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    Hi guys,

    First report on ISG and it comes from Bali.

    Just got to Kuta yesterday (where I'm staying for a week) and it's overcast so an extended period of time on the beach doesn't sound as great as it did initially. Headed to Angel Salon today and had a shitty experience.

    Arrived at 6 pm and picked a girl from Java (didn't bother getting her name after the session) and she started the negotiations at 600 k (incl. 100 k for the room). I insisted on 250 k as advised by members here (made up some BS about a friend of mine paying that price) and she was pretty persistent with wanting to go higher. I offered 300 k and stood firm on it and she eventually relented. I know I should have paid 250 but I've not really had to make negotiations too often in Sydney, so I'm still finding my feet in this area. In hindsight, I should have threatened to walk out (seeing how the session went, I should have walked out) but hindsight 20/20 blah blah. Apologies in advance to the regulars when 300 k becomes the going rate!

    After the cold rinse, I lay down and she proceeded with a BBBJ. She knew what she was doing but I couldn't for the life of me get her to slow down. She may have been a little salty after our negotiations. Started in mish with slow strokes as I wanted to savour the grip she had on me (surprising considering the stretchmarks she had). She responded by raising and lowering herself in sync with me (you know that thing girls do when they lower themselves on the outstroke. That should have a name). Asked her to get on top and she squatted on me with legs wide apart and went ham (I think this is what SNG ads refer to as 'commando service' She went faster than I would like, but I gave up on getting her to slow down and blew my load. I wasn't satisfying.

    I know I was on the low end of the market and considering the good experiences people have had in the past, I probably just got unlucky. I still am not too inclined to make a return to Angel Salon or Salon Mawar.
    Contacted a few private FL advertising on the net and their going rate is USD150-200 (range includes in and outcall rates). Is this reasonable? What rates can I expect for FL?

    Thanks for all the info so far. I'll keep reporting from Bali until I head to Jakarta on Sunday.

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    Your best bet for free lancers would be Sky Garden, a very big place with lots of variety. Also mint nightclub has lots of high end FL. A bit more expensive thou. Generally all night spots have them cruising around but these two places are my favorite.

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    Freelancers in discos for long time

    Hello brothers so the flesh.

    First, I did RTFF; but only found bits and pieces of what I am looking for, and nothing very recent. I am, for context, an experienced monger of venues around the world. My strong preference is for long time / all night sessions with freelancers. I LOVE discos, clubs, and loud music, those are not issues. I'm in my 40's, look younger, so can pull off some clubs. I may do some trolling for tourists, as I like to mix it up on my trips, but, that not the staple of what I am looking for.

    Bla bla.

    In any event, I will be in Indonesia for a few weeks in Feb. Work for a week, and then play in Jakarta and Bali. Jakarta I seem to "get" (as much as you can without being on the ground). But, Bali seems a bit hard to "get"- at least in terms of finding all nighter's with freelancers, whether semi pro, hard core pro, ect.

    Have had great luck with Fiipina Cupid- and see there is an Indo version. So, that is one option. Do those of you who know Kuta and surrounding areas have any ideas for what I am looking for? Would hope to pay under 1 mi, but willing to go more for hotties for all night, if that is what it takes. Discos? Clubs? Ect ect.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    I have got a PM telling that when you can't log in to the BMM it also makes it impossible to read the documents that are in the Google drive. I promised I would repost them, even though they are maybe a bit dated.

    The prices stated in Absolute Sanur X - 3 (revised in 2010) are of course not valid: What was 150 k is now 200 k. What maybe would be interesting to get is an update of the standard of different venues.

    Room std:
    = Standard: What you can expect: reasonable clean bed, hose shower, fan and a mirror.
    - Below standard: dirty sheets or quirky bed, no or small mirror, bad smell.
    + Over standard: AC instead of fan, or big mirror, or proper shower (still cold water.)
    Instead of one overall standard setting maybe it should be split up, like 'cleanliness', 'bed', 'shower', 'A/C or fan', 'light' etc.

    Actually the printed maps are a bit obsolete, since there is a way to print out portions of the BMM. Anyway, both the Sanur map and the Padang Galak (made by Aussie Fella) map are here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HihiSter  [View Original Post]
    A quick overview of the last few months in Bali.... This is the kind of girl you can safely bring home to your parents. I will try to post some pictures of her in the next few days.
    Let me say a huge thanks for such an informative and comprehensive report. There's info in here I'll definitely use in the future.

    Am I correct in my reading of your accounts that you usually go bareback? If yes, have you had any issues with diseases? I usually bareback in Philippines (and have had a couple of doses of the clap) but usually try and wrap up in Bali. There's been a few times I've gotten carried away and neglected the raincoat and haven't had any problems but I wasn't sure if that was just dumb luck.

