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Thread: Calcutta

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    This bird is required.

    Hi bros,

    Any body know about this bird please please let me know.

    There will be a missive favour for you from my side.
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    Spa visits.

    Visited Pravada beside them highway dhaba on Friday.

    Was assigned a dark heavy typical bong chick Bijaya.

    Very talkative. No skill of massage. After back turned front up. She asked what service I want. Settled for TL + HJ for 1200. Nice heavy tits but not sagging.

    No kissing. Quoted 2.5 k for FS. But too heavy for me.

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    Kolkata experience.

    So I didn't get any help from any of the members in the Kolkata forum so ventured out purely based on the posts and google maps with a little help from NB.

    Tried the spa near Park Circus which many were talking about and seemed closest to my hotel. Paid at the reception and was assigned a Thai therapist. She was pretty and petite I should say and very friendly. Midway through I casually dropped the question. She said yes we have extras and I selected B2B with CBJ. (I had my own condom with me as I don't like a BJ without one and always good to be safe.).

    And then the next 15 minutes very ecstatic. She was all over me, and allowed me to finger her as well. I guess she would probably have given me FS as well if I had controlled, but I exploded all of a sudden.

    WIR- yes, do give it a try once.

    Damages- 2.5 k for massage, 4 k for CBJ, B2B which almost became a FS.

    Looks- 9/10 (if you like Thai).

    Attitude- 10/10.

    Boobs- 7/10 - small but perky.

    Body- 8/10 - petite body, I like the curvy ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldMonk79  [View Original Post]
    I'm traveling to Kolkata this week. Would be great if you could share some contacts for a GFE experience. Looking for independents. Help assured in case you guys plan to travel to Bangalore.

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    Sonali SP.

    James sir.

    Thank you very much. Was a good reference. Sonali has A lot of HW. I met one today at very shortnotice. Was slim and big boobs like and 36. Around the age of 32 stop she was willing to do almost anything and everything. Even BBJ. Almost like having an affair with my neighbours wife.

    She was cooperative and horny. Had nice fingering and. She even let me insert my finger in her ass while doggy. Played with my balls while sucking my sick and I took her head and pushed it right into my body and she engulfed the whole thing. Would have cum like that only.

    She is good if you like dusky beauties. I prefer someone more fair.

    It's was good session. Thank you sir for this contact.

    Ratings are as below.

    Looks: 5/10 (she is a boudi).

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Service: 9/10.

    WIR: no as Sonali claims ayochave around 10/15 bounds. She some girls as well. Will try them next time.

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    Manju contact

    Could any kind soul share the new contact and ref of Manju? I have the old number ending with 506 which doesn't work.

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    Indies in Kolkata.

    Recenty had a really wonderful exp with an indi in gurgaon. Being into this for a long time this sort of exp, I must agree its is really hard to get this in kolkata.

    We all talk about SP, and couple of SPs in kolkata.

    We also all know that there are leachers in this forum and online stuff like locanto is full of fake profiles.

    Who don't even care to write FRs or a single liner to those who helped.

    I m lookin for fellow mongers who are interested in indies of mid range.

    Ping me if you have an encounter of those.



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    Quote Originally Posted by KolkataMonger  [View Original Post]
    Oh. What is the going negotiable price for B2B in these spas and how much for FS? Also, any recommendation on GFE in spas or inde who have a place too. Thanks.
    FS is on the range of 2.5 k. B2B is on the range of 1.5 k. I could be wrong though, my experiences are limited.

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    Bong MILF.

    Hi Amit,

    Please extend me the contacts and pointers to the place and her name on PM.

    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by AmitJha  [View Original Post]
    This is for real that I met my dream Bengali MILF at a spa recently. Beautiful smile, curvy body, attractive face, little shy initially but total GFE. Would remind you of your fantasies. Massage was good according to Bengali standards with hints in between. I asked her to remove the dispo in between and she didn't say anything. Later I popped up question of extras and to my surprise she just asked for 500 rs for handjob with top access. When I asked for B2B she first said no but later I think she also became horny and said yes just for 1 k. It was mind blowing experience for me. I even did grinding in doggy style and sucked her boobs to the fullest. She was extremely caring and gentle.

    GFE- 9/10.

    Boobs- 8/10 (Soft and Medium Size)..

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    Need help.

    Dear members,

    I am new in Kolkata and this forum too. Will request for some inde contacts, housewives or college / young girls. Ideally someone who has her place too. Also any contact for good service provider or spa. Any contacts will be highly appreciated. I have just taken the subscription here, so please PM me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mushafir  [View Original Post]
    You have paid too much for B2B.
    Oh. What is the going negotiable price for B2B in these spas and how much for FS? Also, any recommendation on GFE in spas or inde who have a place too. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KolkataMonger  [View Original Post]

    I am new here. As per the reviews of other members, went to two spas in last two days. The O spa on Kasba near the mall where an local refused to offer any extra Saint that she doesn't do that. But she was pretty and gave an awesome massage. But Jhonny was not satisfied so today went to Orchid near Minto Park and what a memorable session it with a lady called M. I have read about her here and yes she was good except of course the massage was okay-okay. I paid 3 K for B2B.

    Can senior members suggest some Inde HW or college girls contacts and any other spa which is a must visit.

    Thanks once again seniors and other members.

    You have paid too much for B2B.

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    Sharing the number of Deepti.

    Can you please share the number of Dipti as I regularly visit Kolkata.

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    Ebony in Calcutta.

    Hey guys,

    Does anybody know of Ebonies in Kolkata?

    Please PM in case you have some contacts. I can reciprocate with some in Bangalore.

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    Oh Calcutta!

    Been a whirlwind 2 weeks of SG, MPs and Sonali SP and I'll be leaving soon.

    MPs- went to quest mall thai spa and the hammam spa on sarat bose road. The ambience is definitely much better than most places; however FS was not quite to my liking. Single bed limits positions. If you are looking for discretion, goo surroundings and thai chicks I guess its OK. The oil massage was good but not as good as Bangkok. Would have loved a soapy or oil Thai style- think nuru massage.

    Sonali SP gets a bad rap here, but she was rather upfront with me. I first met priya (her photo's here somewhere). Typical dusky bong beauty, mostly GFE, very sensitive about her boobies tho. I liked here enough to make a repeat visit. Sonly told me should get a boudi and she delivered- I accepted thinking it would be a nice change. Didn't work out- I guess I have been spoiled by the allure of youth. No faulty of Sonali's.

    SG. Naya 10 Shweta top floor is a sweety- available only after 5 which made it difficult for me to fit evening engagements, one of the best breasts I have encountered. Tanya same building is a young girl with thick ass and big tits- nice attitude. Rina in Shanti palace (or was it ganga yamuna? Khushi- one of the tightest pussy ever- painfully so in fact- needed a lot of KY jelly. Bharti is Sangam- man she is a wild cat with an amazing hip to waist ratio- tits are OK. Manisha- new girl in 12- just 4-5 days now. Spent 2 hours with her on 2 different days. Accommodating but a bit of a cold fish unless you can arouse her. She likes wot.

    Haven't met any decent SPs yet. Will try in next 2 days and perhaps an SG visit too.

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    SG rates.


    Would be visiting Kol in last week of December, Few Qs:

    1) What are the SG rates now? Is 3.2 k the standard rates for premium Baris.

    2) Not able to pay for membership via SBI Virtual card anyone else facing similar issues? Any other option.

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