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Thread: Bombay / Mumbai

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    Nitu from Nerul.

    Is Nitu from Nerul active does she provide service please update team.

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    Can you please delete your inbox.

    Can't send you a PM because your inbox is box. Can you please share her digits. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by RajFunloving  [View Original Post]

    Big thanks to you miss E.

    Big thank you to Smart Varma Bro & NMS & one more senior who does not want to be name. Bro Smart Varma this FR is my reflection of gratitude towards you & Miss E. In short time we became good buddies.

    6th Dec: With the help of above mentioned all seniors I could met one of finest one of most caring one of most beautiful & one of very rare tigress / bomb. Thank you so much guys. Well this was last minute addition to my pre-decided mongering schedule. She is very famous in Mumbai forum. Well the most beautiful part of her even though she is connected with Show Biz Miss E is very down to earth easy to talk girl.

    I could add all this most As I have had many beautiful Russians in Bahrain, Dubai & UK & few hotties from Brazil mainly at L M parties in UK & one of top model of Rwanda; but Miss E is some one unmatched Incomparable.

    On 6th I checked at 5 star at Juhu & we decided to meet at 3 o clock. Due to traffic jam due to rains last night she was late & kept saying sorry and finally she arrived at 4 pm..

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    Sugar baby.

    The term Sugar Baby is a misnomer, a myth and a real fraud in Indian scenario. Be careful and be safe dear.

    Quote Originally Posted by GglobeTrotterr  [View Original Post]
    These sugar baby arrangements are all fraud and bull shit be careful.

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    The username says a lot about your fascination; no doubt why you get stuck at that percentage reduction. Happy and safe mongering dear.

    Quote Originally Posted by BoobsManiac  [View Original Post]
    One of the most funniest post cautioning others well in advance. And just one question in mind bro? How did you calculate the reduction of her boobs by 38.64% when she removed her bra? Sounds funny! Loved this FR.


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    Had a similar incident today with this nonsense lady Diana. She is a mechanical dumb ass with no sincerity towards service, though she talks sweet over phone and forms a honey trap. One who should be shunned and ignored by monger brothers. Had seen too many juicy FRs on her but she is worthless liar, time watcher and spit shop. Detailed FR later.

    Quote Originally Posted by VBJ999  [View Original Post]
    Now a days Tried my hard luck in mongering, got the contact of this MILF, initially she didn't entertained and were asking strong reference so failed to catch her. Almost left. But urge was so strong so again after tried 3-weeks and got the appointment. Reached at location & as guided to place.

    First impression is of 43+ MILF didn't like that much but in mind service was there so moved to bed room and started to take off cloths and she started Boob massage and playing with tool so started BBJ and was dreaming will enjoy next round more and proceeded to finish the first round in excitement and taken in doggy. After finishing first round she started to take cloths and looking towards me to wind up. I was surprised since the deal is of two pop. So asked her she reminded me that it was for one and not for two. This was shocked me and was feeling bad to take this 43 + for 5 K. Actually don't know what went wrong came out with mood off. It was bad deal for me. Be aware brothers. Make it clear and she doesn't deserve for 5 K for single pop.

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    Hi everyone.

    Though I had experience of mongering for 25 years got Navalkar lane cause of this forum, thanks a lot members for the same.

    The update is Imperial Spa in vile parle the management is changed so no more Thai therapist, all are NE girls and the massage is not worth for forget about extra service.

    Though and. L. Is the best pick Kiln Lane, grant road is worth experiencing, its much cheaper than and. L. And if you are lucky you hit a Jackpot, specially S. P. Ganesh is worth trying. In suburbs if you need girl friendly hotels then Hotel Delmon on 33rd road, Bandra or Hotel Next to quarter piller Khar (forgot the name) are good but ID. For both is must. Lastly Silver Palace, Nerul is where one can get service from 2.5 to 4 k.

    P.S. I have not written any leads in code cause I strongly believe that our police and L. E. Are far smarter than any regular member who can decode the same. Regards and no offence to any one.

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    Hi everyone.

    Though I had experience of mongering for 25 years got Navalkar lane cause of this forum, thanks a lot members for the same.

    The update is Imperial Spa in vile parle the management is changed so no more Thai therapist, all are NE girls and the massage is not worth for forget about extra service.

    Though and. L. Is the best pick Kiln Lane, grant road is worth experiencing, its much cheaper than and. L. And if you are lucky you hit a Jackpot, specially S. P. Ganesh is worth trying. In suburbs if you need girl friendly hotels then Hotel Delmon on 33rd road, Bandra or Hotel next to Quarter Pillar Khar are Girl friendly, but ID. For both is must. Hotel Silver Palace in Nerul where one can get rooms as well as full service from Rs. 2.5.

    P.S. I have not written anything in codes cause I strongly believe if I can decode the names and directions our L. E. And police are far smarter.

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    Any spa with NE offering DFK? Waiting to wet my lips from long time now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmpMax  [View Original Post]
    This is something I posted on another forum.

    I have received so many messages that betray a lack of skill or effort. So I thought I should write a general post. Hope this helps some people get more out of their spa quest, and more from this forum. No malice towards anyone, just sharing what I learned. Others are welcome to add to this.

    So here goes:

    1. Get familiar with names of localities and spas. Then the clues will click. Use google, maps, JD, littleapp, nearbuy etc. You will get both localities and spa names. See ratings on JD. Always helps to find the important places. Map search is powerful. E. g. Find spas near dominos lokhandwala.

