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Thread: Madras (Chennai)

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    For more.

    Can you give some more hint / contact details about this MP.

    Quote Originally Posted by RodgerSd208  [View Original Post]
    Hello fellow mongers,

    I am on a short visit to Chennai and I decided to test Chennai mongering waters with some LC ads. Reached out to a MP run by a Tamil aunty near Hind univ in Saree-yur. It was a house with some five 28 - 32 yrs old Tamil girls. The aunty asked me what kind of massage I want. Normal, special, B2 be etc. I chose B2B for a 2 K damage. When asked to choose the girl, I asked them to send the best that they have. I laid back and an okay looking 30 ish girl (aunty?) walked in. She started the massage and for about 20 minutes, it looked like a genuine massage session. I was talking about how good her massage is and inquired about extras. She told I can get some but don't keep the dreams high. I told her that we should negotiate how high I can keep my dreams. After about 30 minutes, she pulled her tits out and started a B2B. I sucked them well. She started a DFK which seemed nice first, but later turned into some lip biting session (sigh! I asked for BJ. No. I asked for bottom access. No. She made me pop two times and proceeded for 3rd time. I told NO thanks, paid her 1 K tip and walked off.

    Overall borderline okay experience. Although DFK was okay, in the US from I'm from, providers are reserved about DFK for safe-T reasons and they swiftly change mood once the pop is out. This apart, Chennai is yet to floor me with its birds! Stay tuned. More to come!

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    Hi mongers-quick question.

    Hi all,

    Relatively new to this forum. I would be interested in your insights. What problems do you face in sharing contacts. Personally, it's never happened in Chennai forum but in other forums. I just wanted some help from those who could share good indies or SP, in turn I assured I will give them an excellent contact in Kerala. The reason being I am not in Chennai for the past 5 years. I stay in U. S, so don't have any contact in Chennai. I find people wanting to get the contact which is fair and good but after that they don't even respond. Why is it that sharing good contacts in Chennai so much of a concern, it feels like asking your GF's Number. Just want to know why can't we help each other. I want only one or two contact that is worth it as in good looking specifically like non pros or at least good looking and with nice attitude. I share and they don't even respond which just makes you loose the trust in which you share guys.

    Please guys we all need the same thing and why is there lot of insecurity. I don't mind giving my contact free but I don't get back that gesture. But please don't assume this goes for all. I know some seniors here like Rajubhai and so on, who is really helpful too. Hope we all can have the same attitude like him. Happy mongering guys.

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    Travelling to Guangzhou, China.

    Will be in Liwan district till 27th.

    Please let me know if any fellow monger is having such plans.

    Pleasure is mine to catch up for a beer.



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    How to contact SP, MP anonymously?

    I have filtered down some potential leads in LC and I don't want to use my official number to contact them. Since most of them tend to ignore email inquiries, Is there any way to contact them without revealing my personal info? How do you guys do it?

    I'm new to the game so any tips and suggestions are welcome.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Smarty3040  [View Original Post]
    Would you mind sharing the digits & reference dude. Pvt msg me.
    She is forum fame SRM girl Mom. Try at Music sp.

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    Would you mind sharing the digits & reference dude. Pvt msg me.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChennaiPromKin  [View Original Post]
    ........ Gave an amazing CBJ through out the session and it took very long for me to cum. She asked me to cum on her ass and I completed the same way. She was around 35 with little stretch marks but didn't matter as she was giving a decent company. I like GFE with my feast because it keeps up our pace through out. Did her in missionary and doggy. Fuck was OK as the pussy was loose. Over all a nice experience.

    Attaching pics for your visual treat.

    CBJ- 10/10.

    Pussy- 5/10.

    GFE- 9/10.

    Rate- 5 K.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove names written in code. Please do not post names written in code in the Forum. You're not fooling anyone. If the average forum member can interpret the name, then so can anyone else. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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    How to contact SP, MP anonymously?

    Hey guys,

    I have filtered some potential LC leads and I want to contact them anonymously. I don't want them to have my number or my details.

    Any tips and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

    I can also get a PM subscription.

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    My other MP reports

    I have been to many other MPs which are purely professional.

    So the first 1 is located in main GET and it is a t star hotel. Went and opted for a 1. 5 hrs sports massage. Rate 4. 5 inclusive of tax. And about the massage, I literally slept off during first 1 HR. Then the therapist woke me up for the front massage. No sign of extras or nothing. But had a great massage.

    The second 1 would a place in ONE behind TCS. The name is Safaedh (name of the color in Hindi) orchids. Place looks like a normal MP which runs only for extras. But surprisingly there no not even a single sign of extras. Again the massage here was awesome. All therapists were north Indians and they were very good in looks. And the package was 2 k for an hour. Maybe I don't get any extras since it was my first visit to that place.

