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    Miss N

    Tasted this new bird.

    Boobs- 7/10.

    BBJ- 8/10.

    Pussy- 6/10.

    Service- 8/10.

    Attitude- 8/10.

    Cooperative girl.

    Damage- 6 k for 4 shots.
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    Miss J at S Spa Kotla

    Quote Originally Posted by HerrJak  [View Original Post]
    Tried S spa in Kotla last week, as the Manager Ms C was petering me since long time. I came to know that it has been taken over by BC and run my see. I was given the same option as in BC I. E. All included in counter price. I was quoted 3 K all inclusive. Ms see even sent 4 pics to choose from. Thought it reasonable so gave it a try. However, upon reaching realized that only one of the four was available. Decided to have a session with NI Ms J. She has a slim body and looks cute. However, it turned out to be a bad decision. She started with a massage which was nothing more than a tel malish. So asked her to strip. She requested only pressing the boobs and no sucking as she is lactating. I was a little pissed off but accepted. I am not into drinking milk without pasteurization! Kissing was also resisted. She also didn't want to do BJ and agreed only after lots of coaxing only to do a half hearted job. At the end, lots of dos and don'ts spoiled the mood. Somehow finished the session in missionary, took a bath and came out.

    Would like to try NE Ms are as she looks good in pic. Has any brother tried her?
    Hey buddy,

    Is she the one you tried at the spa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KamaBoy  [View Original Post]
    A very quick review.

    SP in S Delhi opposite the famous mall. Last time I visited the SP through internet ad.

    My Hi to him on whatsapp means loads of pics.

    Selected the bird named Smile in Hindi. Reached his place and the girl that I selected was NI this time though he has NE birds also with him.

    The bird is barely in her 20. Good and handful pair she got. I really enjoyed sucking the boobs. Gave me a very good BBBJ. Liked the BBBJ she gave.

    She is good in action also. I tried every position with her and she didn't get tired easily.

    BBBJ 8/10.

    Body 7/10 small but athletic.

    SP 7/10.

    Place 6/10 though this time the toilet was clean.

    WIR- Yes the SP I can the bird also if she stays till my next visit.
    I think I know this SP. He is located near Saket Metro Station. Charges 1.5 k, number ending 674. Correct me if I am wrong. He has some awesome birds.

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    FR for Punjabi dish

    Quote Originally Posted by Picassown  [View Original Post]
    Intense photoshopping on this pic, looks old as well.
    Tasted this Punjabi chick today. Asked for 6 k one / 10 k for two shots. She has a place arranged by herself in west Delhi. OK place. She may be in her twenties only. She is very fair & beautiful. Has a very soft body with no flesh at tummy. She has very tempting soft tits, by far one of the best I have had. She is a bindass Sikhni and appreciated herself, which actually she is worthy of.

    She didn't do much DFK but I explored her lovely smooth body and had her melons. She enjoyed DATY on her clean P and came profusely. Then followed BBBJ which was very very good and I almost came in her & stopped for the deed. Did in missy and came as she is too hot to handle for a longer time.

    In my view she is far far better than the known Indies circulating among us. Pl share some thing not usual on this forum to have her digits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valium1986  [View Original Post]
    Wow, nice girl and good at bed too! I want to marry her and make her my wife! Can you share her details?
    I have already shared with all who asked me on PM. The SP may go bonkers. A request to all mongers with whom I have shared contacts to go slow. Don't overwhelm him.

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    Yes she is Navya . But this pic is photoshopped. She is dusky than this pic.

    Quote Originally Posted by GumRah  [View Original Post]
    Is she NV.

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    Hey, that's interesting

    Quote Originally Posted by Sappulmo  [View Original Post]
    Although I had her number with me for a long time, I didn't think of trying her before. But after reading some good FR's about her, wanted to try her this time. She was prompt in responding to whatsapp messages. Quoted 9 k for 2 hrs /2 shots. I said money is not a problem if the service is good. She said don't worry, you will get good service. Fixed appointment on Sunday and messaged her about the hotel. I must say I was a little bit disappointed when I saw her in the flesh. She was better in the photos. The FR's I read stated that she had a great body and she was busty. She is definitely not busty and in my opinion it's not a great body. She said that she works 5 hours in the gym daily. I don't know why, what is the use in that? Her age is showing, and the boobs are not great. I will not go into details of the act, but I did CIM and anal with her. I am not a believer of ratings, so I am not going to give any ratings but I will give my opinion about her.
    That's an interesting observation. Till date I was under the opinion that she's busty. Many FRs and PMs have vouched for that.

    I was planning to have her in my next week tour to Delhi.

    Now this is a blow.

    Actually, I need a real busty, tall and really curvy lady. She should be well participating in the deed. Any suggestions?

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    Ankita too much in demand

    I occasionally travel through Delhi. Today being one such day, thought of meeting up anal queen Ankita. Spoke to her and she quoted outrageous 15 k. Declined.

    Am in urgent need to find some reliable MILF type company for tonight. (20 Jan) as I leave Delhi tomorrow. Would the stalwarts of the forum be kind enough to share tried and tested digits of inde for night.

    Thanks in advance. I know Delhi forum had come to my rescue earlier too and hoping for the same.


