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Thread: New Delhi

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    Awesome and crisp.

    Thanks for the post.

    Do let me know where the spa is in Kalkaji and especially the one BC in GK2.

    PM Me the exact details please also operatoor; trvelling to dehi next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnantSingh  [View Original Post]
    Thanks to Senior members: RameshPktr, Brahmos & SamXy for providing helps on MP and SP.

    A big thanks to Rahul Bhai, he is a person with golden heart, I have never seen anyone like you who is so keen to help others.

    Reached Delhi on 18th and directly visited TDI Mall, explored two spas there, average girls and ambience.

    Called SP T in evening, asked a chick for full night, unfortunately he was unable to provide any one, wasted whole night..

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    Not worth.

    Real couple but not worth.

    She is just an average looking housewife. Big gap between front teeth. I paid 7 k shot in Delhi and is certainly sure not to repeat. Pics are photoshopped

    Quote Originally Posted by AakashLove  [View Original Post]

    Can anyone give me review of SandhyaVivek couple, they are visiting Pune in May, I am interested in meeting them.

    They quoted 25 k for 2 hours and also they want initial booking amount.

    Can anyone share their feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanmuga82  [View Original Post]
    There is a gang operating in Hari Nagar area. The bugger with digits ending 872 is a Malayali. He can speak Tamil too. Publishes ad in newspaper. Once you go to Harinagar, you start the action, then their fake police team comes and harasses you. I lost 12 k in their plot. They are experts in making it look like real police action. Guys be careful.
    Thanks for telling us. It will help others avoid this. It must have been terrifying.

    One thing I would advise is leaving all your debit / credit cards in the car or at home. Only take the cash you will need for the SP / escort. Leave the rest in the car and hide it in the boot or beneath the the floor mats or in glove box. That way the most they can rob you of is the money that you were going to give to the SP / escort anyway. Hence net loss is same except you missed out on the experience.

    If you read the back pages of this thread like 2-3 year ago, there was a story of a monger who accidentally picking up a transsexual and then the shemale robbed the guy by actually forcing him to go to ATM and withdrawing all the cash. After reading that story, I started doing the above.

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    Door is hidden.

    Quote Originally Posted by Passman  [View Original Post]
    Hi Ashish,

    I saw your post on the superman market spa. Please advise me if they lock door of the room or is it kept unlocked. I understand in Gurgaon, all spas have been told by LE to remove locks on doors.
    LE did advise this long time ago but most spas are not following this. I went to one spa a week ago as there was a bomb sitting at the front. So decided to take her. When I went inside, I noticed there was no door and I was like "oh crap I am out of here. I never would have come if I knew you had no doors". She said don't worry, it is there and then points to behind the curtain! Yes the door was detached and hiding behind the curtain! So she then picks up the door and puts it back in place LOL. I want you to imagine this in your head. An escort picking up a door and putting it back in place and putting a lock on it by putting this long metal thing between the frame and the door. Then you will see how funny this was.

    I totally cracked up and said no thanks and walked out and went to my old spa where I know it is safe.

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    Contact please

    Quote Originally Posted by Priyanshu  [View Original Post]
    Received these profiles from shelly. Any recommendations.
    Buddy can you share the sp contact as the one in red reminds me of someone will love to try her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priyanshu  [View Original Post]
    Received these profiles from shelly. Any recommendations.
    Pic 2 in red. Jyoti. Damage 2 k.

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    Beawar Rajasthan.

    Hello all,

    I'm in Beawar Rajasthan. Can someone help me in this area.



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    Received these profiles from shelly. Any recommendations.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG-20180422-WA0024.jpg‎   IMG-20180422-WA0023.jpg‎   IMG-20180422-WA0022.jpg‎   IMG-20180422-WA0021.jpg‎  

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    Help in Imphal.


    I am going on business trip to Imphal. Would have some free time. Can anybody provide some leads?

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Spa and contact details required.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moh1978  [View Original Post]
    Dear all bro,

    Try K spa in fbd. Paid Counter charge 600. Asking 1000. Try therapist miss P. Amazing look. HJ touching her boobs. Anal hole pussy. Amazing bum massage. Very good service. First time find this type of cooperate amazing girl. Take her personal number. For next service. Amazing services.

    1.5 K for above services.

    Service 10/10.


    Hi Moh,

    I also stay in Faridabad.

    Please share spa and therapist contact details.

    Will reciprocate with sp details.


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    Sandhya Vivek.


    Can anyone give me review of SandhyaVivek couple, they are visiting Pune in May, I am interested in meeting them.

    They quoted 25 k for 2 hours and also they want initial booking amount.

    Can anyone share their feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreateNinnov8  [View Original Post]
    Was in Delhi on Monday and tried this \chick in Delhi on Monday. Fixed her for LT. She was to arrive at 10 pm. Had to call her at least 10 times and every time she said, I am on my way. She asked me to order for food as she said she didn't eat.

    Finally, she arrived at 1130. Had her dinner, 2 beers and then we chatted for almost 90 min before we started. I was expecting a a good GFE but she isn't. Very mechanical. No DFK. Jhonny was super unhappy. Somehow finished in Missy and we slept as I wasn't in any mood anymore.

    She woke up at around 5 and said, you want to try again, thought maybe it could be good. Still nothing. Tried but Jhonny wasn't interested and rising. Just said FO. Asked her to leave.

    Good small Boob, Smooth young skin but No BJ, No DFK.
    I tried her almost 2 month back, same thing happen with me as well. She goes with the name Angie 2. Work with another gal. Again Angie. Very very bad attitude. Guys beware don't go for looks. Worst service is guaranteed.

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    Kanak new number?

    Hi. I seem to have Kanak's old number xx989 - can someone please pm me her new number?



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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSexGuru  [View Original Post]
    Dear Delhites,

    I am a senior monger from Kolkata, but new to Delhi. I am here in Delhi till today and will be free in the evening today.

    I went to a spa in Mahipalpur yesterday, and got this beautiful tall Manipuri girl called Lily in a spa called Blue ** just near La Sapphire hotel.

    She was good, gave B2B for rs. 2 k (1 k at reception). However, she refused FS which was a turn off for me.

    Can some Kind soul please give me some help so I can leave Delhi satisfied?

    Can you suggest a really good looking therapist, the spa name and rates for FS? Please PM me.

    Otherwise, an Indie with a place (within 4 k) maybe? My budget is a little low, but I want a really beautiful girl so I am asking for spa recommendations.

    If you know a SP who can help me in this budget, please PM.

    In return, I will thank you from my heart, write a full report and if you ever come to Kolkata. Help you with the best of girls there, so misti they will give you diabetes!
    Check your PM. Set you few leads.

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    Part 2

    Here's Part 2 of Miss A's video.

    Looks like she's on a roller coaster ride. Enjoy.


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