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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Visiting Mumbai.

    Dear bbrothers,

    Am from Bangalore and visiting Mumbai on May 7th to 9th first time and will be staying in Powai. Can any good soul help me with some good contacts so my first trip to Mumbai will be rememebarable.

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    Mumbai Mongering adventures.

    Hello guys,

    It has been a long time since I have posted any FR recently in the forum. Recently I tried with 4 girls on different occasions in Mumbai. Thanks to my fellow mongers and seniors for helping me to explore the dreamland called Mumbai.

    1) Firstly I tried with Alifia the Muslim girl from Darkness. Her looks are good she is very fair and I like girls of such looks. She gives a naughty smile whenever I spoke with her. That really made me crazy for most of the time. Don't know if she is married but she is saying she is waiting for divorce with her husband. So I had posted about my lactation fetish in the forum and I got a reply within few days thanks for that. Now it was a festival day (Holi) when I decided to meet her. Pinged her in morning and told her about my desires of sucking milk from her boobs. To which she readily agreed and asked me to come down to her place near darkness. Due to traffic jam, I was late for 1 hour already and still, she waited for me at the place. My phone charging got over. I was in my 2 wheeler when I decided to stop over at a reliance digital store and acted like I was looking for buying a new mobile phone and requested them to charge my phone for some time. During this time she had called me almost for 5-6 times. When I turned ON my mobile I gave her a call immediately and asked her to send her location. Booked a cab from there and met her finally. She immediately took money first from me and then went to birthday dress. She asked me to remove my clothes as well. I started directly with playing her boobs first, I was bit afraid to press her boobs as I thought she might shout, I was still asking her if she has milk in her tits, to my curiosity, she asked me to press her boobs harder and a jet of milk came from her boobs. Wow man, this was the first time I experienced and I drank her milk completely. It was sweet and sometimes bit sour. I did in missionary with her fucked her for 5-10 minutes and then went off. Was really a hurried session and didn't went as well as I had expected of. But yet she is a good girl and became friendly with me. She asked me to come for 2 shots session next time so that she can please me well.

    2) I agree with Alifia and once again I met her after 10 days I guess this time for 2 hours but again this time she ditched and just hurried the 2 shots session in one hour she also didn't make me cum twice but only once and as usual took advance from me so this was another bad experience with her. Finally, I came to know that she is not that worth at all. So just left the place, hoping to find something better next time.

    3) Next was with PK, she is a Delhi girl and many FR's have been posted here about her. My mood was off due to Alifia's session as it was not as I expected so wanted to try PK. Pinged her on Wednesday and she said that she can't meet because she is in her periods so asked me to wait till Saturday. I never knew why people don't have sex during periods so out of curiosity I asked her what is wrong if we have sex during your periods. To which she gave me a good explanation and scientific one. Haha. I liked that and I was like an innocent guy who doesn't know anything really. Like a gentleman, I agreed to what she was saying and we decided to meet on Saturday. Finally pinged her in afternoon and asked her if she is cleared to which she said yes and can meet today. I called her to my place and booked a couple friendly OYO. She came in local and then took a rick and man she looked nice and hot when I met her. So already my johnny was becoming active seeing her figure and looks she is fair with good ass and boobs. She is talkative and speaks nice and naughty. Sometimes dirty as well. Everything on the plate. We headed to the hotel room and after a quick shower started the first session. Wow, she gave me DFK like never before she was just eating my tongue and all the way entered into my mouth. She liked my physic and said that I look hot and she loved my ass said most guys have Ass thin but my butt is nice and fleshy. She started licking my ass cheeks to which I asked her if she can give me rim job as well. Firstly she said she never done this before and would like to give a try. Even I had never experienced it before. It was a good try and I felt nice. She was trying to reach deeper and also fingering my ass at the same time. I wanted to return the favor but she agreed for DATY. Licked her pussy as it was clean and didn't smell. I licked her nicely after some time I came in missionary and we went outside to have dinner. The second session was also very steamy and good I asked her if she would like to try anal but she denied and even I didn't force it. She moans a lot while having sex which was sometimes natural and sometimes fake but yet was nice. I fucked her for long 30 minutes. And finally came inside her. Now it was late already so she wanted to leave but I insisted her to stay back in the hotel as it was too late and she had a long way to go back. So she slept with me in the hotel room and morning we both left I dropped her to the nearest local station and went to ATM gave her the remaining amount hugged her, handshake her and left the place. Overall was a very nice experience she is typical Punjabi delhite girl chubby and nice.