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    In response to popular demand.

    Dear brethren,

    In response to popular demand. I am posting the pic of the Ms I.


    Quote Originally Posted by PosterBoy77  [View Original Post]

    Thanks to MRahul84, finally visited SP T at GP (Well not exactly GP). Among the pics he sent out, I selected Ms. I. While on my way to Den, got stuck in a nasty Jam and lost some valuable hour and half. Anyway, Johnny wanted to get the plumbing work done, no matter how shorter the game was. Reached the place, Met SP T (Nice and warm guy) and quickly got inside the room. Ms I, I guess, one look at her naughty face and you would be flat and Johnny would be giving standing ovations. She looks no older than 16 yrs. But believe you me, I have seen many Nepalese girls who looks younger to their age. She is cute and has a petite figure. She asked for a smoke, but I had left that in the car. Anyway, did a bit chitchat and got into the act, as I had to rush for a sudden official meeting at CP. (I hate it when boss calls you in the middle of day off).

    She asked for the lights to be switched off. Immediately, my alarm got on. I said, I am not a dark knight. I need lights. I switched on the bathroom lights and removed the curtain to get some daylight in. It was adequately lit now. Started with long passionate DKF. Yummmy. I could smell and taste Gold Flake (No offense bro, I lived on it for 15 years of school / college years) or some cheaper brand of cigarette in her mouth. I let my hand explore her body. She had a tiny mammaries. Disappointing. But a very tight and long buttons on the top. As my hand went down to explore further, I could feel the wetness at the V. As my hand did some magic on the V, it started warming up and exploding juices. Ms. I was getting jerking and moaning. It went on for sometime as I could feel her 'Jockey' getting wetter than the clothes in the washing machine. Off went her and mine Jockey. Johnny was already giving the standing ovation. As she was about to put on the cover on my Johnny, I asked her for BJ. She took it in her tiny hands and put it inside her Gold Flake smoky mouth. She was trying but well I had better plumbers in the past who worked on my pipe..
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    Offer-offer for all

    Take me along with you I will pay 20% of your expenditure. In return you have to allow me to watch you fucking the girl. Interested can PM me for date, time and place.

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    In the SKund again

    Unfortunately I have just one very average spa in the vicinity of my place. Within 500 metres.

    Went there last evening to find that the place had been demolished. Asked nearby and suddenly the small boy at the spa recognised me and told that they have shifted a little ahead. He took me to the new place. Nothing better than the earlier one. The one big let down was that the back side of the room were facing the colony and you could hear conversations from passerbys.

    The same girls were there. And the one I go with regularly was also there. She was apparently pleased to see me after a gap and said that I was being discussed amongst the girls last week.

    Went in the room and was given a warm hug. Stepping in from outside my body was very cold. And her warmth was just what I wanted.

    She stripped to the undergarments and started with the massage, which is always above average.

    After a while she asked what I wud like to have today. As usual I told her whatever she's in the mood for. Knowing very well that FS was going to happen.

    After a decent B2 B rubbing, she came on top and entered. This went on for some time she got tired and asked me to ride her. Did the humping with some DFK in between. Released the load. Took shower and left.

    Paid her the usual and she was seemingly happy. Another hug and kiss and I was out of the place satisfied.

    Counter: 1 K.

    Girl: 1. 5 K.

    She says that she doesn't have FS with anyone else. Though I don't trust these girls, but this one seems honest. Or may be I'm just flattering myself.

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    Hi guys,

    Me and my friend wish to go to Tashkent in Feb end or March 1st week. Need information about the mongering scene over there.


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    Punjabi dish

    Hello bro,

    Have you tasted her? Kindly pass on the contact details so that I may also Taste this delicious dish.


    Quote Originally Posted by TypicalGuy  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried this Punjabi dish? I got contact from a friend outside ISG. Please comment if anyone has had her.


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    Rohini SP

    Near crime branch, sec. 6.

    Quote Originally Posted by GumRah  [View Original Post]
    Is she available with SP S of Rohini east?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikadoJunior  [View Original Post]
    Today had some time free in the evening and had not listened to Johnny's demand for over a week. Called one of the SPs and he sent me a couple of pics. Price quoted 1.2 k and 1.5 k. I liked the one sitting on the bed for whom he had quoted 1.5 k, tried to bring it to 1.2 k, but he did not budge.

    Called me to a location near a church which was not tough to locate. I called him from there but due to signal problem could not get through for around five minutes. Anyway, he sent a small chap on scooty to pick me. Earlier this SP was at Akshardham, he had shifted to this new place only a couple of weeks back. The bird for 1. 2 k was not to my liking as she had a bulging tummy and I like girls with flat tummy. I decided on the other bird and went with her. She is a bong and eager to please. She was already waiting for me on the bed. As soon as I lay on bed gave me little bit of lip kiss, and started licking my chest and biting my nipples sucking them in between. What an erotic feeling. I asked her to kneel on the bed so that I could easily feast on her melons. Sucked those boobies for five minutes and then did her cowboy, doggy and finished in miss. Overall a nice experience and tipped her 100, was happy with it..
    Fine search! Please give more hints for SP as last 3 digits. BBJ available?



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