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    CIM with Swallow.

    Have been so far a pure Spa with extras fan as not into the normal FS. Really mad for CIM with swallow but used to think it is improbable in India, but now reading a few FRs by our gurus on this forum it appears it is available. Will be highly obliged if a senior can give some pointers where CIM and swallow are possible in Delhi. Thanks.

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    Senior Member

    Quote Originally Posted by MrMaroon  [View Original Post]

    So had a dogs day yesterday but redeemed myself with a wonderful experience today. I am more positive about getting my paradise back than yesterday. I kind of liked MPs. But selection is everything. I guess its hit and trial mostly, either you do it yourself or somebody else does it for you and you thank him. Anyways tomorrow I have decided to go to CIS way. Lets see how it pans out. Have spoken to some SPs from mahipalpur. Have been quoted 6 k for 2 hours with CIS girl of choice in a 3 star hotel. Is it okay? Seniors please help?
    Thanks for the great reports. It sure sounds like you are having a lot of fun pursuing the world of active mongering.

    I must compliment your negotiation skill, getting the Mpur SPs down to 6 K for 2 shots is indeed great. However, just be a little careful, do not pay any money to the SP in advance only when the girl is delivered to your room and you find that she matches up to your liking or is at least 50% of the photo that you selected. Stay safe and keep reporting.

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    Thanks a lot for the update!

    Quote Originally Posted by MongerIndia  [View Original Post]
    Average Service, Ok Ok Attitude. Nothing worth mentioning. Had her in Laxmi Nagar (Pandav Nagar) area almost a year back in Non AC room. Damages were 1500.

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    More info requested

    Hey bro,

    Need more hint for the Kailash colony MP. Thanks in advance

    Quote Originally Posted by MrMaroon  [View Original Post]
    Hi bros.

    Thanks AO bhai and you can call me a newbie. I m nowhere in comparison to some of the stalwarts of ISG including you.

    So day two starts. Was free early. Took some hint from the forum and went to lajpat nagar. Near KFC there are two spas. One with S and another with O. I have read about the O place being FS mp so decided to go and explore the S one and keep the O as fail safe measure. I belive I get lot of pleasure in exploring adventures and being in that superactive mongering mode of mind. In S spa there was NE MILF on the counter as receptionist good looking fair and good boobs. I was quoted 1. 5 k brought it down to 1 k. Asked to show me the available therapist. Was shown a fat NI and a not so fat NI. As it was my first massage ever I didn't reject but rather went with not so fat NI. She was a young bong 21 yrs. Rooms were okay. Good smell. Attached shower which was okay. Went in and slipped into my birthday suit. She asked me too wear disposable undies. I said it looks like a white diaper and its not a underwear. She got the message that I m not going to wear it. First checkpoit cleared. Now I can enjoy some exhibitionism. The she brought out the oil. I said first show me your skills as a masseuse then think of smothering me with oil. She kind of took it as a challenge. And did good massage including lots of stretching and bum massage. In between while she was taking standing ovation from my manhood for her massage skills, I popped the question. Only HJ on offer for 1 k as nothing else is allowed there. I offered 1 k for TL HJ with touching. She said no. My final offer was only HJ for free! She laughed; to which I said yes its a part of my body and it should be included in the massage (we both knew I was screwing around). So on a day when both BJP shiv sena and Cong NCP came to agreement, we decided to call it off. So my fact finding mission ended with a decent massage and me gaining priceless wisdom about MP mongering. In hindsight I should have asked the NE receptionist as therapist. So a mental note made always go for hottest chick.

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    B2B. LOL. (Back to Back encounter)

    Hello My Rock star buddies,

    How are all the Johnnies doing at their respective places? Hope you have been giving Johnies lovely treatment.

    Guys have been busy so this FR has been pending for your reading pleasure. Some cute encounters and I will continue to post them. This one happened in uptown Munirka, the 2 girls are independents aged 19 and 21. I call them mid to high end Munirka.

    I hope you all enjoy this post! After all I love you all except one bad fish that has been spoiling the whole pond.

    So this encounter is dedicated to lovely brothers who are serious to take the 2 different girls on back to back journey, I learnt on my own, you can take tips from here, ok as I say I love criticism, and again anyone is welcome to comment especially the one who gets agitated too easily for no clear reason LOL. Guys I know these 2 gals since their spa days in Sin city Gurgaon, this was the time (around January 2014) when they were so tight that even their Pinky (little finger) wouldn't go in their pussy, now they take Dickie Bird, but aahhhh they are always so tight and crisp like a fresh organic apple just plucked from tree. Having both of them at spa in Jan was a dream come true in their early days when they lost virginity, I had them both couple of times and then they turned Indies.

