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    Mr Enternational
    I am returning to Mumbai after 8 years. Are the places in Congress House still in operation or are there any other cheap places like it? I will be staying: Near Chinmayanand Ashram, Mayur Nagar, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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    Hey Bro Nice FR,

    Worth a try seeing your rating, Care to share the number, PM me the details, with the price you paid, Certainly worth a dekho.

    Quote Originally Posted by Explore321  [View Original Post]
    Hey bro,

    Do you mind giving me her contact details with the price suggestions.

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    Thanks Thrusting Rod

    Quote Originally Posted by ThrustingRod  [View Original Post]
    Her trade name is Lisa. RTFF & then take a call. Perception can differ, friend.
    I too got her contact from CL.

    This is the copy paste of the mail she sent me.

    "Dear, how are you.

    My charges 1 session 15 k 2 sessions 25 k night 50 k.

    I have place. Malad andheri and Kandiwali. Flat 1000 1 hours. Full sefty.

    Giving 100% service. Not included in anal.

    Liking kissing sex 69 different positions blojab.

    & direct meeting in work not casual meeting.

    Sending you. Are num then sending pic on whatap."
    Horrible spellings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    I called her this month and she was not ready to accept below 15 k.
    I have never spoken to her. But I will not pay 15 k for her. And I am a relative newbie.

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    Adventurous Mumbai Andheri (E) venture

    Hi members,

    I'm a newbie here and being a little adventurous after reading previous posts in this thread, I ventured out around Andheri to find some bird. Though understanding from all the posts, getting PM activated and asking for contact from seniors like RAJ and LR would be easier. However, since I do not have plastic and just wanted to try out something I have never ever before tried, probably just once to experience them, I decided against getting the subscription.


    Day 1 ventured to LP in Andheri (E) as posted, only to be surprised that it was a 100% restaurant. Nevertheless, I had a great meal there, only 240 and I had myself stuffed with food. Shop next door have a guy standing outside but not sure what's inside and did not proceed. Adventurous yet have some reservation, you know what I mean. Walked around and heard some music coming from afar and walked toward the direction and came to GP. Went in and saw 3 dancers with two tables of customers. Sat down and order a Bud for 400. Nothing much hence finished my beer and left.

    Day 2, went to Aura Thai in Andheri (E) as I saw the post. Took the relax package and enjoyed a good massage but no extras unlike what was mentioned in the post I read, haha. Since it was festive, I went to Juhu Beach for a look see before I proceed to Sofia Soda Pub found on google map. No such place, hence went to Fun Republic for another pub also found on google map. Interestingly, what kinda luck I have. It's closed down too! Haha. Out of luck, decided to take a rickshaw back. On the way back caught sight of NL and decided for a visit.

    Quite a number of dancers and also quite some customers. Getting myself entertained by the music as well as the throwing of money by customers there. LE came and everything tone down a bit before picking up again once they left. Still don't understand how it work here haha. Though I sense that one of the singer was looking my way. Before I left tips the black coat guy and asked him to pass tips to the singer as well. How can I proceed from here?

    Still no luck in getting a pussy.LOL Still wondering how I can get a budget bonk before ending my trip in Mumbai.

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    Hey bro,

    Do you mind giving me her contact details with the price suggestions.

    Quote Originally Posted by HotMale1984  [View Original Post]
    Got this contact from friend of mine. She is an independent and is a high class college girl. Called her and fix up an appointment. Reached her place in Juhu at 12 noon. She welcome me with a nice hug. We sat in her drawing room for a while. Ordered pizza and coke and started chit chatting. Moved to her bedroom. And started foreplay. We removed our clothes and got into the most amazing lip lock of my life. Totally lost into it. She has rocking boobs almost 34 or 35 for her 5'3 stature they look the most sexiest. Did first time in missionary. Almost 2 hours foreplay + real action. Wow. She smells really nice. We went to kitchen and made coffee. Both were naked and were playing with each other 's body while sipping the coffee. Asked her if I could stay back for whole night. She agreed. What hpbd post that was a get and memorable experience. Charges 18 k with place and food and drink.

