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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Quote Originally Posted by HumptyDumpty1  [View Original Post]
    Had this girl in Chennai from an SP. But she operates in Mumbai. She had the most amazing ass ever. Give it a spanking on Christmas and it won't stop jiggling till new years. Had her twice here in Chennai.

    She said she is available on the side in Mumbai.
    Hey Bro,

    Your PM is not active. Can you please share her number along with the reference. Let me know if you need contacts for Pune.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyBoyForU  [View Original Post]
    Any recommendations for a good bum massage along with nice extras in the south Mumbai. Andheri belt? Help would be much appreciated.
    Just got a PM from a monger stating the erp country spa at freedom fighter lane gives the same. Can't confirm though.

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    Visiting Kamathipura

    Mumbai Bros,

    I am planning to visit the Kamathipura aka RedStreet by the mid of this month. I am not from Mumbai and not so fluent in Hindi. Though I have done some homework and have my maps ready, I have no idea about this place in reality. Could any of you please guide me with this?

    A) Kamathipura has 14 - 15 lanes. Though there were brothels in all these lanes, I read in some article that now all the activities are mainly focused on lane 11. I have also read that some activities takes place in other lanes too. Since it is a mixed report, made me confused. Is there any particular lanes were the activities happen?

    B) Is there any particular building where I can find good girls? Like the building names in Sonagachi in Kolkata? Also how can I identify these buildings (apart from asking the locals, any pointers)?

    C) Is the street walkers safe to approach at Kamathipura? I have read in articles that customers were looted. I am not sure if it is brothels or the street walkers that are better to trust. Any suggestions?

    D) Rate and Time. What is the standard rate there and also which is the best time to visit this place?

    E) LE activities. Do we need to worry about the LEs at this place?

    F) Dance bars. Is there any dance bars where I can find activities near to Kamathipura?

    G) Any other suggestions?

    I realize that it may be dangerous and might not be safe. But visiting this place had been one of my fantasy, So wanted to give it a shot. Looking forward for your suggestions.

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    Ashika Andheri weet

    Hi guys,

    Came into contact with indie Ashika from Andheri number ends 558. Asking for 11,000 2 hours. Any idea about her?

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    How reliable are these ads?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rajarao  [View Original Post]
    Last week I received a msg from cpl in Locanto, their numbr ends with 000244. Any FR?

    Another msg from a 32 year old lady called Linda, her number ends with 9193.

    Please give feedback.

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    Last week I received a msg from cpl in Locanto, their numbr ends with 000244. Any FR?

    Another msg from a 32 year old lady called Linda, her number ends with 9193.

    Please give feedback.

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    Foreign girls on Tinder

    I have right swiped on about hundred foreign gals and haven't matched with a single one. What gives? I have a genuine pic and subtle hints for hook-up. Any pointers to attract them to right swipe me?

    Quote Originally Posted by CouchPotato1  [View Original Post]
    First time posting here. Senior member on WSG. Took advice of others on this thread and went to Z Spa expecting. Well, something. Was disappointed with the therapist I got. Name was B. Do not ever take her. I spoke with the receptionist and other therapists and they told me she is "conservative" and that I should have taken another therapist. Offered me a free session to make up for it as B not only gave attitude instead of service, she insulted me constantly. Anyway, now I know better. Back to M&S for me.

    By the way, side note. I have discovered that tinder works amazingly well in Mumbai and Delhi if you swipe on foreign girls who are flight attendants. They are always up to some fun! 3 romps in the last 2 weeks! Happy hunting!

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    Pooja on Tinder

    I too found her on Tinder. She refused to share digits but told me to like her page on FB and keep in touch that way!

    She changes her surname frequently so you may not find her as Pooja Patel.

    Seems operates out of M road. Haven't got down to negotiation bed. Err, table with here yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    How did you find her on tinder because I can't even find the search option.

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    Santacruz / Kalina

    Hello brothers,

    Any contact / pointers to Santacruz and Kalina area will be highly appreciated. I frequent these areas and get some free time so want to explore fun locations.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    Bro look at the houses in the background they don't look Indian type houses I think its a fake.
    Even budget so was asking was 10 k for 1 HR.

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    Hello brothers,

    Anyone has tried Rinki number ending with 408? Have decided for 7 K for ST with her. In call. But, want to know review and if any one has any experience with her. Said she is from the area famous for Bhelpuri and works in glam industry, which may or may not be true, but who cares?

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    Is her number ending with 136?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rajukado  [View Original Post]
    Contacted dark Ria on sea.

    Asked to come at thane.

    One more MILF was their.

    Taken both together.

    Awesome body licking by two beauty black and white.

    Enjoyed DFK DATY. Her friend has tight pussy.

    It was a memorable experience playing with four boobs was amazing.

    Complete the deed in wot.

    Paid 3 k and came back fully satisfied.

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    Hello brothers,

    Any one has tried Rinki digits ending with 408? Claims to be from area famous for Bhelpuri. Have agreed for 7 k for ST. Want to check if anyone has any experience with her. Any info will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. 55+ old lady with drooping boobs and wrinkled face. Rest upto you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tan127  [View Original Post]

    Anybody tried miss an from Chembur, MILF 40 size? number ending 636?

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    Never Try

    Quote Originally Posted by SamKhan  [View Original Post]

    Recently I was in Mumbai and tested a few Indies. I will write down the detailed FR in my next post. BTW, when I was going to CST from Crawford market side I saw 7-9 girls and bhabhi. One girl gesture me when I look at her and said chaloge kiyaa. I denied since I have to catch my train. Babhi type girl is a MILF. Some girls were tall and fair in look. Some were ugly looking. I also saw one Nepali girl. Though these were road side girls but at first instance by looking at them I think that they could easily fetch higher marks than of many Indies.

    But as far as service and rate is concerned I do not have any idea as I did not tried them.

    If any Mumbai brother who is residing in Mumbai and tested those beauties who stand in the bylanes of CST may throw more light. When I saw them it was about 10 pm. They may be available since 8-9 pm as I guess.

    Never ever try such girls as there is a risk of STD, getting looted or a tie up with LE, have come to know of they taking you to a ATM and forcefully withdraw money, so its a NO NO.

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