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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Don't get coned

    Quote Originally Posted by Annoy81  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I need a contact in Powai, and I promise I will report back. I am here for a short of time and just contacts some people from locanto.

    But I don't trust them. And they are asking to meet at a rail station near by.

    Here is some of the photos they sent me.

    Should I trust them.

    Please advice I have one week to go in India.

    I had couple of bad experiences in the same manner, these guys sort of use the same pics around, then they send you someone else, you will get conned like this. I had received one pic in your collection long back!

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    New member intro!

    Hey friends,

    I am a new member here in this forum. I have been been basically exploring Mumbai for some time now and had very good experience with lots of spas here. I also tried for some Indies but was always disappointed as they pic that these guys share never match the person which they send.

    What Info I can provide: Long list of spas and my experiences.

    What I am looking for: Genuine Indies in Mumbai!!

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    Anybody in Bandra?

    Quote Originally Posted by MumbaiPhantom  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I've been in Barcelona for the past 4 years, studying and what not. Recently moved to Mumbai for work. Action was pretty easy to get in Barcelona, but I see the situation here is complicated.

    Would really appreciate some SP or Spa hookups. I'm living in Pali Hill, budget around 5-8 k. Any suggestions?

    Please help!
    Hi guys,

    Would really appreciate your help! Anybody around Bandra interested in connecting via WA? Please PM.

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    Hello to every kind hearted soul and friends here.

    Hello dear friends,

    New to this site. Feels great to be here. Hope for good experience here!

    Thanks and regards!

    Play safe!

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    40+ housewives, Big asses in sarees

    Does anyone know of any SP with good lineup of 40+ housewives, the kind of locals we see on streets.

    Thick brown marwadi aunties with big asses in sarees.? Kindly please share. Thanks.

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    FR at Famous Actor's spa. Darkness east

    I have been a silent reader for couple of hours on the forum. Created this ID with an intention of returning favours from all those who contributed to the forum. I would like to start by thanking each one of you who took pains in writing den their experience and making this forum rich.

    I am going to pen down few of my experiences in last 6-8 months at 3-4 MPs.

    1. Famous Actor's Spa at darkness east.

    After watching a movie at Carnival cinemas, was walking towards Station, there I saw a board on 1st floor of the building. Famous actor's Spa. It was a Sunday evening after a movie so had nothing much to do reaching home so decided to call the number mentioned on the board. Confirmed that they have local and Thai. Moreover was allowed to pay Nearbuy offer price at the counter. Paid 1299- and waited for my turn since Thai gal was busy.

    After waiting for 10 minutes at the big reception area, I was escorted inside where there was a floor bed since I opted for dry Thai massage. Since I knew the drill, changed into Dispo without being asked for it by therapist. Soon walks in this Thai gal in her 20's with milky white and spotless skin. She was short in height, may be 5.2. Very silky but short hair. I told my self, it better be an evening to remember.

    She started the massage from legs to back. Was responsive to my casual questions which sort of gave me good vibes. Must say she was smelling heaven. Though she mentioned her name, my apologies for not remembering it. Coming back to massage, it was not great however not bad as well. She did stretch right spots with ample pressure. Being a courteous gal, kept asking if the pressure is okay. I complimented her on looks and figure as I genuinely felt she was in a shape to feel.

    As I was asked to lay on my back, All the blood started running near the spot since I was getting excited. While massaging my upper thighs she swiftly moved the towel a little hence I told her that she can remove it completely as Dispo was already on. To which she politely refused. I was tensed as hell thinking what if this turns out to be no extra spa? However since she was Thai, I din give up. Continued chit chatting with her to know that she was leaving back to her country next day due to visa issue. Immediately it hammered my brain that I need to convert this opportunity and convince her as well.

    Twice I asked her to remove the towel to which she politely declined but then asked in the end, what do I want? I was like. Did I hear right? She repeated with action by shaking hand. I replied, what do you offer and what do you charge? Greedy Thai said 2 k for HJ and needy boy said, in your dreams (In my mind). Finally negotiated for 1.5 k for HJ, tits access but strictly no touching juicy door to heaven. I respected her point of view.

    Last 10- 15 minutes I kept playing with tits which was firm and apt for my hands. When I squeezed one, it popped out from space between my fingers. Nipples were soft but not perky. Oh dear, wish they were perky, I bet my tool would have not lasted more than 5 minutes. Anyways, so while I was playing with melons one by one, we both started at each other. It was a connection which you don't experience usually. May be she was faking, but I felt the spark. I pulled her close in an anticipation of a deep and sensual kiss. I was saddened by her polite no saying she doesn't like it. Since I was sad, she held my hand put it on the ass. Oh dear boy, they were round and firm. Though I was not allowed to put my hand inside, I enjoyed all the shapes from backside and front. Front was getting wet since I slowly caressed melons and ass. This was the time I told my self, try lasting more than 5 minutes to the steady and rhythmic strokes by this lovely Thai chick. And the fun ended as I released it all in her hand. She was smart enough who kept stroking after I released as there is still sensation in that area.

    She made a face looking at the semen to which I said, it won't stink. It never does. You wana smell? I did not think even once that she would actually smell it. Yes, No smelling, she said with a smile.

