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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon2311  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone help me with service bar from Navi Mumbai, thane or other areas near by or even Chembur I can share indes contacts from thane I not new in this scene so have a decent amount of indes contacts to exchange in return I just need some good service bar as I miss them.
    Just a piece of advice. Don't visit any service bars till the end of this week, its election time in Mumbai and LE activity is high. Cops crawling all over the place!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayMonterey  [View Original Post]
    I'm traveling to Mumbai, staying at a 5 star hotel but looking for the best way to play. A couple problems.

    1. How do I pay? With the money issues in India (even a bank workers strike next week) how can I get my hands on cash? Is USD ok?

    2. What sites have accurate reports / ads? I know that 15 k-20 k is ridiculous and better can be found but I don't know where to look.

    3. Can I bring women back to my hotel? Or is that not normal?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    My personal suggestion is to not use USD you will end up paying a lot more. USD exchange to Indian currency would leave you with more disposable cash in my personal opinion.

    Don't go for the sites and classified ads in newspapers etc, that's not how it will usually work here. Better have some senior members of the forum give you some pointers. I have my PM open too so drop me a line and we could chat about it. About hotels some would allow it some won't. Mostly the upmarket ones should not have a problem with bringing a woman with you.

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    Report on Spa in Central Line


    Last Saturday booked appointment with my regular spa in central side (famous mall in Kurla). Booked Thai only on call. Reach there around 7. 30 pm. Nice slim, good looking Thai girl was present. She is fair but not too fair like other Thai. Started with back massage upper part first. Then surprise, she removed my temporary inner wear and cover bum with towel. Then nice seductive message to whole back from stomach to toe including bum cracks.

    Then comes to front side, did full leg massage while giving soft touch to johny. After sometime popped the question about extras. 2 k for HJ and 4 k for (BJ, Full top access and down access for fingering).

    Negotiate with 3 k for BBBJ, HJ, Top access and fingering. Experience was nice. Did that for 15 minutes and then left for bath alone.

    Here are my ratings:

    Massage- 8/10.

    Girl looks- 7/10.

    Boobs- 5/10 (Very soft but saggy).

    Ass- 7/10.

    Pussy- 8/10 (tight).

    BBBJ- 7.5/10 (She took deep throat hence).

    Handjob- 9/10.

    Extras- 3 k, Massage- 2.8 k Total- 5.8 k but worth.

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    A pleasure trip, thanks to great souls.

    Quote Originally Posted by TutLi  [View Original Post]
    There is no page in last 30-40 pages at Mumbai forum, where bophsep and SmartVvarma's names are not there. Eventhough both are visitors to Mumbai, they have brought few amazing indes to forum and also to many members (newbies as well seniors). There is a risk too to loose the contact if over shared, but these guys did amazing job. I don't know why everytime same thing is discussed again and again. Only newbies will understand what help these guys offer, that too without expecting anything in return.
    Was in Mumbai for few days with 2-3 friends, who are purely non-ISG guys, they do not even know that something like this exists. (I mean ISG).

    When we had a discussion prior to this trip, they informed me that they know few people who can bring girls from Mumbai for an ST in their city (it means my city too) at about 40-50 K for 2-3 hours, all SP chicks, (I known service is not guarentted).

    WTF, I was literally shocked to hear this and then decided to open up and help them. Talked to them that it's very common in Mumbai and you can get a nice chick at less than half of what you are talking. Hence, planned a pure pleasure trip to Mumbai.

    With an outstanding help from guys like Boshsep, Smartvverma, Jasmpat and ampmax, it turned out to be a great trip for them, which they will never forget for lifetime. In their wildest dream, they would not have considered this. Out of about 10 options, we had few indies, (I was meeting one of them first time) each for almost 12 hours and it was really a memorable experience. Thanks to you guys for a wonderful trip.

    In fact, my friends have seen only photoshopped pics from SPs, hence, they were looking for beautiful chicks. I had to literally explain them what is the difference in what is received from SP pics and what they get in real (of course with few exceptions).

    One inde is known to forum, and half of forum is clear about her service part, hence, no need to mention. Don't want to mention their damage here, as we did not bring them for pops, but for quality time, hence it can't be compared. But rest assured that we have not overpaid anyone, I know the quotes for them for so long time.

    Thanks again Boshsep, Smartvverma, Jasmpat and Ampmax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SammyX  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellow mongers,

    I would appreciate Madmax, Member #4431 & Bopshep for sharing me the contact for M. P malad however she is very busy girl. I tried to call her and she was stuck at give me the number of the reference that you have taken. After 10-15 minutes conversation and explaining I don't have she simply hung up.

    My Suggestion to Dear Fellow Mongers please please share the numbers at least as most Indie which I have come across always ask what is the number of the reference.

    Also nowadays in Mumbai rates are going terribly high. She quoted me ST 1 pooh for 5 k. By the looks she is terrible and asking for such high rates.

    If some Fellow Mongers are ready we can create a Black book with Area wise rates of Indie and SP and share it to Senior Members who contribute to this forum. What say. Let me know.
    Hey. I guess that can be shared (number) only if a guy knows that he is sharing the number to genuine person. In few cases, sharing number with some idiots result in loosing the contact in case, he misbehaves or something like that (another example is he will share your ISG identity with her and educate her about website). But, if there is strong bonding between an inde and a member sharing the number, it won't happen.

    I had very bitter experience at Pune forum about this, out of nowhere, an inde whom I had for few times (and she was not at all known to forum) started calling me with my ISG handle, thanks to him (my favorite word is jerk) who educated her about me and ISG.

