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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeardMan  [View Original Post]
    Anyone tried this girl "Bebu" who has advertised in sea. If anyone has reviews / FR please share.
    So far my exp in SEA wan't been tat great eventually I tried to reach out. But seems fishy so I left it. Now venturing out in ISG only and seeking seniors help.

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    Any help with Pune


    I'm traveling Pune so if anyone.

    Can provide any Indi contacts, it would be a great help.

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    Ahmedabad Trip


    I will be in Ahmedabad only for two nights (24th and 25th Juky) and need yr help for:

    1. Contacts of Indes with or without place for ST or Full Night.

    2. GFE hotels.

    I tried posting in Ahmedabad forum but not much help.

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    Thoughts appreciated

    Quote Originally Posted by Ralsdm  [View Original Post]
    Consider yourself very lucky. Keep on visiting her at least once a week with small gifts like makeup things from colourbar or Dior. These are expensive and maybe you will get yourself an NSA GF, I have known NE gals for some time and I know if they like someone they will do try and keep him happy, not expecting much in return, may be a dinner and a trip to a good club once a month. Whatever you do don't make mistake of ignoring her because if you do she will never look at you again. Enjoy it till it lasts. Good luck.
    There are some who were under the impression that I was practicing erotic story telling. The aim was to narrate the incident so that I could get advice from senior group members and I thank those who have replied. Not looking to take her out. Decided to treat her well but also make it clear that the aim is to have a good time only in the confines of that room. Let's see what happens in the next visit.

    Will inform about the place after 1/2 more visits. Although, the place has been discussed in the forum mainly for unsuccessful visits.

    To those who thought it was erotic story telling, I'll take it as a compliment. Wanted to give back to the forum as I had been more of a silent member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunandoghosh  [View Original Post]
    My one wish in this life Help please.

    Dear colleagues and senior members.

    I am writing and pouring my heart out here and please don't judge or criticize me.

    It has been a dream always to spend 2-3 hours with a beautiful girl (including sex also) in this life because I never had much of life in terms of sex.

    The girl I desired (and I am sure most desire) is the one who is very cute, educated.

    Like most of the pics we see on escorts ads on various desi sites (but all being fake). What I mean is when.

    We go outside in malls office we see so many young cute beautiful girls. My desire was to have an escort like that once in my life for.

    A great GFE exp.

    I have never come across any such opportunity / availability within my means. I was ready to spend up till 25 k-30 k but did not want to be cheated..
    As I did not receive any response to my message above; I want to request experts to kindly suggest for following: I have heard that outside top hotels like Oberio trident in evening one can find beautiful girls who are available there for sex but appear as normal girls. Is this true info. I have tried many SPs and all send girls which is far below what is promised. All pics are fake. I want to see the girl and then go ahead. Please reply.

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    Mumbai trip FR

    Hi everyone,

    I just returned from my trip to Mumbai. I wanted to yank senior members like SmartVVarma, Justfun for helping with contacts / pointers. Here is a brief summary of the tip.


    I got a contact from SmartVarma of a upscale indie, had a good time with her. Damage was 20 k for four hours.

    I had been chatting with a girl on SA who was from Mumbai. Finally managed to hook up with her as I was in Mumbai.

    She is average looking slightly on chubby but had a great attitude and GFE. Damage 10 k plus drinks and food. I don't have her digits but he SA handle.


    Got in touch through online search. He said he can sent girls directly to my hotel if I verify by calling from hotel number which I did. Had 3 girls from him, average looking and average experience, can't say GFE. Damage was 5 k for single round. Though it as not a great experience, comfort from having it in from room without traveling in the city is what I enjoyed, reminded me good old days in Mumbai.


    Had few rounds at NL. I found the quality and service had gone down a bit, but still value for money. I found it it on mechanical side, this may be because I am getting soiled by GFE experiences lately.

    DB / SB.

    Tried few of these. One near darkness station was probably find of the tour. There were more girls than men when I went in. The guards at gate didn't allow me in right away but manage to convince him somehow. A girl caught my eye and I passed her some money. The caption asked me if I wanted her to dance for me, I said hell why not. I had countless lap dances in my life but boy her dance so erotic. I could totally see how people throw there money on dbs without even touching the girl. Spent 6 k in total and called it a day. Got her number and visited same place again later in the trip, this time the guard was more welcoming.

    Was in Thane on one of the days so explored service bar in Kalher area thanks to pointers from Justfun. Arrangement here is to order drinks and chose a girl or two for company. Chose one Called Sheila who seems to know all ticks. Everything except FS seems available, probably you can take girl out to nearby place but I didn't explore that. Spent couple of hours damage was 5 k including tips, drinks etc.

    I found the street walker scene has gone down substantially. I didn't explore any spa / MPs.

    I had been with the forum for more than a decade now and found Mumbai forum always helpful. Some of older members seems to have retired but been replaced by equally resourceful and helpful members.

    I am willing to share contact I made with senior members. Ones passed by others I won't be passing on and one may request them directly if interested.

