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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    A Sad trip

    Was on a one day short official trip to Mumbai, with the night completely exploitable, decided to try some indie so went on and contacted a few fellow mongers and got some prompt replies so narrowed down my choice to 2 of them one manu and another Taniya, had a grand plan of getting drunk at night spending a steamy session with good conversations here and there, so after speaking to both of them zeroed in on taniya, spoke to her for the night and she agreed, post which I went on with my day's work awaiting for the night, but once I got back to my room it hit me that maybe as a precaution I should just stick to St and save up on some cash and if she turned out to be good I could have continued with her for the night, so called her and told her to make it a st and she agreed and in no time she was at my door, opened the door and there she stood just about 60% of how she should have looked from the images she sent me I said to myself fuck it she is already here now, maybe she might be good in bed but man she wasn't she was so god damn mechanical and expression less it felt like I was fucking a sex doll but anyways got the deed done in missionary after 20 min which felt like I was wanking by myself, post which I sent her off, though I spoke to her for 2 deeds.

    Looks- 7.

    Figure- 7.

    Attitude- 3.

    Hygiene- 8.

    Face- 7.

    Damage- 8 k.

    WIR. Nope I won't for the money I paid her she was not worth one bit.

    If you want her no. I can share but it's best if you guys pass her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNone  [View Original Post]
    You know whom to ping when you are in nemma Bengaluru.


    Of course bro. Nice to see you here after long time.

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    Anoori contact

    Hi peeps,

    Can someone help me with Anoori's contact from thane as I have lost it.

    I had tried her 2 years back. Tall dusky girl, took me to a lodge in upavan.

    Bengali chick couldn't speak hindi well. But had amazing tits, hard nipples, best pair I guess.

    She also was open for anal that time but I refused since it was my first time and it was shady place.

    She didn't come to other hotels and had her casual lodge which I didn't like and hence didn't repeat.

    Over time lost her contact in some phone, if any bro have it, please PM me. Want to bang her from behind.

    She had charged 2 k for ST 2 years back.

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    Discovering Powai.

    Quote Originally Posted by Subutai  [View Original Post]
    Old regular from holy cow got in touch, asked me to come to her new spa in Powai. Normally I would avoid the long travel, but decided to take a chance. Spa is in a nice building in the fancy complex, but a little steep. Even post discount, it was 2 k at the counter. Fortunately the old regular made up for it. Nice massage, enough teasing and a super BJ with CIM to finish. 2 k for her. WIR. Only if I'm in the area.
    Hi Sabutai,

    Your PM is full. Could you tell if the CIM was bare? I too am a CIM worshiper but if it has to be bare.

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    M-Bai report

    Hello all,

    I spent my couple of days in the bollywood city. Being in touch with Bopseph is always helpful and amazing exp. Pinged him and and bombarded with recommendations and coordinates. Decided to meet few of them. But do not want to post the big FR about all of them because. It's all the same nothing special. I guess I am kinda getting bored with emotionless encounters.

    Anyway thanks to Bollywook city King the Bopseph.

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    Help needed: urgent

    I big shout to all the bothers there, I m in Mumbai and staying at marine drive. Please let me know indies and MPs who can give a good company.

    Would love to reciprocate in Delhi.


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    Ms K or Softy end digits 470

    Well, I got a chance to visit back home in Mumbai for a couple of days from work. Zeroed in on this girl and made the call with ref. She was very friendly over ph and we fixed up meeting in the evening by 4.30 pm. She did not quote any price and neither did I ask for. On call she simply asked if I had a place as she wasn't comfortable going to her usual lodge in v at sh!. I did not have a place, to which she asked me to come to cwoods, and we will figure out something.

    I picked her up at nerul on my bike and started off to seawoods. Some chit chat on bike, she asked me to ask the autowalas about a lodge she named. We managed to reach the lodge and got in.

    I literally have to give it to her as she travelled all the way from th at n3 to cw00 DS as she was so drenched in sweat. We rested for a good 20 mins under full speed fan and AC of the room.

    She is dusky, 5.3 in height, 24 yr old marathi girl (got her age from her ID) with little tummy. After resting and chit chat, I slowly started my moves by praising her curves and lips. Took her on top of me, caressed her body, she doesn't like DFK. That's a turn off. She went in washroom to change and freshen up. I told her to come in lingerie as I wanted to remove them.

    We cuddled and had some soft fun in our undies. I removed her lingerie slowly. She asked to please turn off lights. Again minus!

    In darkness, removed her panties and felt her trimmed pussy. Did DATY for 5 mins, that turned her on like hell, she came twice.

    She gave a BBJ but it wasn't good. She's an amateur and doesn't have the skills at all, after couple of minutes, I put on rubber pulled her to WOT and then missi while she gave an okayish DFK (maybe I did a good job in DATY) and came!

    She freshened up, did a second round and dressed up!

    She never even mentioned for money! I so love this thing. The GFE feelings stay intact. I took my wallet, took the money folded it and slid it in her jeans pocket from behind while she was doing her hair in front of mirror. While I started collecting my stuff that's when she checked the cash I slid, did not utter a word about it, put it back, we checked out, I dropped her at v at sh! Station and vroomed off!

