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    Multi Spa packages

    Recently purchased Multi Spa packages which can used across multiple spas in a spa booking website called

    Have any one also experienced the same??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyundai2  [View Original Post]

    I know a housewife in Noida who is good and young, I also have a place in Noida if anyone interest may PM for details.


    Your PM is full. Kindly share the digits.

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    Gurgaon spas

    Hi folks,

    This is my first FR so I hope you will excuse the errors.

    FR 1 : Recently went to Big mall in Ggn, a little higher than ground floor, it was 11 am in the morning and the spa was just opening (yes, I know, but early bird catches.) , receptionist was fair, good looking, fair, north Indian with big cup size didn't allow the option of choosing the girl but said if I don't like she would change. Paid 800 at the counter for a dry massage.

    Was in dispos when a dark, maid type from eastern India came in, was thin and not very appealing. I politely told her I wanted a more health therapist, who else is there, she said take the reception girl so I asked her to send her in. She came in, started doing the massage well and sincerely, looked NE to me but told me she was from Dehradun and we were chit chatting about general topics. Around 30 minutes into the massage she asked politely and casually if I require any extra service. Upon asking the menu she said only HJ for 1500 and TL HJ for 2500 are there, I tried negotiating hard but she refused to budge. Didn't seem very keen in those two things also. Finally I agreed to TL HJ for 2.5 k (I know, sorry) and would not remove bottom garments due to fact that doors were not lockable but I could access by putting my hand in. Removed top garment and had very nice rack did the HJ expertly and with her heart in it. I pressed for B2B but she said sir not possible at all due to company policy and non lockable doors. Lets call her Ms. F.

    Total damage. 8 + 2.5 K.

    WIR: no, due to limited menu.

    FR 2: went to the M mall in Gurgaon which has a sloping path near the entrance. It has 6-7 spas at the top floor close to the food court. Went to H spa, name is difficult to spell and and pronounce correctly, it seemed to be the biggest spa. Spectacles behenji type girl at the reception initially said 2 k for massage only for one hour but came down to 1300. Said would change the therapist if I wanted.

    Waited in dispo, Ms P came in. She said her age is 23, seemed to be telling the truth. NI, from Haryana, Thin, medium complexion, small, 32 size but very enthusiastic. Room was very nice, top of the line, good music, nicely built, secure, nice shower area fully equipped. Within 15 minutes was kissing me behind the ears even without my saying anything so I had a fair idea of what was coming next. She pooped the question of extra. Quoted 4 k for B2B and 7 k for FS, BJ was not on. I negotiated down to 2.5 k for B2B. She was very keen on FS, gave me some story about needing the money. I didn't want FS so stuck with B2B. She has a very perky firm body, small boobs but didn't seemed too experienced. Was fake moaning a lot. Attitude was good but a bit mechanical. As soon as the deed came to a climax she said its done and started winding things up while still chatting to me in a very friendly manner. Even showed me a small time regional music video on youtube in which she had a bit part.

    Total Damage: 1.2 k counter + 2. 5 k extra.

    WIR: no, I am sure they have better options but wouldn't hesitate to do her again if there were no other options.

    GFE: 6/10.

    BTW, I walked past all the spas and thought I spotted several attractive NE girls chatting outside the other spas close to it. Seems like a promising place.


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    Delhi forum on risk

    Quote Originally Posted by Sublime00  [View Original Post]
    I agree. Some people here just make me question if I should share at all. Be it over paying, asking for things that are on borderline CodeWord=CodeWord123][CodeWord123][/url], abusive messages and even sharing the details of this forum.

    I mean, please have some common sense. And realize you're screwing things with everyone here.
    Hi Bro,

    I stopped sharing contacts now. I have shared contact of my trusted SP with many members on this forum. Someone from these guys calling her repeatidly and asking number of miss. And whom I tried and posted FR. My SP told her we cannot share her number becouse she don't have a place, you may come to my place. But this guy calling her repeatidly. She complaint me many time that your friend calling me again and again for Miss and's number. I told her you are free to abuse him when he call next time. I have shown number and told her he is not my friend. Using my name for no reason.

    Safe mongering.


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    5* hotels with service

    Have been reading a lot of FRs on star hotels where a lot of activity goes on. Especially in South Delhi. A friend of mine is coming down from Mumbai and needs to be put in one of these hotels where there could be a club or something where he could pick up company. Any suggestions, request seniors to please send recommendations in PM.

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    I agree. Some people here just make me question if I should share at all. Be it over paying, asking for things that are on borderline [CodeWord123], abusive messages and even sharing the details of this forum.

    I mean, please have some common sense. And realize you're screwing things with everyone here.

    Quote Originally Posted by BongEngineer  [View Original Post]
    Dear All,

    As usual some dolt has f*the up. Repeated this FR verbatim to the girl over phone. Offered her a job in Hyderabad and took my name. The bugger did not even visit the spa.

    Why can't people just grow up and maintain some discretion?

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    Tried Miss V at MGF spa today. Very petite Mizo gal. She was working as an air hostess with Jet Airways previously. So she is very gentle and well mannered. No BJ or FS offered but I think that will change on the next visit.

    Took a B2B which was quite nice. She was working hard and trying to please me. The conversation was excellent too as it turned out that she had also been to some of the countries I have visited.

    Not sure if I will repeat as I don't like very thin girls.

    Headed to the infamous spa in gold souk in the evening. Had a good time with Miss P. Last time I had tried the anal P, this is the other one. I didn't mind her slightly loose pussy because she is such a sweet girl and looks above average too. Got a nice BBBJ and then banged her hard for nearly 45 minutes straight. She was also quite enthusiastic. I was so tired in the end, my legs were trembling. Had a hard time walking to the parking lot.

    I really liked her and wish I had met her early in her career when she wasn't so worn out.

