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Thread: Madras (Chennai)

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    Has anyone seen a girl called Preethi via Ammu? If so, could you give me some feedback? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMonger  [View Original Post]
    I found out this Tinder chick whose number ends with ' 559' . She is quoting 5 k for 1. 5 hrs with 2 k to be transferred through Paytm for booking in advance and rest 3 k during the meet. The pics really look smoking hot almost fell for it. But stopped from doing the Paytm. She further asked 1 k if v want to have a video chat before the booking. Just want to enquire if anyone has tried her in this forum.
    Bro. Had the same experience. Pretty sure its a scam.


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    Anyone aware of or taken this Tinder chick

    I found out this Tinder chick whose number ends with ' 559' . She is quoting 5 k for 1. 5 hrs with 2 k to be transferred through Paytm for booking in advance and rest 3 k during the meet. The pics really look smoking hot almost fell for it. But stopped from doing the Paytm. She further asked 1 k if v want to have a video chat before the booking. Just want to enquire if anyone has tried her in this forum.

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    First FR with SP Music Bird S*

    Hi Folks.

    Thanks to the ISG senior WIlBlak for the digits as well as the ref. Much appreciated!!

    Got in touch with SP Music to try her stock out. She sent pictures of two birds and I picked the much reviewed Lady S. Fixed the deed and went to SP Musics place where I was greeted by her and her friend. She asked me to enter the room where Miss S was waiting in a salwar. She greeted with a smile and SP left us alone. Started to chit chat and get to know her and then started to undress her. Lady S was a little shy but slowly warmed up to the caress. Slowly started playing with her Boobs which were average size and I did notice the silver chain on her hip. .

    She started a slow BBBJ and must say she is pretty good at it. After a while, she wanted to get on top. The ride was pretty so. So and did not see her into it. So put her on her back and pumped till I came. Washed up, got dressed, gave her a hug and left after paying music. Must say, the experience both place and deed was not up to the mark for what was paid.

    Maybe just the first time jitters with her, but will I repeat? Maybe will try her again sometime and see how it goes. .

    Damage: 7 K.

    Attitude. Average.

    Figure. Average.

    BBBJ. Nice.

    WIR. Not untill johnny gets crazy.

    Place. AC available but wash up are pretty dingy.

    Looking forward to try her mom at their place. Will update with an FR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajaa  [View Original Post]
    After my tight work schedule and family works. I Was missing my mongering activity for many days. Had received many goods contacts of young inde and natukattai from fellow friends. But time didn't permit to enjoy. After having tight work last week. Spoke to all the sp for fixing the deed. One sp reverted with some nice milky northy. When power comes with responsiblity, mikly northy comes with atitude too.

    I was little bit hestiate to take the bird. But johnny & mind took over to fix the bird. Fixed the bird for noon. Left the office in half day and reached the place. Bird was as same in the pic. I was welcomed with words come on and its me with her name Miss. K. I always speak more to the bird before a start. I was just moving around the room. Room was fine but she had her things filled. I sat on the bed. Starting speaking with her. I was asking her when she came to chennai and blah blah. She was wearing a modern outfit. Which clearly showed her nice structure. Exchanged my pleasantries to the bird. I usually tell fake words to birds. I told her that dress suits you so well and you look so hot. Again told her you look so slim in this dress. I touched her thighs and told your skin is so soft. She told me that don't tell lie. I laughed and told why I must lie..
    Girl in the picture is very very nice! It is real worth to have her.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ProM  [View Original Post]
    Last 2 weeks I was searching for a best action, some of the ISG fellows helped me.

    And I was not able to match the schedule with some SPs, so finally decided to bang the Chpet gal.

    Tried her mom's number at Saturday and was told that after 2 days can fix a meet.

    Tried SP Love with the reference from one of our senior, he has only north chicks in a 4 star hotels.

    I was geared up to bang a tamil girl only on the day, so skipped and informed the senior.

    Finally called SP music and inquired about the options, for my surprise the chpet gal is with her.

    I was bit dither about the damage with music, because I know it will be higher than the damage if I would have gone to chpet.

    But the pics she shared are tempting, also I don't have leisure time on the coming weeks.

    Fixed the deed and reached the place. Introduced myself with music made a good rapport, she offered some juice and called the girl. There she came, mid 20 23 aged girl with a long hair, soft skin with a smiling face. First time with SP music was pretty impressed with the approach and the choices she have. Coming to the girl, I was only thinking that how come this girl has came into the business. She could have married an well settled one with her beauty..
    Great FR bro! Glad that you had great time with this forum favorite girl.



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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickWank  [View Original Post]
    How better can a weekend get when it ends with a major release?

    Been almost a week after the Hyderabadi Biryani was tasted. With a busy week down the horizon, johnny pleaded for action. Coming to the SP, with the proximity and the collection, the number of frequent visits started growing. The rapport hit its mark and always pleasant to be at this place. Always warm and welcoming, made the trick I reckon.

    Anyways, fixed a romp wit my SP and got my list to choose. Selected the forum favourite bird Ni $ha and opted Sunday visit.

    Bird: Not much of a looker but pleasing looks. Pimples may be a turn-off for some. Nice handful racks and bit saggy. Big bottoms to hold on.

    Positives: DDFK, BBBJ, WOT and Miss. Not a time watcher. Spent close to 90 mins and total GFE.

