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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneRanger1976  [View Original Post]
    Some stories need to be written purely because of the unexpected nature of encounter.

    This was a spa I had visited 3 months back and wasn't too happy last time since the name "family spa" was a put off and though the therapist spoke about thai girls doing something dirty inside, wasn't too attracted to repeat.

    But was very tired today and just wanted a massage, pure and simple.

    So repeated this spa since it was closeby and cheap.

    God had a different plan for me today though.

    As soon as I lied down like an innocent boy, the NI girl came in and asked me if I was feeling cold because of Ac and when I said yes, sighed seductively running her hand on my bum.

    She increased the temperature to 30 and crossed over my body with one leg and sat on my upper thighs with one leg on each side of my body.

    While she massaged my back with her palms, a few customary questions made her understand that I was not a novice and she started running her nails inside the elastic of my underwear and started grounding her pussy on my ass.

    Jesus I just wanted a massage today.

    She slipped down and from my ankles, rubbed her hands up on my thighs pushing the towel above my ass and sliding her fingers on my inner thighs.

    I asked her why was she so shy and she started moaning and laughing at the same time.

    Suddenly both her hands went inside my dispo and I got an outstanding bum massage with both hands.

    Trust me when I say outstanding because I have had more than a thousand bum massages across India and this was something.

    She lifted both my legs to place them on her thighs while she sat between my legs and started massaging my asshole and slowly she went bolder and bolder.

    In a few minutes I was moaning because she was massaging my prostrate and rubbing my balls with the other hand while I was on my stomach.

    I lost conciousness for a while and she went wilder and wilder touching every erotic inch in my pelvic region.

    Told me to turn around and lie on my back and again sat in between my legs.

    This time she was at a distance and while both her hands went inside my dispo to brush my dick from both sides and she slowly and cleverly moved her foot in between my legs and used her toe to massage my asshole.

    She went on for a few minutes and kept asking me if I was happy enough and enjoying.

    Climbed on me then, sat on my dick and rubbed her pussy slowly and seductively on my dick taking her hands behind my back to fondle my balls simultaneously.

    Blue light in the room, slow movements and ball fondling was getting too much for me to handle and I ripped apart her bra and pulled her on me to suck those lovely mangoes.

    Came with a bang and she kept rubbing till I drenched the whole dispo along with her trouser.

    It didn't end there and she then shifted to a side and with her hands inside my undie, started painting my body with her fingers using my own cum.

    One hand holding and pressing my balls to spit more and the second on my stomach writing her name in white was what went on for 5 minutes.

    Completely drained after this, I got up and she asked me if I liked it today and when would I return.

    Soon I said.

    Because you deserve another visit and kinky has a new meaning today.

    Paid her 1500 because I was quite pleased with the surprise and she took it happily.

    Took a shower and left.
    I have to rub one out after reading this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PramodVijayan  [View Original Post]
    Hey buddy,

    Are you talking about the surprise spa or the water spa? Can you give some more info.

    Must be the surprise one. The water spa has counter 1 k. Generally you don't get B2B there.

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    First FR. Thane spa


    Tried this spa near famous lake near Thane Station.

    Called the receptionist, she is aunty type woman must be above 40.

    Went there in the evening around 6-6. 30 pm.

    Took normal 1 HR spa for 2000 INR.

    Massage room was OK OK type small one. There were 6 rooms out of which this one is small.

    There is an attached shower box in the room, where you can just stand and bath very small.

    Massage started with as usual while disposal on.

    Masseuse was a healthy girl (married). There are local girls only.

    She started massage with back, gave nice Bum Massage.

    Her hands where smooth and moving nicely around the bum. It was clear indication of extra service.

    But this time I was not in mood of getting extra as I was turn off by room infrastructure.

    Masseuse was moved hands around butt, butt crack, near by abdomen area. Brushing her boobs on cloths while giving massage to hands and back by standing very close to table.

