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Thread: New Delhi

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgarBaba  [View Original Post]

    Got attached pics from a SP number ending 411. All looks too tempting.

    Just want to know if they are real or fake.

    Can you PM the digits of white saree one and damages too please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rohit1981  [View Original Post]
    Although I'm new to mongering and became paid member of forum yesterday. But I'm trying to share whatever little experience I have gained from spas.

    There is one spa in Roop nagar, goes with the name of organic sweet thing good for health like brown rice. Took services of two therapist there. Counter-2000.

    1. Name start with A she is 24-25 , clean and cooperative. No BJ and No FS, but girl looks good, talks good, fit for DATY, small pussy. Extras cost- 2000, B2B.

    Good Start dude. Keep posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirrence  [View Original Post]
    Have dropped a pm do give me the details.

    Thaya basement of Geetanjali Salon. Bengali Girl did write a FR last Oct about her. Most amazing DFK I recall and very tight body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Tried this food.

    MILF. 38 size boobs.

    Her Tounge is magical.

    Licked whole body. Long bbjj rim sex ended with CIM COF.

    Will repeat her soon.
    Please mind shearing the digits bro. Mailbox is active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZooperTrip  [View Original Post]
    Tried a new belle from a saket SP's stable. Will keep this FR brief as I'm typing from my phone.

    Looks: 80% like the pic. Said she was 19, which is definitely believable. Cute face, but not very posh. You can make out she's a small town girl from the make up she applies. There's something really sexy about getting one of these regular, unpolished girls, the kind you would probably see on the metro.

    Body: lean, soft, smooth as butter. No marks or bad skin. Just what you'd expect from a 19 year old.

    Boobs: a proper handful, au naturale. Not big and flabby, but pert with responsive nipples. Look great on that lean body.

    Ass: perfect. Her best feature. Applied the slap test and it was taut af it's a shame she doesn't offer anal because drilling that butt would be heaven! Nice brown puckerhole as well.

    Pussy: shaved, tight. She doesn't allow fingering but I was able to stimulate the clit a bit before she stopped me saying, "lehraa jaaoongi"..
    Hi Zopper

    Do you mind sharing the contact. I tried droppping a PM as well but no response.

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    Milky white miss L.

    So this one is for the famous misss L from L&W. And a week old. I would keep it short as much has been said about her on forum.

    Counter 1 k.

    Went to the MP and asked for options, it was my luck I got L. She is fair smooth and milky body. Massage started as usual which was better than average. She has got the skills. The best part she rubs you around your johny putting her hands inside dispo making you feel horny oh man. I am new to business and so wanted her to break the deal and the question popped extras?

    Deal fixed 2 k for B2B, handjob, P2P and full access. As soon as she removes her top I was super exited and she is just great making you comfortable. The best part is her attitude. I fingered her and it was really juicy wet. Kept rubbing her with johny for 20 min and she was a bit tired hahahahah. Finally handjob.

    I was not having protection so no FS.

    Overall good experience.

    Would rate her.

    Body 7/10. That's my personal I like lean one.

    Attitude 8.

    Looks 7.

    Pussy 7.

    Happy to help and looking for some smart indie to try FS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Tried this food.

    MILF. 38 size boobs.

    Her Tounge is magical.

    Licked whole body. Long bbjj rim sex ended with CIM COF.

    Will repeat her soon.
    Wow bro, she seems to be a nice discovery by you. She looks yummy MILF with nice jugs. Will you care to share her digits.

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    I feel ya!

    The surgery and recovery could take a while and can be quite painful. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover. You really don't want to associate the act with any kind of pain. It did not help that I had a quack perform it for me in an unsanitary clinic.

    My suggestion, since you need some TLC, would be to find an inde from Thermae or Biergarten or the more upscale discos or Grace Hotel, find a sympathetic girl for LT (overnight) whom you can take back to your hotel and ease into the act.

    Just my 2 cents and the inputs of others are equally valid.

    Good Luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by NewOldKid07  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,

    I am a 25 year old virgin, and I am planning on hiring a hooker and loose my virginity. Any suggestions, do's and do not's?

    I am planning to hire one girl each day in Bangkok, for 3-4 days. Never had any experience with a girl before. Any help would be appreciated.


    1) My Banjo string is tight, will get a surgery for it very soon. Anything I should keep in mind regarding it?

    2) I will be hiring through agencies, incall, no street hookers..

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    Nice finding bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by JizzyB  [View Original Post]
    Here's Part 2 of Miss A's video.

    Looks like she's on a roller coaster ride. Enjoy.


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    One Night in Dilwaalo ki Delhi

    Hello brothers,

    Visiting Delhi for a couple of days and have one night free for our favorite activity. Can anyone recommend a hiFi indi for incall (I am put up at Leela) to help a visiting senior member?

    Also if theres any particular incall facility (not SP) where times not a constraint, please provide contact.



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    Nice pics.

    2, 3 and 7 stand out for me don't know how Pshopped they are though.

    Quote Originally Posted by AgarBaba  [View Original Post]

    Got attached pics from a SP number ending 411. All looks too tempting.

    Just want to know if they are real or fake.

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    Another spa experience.

    Today visited BM Spa in JKP. Average experience. Paid 600 at counter for 45 minutes and asked for choosing therapist. Lady insisted that don't go over face, I BL send you best. Then she sent one, she looked like 45 yrs old but she told me that she is from Nepal and 27 yrs old. Looks were not up to mark. Didn't asked her name. Her massage was great. Then she asked for extras, looking at face and figure I thought of not taking this. But she kept on insisting. Hence I paid 500 for HJ. But she was insisting for FS. HJ happened in 15 minutes. I washed myself and left.


    Massage skiils- very good.

    Looks- 4/10.

    Figure- 4/10.

    Color- Dusky.

    Satisfied with massage as I was tired. There were also 4-5 more girls, who were beautiful. I BL try them in next visit. The masage is a VFM as I have never spent less than 3500 including counter and HJ at other places. But here, Counter plus HJ costs only 1100.

    WIR- No. But I BL definitely try other chicks there.

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    Fun near airport?

    Any incall fun to be had near the airport? Please help out a fellow monger from Bangalore, have heard great stories about Delhi.

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    Hello brethren!

    Coming to Delhi after a long time on this weekend.

    My fond memories with N and her relative P and the horny R from E spa still make my heart skip a beat.

    Thanks to mrahul bro who had helped back then. I wonder whether he's still in the game.

    Looking forward to more beautiful memories from this visit. Kindly share any leads from this city who'd be available to do business this weekend.

    Cheers! Safe mongering!

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    Wow bro. What a collection. Take a bow!

    Quote Originally Posted by KCruise85  [View Original Post]

    This is the updated google drive for Dubai mongers. I have also put the prices for each gals over here, however you should always bargain to get a better pricing.

    Last week, VJ Bani was in Dubai & I get the WA from my guy that she is available for outing. The pricing was very steep & what I have received from him is 2500/ hour & minimum 3 hours booking, which I think is just a complete waste of money. Taken a pass on her. I suppose she had flown back to India now. I can get a lot of better options in Dubai with some great pricings.

    Stay safe in Dubai & keep in contact once you are here!



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