    4) Alifia kept on messaging me as she had told me during my last visit that If I was ok with a joint. Means FFM she has a friend interested to have in joint with me and was charging reasonable so I just agreed with what she said. Told her that I will meet her at darkness by 7 pm Unfortunately I got a call from my office and I had to work for some more time that day and I couldn't make it to her place. I wasn't feeling sorry or annoyed as I knew about Alifia and we should deal with some caution with this girl. Alifia started calling me, again and again, asking if I am going to come or not to which I said sorry babes I got stuck up with some work in Dadar and that I cannot make it today. The same problem again my mobile battery had drained off and got switched off. But the thought of having sex with two females at one time was making me horny and crazy all the time. After charging my phone I messaged Alifia sorry for the day and told her that I will definitely plan this well next time.

    While writing this post I have already enjoyed threesome with Alifia and one of her friend. Will post this FR shortly.

    Scorecard for Alifia.

    Boobs: handy nice fair bit saggy and plus point is lactating 8/10.

    Pussy: 8/10 tight.

    No BBJ only Blow job with condom: 7/10.

    Ass: Nice firm and round 8/10.

    Service: No DFK so bit turn off not even much lip to lip kiss 6.5/10.

    Body: 7.5/10 slim and fair.

    Face: 9/10.

    GFE: 6.5/10.

    Scorecard for P K.

    Boobs: Medium sized and nice like a young girl. She is in her 25's.

    Ass: Nice firm and round 8/10.

    Pussy: Tight.

    BBJ: 9/10.

    Service: 8/10.

    DFK: 10/10.

    Body: 8/10.

    Face: 8/10.

    GFE: 8/10.

    Thanks and cheers.

    Happy and safe mongering.

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    Need help in Mumbai.

    Hi senior friends,

    Coming Mumbai need help.

    Like indie or MP where to get FS.

    Can help with Delhi.

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    Taniya is in Bangalore.

    Was chatting with her over skype. She says she does anal. Quoting 20 k for night. Got ID from massage republic

    Quote Originally Posted by JustFishing  [View Original Post]
    Does any one know this indie called Taniya whose number ends in 415? She was very sweet to chat with on WA and we had even agreed on when and where we were going to meet but then after that complete radio silence. She hasn't blocked me so I know that she has read my messages.

    Her pics look pretty tempting. You can see them on Has anyone here been with her? Got the number of another Tanya (number ending in 5682). Not sure if both are the same girl.

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    She is Natasha from Chembur


    Those are like 10 year old pics of hers. She is Natasha from Chembur.

    Will comfortable come for 5 k for 2, even lesser maybe.


    Is short, and stumpy.

    Oddly shaped arms.





    Quote Originally Posted by SexySam991  [View Original Post]
    Any reviews of this indie?

    7 k for 2 shots.

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    Country spa Bandra.

    Dear all Mumbai forum friends,

    Has anybody recently visited country spa? I mean in last 2 to 3 days.

    Are the services available? Is it all cooled down and safe to visit?

    Any latest info safe / unsafe please share.

    Willing to bang J / A on Monday.

    Regards to all.

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    Good to see you back DD. Cheers.

    Quote Originally Posted by DesiDilruba  [View Original Post]
    Back after a long break. Anyone who knows me still around?

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    Coming to Mumbai.

    Can any provide valid contacts in Mumbai. Can replicate with contacts in Delhi. Thanks in advance.

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    Malad SP.

    Please share number in PM I can help with Bangalore & Hyderabad & Gurgaon numbers.

    Quote Originally Posted by BangBanggo  [View Original Post]
    Contacted SP in Malad and asked to arranged a housewife from Borivali. She did sent me picture earlier which was sexy but I decided to choose other girl. Yesterday evening decided to go ahead with this housewife.

    Arrived in Malad SP's place in nice blue saree. Looking super hot.

    Looks- 8/10- Nice looks with round face and killer eyes.

    Boobs- 10/10- Round, soft and large (I could play with them for long time and she was enjoying it. After my act while we are relaxing, I kept playing with them)..


    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    NL Guidance reply.

    You don't need any contact for NL. Just need to walk slowly into the lane and then when you spot the SPs (standing in loose group of 4-5 guys), make eye contact. They will approach you and ask for your budget. Then your journey will begin. In case they do not approach you, and assuming NL is functioning that day, and you are in the correct lane, take the walk again. I don't think you will be allowed into any specific brothel without a SP. So no use, even if were able to climb the stairs of the building.

    Still if you need a SP's contact from NL, PM me.

    The same approach applies to CH as well. And you heavily overpaid at CH. Going by your description, the fair price would have been no more than 1700.

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    Cindy tasted.

    First of all many thanks to the fellow brother who shared her digits.