    3 K to both girls.

    I'll be going to def col soon for see as I am craving tight pussy.

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    Can't think a word for 'no name'.

    Quote Originally Posted by JblFlip69  [View Original Post]
    Found out about a motel / lodge near by place in phase 4 which is girl friendly. Had found a couple of indies through my cousin's reference. Picked "No name" in Hindi. Also available on locanto personal services with no. End 465.

    Charges- 12 k, whole night. Unlimited shots.

    Went out for dinner to eat rolls at plaza. Was almost like a date, she seemed to knwo things and have an opinion. I did a good job entertaining her and got her laughing enough to return the favor of a good time in bed. Sat in the car, she hand her hand on my crotch and had decided on making this unforgettable.

    Parked outside my complex at a dead end and got my dick sucked for a good 20 minutes. This was also my third consecutive mongering experience where I got fingered and rimmed without requesting. Heart beat jacked and a pleasure machine wrapped around my tool made for a badass head rush. Came in her mouth and she licked all around the head. Drove over to the lodge where I had booked a regular room with an AC and average wash room.

    Took a bath together where I got to play with her huge tits and grind with her bubble butt. I smoked while she shared the beer we'd carried back. We spoke for a good hour where we shared our fantasies. The conversation got us both horny enough to start ticking them off from the word go.

    She started with a blowjob and titty fuck on my semi hard cock and she coupled it with a rimming session for at least 45 minutes. I was spent twice and I hadn't even fucked her yet.

    After 15 minutes she started with the prostate massage again. Sucked on my nipples at the same time. I was rock hard again. Put on a cover and fucked her in WOT, Doggy, Reverse cow girl and finally came in wheel barrow position. She's super flexible and loves to talk dirty. She has seen enough porn to copy some of the moves with the moans..
    Hi bro,

    Though you have given enough hints, I still can't find the girl on locanto. Could you please help me out?

    You can PM me as well, its active.

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    Can anyone help with this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sublime00  [View Original Post]
    Hi bros,

    I got this number from "the list". Digits ending with 9251. Asking for 5 k ST. Is she worth it? Anyone have a pic. She's not sharing.

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    Personally she seems overrated to me. She gives good service (at most times), but that's about it. If the rates were not already fixed, I don't think she would be worth more than 2. 5 -3 k at most.

    But anyway, to each-his-own.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohit1692  [View Original Post]
    Had her yesterday. Difficult to miss her. She was wearing a short top and tight fitting jeans. She wears sexy lingerie and told me yesterday she likes sexy lingerie.

    I just called in advance and said I wanted miss s. They did not try to fool me.

    She is one sexy looking girl.

    Said she likes to have sex in the shower. Will do that next time.

    BC chaos are asking for 4 k. Reluctantly agreed for 3.5 k. What have they increased to 4 k?

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    F. S. Spa

    Came to know spa having branches with different names in Kotla, malviya nagar, v. Kunj and west Delhi. Offered be. To be. For 1. 5 k,f. S. for 2 k. Have anyone tried? I will try on next Fri., sat. Anyone interested in joint fun may pm. Will try clubs too.

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    Any Tried these birds?

    Hello brothers,

    One of my SP send me these pics. So I just wanted a FR on these birds.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20170423-WA0003.jpg‎   IMG-20170423-WA0009.jpg‎   IMG-20170423-WA0004.jpg‎   IMG-20170423-WA0005.jpg‎   IMG-20170423-WA0008.jpg‎  

    IMG-20170423-WA0007.jpg‎   IMG-20170423-WA0006.jpg‎  

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    New in town.

    Hi guys,

    I'm visiting from the states and wanted to try some of the local flavor. Any pointers on where I can find a reliable overnight friend?


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    FR Spa

    Had a lazy Sunday afternoon today, went to Gold S Mall, to visit famous spa there. Saw Punjabi chick J (Flower) there. Already had read an report on her here. Took her with 1.5 K cover charge. She is good clear talking person. She does not do BJ / FS only B2B and Kissing. She has pretty good rack, nice clean body and knows how to kiss. She is not much educated, but her attitude makes up for it. Definitely a repeat try. Good cooperative Lady. On another plus she is very particular on Hygiene which is a major plus for me. Damage 2.5 K.

    Thank you.

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    Miss and hit

    After KLPD in v spa 2 days back wanted release so visited f Thai spa v3's mall as RJ is quite far.

    Called and got hint that discount + all service. Got confirmation to come up with cover.

    Now negotiated 600- for 30 minutes at counter and got the same girl I talked over phone. .

    Now again KLPD as she was not ready for FS. She teased and massaged my tool to sustain its erection but I don't agree for B2B. I was for FS only. Finally after 30 minutes she was ready but asking 2 k+. I offered 1.5 k as I have set my limit for FS. She didn't agree and I came out dry.

    Now there is a new spa beside this. See spa. Receptionist was very hot. 20+ girl with drummer cloths. Visible boobs.

    I inquired counter charge and said listen I am frustrated with your neighbor spa as service was not at all standard. Assured me good service what I Wang and I will enter. She talked a little bit and asked a boy to talk to me. I asked if I can get FS. He was in doubt. And asked reception sit and denied. I asked if counter girl can provide massage which he again denied so I moved out. Was planning for RJ suddenly thought to check newly opened f18 spa near metro. And asked the counter. He agreed for 500 for 30 minutes. I said directly. I want best service and I m not in good mood. If you can assure best service then only I will enter. He said I will send best smell. Room was below avg. Spa was below avg. Therapist smell also.

    Maid type but cooperative. Early 30.

    Fucked her to my heart. And felt better. Cover the face and fuck the rest.

    Damage. F spa. 600.

    F18 spa. 500+1500.

    Overall fuck in budget.

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