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    Good and Bad experience.

    Thanks for the post and reminding to follow the golden rule in mongering.


    Quote Originally Posted by FireFist1105  [View Original Post]
    First let me tell the good one which happen two weeks ago. I call a known SP Ms. T she operates near school Karanai area. As usual she guided me to her new place where only one girl is available. She quoted 2.5 k as usual but the girl seems to very thin and not of my taste I just hesitated. And asked for choices. Since its not available brought down the deal to 1.8 k which she agreed since I'm regular. Went in it was really a small room very congested with lot of things. Actually it is a 1 bhk house. After a small chit chat with the girl came to know she is Ms. K from Arcot. As usual started rubbing her while chatting and got the heat and we became nude. Then she gave a good BBJ for a while and after that put the cover and did her in doggy and missionary but due very small bed and lot of things around the room unable to finish. So I removed the cover and asked her to finish me of by BJ and HJ. Which she did as I requested. After that we both wiped ourselves and got into dress Since there is no attached bathroom which also a turn down. Before leaving she shared her number and said she can arrange a good place for next time if I contact her directly. I acknowledged and tipped her .5 k and left the place.

    Overall: 6/10 not bad not good.

    Place: 3/10.

    Girl appearance: normal village girl but service is average and cooperative..

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    Contact of Red lake

    Hi friend,

    Can you give the contact of Chennai MP which you were referring will be of great help.

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    Any MILF contacts

    Appreciate if any one shares MILF contacts with reference in PM.

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    Bandh day fun

    As we all know today is a state wide bandh and 99% shops and I was asked to work from home but you know how it is when you work from home. My browser somehow ended up in locanto searching for new MP's in no time and within a few called zero'ed down to a place in klthr. Was asked to come near the 3* hotel in the same area (name ending with grand) and was directed to 2nd floor building nearby.

    Went in and saw everybody discussing openly about extras and stuff with the receptionist aunty. Took basic package and was assigned S*are* from Bangalore. She spoke good English and before even asking me to change she asked what services you want. I was a bit taken aback but inquired about the rates. Just HJ-500, TL+HJ-1000 and B2B-1500. I went with the 1000 package and it was one smooth session I'd say. A brief cream massage with a little bit of chatting about each other led to her slowly scratching my back (apparently that's what they do to turn men on) and I was ticklish. She spanked me asked me to turn and I obliged. She took her top and and lowered her pants too, it was a sweet surprise to see her clean shaved. Fingered her a little while feasting on her amazingly soft melons. She did moan a little which turned the fuck out of me and I squeezed her melons so hard which made her stroke me harder and bam the show is over haha. She got a towel to wipe me down and I proceeded to shower.

    Overall, this seems like a no frill place with girls varying from age group of 20 to 45 depending on your taste. The air conditioner is always on and that's a big thumbs up from me with almost every MP switching off their A/C to cut costs.

    Total money spent: 1500 counter + 1000 tip.

    Attitude: 8/10.

    VFM: 7/10 in Chennai terms.

    WIR: yes on a sunny afternoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganesh28  [View Original Post]
    The climate of Chennai makes us seek for relaxation every day. Three days back, I was around the sky walk mall roaming around and finally thought of checking out a spa near by. Little app helped with a good deal just beneath the flyover. Its a spa in a decent three star hotel. They had renewed the place and it was well maintained. I called and confirmed the appointment and reached the place.

    With a welcome drink, I asked for a good therapist who can give a worth massage to the receptionist who looked cool as well. She assigned a Bali girl who was slim and fit and game with a smile. As usual, I was given the direction to change the dispo and off she went. I cleaned myself one more time and changed as directed. After few minutes, she came in with a smile and asked if I knew her before. There came the first hint. I mentioned that yes and asked if she used to work near 10, downing street pub. She said no, and the conversation started with the massage.

    She started the massage by lifting the dispo till the butt crack and gave a good bum massage with slow and sensual moves. With no nails, her hands gave the chillness that my body needed after the hot roast of the sun. I started enjoying. She hinted further more by placing her fingers inside the dispo when she went to and fro from my ass to the feet, massaging very nice and slow. I commented that she will look more beautiful, if she can untie her hair and let it free. She was all smiles and obliged. While she was massaging my back and shoulders, I can feel her hair touching my bare back and that gave me more energy. (I am a kind of guy who enjoys all these small pleasure)..