    If anyone had been to same places and had any extra services please let me know.


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    Word of Caution to Newbies / Noobs. Locations / landmarks


    DO NOT post locations like this in open forum, which can be read by anyone and even those who are not paid members.

    Use codes, which will need some brain work to crack it.

    Would advise prospective mongers to be cautious of this MP since the location address / landmark and the therapist name has been openly shared.

    Another SPA nearby already had an LE visit few months back due to the same open location sharing by another monger.

    * Use PM facility, if you are sharing location, and that too details upto the building with landmark *.

    Quote Originally Posted by PleasureLover  [View Original Post]
    To all those who have been flooding my inbox with the contact of the MIT bridge MP.

    ............ Don't keep asking for number since they keep changing number often.

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    The Jimmiki Kammal episode.

    This is an FR about a mallu girl I tried yesterday. I was at work and I got pics from a senior that he received from his SP. The moment I saw the pics I got reminded of the jimmiki kammal girl and I thought I should not miss the opportunity.

    The senior he-who-does-not-wish-to-be-named, put me through the SP and after the negotiations, the appointment was confirmed. Started from work and reached the SPs den in T. Nagar, ahead of schedule thanks to the almost nonexistent traffic post-diwali.

    SP is friendly and the place made me feel safe and comfortable. Took me to the room and introduced to the girl. The pics weren't deceiving after all. She was really pretty in a single piece gown and heels. The girl is a little plump, definitely not fat and had curly hair which is common for many mallus. She also had this pinkish glow to her skin, which is also a common trait for mallus.

    The most striking feature about her is her boobs. 36 D she admitted and a little too big for her liking. But I did not complain. Easily the best pair I've ever seen. Soft, almost perfectly shaped, a little saggy. It was a dream come true for me.

    We talked for a few minutes to get ourselves acquainted. She speaks good English and her Tamil is cute and sexy, it turned me on. We discussed what's on the menu upfront and she said she's not into deep kissing. She did a decent CBJ and we got onto the main action. Did her for a few minutes on missionary and switched to wot because I did not want to miss the sight of those bouncing jugs. This went on for another few minutes and she asked me get back on missionary again. Finished after sometime, washed up, thanked the sp and left the place.

    Doing a pretty mallu is off my bucket list. Thanks to the senior bro again!

    Face- 9.

    Body- 7 (Little plump, no stretch marks, smells good, hygienic).

    Ass- 8.

    Boobs. Solid 9.5.

    DFK. No.

    Bbj- No.

    Attitude- 7.

    Sp's den- 9 (Clean, safe, comfortable, easy access).

    Cost- 6 k (sp quoted 8 and I talked my way down to 6).

    WIR. Yes, also if the SP provides similar high quality chicks.

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    New to Chennai.

    Hello brethren,

    New to Chennai from Pune.

    Got ripped off some money on Gigolo scam when low so treading carefully now.

    PM me for leads on MPs or SPs please.

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    Great experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoneyAlan  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to the friends who provided this contact.

    I was travelling continuously so couldn't put down some of the FRs. Finally was in Chennai for some weeks. Didn't want to let go this time. Pinged my friends who have always been very helpful. Finalized on the SunTV gal, she was very nice on WA. The vibe was very good from the word go. Talks nice, we kept pulling each other on chat. All set. She arranged a place at TNagar. I was waiting at the agreed place, she sent a guy to pick me up. The place is that guys house / office. Place was good at a safe residential apartment with AC, attached wash etc. The guy was very friendly and we had a bit of chat with beer. He said, he has more contacts and asked me to call later.

    Went inside with the gal, was talking for a while and things started to flow. She has a good body with amazing racks. Not getting in to details as our seniors have reviewed her inch by inch. She is a good VFM and the important takeaway is, after the session when we were relaxing she showed her friends pics and asked whether I want to meet any of them. She was ready to share contacts.

    Money well spent.

    Great experience. TV girls are always dreams.

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    MIT bridge MP

    To all those who have been flooding my inbox with the contact of the MIT bridge MP.

    The MP is located exactly below MIT bridge. Take the service road. Look for a hotel called lakshmi bhavan. First floor above the hotel is the MP. There is no specific name. Just walk in and ask for Viji and say regular. That's it. Don't keep asking for number since they keep changing number often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JingleBells99  [View Original Post]
    Bro. Had the same experience. Pretty sure its a scam.

    I fell through this scam once in another scam. Beware. Its nothing but a scam. Once you have transferred the money, they delete their profile and you cannot reach to that number. They are damn sure you won't follow up through cybercell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BullWorker  [View Original Post]
    Read the forum.
    Yes. A lot good articles with rich info and some of them forewarns us from possible scams.

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