    It was clear indication that there are extra services just asked me. But I was waiting till the time she asked, I did not utter a word from my mouth.

    Be'cause sometimes when we asked them then they speak more extra amount. Hence I did not asked neither she.

    She was doing constant bum massage and massage near thighs, abdomen area till last moment.

    After that she got disappointed as I did not ask for extra, but massage was good as she was having good strength and powers in her hands.

    After that took shower in that small shower box, got ready. When I was about to leave room, she came inside with glass of water.

    I told her thanks for massage as a courtesy. She asked me "How was it? Will you repeat? I just gave notorious smile as an answer, even she also laughs and understand that what was missing and what I know already.

    Overall Massage- 6/10.

    Spa infrastructure- 3/10.

    Masseuse - 6/10.

    Shower Facility - 2/10 (They gave "Hamam" soap and shampoo sachet.).

    Will I repeat. Might be yes, if I will get other rooms.

    Note. There are other rooms which were bigger that what I got. Will try definitely. Sorry I did not ask for extras as I was turned off after looking at room. Will try next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanysh11  [View Original Post]
    I have just shifted to Mumbai and was in search for massage plus extra or indi or reliable SP. I had also requsted quiet few members in this forum some responded with Spa address and all but was not in mood for spa as I have done that piece loads of time. Now come my guardian angel in picture I will not name him as he wants to be discrete but he shared his what's app number and asked me to come online.

    Wolah. He was like name tried to help me a lot with pics and numbers of couple of indies in andheri area but due high rates with no bargaining and my travel schedule could not meet any of them. Again like a god my bhai came to rescue and send me one more number lets call her Ms A. She works with one firm as secretary and does this when in need of money, I hit the jackpot. Before me going ahead he told me that this girl is bit plump.

    I said no worries lets see as pics of her were rather cute, called her and fixed the time. She came on time to one of the hotel suggested by her, I was waiting for her down and all of sudden her mobile was switched off. I was thinking of KLPD but there she is 5 f 4" tall milky white and rather stout babe came with same cute face. I was like not bad lets see ahead. We did the formalities at counter (ID asked but safe place). She got fresh and came to bed with towel wrapped around, we had chit chat like what does she do, family etc. Then she removed the towel and OMG it was 38 see milky white boobs which are not saggy...
    Can you please tell initials of indie.

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    Please Update FR or Refreence on this

    Has any one tried Below mentioned Models followed by Last 4 Digits of their respective Mobile Number:

    Anu- 481.

    Anitha Bhabhi- 177.

    Anjali- 195.

    Chembur Agent- 188.

    Kajal Sharma- 986.

    Kumar Pimp from Congress House- 790.

    Mitra- 549.

    Monica Cembur- 224.

    Neha. Sneha- 827.

    Jasmine- 412.

    Pratibha Alia Kusum- 906.

    Riya Grant Road (Awesome with loaded Boobs)- 692 from Nawalkar Lane.

    Sapna from Nerul- 682.

    Sapna from Locanto- 488.

    SONI- 411.

    Sunitha- 700.

    Supriya- 052.

    Vandana Reddy- 425.

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    Refrence required Kusum alias Pratibha

    Hello Seniors / fellow members,

    Require reference of Kusum Alias Pratibha last digits 829. If any one has her reference please do PM. She is not entertaining without reference.

    Please do help!



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    Good and Safe Spa


    Have some spare time to kill today. Can some one share details on nice and safe spas / MPs.


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    BBBJ after spray

    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckNorris85  [View Original Post]
    Try Climax Spray. One of the oldest and most trusted product out there. I don't think you will find it hard to get it from a chemist without a prescription. If not, Pretty sure that Amazon / Flipkart will have them too.

    Play Safe and stay informed.

    Quick question: do sprays like Climax has a spell or taste? Is it advisable to wash off before getting a BBBJ?

  9. #29674

    Hotel in vashi

    Please recommend a safe hotel / lodge in vashi for short time.

