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    Any contacts in WEST Delhi GUYS?

    Any contacts in WEST Delhi GUYS?

    Been a long time since I have gone out for fun. Travelling distances always puts me off.

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    I also have similar experience with dolly. Now she has become money minded and she has realised that her pussy can mint money fast. She is in the grip of pussy power. I think we should give some time to let her pussy cool off. We should boycott her for some time.

    Quote Originally Posted by MD007  [View Original Post]
    I had a similar experience with her in Delhi when I went for threesome with her friend (Ref my FR "Concept of Threesome".

    I also didn't find her as hot as she looked in the pic. Besides she kept complaining after some time that I was taking too long and I was on Med. I did get little irritated by her attitude and her wanting to finish fast. I paid 5 K and was out in 40 minutes although we have friend s from the forum who did the deed leisurely without any pressure of time. In my case she was in a hurry because she had to leave somewhere, may be in your case too she was leaving for some place.

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    Last day

    Adios my Diwali.

    Going back to Karmabhoomi, will be back after 6 months.

    Thanks to all of you guys who gave me contacts. Couldn't test and taste all but thanks anyways.

    It's my last night today. Looking for a nice fair and cute NI experience to depart with awesome memories. Any contacts of inde / SP will be appreciated.

    South Delhi preferably. Sorry for adding so many filters and as always thanks.

    Keep banging!

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    The SP I went to doesn't has his number ending with 133, so don't really know.

    Quote Originally Posted by MD007  [View Original Post]
    I got a reference from a fellow member sometime back of a SP from EOK whose number ends with 133 specializing in CIS and who has a decent place somewhere inEOK. I tried to contact him 2 -3 days back but the SP wanted the reference and his contact no. Which I could not provide. Normally you give some dummy name and some description and the SP is convinced but this guy would not budge. He wanted the friend who gave reference to me to call him up. I sent a PM to a friend from ISG who had given this contact to me but I have not got any response so far.

    Any help in this matter will be appreciated.

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    FS and MP's

    Dear senior members,

    I have been visiting to various MP's, and have been to around 15-20 till date. Have experienced services like B2 B, HJ only. Following this forum since long, and after reading multiple posts, subscribed to it finally. Looking for assistance from your end, for Miss K details, and other possible MP's where FS and BJ's available.

    Also, please advice this too, that is it safe to visit Miss K, know her by this name only.

    Thanks In advance.

    PM is active.

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    Spa Time

    So, this secluded spa has now opened a branch in VV. Never used it at AP, so took a plunge this morning as the receptionist was pleasant to talk to on phone. Currently a 60 minute session in 1. 5 and yes, steam is definitely available. I saw the Jacuzi facility as well. Rooms are done up aesthetically, though Swadhi wins hands down in terms of room size and big shower areas.

    Was allotted a Darjeeling technician. Nothing great about the therapist except that she provided an excellent and professional massage. Wasn't fussy at all in providing erotic touch and spent a considerable time in soothing those areas which are most desirable for most men.

    Revealed that next time I should use Assamese technician who handled the reception today. She is fatty but 24 and attractive. Her name resembles what we get out of bees. Like the AP branch, here too, two Thai therapists are also available apart from five NEs.


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    I got a reference from a fellow member sometime back of a SP from EOK whose number ends with 133 specializing in CIS and who has a decent place somewhere inEOK. I tried to contact him 2 -3 days back but the SP wanted the reference and his contact no. Which I could not provide. Normally you give some dummy name and some description and the SP is convinced but this guy would not budge. He wanted the friend who gave reference to me to call him up. I sent a PM to a friend from ISG who had given this contact to me but I have not got any response so far.

    Any help in this matter will be appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by LetsEnjoy  [View Original Post]
    Called Roy and asked her if she was available. She told me she had come back from a wedding and wasn't feeling well so some other time. Called a couple of more SPs but both didn't have the girls I had selected. Then Called an SP in east of Kailash / Nehru place. He asked me to come to his place near Nehru Plc, said has Russians and wasn't ready to send pics unless he met me once. Reached there and saw at least 5-6 Bangladeshi guys roaming around. Big sp network probably. He showed me 2 gals. Q seemed like an South East Asian and other a mixed Russian. Chose the Russian and paid 5 k. Said discount the next time.

    Once I locked the door, she started taking her clothes off. Told her to chill and go slow, and she was like no no let's strip and enjoy. I couldn't say no to her.

    She made me lie down and opened the condom and started putting on my sleeping little monster. I was like wait, let's have fun and but she kept on and then sucked me for a bit and laid down and said come on. I'm like looking at her and wondering what the fuck. Had realized that I had just wasted 5 k. The moment I entered her she started the fake sounds. I played a bit with her boobies, which weren't too big but wasn't too bad either. After a bit of boring pumping I told her to do doggie style. Like a machine she got up and turned around, by then I had lost all my interest and My hard on. Tried to enter her but couldn't. I just laid down and asked her to use her hand. Another 5 minutes and was done.

    Now this girl, didn't even bother to clean me off or anything. She just directly went inside to take a shower wit me lying down with the condom. And I realized this is how getting duped feels like.

    Came out and told the SP, that she was completely useless and he told me is another gal who has just come and I should try her and I looked at him with the looks saying, do I have written on my forehead.

    Really wish Riya was feeling better.

    Looks: 7

    Body: 7

    Attitude and service: what's that?

