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    Quote Originally Posted by Nrynn  [View Original Post]

    AO. It is indeed long time. Don't over work buddy like this.
    Good to see you managed to play while I was unable to entertain, sorry mate, we will catch up when you are next in town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Beat this.

    Russian. 2 k. For me.

    Nice clean flat. Friendly SP.
    Care to share the digits.

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    TH Trip

    Dear friends,

    I am planning for TH trip in early December. Anyone interested to join. I am going to post this in multiple forums (in TH thread).

    All advice will help (already done RTFF on TH).


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    'Jaago grahak Jaago'

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolPuneGuest  [View Original Post]
    Hi! Delhi ISG friends.

    Kindly share if any body had any experience, SP demanding 8 K for LT without place.

    The stuff is good but 8 k is slightly on higher side (without Place). Around 6 k is the 'reasonable' amount. But if you are not a regular with SP go for it.

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    My first report

    Hey guys!

    This is my first report on this forum.

    Yesterday I did not have too much workload. So called a SP (thanks to MRahul84) for sharing his no. So nice of you to help a new guy. I wanted to bang a Russian. So the SP sent me 2 pictures. Fixed up for 7:00 pm for 2.5 k and went to his flat. The room was neat and clean and so was the girl. She is from Uzbekistan though.

    Good attitude. Banged her for 30 minutes in all positions until both were tired. Had an amazing time. The girl looked a bit different from the pictures but she's very friendly and had a GFE experience.

    I would like to thank MRahul84 again for being so supportive. Cheers mate.

    Overall 8/10

    Looks 7/10

    Attitude 9/10

    Damages 2.5 including space.

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    Superb Rahul bro.

    1st Pic girl one looks alike an actress Pari Ch.

    Wow. What a Gem you are. Keep rocking.

    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Check these stuff.

    Damage. As usual. 2 k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolPuneGuest  [View Original Post]
    Hi! Delhi ISG friends.

    Kindly share if any body had any experience, SP demanding 8 K for LT without place.
    She looks good.

    Bang her hard.

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    Any review?

    Hi! Delhi ISG friends.

    Kindly share if any body had any experience, SP demanding 8 K for LT without place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViciousCircle  [View Original Post]

    I cross that stretch everyday. Believe me, there are no pickups happening in that stretch. Only some very nattily dressed ladyboys stand there once it gets darker in the evening. You need to drive 2 km further down to Munirka near a famous restaurant where a lot of picking up takes place, however, most of it is prebooked.


    How does this work buddy?

    Are the terms different from a routine LT that Tom, Dick and Harry provide?

    Do elaborate.


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    Any hotels with entrace bypassing the reception?

    Are there any hotels in Delhi where I can enter in my own room without going through the reception entrance?

    Just like Comfort Inn / Red Roof Inn etc in US.

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    Delhi rocks!

    Thanks to Rahul for the leads. Had the pleasure of meeting Kanak, Sonia & Riya, over the span of the last week spent at Delhi. They were all extremely friendly. Given the winter chill, was nice to cozy up to these women. Would also like to appreciate the contact of Tanya, the Kashmiri beauty, shared by Iwantu707. She's just amazing in bed, one of the best I've had so far. Delhi & it's forum members rock! Keep it going people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GurgaonDude  [View Original Post]
    Hello guys,

    Hope you are all taking good care of your equipment's. LOL.

    As I have been occupied with work over the last 2 weeks, was craving for some fun. Due to time constraint, walked into a SPA on this Tuesday and was offered a chick from Myanmar. She not only has a good body, but also knows how to give a good massage. Beauty with skills I say. I really like the way she stretched my body. This is seldom experienced in SPA's out here.

    I never wear the disposables and I told her to give me a sensual massage right in the beginning. Bum massage was very good with the right touches. Her Skin was very soft and milky Andi kept feeling her whenever my hand was close to her. What disappointed me was that only HJ + TL was on offer. I went for it and saw a great set of boobs. Pressed and sucked them into my heart's content. Hot old was soon poured on the Johny and light hand strokes started as I was busy with those boobies. The shot was fired after a few minutes and felt very nice.

    Keep caring and sharing the love as you have all been doing guys!


    Could you kindly hint the name or location of the spa.



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    Relax spa in MGF Mall on MG Road

    Recently visited Relax SPA on 3rd floor in MGF mall next to MG Metro station. Nice ambiance and rooms, cute little NE girl on the counter. Charges at counter were little higher 1.8 K, managed to bring them down at 1.4 K. Guided to room, which was quiet large, attached shower cubical. Assigned Miss P, which was very cute and hardly 20 yrs. Changed to disposal and massage started which was very good, right pressure on back. Girl was not much talkative or may be little hard for her to understand English.

    She gave very good bum massage without even asked for it. Really enjoyed and johnny started raising its head while she was massaging my bums. Tried talking to her repeatedly but not much luck. Asked for extra, while she was massaging upfront. Mentioned only HJ and that too 2 K. Bring her down to .8 K, still it was on higher side. But didn't wanted to move out without release.

    Miss M was quiet slim and I felt her boobs while she was massaging johnny. Although she was resisting my touch but couldn't control without touching her. She was applying more and more oil while massaging me, really enjoyed it for 7-8 minutes and later tried putting my hand in her small jeans short. She was really a piece of art but was not allowing to feel her pussy, may be it was my first visit. I shot my load in her hand and grabbed her ass tightly. Small and soft ass. Took the shower and paid her. Promised to return soon. Reception girl asked for feedback and I poped the question, if she does massage but she mentioned around more options in same SPA.


    Ambience 7.5/10

    Girl 6/10

    Massage 8/10 (Really liked it).

    Charges 1.4 + 0.8 K (Must have bargained more at both end).

    Repeat: Spa yes, may be different girl.

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    2 blue eyed beauty at 2 k! Great find lucky bro!

    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]
    Beat this.

    Russian. 2 k. For me.

    Nice clean flat. Friendly SP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lesnar  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends,

    Sharing my first details FR, will try to keep it detailed.

    My mongering was getting delayed from past few weeks, so while returning home, thought to visit MP at RG.

    Went inside mall which have the maximum number of MP's among nearby malls, went to the counter and asked for the price which she quoted, and finally negotiated to 1. 5 k for NE. I done like to choose NI for my own past experiences.

    Entered he room, which had okay okay hygiene. No place to keep clothes, but chair, small rooms, but with attached shower.

    Changed to my superman dress, and laid down. Therapist came inside, who was not so beautiful / sexy, but okay type. Opted for a creme massage, for a change.

    Normal chit chat started, which didn't lasted for long. She started with back massage, where I asked her that give me a nice bum massage..
    Bargain hard.

    1 k maximum on counter.

    1 k max on BBJ. FK.

    Total. 2 k.

    Play safe there & bang hard.

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