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Thread: New Delhi

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    Nude pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by RainmanSahut  [View Original Post]
    Sorry about pictures.
    Thanks for posting the pictures. That's what this forum is for. No need to apologise.

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    Spa run July

    1) O Spa , Sushant Tower Ggn

    Thanks to BongEngineer for giving me such detailed info. Was easy to find.

    It seems a little shady when you get there, however the guy at the counter was extremely friendly. I had a long chat with him about the girls, services, their other branches etc.

    He showed me all the girls. However the quality of the girls admittedly isn't that great. Randomly picked miss P. Massage itself was a little hurried, though still decent. Lots of erotic touching and quickly asked the Q of extras. Negotiated for 1 k b2 be + BBBJ.

    I was extremely surprised by what followed! If any of you have experienced or read about Miss K Akshardham 's body + toe sucking, BBBJ, CIM. Thats pretty much what I got! Was extremely happy.

    I have visited twice since then, now made friends with miss P and the guy at the counter.

    Damage: 0. 6 k + 1 k.

    Place: 5/10. (extremely small, but new. Shower is really bad, which is the downside. Whatever you do, don't go on a Sunday evening. Its filled with 40 yr old fat men and the girls will be in a bad mood).

    Girl face: 4/10.

    Body: 5/10.

    Attitude: 10/10.

    Extras: 10/10.

    WIR: Yes already visited twice.

    2) N Spa , Sushant Tower Ggn

    This spa has another branch in JMD mall, ggn. I had met the owner and exchanged numbers with him on a previous visit. So I decided I might as well try this branch as well.

    Dropped a message to the owner saying I'm here. Didn't ask for favours, but he apparently called the spa up and told them to expect me. Walked in, mentioned that I know the owner. They said yes, he told us. Didn't have to say much more than that, it was all chitty-chat as if I was their best friend.

    Was allotted an NE (forgot her name). Massage was actually really good, however since I had just come from O spa, wasnt really in the mood for any extras. But she insisted that I should at least take an HJ (who am I to say no haha).

    Damage: 0. 4 k + 0. 5 k.

    Place: 6/10. (Again small is size, however better quality than O spa).

    Girl face: 7/10.

    Body: 6/10.

    Attitude: 10/10.

    Extras: 6/10. (Actually the service was great, but since I was already drained, it didn't feel that great!

    WIR: Yes, but probably the other branch. Just because I know the owner.

    3) O Spa , 49 Ggn

    This is another branch of the same O spa. Was given directions by the guy at the counter in O spa (shushant tower) only. Miss P had recommended that I try miss and there. So I decided why not.

    I must say this branch is way bigger and cleaner. However its still under construction.

    Met with Miss and. She's a 20 yr old cute little thing. Had a lot of fun chit chat. She's very talkative (more because I came with a reference). MAssage was great, extras she said she was on her periods, so only offered HJ. Really not my thing, but took it anyway since price was relatively cheap.

    Damage: 0. 5 k + 0. 5 k.

    Place: 7/10. (way bigger rooms. However the room isn't fully walled between the next room. So you can hear if someone is in the other room and you have to resort to whispering. It can be a turn on, if that's your thing).

    Girl face: 7/10. (she's a dusky cute little thing).

    Body: 8/10. (very slim and firm).

    Attitude: 10/10.

    Extras: 7/10.

    WIR: Maybe, just to experience all her services.

    4) T Spa , HKM Ggn

    I was really late when I reached here (around 8. 30), wasnt even sure if they would give me a slot. After little sweet talk with the receptionist, she agreed.

    I was assigned to the only NE who was available, miss A. She's a decently looking chick, from Darjeeling. Very friendly. Gave me a nice relaxing, long and slow massage. Loads and loads of erotic touches, did a bum massage and stroked johnny from the back, that I have only seen these girls give AFTER you pay them for extras! On the flip side, Johnny was already hard, and she commented on it while stroking. Asked if I wanted extras (I laughed and said, of course. After you give me a massage like that, how can I say no. She laughed back). No negotiation, said 1 k for b2 be upfront. I agreed.

    Stripped, got on me. The B2 be was amazing. Kissed my entire body while sliding over it. All this while I was fingering her, she got really wet. I think I made her cum more than once (but who knows, they never admit it). Then surprise surprise. Asked me if she can suck on Johnny! Followed with a mind blowing BBBJ.