    2. Put in max effort, ask for help only after you have tried. Many of us want to help, but we also have limitations, I personally get irritated by people who don't lift a finger. E. g. If you guessed spa name, and found number online, and someone had an FR on Ms. A, a Thai, then don't ask for pm with her full name. Not unless you called the spa, asked for appointment with a Thai and asked who all are available, and found there are two or three Thais named Ms A.

    3. Don't ask for minute details of a gal. Go there and find out. Ymmv. Tastes vary. Most of us don't like sharing details except with good friends.

    4. Don't ask very vague and open ended questions. (e. G. I am in Mumbai today, what should I do?) Do you research and ask specific questions. E. g I am in Gurgaon today and read a lot about GLS. Could you please tell me which Ms. A was mentioned in your FR?) Nobody else knows what you want. And no, this does not contradict no. 3. Another thing, carpet bombing -don't send a PM to fifty people. Send only to relevant individual. E. g. I receive So many queries for indies, while anyone who has read my posts would know I am a 100% into spas. So do homework.

    5. Finding things by yourself is half the fun, so don't be in a hurry. Enjoy the chase. It gets better as you go along and gain knowledge and skill.

    6. Play it cool, calm and confident. This does not mean aggressive and pushy. Force never works. A good bedside manner will help you crack stuff even on first visit.

    7. Practice observation, you will spot a sure thing very easily if you know the signs.

    8. Be friendly, exchange phone numbers, message and talk regularly. Once you are pals with a few, the entire circle of the gal's friends opens up to you.

    All of the above are based on personal experience.

    Hope this helps some of you.



    Thumbs up for this.

    P.S.: I am little away from the scene from last few months. Wants to get back in action soon.

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    Trip to Mumbai

    Hello brethren,

    I am planning a trip to Mumbai next week. I would definitely love to have a good time with some women. Its been a long time that I left India and to be honest I don't have any connections in Mumbai. Also I am not in a position to go around and explore myself. It's purely due to lack of time. I am assuming that there will be some people who would definitely help me out with some good contacts. I will be staying at a hotel near the airport. I would love the lady to be my guest rather than her being the host. I am looking for people who are above 25 years of age. Please if someone would be kind enough to help me out that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Would request you to kindly share the digits of Angel please.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoneyAlan  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Bophsep bro for the Angel contact.

    After the memorable time with Miss E the previous day, scheduled a meet with Angel (Chubby, Sophisticated, Good looking gal). She met my friend on this trip and she was in touch with me thru WA the whole day. Luckily I was able to wrap my work late afternoon and checked on her, she was kind enough to accept and meet within 2-3 hrs of intimation.

    Met her at a 5* hotel near Airport. She was dot on time, picked her up from the lobby. Both of us got comfortable. She was very hungry, ordered a Pizza and started having it with Wine. We spoke on a range of topics and I could see why her GFE was rated very high in the previous reports. She is very warm, talkative and makes anyone comfortable within no time.

    Started with a long DFK, which led to lot of kisses all over the body and had a normal BBJ. She uses a lot of teeth, told her and she was willing to learn. But after the BBJ from Miss PK and Miss E this one was way down. But nothing to complain, she was very cooperative and gave a completely GFE. Tried couple of positions, but since she is little chubby it was not easy, finished both the times on Miss with her legs on my shoulder. She gets super wet in no time with little fingering. Had a very quality time in this trip. Thanks for all the bro's who are always there to help me.

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    Dear Members.


    I am new reader of this forum. Want to give a try to Independent services. I'll be staying in Thane for a few weeks. I'll be highly obliged if some of you can share some contact for starters. I have been trying to find some good service via locanto but can't seem to differentiate between real and fake ads. That is why I'm posting here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunk2302  [View Original Post]
    Normally it is not on cards except for regulars and that too at comfort of particular gal. Subsequently the big money of FS attract other gals once the word spreads.

    Officially, to my knowledge, FS is not there.
    Thanks Bro,

    Please PM me your recommended gal there.

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    Hot hungry indi

    Dear brothers,

    I tried this indi Ms Sav. Ta from Thane / Vashi area about 2 months ago. I had already tried her and found her service good. Though she is not a good looker but she tried hard to please me. She is not very heavy build but average build. Her boobs are not big so I got disappointed, but her ass is fuckable.

    I called her and she came to vashi station and then proceeded to lodge. After reaching closed the door and I grab her and pushed her on bed and started pressing her small boobs. After sometime she got charged and then undressed her and then started to suck her boobs and kissed her neck and ear. She reached her zenith and got diacharged. Then I start kissing her, though she is not a good kisser but participated.

    After some time of foreplay I fucked her in missionary. Then doggy and sleeping doggy. She is amazing in sleeeping doggy. Then I get diacharged inside her in condom.

    Second round start as almost same as describwd above.

    My ratings-.

    Face- 4.5/10.

    Body- 6/10.

    Boobs- 6.5/10.

    Ass- 7/10.

    Rate- 2 k for 2 hrs, hotel extra.

    I have already repeated her. But she is a good try for one time in small budget. She basically enjoys sex and behave like a hungry tigress on bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajFunloving  [View Original Post]

    The girls I had, don't need any promotion and why should I promote any one.
    Have a blast but be safe.

    Perfectly said bro.

    Even this happens to me. I am a Sex Tourist. I go round the globe. 90 % of the time I have been very successful, even though I have been travelling new places, new countries, language barriers.

    People just can't accept good FR's and they think its a fake.

    But its their point of view. Well may be they have not been so successful yet. But may be one day they will.

    So keep posting FR's which is a donation to sex community.

    Till now I have been to Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Kajakstan, Netherland, Hungary, Czech, Italy, Austria, USA and more.

    But the best Girls I have found are in Indonesia.

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