    Negatives: Was more shy about fingering / pussy play.

    WIR: Yes.
    Congrats! Hope you had great time.



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    Hi Shanma,

    Can you share Urapakkam contact. I am waiting for it very long time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shanma  [View Original Post]
    After long I got the number of an aunty who runs the scene in and around Urapakkam. She and her husband runs it in an apartment. Since Ty were out of business for long and started new, Ty contacted old customers. Around 10 pm I got the call and he picked me up from tambaram busstand. We rode in his bike to urapakkam to an apartment and he showed me a girl. The girl was dusky but busty and with good figures. He conditioned the girl to behave properly and give me watever I ask for.

    She had a cute face and and good attitude. Paid 5 k for full night.

    She was really good and it was like being with your girl friend.

    Had 3 shots till 2 in the morning and one at 5 am.

    She co operated in all the ways I asked for and sent me off by 7 with a handjob and a kiss.

    She is from andhra and claimed she will be back to Andhra by Saturday.

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    Coimbatore help please.

    I am very new to this scene. I'm also young in mid twenties. And I like to try a perfect MILF in Coimbatore.

    I'm also slightly nervous but because I haven't done anything before. Can someone kindly help me on this please?

    Thank you in advance.

    [Email address deleted by Admin]


    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Lucky month

    Well I think Johnny is on a spree. We have been lucky this month.

    As yesterday was a Sunday Had a fun night out with friends the day before. Johnny wanted to have some fun so, called my regular Sp are sent me pics of 3 birds (1 marathi, andhra MILF and a kannada girl) out of my experience 9/10 times if you pick marathi or Bengali or Punjabi. You have a guaranteed satisfaction. Fixed the deed by afternoon reached his place. So, she nowhere looks like in her photo. Blasted the sp off asking him why couldn't you send a recent photo. After too many assurances by Sp and since johnny was also in the mood I reluctantly accepted (basically I love Boobs and ass just like everyone).

    All the fuss was that She is a petite which didn't look like that on the photo. I mean a flat chest and a ass. But the girl's face was pretty could say that she is 4 ft tall.

    Alright so went into the room she saw my smokes asked if she could smoke (my type). Had a smoke and then chit-chatted for a bit got to know about her she is from Pune a Beautician by profession and does this for every 2 months well the most enjoyable was her attitude. I always love to play songs during the deed so, started to dance and then she started to grind and the we started to kiss like proper DFK went on for about 5 minutes. From there went to the restroom to johnny had a wash and then she started BBBJ went on with it for about 5 minutes. She uses a lot of teeth so, asked her to go gentle. I was very horny by this time with both the combination of music and her skills. Picked her up (she would weigh like 40-45 kgs) and started to lick and suck her boob like a vacuum on steroids well to my surprise she went with the flow. She got down put on the condoms and sucked again, well by this time Johnny was itching to go in picked her again fucker her standing and then we went on with all the furnitures from there on ended it with doggy on the bed.

    Score card:

    Body 6/10. (petite is not my type).

    Looks 7/10.

    Boobs 4/10. (LOL near to flat chest).

    DFK 9/10.

    BBJ- 8/10.

    GFE- 11/10.

    Pussy 8/10.

    Damage 8 k night.

    WIR. Of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsTrueLiar  [View Original Post]
    Hi all, Kindly read Bangalore forum Q& A session between " BloreHunter " post and feedback, it is really useful to all Mongers. Kudos to Bangalore forum ISGians. Play Safe Mongering. Cheers.
    Please share the post link bro.

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    Bangalore Forum-Rocks

    Hi all, Kindly read Bangalore forum Q& A session between " BloreHunter " post and feedback, it is really useful to all Mongers. Kudos to Bangalore forum ISGians. Play Safe Mongering. Cheers.

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    Blowjob Bars and the best Indi pickup point

    Tip number 1 Stay in Sukhumvit. Preferably between NANA and Asok BTS. I can vouch for Galleria 10.

    Tip number 2 Bangkok's best blowjob bars (in my opinion):

    1. Som's Heaven.

    2. Seven Heaven.

    3. [CodeWord901]'s.

    4. Kasalaong.

    All except Seven Heaven are 700 Baht. Seven heaven is 1300 Baht and has the hottest girls. It's targeted at the Japs.

    I'd avoid Dr BJ's and Lollipop.

    Tip no. 3 The single best place to pick up Indies is Thermae Bar. No ladyboys allowed. Entry fee - 1 pint of Singha. You can survey and take your pick.

    Quote Originally Posted by IndianMale83  [View Original Post]
    Hello brothers,

    Am leaving to Bangkok soon. Would like to get any tips from those who have been there on what to do & what not. Will cross post in some other sections too seeking for help.



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    I have been in mongering for quite a while now. But, by looking at other posts I think I have been paying a lot until now. I usually pay around 8-10 k for 1 shot. There are a no of posts at 6 k for 2 shots and 3.5 k for 1 shot. Would like to try birds in those price range. How are the birds? And what would be the experience? Are they mostly MIlFS? Would the service vary? Share some light into this fellow mongers and if possible some contacts.

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    Chennai brothers

    Hi monger bros,

    I am in chennai for a short business Trip till Monday. Appreciate if you guys can help me with some Inde contacts or good MP details. I have my connects in Bangalore and would be happy to help.


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