    Is that the "Kadal" spa you talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chnavis  [View Original Post]
    Appreciate if someone share sp music with reference in PM.

    Thanks and Cheers.
    Same request from my side too.

    I don't have any SP contact so far. But I know few MPs where you can get extras. I can share those info in exchange of SP Music reference with contact number.


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    Chennai calling

    Hello friends,

    Would be travelling to Chennai for work and would be put up at 4 star hotel in T Nagar. Raintree or GRT Grand.

    Can some seniors share contact of good indies for LT / full night in and around T Nagar. Also suggest some girl friendly hotels. Please inbox me my PM is active.

    Will reciprocate if anyone needs help in Mumbai.



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    Ocean spa


    Have anyone of you been to ocean spa near the famous bus depot? Chennai's biggest bus depot. The place has closed down a few months back. Some of my best experiences was there. Massage plus B2B was only 2.5 k and there was an awesome therapist there- called Swathi. SI with super boobs. If anyone could connect me to the guy running the place, would be awesome.

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    SP music.

    Appreciate if someone share sp music with reference in PM.

    Thanks and Cheers.

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    All good things must come to an end. Indie KLPD and Bangalore Girl 2. Disaster!

    Was really looking forward to an Indie I had lined up so I set out into uncertain territory once again. Ventured out there again and after travelling about 10 KM I was told that the girl got her periods and couldn't make it today. I was really pissed now after having traveled in the scorching heat. So gave her a piece of my mind and left the place.

    After a couple of days fixed a nice girl from my usual SP and got there again in the scorching heat. Was given a warm welcome by the SP and directed inside the room. Gave her the chocolate I had gotten for her and she just said bluntly she doesn't want it. I didn't know what was wrong but I had a feeling that this won't turn out very good for me. And I was right. Found the girl there but she was only 50% of what she was in pic. Still kept an open mind and went ahead. Told me she was from Bangalore and all. To describe her she was the 75% of the color shown in the pic and was a good deal plump. Her face was fat as opposed to the pic which showed a medium to light built girl. After getting inside and settling down she immediately turned the light off and began undressing mechanically as though preparing for a medical exam. I asked her what was the hurry and why can't we take it slow. She said she will only be comfortable in the nude. I shrugged and went with the flow. She was average height and her body was nothing to scoff at either. Firm and busty boobs, slight tummy, not stretch marks and a nice round slightly fleshy ass. But looks can be deceiving. She then hurriedly pushed me in the bed and started giving me a BBJ with some teabagging. All the while I was asking her to slow down. When I pulled her in for a DFK she said won't do that. I was now beginning to get frustrated. She again urged me to lie down as she has to eat lunch afterwards. I was like WTF. I mean this isn't a chore you can quickly finish before going to lunch. I would have gladly waited if she had said beforehand she was hungry. But being told to hurry in the middle of the deed was really pissing me off. I brushed it off again and tried to go down on her and she said no way. Another disappointment. She even had the condom in her hand ready to finish it quickly. She again urged me to penetrate in a "finish it and go" kind of way. Finally I had lost interest completely. Asked her to suck me off and finish. Just when I came, she didn't even wait for me to get into full orgasm. She got up suddenly without a word and went into the washroom. I also got up after a minute, washed up and got dressed. Tipped her and asked her to leave.

    After that I told the SP what happened politely. Told her we come here for relaxation and fun and there is no point if we can't get satisfaction for our hard earned money. She promised me she will set things right next time. She said she will talk it out with the girl. After chilling in the AC room for a while the SP came in again and told she had told off the girl. I asked the SP specifically to not be hard on her. We then sat down for a whole hour and had a nice chat about everything else. Exchanged stories of our childhood sexual escapades and desires. Then we were joined by a good friend of the SP in between and we all made plans to go to a nice pub soon. Just to catch up outside of business. As I already said in one of my post, bad experiences happen but it is not worth to dwell upon it and ruin a good rapport or relationship. The SP promised a good deal next time and we bid each other adieu.

    This venture didn't turn out to be a very good experience but it was an experience. Fair skin and features does not guarantee a nice outing as once again I have learnt. Will be on the lookout for more and be back soon. Until then.



