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    Been hunting this bird for quite some time. If any bros can provide leads and / or digits and ref will be highly appreciated. And favor will be returned.


    Happy mongering.
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    A bad and a good experience

    Since the itch to monger was lingering after the bad experience with the 2 indies, decided to touch an old sp and ask for new birds. She suggested this bird in the black dress. Praised her sky high and I was fooled into taking up the offer at face value.

    Confirmed her availability and proceeded to the sp's place.

    The girl was along expected lines as I was expecting 50% of the pic. So delivery was as per my estimate. She gave me smile to start with and I was quite happy with the attitude. Got into our birthday suits, no DFK, and I was surprised that she just refused to give a BBBJ and said that she would do so in the 2nd pop. Did not argue and went along and finished in doggy.

    Cleaned up and called the sp. Told her in clear terms that I will not pay the full amount as agreed previously and would pay only 50% as I am availing only 1 pop and am not interested in the 2nd pop. Haggled with the sp and settled at a figure and paid up and left.

    Had some refreshments and a bit of loitering later called a friend and explained the predicament, he suggested to take up this MILF as she was his regular and no hassles of service. Everything except anal on menu.

    Since I was dissatisfied took up the offer and he set me up accordingly. The place was not really far from my current position.

    Reached her place and was greeted with a warm hug and a charming smile.

    Proceeded into the bedroom and she first invited me to shower with her, fooled around in the shower and then she gave me a good BBBJ. Could not control my load and shooted on her hooters. Cleaned up and made small talk with her as she sat drinking breezer. Then she went and made me a cup of coffee as I am a teetotaler. After nearly an hour started the 2nd round and again her BBBJ was awesome. Went for rcg and finally pounded her in doggy. Blew the load in the cover and cleaned up. Paid her exactly as my friend had asked to do so. She did not count the money as she folded and kept it under the pillow.

    Finally was able to get a good experience after a few disappoinments.

    Will not rate the girl in the black dress. Paid the sp 4 k all inclusive and left disappointed.

    Paid the MILF (in black net / shining front) 5 k + 1 k for acco.
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    Sp V Mira road

    Chicks look good.

    3-3. 5 k looks a good compensation.

    Needless to say you must now be finding urself in the midst of Inbox overload LOL.

    In case your sharing do PM me the number / reference: the.



    Quote Originally Posted by BiziBoy2012  [View Original Post]
    Sp v from mira road, quotes ridiculous prices 6 k a pop. Bargain hard.

    Looks like not worth even 3 k a pop.


    Happy mongering.

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    Did you get contact nos of her

    Can anyone shed some light on contact details / pricing details of the lady attached?

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    Sp v from mira road, quotes ridiculous prices 6 k a pop. Bargain hard.

    Looks like not worth even 3 k a pop.


    Happy mongering.
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    This is an experience a few weeks old.

    Got the digits of the indie in the red top. Looks wise milfy but service was highly recommended by a compadre. Was in the western nether regions of Mumbai, so thought why not give it a try. Called up and fixed the appointment on a weekday afternoon.

    Sometime later she called back asking if her friend also can accompany her to the show, told her voyeurs not welcome. Only if she joins then will allow her to stay in the room. She consented to a pop each and was informed that they like to play with each other as well.

    Made the move and invited her as well. Reached on time and as usual with inidies, a bit late. Place was arranged by them as well. Both of them came in and were exactly like pics.

    Chit chatted for a bit and action started. Asked both of them to give a BBBJ, and it was a very mediocre experience. No skills so as to speak of. Toothy BBBJ from the girl in the white dress, explored down under and found some hair, not to my liking so put on the cover and banged her in missionary as she was not open to any other positions. Came in the cover and got cleaned up. After some time asked them to play with other, they did it half heartedly so asked the other 1 to step aside to enable me to play. Found the 1 in the red top a bit horny so she gave me an average BBBJ, she was in a hurry to finish off. Again explored down under and was unshaved. Turned me off totally and lost my mood to penetrate. Made her suck me off and cleaned up and left from there.


    BBBJ 2/10 for both.

    Looks 4/10.

    Service 2/10.

    WIR never.

    Damages-- fixed for 6 k for both but ended up paying 4 k + . 5 k for acco.

    Gave the girl in the red top a piece of my mind and told her will never refer anybody to her.


    Happy mongering.
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    Sara from Okupid


    Got this girl from Okupid number ending with 1103.

    Tried to chat with her with an Hi and her reply pops out.