    Do you remember the name of the stunner at Sanur 505? She sounds great.

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    After all my prep for what's probably my once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali, I came down with a tourist bug and wasn't up to much in the way of mongering. (Apparently, a traveler's bug trumps Viagra in those of us over 65.).

    I did make it to Kuta on Halloween. That was a total freak show, with traffic so jammed that people were abandoning their cabs, and motorbikes plowing through jam-packed sidewalks because that was the only way they could move at all. MBargo was more or less deserted around 10:30 PM, but was starting to pick up as midnight approached. Likewise Engine Room and Paddy's. In my weakened state, I simply wasn't up for all that, so I bailed.

    The next day, I did an afternoon and evening in Sanur. Rizqi lived up to it's reputation. When I went in, there was only one lady. A bit older and a bit plumper than some of you would prefer, but attractive enough in my book. (The older I get, the younger all the women seem to be.) The massage was 65 K, and I negotiated a nude BBBJ for another 235 K, for a total of 300 K. On the way out, the lobby was occupied by five or six women, all of which were younger, prettier, and more petite than the one I found.

    Later, around 8:00 PM, I went looking for the fleapits on Jalan Danau Tempe. (Yeah, yeah, I know. WAYYY too early. But that's when I was there, so "what-ever!" Anyhow, I only found one, and it was deserted. I wandered into a couple of the establishments, got nothing but funny looks, and didn't stick around.

    So. I wish my report was more informative, and more exciting, but it is what it is. Thank you all for your good reporting and the helpful advice.

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    Take Care in North Bali

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfie2  [View Original Post]
    Thanks Merrman wonderful info particularly Made at Rini Hotel Lovina I feel like I am on my way already.
    I am in Bali 4 times a year on business and I have a home in Renon. I have been told by good sources that any ladies found to have Aids are sent to Signaraja and.

    Lovina. Just be sure to protect yourself and take caution. Enjoy Bali.


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    Thanks Merrman wonderful info particularly Made at Rini Hotel Lovina I feel like I am on my way already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfie2  [View Original Post]
    if it will be easy enough to find hotels for about.

    500,000 idr without booking in the west north and centre of the island
    There is no problem finding a hotel in that price range. To get an idea have a look at agoda.com , enter a town like Ubud or Lovina and list the hotels from low price to high. You don't usually need to book on weekdays but sometimes it's a good idea at weekends when many people from the south may go north. Usually can find a nice AC room around 300,000. (I like Rini Hotel in Lovina at about 300,000, near to the beach) and Made (Maday) behind the desk can fix a nice visitor to relieve your tired bones!

    There is no need to book more than 1 or 2 nights at the start of your trip. This way you can find a better hotel or better location without being locked into a booking. There are hundreds of hotels in Kuta and Sanur. At such an intelligent age you should probably stay in Sanur which you will like a lot more than Kuta unless you like hunting for pussy at 2 or 3 am!! You can always take a cab to Kuta for an evening or ride if you prefer. Only 20 minutes. You will be safe booking Ari Putri Hotel (MUST book) in Sanur for a week to start with..... can extend if you are happy. Also Taman Palem (Palm Garden), Puri Gopa, Watering Hole 2, all around 350,000.

    Make sure you bring an International Driving Licence!! (Bring your National Licence too). Without an International Licence you WILL be fined. Even WITH it you will probably be fined for something else! There are many licence checks of motorbike riders.

    There is not much action around Ubud but I am willing to be proved wrong! Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MightySpearsman  [View Original Post]
    While I would rate Jakarta above Bali for mongering reasons, IMHO you should still go to Bali even if it's just for a couple of days. Bali is one of the truly special places on earth and there are several reasons why it is the #1 tourist destination in East / South-East Asia.

    RTFF, then check out the places that you've read about, and I'm sure you'll find a couple of gems and enough sack action to keep you satisfied, plus you will have experienced a unique culture and some beautiful scenery.
    Thanks for the input.

    Yeah that is a compelling argument. To be in Indonesia and not visit Bali for just a couple hundred bucks does reek of blasphemy.

    Finding some action there so we are not spinning our wheels is really just the icing on the cake.

    From RTFF it seems the Kuta area is where the club action and thus freelancers operate.

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    Trip next year

    Hi guys,

    I have spent many happy weeks reading the FF anticipating a 3-4 week holiday next year in mid April to mid may.

    I want to see the island (I haven't been there for 35 years) as well as doing a little playing in the MS around Kuta and Sanur.

