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    Your PM is full please PM me the contact.

    Hi bro,

    Your PM is full.

    Please PM me the contact details with reference if you feel so.

    Cheers to mongering!


    Quote Originally Posted by Rocker123  [View Original Post]

    Contact of Moumita available. She need sex. Pm me for contact. She offers heavenly sucking.

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    She is asking for advance through paytm these days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocker123  [View Original Post]

    Contact of Moumita available. She need sex. Pm me for contact. She offers heavenly sucking.

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    SG SP contact

    Visiting Kolkata tomorrow, planning to go to Sonagachi area.

    Please share the contact of a trusted SP there. Do you pay to the SP or he gets the cut directly from the WG.

    Also can you just go for a dance and then decide for the deed later as per the dance?

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    Moumita contact

    Hi buddy,

    Will be ever obliged to get a contact of a good sucking female as I like that better than intercourse.

    Contact of Moumita available. She need sex. PM me for contact. She offers heavenly sucking.

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    Spa experience in the City of joy

    I was in Kolkata for a couple of days last weekend and was looking for some fun in and around the Park St area where I stayed. So I chose a thai spa located at Hungerford St.

    Called the spa and fixed the time. Walked there in 20 minutes and paid 2 k at the counter and waited for 5 minutes and the guy showed me to the cabin which was in the corner.

    It was decent even though the mattress was on the floor, guess it's better than just a spa table which is not convenient at all.

    Was asked to get changed into the disposable trunks. I went in and had a quick shower because I was a bit sweaty from the walk. And just when I was coming out of the shower the girl walked in and asked me to lay down on the mattress.

    She was a quite pretty NE girl with a good figure.

    Was about 99% sure of the extras by this point so didn't negotiate anything with her. About 10 minutes into the massage she asked if I was interested in anything more and I asked what was on offer.

    She gave me the list and the rates I countered that I want everything and FS for which she quoted 5 k I laughed and said 2 k for everything we quickly settled for 3 k. The clothes were off in seconds and she started grinding me and I was feeling her smooth fit body. She had a rocking body under that hidious sap uniform. Tight ass and excellent tittes with perfect nipples. Sucked on them a bit as she started working on me as I was rock hard. She then gave me a quick CBJ and she mounted me and I slipped inside her easily thanks to the sloppy BJ. I was enjoying the view as she rode me for about 5 minutes and the I started to work my hips and thrusting and she became little wet. I got on top of her and did a little missionary and graduated to the rocknroll position where her ankels were on my shoulders and I was on top of her and in no time she was gushing and was very wet in two minutes in this position and I came in about 30 seconds after her.

    A bit of chit chat and she went to shower and came back for a bit of massage and about 10 minutes I told get to finish as massage was nothing great. (She was too small for me).

    Dhruvninea a senior here who also offered to take me to SG that evening but I was totally knackered from the work earlier in the day. Will definitely try to meet him up next time and go on a joint venture.

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    Contact of Moumita available. She need sex. Pm me for contact. She offers heavenly sucking.

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    SG dairies

    After long time got a chance to visit the area. Was not in the mood for FS. So made up for dance. First our regular pimp took us to 12 no and I got caught sight of a beauty just in between first floor and ground floor entering from the left. Pimps call the room der talla. But as we were excited to see more birds so kept on searching finally out of energy went to second floor of rupasree and chose a busty meaty bird. Dance was good. She was tempting us to go for shot. It was already 12.30 night so packed up. While going out her thick butt was so tempting that one of my friend asked her for anal for twice rate. That means 6.4 k. She told she won't even give her for 30 k also. We then gave her a see of and went out. Wanted to take another dance at that 12 no for dance but was busy. So told the pimp to call a COB and we headed to esplanade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuMonger  [View Original Post]
    Hello fellow ISG bros.

    I have been inactive for some time as work was hectic and free time was mongering time) Another reason is I forget the SG girls name unless I visit multiple times!!

    But Please allow me to share my view on SG and maybe inspire a few to venture out there.

    We have been visiting SG regularly, avg once a month. I am lucky to have some of the seniors here as team mates. We have hunted jointly in southeast asia, but the magnetic pull of SG is so magical. We keep drifting back and join up in Kolkatta from Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad, Mumbai, Surat,& Delhi.

