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Thread: New Delhi

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    Could you please share the contact of jhanadas with reference.

    Quote Originally Posted by SureshGhai  [View Original Post]
    I do not agree that this Girl is displaying.

    Wrong description about pic on site.

    I just met her.

    She is same as pic on her site.

    Meet and proceed.

    She is genuine.

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    New face in the market.

    Hi all,

    Priya has brought a new friend of her in the market. Has anyone tried her. Attaching her pic. Will love to see the feedback if anyone got any of her.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails priya's-fren.jpg‎  

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    Can you please inbox her digits. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by FingerLicking  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Doga2907 tried this indie in south ex. Place is difficult to find but she will come to pick you up near a temple. It is on the 2nd floor a single bedroom flat with no bed and only a matress on the floor and you have to pass 2 floors of families which can be a task. Better call her at your place if you have one.

    As mentioned she is desperate for money and can do anything for it. She is from Nagaland and has a small petite body with very small tits. She must be about 19 or 20 yrs old. We could not meet before diwali so she called again as she needed money and deal was 4 k for 2 FS. She is a good talker but don't get into her stories. Not a time watcher. Overall good for a one time FS.

    Place: 4/10.

    DFK: 8/10..

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    Hahaha "First Rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about fight club."

    Similarly, 4th Rule of Viagra is Avoid Viagra.

    Quote Originally Posted by NishLover  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday used the Viagra (generic name sidenafil). Had a nasty headache for the first time.

    Being a Dr I know the side effects but didn't knew they were so severe.

    Here are some tips to reduce side effects.

    1 take a low dosage. 25 MG or so.

    2 take with food (reduces absorption).

    3 take along with paracetamol and then take paracetamol for one day more.

    4 avoid sidenafil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binmbb  [View Original Post]
    Go for the first pic.
    All the pic are same. Ankita.

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    Looks cute.

    How did it go with her, she looks cute but quite overpriced. Can you PM me the contact please?

    Quote Originally Posted by SanjeevDlf  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Have set up meeting with Moss P tonight.

    Any experience or reviews will be helpful.

    She asked 15 K for night.


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    Not sure

    Quote Originally Posted by BangSex  [View Original Post]
    Call centre is a good thing and the Nepal is an icing on the cake. Please share this gem beauty. Am in Delhi in next week and would like to try her dear.
    She was with SP T of Safdarjung that time. Haven't seen her after that, I don't think she is with him anymore.

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    Glad you had fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Proficy  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to several senior members (Kingslayer, DoubleBingo, and Sindbaad) for sharing several contacts. Visited SP T's Den recently. It is a good workout climbing those never-ending stairs to reach his place. SP T is a friendly guy and had couple of birds available. More were out in the "market". Went with a Nepalese bird. Tall girl with good figure and skin tone. Started the deed with some DFK. Removed her top and sucked on her soft ample melons. She got into the act quickly with a BBBJ. Brought my own see's, so put one on and started in miss, then WOT, and reverse cow girl. Got her on all fours and banged in doggie position for 10 minutes. Asked her to complete with a HJ, so I can suck on those soft and's. Nice gal and fun. SP T is cool, so will visit again to try a new bird.
    I am Happy that you had fun.

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    Need help!


    Travelling to Delhi Today and tomorrow. Need help with contacts of genuine and reasonable SP's. Would be staying in Gurgaon. Any help would be appreciated and reciprocated with contacts in Hyderabad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NishLover  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday used the Viagra. Had a nasty headache for the first time.
    Thanks for your advise. I also get a headache and feel my face is bloated and red after use. I will try you steps next time I get a chance. Hopefully in Delhi soon. Thanks and cheers.

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    Jhahana Das.

    Quote Originally Posted by EtherDust  [View Original Post]
    You would want to avoid her, she must be in her early 40's and has put on weight. The pic and the real her doesn't match at all. She is cooperative and GFE but you can get lot better options at that rate.
    I do not agree that this Girl is displaying.

    Wrong description about pic on site.