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    Decent experience in MP near RedLake

    Hi guys,

    This is my First Report. Have mongered many times in the past but first time reporting about it. Here goes.

    Johnny was begging for some action, But the pocket dint encourage Johnny to spend big, hence was looking only for some MP. Called a few Loc Ads. One particular ad, the girl was very patient and reassuring and asked to come near Red Lake Signal. Hence Went with a friend there. The place is very near to the signal.

    The Location was a former Recreational Club, but now only The spa is functional and the place I decent not great. Could have been better if it was cleaned frequently bu nothing to complain about.

    Went inside and was shown the menu card with rates which where higher than quoted on phone, politely said I was quoted 1. 5 k for 45 minutes session and the receptionist accepted with a smile. All girls speak Tamil and that's a good thing if you ask me.

    Went to a room and asked to choose. My friend out of nowhere jumped and choose the best looking MILF (Aunty Type) . Gave him stare as I was about to choose her. He gave a cunning smile in return, There where about 5 ladies to choose. 3 where aunties and where 5/10 at most so choose a younger girl around 25 . Went into the room. The room had attached bathroom and A/C.

    Was asked to change, but They dint give any Disposable Und Only towel which was a good sign. The girl came and asked to choose Oil, Powder or Cream. Chose Oil and she asked to lay down and removed the towel and just covered the back and started the action. The massage was not great but OK. But Johnny got excited. And Flag was hoisted, she noticed and gave a smile. Asked about extras And then came a shocking reply, She said HJ was complimentary which was music to ears. 500 for top removal and access, 1000 for Bottom access and 1500 for B2B. Wanted Just HJ as she not a very good looker but gave permission to access top. Its was firm and nice. Oil was pored on Johnny and her hand Slid to my Crack and then moved slowly up. Heaven; ly Feeling. Johnny also Acknowledged it and promptly came to a finish. Was very pleased and had a shower. Gave her 200 Tips as I was satisfied.

    Damages: 1.5 k +200 tips.

    Place: 7/10 (Safe).

    Boobs: 7/10.


    Ass: 6/10.

    GFE: 8/10.

    Price 10/10.

    Friends Rating.

    Damages: 1. 5 k +1500 tips (B2B charges).

    Place: 7/10 (Safe).


    Boobs: 8/10.

    Ass: 6/10.

    GFE: 9/10. (Apparently she gave good company and had a pleasant conversation and also allowed Kissing).

    Price 8/10.

    WIR: If low on cash maybe.


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    Thai girls

    Rightly put.

    I once did a mistake of picking up a very sweet and voluptuous girl from the streets (the girls will be roaming on the bikes and their pimps being the riders). Once you pay them (which is actually quote less than Indian stds), they would change their attitude by giving some strange excuse. In my case, once I reached the hotel (I had already paid the pimp on the bike), she said she forgot her mobile and wants his friend to bring her some clothes for the night. While she went out after I agreed, she never came back and that was a bad experience.

    If you go Fish-Bowl, look for the girls who look at you in the eye, smile at you (or wave at you). They will be a better bet, than the ones who won't even make an eye contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nazgylg15  [View Original Post]
    Most Thais are tired of a our guys Gundagiri. .................... Be very careful about picking girls from street. Stay safe and have fun.

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    Ms. Are, courtesy SP Music

    It's been a long time, I tried anything in Chennai, work keeping me busy mostly. Finally, last Saturday, I said enough, let's have some fun.

    While I was going through all in my contact list, I was also tracking the happenings in ISG.

    Narrowed down to:

    1) SP Music.

    2) Meena (yeah right, I still haven't tried her yet).

    3) Dolly (since word was out that she's in town).

    Dolly wants the reference to contact her, I tried with one close friend, who is now not in India. He did send a fresh reference, but by that time I had moved ahead with another plan. Buddy, if you are reading this FR, Thanks for your reference.

    Meena, has forgotten me from last time, she needs fresh reference, she still has an attitude of snapping at you, but she is bolder now, at least she has put up her own DP in WhatsApp. Now she needs a pic of me. Why? What!? So she is still at the back burner for me.

    Finally SP Music, had been in touch with her few months back, but couldn't go ahead due to work schedule. So when I pinged her on Sat, she forgot me, asked for ref. And again the kind soul Gio see, reached out to help me yet again. Thanks buddy!

