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    FR on sp from LOC*

    I was surfing thru LOC* when I contacted a number os sp digits ending 9645.

    He sent me whatapp pictures of 4 ladies, but from past experiance choosing a girl based on whatapps was stupidity.

    I asked the sp if I could see them before decided for which he declined as he needed to contact the girl to travel and needed to be sure of my choice to instruct them to travel.

    I asked if incall was offereed in andheri w and he said he could offer and incall in andheri. E.

    Choose one of the girls from the picture and the sp asked me to come at saki naka metro station and wait. I have had an earlier experiance and was hoping if it is not the same girl.

    I couldn't remember how the girls was the last time was but could recollect that WIR- was a NO.

    Anyway I arrived at the place at 3 pm as scheduled however the girl started from her destination after I reached there (how stupid) which means she took another 30 min to arrive and I was waiting below the station like a fool.

    Anyway the girl arrived and asked me where to go. At $# I told her I asked for incall and was ask to come there and you are asking me where to go.

    She made some calls and told me she will take to to a place. I told her that she can come with me in the car when she suggested that it would be better if we left the car and went in the auto she had come. Thought it felt fishy I agreed and parked the car and went in the auto.

    Within a few minutes I realised that auto person was not a random auto you hire but a person from there fraternity and he was talking to the girl on which options was there where we could go. I kept quiet and was just listening.

    They took me to some small hotel in ghatkopar where I was asked to pay the rent (1 k) I did. The hotel also took a scan of my I'd (I carry a fake I'd for this purpose).

    The room was air conditioned but was so small that if you stretch you can touch both sides of the wall.

    More over the girl was saying she has come to this place for first time and was scared and checking everwhere if any recording equipment was installed. This made me all the more worried.

    Anyway the girl Miss X was average and for a change looked quiet similar to the whatsapp pictures.

    She said NO BBBJ or DFK.

    However her service on CBJ was good and encouraging.

    After the CBJ took her doggy and finished in missionary.

    Looks - 7/10.

    GFE - 7/10.

    DFK. NO.

    BBBJ- no.

    Tits. Smaller than averge but ok.

    Place - 3/10.

    NS - 7/10.

    Damages 6 K (as agreed) + 1 K (hotel which was not discussed) +1 K tip + . 6 K (auto for 3+3 km). - 8. 6 K.

    The service from the girl was okok but the event before the act was strange for me.

    Can you members share light if it would be ok to call the same SP again?


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    SEA now is full of 'has-beens' and 'never-beens' of the CSW indi world. I haven't come across a single good / true profile since long.

    There was a time where SEA provided quite a few starlets of performance & satisfaction, & they weren't timekeepers or money-minded. Clients' satisfaction was on top of the mind. Priya kaur, Kirti. Just to name a few.

    But being the optimist that I am. Just as good times don't last forever. Neither do bad times. Hoping to see some good options there in future. But they are not there just yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexAndVishal  [View Original Post]
    Have any of you tried Khyati Rahel from Sea, Number ending with 7255?

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    True said man.

    NL lost its charm and it won't be into action unless a big deal happens between LE and pimps.

    Quote Originally Posted by HornyBoyForU  [View Original Post]
    As I had mentioned earlier NL is down the pits now and I see no way of recovering from here. The land has come into the eyes of top notch politicians / builders which they will not let go off for any cost. And yeah I agree you need to pay good bucks to get laid out here or the charm of LR, I so envy you guys having Delhi as your play ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeelDesire  [View Original Post]
    Had inquired in the thread earlier about the Spa but got no response so tried few days back. Didn't know whether any extras were on offer so was just trying my luck.

    Took a 8:30 appointment for a Swedish massage with a NE.

    Went on time and was directed by a guy to a room upstairs. Asked me to change and wear disposable. The therapist came (slim, beautiful, small boobs but was beautiful). Started with massage on back. Good bum massage got excited.

    Chatted a bit, but she wasn't good at communication so was a bit difficult to chat. Was aroused and chatted nicely for a while.

    Turned and the message continued, but no signs of extras no accidental brush of hand on the little one (felt frustrated). After 35 min got courage to ask when she was working on my chest.

    She didn't understand initially and then pointed to the little one and asked "You want massage dear?". I said "Yes", to which she said no as she is proper therapist and doesn't do it.

    Was left unsatisfied. But her hands were soft and would have loved a kiss her and make love to her.

    Guys anyone been there. Please tell me if extras available and I was new comer so was denied.

    Try Angelaa there. Did you got massage from Swati bro.

    Cheers bro.

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    Calling home

    Hey guys,

    What are risks associated in calling a prostitute home?


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    Shout out to all of Mumbai Mates


    Guys I am visiting Mumbai soon, will be put up at a Hotel near domestic airport for 2 weeks, request helpful.

    Souls to share contacts for out calls. Indes preferred.

    Will surely revert with be'lore contacts Inde & SP, whenever required.

    Hope to receive some help.


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    Greek God

    Session at Greek God.

    Xcellent massage etc etc.

    The lone NI Miss S. Any feedback on her? Appreciate yr response in advance!

