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Thread: Calcutta

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    Fake locanto


    Its a request please verify 100 times before visiting any SP through Locanto. They are the worst quality.

    I have the similar experience other day, I visited an SP near Nagerbajar, They told me they have college girls, beautiful housewives and branches. After visiting they made me wait in a room after 20 mins of waiting, girls came one by one. Let me tell you one thing, they are ugly as hell. I instantly rejected all. Handed 100 to the SP and returned.

    All who are calling locanto, pleas ask for pic before visiting. Those who don't provide pics are fake, they don't have good quality beautiful girls.

    That's my experience I shared.

    Happy mongering!

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    Kolkata Trip Day 1

    This report is one and half months old. Actually I had planned my trip to Kolkata during the first week of July but had to cancel it at the last moment due to some unexpected official commitments. I take this opportunity to thank all senior members who have kept this forum alive and active by providing detailed information about their activities in Kolkata. Special thanks to LordVoldermort, Raghubar and Sandipwantsex for taking time to help me with the details through PM. You guys are great and really helpful. Special thanks to you guys and I owe you guys a lot.

    Day 1 (02-08-2016).

    My plans for the day one was to take a decent indie girl from Tantra or Roxy's. I reached park hotel around 9.30 Pm and they did not let me in as I was alone and without any female partner. I heard from the forum they allow stag entries provided you pay some cover charges. I was ready to pay the cover charges and was decently dressed. I don't know the reason why they did not allow me to get in. While searching for Roxy's, I came across a pub in the same hotel called Someplace Else. The ambiance was nice and the band was also excellent. I sat there till the closing time and had consumed around 7 Budweiser. Even though it was not fully crowded it was filled with young crowd. The male to female ratio was 80:20 and most of the girls were attached to their own group of male friends. Even though I enjoyed the night over there but couldn't score. Came out of the pub around 12-12.15 Am and wanted to go to SG as I was totally drunk. Took a cab outside the hotel and asked him to take me to SG. He gave me a wicked look and boldly I told him take me to SG and I wanted to see some nude dance. He quoted me INR 250 and I agreed to it even though I was aware the rate was only INR 150 (Thanks LVM for the help).

    The cab driver took me to a lane inside SG and suddenly two cops on the two wheeler stopped us. The driver went outside and talked to them and I was sitting inside the cab. Then the cops came to the car and asked me what am I doing in that area. I told them I am on a pleasure trip to Kolkata and I want to see some dance. Then they said welcome to Kolkata and they want also to be happy. I gave INR 200/ and they were happy and called some guy in that area to take me to the buildings. His name was Jeevan and he sat with me in the cab and took me to a building. While coming out of the cab I asked the cab driver to wait outside for me and he has to take me back to the park street and handed over INR 250/- to him and took his number. I went with Jeevan to the building and it was not crowded and not even a single customer was there. On the ground floor I saw a short and dusky girl wearing black silk night dress and her body structure was clearly visible in that dress. She was not having any make up and looked like a beautiful village girl from north India. She quoted for INR 3,200/- for either dance or shot. Since I was drunk, I took her for dance. She was an average dancer and the last two songs she was completely nude and I really enjoyed the last two songs with lots of groping, licking her neck and earlobes etc. Also, she let me finger her clit. I got turned on after the dance session even though I had 7 beers from someplace else and one Tuborg inside her room. After the dance she asked me to stay for the shot and I also wanted to do it. I called up the cab driver to check whether he is waiting for me and he said take your time and I will wait till you come out of the building. I paid her another INR 3,200/- and continued with the action. She was very co-operative and was trying her maximum to make me happy. I tried with miss and doggy but couldn't cum due to the effect of excessive beer. Then she gave me a CBJ and I asked her for BBJ but she refused. After CBJ I did her for some more time and could finish in Doggy. I was totally exhausted and was not in a mood to go back to my hotel as it was already 2.40 AM. I asked her I am totally tired and want to sleep for another one hour. She said OK and I have to pay for another INR 3,200/ I said no to her and told her I will pay INR 1,000/- and it is the five star hotel rate for one hour. After lot of bargaining she agreed for INR 1,000/ I was very tired and slept immediately. She did not disturb me during my sleep and when I woke up its already 6. 15 AM. She said she was also tired and couldn't get up after one hour and asked me for at least another INR 3,200/- as I spent more time in her room and her aunty will scold her. I said I will give INR 3,200/- provided I get one more shot. But she refused it totally saying I have to give INR 3,200/- only for staying more hours in her room. I said I will not pay anything extra as it was her fault not to wake me up after one hour. I called Jeevan and he was not picking the phone. Then I called the cab driver fortunately he was outside waiting for me. While coming out I paid her another INR 200/- and she was not happy but didn't say anything. On my request she gave me her number saying next time I have to compensate her for her losses.