    I am in my early 60's with a current motorcycle license and would really like to spend a week in Kuta a week in Sanur and 10 days touring by bike (maybe car).

    I have questioned the Tourist board 3 times without any form of reply asking them if it will be easy enough to find hotels for about.

    500,000 idr without booking in the west north and centre of the island at that time of year. Perhaps I might be able to email a day or 2 in advance when I know when I am likely to be there.

    Sorry it's a bit of a boring question to ask this forum but at wit's end where else to ask.

    As a newcomer to this forum I will be happy to report successes (or otherwise) of the usual kind after travelling.

    Hope someone can help me.


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    A quick overview of the last few months in Bali. As this happened over a time frame of a couple of months I might have forgotten some details here and there. Some negative experiences might be due to my preferences, which are girls in their early twenties and who have a light skin. I do not like the dark skinned, "exotic" girls. I am a late twenties expat, reasonable looking but by no means do I have a trained body. I speak Indonesian without any accent. An oversight:

    I am not a fan of the Sanur style set-up but did try it out two times:

    Sanur 29: Easy going, easy to find on the main road. Had to park my car along the street as I wasn't sure if I could enter in the small gang. Went to the fishbowl and picked my girl, papa walked us to the room, switched on the AC and took out his hand for the payment. Even though I had never been there I gave him 200.000 and he accepted it immediately. The session with the girl, who was about a 6. 5 and the best on offer that night, was nothing special but she got the job done.

    Sanur 505: Again easy to find, this time I drove in and parked in a small parking area on the bordello's grounds. Walked over to the fish bowl and picked a girl after discussion with the papa. Papa ushered me to the room without waiting for the girl and once in the room the girl walked in, started shouting at the papa and walked away angrily. She didn't want to do bule but papa assumed it was okay since I speak Indonesian. He apologised and then asked me to wait and he would bring his best girl. I waited a few minutes and in walks a true beauty, exactly my preference. He said she is usually not in the fishbowl but kept separate as she is only brought out for "selected clients". No idea in how far this is true but she was damn pretty. Price was the same as usual and she truly didn't disappoint, very willing and accommodating. BBBJ, fucking in any position imaginable and finish the load inside. Awesome.

    On to the massage parlours.

    Body Arum (beer spa): I have reported on them before vowing I would never go back after money went missing from my wallet during the shower (rookie mistake). I have broken the promise to myself and did try them once more, this time in their Renon branch. Damage was 250.000 for the beer massage in VIP room. The lady wasn't attractive at all but I was inside, wanted to scratch an itch and just went on with it while keeping my eyes firmly closed at all times. She got the job done with the usual HJ but I won't be returning.

    Prince Spa on Mahendradata: When you're coming from the Kerobokan area onto Tueko Umar Barat (jl marlboro) take a right at the traffic lights before the McD and drive onto Mahendradata, drive straight and eventually you'll see a row of BCA ATMs on the left hand side right next to a hotel / residence, 50 meters after that on the left hand side is the "Toyo'the Bengkel". If you come after 6 PM the workshop (bengkel) is closed and you can park right in front of the door. Get out and walk into what looks like a small gang on the left side of the building. You will pass the work area with all cars under maintenance parked, keep walking to the back and you'll see the entrance. They have 3 packages:

    Normal at 300.000 IDR, Special at 360.000 IDR and VIP at 400.000 IDR. The difference between them was that "Normal" is just an erotic massage with HJ, I forgot the added value for Special but VIP was where the girl went topless and puts her tits in your face.

    All in all: only so-so recommended. I have cross-checked with some (Indonesian) friends who all gave me similar comments: too many rules, too many extra charges. I picked the VIP package, the girl (that they select for you, no pictures beforehand) came to the room wearing only a bikini. Her name was Ratu and claimed that she was 19 (checked her DOB and she answered correctly and fast enough for me to believe it), was chubby bordering on fat but had a pair of amazing tits. As in seriously huge, strong, not dropping, simply amazing. From there it all went downhill. She asked me to fully undress and lay down, where she started her "massage", which was simply pressing on certain body parts for 20 minutes, nothing erotic either. Asked to flip after which she finally removed her bra. Seeing those amazing tits automatically makes you want to touch them right? That's another 100.000 IDR. Take off panties? That's a new package at 400.000 IDR which includes the girl going fully naked, touching wherever you want, kissing and a short blowjob. Out of curiosity I asked her how much for FS and that was 600.000 IDR. Just stuck to what was included in my "VIP" package and that was fine, she finished it off with a HJ. She showered together with me, soaping in my back, fully washing me and that came as a bit of a surprise.