    Have fun, play it safe!


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    Good catch

    I think she is Pooja the social girl if you have her contact please share, but you don't have PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Android  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I am in touch with this chick immaP arorA (read from right to left) for past few days. Last 3 digits are 036. Asking 10 K for 2-3 hours.

    Any feedback?

    Thank you!

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    Contacts in Mumbai

    Could anyone please help me with few contacts in Mumbai?

    I am here on business trip for next 2 days staying at vivanta.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi bro,

    Since your PM is full, can you please share some more details?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharvarandy  [View Original Post]
    Greetings folks,

    It's been a while since I wrote my last report on this forum but it feels great to back in action.

    Having stepped foot in Mumbai after a good couple of years, I decided to visit the "why" spa in and around the darkness area (apologies for being vague with the details. Anyone wanting the exact location can pm me). Paid Rs 2200 for a 90 minuet Balinese massage and was appointed Miss L. Miss L is a Thai lady with a fit body and a nice pair of tits. Her massage skills were par excellence (I've had a massage in over 50 different cities around the globe and it is very rare that I will complement the masseuse for his / her massage skills). However, Miss L was genuinely very good. The actual massage lasted for 45 minutes and in the remaining 45 minutes, I had a great time with this young lady. We agreed on a HJ and a CBJ (she offered BBBJ but I wasn't prepared to take the risk) for 2 k. She's a good kisser and DFK is definitely available. If treated well, I'm sure she will provide a complete service but her CBJ was absolutely amazing and I didn't feel the need to go any further. A definite repeat for me when I next here..

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    You can try Rvr spa on central line.

    This place is safe till date.

    But nude b2 b is only available inside dry room which is 8 k for 90 min at counter + another 4 k to the therapist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamne  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    I am looking out for any safe spa at Mumbai for B2B with local chicks with big boobs.

    Kindly PM me. I am looking out for other than country spa.


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    Is she on any portal

    Quote Originally Posted by BoobLover80  [View Original Post]
    Had good fun in Mumbai at the start of this month.

    Nice chubby sophisticated Inde. Works strictly on a ref basis.

    Damages can range from 12 k ST to 25 k for overnight.

    A nice solid pair of 36 DD jugs.

    That's what caught my attention.

    Damages: 15 k ST.

    Rating: 9/10.
    Can you PM me details? Was 15 K worth it? Is she by any chance on loc can to?

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    Hi guys,

    Got some contact from few people on this forum, Tried Reetu from Jog, Since I took break from office in office hours didn't have much time in hand, so opted for ST.

    Haven't seen her, since she don't have profile pic on whatsup. Met her damn man what a size of boobs, quite impressive, little shaggy but can live with it.

    Did usual stuff, which we are suppose to do when you meet a lady in closed room.

    Boobs: 10/10.

    GFE: 8/10.

    Body: 8/10.

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    Roshni contact

    Can anyone provide me the contact details of Roshni? Have been trying for the past few days but no one replied.

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    Diana (Bh) - bad deal

    Now a days Tried my hard luck in mongering, got the contact of this MILF, initially she didn't entertained and were asking strong reference so failed to catch her. Almost left. But urge was so strong so again after tried 3-weeks and got the appointment. Reached at location & as guided to place.

    First impression is of 43+ MILF didn't like that much but in mind service was there so moved to bed room and started to take off cloths and she started Boob massage and playing with tool so started BBJ and was dreaming will enjoy next round more and proceeded to finish the first round in excitement and taken in doggy. After finishing first round she started to take cloths and looking towards me to wind up. I was surprised since the deal is of two pop. So asked her she reminded me that it was for one and not for two. This was shocked me and was feeling bad to take this 43 + for 5 K. Actually don't know what went wrong came out with mood off. It was bad deal for me. Be aware brothers. Make it clear and she doesn't deserve for 5 K for single pop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grover86  [View Original Post]
    Met Roshni through a SP from Malad. Travelled all the way from Chembur to Malad east on my bike in this rain just because of her pic - 20 yr old hot young chick!

    Well, reached the building, SP received me and took me to the flat, which had children and their mothers playing around and cooking and some other household chores just like any other house. I was taken to the bedroom by the SP amidst all this where I saw Roshni sitting in the bed with her earphones plugged in talking to somebody over phone. We exchanged smiles. I freshened up thoroughly in the clean washroom, fragranced myself with my pocket cologne, all set!

    She hung up her call by then and went to the door and locked. Turned to me smiled, slim frame from bihar with good pair of fresh boobs. I pulled her towards me on my lap and took hold of the slim waist. That was the turn ON.

    Stripped the cutie, kissed all over, she avoided DFK. I didn't push for it. She gave a decent BBJ and then WOT while I sucked on those cute boobies. Rolled over for missionary and while the act suddenly she gave me a wild DFK with tongue fights and tongue sucking! My erection doubled maybe. Thrusted her hard and came!

    Can you please provide digits of this girl.

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