    She cleaned me properly with a towel and left. I wished her all the best since she was leaving next day.

    While coming out I saw a thin tall gal with wheatish complexion and blessed with humongous pair of mountains. I am going to try her next time.

    I will share my other experience as and when I get time.

    Happy and safe mongering!

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    S at R Spa in Ramee

    Bros does anyone have the contacts of S at are spa at Ramee? She's left. I checked today. And she's gone somewhere near Dilkush School. Called a spa there and they've shut down. She was nice. Do share if you have her contact. Deal small girl. Lovely tits. And great B2B. She had a slipped disc operation in recent years.

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    Please PM me the no for this girl.

    Will share one bombshell details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Appizz00  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends,

    New to Mumbai forum.

    Visiting Mumbai for a day. Got a number of a SP who sent me below pictures. 3 of one and rest 2 individual. Did anyone had any of these birds? Sps digit end with 221 quoting 12 -15 K for ST.

    Please do review or share any independent contact for ST. I can share few good contact in Pune.

    Thanks and will appreciate your response.

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    New to the forum. And swing partially the other way too (read trannys). I'm looking for a few senior members to help me out with a few inde contacts (or trusted SPs). In case anyone is interested I'm happy to share my experiences and advice on trannies in Mumbai and blore (along with contacts if needed).

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    My adventures with the Indi scene Report 1

    I started my adventures recently and this platform has given me a head start and I have my share of adventures for the past three months and I would like to share my adventures and give back to the forum, have seen many girls in this short time. My sincere thanks to Amey, BophSep and RahulMe for the leads.

    Here is my first report, lets call her A.

    Since language was a major problem I was finding it difficult to negotiate with the birds most of the time and two months back I found a lead and started talking in WA and since this was my first experience I was a little nervous on what to expect, but A was really cool and she wanted to meet in a weeks time, but I need some time to prepare myself for the deed and gave her my word and booked the hotel before hand and send her the details, on the day of the meet I was really not prepared as I had work late night and had little sleep and woke up after 9 after hearing her ring me to confirm my timings, I just got up and went to meet her, it was really raining that day and I went to dark station metro and met her, the time was nearly 2. 30 and I did not have the time to take the covers along, so took her along scouted the medical store and got everything and checked into the hotel and when everything was settled and went in, it was already 3. 30 and she had to reach home by 7 as she is staying with her parents, she ordered some tea and had a conversation for a while and I since this was my first time I was hesitant, but after a while we had a good time, I am not going to describe my encounter, but it was a good one and the time was running out after the first act and had to hurry for the second one as her mother was ringing her up constantly after 6.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Body: 8/10.

    Attitude: 8/10.

    Service: 7/10.

    Damages: 8 K.

    Place: 1.9 K.

    And since this was my first experience I went home and was constantly in touch with her and she was having a sudden shortage of money and so I paid her advance of 5 k for the next trip and that was my biggest mistake, it was a rookie mistake and did not hear from her after that with the same frequency, she had some personal issues it seems, what ever I learned from my mistake.

    Will keep on posting my encounters whenever I get time as I have a long list now.

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    May be is not coming to Mumbai at all and just Cuming using all the pics he is collecting like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by SmartVvarma  [View Original Post]
    Hi Every1,

    I am sure many of you must have gone through the same thing which I am going to write about.

    Lots of gentleman get in touch with us asking / requesting contacts. I personally don't share contact thru PM. I usually connect in WA and then share.

    Lot many times, it has happened that until the time we don't share contact, people are msging non-stop, asking all sorts of questions and general info. However, once the contact is shared, they just disappear. No msg whatsoever..

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    Nice time at country spa

    Quote Originally Posted by Qswdefrg12  [View Original Post]

    Will be visiting Mumbai for some work next week. Looking for spa suggestions near Apollo Bunder area.

    Have been to spas in other areas of Mumbai and have posted FR's for the same as well.

    Looking forward to some suggestions. Can help with spa's in Hyderabad (though the scene here is totally screwed up at the moment).

    Thanks to the members for responding with their suggestions. Visited the Country spa. Was super busy even in the middle of a weekday. Got an appointment with Ms V. She is nice and petite. Started of with a good massage with a nice conversation. Gave a very nice tickling bum massage. Discussed and finalised 4. 5 k for BBBJ and B2 B. Had a really good time with her. She takes her time and wants your feedback and will do the things that you like. All in all a really good time. Will definitely repeat next time I am in Mumbai.


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    Contacts in Mumbai

    Hi all,

    I need a contact in Powai, and I promise I will report back. I am here for a short of time and just contacts some people from locanto.

    But I don't trust them. And they are asking to meet at a rail station near by.

    Here is some of the photos they sent me.

    Should I trust them.

    Please advice I have one week to go in India.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_3270.jpg‎   IMG_3256.jpg‎   IMG_3273.jpg‎   IMG_3261.jpg‎   IMG_3247.jpg‎  

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    First report / British painter / spa

    Well gents. Have been mongering for a while though finally have posted for the first time. One can get a BBBJ from one they call 'flower' at the famous one at British painter road.

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    [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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