    GFE: -3

    Damage: 5 k

    WIR: SP, maybe. As a last option for some other girl.

    The girl had blondish hair, curly, tied up. Was like a fountain.

    P.S. BTW Thanks DCG. The SP has nice gals. Wish her service was as good. Of course you can't know them all.

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    Here is the pic of the Delhi girl I had in Dehradun. Anyone has tried her in Delhi? Did I overpay?

    Quote Originally Posted by DuNude80  [View Original Post]

    I have been a regular follower of this forum and I salute the brotherhood here. Just unbelievable.

    I am based out of Dehradun which is an absolutely dry place. Very little available and very costly. I recently banged a Nepalese chick from Kolkata who lives in Delhi and visits Dehradun once in a while. Costed 2,500 (after a lot of negotiation) + 500 for an absolutely shitty hotel. The service was good but costly. I will upload pics shortly, I am sure some of you would recognize her. Just in case, someone is visiting Dehradun and want the number of this SP do let me know.

    With regard to Delhi, I keep visiting once in a while, have tried a bit. But, now I am considering paying for membership here and get into a more informed mongering mode.

    Keep up the brotherhood!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]

    Any feedback on this set of picture.
    Bhai whatsup karna in ko.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShameOnMe2007  [View Original Post]
    Any brother tried this chick? What should be her rate?
    Quote Originally Posted by FortuneHunter  [View Original Post]
    Yes, I have done her for 5 k. Can be negotiated further.
    Ok, this was the babe who claimed to be available for 20 K LT, ofcourse I dint take her (read my prev report). Infact the claim was she is available for 10 K ST! So can't negotiate less than 20 K LT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LetsEnjoy  [View Original Post]
    Give me the SP's contact. I'll give you the feedback by Saturday.

    What is the damage?

    Its in Rohini. 2.5 k. Charges.

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    Spa furniture

    So bros,

    While I love going to spas for sexy therapies and deep 'organ cleansing' the one thing I miss in a spa situation is presence of furniture. Its tough to get in a really wild and creative FK session on too high massage tables and hard floors. That's when I miss a sofa or chair, something that allows so many more positions. I have even been thinking of taking a small folding stool along for spa sessions, haha! No, but seriously, how do you guys deal with this?

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    MP experience

    Visit to MP courtesy Rahul Sir (MRahul84).

    I was looking forward to try out something this week, found few leads on the net and finalized a B2B in hkv spa. Last night was the game changer when I stumbled upon this site, I went through and found people active on the thread, signed up & the rest followed. Read a few pages and found a few senior members who were sharing their knowledge, PMed a few of them & was lucky enough to get a quick reply from Rahul sir (life savior of the day), got a lead, though ended up paying a little more but it was sure worth it. Rahul sir you rock! Looking forward for more FS leads.

    Tried a MP on the Gurgaon mall road, decent cooperative girls. Point to be noted is that the groupon coupons get activated after 3 days & girls don't turn up before 1.

    Waited for the girl for 15 minutes, read somewhere in the thread of her name, was informed that she doesn't do groupon, so had to shell for the massage, bargained for a 20% discount.

    Massage started and negotiated for a B2B for 2 k with BJ, half an hour into the massage and off came her clothes, she put oil & gave me a B2B, BJ followed (wasn't too keen, said she hadn't slept all night as she heard of this forum calling out her name). Gave around 5 minutes of BJ & a 25 min tug, could hear the door being banged from outside saying times up. Took a shower and left.

    Face- 8/10

    Body- 7/10

    Boobs- 6/10

    BJ- 6/10

    Rack- 8/10

    Damages- 1. 2 k = 2 K tip.

    WIR. Maybe. Will try another popular babe next time.

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    Fun in south Delhi

    Thanks for DCG, got number of a SP. For SP contact sharing requests, please connect with him directly.

    Saw few NE profiles on whatsapp and decided to go with one. When I reached, he showed me a Delhi girl profile and I switched my choice to her. When she reached, she looked very young and found that she is only 19 yrs. I like that age. Went inside, Paid 5 k for 2 shots.

    Really hot experience with her. Took off her clothes. Perky but small boobs, dark color, nice cute face, bit of tummy. Girl is only 1 month in this, doing it for pocket money. As soon as I started kissing her neck, she was all into it. Had lot of GFE, than sat on sofa for a long BBBJ. My whole area was dripping with her saliva in 10 min. Went to bed and continued the BBBJ session. Looks like she is virgin in CIM area. So spurted few drops which she did not realize.

    Went into main act and fucked her in lot of positions. Finally fucked her in doggy style and market her neck with some hickeys. Spurted in the rubber. She was ready to do the next round very quickly. Again went through 15-20 min of BBBJ. I had a dilemma, should I properly break her CIM virginity or fuck her. Decided to go with former. Held her neck as she was slobbering on my dick and spurted fully inside her. It took her brains 2 shots to register what was happening. So last few shots went on my tummy. She ran to the bathroom and tried cleaning her mouth for 5 min. I said my usual apologies and told her this way she will learn new things.

    She stays with her family and in between got a call from them asking her to come back quickly. So she said bye, I came out and said bye to SP.

    Don't have her pics since the switch over happened at last min.

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    Take PM

    She's gorgeous but looks like you are not willing to share the details as you don't have a PM man. Get PM and share the fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ssdel  [View Original Post]
    Any fellow tried her?

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