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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Ms Christopher repeat.

    Hello friends,

    Hope all are good. It's been a long since I got to try any new Indie. Wasn't able to find any new girl so decided to ask some old indies, whom I met before for some quality time. Fortunately miss Christopher agreed to meet at short notice on whom I wrote a detailed FR in my earlier post on her.

    Rest all went smooth and Johnny got relaxed. Tried hard to negotiate but she still remains adamant on her earlier price. May be one reason is that she is not a pro and works in the beauty sector, IDK, so she has a stable job. No change in her looks and attitude, but I felt like her boobs grew in size, seemed bigger to me and a little tummy. But who cares if I got bigger melons to suck nicely. I just guessed that stork becomes kind enough to bless her and I would like to see some flow from her Tits next time when I get a chance to meet her, who knows, just my thought.

    Salut to all.
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    Mumbai help.

    Hello Mumbai,

    In Mumbai for 2 days and looking for some fun with indie / WG, staying in malad.

    Would machi Mumbai help.

    PM Active.

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    Miss Aa.

    Was chatting with miss P she suggested to meet miss A her friend, all set waiting for Aa at highway she came by metro, 1st look she is little dusky but model features and tall girl almost height of mine, proceed to hotel have little chit chat than she goes to bath and came in night suit she have nice assets firm love to see that as usual in bed enjoyed happy return.

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    Fellow mongers.

    Quote Originally Posted by HornyPathan  [View Original Post]
    Hey please,

    share details of the spa my PM is active cheers HP.
    Please share details of the spa.

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    Clear PM.

    Clear you inbox.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny9090  [View Original Post]
    Hi seniors,

    I will be in Mumbai for a week from tomorrow can I kindly request you guys to share some decent contacts and reference.

    I can exchange contacts in Bangalore.

    Appreciate your help.

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    Deepa and Sadhana.


    Can any kind soul throw some light on below 2 contacts. Planning to take them soon but not without advice from ISGians.

    Sa- no ending with 283. Damages 12 k 2 pops plus hotel charges. Operates only at darkness.

    De - no ending with 834. Damages 5 k 2 pops. Has got her own place at [Names in Code Deleted by Admin].

    Your views would be helpful guys.


    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove names written in code. Please do not post names written in code in the Forum. You're not fooling anyone. If the average forum member can interpret the name, then so can anyone else. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustFishing  [View Original Post]
    Here's a question for all the experts here. As I understand it March end is the deadline for linking your mobile numbers to Aadhaar. I've already done it for my regular SIM but am confused about what to do about my mongering SIM. My mongering sim is in my actual name.

    So the question before me are:

    A. Should I go ahead and link my mongering sim to my own Aadhaar?

    B. Link my mongering SIM to someone else's Aadhaar. Would be easy to get the Aadhaar number of maid or driver or some such.

    C. Abandon my existing mongering SIM which is in my actual name, and get a new SIM from some other source. If see is the best option, what are some good ideas?
    Option C is the correct answer. Take a new SIM in your driver's name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny9090  [View Original Post]
    Hi seniors,

    I will be in Mumbai for a week from tomorrow can I kindly request you guys to share some decent contacts and reference.

    I can exchange contacts in Bangalore.

    Appreciate your help.

    Can you share some contacts in Mumbai, visiting Mumbai this weekend.


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    Hi guys,

    I am new to ISG, I am visiting Mumbai this weekend. Wondering if some one can any contact details.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can anybody help with the Digits of Miss E?

    Heard a lot about the famous Miss E. Would like to try her out. Can somebody PM me her digits, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigBang  [View Original Post]
    Most will know this place in iron man. Just enter the name in Google maps it's near the Mcdonalds only. Anyway I'm am going there regularly and using service no FS yet but at least HJ with top and bottom access, and light prostate massage. This time went with Stella. This girl is really good at her job. She gives a decent massage and is ok for BBBJ, HJ and DATY. She has a very good rack and nice pussy lips to play on. Good attitude for service also.

    Damages: 2 k entry and 2 k tip.

    WIR for sure.
    Hey bro,

    Even I was regular there with Stella and other lady Ms S but not regular now as their is no FS and girls also do not meet outside. In case you get to meet Stella for all services do help. She knows me very well being regular with an fake name that I told her.


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    Visiting Mumbai this week please PM me Pk details to contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by StandingJonny  [View Original Post]
    Had to short trip to Mumbai. Luckily will fellow ISG was able to meet Miss Pk within a day in Mumbai. Will never Mumbai for the reason of PK. Jealous whether Chennai would never get some one with her attitude.
    How you will able to share details.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Easy fix for your problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexyKing89  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone,

    This is a problem raised now while filing IT return this year.

    Debit card statement is showing name of places I have swiped and it shows significant amount of money used in spas. Now my IT work is done by my elder brother as he is CA and asking for bank statement of last year. Can anyone help me by methods to change name of places used in bank statement. Can we print bank statement without name of places card is used to swipe. Till last year all transaction showed code number for places we swipe at. But from 6 months onwards it shows exact place name.
    Just download your statement online in excel sheet my friend. You can edit the "spa name" t some other coffee shop or retailer name and then print it and give to your brother.

    If you don't have net banking, ask your bank to mail your statement to your email ID, it nmostly comes in formats which you can edit "either excel or some web template " formats. Which you can edit too.

    Easy done.

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    Big shout to Mumbai friends mongers.

    Is courtyard by Marriot Andheri hotel near airport girl friendly??

    Any good indies or sp nearby.

    Please pm ASAP, can invite you too.

    Thanks a ton brothers.

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    Credit Card Woes -2.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexyKing89  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    A big thank you to everyone for your kind help and suggestions, specially to ones who had actually taken pain to pm me exact different level of editing bank statement.

    What I ultimately did was, opened statement PDF in my phone, took a screen shot, so it got converted to a picture. And simply edited it in PicsArt app. By editing I mean just putting white colour on 'SPA' word wherever it was in the statement. As spa is always last word of these places it was easier to do this.

    My CA frnd said they don't upload statement, this is just kept incase there is discrepancy in filling and a inquiry comes. Even if inquiry comes, they check amount of transactions done, since I kept original transaction as it is, just the spa word was erased, so no problems at all.

    Now best opinion for further encounter is using cash.

    I used to swipe card openly as statements till November 2016 were showing code number of places we had swiped. Post that all transactions showed actual name of places as a new rule by govt to identify card usage fraud.

    I usually carried just enough money or slightly less than what is required for services plus counter charges. This was to do good negotiation with the girl saying I have only this much money. So now when I take Extra services which I never took it or hoped before, like FS or increase time of massage or took two girls together etc etc. I had to do card transaction for counter as the cash I pay for unthought service. Now since this yr onwards while filling returns it caused a problem, so now strictly all transaction in cash..

    Good on you to write back and thank all! And nice FR in Thane. Though very expensive. May I suggest once again to monger in cash for safety under another name. And use another phone (in someone's name).

    That way you'll stay absolutely safe.

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