    AFter shower and coming out, I looked at my phone. I realized it was almost 1. 5 hours!

    Damage: 1 k + 1 k + 200 (just because I felt she deserved it).

    Place: 7/10.

    Girl face: 8/10.

    Body: 7/10.

    Attitude: 10/10.

    Extras: 10/10.

    WIR: Yes.

    5) Z Spa , G mall Ggn

    Saw this spa on the ground floor, thought of giving it a try. Was quoted 2 k at the counter, negotiated to 1. 2 k.

    Was assigned a NI, miss T. Massage started like a very professional massage, made me doubt if I was going to get any extras. 15 mins into is she asked have you come her for massage only or extras? I asked her what you offer. She said 2 k HJ, 5 k B2 B (WTF! I just said ok thanks, just give a massage. I think she was taken aback and asked me what I usually pay, I said not more than 1. 5 k for b2 b. Initially she said no, that's not possible. I have been in this job for long time, nobody gives for 1. 5 k. I politely replied saying, ok if that's your rate, that's fine. But I have been to spas in the same mall, and they give for much less. Didn't pursue the conversation. 10 min later she asked why I'm not saying anything (ie. Why am I not negotiating. Hahaha). That got us into a light mood. Finally she said, why don't you try bum massage + HJ for 1. 5 k. I thought ok fine, its slightly more expensive but lets give it a shot.

    The bum massage was almost as good as miss A from T spa. Got me rock hard. Fliped, continued massage, then ended with a HJ.

    One good thing was she was friendly and fun. She kept asking how I liked it what better she can do etc. Before leaving she said she will give me a great deal for next time - 3 k for Bum massage + BJ + shower with me. I said thanks, I'll remember your offer.

    Damage: 1. 2 k + 1. 5 k.

    Place: 7/10.

    Girl face: 6/10.

    Body: 7/10.

    Attitude: 7/10.

    Extras: 8/10.

    WIR: No, too expensive.

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    HI bro,

    I have tried all these. You can negotiate counter charges to 1. 5 k for all (by saying that the other spa's are giving for less), however they don't go down further than that.

    Extras are 1 k HJ, 2. 5 k B2 B in almost all (after long negotiations) - however none of them were really worth it.

    I would not recommend wasting time or money on these.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daebis  [View Original Post]
    Walked around VV yesterday.

    Went inside all the spas there.

    Two looked like ones with no extras.

    Rest pretty expensive as compared to Rajouri or Lajpat or MG road.


    Spa time Thai avail 2 k min.

    Oak spa 2 k min.

    Shanghai spa 2 k min only NE.

    Moksha 1.8 k Thai available.

    Spa king 1.5 k.

    Don't know the rates of in VVof the extras.

    Most places in Lajpat, Rajouri 1 k counter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarmaGuy  [View Original Post]
    I know, you know everything. Every girl, every price and every bit of Delhi girl & every chick. Right?

    Let me laugh.

    Mate, I am here for a decade.

    No offence.
    Its a shame, for someone who claims to be here for a decade, you seem to not know even the most basics of 'sharing' (which I might add is how this forum works).
    No offence.

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    Very average experience

    After long time I am in Delhi for couple of days. Was in the mood for some fun so contacted some of our seniors members. Thanks to BlueVelvet2, KkLife, KarmaGuy and FunnyBoy19 for providing details and contacts. Ankita and Rose both were busy that day. Contacted Miss Puja, after long interrogation she agreed to meet. As mentioned my most of the other members, she is beautiful and gorgeous, have good assets. But service wise I had very average experience. She was looking very tired and was in hurry to complete the deed. Almost no kissing / DFK. BJ was also for only very seconds and that too not good. I was really surprised by this kind of service. Had very high hopes form her.

    I guess this was just a bad experience for me only. I have not seen such average review from any other member for her.

    Damage: Initially quoted for 5 K but after lot of negotiations agreed for 3 K (I guess. 5 K extra than her normal rate).

    I hope that my next encounter in Delhi will be better than this. If anyone have detail about famous butter chicken, request to PM me the details.

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    Totally safe

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikram82  [View Original Post]
    Recently visited the fun cinemas compound late evening around 8 pm. The moment you enter from the front there a few wine and beers shops. But once you reach the main gallery you can see the Spa's. At least 4 spas I count standing there. All have 1 K counter charges as posters outside suggest. Totally looked like an FS place. Though I must say the whole feel was a bit shady for me so I did not venture into any.