    Name: Poonam.

    Building: Rahat Palace (Ground Floor Right room next to stairs).

    Dance: Average.

    Performance: Very co-operative.

    Total Damage: 7600+ 200 for beer.

    Taxi: INR 1,250 (250+1000) Foolishness from my side to keep him waiting.

    Even though I had prepared well for SG trip with the help of seniors and reports from the forum, destiny has "Something Else" in store for me and kept me way from my short listed buildings and girls from SG.

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    Looks like a fake

    Quote Originally Posted by Someone2013  [View Original Post]
    Dear Seniors,

    Could anyone help locate the actual Inde Madhumita that we have earlier talked in this forum a few good no. Of times who has a curvaceous figure? I have been searching for her digits in Locanto but I find various profiles with the name Madhumita. Someone is claiming 26 years inde (number ending 743) while other ads with her name is advertised by some SP (no. Ending 898). I am attaching an image that is been claimed as Madhumita's. Please validate.

    Could anyone be kind to share the digits through PM (the actual Madhumita) and guide me? Thanks in advance.

    Happy mongering!


    The one ending with 898 is probably fake as in Truecaller the name is showing as Neha tagged as an MP and 26 people have reported it to be a spam number. If you want you can call her and take a chance. But I don't think it's worth taking the risk. I am very new in mongering at Kolkata and hence might be wrong. Respected seniors, please help regarding this matter.


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    Born again

    Well, had another stint at the Spa (take hints from the heading of this FR) today. Last time I had Miss are out there with BBJ, FS, TL at 2000. Wanted to try someone else this time. So, din't specify any name. Miss Sw the de-facto manager assigned a early 30's MILF. She had a cute face and was wearing a saree. Her attire took me to surprise. However, curiosity prevailed and I decided to see to the end of it. Her name is poetry in Bengali / Hindi. Heard that she is basically from Barrackpore and was working in the sister unit of this spa out there. For the last months she is associated with this branch. The lady got hold of an apron to save her saree from oil and the massage started.

    To be honest it was a mediocre kind of massage. Nothing to speak about and the lady was bit dumb with regard to hints. I told her that the dispo is too small vis-a-vis my huge frame and she said that she will inform the owner to get a bigger size next time. LOL. However, after nearly 40 minutes she asked for permission to oil the region between my sac and anus. I gladly allowed. She tried to push her fingers through the dispo and me sensing it as an opportunity, immediately asked her to stop with the pretext of feeling pain due to the tightness of the material. Ah! That was bang on target and she realized. She asked me to take off the dispo and be comfortable. Who am I to object to such an offer? In a flicker I was nude. She kept massaging and then asked that do I need a discharge through hand. My broad smile clearly made her read my mind. She started massaging the little bro. In the meantime I asked her for B2B. She was hesitant and said that she generally doesn't do that. Also she gave the excuse of her saree being a hindrance. I coaxed her a bit and after a few seconds (not even a minute) she was totally topless. Saggy but soft boobs. Really a handful (or should I say mouthful as most of the time I was licking and sucking) with nice nips and areola. I tried to coax her a lot for FS and BBJ. She kept on saying that she really doesn't do these stuff. Time was running short. I thought twice. Her strokes were really good. I could feel her excitement increasing due to the tongue play on my Johny. Little bro was hovering on its full girth and length. She complimented the size a lot. I was feeling elated. Asked her to come on the bed and provide a boob job. She gladly accepted. Nice deep strokes between the melons and phew! I blew a huge load on her titties. She also felt happy. Then an interesting thing happened. She came near to my ears and whispered, "next time we will do full. I don't go to that extent, but you made me so excited today. Since, I have a party to attend, so I said no for today as I will look tired. But come back fast". I was astonished to hear her words. Then I realized, that we have not discussed anything about the charges and she has finished the deed!! Oh boy! That's something beyond imagination!

