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Thread: New Delhi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaitechee  [View Original Post]
    Is this Jeena Khan you are talking about? She is currently in Kolkata according to my WhatsApp, with one of the SPs there.

    I don't know the damages and such.
    Yep she's the one. Kolkata are you sure? She was in Chandigarh last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourVi  [View Original Post]
    If you havE xpereince please share your report.
    I had tried for 1st girl. But missed by 10 minutes. Regular excuse from SP.

    He had quoted 2 k.

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    Delhi BBW

    Quote Originally Posted by Abhisaw  [View Original Post]
    Hii all,

    In addition to my previous post, I found another SP who supplies this BBW. Though I am not into such big size but like huge boobs. Does anyone has tried this dish before?
    Hi buddy,

    Mind sharing contact details, am a BBW lover and have put her on my "To do list" during my nest visit.


    P. S tried to PM you but your inbox is full.

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    Was on my way to Gurgaon so tried S Spa inside S Hotel, Mahipalpur.

    There was a tiny soft spoken NE girl at the counter. Seemed barely in her twenties. She showed me the rate card and asked for 2000 for 1 hour.

    She offered 500 off. I asked for 1 K. She thought for a second and then agreed. I think I could have bullied her down to 700 or 800.

    She took me upstairs to the room. It was an actual hotel room with a spa bed instead of a regular bed. Everything else, right from the study table to the sofa was still there.

    NE gal K came in and asked me to change. Short and chubby 30+ Manipuri gal with an average face. But what an ass. That huge butt looked amazing in tight jeans and I got a little hard just imagining everything I was going to do to it.

    Opted for a dry massage. She was trying her best, but there was no finesse and I was not enjoying it. I asked for extras and she offered a topless HJ with touching. I was really disappointed when she didn't agree to FS, BJ or even B2B. She asked for 2 K but finally agreed on 1000.

    She quickly took her shirt and bra off and started stroking my dick. I immediately grabbed her butt and squeezed it. Played with her soft tits for a while and licked them. I asked her again for a B2B but she was not interested. I offered to pay her another 1000 and she hesitatingly agreed.

    She poured some oil on me and started gliding her boobs on my body. I waited for a while and then asked her to proceed with the B2B. She said she was already doing it. I laughed and told her to undress and get on top of me. She looked shocked and refused to take her jeans off. I told her this is not a B2B and I will not pay her for this. She got a little sad and took her jeans off and pleaded with me to let her keep her panties on. I decided to take it one step at a time and let her keep them on.

    Now she got on top of me and I positioned my dick right on her pussy and she started grinding. She was not into it at all and kept looking away the whole time. I tried to ignore her at first and explored her body. Grabbed and squeezed her big butt to my heart's content. Rubbed her pussy from outside her panties and played with her soft boobs as well. She refused DFK as well. All this time, she was looking really sad and not even making eye contact with me. I gradually lost my enthusiasm as well and told her to stop. She knew I was not happy with her so she apologized and asked me if she can continue with HJ only. I was thinking about getting up and leaving but decided to take the HJ and squeeze her butt a little more. Her HJ too was without any technique but I still managed to cum soon.

    She cleaned me with tissues and got dressed quickly. I paid her 2 K and asked her to leave so I could take a shower in peace.

    I won't return to that spa because she told me that none of the girls there give FS and only a few do B2 B. She was also really surprised to know that FS is available in other spas.

    Overall, it was one of my bad experiences even though she had just the kind of butt that I love. Her sad face really spoiled my mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousToTry  [View Original Post]
    I think so would I and stick to the hand. I doubt if Pm visit is the driver but more moral / financial agenda of then new people in charge.
    You are right, it's not like Modi is going to the MP and inspect their operations. That's the least of his worries IMO.

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    Any co-ordinate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaitechee  [View Original Post]
    Is this Jeena Khan you are talking about? She is currently in Kolkata according to my WhatsApp, with one of the SPs there.

    I don't know the damages and such.
    Oh! Its great to know that she is in Kolkata. Any option to reach her? If so, please share.

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    GS Mall SPA

    Planning to go to GS spa tomorrow. Any pointers? Who to try apart from the Anal Queen P (if she is busy)? Is it safe amidst the GGN LE scene?

