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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy999  [View Original Post]
    A friend has received these pics from an SP. Being quoted 35-40 K. Though pics are nice, price seems to be on the higher side. Any feedback on them?
    Sounds like a scam bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fegg123  [View Original Post]
    This is probably a stupid question. But at NL, lets say you pay 3500 for 45 minutes. Do you get more than 1 shot if you get done in 15 minutes?
    No you get 1 shot only.

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    7 energy centre MP.

    Most will know this place in iron man. Just enter the name in Google maps it's near the Mcdonalds only. Anyway I'm am going there regularly and using service no FS yet but at least HJ with top and bottom access, and light prostate massage. This time went with Stella. This girl is really good at her job. She gives a decent massage and is ok for BBBJ, HJ and DATY. She has a very good rack and nice pussy lips to play on. Good attitude for service also.

    Damages: 2 k entry and 2 k tip.

    WIR for sure.

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    Finding housewives.

    Not a FR but an update on what's worked for me. Constantly on the lookout for the desperate housewife, I have been lucky a few times on tinder, CL, ok cupid and locanto. You need to create your profile / ad on each and you would be surprised with the hits. The better the writing, the better the hits. It's a myth only men are horny, you would be surprised how many women are looking for meat all the time. The best part, it's an amateur, the orgasm real and doesn't cost you much. Wonder if anyone else has been lucky this way.

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    Wonderland at country.

    Last week had an awesome experience at country spa.

    The wonderland girl A!* is really a wonder. She seduced me with sexy moves. She has a clean body, seems to be a dancer. Lots of sucking, B2B, HJ and finally bathing.

    After having many average experiences like NL and others at Mumbai, feel country is awesome. But definitely its a big hole in the pocket 2.5 k counter + 4 K tips.

    Seniors, please help any other better like country experience at a cheaper price.

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    Any one knows her? Please PM.

    Anyone knows or taken her service? Got her contact from AFF and ending digits 227. Let me know she genuine or fake. Quoting 10 k per session.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Praks111  [View Original Post]

    I found one HW on Tinder. Claiming to be a part time WG. Her digits end with 755 and 271. I exchanged few messages on WA. She sent her pics. Quite heavy in built. Somehow I couldn't meet her because of my work. She offered her friend too saying that she and her friend can join a 3some act. She asked for 8 k for 2 hours and 3 k for her friend. She also said that her friend is open for Anal too.

    She was irritating by calling again and again. My meetings didn't permit any time for me.

    Has anyone tried her.

    Waiting for reviews.
    Hey bro,

    I had taken her services months back. The main lady is not a good looker but her Service is good. Her friend is good, slim, and excellent in service. I gave her 5 k for 2 hours of threesome fun. Negotiate for price.

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    Traveling to Mumbai.

    Hi Seniors,

    Can you please guide me. I will be in Mumbai next week.

    Will be staying near Chakala Metro station.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuks87  [View Original Post]
    Tried A spa in Brvli. Its the M&S spa branch. They have two Thai. Tried both of the them individually. Miss L & miss M. Damages 1.2 K counter and 2.5 K for BJ & DATY.

    Locals only provide HJ so didn't find VFM.
    Try going in the day time they charge 1 k counter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arjun31  [View Original Post]
    Special Thanks to JustFishing, Kingcrimson69, Pramodvijayan and RohanBlr. They were all very prompt in their responses and very helpful with the contacts. JustFishing you are awesome bud.

    Was really hectic due to work so could find time only for two sessions in M&S spa and a session of epic sex with PK.

    M&S met with 2 Ms. Js. First one was more like I won't do it to full top access and part bottom access with her on top of me grinding me while I indulge on her long perfect pink nipples. Second Ms. J was a bit more cooperative with complete access to her body and a good session of cuddling.

    Both times 1200 at the counter and 1500 to the pretty women.

    Session with PK was scheduled at 3 PM at my hotel in darkness. I wasn't very sure if she could come in without being noticed as the hotel had a strick guest policy. As told by JustFishing she is quite resourceful and she came in without any issues..
    Share contacts bro.



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    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Quote Originally Posted by HiThereAloha  [View Original Post]
    Had a lovely session at K&K with my old fav Worship. Asked her to finger herself while she jerked me off hot as hell bros! I love watching women jilling.
    I am new here, I am travelling to Mumbai next week can someone help with some contacts.

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    Spa near Airport.


    I will be having a layoff time of around 4 hrs of free time between 2 flight at the T1 airport. Can any of the seniors guide me to any near-by spa with extras. The time I have mentioned is exclusive of the reporting time.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Tester  [View Original Post]
    No. NL rates are for one shot. However, there are some who have managed two as they were regulars. But rarely they give 2.
    What are the charges we have to pay there. Please give the reference.

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    Just edit the soft copy and give it to him for filing return. Mention dummy names and tell him those are personal expenses. Thereafter you may not really require those bank statements unless your case for scrutiny.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexyKing89  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone,

    This is a problem raised now while filing IT return this year.

    Debit card statement is showing name of places I have swiped and it shows significant amount of money used in spas. Now my IT work is done by my elder brother as he is CA and asking for bank statement of last year. Can anyone help me by methods to change name of places used in bank statement. Can we print bank statement without name of places card is used to swipe. Till last year all transaction showed code number for places we swipe at. But from 6 months onwards it shows exact place name.

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    No. NL rates are for one shot. However, there are some who have managed two as they were regulars. But rarely they give 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fegg123  [View Original Post]
    This is probably a stupid question. But at NL, lets say you pay 3500 for 45 minutes. Do you get more than 1 shot if you get done in 15 minutes?

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