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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Bangaloreans monger in town. Requesting help for mongering in a new turf

    Hi all.

    I'm a Bangaloreans, visit Mumbai on tbursday. Requesting some kind mongers to share a few contacts of indie- college girls & MILF's in Mumbai. Will be out up in Andheri area.

    Few days back was in Delhi and when placed a similar request, a fellow senior in Delhi sent me a while database of contacts. I understand this may not be the same case in Mumbai. However, placing my request here.

    PM me. Please.

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    Lodge near Mira road

    Any safe, economical lodge near Mira road station for couple of hours?

    What will be rate for 2 hours?

    Will it require ID?

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    Please PM

    Quote Originally Posted by YFriend  [View Original Post]
    Any pointer to the place please PM me the details if possible.

    Cheers mate.
    Same here. Any pointer please PM me.




    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    New place, extras unclear

    Tried a new place after a really long time today. A spa whose name starts with AR, and is near the colorful school in Goregaon West.

    It seems very much like a place with extras. The manner of the receptionists said so. The location said so. The fact that the receptionists heartily assured me that they have young therapists said so. The therapist's t shirt and tights outfits said so. The straying hands, though not so much, said so. The repeated accidental body contact to my hands said so. Her lack of resistance to my slightly straying hands said so.

    But eventually, she said no. This was an NE. They also have locals. One looked particularly slim and hot looking. But I'd there any point trying? Does anyone know this place?

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    Please share contact details

    Please share contact would return with similar contact surely need your help now.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamKhan  [View Original Post]

    Recently I was in Mumbai and contacted one Indi Gu. Ia. She whatsapped her pics and after looking at her I wanted to take her for LT. I was tired after taking lot of heavy milfs so this time I wanted to take an average built girl of around 25 yo.

    Gu. Ia seems to be better choice as she fitted into my budget too. I reached Kalyan and then Kalyan-sheelfata at around 7 pm. As she had confirmed the appointment and said that she will reach at around 10 pm. Anyway took a room in a nearby hotel which was having decent facility. Overall, at around 10.30 she reached the hotel and I escorted her to my room. She is a pretty, short in height and medium built bubbly girl with some attitude. After a bit chitchat she and I was kissing each other necks and other erotic zones. But she did not give DFK. It was a setback. Anyway I proceeded further and foreplay with her for around 30 minutes, sucked her boobs hard and do some kamasutra pose and YouTube poses of hot bhabhi short movies..

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    Yo bro

    Quote Originally Posted by DesiDilruba  [View Original Post]
    Thai or NE?
    She was Thai.

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    Is this Saima or Preety, you're talking about. Asking because that would convince me about the authenticity of their ads.

    P.S. - Nice FR, dude!

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamNash  [View Original Post]
    Finally writing this FR (was pending for last 2 months). BTW this was my 1st time mongering so thanks to all for the help.

    Based on some tips and advises from this great forum I started searching for Indi on locanto, with some luck I was able to find one Indi from Malad, after weeks of chatting with her she finally agreed to meet, She works in a call center and she kept on quoting 4 k per shoot but finally agreed for 2 shoots for 6 K + 1 k for room. On the the day I reached the meeting point, she arrives and takes me to her friends place. The apartment was in a nice locality, I went to her apartment and her friend was at home, we had a quick chat and she took me to the bedroom. After small chit chat the action started, she has a nice figure with really nice boobs, I slowly undressed her and played with her body, then it was her turn to undress me completely and started playing with me. She is not into BBJ so I put in a flavored see and she starts the action, it was not bad but nothing great either, finally after 20 minutes of fore play we started with WOT, MISS and ended with Doggy. Next 30 minutes we stayed in the bed smoking and talking about different positions that she likes and what turns her wild..

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    Help required


    In trident for 2 days. Can anyone refer me to a FS / bbj spa nearby? Don't want to travel too far as have work to complete too any help can be returned in Bangalore Delhi or Hyderabad. Looking forward to get some location and therapist details.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Gangaram  [View Original Post]
    Visited today ut Spa at temple area booked miss v good in looks but saggy boobs however she's good and friendly gave me good deep tissue massage and made me relaxed she got some good HJ skills I paid her 1 k for yo yo and 1 k for 45 minutes counter.
    Thai or NE?