    She left and I went for a hot water bath. I was in two minds about the payment. Will I pay just the counter and leave or should I pay her dues? She actually didn't ask anything. Finally, I decided and before leaving called her to the room, payed 1 K for the service and regular counter of 2. 25 K. She was happy with it and I also left the place with a peaceful mind.

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    Dear Seniors,

    Could anyone help locate the actual Inde Madhumita that we have earlier talked in this forum a few good no. Of times who has a curvaceous figure? I have been searching for her digits in Locanto but I find various profiles with the name Madhumita. Someone is claiming 26 years inde (number ending 743) while other ads with her name is advertised by some SP (no. Ending 898). I am attaching an image that is been claimed as Madhumita's. Please validate.

    Could anyone be kind to share the digits through PM (the actual Madhumita) and guide me? Thanks in advance.

    Happy mongering!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Madhumita.JPG‎  

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    Yes, but at the Start of Their Shift

    I do it all the time, but only with my regulars and at the start of their shift and after I'm convinced that they're clean.

    Most of the WGs, with the exception of Kareena and a few others, do not get many shots, mostly dances.

    BTW, they call it ice cream and they love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pheonis2  [View Original Post]
    Hi brothers,

    Is it a good idea to try DATY at SG? Can we try DATY any premium girl in SG.

    Any help who provide DATY there.

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    Girl friendly accomodation

    Hi friends,

    Can any provide any information on girl friendly accommodations near SG, or Howrah station.

    I have planned a 24 HR stay in a hotel with a WG of SG.

    Do the hotels ask for ID of both the guest, suppose I pose her as my wife, then will they provide room on my ID or ask for hers too.

    If they ask for her ID also, can I disclose that she is a friend and we are here for a fun stay, and provide her ID.

    Or should we check in separately into same hotel and then carry on with our play in one room, but this will be a wastage of money in terms of extra room tariff.

    Please suggest.

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    Can we try DATY at SG

    Hi brothers,

    Is it a good idea to try DATY at SG? Can we try DATY any premium girl in SG.

    Any help who provide DATY there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoteBhai  [View Original Post]
    To start of with, this forum is not a market where you barter information. Secondly, if you are addressing someone as a 'newbie', I am going to assume that you also understand what the word means. How do you expect to barter any information with a newbie?

    Do you realise, your posts mention you as a regular member which means that you are not a senior member so that attitude thrown is a put off.

    Lastly, there are limited malls and limited spa's in those malls on them bypass, so if you think people are not going to figure out, you must be kidding. For the record, the code name for the Spa you visited is Country Spa. 9 k is foolish of you to pay in a place like Kolkata. The same quality costs me 4000. Don't understand why you ended up shelling out 9 k!
    First of all let me apologize if I have hurt your mongering ego by using the term newbie. I never claimed or boasted to have huge experience as I know some of the seniors here has tons of experience and knowledge compared to mine. I am in regular touch with some of them and try to reciprocate within my capacity. I also did with regards to the FE you wrote about. But I encountered few who just comes for a info then vanishes once they have it. To be frank in a fuck all market like Kolkata it won't take your much effort or time to gather required mongering info if you want which I have gathered I believe.

    P.S: BTW, where the fuck is this country spa man. Now here you tried to do a Sherlock but ended up being a chacha chowdhury I believe. Shy.

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    Need info


    I had tasted this chick in vizag few months back called priyanka 6076 claiming to be a actress in Bengali movies. She is back in vizag again for few days.

    Just wanted to know is she the same famous priyanka mentioned in kolkata thread?



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    [Personal message deleted by Admin]



    Please communicate personal messages via the PM System

    The Open Forum is generally intended for the posting of information that is of interest to all readers.

    Please use the Forum's Private Message system to exchange personal information and make personal plans.

    Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by RascalsHole  [View Original Post]
    Can someone PM me the correct address of Bangur Spa please.
    Please go thru my post you will find the details of the Bangur spa. It the name of the famous cursed king who touched anything turned into gold. Type his name in google followed by spa. The numbers end with 055.

    Stay healthy be happy.

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    All of my friends of this forum, after some time I will reach Bhubaneswar, if any one any experience in Bhubaneswar, spa, indie, or ganga spa then please highligt or PM me.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratan456  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to my all fellow members here at Kolkata and great salute to my fellow senior "Ferguson" sir for this FR. After much search here I found Saina from building 12 would be worth a try. Man I had no idea how good looking she is and the service is awesome along with heavy drink. Not going for detail but following is the main course, hope it will be OK to you guys.

    Face- Cute pie. 10/10.

    Body / Figure 10/10.

    Attitude-Great 10/10.

    DFK- 12/10.


    Anal-Said Yes. But did not try.

    GFE- 10/10.

    Almost tried everything and was happy. Her dance is also good in every meaning. Thanks guys and seniors here. Take care. Happy mongering. Oh Damage 6 k. ST.
    Give more details of Saina like which room, which floor she lives in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RascalsHole  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday went to Kolkata for mongering. Tried to find famous Bangur Spa by the address given by some senior in this Kolkata forum. The address was wrong, kept searching foolishly for an hour then gave in and went to Sonagachi. I felt really cheated by the senior. If you don't want to help then don't, why are you lying to us.

    In Sonagachi, I wanted to try medium range baris. I went into the area near PB, no-12 alone and tried to avoid pimps but they surrounded me so I had to take service of one among them. I went into the building (buid-10) at the turning to right from KP side towards PB. In this building you can get girls to do anything you ask-DFK, BJ, multiple sex positions etc. In the first floor found few beautiful girls. I wanted sex with CBJ and stated this clearly. The deal was done for Rs2200 after bargaining in AC room. The girl was beautiful and gave an average CBJ. Then she asked for bareback fucking for Rs500 more saying she is disease free. I refused but she kept insisting that she is disease free and I need not worry. Anyway, I had sex with her with condom on, it was an average experience. I have no idea why she wanted bareback sex.

    Then went to PB top /3rd floor due to good reviews by this forum. Was shown around 4 girls, chose the most beautiful girl in that floor. Later she told me her name was Kareena, her eyes are blue, she is of short height. On hearing her name I thought I chose the right girl as she may be the famous Kareena discussed in this forum. Normally, I do chitchat to get emotionally connected to girls for around 20 minutes before starting sex. But she did not give me chance to do this, she undressed me and attacked my body immediately. She alternated between French kissing me and giving me BBBJ. I normally refuse BBBJ but I was helpless against her. Whenever I would want to talk she would start French kissing me, so we barely talked. In between I would massage and suck her nipples and fingering her pussy. Then she rode my dick in WOT with condom on, I wanted to control myself but I ejaculated quickly otherwise I would have tried fucking her in different positions. She is probably the best kisser I have ever net and she gives wonderful blowjob, she also licked my balls. Anyway it was over in 30 minutes, I was disappointed because I wanted the experience to last an hour.

    She was the dominant partner and I was the submissive partner here. Sometimes I feel she raped me, as she was the one in total control and I barely had the chance to do anything. I don't know whether this is a compliment or an insult to her.

    Then I went into a new building just opposite of PB. It is still under construction. Some of the girls are beautiful. I chose the girl on 2nd floor 1st room to the right of staircase. She is beautiful but slightly chubby. Her name was Mona. We chitchatted for a while to get some kind of emotional connection (I do this to get GFE). She said she is new to SG and she worked somewhere else earlier. We had great conversation and we hit it off instantly. Anyway, we started sex after this. No kissing was allowed, only missionary sex but we had good sex as she too co-operated with me and I lasted for around 20 minutes this time. She even gave me her number to chat with me. I may repeat her again as I may be falling in love with her....

    Both Kareena and Mona cost me Rs3200.
    The girls name in that mid-range bari who was asking for bare-back sex was Kiran.

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