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    Erotic night

    Yesterday did my dinner with my cutie at Bungalow 9, it was around 11.50 PM, we finished our food but the girl was having erotic feelings in her mind, while retiring back she tasted with falooda, too cold, she was shivering, gave her my jacket, warm her, so reached at her place, I told that I wold go but I already informed at my home that I am going to my friends place for night out. She was shivering like crazy, went to bathroom, started with geyser, after returning back at her bedroom, she immediately came and hug tightly. DFK lasted for 20 minutes, she literally to red my shirt, started kissing all over my body, both of them were hungry, it's time for shower, took her in my hands and again DFK in the shower, soft body became so red, started with the BJ not covered, this girl is totally master for BJ, she simply sucked my Johnny, then come to the bed we both were wet, clean ourselves a day started with 69, clean pussy, she was moaning like a hell, Johnny already became eifel tower, started with missionary, moaning like a crazy, 10 minutes missionary, hold for 10 minutes with again DFK then cowgirl, she became so horney, session lasted for 1 hour, both of them were awke, we were hungry, so she made momos, chicken one, class ever, session never stopso done with doggy and one on chair, we both of them were not tired, she said satisfy me, did almost all positions, John why released 2 times, we both slept at 5. 00 am, but Johnny banged her while she was asleep, cutest babe ever which I banged, did morning bath together and cam home at 8. 30 am, she called up in the afternoon as she was going for the spa, told her that will visit again, right now going to the spa, another session with cutest chick, all my chicks are so good that I spend many nights with them, but they didn't ask for the tip or anything, I feel that I am trusted naughty boy for them.


    Rahul S.

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    EPL is breaking new ground!

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneRanger1976  [View Original Post]

    Long time no see bro.

    My whatsapp message didn't reach you?

    I got an auto reply from your phone saying EPL is busy in a threesome and will call back.

    I mean what software buddy!

    Was it true?

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    Precious metal foliage

    Went to this MP since everyone has been talking about it. Asked for 1 hour Swedish massage. They were running a special rate of 1500. I Was offered a therapist with a name that sounded like moo. She was a large girl. Not very pretty. But I had no choice as no one else was available. Since I was already there I thought what the hell and went for it. It's a pretty basic place. Rooms are tiny curtained cubby holes. I got the "cabin" which was just about large enough for the bed. Anyway she wasn't bad at massage. And I did get HJ. BJ was refused. Nothing to write home about. On the way out I did see some cuter girls then the one I got. If I ever return I'll ask for someone else.

    Damages: 1500 + 1500 at the desk.

    Face: 4.

    Body: 5.

    Service: 5.

    WIR: not if I find something better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    I was at bandra in today evening for m tI me as "Naughty boy", my cutie was laughing so high and spectators were seeing me whether really I am naughty boy. Funny moment. Right now I am waiting at her buildings entrance, ex
    Good Night all.


    Rahul S.
    Dude waiting for tour next FR.

    Good going Buddy.

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    Thanks Rahuls2304

    Quote Originally Posted by Rahuls2304  [View Original Post]
    NE girls needs a lot lf trust, if you win the heart of any NE girl, you are gem, me having one NE therapiest always have happy go lucky time that I use to spend woth her.
    Thanks for the advise. Spent 1500 but left unsatisfied. Do you suggest I visit again and take the same therapist or try someone else who might give be cooperative?

    But I am getting a feeling this spa doesn't have extras.

    Looking for other spas. Wud appreciate if you can help me with some suggestions.

    May be in Dadar, Mulund, Thane or Parel?



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    As I had mentioned earlier NL is down the pits now and I see no way of recovering from here. The land has come into the eyes of top notch politicians / builders which they will not let go off for any cost. And yeah I agree you need to pay good bucks to get laid out here or the charm of LR, I so envy you guys having Delhi as your play ground.

    Quote Originally Posted by ActionOriented  [View Original Post]
    I visited NL today after almost a year and a half and being town side I thought for old times sake I should. Not a very good idea. As has been reported by other members, there is fear of LE and the business is run more discreetly nowadays which is similar to any other SP set up. The carefree mongering days at this haunt truly seem to be over.

    I had a couple of numbers from my earlier visits and I recognised one of the boys sitting at the bus stop, weird spot to rest his bones. Since these guys seemed to be hustling around from one spot to another I didn't bother approaching. I walked into building number one and with all lights off and doors shut I was just about to turn around and head back but S from the ground floor says Hi and takes me in through a route I hadn't used earlier.

    He had a line up of 4-3-3 (not a football thing), with prices at 1700,2200 and 3500. I have a type and it is only skinny petite girls, so I thought I should challenge myself and took the fattest chic that smiled. She had a decent face and humongous tits. Everything else was falling apart. While she was clean down there, the pussy had run out of traction 10 years ago. For 1700 bucks it was a decent fuck.

    For those who regularly monger at this place, I do sympathise. Unlikely I will visit again, unless things go back to the good old days. It's usually not useful to write off mongering in any city with short visits, but I am glad that Delhi is my playground. May be some big bucks have to be spent at Khar, another aspect which gets my goat (why pay so much for just a pop)?

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    No excavation, please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neha66  [View Original Post]
    She is Natasha from Malad. A Goan & 30 plus. Attaching picture. Now decide.
    Appreciated your inputs on Natash. But, dear friends don't you think tat's she's already a well spent one and we all need to stay away from her.

    No excavation, please.

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    Any Reviews Khyati Rahel

    Have any of you tried Khyati Rahel from Sea, Number ending with 7255?

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