    So I get the customary list of pics from the SP. I ask her specifically for one person she is not available this week. So then I ask for someone who is good in DFK and BBJ. She suggests Ms. Are.

    A pleasant faced soul.

    Reached the place, she guided me well on the phone. It's in the center of a busy shopping area. Made me sit on her sofa, offered me water. Told me to relax. SP is friendly and polished. Speaks English well, had normal chit-chat knowing about each other. Took me to the room, A / see was already on, so it was a great feeling to chill down from the heat outside. While I waited in the small room, maybe a 10 x10 ft with a double bed, the room was just adequate for the deed. Bathroom attached.

    In comes Ms. Are. , with SP, she introduces both of us. Ms. Are indeed has a pleasant face, smiling with a twinkle in her eyes. SP asks for the payment, I hand it over, and tell her if she is good I will continue for round 2. She left us, indicating to Ms. Are to handle the round 2 part well if needed. We chatted a bit and after a while she said she is going to freshen up.

    She came out in 5 minutes, bathed and naked. That's when I notice she has big butts and her tits are big too, has stretch marks as well. A BBW MILF, with a very pleasant face to put in a sentence.

    Well, I don't want to judge anything yet, so I go in and freshen myself up as well. She is sitting on the bed wrapped in just the towel, smiling yet again.

    I lay down in my birthday suit as well. We again chit chat for some time, while touching each other, ask her what all she does and what all she doesn't. She says she does everything, so I didn't probe it further.

    I graze her face and nuzzle her neck giving small pecks, touching her tits, wow! They are as soft as a balloon filled with water (imagine the balloons we played with colored water in Holi). Tweaked on those nipples, while my lips gives few kissed on her lips. She seems to enjoy it, BTW, she has very soft lips as well. I try a FK with her to test how far she will go, and lo and behold she open her lips as an invitation. I go further and suck her lips alternating between upper and lower and try to push some tongue in. It was real fun, asked her in between to push her tongue out, and I sucked on it. She seemed to have lost in her thoughts. Her eyes closed. She didn't even open her eyes, even when I moved back and stopped kissing. I ask her "Are you dreaming? She smiles and opens her eyes and says "Yes! Both our hands during this time were squeezing and exploring each others honey pot and the honey dipper. She smelled very clean down there.

    I lay down after this and let her take charge, she started kissing my nipples and giving soft bites on them. It felt strangely erotic, because Johnny started throbbing with those lite bites. She was ready for a BJ, I just waited to see how she would proceed, will she put on the cover. No, she just wiped away the precum with a towel and went BBJ, nice warm and soft mouth. Nothing very out of the world in the BBJ, but it was not bad either. No teeth, ample suction. She went on for 2-3 minutes on the BBJ, till I asked her to stop.

    So I am quite ready to take next steps. Pull on the cover, and go to mission (due to her large frame, I didn't want to try any other position and lose my erection). She is the right fit, not loose or tight. While I hump her, I squeeze her tits and start another FK. The FK slowly turns into a DFK. And that was a good combination of a hump with a DFK in continuous motion for 6-7 mintues. I did alternate the speed. But the DFK went on and on while I was still inside her. All this while, she had her eyes closed. Moans escaping her lips now and then. When I finally was ready to shoot, she felt my urgency and opened her eyes. Wow! What a sight to behold. Her eyes were glassy and wet, a bit crossed-eyed lost look. While I ejaculated, she was looking into my eyes. Looking at my expression, all the while having that glassy dazed look. The whole experience I felt to be very GFE, she was very cooperative.

    After I pulled out and cleaned up, I didn't feel like going into the 2nd round. Possibly will try others with the SP.


    Face: 8/10.

    GFE: 9/10.

    BBJ: 6/10.

    DATY: Did not try.

    Cleanliness: 9/10.

    WIR: No to her for now, Yes for SP.

    Damage: 4K


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChennaiLover13  [View Original Post]
    Are you taking about Hyatt I have seen her k guess in Hyatt and crown plaza there are few regular faces as you said but J never had guts to go. And talk with them as I m always accompanied by friends if I go there.
    Yup! She looks kinda hot. Would love to know if someone gets a hold of her. In bed, of course.

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    Any feedback on (circle in Hindi) urban spa. Top seller on nearbuy app. Any extras possible here?

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