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    Miss M Sona Sitara.

    Read the recent reviews here and went to Sona Sitara in RG. Asked for prosperity. Funny thing is I couldn't check with the guy who posted the FR and kept asking the counter lady for all the synonyms of prosperity. She was pretty confused and asked me if I wanted to see the line up. Another monger came in at this time and he was as clueless as me but was looking for the same girl. Guess he didn't know the name either. And word spreads fast thanks to this forum.

    To the guy who originally posted about her, if you're referring to Miss you, then her name means progress. I could be wrong about this.

    Long story short, asked the helper boy at the counter to help me pick and he said he'the send the best girl. In comes miss M. Poor massage skills, poor conversation skills, poor everything. Everything was on offer in the first 5 minutes. Nothing to write home about.

    Overall damage: 800 counter + 1200 girl.

    WIR: nope.

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    Jehana Das.

    How much does she charge nowadays? I think worth a try.

    Quote Originally Posted by SureshGhai  [View Original Post]
    I recently met and she is same as her display Pic.

    Meet and see.

    Follow rule,

    If provider isn't same as her pic on site don't accept.

    That's it.

    What's the benefit to write fake?

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    Please post your FR when done. I lowballed her price and she blocked me on whatsapp.

    I'the like to know the experience and damages.

    Quote Originally Posted by SafariMan777  [View Original Post]

    I requested if someone has tried her & they can share their experience so that I can go ahead with her. Nut instead of that I am getting a request for sharing her digits. Which I will only share once I will take the services. That too only when I will feel that the no will not be miss used.

    I wrote clearly in my last post as well that. Once the no is shared it goes viral & the prices go high like crazy or the contact get changed because gals get harassed by immature members, I did this mistake earlier but will not repeat it.

    Thanks to all.

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    Delhi for 2 days

    Thank you fellow mongering brothers have got loads of contacts however needed some help as traveling with friends and going to step out on the sly can monger once or maybe twice wanted to choose the one closest. Will be staying at DC. However went through the forum and found reviews on gulab at s&m. Is she worth it?

    Also is the indie gulab close by and active. Please suggest can pick from the list received.

    Will be there from tomorrow to Saturday afternoon.



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    What about BBBJ and DFK?

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    Pooja's feedback.

    Has anybody tried Pooja from Malviya nagar. Attaching her pic. This group seems to either missing on lots of new faces or getting dead in feedbacks. My inbox is filled with people asking for digits but none has given any feedback on the birds.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pooja Indi Del 20171122_220900.jpg‎  

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    Thanks Versapro, Kinky1 and of course MRahul84 for sharing contacts.

    Have lined up an appointment with Ms K in a couple of days. Will report the experience.

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LetsDoIt1357  [View Original Post]
    I have been talking to her to see if she can meet with me this Sunday. I thought that she was Priya but guess not!

    I will let you guys know how she is.
    How much is she quoting for you? Asking 5 k per shot for threesome with Priya and her. 3.5 k one shot for one. If you can bargain harder. Tell me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NishLover  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday used the Viagra (generic name sidenafil). Had a nasty headache for the first time.

    Being a Dr I know the side effects but didn't knew they were so severe.

    Here are some tips to reduce side effects.

    1 take a low dosage. 25 MG or so.

    2 take with food (reduces absorption).

    3 take along with paracetamol and then take paracetamol for one day more.

    4 avoid sidenafil.
    I hated it too, have instead discovered the holy grail which has given my libido an effortless boost, will share information with close friends gradually as just don't have enough stock of it right now.


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    How much is she quoting for her?

    Quote Originally Posted by LetsDoIt1357  [View Original Post]
    I have been talking to her to see if she can meet with me this Sunday. I thought that she was Priya but guess not!

    I will let you guys know how she is.

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    Help on street pickup in Noida?

    Are there any street pickup areas in Noida around expressway / Jaypee hospital for car fun HJ / BJ / touching.

    I have some independent contacts and MP info I can share in return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leisure1  [View Original Post]
    Attaching this indie who is asking for 15 k per night.

    Can you please share her contact details.

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    Posting after a long gap.

    Sharing my experience of rohini spa some time back near movie hall.

    One of my friend recommended me for miss k.

    After fixing over call reached there paid counter charge and went into room. Rooms were not grt changed into dispo and here enters k average height with spects giving naughty look.

    Started off with massage and chat didn't expect a good amount of massage but she quite better than many.

    In between had a word about extras and charges massage was for 15-20 minutes after she put off her clothes and mine dispo and started with b2 b.

    Disappointment was she not into BBBJ and DFK but she enjoy sex started with miss. Changed to doggy.

    Then tried she lying on bed and me fucking her while standing nice experience that was.

    She enjoy different positions.

    Finally explode in Wot.

    Overall nice experience.



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    Masses adventure.

    My close friend requested for a anal adventure so took him to pushpa nawada he was received by pushpa MILF opted for her anal adventure at 600. I was exploring the tea caught an eye on my old contact Ritu she also recognised me went to her den which was surprisingly just above pushpa den. She had a so so girl was asked to pay 1000 negotiated down 600. Except anal everything was on menu discharged and found 3 missed calls from my friend.

    Came back.

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    Famous Ms k.

    I had visited Delhi few months ago and asked for some help from the seniors. Am thankful to Sammy, funny DJ and nicker 29 for sharing their insights and contacts in Delhi. Unfortunately, in that trip I couldn't try those contacts as my trip was cut short. Returned to Delhi few weeks back and thought of trying out some of them. Was able to only get through Ms k as others were not answering their phone. Fixed up a meeting in the afternoon. A decent place, Saw her by the door and she looked OK. Was told to ignore her looks and just experience her skills. She offered some water and was very sweet and friendly. Washed up, and went to the room and rest was bliss. Amazing licking and sucking. She was ready for BBJ but am a bit finicky when it comes to BJ so asked for CBJ. She smiled and said half the pleasure will disappear. Anyways, she gave an amazing CBJ, which almost made me cum. She asked if I wanted to finish or fuck. Chose the latter. Missionary, doggy, and wot and came in missionary again. Washed up and chatted again. Paid the damages and Left. She sure is the capitals treasure when it comes to her services. Was really satisfied and thankful to all the brothers who helped me out. We from the south, really need a lesson in hospitality and sharing of contacts from you guys. Hats off.

    Damages: 2.5 k.

    CBJ: 11/10. The best I had.


    P.S. Would would like to know if Kashmiri apple 's still active or not. Am unable to get through to her. Would request if anyone can let me know.

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