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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    UT Malad

    Quote Originally Posted by VickeyForever  [View Original Post]
    Any update? How did it go?
    They always have one Thai at Malad. Last wen I went they had Ms and. Ask for the second room with attached shower as it offers more privacy.

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    FR Nisha.


    Got contact of hers from close friend. WA her and she responded with her pic and price. Confirmed date and location of our meeting at one of the hotel at Mira road. Was right on time. Looks decent but pic shared was photoshopped. Proceed to bed. She allowed kissing but no DFK that was turnoff for me. Started to undressed her. She was wearing padded bra. Almost flat chested girl with big fat nipples. Kind a weird. Asked her BBJ which was good. Got her to put condom and pushed on her back pounded her tight pussy. Doggy was real fun. Could feel her leaking on my dick. Finally got off with her with WOT.

    Looks- 8.

    Tits- 2.

    Pussy- 9.

    Service- 7.

    Price- 3.5 k per pop.

    WIR. No. Got plenty of fishes to check off from my database.

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    Jacuzzi is now available bro at the same location priced at a whopping 10 k.

    Quote Originally Posted by WalkThisWay  [View Original Post]
    A while back I found myself wanting to try out the jacuzzi experience at Ren see. I wanted somebody I knew I would have a great experience with. So then booked an appointment with Miss T. I had an experience with her at Ren w awhile back when they were undergoing renovation at the Chembur branch. Took a ninety minute session and booked the dry room since the jacuzzi was out of commission. I was shredded that I could not try the jacuzzi. But getting miss t alone in a room has always been a good experience.

    After forty minutes of massage. Miss T unbuttoned down to the nude. I asked for a B2B she agreed. Wanted to try something new since my jacuzzi experience was no longer possible. She started with. Slow HJ and after she pretty much let me do anything to her. Her boobs are just magical. B2B was extravagant. Really enjoyed the experience. Very sexual in nature. I fingers her and massaged her all over. So wet she got! After much play, session came to an end. Took a shower with her and washed each other clean. Expensive affair. But needed something like this to get me back into reality once again due to some personal circumstances.

    Total damage.

    8 k - 90 minutes dry room.

    4 k. B2B and 2 pops.

    WIR. Maybe if I get her in a jacuzzi perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondBond  [View Original Post]
    Also known as kali chut on SEA. Do RTFF about her here. She is an ugly fat black lady in late thirties. Will offer a threesome as well since nobody will go to her after seeing her. Try her if really desperate. Hese are MY thoughts and no offence meant to anyone.
    Agree 100%. Well said.

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    Update on UT Malad

    Quote Originally Posted by VickeyForever  [View Original Post]
    Any update? How did it go?
    Nothing yet. I actually called them up, a guy picked up and I asked if there is Ms. And (Someone in the forum gave me the name) or any other Thai, he said no they have left. However, I think UT in Darkness / Ironman area does have Thais and will try to go there some time soon. If anyone have any references there, would be appreciated.

    P.S- Also looking for verified safe NL SP / indie contacts.

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    BDSM Mistress in Mumbai

    Hi everyone,

    First time here. Want to know if anyone has contact of a good sexy mistress contact in Mumbai. Here for couple of days.



    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    UT Malad

    Quote Originally Posted by Fegg123  [View Original Post]
    Planning on visiting this spa soon. Does anyone know any good providers? Do they have Thai options?
    Any update? How did it go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BridgeNair  [View Original Post]
    Help needed. I just got in touch with Riya number ending 136 from Thane. She says she has a place. Any reviews on her.

    Please put share your views in the forum.

    Check my review few weeks ago when I took her at her flat. Regards, Spigot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VivanAdvitya  [View Original Post]
    Dear mongers,

    I'm one of those lost souls who found glory through this forum. Before I begin to pen down my very first FR, god bless this forum. God bless you all and the admins of course. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I've been wanting to break into NL for the longest time but never really had a good lead. Before I continue, this is going to be a long write up, if you're running short of time. I would advise you to look elsewhere.