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    Welcome ME back

    Hey fellow mongers & Seniors,

    Been here on ISG for a very long time and was also a little bit active when my previous subscription was up and running. Was helped by few seniors (God will punish me if I don't mention Rahul bhai here) at that time and also tried helping some of the brothers with my experience.

    But I sort of went into hibernation or a sabbatical break when my subscription expired. But once a monger will always be an monger, so here I am. Renewed my subscription (so PM is active), but I am left with either no leads or very old ones (tasted and ticked off). A help at this point will be highly appreciated and respected by me.

    Please PM me with some leads so that I can be a good daddy to johnny. Waiting (and thanks in advance).

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    Pretty face dull WG

    Quote Originally Posted by LustyLover  [View Original Post]
    Ever since I saw the photos of this this girl I wanted to bang her. Fellow monger posted an FR stating the physical beauty but starfish attitude. But I just wanted to bang this beauty not for my dick sake but for my eyes. So was really happy to find that one of SP sent her pic. Inquired about it. He said yes she is available but for limited time. Wasted no time in booking and proceeded to his den. I was thinking about LT but then decided to first taste the waters first and fixed single shot at 4 k. Girls looked very cute and beautiful. In real also She has pretty face and decent body. She is Punjab. Girl has shyness about her, has not turned into a pro yet. Well that both good and bad. Good that we feel nice about fucking a girl next door, bad part is too many restriction and hesitations about sex. FK was refused out right, told does not allow even her BF. She requested to skip BJ it since it causes her to vomit. I could have forced her but chose not to. Not fun seeing that anguish in her pretty face while doing BJ. So sucked her boobs for some time then started to bang her in missionary. She asked to come on top since it makes her cum. Well that was nice to hear. She came on top and did it till I finished. Though nice to look at and talk to, service leads much to desire. Anyways had my wish and banged her for looks only..
    Paid 2.5 k for her pretty face, her service is non existent.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDumble  [View Original Post]
    This is the closest match.
    She is Priyanka from Kalkaji. Won't charge anything less than 6 k if comes independent. Her going rate is 8 k.

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    Gokshura Pills

    Has anybody tried Himalaya Gokshura pills.

    A lot of body builders and strength athletes take it for increased testosterone and they all say it increases libido.

    I have seen some discussion on Suhagra etc so I wondered if anybody take this and seen any improvements.

    Moreover it is Himalaya company.

    What about their Aswagandha?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RohitShah  [View Original Post]
    Opened the forum after nine months or so to activate membership since I will be coming to Delhi in November end.

    I was regular to spas in Gurgaon so it's very disheartening to read such posts in forum. Don't remember any spa where B2B be was not offered 😂.

    Stay safe bro!
    LE are active play safe.

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    [Indecipherable Text deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted because the text contained so many strange abbreviations, misspelled words and local slang that it was literally unreadable. It was so bad that the only way I can describe it was that it looked like English translated into Chinese, then translated back to English, with every third letter subsequently deleted.

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    May please share it

    If you have her contact, please share it. My PM is active.


    Quote Originally Posted by SamSandy  [View Original Post]
    Got this 40 something lady on Tinder this Saturday. Within 15 min she moved to whatsapp and on the same night was willing to hit the bed. Sunday being the family day was not possible. Messaged her on Monday 3 PM and she was willing to come to my other empty flat at 7 PM. Luckily she was just 4 km away from this place. Was raining very heavily but picked her from near her house at Surya Nagar.

    On the way came to know she is a Punjabi widow and showed her family pics. Reached our flat and chit chatted for 15 min. Then she said oh you are so shy and let me take control. Things went North from there and she literally raped me LOL. Heavy DFK, all over body kisses and too horny. Did an awesome BBJ and forced me to CIM. Romped followed for another 30 min before her daughter started calling her. Dropped her back to home. I was expecting she will pop a question for money but no such discussion came at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KolMong30  [View Original Post]
    I am visiting Bangkok for a week on 30th Oct. This is my first Visit. Many many Thanks to Thetank85, samarth and Gurgaon dude for Input. Some more info is requested on Capital of mongers. I am interested in full service. Anal. And every thing else that is possible. My PM is active.
    Don't go now one of my friend was going to Singapore via Thailand and he did not get transfer. They told every thing is close for 2 month.

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