    Ok, so one of the weekend morning I chatted with these cutting edge tigresses. Deal was set up for early evening and there I was at uptown Munirka. I love Gandhi (great Indian freedom fighter) who believed in Ahinsa (not to injure and non violence). I specially practice on those who turn offensive for no reason and identify themselves without being asked.

    Met both the cuties outside restaurant 'A', went inside, went straight to the tiger den, man dingy place but who cares, girls asked for cigarettes and there you go, one was left and another on right, DFK started slowly with each one, my hands searching their flawless thighs and slim silky arms and face, boob sucking, a little fingering, all started and continued for 10 hot minutes, I was optimistic if this would become 3 some but this act didn't last long. I made arrangement on floor mattress as bed was small.

    Downturn was small room but no smell etc, most light effect was closed and act was done in Television switched on while Zee NEWS (an Indian NEWS channel) was on.

    Encounter 1 (standing ).

    So Gal 1 Lady 'S' (21 yrs from Darjeeling but has 50% NI features, weight just 50 kgs) wanted to rest and she left me and Lady 'P' in the room, it was a pissing hot day but I like scorching and muggy atmosphere as it boils the sex hormones. Ha ha.

    Ladies vitals are 34 D / 28/34, So here we go, she was disrobed by me one by one (I was removing mine too), Tight top, inner, kissed and licked her bust line for few minutes before starting the passionate oncoming sex. Removed Bra slowly and cupped her breasts, Deep DFK and lip biting started and set the rhythm, guys one tip, this gal is almost 4. 11 and a little over a feet shorter than me, what you do is expand your feet so you adjust to her height. So she slowly removed her hands from breasts and there I was slowly sucking 34 the Tit meat and 1 inch brown / pink Nipples, wow they were creamy and real soft. Bra label said 34 and she confirmed size the, ha ha.

    DFK was becoming the key while I was standing and using hands everywhere, fingered her while standing back (hand at front), she liked KY in this act, man she was still tight even I was trying her after almost 8 months in spa, suddenly I lifted her in Air and did mid air DFK, she liked it. One downturn with these gals is they don't do any form of BJ but everything else.

    So once down I told her desire of Standing fuck as I watched bathroom video of Hitomi Tanaka, she giggled and said the bathroom here wasn't fit for the act, I proposed a Zee NEWS (in Mute) in closed light and she agreed.

    Position 1.

    Lifted her right feet, wore my favorite Condom, entered from behind, boy wasn't easy, took out KY and entered, the moment she made a glorified face with a sign of entry I grabbed her whole mouth with mine, sprayed wettest deepest kisses and she started liking the journey.

    Position 2.

    Continued like this and got her feet down, sprayed her legs, got her bent down with an angle and adjusted my angle (as per my proposed Kamasutra position posting), pumping her was good fun.

    Position 3.

    We both were facing each other, I expanded feet, I wasn't able to move due to expanded feet, with mine erect in full bloom she was told to F**k and gosh she did for splendid few minutes.

    Position 4.

    There was an empty TV trolley and the height matched the gals requirement, got her up in doggie and pumped while holding her Breasts from behind, she was getting tired and said "Logon ka dus minute main hota hai (people cum in 10 minutes)", well it was DCG in line so I told her this will take time.

    Position 5.

    While I was busy drilling with fire intent and well lasted in act for 50 minutes the final moment came and I made her a good doggie on mattress, while I was behind, emptied myself with full force inside Condom in her hot and wet pussy, but what a session it was, marathon finally ended.

    She was very tired as it was pure raw and hard sex, she went inside washroom with closed eyes saying what man, damn took 1 hour. Deed was over so what to say, I put the entire blame on News channel. LOL. Condom was released and kept discretely in brought Napkins by me.

    Now session 2 was next with lady 'S' and rest was needed for 30 to 45 minutes, lady 'P' went outside, I bolted the door, cleaned myself in small bathroom, came to mattress, closed eyes under running fan and boy snoozed for good 30 minutes, woke up, still lying and there was a knock on door after around 40 minutes, I knew lady 'S' must have arrived, my second parcel.

    Encounter 2.

    Lady 'S' (19 years, will turn 20 at the end of year) , boy she was tighter that a sealed pussy when I banged her in spa during January 2014, we had a deal before this session for a memorable F**K and raw DFK (again she also doesn't do any form of BJ).

    Well after she settled she switched of all lights, she wasn't happy to do F**K in News channel so played a Hindi Music Channel (in Mute).