    Some of the girls of the spa's were roaming outside only. A guy comes out from the ground floor spa and hands over the "Chotu" a rs. 500 note to fetch him some beer and enters back. I guess you can enjoy booze along with women inside only.

    Definitely a try for the daredevils who also want budget stuff.

    Do post if someone ventures out.


    Been there at least 5 times and its a very safe place for FS of absolutely no LE activity. Know a couple of gems in m (English gor jadoo) health spa. You can negotiate to 800 counter charges.

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    Seniors Any SP recommendations in west Delhi

    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker finally visiting Delhi. Would appreciate some good SP information. Even MP would do preferably in west Delhi around Janak urPi.

    Thanks guys!

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    Help me to find this gal please

    Hi Friends,

    Please help me to find this gal. She was available with some Saket and Mahipalpur SP last month but I could not avail. Any pointer please to find if currently available with any SP or if any kind soul having her direct number with ref.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pic.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by PepperChilly  [View Original Post]
    Had her recently. MILF. Leave aside the padded bra she's same as pic.

    Initially DFK was a big NO but agreed to her kind of smooching and the rest is history.

    Cuddling and long DFK's. Smooth skin. Soft and small boobs. Long and good BBBJ. Bit of hairy pussy but otherwise clean. No hurried service. No intention of a repeating her. Normal charges.
    Looks hot! What's her name? Where is she available?

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    Sunday dinner

    Wanted to have girl 1 on Sunday night. Selected. SP called but girl change. Left.

    Called and went to my regular SP in Munirka.

    Showed me 3 picked a plump cherry. Was happy as it was 1 in morning first pic of first girl. And second pic of girl who provided me moksh. No limitations was a good thing though not a very good service. But I was more than happy as didn't have to go to sleep hungry as m only free on weekends. Would try the first girl next weekend hopefully.

    Safe and happy mongering.

    I never do it at an SP's place. Is it safe. Have never done that in Delhi. M new here. Been a year but new mongering, please advice.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20160724-WA0027.jpg‎   IMG-20160724-WA0029.jpg‎   IMG-20160725-WA0008.jpg‎   IMG-20160725-WA0007.jpg‎  

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    Vaishali SP


    Was feeling horny. WA my regular SP at Laxmi Nagar. But didn't like the stuff. I was having another SP nos near Vaishali. I had not tired him so thought of trying him. He called me near metro and then to his den. Only one option was available. Even girl available was different than what was photo shared with me. But went for her as she was good looking. Spent 45 min and came out satisfied. Following is the RC.

    Place: 6. 5 (no AC, but cooler was available), place safe.

    Looks: 7/10.

    Figure: 7.5/10.

    BJ 7.5/10.

    DFK 7/10.

    Damages Rs 2 K plus 0.2 K tip.

    WIR: yes.

    WIR: yes.

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    Had her recently. MILF. Leave aside the padded bra she's same as pic.

    Initially DFK was a big NO but agreed to her kind of smooching and the rest is history.

    Cuddling and long DFK's. Smooth skin. Soft and small boobs. Long and good BBBJ. Bit of hairy pussy but otherwise clean. No hurried service. No intention of a repeating her. Normal charges.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20160724-WA0035.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiKlpd  [View Original Post]
    20 min is a little less bro, just had a lovely 90 min extras in a 60 min session, feel totally discharged lols.

    In that extra 90 minutes you must have flooded the spa and she would be a limp for a long long time. Great going bro.

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    90 min extras

    Quote Originally Posted by MD007  [View Original Post]
    I totally agree with you, most of the MP girls these days have no concept of a massage, specially the NI who just give tel Malish and are interested only in extras. Most Thai girls and some NE are good at massage.

    At times when I need a good massage, I go to a Naga therapist in Hauzkhas, excellent massage but no extras, not even HJ but than who want's a HJ alone.

    Ideally if one can get a good massage and good extras, it makes a complete package. As it is you don't need more than 20 minutes for extras, so a good massage for the first 40 minutes is a must for me.
    20 min is a little less bro, just had a lovely 90 min extras in a 60 min session, feel totally discharged lols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desparado  [View Original Post]
    Called rose, she is busy for the day. Will have a short layover at Delhi. Please share some BBW black beauty digits.


    Pmed you black beauty.

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