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Thread: New Delhi

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    Hi bro.

    Hi Rahul,

    How are you? Nice babe. Which SP and charge. We had a nice time together last year hope you remember at GK2.


    Quote Originally Posted by MRahul84  [View Original Post]

    Tried this girl last week.

    Half bottle shared by both.

    Small boobs short height but tigress.

    Did BBJ rim CIM.

    Will repeat soon.

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    Avoid 2nd 1.

    Quote Originally Posted by MayFly715  [View Original Post]
    Any review of any birds I asked for in my previous post?
    Simran looks different from pic, not as fair and surely those almost green eyes she does not have. She avoided BJ because of sore lips, also had abdomen pain so did not complete 2nd shot.

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    SpT review required

    Any review of any birds I asked for in my previous post?

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    Similar report on the Bangalore forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by NaugtyRambo  [View Original Post]
    Hello buddies,

    Am from Bengaluru but travel to Gurugram often.

    Been bit busy with work since 2 3 months and couldn't post report since then. Apart from ISG I try to connect with folks in FB & came across this couple (Sushil Kumar).

    Met these couple on FB 6 to 8 months back and has been exchanging messages & keeping them warm so I don't miss the chance to meet up. So when I traveled in Sep luckily I had some time and fixed appointment around 6.30 PM.

    I gave my coordinates and eagerly waiting. She called and said she is running late and will be at my place by 7.30 PM. At last she arrived around 8. 00 PM. I heard a know on the door, saw a stunner on opening it. She is gorgeous, tall, sexy.

    She is very sweet. Make you comfortable immediately and loves to please men. Had chit chat for some time, she was more than eager to kiss and take control on my Jonny. ! Awesome DFK for few minutes. Got down to business. Exceptional blow job followed by hard fucking for 10 15 minutes. Totally drained out by end of 1st deed..
    Hmmm. Some more comments in the Bangalore page on this.

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    [3rd Party Escort Ad deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove what appeared to be escort contact info posted by a 3rd party.

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    Of course, links to an escort's own advertisement and/or website are acceptable, and members are welcome to share escort contact information via the Forum's Private Messaging system.

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    If you know an escort who is interested in promoting her services on the USASexGuide, then have her register a membership and post her own advertisement.

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    Either ways, this babe looks hot. And probably worth 10 k.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cybram  [View Original Post]
    Sushil Kumar and far as I know is the fake ID of pimp Kamal who organises couple parties in Delhi.

    The girl from the pics looks like nurse pooja of Ghaziabad. He also has another girl Simran based in Lajpat nagar. Also a MILF by the name Simran

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybram  [View Original Post]
    Sushil Kumar and far as I know is the fake ID of pimp Kamal who organises couple parties in Delhi.

    The girl from the pics looks like nurse pooja of Ghaziabad. He also has another girl Simran based in Lajpat nagar. Also a MILF by the name Simran
    Not sure about that. I contacted them via that FB account and meet when ever I visit GGN. Met couple of times so far and she provides good GFE. Thats what matters to me and do not worry too much about other things in their personal life!

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    Any reviews about this chick?

    Got her contact on popular site.

    4 k / night.

    Name- Dhoni bhai's wife.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails download_20171123_211050.jpg‎   download_20171123_211056.jpg‎  

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    Thank you Delhi seniors.

    Recently paid for ISG subscription. Had sent out pm to a a few seniors. Really thankful to Rahulbhai for responding at short notice. Sorry for this really late FR.

    He Provided contact of Ms. M. Deal done for 10 k for the night. Had already booked friendly hotel in Gurgaon. She came a bit late and I had to go the next morning really early for work. So after 2 shots and dinner pleasently asked her to leave and gave full payment.

    Also thankful to Bluevelvet for sharing his contacts. Didn't get in touch with anyone but maybe will try on my next trip.

    I am still looking for the Turkish Hammam Loneranger mentioned in one of his posts. Sounded really interesting. Please share if anyone has the details. Will be in Delhi in first week again and will surely share the new encounter FRs.

    Thanks guys.

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    Chandigarh Ramgarh.

    Hi guys,

    I am in Chandigarh Ramgarh area for some work and also have time to kill. Any kind soul know any lead in this area.


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    Hi guys.

    It's been 3-4 days since I wrote about options in my hand for Amrtisar. Only two brothers got back to me.

    Tried my best. But couldn't get any deal below 40 k for 2 nights. Guys, please help me if you can through your personal contacts with indies if they can travel to Amritsar? I will arrange her transport. You can PM me the details.

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    Recently on a trip to Delhi, had the chance to visit Kanak. Her voice on phone was inviting & warm so I was pretty excited. She sent me her google map location of Mayur Vihar, which was easy to locate. Had bought protection & lotion with me as directed. On first look, she seemed fat and over-make-upped. But I had heard of her services, so wanted to try her anyway. Her flat was very basic and maybe just passable for the deed.

    Cleaned up, was asked to lie down on the bed, and then she started. O Wow! She sucked and licked my toes and then parts of my body, front and back, rimmed hard, and then concentrated on the little man, who was overwhelmed! Came right into her mouth and she willingly sucked me dry. Amazing BJ.

    Next, she massaged me with the lotion, B2B, with her massive boobs working on the critical areas. I preferred to experience her BJ skills once more, and she gave a worthy encore!

    Overall a very nice experience, worth the dough. Shall surely return when I visit Delhi again.

    Thank you all Delhi friends who gave me her reference much appreciated!


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    Delhi contacts.

    Hello fellas!

    I'll be in Delhi over this weekend. Wondering if you guys can share some contacts of Indies or CIS with me. My budget for night is around 12 k-15 k for 2-3 shots.

    Any help would be appreciated and I can return the favour with some contacts from Dubai and Mumbai.


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    Spa in Central Delhi

    Hello dear fellow mongers,

    I generally stay in central Delhi when I visit Delhi. But so far could find nice Spas with extras only on the Gurugram Dwrka side.

    Had tried Amrita near CP but it was a great disappointment. Went to one named Blue Terra where massage was good but no extras at all.

    Can you please recommend any nice MP in central Delhi?

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    SP Alisha.

    Hello brothers,

    Heard lots of chatter on SP Alisha.

    Can any bro inbox me her digits.


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