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Thread: New Delhi

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    FS for 1 k at Saket. Pointers?

    I've been getting offers for FS in Saket area from 2-3 SP now.

    Since I'm a guy who seeks VFM stuff and BJ With CIM, this seems to fit the bill. Yes I have to travel from Noida to reach there but still it might prove cheaper.

    Any things I should know about this VFM FS? Didn't see a lot of people talk about it here. Yes I've seen the girls, they're average but hey its just 1 k so should be fine.

    Any pointers?

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    Old Monger with a new experience

    A new experience after nearly 4 years. I was active member if ISG but took a long break due to some personal issues. This happened last month. My old contacts were not working and only famous the from Sapna cinema was available but decided to try something new. Went to a famous mall in east Delhi. There are many spa in second floor. Went to a Thai spa and bargained hard as per suggestion in forum. Bargained to 0.6 K for 30 minutes session. Told the reception that it is my first session and will come back again if service is good. He Sent a girl name A (Morning Prayer). Started massage and with in 5 minutes girl asked if I need extras. Settled for TL & HJ for 1 K after lot of bargaining. Girl was ok with nice assets but with lot of conditions as no light in the room, don't touch my lips. Overall a average experience.

    Next week decide to try new MP. Went to G (Hara) Spa near L Nagar metro station in East Delhi. 2 options were available but after seeing options decided to left the Spa. Went again to previous spa and asked for same girl but girl was not available. Decided to try new girl as owner promised to give me options but asked for money first. In spite if giving me options he sent a girl which I immediately rejected. Another girl was sent and with in 2 minute girl herself asked about extra. Bargained 1 k for B2B but experience much worse than previous experience.

    Planning to Experience some new MP. Any recommendations? Will buy subscription soon.

    Has someone have recent experiences with Miss the of Sapna Cinema. She was forum star 4 years before.

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    First one is divine


    The first one is divine with a capital D. Sure must me fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheGuyToCall28  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I'm posting for the first time on this forum (have been an avid follower) and would like some help from the senior members. Got a contact from Locanto Kabir offering the following girls for 5 k short and 12 k night. Would like to know if this is a real deal and whether I should go ahead with it. I have been asked to meet outside Saket metro station. Contact number ends with 845.

    P.S. I still don't have a subscription so I don't think you can PM me but any help will be appreciated.

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    Can someone please give me digits of SP T.




    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Its true. I was in Sydney this Wednesday and they were asking for ID and photoscanning it. I now the owner and the bouncer knows me so I requested them to let me this time as I don't know change of rules. Also they were asking ID from non regular girls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Funum86  [View Original Post]
    It was another adventurous night tonight. Went to Gurgugram with a clear vision to visit several clubs, and dance with only the best looking girl (s) of each club.

    Went to the famous S Mall at 9 pm.

    1. First entered the 'Jail' Club. To my surprise, they are for my ID. Even took a photocopy. Later I realized that they were doing it for everyone. Anyways, I entered and the atmosphere in 'Jail' is never too happening. But the girls are hot here. I spend some time inside, but had a feeling to get out before I could finish my first drink.

    2. Next I went to the O Club. Nearby. Here too they checked ID and were asking people to put in their name and contact number in a register. Well, of course I wrote my 'nick' name and 'random' number. However, even inside the club, the atmosphere was not the same. There was a lady bouncer inside who was checking IDs of the girls. Well, I didn't want to stay longer in this mall tonight.

    So, I head out and got to MGF. Next to Metro Station by 10 pm.

    3. EMP Club. This has always been my personal favorite club. Although even here all were asked to write names and numbers in a register, even then at least the atmosphere inside was really happening. It has few hot girls to dance with. It was a Disney land for me. Choose your fav looking character and dance close. OK very close. Danced with 4 hot girls inside and took few numbers.

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    SP Tushar contact

    Hey folks,

    Read a lot about SP Tushar on this forum and honestly bought subscription only to got his contact. Senior members please help PM is activated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuklap  [View Original Post]

    There are three spas in the building opposite S and M. Which one did you visit.
    LOL you can try all three and share your experience.

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    MP experiences.

    Hi all seniors and dear newbies like me,

    Here are some experiences of a newbie in MPs around the city. In descending order of quality.

    1. Gulaab MP near pitampura metro station. 1 k at counter and 1 k inside.

    My first visit there was a disaster. The 'therapist' was eager and willing but very inexperienced. B2B and BJ. Very average. Expressed my dissatisfaction to the lady at the counter, and she promised it would be better next time. So very skeptically I went again. Was assigned a Kashmiri beauty who shares her name with a former external affairs minister of our neighbour. Very good looking. Enthusiastic B2B massage and HJ. FS available. 3 stars.

