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    EDM spa. KLPD I did myself:(

    Read the report on this forum about one spa in EDM. Was in Vaishali because of some work so thought of trying that.

    I read the report again in hurry to find the spa name and somehow I thought I have to pay 2 k at counter for the deed.

    I went to the spa and paid 2000 and she asked me you want cream massage. I said whatever.

    Went inside room and got one NI. Definitely not a looker and have bad shape. Asked me why have I paid extra money for massage and if I do not want extras?

    Then I realized counter charges are for massage only.

    Luckily had 600 bucks more in pocket. These girls demand very less. 600 rs she gave BJ and good bum massage and asked me to bring 1200 rs next time if I want to have B2 B.

    And yes I didn't know man nipples are this much sensitive and can be stimulated and had direct connection to dick. She was teasing my continuously by pinching nipples and is really good in this part.

    Spa - 2000 FML.

    Tip - 600.

    Girl 4/10.

    WIR: No. Not even spa.

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    Mind sharing digits

    Quote Originally Posted by SierraKilo  [View Original Post]
    Thats's my Turkish Babe Diana. Next time ask her for belly dance and convey my regards.
    Hi Sierra,

    Can you pleases share the digits!

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    Shy spa girl

    This is report of the last week when earth shivered. Bought coupon on groupon of much talked spa with a wild girl for 500 rs in JMD Regent arcade. Unfortunately went from elevator side instead of escalator and saw the board outside that spa is under renovation. Thought of visiting the neighbour spa.

    Assigned a girl MiMi. She is not a looker but had good and clean face and nice boobs. She started massage on legs while sliding finger in the crack few time. Gave a decent bum massage.

    Asked her for B2 B or BJ but she denied and only settled for HJ with a reluctant look. I know should have stopped there but after wasting one hour its hard to reject.

    She is actually innocent and shy. Whenever I was pressing her boobs or trying my hand to get in her top she was getting angry and controlling that. It was actually fun. I literally have to teach her how to give a hand job.

    BTW saw an NI there and yeah she is actually one of the beautiful NI I have seen in spa business. Asked the name from receptionist and will be trying her this weekend.

    Spa damages: 2000.

    Tip: 500+100 (for her cuteness).

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    Quote Originally Posted by XManTheKillIs  [View Original Post]
    Even having reliable SP at Mahipalpur took too much effort to drive so long and reached there. Reluctantly called another SP in Saket area. But same thing happened which I mentioned in last FR. Seems SP in these area are fooling people but again I canceled my deal midway when he gave excuse for change of girl.

    Thanks to whovever (I deleted all PM when full so not know your name) inboxed me the contact of SP Salman (number ending 1891) near Kalkaji. Called him and told that will be there in half an hour and arrange a girl to which he agreed. Reached to his space. Girl was good so move ahead for the deal. Girl was Sofia from Turkey.

    She is good in GFE. Did DFK. Had a great CBJ for about 10 Min. Lean body so enjoyed alot in cowgirl. While extended doggy session an accident took place which never ever happened with me. Just when I finished. My condom broke and everything was inside her. She was not in panic. I asked her and she told to be regular with her HIV and STD test being done quarterly. I hope that I will be negative to test after 3 month or so. So any of you have ever faced this kind of situation then let me know.

    GFE: 10/10.

    DFK: 8/10.

    Boobs: 7/10.

    Looks: As shown. Great soft body.

    BJ: 10/10.

    Overall: 9/10.

    Damage: 5 K including room.
    Thats's my Turkish Babe Diana. Next time ask her for belly dance and convey my regards.

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    My two cents

    99 percent of the time you get extras. So don't worry. Writing stuff on paper can also get MP people in trouble with LE. Also we tend to forget, that most of these thai mps have other core offerings as well. Such as facials. Etc. The extras are purely for the therapists. Its up to them. My suggestion is. If you decide to take the plunge just contact some senior on this forum or read the reviews and go for it. You may get a raw deal initially but sooner or later you will chance upon a gem. Tc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfer500  [View Original Post]
    In reading several of the posts about the MP's here on this Forum it appears as though a lot of guys pay the entrance fee and then find out later that no extras are available or at an inflated price. Why can't the extras question be asked at the front desk? Perhaps the question could be written down on a piece of paper and presented at the front desk along with telling them you are not LE. Can somebody shed some light on this or another technique that has worked for them.


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    Kya yaar notty aapne toh senti kar diya.

    Fair enough. I'll pm you her details in a day or two. I did not get a chance to meet her again. Am planning to meet her on Monday.

    On Monday I'll ask her if its okay I can give references. So let me test the waters. If she's fine with it. Then I can share. I'm sure it won't be a problem as she could surely use the extra money. However, I must say she was sensuous to the core. Getting a massage from her (especially in the dim lights and music) was as heavenly as spending the night with katrina kaif. . The term "GFE experience" is quite over rated her but trust me. With her I felt a connection. And not to mention great tits!!

