That's my rate with her.

    Their Santacruz branch has full rooms but therapists are OK. Haven't gone beyond DFK and HJ there.

    Ironman and Bandra branches are worst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    Its not economics. Its idiots like you who drive the price up.
    Agree with you.

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    Building trust episode 1

    Today was my 6th visit to a new NE, she was smiling from the 1st moment of massage and the girl was having runny nose, I also having the cough and runny nose what a coincident, so she laughed loudly she said that my viral have capture to you also, giggled, bought a necklace for her, she open the gift and she liked it which I bought from Maldives, she asked about my tour as well as telling me to take care of myself, I guessed and told that you must have drunk the chilled water, she laughed and said yes and she didn't care for last 2 days, so started running nose, told her the consequences as it will go to the brain if you didn't care, moment she became serious, she said what should I do? I told that to have a general home made medicine to have with one tablet, she blushed and said will have, massage was more erotic with plenty of touching towards Johnny, felt her worm ass on my leg while massaging, told her about my adventure in the Maldives not boom boom one but scuba diving etc, show her my pics, today her hands are more erotic, during front massage, she changed her style of the massage, she just came in a cowgirl style seating near to Johnny and started doing the massage on chest, Johnny felt about her touching lasted for 10 minutes, moments, aha, seeing a eroticness in her eyes, this fellow was seeing her but waitING for a right action, told her that don't give the head massage as it was already late, she agreed and said thanks to me, touch her leg which was too cold, said you are too cold but she said you are so hot, hahaha, asked whether she liked the novel, she said that her friend have got to read, after completion she will read again, during travelling got a watsapp message from unknown number, but in the pic she was her, finally chat for few minutes and said as I will be going to Delhi so packing is going on, the hot receptionist of the one spa ehich I have mention in the previous post called for my well being and to have the dinner for her birthday which is in next month, said will adjust for you, Building a trust, need a time, Hard to cracking this tough nut, many observation till date about her, slowly will accomplished.


    Rahul S

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    Need help: Tina


    Please share your exp with Tina number ends with 161. Charges 5 k one pop with place near Thane.

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    Hi guys.

    Firstly (like the famous raj says) JD you are the man, you know how to respect a man's hard earned money, and how to maintain relation with a monger.

    Secondly for those guys who think it is ok with someone pimping on this platform, so that a newbie can get contacts, guys there are some websites locanto, craigslist, sexyescortads, backpage etc. Try these, because ISG is not where you do pimping. We all were new at some point of time but we were trying to find friends for help on ISG, never needed agents.

    Thirdly raj is a very nice man but for those wgs who he wants to leave this business and join a NGO or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyLibran  [View Original Post]

    Thanks a ton for the reply man.
    Forgot to mention that there is no operational service bar / silence bar in Mumbai area. You will find Pickup / disco bars after crossing the Dahisar Checknaka area and beyond there are just very few of them even they are dying out.

    In Mumbai area up to Dahisar all bars are just Orchestra Bars / Dance bars as far as I know.

    About Navi Mumbai / Panvel area I have no clue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterPatros  [View Original Post]
    Simple economics. Demand drives prices up.

    Whatever people have to say about Raj, he really shares contacts and expects nothing in return.
    Its not economics. Its idiots like you who drive the price up.

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    Have not been to the Andheri MIDC MP named after ancient Indian scriptures for a few months. Have tried Shilpa and Shalaka before but didn't like anybody else earlier, going by looks.

    Is there anyone who is recommended.

    Also in BMover spa in Chembur, any specific recons. I generally like slim girls.

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    Be cautious

    Many people had bad experience with Diana. Search for Diana you will find it. So be cautious especially for advance payment. Do inform of your experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity01  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    Joined this forum today.

    Got in touch with an SP through an email, it sounds like Diana.

    He has got some good stunners. Have fix up an appointment for Tomo afternoon.

    Any review / feedback from senior members would be appreciated.

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    Simple economics. Demand drives prices up.

    Whatever people have to say about Raj, he really shares contacts and expects nothing in return.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldentouch80  [View Original Post]
    Hey JD,

    I am following your posts since quite some days. I really appreciate how openly you are putting your views across and somewhere I see a lot of facts in your posts. I don't really have anything to say about raj because after trying to monger in India after so many years and deciding to ONLY go for indies and that too only at my place I had not much hope left for scoring. But he was always very forthcoming on the forum and so I had written to him and he shared this contact with me once he was satisfied that I am not fooling around.

    I pai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orgasmer  [View Original Post]
    It looks like you have lots of inventory. Please share some numbers if you can. I am need. And your inbox is full Mr. Joshua Dsouza. Please share!
    Sorry I can't give number as raj has told all girls from his collection not to talk to seniors or their references.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dibsk  [View Original Post]
    Got this contact from a fellow monger from a diff forum. She asked 7 K for an hour and 10 k for 2 hrs. Anybody have any idea about her? Number ends with 981.
    Seems yummy reciprocate with me too.


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    I was in touch with this SP when in Mumbai. Some nexus called Hitler escorts. Pics are fake, the girl they sent was very different to the one I chose. Sent her packing with taxi fare of thousand bucks. She was a nice girl and asked me never to waste time with this SP ever again. Strictly avoid.



    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity01  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    Joined this forum today.

    Got in touch with an SP through an email, it sounds like Diana.

    He has got some good stunners. Have fix up an appointment for Tomo afternoon.

    Any review / feedback from senior members would be appreciated.

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