    She was wearing a nice black one piece dress and black lingerie, good thing and what I die for her is flawless skin, extremely cutting edge face, Ladies vitals are 33 c / 26/34, height 5 feet 6 inches.

    The moment I smooched her I got to know she came after having the cheap Vodka shots and a menthol cigarette. Good thing she came in my favorite night make up.

    Unlike miss 'P' this lady started the journey off taking clothes off, she started mine one by one and then I took hers off one by one, the moment her Bra went down (thanks to her height) I caressed her breasts and started licking them one by one, perfect God made Tit meat, spent good 5-7 minutes on both average size but buttery and ultra smooth jewels. She holds the breasts while you suck them.

    As I was overspending time she hugged me and literally said, Fuck me please.

    Who cares and why when the girl is in heat, no opportunity was to be spared, good thing about this session was that this session was going to be raw and hard as I lost all cum in prior session, I got to know from this lady, she comes as second as she likes to be in session 2, loves pounding and deep stroking and knows 2nd session goes longer, she knows lady 'P' likes a 10 minuter but today was not her day as DCG clocked almost an hour.

    Position 1.

    Back to Mattress basics, entered her missionary, Deepest DFK the moment she moaned and made face upon entry, repeated the DFK act as it felt so good. Pussy was still tighter (at least 8 out of 10, fellow Hunks helped her a lot) .

    Stroked for good 10 minutes in Missionary loose stroking and Missionary erect pounding (guys if you do not how to do that, search for my Kama sutra posting in FR's?

    Gal was in good heat as she moaned heavily and said 'Fuck me hard', well no problem as she is learning English and is super fluent in uttering 'F' words. LOL.

    Position 2.

    Spoon, cutting edge dick of DCG started the act but lady demanded a very hard action, being new in this act and me being not a porn star changed the act to position 3.

    Position 3.

    Spoon shape of gal but I grabbed ass and pounded while being on both knees. This position was awesome as there was nice rhythm and stroking was much fun, lasted for few minutes.

    Now mind blowing DFK and breast sucking was happening in between.

    Position 4.

    Live in East of west Doggie is the best. For good 10 minutes and it was hard pounding, she demanded more hard, I was surprised she was not this active earlier, asked her how and she said Vodka gives her kick for act, boy this was energy task and pounding was resulting in heaviest sweating, I was feeling like a Downtown Munirka Porn star.

    I think now I was pounding for over 40 minutes and Cumming was nowhere in sight asked her to blow by hand, she agreed for facial and pearl necklace, boy she tried to blow by hand but was tired in 5 minutes.

    At last DCG took the rights in his hand, took almost 3-4 minutes and sprayed cum all over her face and most beautiful breasts, it was a fair load well sprayed, I sprayed with care as pearls went in her rosy lips, mustache area, beard area, nipples and upper breast, and gosh what a lovely sight it was!

    As I am always nice, cleaned her with brought napkins, she went in bathroom, cleaned herself.

    I cleaned, DFK again with her washed face and there comes Miss 'P' knocking asking how the session went, she complained and complemented my never ending stamina, again I was in middle kissing each girl one by one while they were smoking nonstop like chimneys.

    So party ended as I took out lady 'P', she had to go home taking auto, brought her momos and me came back to den with never to forget memories.

    Guys, I know the ladies very well, one of the most mean girls in town, got to know them at a NCR spa, they are Indies now but are too clever & act too over smart for their age (guys who interacted with them know this).

    They will screw any newbie upside down; right now they both are living with some Real estate big wig in hills in his luxurious scenic home, so not replying until they are back to their own self.

    Sorry guys can't share about them at all if you pm me as you need a lot of maturity in dealing with them, I have shared this contact with tenured boys (whom I personally know) here already, few of them were lucky to have them solo but I am proud to say that I had them both B2B (back to back) in 1 hour session each, time well spent, and yes lost a lot of calories lost in the act. LOL.

    Wonderful fantasy turned in reality, wow.

    Stay tuned next acts to be reported are solo but great fun.



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    Could not resist her once more

    Went again and did her once more. Spurted once in condom, leaked a lot in her mouth, fucked her in middle, change the condoms 3-4 times and finally deep throat her when I did CIM. It was heaven.

    Quote Originally Posted by TempStories  [View Original Post]
    Got her through a SP whom I tried for first time. Thanks for DCG for sharing his contacts. Girl claims her name is Priyanka, from Darjeeling, 20 years old and 2 years in Munirka. Exactly my type. Young, slim waist, tight pussy, innocent look, mid size boobs and smooth fair skin. The only negative was she did not initiate anything. She compensated for not saying no to anything I wanted except anal.