    Quote Originally Posted by NottyAt40  [View Original Post]
    No Worry MDave, I understood your point; will not insist for her contact. But will wait for your FRs on future encounter with this Punjabi girl. All the best and hope you get a chance to have the FS with her soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDave1981  [View Original Post]

    You have a valid point. This site is about sharing & helping each other out. I'm a big believer in that & have benefited accordingly. However, in certain cases it is prudent to draw a line. The therapist I met was very sweet & not really that comfortable with extras. One needs to really cajole her to get her out of her comfort zone. I persisted & got lucky. Even then, she was worried that I might be a cop; she kept looking at the door, didn't want the manager to find out she's into giving extras. I did find that strange though. I'd expect the mgr not to be oblivious to extras. If I share her details, she will be inundated with requests and would certainly back off completely (as she is not a pro). Last but not the least. She was very respectful and courteous. And I really liked her. She's not a working girl & I don't want her to be treated like one. I'm visiting her tomorrow. Will get her a chocolate. May even ask her to join me for coffee. (of course. Will try to convince her for FS. Having said this if I met an indie and had a great experience I'd certainly share. But with this lady I have to draw a line.
    No Worry MDave, I understood your point; will not insist for her contact. But will wait for your FRs on future encounter with this Punjabi girl. All the best and hope you get a chance to have the FS with her soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvMe17  [View Original Post]
    Walked in to this g spa in sab mall 1st floor, a big fat smiling receptionist quoted 1 k for 45 minutes, tried to negotiate but no use, then she asked if I want NI or NE, I said NE she said I'll have to wait for 5 minutes because she s in washroom. After waiting for very long 15 minutes comes in an OK looking NE girl with very nice boobs and body, and the moment she entered the room she "Ordered" me to lie on my stomach and started with the massage with "sarson ka tel" mustard oil which I have never ever seen in any spa till now, she dint say a word since she entered the room, there was no music in the background so it was just awkward silence for next 15 minutes, then I hear a known on the door, lady from the next cabin s asking for shampoo, resumed the massage which was actually good as compared to standard of this place and I hear another knok, now the lady wants body wash, and then suddenly very loud music started in the rooms built in speakers, some bhojpuri songs may be. And I by this time I lost all my cool I told the girl to finish it. !! Do you offer extras? She quoted 2 k for HJ. I said 500, she said no, I said 1 k if she takes off her top while giving HJ she said she never do it in less than 2 k that too only HJ, I said thanks but no thanks continue with the regular massage and now she started opening up, she told me she don't work here, these people called her from some other spa because they don't have enough therapist s here and she s a receptionist there and offered me good service, better aircon rooms and full satisfaction if I visited her spa. I said I'll consider if you give me a demo here, but no use and total KLPD. Would suggest all fellow mongers not to visit this spa, will try rest of the spa s in sab mall and the one this girl mentioned and post a FR very soon.
    Sorry to hear this man. Try T Spa at SabMall Noida, HJ+TL at 1.5 K + 799 for groupon coupon. Better luck next time.

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    MP Questions from a soon to be newbie to India

    In reading several of the posts about the MP's here on this Forum it appears as though a lot of guys pay the entrance fee and then find out later that no extras are available or at an inflated price. Why can't the extras question be asked at the front desk? Perhaps the question could be written down on a piece of paper and presented at the front desk along with telling them you are not LE. Can somebody shed some light on this or another technique that has worked for them.


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    Please share her number with reference.


    Quote Originally Posted by XManTheKillIs  [View Original Post]
    After yesterdays KLPD by SP Vishal Sanjay of Saket number ending 6995 (wrote in last FR). Again contacted him for the CIS and told him that don't send me junk lucrative pics and just send the CIS which can be available. We agreed on a girl. But when I told him that if I won't get the girl then deal would be canceled. This changed his behaviour. I felt that he is again going to do another KLPD with me today. I think that this is the modus operandi of these guys that through junk of pics of CIS which are shared in a pool between many SP. Thats why they don't guarantee which girl will be available. So I am totally unsatisfied with SP Vishal Sanjay and will not recommend him to anyone.

    Finally talked to my reliable SP of Mahipalpur (number ending 9740) which provide good quality CIS and always worth the money (All his services are in my past FRs with Pix). Settled for a girl with same argument that deal will be cancel if same girl dosent come. With a loss of 1 k hotel charge which is must to pay.

    Reached mahipalpur. Gave ID at hotel with roomcharge 1 k. Girl named Ira from Istanbul. Is a true professional. Started with great GFE foreplay and DFK. Undressed her. A great CBJ. Went down to her. Very clean and smell good..