    First and fore most, huge shout out to senior monger Kalanamak who came to the rescue. He's such a gem person that he took so much time and patiently explained everything about NL and how to get away with it even with language difficulties. Yes, he did type down what to say. Who to contact. What're the prices and how's the whole setup like. I was genuinely a little shocked to come across such a kind person who helped out even though he had no clue who I was. Kalanamak, if you're reading this, I want to let you know that I respect you a lot. Thanks a ton once again.

    Here goes the whole walk through. I'm trying to be as detailed as possible since I know that this review might help someone else too. I reached NL, gave the suggested SP a call and asked him to come down. He did, promptly. However, I had second thoughts that he's gonna rip me off. But I went ahead fearlessly trusting my senior monger's words. It was exactly how our senior monger had explained to me earlier. SP took me to the second floor..
    Juicy FR. Looks you had a really great time!

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    BophSep is right. This sounds like another Fiza.

    Quote Originally Posted by BophSep  [View Original Post]
    Relativity good FR after going through the FR seems this Fiza is different from much discussed Fiza in the forum, Got confused Can you share the last 3 digit of Fiza. Regards.

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    Poonam update


    Have shared no of Poonam with few people in the forum. Price of indies also work on demand and supply. Please don't jack up price by blindly saying yes to any price. Don't let you dick rule your brain. Say no if she is saying higher price.

    For rest of the guys. Will share nos with you next week.

    Been mongering for last 8 years but was out of town for last two years. Managed to activate some new and old contacts. More FR are coming soon.

    Keep calm and happy mongering.

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    Hi guys. Need advise.

    I'm from Mumbai and new to this forum so will need you guys initial help. Got a contact of a 30+ yr old indie from Mira. No ending 530 also is on locanto. Anyone has any inputs for her? Do let me know, quoting 6.2 k FR 2 hrs with accommodation. Take care and have fun guys.

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    Shreya post being ditched by Pihu

    I guess its become a tradition now but cannot start without thanking BophSep. In this case doubly so.

    I had booked a hotel room and asked Pihu for LT. She agreed and hence looked forward to the evening. But 10 minutes before she was about to come I tried calling. She cut calls and then out of the blue cancelled. Something about a friend being unwell. I assumed hogwash and was inclined to call it a day.

    Thankfully BophSep came to the rescue. He recommended a few but contacting them was difficult. Finally thought of Shreya and she was available. Took time as she lived far away but I guess one cannot complain in this situation.

    I know most of the posters have negative reviews on her. My experience was not as bad. She is thin, very thin. As a result her tits are very mediocre in size. Aside from and her penchant for wanting to smoke no complaints.

    We started by finishing some beer ordered and then proceeded to have a shower. Had a good time in the bath tub and started our first session in the shower. She is tight and hence had doing doggy in the bath was great. We relaxed a bit and then continued where we left of in missionary and other positions in bed. Post a couple of more beers and food we started our next session. She is slightly lazy in WOT but gives a great BJ. I prefer CBJ and she does have a good suction capacity. In the morning we had another session. Very tiring and fun.

    Figure: 8/10.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Bust: 1/10.

    Costs: 10 k.

    WIR: Maybe.

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    Can you please give a hint on the location?

    Quote Originally Posted by GermanShepherd  [View Original Post]
    After a long time ventured a New Setup In Darkness starting with Y diagonally opposite to M&S.

    Good clean setup. Curtains only, with Thai beds or higher rise floor mattress. There are 3 to 4 Thai therapist and I got an old one Miss K while my friend got lucky with much younger.

    And better looking Miss L, while my other friend was allotted Ne Miss P. All came out satisfied.

    Miss K:1 k for HJ and TL (she started with 2 k): face 6/10, massage 6/10 (not up to the mark) , service: 6/10 - good I negotiated to 1 k which was the worth.

    Miss L: 2 k for BJ & TL face: 8/10 , massage was ok ok, BJ was awesome as per him.

    Miss P: 1.5 k for HJ and TL.

    Counter was 1.5 k but got membership immediately after seeing Miss L and getting to know BJ was at 2 k.

    They offer 20% upfront discount on menu, but I guess membership is cheaper. 15 k for 12 sessions.

    Receptionists are quiet beautiful & charming too.

    Happy and safe Mongering.


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    Damages for Nisha

    Quote Originally Posted by Priapus76  [View Original Post]
    Can you please share the damages?
    Damages are 4 K plus the hotel charges.

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