  10. #29673

    Vashi spa

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahul2714  [View Original Post]
    Had been to a spa near Vashi staion counter changes were 1500. Total: 4 girls were to select 1 was dam hot. I picked her. While massaging she told the standard rates 1 k FR HJ ans TL 2 k for body rub and 2.5 k for BJ. She agreed for body rub for 1.5 she undressed. Big and tight boobs firm ass and bit tummy was out. She gave me a nice body to body rub it was superb and tn shoot it so nicely it was an heavenly experience.

    Looks 8/10.

    Figure 8/10.

    Attitude 9/10.
    Hey buddy,

    Are you talking about the surprise spa or the water spa? Can you give some more info.


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    Long FR, but Dark Riya is one of the old MILF but her service used to be good. No idea abut the service now. As her looks are not great she is still in market for the rate and service. Regards.

    Quote Originally Posted by LewisHamilton  [View Original Post]
    Went to Thane last weekend and had couple of encounters:

    Encounter 1:

    I had went through some good reports on the threesome offered by Riya from SEA so wanted to try her out. Reached Thane around 5 pm and was given directions to her place.

    Was surprised to see that the place was actually one of the most well known and posh places in that area. Reached the said flat and the other girl who was with Riya opened the door. Small petite frame and not a looker. Riya was in other room in small revealing dress. But her looks made my Johny collapse. I mean I have no issues with dark skinned girls but she was both dark skinned and ugly. Was thinking of walking out but then decided to take the plunge as I had travelled a long way..

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    Quote Originally Posted by VitaminD  [View Original Post]

    Cud you share the brand names of sprays that prolong ejaculation?

    Do you know any online portal or local store where one can buy these items?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Try Climax Spray. One of the oldest and most trusted product out there. I don't think you will find it hard to get it from a chemist without a prescription. If not, Pretty sure that Amazon / Flipkart will have them too.

    Play Safe and stay informed.


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    Thanks Mites

    Thank you once again Dj, Rocky and Snoozy for your valuable inputs. This is best part of ISG, that seniors and experienced never shy away to share there experiences.

    Shall certainly post a Report once I'm back. Snoozy ill connect with you later today.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. Please post reports consisting primarily of a commercial nature and/or reports with links to commercial websites in the Classified Advertisement section of the Forum. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    Boom Boom Massacre. Pattaya

    Brother GSD,

    Firstly, its been long since I logged in, I'm too time pressed these days, that I haven't been mongering for over 2 months, somehow work and family has taken most of my time, and mind share. Today, I had some alone time, so logged in, and started reading the forum. But I guess my Mongering days have come to an end. So what, I can still assist my fellow brothers.

    I've been excited since your message came in last night. LOL. Although for me, I won't be able to go back to Disney land, but telling someone about my experience, makes me re-live it. I know its sad.

    Here; s my report which I posted in Pattaya forum. Date: 25 Nov, 2014 Post #15488. -- http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...orts&p=1648661.

    Hope you view it. And sorry for those who have already read it.

    But I must warn you, things might have changed a bit, but more or less, you can get enough info from the post. Also I must warn you, try to enter pubs or clubs in very small groups. 2-3 people, since the thai, do not like indians who come in a big group. Dress classy, look rich, smell good, but that doesn't mean people will be after your money, these are the basic things these thai look at to filter you. What you pay for play depends entirely on your negotiations skills. You may notice that in my report I must have over paid somewhere, but its ok, its always a learning, which I'm sure you will learn from my mistakes.

    Read the report first, and then lets discuss as planned tofday.

    P.S. You have a lot of time to plan, but don't take too much info, else you will get confused.

    Quote Originally Posted by GermanShepherd  [View Original Post]
    Maybe? Maybe not the right forum.
    Pattaya Calling next month.
    Expert from Mumbai who have been there, it would be first visit.
    Would appreciate with do's and don't's through private message.
    Can return much expect the experience FRs there.
    Have fun. Play safe.

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