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    Simarn kaur AFF

    Has anyone had a chance to meet Simran kaur from AFF she seems to be genuine and super hot did anyone banged her any points on her would be appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails photo-ffadult-r50-s2-432461717_46575.122484092.7.main.jpeg‎  

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    Help to find a spa

    Please someone suggest me a spa that I can have a good fun with more extras. At least girls must be beautiful. Appreciate if you can Help me. PM is active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyInstinct  [View Original Post]
    While I responded to all the points in your FR somehow they didn't come over may be due to lack of space due to quoted message. Another thing is that I had told you she has her own accommodation and is all inclusive of 5 k. I am not sure why are you asking people to pay 7 k? I sent you a PM for this and you never replied. If you are so interested in teaching bro code, let me tell you that one of the bro code is that when someone shares a contact with you, you should have the audacity to ask the person if you can go ahead and share the contact so that the sanctity can be maintained. At least I follow it. I don't know what bro code you follow, please publish a book and enlighten us about your so called bro code institute.
    This is very Unfortunate. The kind of incidents that prevents many Seniors out here to open up with newbies. I have had very limited interaction with VitaminD over PM's but I know the contribution of RockyInstinct and AmpMax bro in the forum over the years and VitaminD dude, It has been barely a few months since you have joined this Forum. There has been a heated argument involving you a couple of months before as well and while I felt you were being way too patronizing back then, I ignored my opinion since I wasn't a party involved.

    But I see that you are asking for other forum members opinion in that last post of yours. So here's mine. Consider cutting down on the overtly condescending tone in your messages. No, The seniors you are trying to take on are not Bullies but they can figure out a Gasbag more easily than you think. Follow basic mongering etiquettes of asking the people you borrow contacts from whether it is okay to share said contacts Instead of trying to expand your database all the time. Again, You asked for this opinion, and so you have it. Not intending to provide any unsolicited advice. Peace out!


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    Quote Originally Posted by KnottyBoy18  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tasted Sabrina? She claims to be 26 but some other reports mention her to be a MILF. Wondering if she has good attitude? These are the pix she sent me. She is asking for 10 k + hotel for 3 hours. No anal and no CIM. Are there any better birds in Mumbai for that price?
    She also goes by the name Sameera. Barain hard with her and she will come down to 4 k /2 pops + place extra. She is good in service but not at all worth 10 k, not even 6 k.

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    Hello Every1,

    Yes, you are right in mentioning that for the last 100 plus pages, there is nothing other than some SP contacts or NL or some MP's. Generally members don't post as its taken in a wrong way. One FR coming up. Though its couple of weeks old, posting it now.

    Play Safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by EdAdams  [View Original Post]
    Howdy Gents,

    Meant to be in Mumbai late Jan / early Feb. Wonder if anyone can help / share any intel on High Class Independent Escorts or Models from Bollywood or College Students or perhaps anything on picking up from night clubs.

    Before you ask, I have indeed RTFF for over 160 pages but nothing other than some SP contacts (not sure how credible they are) or NL or some MP's. But nothing on this subject. Perhaps some seniors can guide. Be sure to count me in, if you're ever in London.

    I traveled there frequently in 2006/7 and there have picked up some really gorgeous college girls from night clubs like J49 and Hawaiian Shack, not sure if they're still there? Or if they still have action in them.

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    Diana from Bhyndr

    Yesterday, called up Di from bhndr she was free so said come on in. Since I know her for a long time now, had a long chat. She is never in hurry with me. Took me to her bedroom and a regular session begun. Even though she is in her 40's but she is so much fit, no fat on belly or butt. Everything is perfect. The only thing I dislike is that she has transplant [Names in Code Deleted by Admin]. We decided to have some thing new this time. First she gave me BBBJ and she is the master of it. First, a long session in standing position in front of mirror. I never imagined that I could do that in standing position though she was little uncomfortable. Second one, she sitting on her legs folded on the bed and her ass hanging on the edge of bed. What a great fuck and she too loved it, again a long session ended as we both were tired and sweating. Overall a satisfying experience (but no GFE). Meantime, some other monger called her up to shave his cock. I did not know she does all that too. I know she does massages etc at hotel on requests. I rarely go to her nowadays as there too good babes coming in for easy money. Will write report on that soon.

    Damage: 2. K.

    WIR: sometimes.

    Fig: 9/10.

    Kiss: Big no to me as her mouth stinks (may be due to too many cock sucked in).

    Height: good height.

    Skin: light brown.

    Cheers guys.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove names written in code. Please do not post names written in code in the Forum. You're not fooling anyone. If the average forum member can interpret the name, then so can anyone else. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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