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Thread: Calcutta

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    MP Contacts

    Dear Brothers,

    Following your posts on the forum, I could crack the Bangur spa and ventured last time when I was in your city. I thank the entire forum for this help. The experience was also good. I would be visiting your city once again early next week. I would have a total time gap of 4:30 hrs between my flights. Can you guys help me with a good MP with sexy therapists (good boobs, slim-avg body) with eagerness to please? I would like to try something other than my previous MP. The closer the location is to the airport the better, as you would imagine. Donno if there is some one I should try in the airport spa?


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    My first post

    I am new to this forum, but a very old Kolkata enjoyed. Especially Sonagachi, I have visited all premium buildings for last 2 years regularly. I will give some recommendations in my next post. Reading this forum from a long time. Pardon my weak English. It's just due to my excitement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VictorTango  [View Original Post]
    Hey fellow mongers,

    What a treat I had 3 nights back. I've made a good friend with this SP in Kolkata. He managed to lay his hands on this one beautiful girl Aditi. I'm attaching her picture, let me know if any one else has had her before. So this girl is amazingly thin. Size zero literally, but that's only her frame. Her breasts are size XXXL and super soft. She's apparently struggling in the modelling line, while her beau is out in Sea.

    She let me go down on her. Gave me a lustrous BBBJ and we did all the mechanics I've ever learnt.

    I thought of posting this earlier, but couldn't find the time.

    Damages: 8000 + Tip: 500

    We negotiated for 2 hrs at my place. She ended up staying the whole night. And it was totally worth it.

    WIR: hell yeah.

    P.S. The SP has an absolutely zero tolerance for time wasters and rude behavior. So if I'm passing this contact on, please don't mind if I ask to verify you don't fall in any of those categories! It's just so I don't loose him.

    Do you have your PM activated to share the no? Please do so so we all can share more contacts.

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    I completely support you and SomeBoy. If the chemistry is good you can get all kinds of services even from the premium girls. It all depends on the chemistry.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenTree  [View Original Post]
    I did not want to get into the middle of this but I can confirm that I had got BBBJ from Pooja of PB 3rd Floor. Can't vouch for the other girls. Also in SG it depends on chemistry so that's why I prefer not to mention names of girls who have given me BBBJ's. In Premium buildings never ask in front of Pimp. Also on first visit chances of it happening can be ruled out.

    I just wanted to add this as RajatKothari45 is trying to completely discredit SomeBoy03.

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    It's not your fault mate. So stop apologizing. You have not done anything wrong. You just re-posted a pic which is already present in the forum.

    At the very first place whoever posted her pic should not have done it. Many mongers here may think it is kool to post indes pic publicly since we are buying their service. At the end we do not realize by doing that we are jeopardizing the whole inde scene.

    The way we try to maintain privacy while mongering, the WGs also expect the same.

    At ReallBvsgye: If you really care about your friend then tell her there's an option by which pics can be removed from the forum. Read forums policy of removing pics and help your friend accordingly.


    Quote Originally Posted by Krazen  [View Original Post]
    I apologize to all members who have requested me for contact number of Jyoti. I am sorry but I will not be able to share her number as it seems there are some issues with sharing her number even on PM. Please contact ISG member "ReallBvsgye" with your queries since he thinks I made a huge mistake to share her details even though I found her picture from an old post by another ISG member.

    I got this PM from him.

    I don't think I made fun of anybody. I try to be nice to everyone around me. Try read some of my old reports and find out what kind of a guy I am. I don't even know what we all are doing here on this forum if we are not here to share contacts. We might as well delete our accounts.

    I will be happy to share my other fantastic contacts with someone in lieu of Jyoti but that will be in Hyderabad since that is where most of my contacts are. Apologies once again. I never meant to offend anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajatKothari45  [View Original Post]
    Yes PB top floor Kareena (30% satisfaction BJJB), kajal (15% satisfactory) this is a worst girl, BTW Pooja, Jaya and mahi, poonam will kick you out instantly.

    No 12 only two girls (both on leave now and will return by may end, but you need to repeat them couple of times to make them agreed) , will name after return.

    Kanchan Palace (only one girl, she's the cutest one all over SG, my best friend, no way, I will not give her name.

    And so on.

    Need BJJB? Just go to cheap bong houses, baudis / bhabis, they will do it and costs really less 550 to 1300 max to max (no AC and dingy rooms).

    Take protection always whatever you do.

    SG rocks, three cheers for SG.
    I did not want to get into the middle of this but I can confirm that I had got BBBJ from Pooja of PB 3rd Floor. Can't vouch for the other girls. Also in SG it depends on chemistry so that's why I prefer not to mention names of girls who have given me BBBJ's. In Premium buildings never ask in front of Pimp. Also on first visit chances of it happening can be ruled out.

    I just wanted to add this as RajatKothari45 is trying to completely discredit SomeBoy03.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunit0704  [View Original Post]
    Does she have a sexy eye? I am attaching her eye pic please confirm it.
    This is Eska / Ishika of SG Bldg #12. Completely different girl from which BhopalGuy4U went to.