    It is a different mystical world and to soak in its bliss one needs to think only positive, see only positive. One major attraction personally is the interactive dancing of these girls. For every 10 hours spend dancing, I have one lancing.

    Do not see the dirty streets. See the lovely ladies. Don't be intimidated by the cops. They are there for your protection and they charge for it from the pimps. The pimp is your shield. Don't go hunting without your shield. I feel safe here.
    You are just awesome.



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    Hi all,

    I would be visiting Kolkata soon.

    Friends are requested to guide me regarding SG, as \I heard lot about SG.

    I heard that in SG shots and dances are available at reasonable price.

    Thanks in advance to all seniors!



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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoGuy11  [View Original Post]
    Airport transfer.

    Both pickup and drop.

    My trusted guy with his trusted Taxi driver waiting for me as I came out of arrival gate.

    A whirlwind round of the premium buildings.

    Several babes.

    2 shots.

    Lots of Dance.

    6 hrs of complete bliss.

    Drop at airport.

    Why should I go anywhere else?
    Please tell me the details or contact number.



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritesh3978  [View Original Post]
    Hello mongers!

    We can go there in SG for dance and shot, I know a very good pimp who will show us as many buildings as we want, so that it can be cost effective. We will definitely enjoy. We can go 3 4 person together. Anyone interested please PM me. Want to go this week.
    Please can you give me the details of the pimp.

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    SG visit, Heena, Kp

    Visited SG for a dance with a friend.

    Took Nitai the pimp.

    Went to roughly 10-12 buildings with him.

    Finalized Heena of Kanchan Palace, 2nd floor.

    Dance was okay, rather poor.

    She stripped for the last 3 dances.

    She completed the session in 45 minutes and when we told her to dance more, she clearly refused.

    During the session she was rude saying don't touch here and there, even during the nude dances.

    You are a working girl, we're paying you to touch you here and there.

    After the session was over she accused us of misbehaving with her.

    We called Nitai and he didn't say anything.

    We fucked Nitai after that, I even threatened to complain to Ajay Mukhia regarding this behavior of the girl and Nitai.

    Do whatever guys avoid this Heena of Kanchan Palace 2nd Floor if you love your hard earned money.

    And also avoid Nitai the asshole pimp.


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    Contact details in Kolkata and Delhi

    Share your arrival details, contact, budget and stay / hotel. You will get plenty of help buddy.

    Safe mongering.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan40  [View Original Post]
    Hi everyone,

    I am a 40 years old settled in Melbourne from the past 18 years. I am coming to India for a very short visit. I just came across this site when I was trying to extract some information from the internet. In Melbourne you don't need a form to find out about workers and spas. I know it works totally different to what it is here and Europe. I am on a tour to Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai as they say. I am coming after 12 years. I have never been to Kolkata and Mumbai and had been to Delhi 22 years back. So friends I need some help from you. I want to know any hotel in Kolkata that is decent and will let me take my guest with me without any hassles. The next thing is can anyone please help me out with the numbers and names of some ladies who work independently. Who will be willing to come to my place. I am happy to travel to their place provided they help me out with proper direction. I don't speak Hindi. It will be a great help from you to your fellow brethren. I don't know how the system works here I mean to say whether it is a barter system or what. Well if that is the case then I am really sorry I don't have anything to share with you guys in India but rest assured if anyone travels to Melbourne or Sydney I am more than happy to help you out. Hope you will not disappoint me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by IndieFriend  [View Original Post]
    Finally, found the spa near Hind Cinema the info for which was not being published by the author of the post even after repeated requests by various members.

    It is called "Sobuj Drishya" - translated into English.

    Look it up and give a call near Lenin Sarani and a pimp will come and take you to the spot.

    You can choose your pick. There were 8-9 girls, out of which 2 were BBWs.

    2.7 for the hour + .5 K tip to the girl for FS. She asked for 1 K more for BJ which I refused.

    Nice MILF with ample backside, but no anal allowed.

    All in all, a nice session. Will repeat after I sample a few other spas.
    The earlier report by enjoyenjoy on the MP mentioned damages of 1. 5 k plus. 2 k tips, inclusive of BJ. Why overpay? By the number of your posts I acertain you are new here, don't make judgements with your dick. Don't overpay and mess it up for everyone else. This is why people are hesitant to share here.

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