    Anyway, be careful about whom you are sharing. And not only sharing, please ensure that a guy can be trusted. One can share an inde who is capable of handling anyone and get the feedback about member, so that in future, few more can be shared if he is genuine.

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    Avoid this spa like plague

    Throughout my life, I've been to various entertainment and relaxation centres. Spas are a big part of that.

    In the list of most disgusting things I've seen, this spa tops the list. I'm talking about the Thailand spa in Darkness region. Imagine medieval Europe in modern times. The beds were dirty and biting. The bathroom was the dirtiest I've ever seen in any hotel or massage centres. I couldn't take a bath. The rooms are dingy so much it would put Kamathipura to shame.

    Just donate your money to sex workers instead of every wasting it here.

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    Review of the Thailand spa in Darkness west region near Green park

    Atmosphere: Dingy, a put off, not worth going to.

    Hygiene: Feels non existent. Feeling worried that I'll contact worms.

    In short, it feels like your typical UT spa.

    Took a 90 minute deal.

    Will update on the experience later.

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    Trying the Country Thai spa today!

    Thanks to election half day, I'm going to try the Thai country spa today for 90 minutes session. Any pointers about name of therapist or such is highly appreciated.

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    Visiting Mumbai

    Hi to all fellow mongers.

    Myself from Delhi forum coming to Mumbai in first week of March for work residing near girgaon.

    Need help from you as need to have a gud time with indi with her own space both for LT or St.

    Do msg with detail and reference if needed.

    Also any gud spa with gud extras.

    Never got a chance to monger in Mumbai but this time want to explore.

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    UT SC is closed.

    Quote Originally Posted by IHateU  [View Original Post]
    Couldn't find the deal on NB. Please PM me.

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    NE chick. Spa

    I have had this desire since long to score an NE and through countless trials and tribulation. I have finally cracked it. Spa is in Lokhandwala and chick is naga. Initially she was reluctant and I had to really spend some time and money for her to agree. She gives an awesome butt massage and HJ. After a lot of persuasion she agreed to FS I have banged her twice in the spa now and it pure heaven. Now getting her to agree to go out of the spa setting is the next challenge.

    Spa cost: 2 k.

    She charges about 4 k for FS and 1.5 for HJ sadly no BJ but allows full access.

    Looks 9 on 10, boobs perky will definitely repeat.

    Willing to share with select few for contact of elisha or other independent.

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    Not on empty stomach


    You must have had it on empty stomach. That leads to all sort of troubles.

    Please read my old post. I had written detailed list of medicines which I got prescribed by doctor. Those are safest.

    Ping me in case you are not able to find them!

    Quote Originally Posted by ManjeetSingh  [View Original Post]

    One friend came back from east side of the world. He brought with him blue colored pills. I am sure you know the names. We tried them even though I had no one to enjoy.

    2 hours after taking pill I had severe headache, vomit like feeling, and strange feeling all over body. I could never understand whether little boy was up and running because my body hurting like mad. Another friend say he enjoy the experience with his wife. Maybe you have to enjoy with girl after taking that pill otherwise your body punish you. I was in hurting for full day and night. Bad experience. Cancelled my plan to go to our popular place that evening.

    Whatever case, please be careful before you buy and try.

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    Pratibha ALias Kusum

    Does anyone have reference of pratibha alias kusum please PM will share number in exchange last digits are mobile 1- 06 mobile 2- 29.

    Please help with her reference!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 8.jpg‎   7.jpg‎   6.jpg‎  

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    US to Mumbai on business

    I'm traveling to Mumbai, staying at a 5 star hotel but looking for the best way to play. A couple problems.

    1. How do I pay? With the money issues in India (even a bank workers strike next week) how can I get my hands on cash? Is USD ok?

    2. What sites have accurate reports / ads? I know that 15 k-20 k is ridiculous and better can be found but I don't know where to look.

    3. Can I bring women back to my hotel? Or is that not normal?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Spa at Bartender Checkpoint

    Hey fellas,

    I am back with another Spa report.

    So this spa is located in the bartender Checkpoint area and is named after a famous Indian King. Found a deal on NB app which seemed not too pricey, booked a time and they agreed to take NB charges at the counter itself without buying from NB. Anyways went to spa. Nice ambiance and there was a guy and gal at the reception. Both friendly. Was assigned a therapist decent looking NE chic. Took me to the room and asked me to change to dispo and wear towel and sit on chair so she could wash my feet. Good foot wash, felt pampered. Now comes the massage part. Surprisingly she asked me to lay on my back so she would start from the front. Not usual since massages generally start at the back but I did what I was asked anyways. Started off with a great head massage with a towel laid on me. With the towel spread on me I could imagine straight away that extras would be difficult to manage. Anyways massage continued and was good. Therapist was quiet. No hint of extras no touching anywhere close to the erogenous zones. Then came back massage which was also good but totally no hints. So I did not pop the question myself. Ended with something special though. They have a thing called musical bowl which they ring and hover over your body. I found the sound of it rather soothing and relaxing, Kind of the oriental Chi thingy. The massage itself was very good. Didn't get any Extras so even though Johny boy was sad I left the place a very happy and relaxed man. Monday blues taken care of so now time to face the coming week. Cheers fellas.

    Anyone looking for Extras specifically might want to avoid the place. If it is a great massage you want then surely its a good place to put your money in.

    If anyone else has been there and scored extras ID be keen to know. I am always hopeful on extras and hence even though it seemed like a Kosher place I have on purpose not been specific on location and name.

    Final Report.

    Ambiance: 9/10.

    Staff: 9/10.



    Massage: 9/10.

    WIR: Yes if its only massage you want.

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