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    Nopes buddy, she was a bit dark. Not this fair.

    BTW how much she quoted for her?

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    Reshmi at Bangur Spa. Avoid

    Quote Originally Posted by YugiSingh  [View Original Post]
    Even Reshmi offered me unprotected sex to me though I carried protection based on the inputs from the mongers. Yeah I agree even though she is bulky, she is good though I've not tried others as I went only once.

    There were plenty of girls when I went last time there, around 7-8 and saw some are with the type you are looking for. But they change quite frequently. So try your luck.



    I strongly believe, if a working gal who offers unprotected and that too when condoms are there implies something is majority wrong. In my opinion one should avoid this chick totally unless you are a Russian roulette player.

    Guys, thanks a ton for warning me. She was a hot favorite of mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BhopalGuy4U  [View Original Post]
    Got the contact of the Gitanjali SP by a kind ISGian. Thanks buddy.

    Called her and fixed the meeting for 6 PM. She asked to to get down at Gitanjali Metro and directed me from there on call. No pics provided on whatsapp, however said that I will like the girl. LOL.

    Went there and found that there are no ATMs nearby. Had to hop on her Husband's Cycle to the nearest ATM for Cash. LOL. Years have passed being on a Bicycle.

    Anyways, returned and saw a Punjabi Girl. Ishika / Ishita don't remember her name. Dusky but with decent figure, belongs to Haryana as I could make out. BTW she doesn't remember where in Haryana. LOL LOL. Had a decent session with her with BBBJ, CBJ (as she feared I might CIM. Hehhehe) and Cowgirl..
    Does she have a sexy eye? I am attaching her eye pic please confirm it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 123.jpg‎  

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    Can anyone pm me the number of Sita bhabhi of KD in SG. Also name of any decent looking gal there who gives excellent BJ along with CIM.

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    Looking for North East girls

    Hello fellow mongers I am looking for some North East contacts, would reciprocate wirth south kol indies.

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    BBJ scene

    Quote Originally Posted by SomeBoy03  [View Original Post]
    I see one of our friends here is not in much agreement with what I posted (judging by his reply to my post).

    Notwithstanding that, some pointers for newbies venturing out to SG.

    Please remember women are women, more so when the money part is done and the clothes are off.

    You don't need to have the looks of a movie star to get the best service from the girls. Treat them with respect, it doesn't cost a penny to be a gentleman.

    There is no point of visiting someone 5th or 6th time in a row to just get a blow job if you failed to get that after asking for the first time. If you and girl didn't hit it off on the first occasion you won't even on the 10th occasion.

    In SG everything is on the cards, CIM, anal etc. Not just BBJ. Pay attention, the girl will give out subtle hints..

    I may respect you as a fellow monger.

    But what is this man? Are you crazy telling lie this way? "ganesh bhawan all girls do BBJ? " really man? (straight to you = don't tell lie).

    Yup, you need not be looked like salman khan or Christiano Ronaldo when paying for sex (but I suppose they get extra attention from call girls, yup).

    I can remember when I was in Toronto this Jan end, I booked a heavenly looking CG, who just hiked her rates after got some selfie with Christiano Ronaldo, LOL in some Airport, and she was dying for Ronaldo, huh).

    Now boy come on, I just told to members tat out of your list some (now I am this time intentionally withdrawing giving % of prem gals from your list, LOL) will just kick customers out from her room.

    (forget 1000 times repeat) That's it.

    I stand for what ever I reported.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetMyPussy  [View Original Post]
    Located a spa in south Calcutta. Great ambiance and all comfort. Welcomed at the receptionist who was extremely sexy with 36 D boobs and a smile which could lure to her.

    Anyway, selected a massage with bathtub and shower included. Then came the girl in question. 5'6" Slim with very very large boobs, changed myself to pant provided by them. She came back in 1 min before I could completely change. Without going into massage she caught hold of my shoulders and planted a light kiss on my cheeks.

    She then told me to lie down. Massage started, hard though. Within ten minutes she was touching my johnny but just gentle touches. Then she asked me to agree to pay her Rs1,500/- and leave the rest to her. If I was not satisfied I need not pay at all.

    Deal was fine. I agreed. She immediately dimmed the light and started DFK which I had never got in my life. Her tongue was inside my mouth in the entire session of DFK. I had to tell her to stop. She started by licking all over my back, front and started rimming without a signal. I was on top of the world.

    BBJ was her next move and it was all deep throat. In the meanwhile I was exploring and kissing all over her body specially her big round boobs. It was the biggest boobs I had ever seen anywhere. She told me she was just 19 but she must be between 20-22 not more than that..
    If you could share the name of south Kol spa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RajatKothari45  [View Original Post]
    Go to Tantra after 9.00 MM, you will get some Parrots.

    But bargain hard like your life depends on this bargain (yup).

    Best of luck hunting at Tantra.
    I have never tried at night clubs so far. What are the costs like on an average?

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