    Looks 8/10

    Service 10/10

    GFE 100/10

    Will I repeat. Still here. And will definitely repeat.

    For contacts. Please write to me.

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    3rd time lucky

    My first report.

    Am from Delhi but travel in relation to my work and have mongered a few times (only out of Delhi). The first couple of times were horrible experiences in Cochin and Goa. But have lucked out with one indep in Mum. The indie mentions that she is from Hyd and hence not in Mum all the time. Have had LT with her twice and apart from Anal everything ison the table. Loves to fuck and sucks like a vaccum, I love getting a BJ and she has delivered constantly in that deptt. Will try to persuade her for Anal next time around. She is kinda exp.

    Am going to be in Mumbai in Juhu area hotel on 31st night and was wondering if anyone of you would be able to PM with a reliable contact for LT.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Was this true lot of wrong people before also

    In past also there were a few wrong people who spoilt the spirit here and stopped seniors from sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by HotChocolate80  [View Original Post]
    3/4 pics seem to have been uploaded by members earlier as received from sp. Good you exercised restraint.

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    Agreee haha don't upset the lords

    You said it perfectly right that we can't upset the demanding newbie lords here, we are here at their service, I too had the same experience not in terms of price but at the cost of trust and relation and one ISG member is suddenly so active here and talking a lot but past he has done some mischief here see the past fr in his name you will know time to expose I guess.


    Quote Originally Posted by LoneRanger1976  [View Original Post]
    You are wrong buddy.

    We came here just to please the urges of a few people by giving them contacts as per their demand based on budget, size and shape.

    So please honour such people and keep arranging, do not upset our lords or we will be in trouble.

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    Kyra and shilpa?

    Dear frinds.

    Planing for next week krya and shlpa end 3376 (courtesy RAJ one year ago).

    Has anyone been with them recently? Plese provide you comments via pm.

    It will be appericeted.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrustingRod  [View Original Post]
    Your best bet is to get PM activated. Without the PM facility, you will not be able to proceed. We have the likes of Lubna Khan already on this site.

    This is Neha here, I m an Independent escort.

    In Mumbai.

    Call my Cordinator for an appointment.
    [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Mumbai Visit

    Hey guys,

    Have business visit to Mumbai on 24th. Any tips or contacts will be really appreciate.



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    Too much

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaDsouza  [View Original Post]
    I called her this month and she was not ready to accept below 15 k.
    Hi friend,

    I guess that is too much for ST.

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    You are wrong buddy.

    We came here just to please the urges of a few people by giving them contacts as per their demand based on budget, size and shape.

    So please honour such people and keep arranging, do not upset our lords or we will be in trouble.

    Quote Originally Posted by BiziBoy2012  [View Original Post]
    Rude shock!

    A newbie enquired about an indie from me on PM day before yesterday. Gave him a frank opinion of the chick.

    And I asked him about the damages the chick was asking. Chick is pretty ordinary looking but great service. Passable as a hw.

    She was demanding 9 k from him and I asked him not to pay a penny more then 3. 5 k incl place as this was the normal range for her.

    Chap was pretty desperate and ended up fixing her for 6 k thereby doubling the price bar. He got back and I asked him to chill and head for NL if he so wanted it desperately.

    Chap became aggressive and told me to push off as it was his money and he would like to spend it the way he liked.

    AGREED buddy its your money and you can spend it the way you like. But you are making trouble for all of us here.

    I know for a fact that you read the forum daily.

    Sincere request to all newbies, all of us here take a lot of effort in time and money to cultivate these contacts and keep them under wraps. Please do not abuse the generosity of the members here.

    Time to move on I think.

    Enough wastage of space.


    Happy mongering.

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    Mumbai contacts

    Hi all,

    Will be visiting Mumbai soon, will be there from 8 AM to 7 PM. (Stop over at Mumbai). Last visit was a failure, so this time seniors please help me out with some Inde or SPs or NL contacts.

    I have 2 inde contact in Mumbai I'm ready to share them. Also if any one of you are coming to Bangalore I can share my BLR contacts.

    Thanks in advance!

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