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    The other day I went to this MP in [Names in Code Deleted by Admin] , the famous [Names in Code Deleted by Admin] spa, the spa has been mentioned many times in this forum and there are offers o Mydala. The place is OK and the massage was average, the only letdown was although I have been going there a couple times before, the only extra I could get was still HJ for .5 K. Has anyone got a better luck? Oh! There used to be a therapist, short in height but was really pretty and I believe she was from Nepal. I have forgotten her name, do any member here who frequent the place remember her?

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove names written in code. Please do not post names written in code in the Forum. You're not fooling anyone. If the average forum member can interpret the name, then so can anyone else. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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    Butter chicken vs Soni

    Heard great reviews of Soni & (recently butter chicken).

    My question to the forum is?

    Which one is better? I guess its like comparing Honda city with Verna.

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    Gurgaon MP

    Gurgaon is a mecca for spas. I now have 3 spas that I visit on a round robin basis where you get FS at a low price + B2B massage. Better than calling SPs and going to Munirka or Mahipalpur (although I have found a hotel that is mainly involved in prostitution and even has SWs in the hotel and charges only Rs. 35000 including room. More on that in another post.).

    Visited this spa recently in Sushant Lok, really hard to find which is good since they don't get too many customers and therefore are keen to provide good service. Paid Rs. 1500 at counter even though receptionist (really cute NE, wanted to bang her but haven't had courage to ask her yet) was asking for Rs. 2000. Promised her I would come every week which I intend to do. Made it clear I want B2B and she said yes with a cheeky smile.

    Went in, its a nice clean room with washroom. A cute NE in her mid 20's comes in. One think I always do is keep the towel on but nothing underneath and always greet the therapist warmly.

    Laid down on the table and she instantly removes the towel! Starts massaging my bum area and back. Asked her to give me B2B and she was hesitant and confirms with receptionist. So she removes her bra and give me a awesome bum massage with her tits. Love the feel of tits on my bum.

    After about 10 minutes, Little Johnny was getting horny so I start feeling her tits and even start sucking them. She kind of gives me this naughty shy look but doesn't stop me. I love girls who do that. After this, I ask her for FS. She says "no sir" in broken English. But Big Johnny is getting restless so I put my hands underneath her skirt and remove her panties. She kind of stops me a little at first so I try a second time at which point I pull it down and start massaging her pussy. Now unfortunately, she doesn't know English so she signals 1 with her hand to tell me it would cost 1 K for FS which I readily agreed to!

    At this point, I am fingering her pussy and sucking her tits and she is massing my dick. Put on condom and ask her to lie down on the table missionary style. Fucked her for 10 minutes, she was really wet, and enjoying it. But, asked me not to make noise since the damn receptionist was next door. She is only 5 fees 2 inches tall so her legs fitted nicely around my neck and I just kept fucking her slowly.

    Guys, it is one of the best fucks I have had in my life. Came like a Volcano, then got in the shower by myself. I could have asked her to come with me but I always feel guilty after doing the deed, don't know why. . Paid her 1 K. She was really happy, said in broken English to come next time. Receptionist asked me if I was happy also to come again.

    Chg 2.5 K.

    Ambiance- good.

    Massage. Good.

    WIR- Yes!

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    Indes in Delhi


    Need some inde contacts in Delhi. In return I can share contacts of Mumbai and Colombo.

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    Miss S

    Can you give some hints area last digits and damages there.

    Thanks in advnace.

    Quote Originally Posted by KamasutraLover  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Rahul the king, the emperor, the undisputed helper of all fellow men in this thread, I had the good fortune of meeting Miss S and this report is fresh off the presses. It is 3.00 am.

    I posted a message saying I has only one day left and MVP MPRahul (god bless him) immediately spoke to me and gave me 3 contacts. Luckily, I was able to speak to the second one an Indie, Miss S, literally gold.

    And boy was it "gold". I am from a far away land and I wanted pure desi ghee. I got not only desi ghee but more. Miss S was fantastic. She was very accommodating and even guiding the taxi driver so that I could pick her up and even found a place for me. Most importantly she was fun to be with. Smokes with style, which is a big turn on for me.

    Once in the place, we drank and smoked and she was all over me. Great BBBJ (twice) and DATY (very tasty, let me tell you, some spice with a small hint of fresh roses, very very hygienic). She had a shuddering orgasm and collapsed for about 5 minutes. I had to help her up again after which she gave me here second BBBJ.

    Total GFE, Total fun she even called her friend so that he could drop me back in my hotel. She is totally amazing. Pure desi ghee indeed. I have hard on even thinking about it now after just 45 minutes. Unfortunately I have a flight to catch in the morning, so I had to come back...

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