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Pussy: 9/10 clean and tight.

    Attitude: 11/10 did not feel even for a sec that am having paid sex.

    Service: 6/10 isn't that great in bed as she lacks skills, but has a will to satisfy you.

    Damage: 3 k 2 pop + 0.6 k hotel + 0.1 k condi boy.

    WIR: Maybe.

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    She had no work for long

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarat  [View Original Post]
    Interesting. What makes you think she would be in the business buddy? Or available to non-showbiz bigwigs?
    Some monger brother actually mentioned about her on ISG that she is in this business. Then I did some research on her and found out she had no work for long, then she started shuttling between US and India for work. One fucks her regularly. It seems she loves black much. It's not easy to maintain lifestyle without any work. That triggered me to think that she could be in this business but restricted to very few but high-profile people. Non-showbiz bigwigs are the ones who could pay hefty amounts for spending time with such a beauty.

    No offence but do you know her personally?

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    Contact details

    Quote Originally Posted by Amey1991  [View Original Post]
    To all my SA friends, here are some of IDs who agrees to sleep:

    Bhavi 42 yrs 10 k for overnight.

    Cheriesims 31 yrs 10 k for ST.

    Solonomad 27 yrs 8 k for ST.

    Hira69 23 yrs 6. 5 k for ST (already tried her great vfm).

    THECLOSETPXIEPRNCS 22 yrs 8 k for ST.

    Busty34 indian 36 yrs 20-25 k for overnight..
    Please share Hira69 contact details.


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    MS Su


    Can you PM her contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by LickMyDikk  [View Original Post]
    Got to hear good words about this Ms SU from a friend.

    Called to book her 4 k 2 sessions or 8 K for the night, she has no place. Had less time so took option 1.

    Booked hotel in Mira. She came by cab, beautiful looking, pure white chic, great figure though short in height. Overall great experience lots of DFK, fingerings, did 2 BBBJ and cum and 1 doggy miss and WOT, post which she massaged me. The girl has very good energy and open for everything. Great GFE and VFM.

    Face 8.

    Figure 8, no tummy.

    Boob 8.

    Ass 7..

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    You were lucky I have been trying to meet him since long never got a chance. Bospeh if you are reading you know our beer is pending and my offer remain open whenever you are here next in Mumbai Cheer HP.

    Quote Originally Posted by TutLi  [View Original Post]
    Was in Mumbai and met legendary bopseph over a beer with one more guy. It was awesome evening spent. Thanks guys, it was long pending. Was missing jasmpat as I met him every time when in Mumbai. Anyway, next time will be a blast, till then enjoy.

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    Today's Mumbai mirror page 5.

    Novotel bust article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ktc5212  [View Original Post]

    I availed her services second time at Mira Road Hotel and I enjoyed even more than the 1st time. She is such a nice girl and make to my test. Handful boobies, cute and bubble butt. I feel like keep fondling her booty forever. I made it point to take few more snaps this time. You will find her profile on SEA with name "Sexy_Dolly. Real and Dependable". You need to sign up to make her email address and phone number visible. She is not a time watcher and focuses on satisfaction of the customer.

    Face: OK OK.

    Boobs: Handful.

    Height: Good enough to stand and kiss.

    Ass: 9/10 (not big but bubbly).

    Damage: Same as before.

    WIR: Yes.

    Can you please tell what is SEA means?

    EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: There is a link labeled "Abbreviations" in the menu bar at the top of this page. This will take you to the Forum's Glossary where you will find a chart with most of the Terms & Abbreviations used in the Forum. Thanks!

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    Coming to Mumbai

    Quote Originally Posted by MuscleHetero  [View Original Post]
    Hello dear friends coming to Mumbai for s couple of days and staying at Sofitel. Anyone can give some indies contacts in the range of 20-30 K LT. I would gladly exchange for indies at Delhi and Hyderabad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rajwww  [View Original Post]
    She is 21 yrs shy. Fair, introduced by my SP. New in trade, so polite, SP said please consider her as she is new, quoted 4 k for 1 HR, I took a chance of happy hrs and the only girl available with him, and negotiated for 1.7 k, Now game starts, DFK, riming, to anal (I didn't did anal) everything was on menu. She was shying earlier but then got the hit. She was taking equal interest in the action. I like that. While cuddling she said I have my own place at CST / VT. I said I also have few friends. She said if you come to my room pay 3 k, I said how it is possible? I will give same amt I.E. 1.7 k and 3 k for night (with her own place). As I am giving here. And guess what? She is agreed. (what a negotiation) I am proud of myself. She is nice, clean. Whatever is our fantasy we can do with her.

    WIR. Definitely yes (at least 10 times).
    Can you please share her number?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You know whom to ping when you are in nemma Bengaluru.



    Quote Originally Posted by TutLi  [View Original Post]
    Was in Mumbai and met legendary bopseph over a beer with one more guy. It was awesome evening spent. Thanks guys, it was long pending. Was missing jasmpat as I met him every time when in Mumbai. Anyway, next time will be a blast, till then enjoy.

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