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Thread: New Delhi

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    K spa amazing service by miss P.

    Dear all bro,

    Try K spa in fbd. Paid Counter charge 600. Asking 1000. Try therapist miss P. Amazing look. HJ touching her boobs. Anal hole pussy. Amazing bum massage. Very good service. First time find this type of cooperate amazing girl. Take her personal number. For next service. Amazing services.

    1.5 K for above services.

    Service 10/10.



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    Noida spa.

    Visited my regular Spa last Friday, met my regular girl and oh buoy she was super happy to find me there. Moment she entered and locked the door we were locked in DFK for at least 5 long minutes, while lips and tongue were busy, my hands were doing their job, exploring each and every single nook and corner of her sexy body. She loves getting fingered and ask for more and more of it. My fingers were all soaked into her juices. Oh temperature was hot inside, she was all aroused and wanted me to enter her, got my johny dressed in suite and banged her to the core of my heart. After all this also she had energy and asked me to get laid face down so that she can give me massage.

    I just love her for her professional behavior. I love the girls who not only cooperate but also enjoy themselves.

    What a lovely evening it was.

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    My regular spa shifted from Noida to Delhi, need sureshot fs spa in Noida.

    As my regular sure shot fs spa shifted from Noida to Delhi in Daaru mall, please pm me sure shot fs spa with girl name in Noida, if any body have reference. Please PM me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    First report Ggn spa.

    Hello friends,

    Have been visiting this site for over a year and have a lot of experience in ggn area, decided to join and post my reports.

    After reading a report here went to the superman market in Gurgaon, found the spa with gold in the end and as mentioned in the reviews negotiated to 1 k counter charge requested for a NE girl. In comes Miss are she has a nice pair on her as soon as I saw her started to think about extras. The massage was okay nothing to brag about. After about 35 minutes she popped the question and asked what I wanted, I told her everything and she quoted 3 k. We negotiated to 2 k to which she asks me if I have the cap (how silly is that its kind of turning off at times) told her to arrange one quickly to which she tried arranging but couldn't. We decided for B2B at 1.5 K as jonny was in no mood to settle down easily. The deed started the girl was very shy but had a great body curvy at right spots. The way she looked at jonny again and again she wanted to do the deed but lack of cap was stopping Her.

    In all except for the lack of ability to arrange condom rest of the things were good.

    Spa is a little average towels were not that clean but the staff quality seems good saw a NE roaming around the corridor when I was coming out she looked very cute will go again very soon to try her and will carry a cap for sure.

    Girl was mid 20's nice and soft rack and a curvy bum.

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    Newbie to Delhi. Help request.

    I have always wanted to come to Delhi since I have read so many nice things about our capital city. The quality and quantity is heard is awesome. I am visiting Delhi this (coming) week and I request fellow mongers to help with indie contacts (less than 10 k range) and reliable SP contacts.

    I am a regular in Bangalore (thought I haven't posted in the recent past) and I can reciprocate as needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Fraud beware.

    There is a gang operating in Hari Nagar area. The bugger with digits ending 872 is a Malayali. He can speak Tamil too. Publishes ad in newspaper. Once you go to Harinagar, you start the action, then their fake police team comes and harasses you. I lost 12 k in their plot. They are experts in making it look like real police action. Guys be careful.

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    Kanak / SP contact.

    Visiting Delhi next week. Looking forward to taste Kanak or any SP T bird. Please, share contact.

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    Decent MILF / Afro contacts.

    Hi seniors,

    Need help for Afros and MILFs in south Delhi area. I'll help with MPs that have sure shot conversion. I have my PM active. Love ISG and puppy to the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JugSucker  [View Original Post]

    Will be staying around sarojini nagar, moti bagh area. Can anyone provide hints or details of MP's with HJ, BBBJ and possibly FS.
    Near green park metro, you will find a lane going towards Gautam nagar. Shy (famous surname in north India) guest house, there is a lane next to that, you will find a MP. Ask for Anj at at I girl. 1.5-2 K for FS depending on your skills.

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    GFE Young Good Looking Indies with Incall


    Will be at Delhi from 2nd and 3rd May, need some good looking indies with GFE, incall, DFK and DATY on menu, clean.

    Appreciate any PM's with contacts, references, charges etc. Would be staying at Central Delhi, hence looking for indies in areas nearby, ST, may be 2-3 hrs multiple shots will also do, if she is exceptional in looks and service.

    Charges should be reasonable w. Are. T Delhi standards.


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    Overpaid a little!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZooperTrip  [View Original Post]
    Tried a new belle from a saket SP's stable. Will keep this FR brief as I'm typing from my phone.

    Looks: 80% like the pic. Said she was 19, which is definitely believable. Cute face, but not very posh. You can make out she's a small town girl from the make up she applies. There's something really sexy about getting one of these regular, unpolished girls, the kind you would probably see on the metro.

    Body: lean, soft, smooth as butter. No marks or bad skin. Just what you'd expect from a 19 year old.

    Boobs: a proper handful, au naturale. Not big and flabby, but pert with responsive nipples. Look great on that lean body.

    Ass: perfect. Her best feature. Applied the slap test and it was taut af it's a shame she doesn't offer anal because drilling that butt would be heaven! Nice brown puckerhole as well.

    Pussy: shaved, tight. She doesn't allow fingering but I was able to stimulate the clit a bit before she stopped me saying, "lehraa jaaoongi"..
    The same girl was available 2 days back for 2-2.5 k a shot. Had a good time with her. Will pen down a detailed review after tasting her for full night (today).

    And she is not fresh also. She was available with Kabir or Salim SP long before! Now has shifted her base to Saket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubtingAmit  [View Original Post]
    Around a week back contacted Priya (thanks to tapan bro for sharing her number) and fixed a time. Reached her place. Its close to MG Road metro. She operates from a OYO room. Just 3 days later visited the place again for her friend Riya. Priya only deals for her too.

    Here is my view of +ves and -ves basis my experience with them.

    1. Priya.

    She is indeed pretty, well dressed, well behaved & gives enough time to chit-chat and get comfortable. She is petite and has a well maintained body. After some chit chat, made her sit in my lap and started kissing her. Nice DFK. Undressed her and started sucking her boobs which she was resisting. She told that she has hyper sensitive nipples. Anyways, after getting turned on She let me suck it. She has an smackable ass too. Fondled and spanked her a few times, after which she gave me her angry face. LOL. So stopped. Being new in this mongering field, I fear doing BBBJ & DATY (Several FRs explaining the various risks). Almost regretted not sucking that little pussy, it was clean and smell-free. She continued fondling johnny and giving me soft HJ and insisted me to enter her in mish. She does have a tight pussy. Fucked her in a couple of positions and we both enjoyed a lot. Overall nice experience. Damage - 7 k for 2 shots. Rating 7.5/10..
    Please PM their digits. Thanks.

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    Newcomer. LL be good learner.

    Hello friends and gurus of this art,

    I am following the forum for a while.

    And very much interested in the field.

    I'm new want to learn from senior members.

    And gurus.

    Your tips and advice LL be highly appreciated and welcome.

    Hope you guys LL teach me and hope I'll be good learner.

    So that I could become a valuable asset of the forum.

    Ready to invest time and money in this field.

    Needed a good guidance.

    Thanking you all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil142  [View Original Post]
    Dear bro,

    Thank you for your brief FR. Can you please share the digit of the SP?
    Please share her digits. Thanks.

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    Pointers on mahipalpur spa and therapist. Have a few hours of stay there. Have tried many spa there but not willing to repeat. Looking for recommendation. Happy to share my bit.


    FR to follow.

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