    WhatsApp her and there was a prompt response. Fixed appointment as she was free and made some excuse at office and left for her den. Traffic was bad. Reached her place and took some time to locate her place. Kind of ok place. It was very hot. Freshened up and chatted for sometime. Thank asked her to take off her lip balm and started with DFK. She is short and was finding it difficult to adjust. Moved to the bed and DFK continued. Then she kissed me all over and I suck her petite books and perky nipples. Johnny was up but wanted to go down on her. Her pussy had a mild odour and hence avoided DATY. Fingered her for sometime and then tried fingering fer brown hole which was quite tight. Then asked her to suck my balls which she did very well. She wanted to do BBBJ but I insisted to put rubber. She did it and started with nice CBJ. Sloppy. And it went on to become deep throat. And she was making some movements on my mushroom head which was irresistible. This continued for 15 minutes until I was about to cum. Asked her to stop and started with doggy. Rammed her for 5 minutes slowly and increased the pace. Another 3 4 minutes of real fast and hard ramming and I juiced out. In the same position did DFK for couple of minutes and then took out dick and went to washroom for cleanup. In between some amazon guy came for delivery and she had to dress up. Chatted up for some more time and then had to leave as was getting late to return to office. She was kind of disappointed as I didn't do round 2. Said her that we will meet soon. Docile girl and very cooperative. She also enjoys sex as was not happy since I didn't do round 2 and she was not done in round 1.

    Looks- 5/10.

    Fig- 6/10 short.

    Boobs. Small.

    Ass- round and small. Nice brown hole.

    Service- 9/10.

    CIM / swallow- didn't tried but she does.

    Pussy- 5/10 smelly and hence DATY lovers will be disappointed.

    CBJ / BBBJ- 10/10 like porn films.

    Damage -5 k.

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    Guidance in Mumbai.

    Hi guys,

    I had been to Mumbai last month and my experiences we're too bad in the city of Bollywood.

    First of all I located NL and went over there but the people sitting down did not allow me to go upstairs I don't know if aa contact is compulsory over there.

    Then I went to oberoi house and did some research on Locanto and found out a SP's number who asked me to wait near a ATM and he will send his driver but after a while a man came and asked me to follow him and I asked him how are the girls and all but the guy was polite enough to answer my questions he said if you don't like the girl you can always back out I showed him the pictures I had received from the SP. He said [Non-English text deleted by Admin]. Later on I was into a big building with people every where I was made to sit in a room they even offered me water and he showed me 3 girls with heavy makeup and the girls were average and below average. Later on I selected the girl which was a bong with good assets and the guy asked me for 5 k and you can do 2 shots I paid him and made myself a fool later on I was taken to a small room with split AC. The girl was co-operative with all fake moans after the first deed I asked her what is the name of this place and to my surprise I was in Congress house a complete rip off for me she asked me how much did I pay I told her the amount and she started laughing. I was not in the mood of a second round and decide to walk out. The bell boy asked me for some tip and he even accompanied me till downstairs he even stopped a taxi for me and greeted me goodbye!

    Overall a complete rip off for me and I realized the Locanto SP made me a fool.

    Beware newbies especially from untrusted SP's.

    Can anyone guide me how I can crack NL like I know the directions but the people sitting downstairs don't let me enter inside.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove text not in English. While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

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    Meetali locanto.

    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyMum  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried Meetali from locsnto no ending 935? Sounds v good and classy on phone.
    This Meetali used to advertise with another name Ritu earlier. And few years before she was associated with a SP. Claims to be 20 something high profile girl. She is dusky and not so beautiful, average looking kind of, charges are very high, around 15 k for few hours. Prefers to meet in star hotels only. In my opinion I won't spend that much as better options are available. Don't go by their classy voice on phone, everything that sounds good isn't necessarily good.



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    Borivali housewife.

    Quote Originally Posted by BangBanggo  [View Original Post]
    Contacted SP in Malad and asked to arranged a housewife from Borivali. She did sent me picture earlier which was sexy but I decided to choose other girl. Yesterday evening decided to go ahead with this housewife.

    Arrived in Malad SP's place in nice blue saree. Looking super hot.

    Looks- 8/10- Nice looks with round face and killer eyes.

    Boobs- 10/10- Round, soft and large (I could play with them for long time and she was enjoying it. After my act while we are relaxing, I kept playing with them).

    BBBJ- 8/10- Played with my dick until I was totally erected and almost came in her mouth. Good deep throat.

    FS- 8/10- Try different positions, she enjoyed it or may be faking it but still I was having fun.

    GFE- 10/10- No nonsense, did not say no to anything. No time watcher.

    Damage- 6 K + 200 tip.
    Kindly attach the pic of the HW sent by the SP.

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    Forgot her name, but know for sure that she is over used MILF and pics are from few years back.
    7k for 2S is way too much for her.
    In my opinion 2.5k is more than enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by SexySam991  [View Original Post]
    Any reviews of this indie?

    7 k for 2 shots.

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