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    Menaka bari

    Can you give me the details how to go dream house Shanti palace, exact location from Shobhabajar metr.

    Hi buddy,

    Thank you very much for your information.

    Can you give me, describe me the exact location of Menaka bari?

    If I want some mid age good looking woman then which building is best and damage?

    Please suggest mate.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Priyanka AH & Mahua from MT

    Just curious to know why no one is writing about Priyanka AH and Mahua from MT.

    What has happened to them.

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    Kolkata contacts

    Inspite of my repeated posts on sp / pimps in sg, some friends ask contact no. Oh dear, it is an open market just like a shopping mall. Go, choose and bargain. No need of particular pimp.

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    Advise for a visiting mongerer

    Hello fellow mongers,

    Need your precious tips for a bloke from Delhi. Putting up a hotel in Kalighat this Thu+Fri and was hoping peeps could guide and advise as to nearest destinations to venture for some action. Price no barrier. Safety a priority. Not sure if my Treebo allows CSWs on site but let me figure out. Open to grabbing a beer and venture together too.

    Till then, cheers mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmTheBest  [View Original Post]
    What was the damages?
    IK at the desk (specify dry massage).

    2 k to the lady. Including everything up to A+.

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    SG map

    Here is SG map. This map was made by an old member probably named john voldermont. . Shanti palace is besides Dream house.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sg map New.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunAtWork  [View Original Post]
    Rumpa is her name. She has quite an attitude. In the past she was offering services discreetly, but now it seems that she is more aggressive. Have her contact details. Available for sharing with members who would reciprocate with their own Independent contact first. Kolkata Forum is not at all friendly and very few help unlike other forums. So this step needs to be taken for those who are here to spoil the forum.
    I am new I do have few contacts we can exchange please PM me.

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    SP Akash

    SP Akash is very notorious.

    He'll show pics of some chick and you will end up banging some other chick paying the same amount of money.

    I once had a major argument with him regarding this behavior.

    I even threatened him to get him beaten up by local goons if he tried to act smart with me.

    Since that day he addresses me as sir and only offers me chicks whom he can actually provide, LOL.

    I would suggest avoiding these kind of SP's.


    Quote Originally Posted by CrazzyMonger  [View Original Post]
    You are absolutely right.

    SP A did same thing with me with. Will never repeat this SP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiFunda67  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday got a contact of a 22 yr old indie. From suburbs. Excellent service. Very very eager to please. This is my first post. Hence a short one. Average looking chick. Slim but fleshy figure. Ready to do anything. A newbie. Got turned on very fast. Tight and wet. Undressed herself quickly. BJ done very eagerly. But lacks expertise. Wot. Miss. Doggie. Eager for all. Started moaning from the very beginning.

    Please share any indies contact senior members. I am new here and need leads.

    Face- 6.

    Boobs- 7. Tight. Over sensitive.

    Pussy- 9. Tight.

    GFE- 10.

    Overall- 8.5.

    Damages- 2000.
    Can you share the contacts [Email address deleted by Admin]? Thanks!

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrownCuckBoi12  [View Original Post]

    It's difficult to share contacts with you as you don't have PM facility.
    Can any senior help with contacts of indies in and around north Kolkata Saltlake dumdum Newtown! I am new to the place. Hence looking for petite HW or girls.



    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Show something and give other thing

    Quote Originally Posted by Roddick  [View Original Post]
    Got her no from her fellow ISGian. Contacted her thru Whatsapp and was sent a bunch of pics, mostly so-so profiles except 1, chose that exception, a pretty, fair, slim MILF and duly fixed an appointment on weekend. Reconfirmed with a couple of time to make sure there is no confusion. Reached the den near Gitanjali metro, in a very peaceful, residential area. Maybe its too quiet. Any outsider sticks out very conspicuously like a sore thumb. Anyway entered the den and found its very dark inside with no light on. And surprise surprise, the profile has transformed into a plump, dark, middle-aged lady with very ordinary looks. But the SP insists its the same gal only sent profile pics had been " beautified " thru some software. Don't know which software it was but I am sure the directors of Bahubali would love to use the same. I am sure their movies would have been twice as successful if only they had access to this miraculous software! Anyway after such a long journey, was in no mood to argue and settled for her, big mistake. The profile had good attitude and tried her best but the KLPD had totally ruined the mood. Completed the deed in a hurry and left.

    Looks: 5.

    Attitude: 7.

    Other: Not worth mentioning.

    WIR: Hell No!

    Damage: 4 K, what a waste, was not worth more than 1.5 K.

    Fellow ISGs should shun such "bait and switch" operators and just walk away if the profile is switched, only then these SPs will change. SP Akash also tried the same stunt a couple of times and since then I have been avoiding him. Just walk away if the profile is changed. No point wasting money!
    I also asked for pic to SP-Sonali. The pics given was all thrash. In fact when I asked for more better standard the pic she gave was so ugly that I deleted it before I could see the clear pic in my Whatsapp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSexGuru  [View Original Post]
    Night Lovers, Prem Bandhan, Ganga Jamuna and Neel Kamal, 12 No, Rupashree, Dreamhouse etc are all good buildings.

    Also, in my experience, select a girl who smiles at you, since she will probably give a good service.

    You could even tell her that you selected her because of her smile and that you love her attitude.

    These girls are very seasoned and very tough inside, but they appreciate a good customer.

    You can even tell the pimp your requirement and ask him ti ensure the girl will give what you want (WOT, DFK etc are not normally done by most girls in SG, so ask for it).

    I would have loved to personally contact you, but you see, I stay under complete secrecy. You know why.

    I monger alone only and stay totally undercover.
    No worries mate.

    I will raise a toast in your name.

    Next you hear from me are the reports.

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazzyMonger  [View Original Post]
    Have got these picture from an SP operating near baguihati.

    I'm planning to take his services.

    Has anyone tried them?
    Have tried the first one. North Kolkata. She is good.

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    Will never repeat SP A

    Quote Originally Posted by Roddick  [View Original Post]
    If you get these girls, good luck to you and share your FR! Only caution, this SP A has bad habit of "switch and bait. " I have been promised this one on at least 3 occasions, but each time the actual profile given was someone else! Good luck once again to you!
    You are absolutely right.

    SP A did same thing with me with. Will never repeat this SP.

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    Any hint of the name of this MP

    Quote Originally Posted by Iaminforsex211  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellow mongers,

    While I have been following this forum for sometime now, it's the first time I am posting here. Thanks to all seniors for letting this interactive forum.

    Now coming back to the spa review. This is located in South Kolkata and this is in place for last 8 years. In fact I have been visiting this for few years now. All kind of girls available here from college girls to HW to MILF.

    My personal favourite is the one who claims to be from new Alipur. She is friendly and gives BJ, HJ and FS without anal. Real good quality. The massage is as well relaxing. Nice part is that she gets you to bath with her post the session. Other girls are also good.

    I am ready to continue at this place for long. Tried to check all posts for indication of this MAP but found none.

    Damage: 2100 for massage + 1500 for FS.
    Hello bro!

    Can you just give me a hint of the name of the MP or location direction? You don't have PM facility, and also name of the therapist from new Alipore.

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