    Started by taking out clothes and lot of kissing on her necks. Picked her up like a baby in my lap and kissed her boobs for long time. She did not say anything to whatever torture I incurred on her boobs. She even allowed me to leave some hickeys on her boobs. Mauled them like anything. Then started BBBJ which lasted for 20 min. Not once did she tell me that it is taking too long. Tried all kind of positions on BBBJ. Did lot of rimming also and never said no to amount of time spend.

    Put on the rubber, started with doggy style but it was too tight. Spurted a small amount in condom. Changed the condom, started with miss style and than all kind of positions from front. She did not respond much but again also did not complain much. After sometime I did not want to come, so got out of her, asked for a BBBJ again. She willing agreed. After sometime mounted her again in different position and around 60 min mark from start, asked her to lie on her back with face hanging on edge of the bed, asked her to rim me, finally put my prick in her mouth and did a CIM.

    Since I needed to sample her once more, called the SP and asked for one more shot. Repeated the whole act again and finished in exact same CIM position. Her per shot rate is 2 k and I paid 3. 5 k for 2 shots. Could have gone once more but it was too sweaty and was also feeling hungry after the marathon May go again today.

    Pics are attached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperLove  [View Original Post]
    Mr micky, you'r right.

    I also became a member of the forum at the same time as you. Infact just renewed my membership a few weeks back as I was contemplating should I or should I not, mr johnny decided for the former.

    The problem now is that there are alot and yes I mean it, many many mongers post fake reports and FR's.

    In fact a few weeks or at max a couple of months back I was quite an aggressive monger and read almost all FRs and ventured into these uncharted territories.

    The ratings that some of the boys gave were ridiculous, they would rate a trash or a below average girl as 7 / 8 on 10. Some of them even made false claims for a few MP's which later on I found out at a price (Rs).

    I do not post any Frs now because I know for a fact that I'll be bombarded with unwarranted pm's.

    Now I only pm seniors and ask for their valuable advise.

    Have fun.
    You are 100% correct bro!

    If I look upon Bangalore forum or UAE forum where there are Indian mongers then at one point of time it was a privilege that these forums used to ask for ref when they were visiting Delhi or India. But I guess with passage of time SP or indie have discovered that Delhi is nothing more than showoff. Moreover, serious mongers have migrated too, they now seek pleasure in BKK, DXB or LOS rather than stuck up here and paying for things which they won't even like in their Golden days.

    P. S- reply is my private experience and not meant to hurt anyone. It is just a discussion on passage of time when you have experienced best things in life. MY sincere wish to mongers here that they may rise above what we have done and amen.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Heysw  [View Original Post]
    Hey brothers!

    I am writing this FR solely due to what I did after being bored. In the meantime I am thankful to handful of those members who took time to reply to me and gave me more chance to explore. So one fine day I was passing through south extension flyover and saw sign of a spa which was due to be opened soon. After few days as I was passing through same area I noticed that it was opened and just for the heck of it went inside to check what was on offer. I was greeted by two gorgeous looking NE who were waiting for me to pounce on me and rob me of my money and make me member as it was new and they were having salary plus incentive based on targets. One of the receptionist was going overboard and this made me wonder what the real story was which unfolded later that she was also acting girlfriend of the owner of spa. Wow what a luck to that guy get money, get screw and get massage all for free I guess. Anyways I told her that I would only take membership if I was shown good time by the staff. She promised me and sent a Thai girl inside. Immediately as soon as she started I asked her what would be the damage and she quoted 1 k for B2B...
    Please mongers do not waste time in sending me PM when you have nothing to be shared. You can criticize me or F. R which I neither mind nor care but those who enjoy the fruits knows what is what. So please spare me by asking things when you have a trashy SP or indie.


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    New guys on the block

    Greetings ISG Delhi members,

    Quite a few FR's in store for you naughty boys of Delhi so stay tuned folks!

    Please take the following details as pure suggestions.

    I am pleasantly surprised to see Mushroom like growth of so many emerging champions (new members), just a plain suggestion to all of them to become paid members and talk in pm with tenured members rather than asking help by commenting on members FR reports. This behavior doesn't suit any nice guy.

    Please try not to spoil culture at ISG by asking pointers etc and be kind hearted to spend Rs. 1200 ($20 for a year) in paid membership rather than act cheap which most of you are not.

