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    New MP report

    So this famous MP in GP Market on first floor. They have few new additions. One of the additions is called a name which means new. She is younger than the others and therefore, not as bad as others in negotiating. Frankly, she is pretty. I don't think she is Indian, you show a little emotion and you can her number easily to do time pass chat. I am not sure if she meets outside but I don't think it would be too difficult. Her what's app has her pic. Its real. So either she is stupid or she is creating a market base for being a full fledged escort outside later in time.

    The massage is just okay. There are others who can actually do a massage in the first 20 minutes. She just plays and does all pre-extra formalities before wither you or she herself pops the question. I never tried FS but her B2B or even TL & HJ is as good as FS experience. She allows fingers and even kisses in both. The pre-extras also include a good rub down to your Johnny, starting from the crack. So if you are happy with that, you needn't even pay.

    Worth a one time trial if you need a change. My advise is that get a little emotional, take her number and you can sex chat for free (for the times when you can't get out).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack911  [View Original Post]
    Thanks mate! Just doing my part! You want me to try any specific MP in sec-49 ?

    I googled, and there seems to be many MPs in s. 49.

    Should I try the s. 49 Branch of Awesome spa? I hope no village stuff!

    Have you tried any in sushant shopping arcade near courtyard Marriott?
    Thanks! In s. 49, no use of O but try other in Arcadia and nearby Mall. Not tried sushant arcade. Hope you tried. Now searching in LP Nagar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LustyLover  [View Original Post]
    I had met this CIS girl earlier, had the good time. Now She has moved to another SP.

    Anybody knows her SP?
    She is Alia. Was with a GK-2 based SP. Not sure where she is right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublime00  [View Original Post]
    Got a number of this indie from Dwarka. Asking for 7 k for 2 shots. Haven't negotiated as yet.

    Anyone tried her?

    I don't exactly remember but some SP has sent me her pics. And price was also 4 k for 2 shots. I don't visit SP unless he is having someone out of the box.

    Enjoy have fun.



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    Quote Originally Posted by SkSharma3264  [View Original Post]
    Saturday lunch report.

    I was just scanning profiles suddenly stuck with this SP DP of Rohini, to my astonishment I called her up to inquire whether she (DP Girl) is available or not.

    She said yes she is available. Asked chgs, chgs was as usual,3 k.

    Without wasting much of time straight forward rushed to her den, as I was trying her badly.

    She was earlier an Indi, used to charge 12-15 k for short, was trying her from last Oct.

    But was not budging below that. So when I saw her pic on SP DP, I didn't wasted time to had her.

    Reached there around 4.30 PM, she was available & free.

    She is really hot, looks sweet & nice. Talked to her a bit & told her that I was talking to her from last 4 odd months but she was not ready then how come she is now with this SP.

    She said its due to some of her personal problems which she don't want to share, rather I was not interested, was much interested to taste her.

    Every thing was perfect, DFK, CBJ, COB, CDS ended up in missionary but she refused Anal and CIM.

    Total GFE.

    WIR- 100% yes for 2-3 times more at least if she stays with this SP or on same damage.

    Damage- 3 k.
    Nice one. Can you please share the details.

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    Miss K Akshardam

    First of all thanks to Sindbad bro for sharing contact.

    Finally meet with miss K. Forum has many detailed report about her. I must say I never had such experience of BJ and rimming like this before.

    She is really amazing in her service. Most important is that she is eager to please and very very friendly. Would like to visit her again.

    Damage as usual.

    Enjoy have fun.


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    Linda Afro

    Quote Originally Posted by HoneyBunny  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends,

    I was talking to Linda from GreaterN and she refused that she did backdoor. I remember some FRs that mentioned that she does anal. Did I have a wrong impression or she's just changed her ways?

    I know there are much fishes but GN is closer to where I'm and not much of an effort to drive to, so going to try her.

    Would appreciate the info from seniors.
    Tried her, seemed a bit greedy (tried to up the agreed price). Good thing. Offered me rum.

    The bad. No boobs. Average fuck (most Afros are excellent in bed).

    No backdoor BTW.

    She lives with a friends. Dropped hints of a threesome. Do tell me if it works out for you. Not seen her friend.

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    Yo bro

    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDumble  [View Original Post]
    Saw the image on Anjali's DP. Negotiated with her and reached the hotel in Mahipalpur. She came after making me wait for 30 minutes with 2 girls. None of them was the girl in picture. I decided to move but she convinced me to stay with another girl. Waited for another 30 minutes for the new girl. Very average experience. Not worth the effort that I made. Will not repeat the SP.
    Tasted this chick not worth above 4 k and all CIS with SP in Mahipalpur are oldies.

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    Info please

    Hey brothers,

    any info on this girl?

    Reviews damages etc.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Russian 20170321_214204.jpg‎   IMG-20170321-WA0040.jpg‎  

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    West Delhi FR updation

    Quote Originally Posted by Moh1978  [View Original Post]
    Dear bro,

    Please buy subscription. In open not possible to give any information. She is amazing anal queen. Look wise not so good but services is amazing. CIM, anal fuck, pussy fuck in different positions. 5 more MILFs are available in house.

    Damage only 600.

    Dear all bro,

    Pics not available of miss P. But her butt his amazing. They himself stretch her butt to offer backdoor entry. Very nice service. I have received this type of anal service after a long gap. Long time ago I fuck anal fuck miss are and miss TE Spa in R. Garden. But this spa is closed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by IronMan0402  [View Original Post]
    Hey fellas,

    I have a contact from Mumbai who will be in Delhi for a week or so. I am willing to share the contact. Not looking for anything specific in return. Although, you can surprise me. I have not tried her. You can negotiate charges with her directly as per your wish.

    Have a good time.

    P.S- I am not Pimping for her. I have no benefits out of this cash or kind. I just asked her if I can share her contact and she didn't mind.
    Kindly PM me with ref and price. Lets check her out.


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    New in Delhi

    Hello guys,

    This website is for sure a goldmine for who has to spend a lot of time far from the places that knows.

    I am landed in Delhi and will stay here a couple of days, is there anyone so kind to share some contact of tested girls to host in my hotel room? GFE and fun will be gold.

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    SP details

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkLord101  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    The SP has sent me this pics. Please suggest the best in terms of services and rates. He quoted 6. 5 k for fill night. Looking for a quick response as need to finalize.
    Can you please share SP digits, also did you go with any of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xplorerr  [View Original Post]
    Now problem I face is if someone had Warts once in his life, what to do? He may be a carrier for HPV and his partners may have crossed age of vaccination.

    Simply abstain from sex is not a solution. What to do. We all know HPV can lead to life threatening situations at women.
    HPV which causes warts don't cause cervical cancer. They are considered low risk. You can check out the details at

    Condoms should mostly protect the women from the high risk HPV. This is still under investigation though. Also, only a very small percentage of women infected with high risk HPV end up with cervical cancer.

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    MP Scene

    Seniors / Brothers,

    Can anybody PM me some good MPs near Aerocity?

    Thanks and Cheers.

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