    Hi my name is Sara and m a high class call girl.

    2 hrs 8000.

    4 hrs 12000.

    Full night 15000.

    You have to transfer 50% advance in my pay or air tel money acct to book me and remaining 50% while we meet if agree then reply else leave.

    Sounded fraud so asked for her pic and she sends me the below ones. Dunno whether she's available with any SP as she's cute. But.

    Of course told her NOT paying advance without meeting. And she says I don't work as per your wish.

    Pics of the girl attached.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deekay0200  [View Original Post]
    Tried this place a couple of times. They have a groupon thingy which makes the counter charges very reasonable (I think 600-800). But unfortunately they only have NEs and they don't seem to give any extras. Maybe it was my bad luck. Any seniors who received more than a good massage?
    Check my last FR bro- was lucky as had a local one!

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    Average experience

    Hi All,

    This FR was around 3 weeks back when I was at Andheri and had some spare time. Thought of exploring a budget spa for a quickie. No reference or any info from anyone just checked for a few online offers and came across a water spa. Picked the voucher and called them without any info if something was offered also. Got into the place and it was a very small place and has a small staircase to move to the 1st floor having so called massage rooms. The receptionist was sad but there was another one sitting with the receptionist and she was a bombshell. A chick you will pay 10 k for sure. Hot and sensuous is an understatement. But she was not a therapist there when enquired.

    Now, after waiting for 10 minutes, was shown the room and moved in and comes a local chick. Ms are claims she is from Mumbai and married. Massage was just pathetic and then she says 1 k for HJ and TL. I was like I don't pay more than 500. And then in a minute the top goes up and the big bazookas come out. Suck them for 10-15 minutes and then she starts with the HJ and then johny spits out in 15 minutes. All in all a ok dokie experience but not worth if your looking for a good massage. Just worth a quickie with minimum damages.

    Damage: Voucher 600 + 500 extras.

    Girl- 6/10- looks.

    Service- 6/10 mechanical.

    Ambience- 3/10.

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    Sonam from Mira Road


    Does any one knows Sonam from Miraroad and her number ends 432.

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    Hello everybody,

    Any new updates on Swarowsky?

    All the old birds have flown out.

    Last time I visited, all new faces. And all dead fish.

    Any one ready to update me on new arrivals in Swarowsky?


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    Yo yo bros

    My friend got this pic from SP quoting 7 k for St any info about them and services.
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    NL Encounter another one


    Had that itch coming in last evening, when I was close by the area.

    So called up few SP's to gauge the situation, and got all clear message from them. So drove towards the area. Somehow I have been lucky that every time I venture to NL, I manage to find a safe parking.

    Called up Mahesh, went up to his den, and checked out the stock, none was impressive enough, so walked out, called up Raju, and while he was guiding me to come upstairs, Prem spotted me, and pulled me into his other den which is in 2 B2 F. Went up there, saw the stock, only 2 caught my fancy, but by the time I decided on number 1 out of the 2, she had already gone with some other customer, so I settled with number 2.

    As usual, the NL standard service, good BBBJ, rim and everything except anal. Was good fun with Miss and. Whos is from Hyderabad.

    But having said all that, while I was entering NL, I saw a few people wearing khaki pants, just randomly hanging around there, sitting on those parked bikes, it scared the shit out of me, but the sps kept assuring me that they were their own people. Anyways, after the deed, when I walked out, I saw more men, and this time, there were men wearing safari suits, that made me scared again, so I sped towards the main road and avoided any confrontation. After a while, I called up the SP from my car, and he told me that they were the body guards for the SP and the girls. Nothing to worry about.

    Damn, these body guards have uniforms as well. Not bad eh? This place seems to be developing, and flourishing. But having said that I am not encouraging people to visit NL, but to always thread carefully.

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    Happy to be at Mumbai

    Hi all,

    I will be visiting Mumbai shortly. I will be attending a conference around bandra. It will be great if some one could help me with a hotel suggestion. Would like to meet similar minded mongering Bros and would like to explore NL and other stuff. Please do pm me, will have a chit chat.

    Good luck.

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    Mouthdick HAHA

    Good one mate. LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZolerBoy  [View Original Post]
    Hi Gangaram Sir,

    I have been the silent reader of this forum & this is my first post. I have always been impressed with your discoveries and helping nature. Is it the same unisex salon you had discovered near M. Cinema opposite ATM? Any hints about the location would be greatly appreciated.

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