    I just met her.

    She is same as pic on her site.

    Meet and proceed.

    She is genuine.

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    Alisha's contacts spoiled.

    Quote Originally Posted by WhatDHell  [View Original Post]
    Did you try any one of these? Would be good to know if the SP is genuine. Please share number over PM.
    Sorry guys this contact is gone now. I shared her number with a few guys here and one of them did something nonsense. And now she is not responding to me even. So we will now have to wait for her to be normal again. Other guys with whom I shared her number, please don't call her now at least for a few days.

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    Kotma spa and girl details.

    Quote Originally Posted by CorpYogi  [View Original Post]
    Hi Folks,

    Hope you guys are all out enjoying on a Sunday. If not rush, as the day is still young.

    Miss Delhi a lot as am out of Delhi since last one year plus due to personal reasons. Nowadays, I visit Delhi on a regular basis, once in two months ideally. Have a lot of FRs pending but couldn't write any due to lack of time. Nevertheless, used to read all of yours. Thanks for keeping the forum alive guys.

    Am posting a single FR now for my last visit towards the end of September. Shall write the previous visit experiences in another FR.

    Spa 1: Opposite Gurdwara, Beside GP Metro.

    Was putting up along with my friend nearby and he shared me about his visit there once, referring to a MILF. Went there in the evening, its in the third floor and happens to be erstwhile 'stone' spa. The receptionist paraded the available therapists, choose one Ms. Priya and paid counter charges of 1 K. Walked in to the room, found a decent room with a massage table higher than normal standards...

    Your inbox is full please share Kotla spa and girl details in PM.

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    I am interested in her but can't msg you as you are not subscribed here. If anyone else has her direct number I can also share some contacts.

    Quote Originally Posted by HornyBaba  [View Original Post]
    Posting FR after a long time though I have been active on and off. Got in touch with tried and tested SP A, number ending with 472. I have unearthed some hidden gems in the past with the help of this SP.

    Pollution level was down after light drizzle in Delhi. Weather was beautiful and Johnny hungry for some action. SP shared the pic of the girl. Reached Dwarka Mir den of the SP. Place is safe. Before starting the deed SP informed that the girl is new to the trade and needs to learn a few tricks. I was more than happy to oblige. Started with chit chat and customary introduction. She told me that she belongs to H*war and doing this for just over a month. Could not stop myself and started kissing and playing with boobs and she started responding. Asked her for BBBJ to which she hesitated. After some persuasion she started with the licking the tip and with some guidance took the tool in mouth. She is short in height and I m 6 in height. So I asked her to suck while I was standing on the floor and she kneeling in front. Kept going for 5 minutes, trying to please but needs training in BBBJ. Dick was hard now so she put the condom and I entered in missionary. Switched to doggy after 5 minutes but she soon asked me to change to missionary. Banged her hard again for almost 10 minutes non stop. She locked both her legs behind me in missionary. Could not control and came in see. She Cleaned me with tissue, had ciggy and took her number. She is ready to meet outside. All in all good experience.

    Report card:

    Photo is attached.

    Face- 6/10.

    Body- 6/10.

    Pussy- 6/10 : no smell, neither loose nor tight.

    Boobs- 7/10 as I like handful.

    GFE- 7/10 as she was eager to please.

    Anal- did not ask.

    Damage- 1.5 k plus 500 for cab.

    WIR- yes to SP, no to girl.

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    New Report. CIS.

    Hi all,

    So I am writing a report here after nearly a year after just renewing my membership. My SP has been great and given me some memorable Fcks over the last year. Experience had been a little wavy last couple of times but convenience is great.

    Got this CIS for 9 K inc 5* hotel in central Delhi for a shot. Good girl, medium-ish boobs, nice pussy and a pleasing personality (for all the little English she could speak). BB BJ, no anal, and variety of positions were good.

    Looking to venture for some Indie girl, even NE (good quality), look forward to recommendation here.

    Please don't flood my inbox unless you are a serious monger and have been around here for a while.
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