    2. A. A MP in Hauz khas. Also listed under another refreshing name. Ask for Miss Inspiration. NE lady, short and slightly plump but does amazing things on the massage table. Tends to talk a bit but will be silent if you don't respond. Excellent B2B. FS on the table. Tried other options there but none were nearly as good. 4 stars.

    3. Miss Worship at the sona sitara spa. Much has been said about her in earlier threads. All that you have heard is true. Amazing body, and she gets into her work with true dedication. However she's been swamped with customers ever since she gained fame (Probably due posts on this forum) and keeps rueing this sudden popularity. Definitely worth a visit. 5 stars.

    So that was my two bits. Happy mongering and stay safe!

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    Olivia Wilde

    Quote Originally Posted by QutabMinar  [View Original Post]
    Traveling for a work for a week, although I miss Delhi scene like crazy especially due to the prices, just had this goddess in London for 100 pounds for an hour. Two pops and a glimpse of heaven.

    That's actress Olivia Wilde! Fake report.

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    Managed to get BBJ from a Thai in sec 18 spa.

    Check my prev FR since you don't have PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by MalikJohn10  [View Original Post]
    Visited 2 spa in csm sec-18 on 4th floor Ryl and Azla if you are looking for a pure very good message then there is lady called Sil NE half name in Azla She is very good in massage I can say one of the best available in sec-18. And if you are looking for extras go to Ryl. One Monik is there NE she gives extra also that too on a very good prove and she has got a nice body nice boobs nice ass she doesn't offer FS but she offer B2B in good price. In Ryl every girl offers B2B. I'm still searching for blow job in sec-18 if any one can give clues of spa and girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousBoy  [View Original Post]
    How much did you pay her? Is she still charging 5 k or has she regained her senses?
    She asked for 5 , I could manage to brought it down to 4.

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    Noida couple

    Quote Originally Posted by ChillCool  [View Original Post]
    Fellow brothers,

    Is famous Noida couple Sanjay- R number ends with 425?

    I have contacted them on WhatsApp on this number and they mentioned that they are not Sanjay- R.

    If this number doesn't belong to them, could someone be generous enough to PM me their contact number.

    I will really appreciate this favor.


    I think you have wrong number, there number ends with 878.

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    Kashmiri apple

    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousBoy  [View Original Post]
    How much did you pay her? Is she still charging 5 k or has she regained her senses?
    Well she is ready for 4 k after a bit of negotiations. Will visit her soon if she comes down a little more and post FR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyDJ  [View Original Post]
    This post is about my Delhi visit.

    I had some time available with me in Delhi, I wanted to use this time to good use. Knowing this I already contacted few Delhi forum guys, and I got good response, thanks to everyone who responded.

    So I had few spa contacts, SP contact who provides CIS and luckily few indie contacts as well.

    CIS were on top of my mind, as the price at which one can get them in Delhi, that is not possible in other cities( as far as I know).

    So I already got in touch with SP for CIS before reaching Delhi. He sent me few pics, girls looked amazing.

    Meanwhile I also got in touch with an indie.

    But my experience with Ms S was amazing, sometimes situations / circumstances take you to good things, as happened with me in this case. If I had reached to SP den first I may missed the opportunity to taste Ms S Kashmiri Apple.
    How much did you pay her? Is she still charging 5 k or has she regained her senses?

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    Pari pic

    Would you mind putting Pari pic.

    I am confused between so called wife of SP and Pari.

    Quote Originally Posted by Madhumahesh  [View Original Post]
    Mongering report. Delhi.

    Day 1.

    Landed in Delhi in the evening and straightaway headed to S&M, DC. Had booked Miss L (Mizo) and she was waiting. Went to the allotted room with twin massage beds and attached washroom. Took off all clothes and washed. Sat on the bed wearing the towel. Soon L came in. I simply took off the dispo and lay face down. She knew I was a regular and so straight away stared the massage. She loved to talk and asked about my experience with earlier therapists there and I gave her the full list. Very soon the discussion moved to extras and she said everything is available. Agreed for FS at standard rates I. E. 2. 5 k. Turned over and after some light massaging she took off her clothes and started B2 be, followed by BBBJ. As is usual with NE's in this spa it was very good with lots of ball licking. Soon the deed started with missionary, then doggy. For some reason could not cumm in doggy, so missionary again and finally Johnny squirted in rubber. She then took the rubber and went to the washroom to wash and then to dispose.

    Looks: 6/10 (typical NE).

    Skin: Milky white (NE hallmark).

    BBBJ: 9/10.

    Attitude: 9/10.

    Jugs: Soft & flexible..

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