    Guys I am receiving at least 5-6 pm requests every day and based on past experiences I am quite discrete in sharing contacts now so do not mind if you do not hear from me, please, it is suggested multiple times to publish some FR's after you get contacts and then ask for favor again.

    Couple more suggestions:

    1.) Try to be nice when fellow members (especially tenured members) comment on your FR's. We have had some real action heroes and offensive buggers trying to attract attention in the past by indulging in childish & rustic hooliganism, try not to do the same, negative publicity doesn't help anyone.

    2.) Please for God's sake do not mention spa name or name of therapist in reports, give some respect to ladies who let you live your fantasies. Don't act cheap when you are not!

    New members please do not try to make a database and sleep over it, some action and honesty helps in mongering too.

    BTW just wanted to proactively inform some double standard members (educated and guys with good money and jobs) have wrongly used my name and mentioned to my given contacts in getting a deal (they mentioned a narrow price by falsely using my name / reference when I didn't say anything rather than passing contact name and telephone number), guys please understand, I get to know everything, and can filter you out with all your details really nicely so don't do these dare devil acts and stunts! What are you trying to save, a dinner, a lunch, what for? These kind of members please do not contact me at all.

    Enough said, now folks who have been helped by me, need to write some honest, real and detailed FR's. We are waiting to read your action deeds!



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    Another encounter with a NE

    Hello everyone,

    On my mongering trip, hit upon another new therapist. This mall in the first mall on the MG Road. After I was escorted to the room, in comes Miss see with some good assets greeting me with a smile. She said "Please change sir pointing to those 80% transparent undies. I just gave her a wicked smile. Soon enough I was ready after throwing those disposables to one side after wrapping a towel. Very soon, I was lying on the high bed with Miss see sitting on top of me giving me a good dry massage. We started talking about various things and very soon started talking about FS in Spa's. Soon my favorite question was popped and she said only HJ+TL on offer for 1500 bucks! I said I can do HJ myself and do I really need to pay for it? To my surprise she said, please let me do it for you. I will do it very nicely and you pay me only if you like it. Johny was in no mood to think and was waiting to feel those titties. With hot old being spilled on johny she slowly started massaging it. It was a feeling where in the johny was being pampered like never before. Slowly the speed increased as I my hands where busy fondling her top and bottom. It was a big relief after firing the shots almost a meter high. She looks and me says "quantity and distance both are unique'.

    Paid her 1000 bucks and left after having a good shower.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TempStories  [View Original Post]
    Let me know if someone has tried her. How was the service and what price did you pay?

    Used her services around 4-5 months back in a shit hole in Kotla and paid 2 K for the services. The place was truly a pigeon cage but must admit that the services received from the girl were not disappointing.

    Never thought of repeating her due to ugly location and filthy atmosphere.

    You may enjoy her if she has sneaked into some other worthy location now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjtcaddict  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Following on from my previous post; I have been busy researching before my trip to Delhi. Got a few photos from SPs. Does anyone have any feedback on any of them?

    Thank you.
    What rates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MongerIndia  [View Original Post]
    Average Service, Ok Ok Attitude. Nothing worth mentioning. Had her in Laxmi Nagar (Pandav Nagar) area almost a year back in Non AC room. Damages were 1500.
    Are you going to Pandav Nagar again?

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    Yes, you are right

    Mr micky, you'r right.

    I also became a member of the forum at the same time as you. Infact just renewed my membership a few weeks back as I was contemplating should I or should I not, mr johnny decided for the former.

    The problem now is that there are alot and yes I mean it, many many mongers post fake reports and FR's.

    In fact a few weeks or at max a couple of months back I was quite an aggressive monger and read almost all FRs and ventured into these uncharted territories.

    The ratings that some of the boys gave were ridiculous, they would rate a trash or a below average girl as 7 / 8 on 10. Some of them even made false claims for a few MP's which later on I found out at a price (Rs).

    I do not post any Frs now because I know for a fact that I'll be bombarded with unwarranted pm's.

    Now I only pm seniors and ask for their valuable advise.

    Have fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by MD007  [View Original Post]
    I became a member of this forum a year and half back but I hardly find any of the senior members active than posting Any FRs now except for a fleeting reference once in a while. It used to be a pleasure reading those reports and they were helpful. I miss them and their reports.

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    Immediate support required

    Hi fellow member,

    Today I am alone at home and would like to utilize the opportunity fully. Looking for full night today or tomorrow day time.

    Any good contact for Indian Educated Housewife / Girl / MILF or else good CIS.

    Early response shall be highly appreciated.

    Can stretch budget to very good extent for quality stuff.

    Please help me.

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