    During the conversation in the room it came to light that those prices earlier were fixed by the spa. If the meeting is outside the price is of course negotiable. Took her number and chatted with her on whatsapp a few days later, arranged to come to her kost (small room in a shared apartment building) at 300.000 IDR for FS, as long as I wanted and as many shots as I wanted. Went over in the evening, a regular Indonesian Kost, nothing fancy but had AC and hot water. She was very happy and very obliging during the session. Playing with an amazing set of tits, her pussy was probably never shaved and a true jungle, so be warned if you don't like that. She didn't appreciate that I shot my load in her but gave her a bit of money to buy some pills and all was fine.

    Re'Frezz; Well reported on here, recommended. The normal package is simple but accommodating, the more expensive packages I have not tried yet. Girls are very willing to meet for full sessions outside of working hours. Prices depending on the girl and your negotiating skills are between 300 to 500.000 IDR.

    Wisata Bali: A massage parlor in the heart of Denpasar city and basically opposite an university. You pay 60.000 for an hour of "massage" and negotiate the rest with the girl. The time I went there the girls on offer were so-so. She asked 250.000 for FS, I negotiated 250.000 including the price of the massage and she accepted. The girl was 25 years old from Singaraja. Reasonable body for a single mother. She got the job done but wasn't very enthusiastic about it. Basically a Sanur brothel disguised as a massage parlour.

    Onasis: Body 2 body massage with FS included in the price. They had a package for 650/750. 000 IDR all in but that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore and is now up to 1. 200.000 IDR. For me not worth it for a simple b2 be massage even if it includes FS. Prices are the same for Indonesians and Bule. The original package was okay but the qualities of girls were hit and miss.

    Maharani: We have arrived at my favourite! I always went to the one on Gatsu Barat, 350.000 IDR for a body to body massage where you can touch the girls wherever you want. FS was about 150.000/200.000 depending on the mood of the girl. Repeated a few times with the same girl which were in the end basically full on sex sessions, forgetting about the massage all together.

    The dating apps and websites I have tried and found it too time consuming, having to keep focused on your phone or laptop, I prefer to go out and meet people so I gave up on those pretty fast.

    Going out, chatting to girls I met in stores (either working or shopping), being introduced through mutual friends etc is for me still the easiest way to get laid, so called "freebies".

    There was one Balinese girl, 22 years old (currently moved to Dubai to work at a big waterpark), who was awesome. We met for the first time at the McD in Jimbaran and started driving "jalan2", ended up on a deserted Pandawa beach around 11 PM at night and she suggested we jump in the water. I said OK and before I knew it she stripped naked and started running to the sea. I soon followed and while in the water we started kissing and touching everywhere. "Jr" was already at full attention and she hopped on while in the water. We fucked for a little while inside, weren't really comfortable due to the strong current and relatively big waves and moved it on the beach; when you get to Pandawa it's basically in the far left corner. There is a big rock half on the beach and half in the water which was where we continued under the stars and moon. When I about to finished I asked her where she wanted it, "wherever you want" was the answer, which was all I needed to put me over the edge and shoot it inside. We started meeting each other regularly as "FWB" and usually met in one of the X houses in Sanur where I paid 50.000 for 2 hours in a room with AC. So to answer a question that was asked earlier: yes it is definitely possible to "bring your own". I was sad to see her move away, it was great fun while it lasted.

    Saving the best for last; a 23 year old Chinese-Indonesian whom I met in Bali but lives in one of the bigger cities in Indonesia. We hit it off the moment we met and she is, until this moment, one of the best lays I've had while in Indonesia. She comes to Bali every month and I usually pick her up from the airport. She is a totally wild one! Even before getting out of the parking area of the airport she is already sucking "jr", all the way till we reach home if I last that long. And if I cannot hold it anymore such as once while I am 1 car away from paying the parking fees, she swallows it all with a huge smile. I've done her in the car, on the beach, in the fitting stalls at Centro, in a very dark club in Denpasar city, right on the chair, in a private villa pool, in a public hotel swimming pool and some other places. (We are running out of ideas, so if anyone has some suggestions feel free to let me know). She isn't on birth control which is a bit risky. Sometimes she takes the morning after pill (available over the counter in pharmacies in Bali), sometimes we're too late in buying and we let it be. If she does get pregnant, that's okay. This is the kind of girl you can safely bring home to your parents. I will try to post some pictures of her in the next few days.

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    Anyone interested in swapping contact details of amateur (I. E. Non hardcore pros) girls in Bali, please contact me. I have not been as lucky as I expected on the local scene (which is by far inferior to Jakarta), and it took a few months to build a small pool of decent contacts, mostly of girls I met on the internet (Badoo, tagged, skout), but also SPGs etc. Any bro with good contacts wiling to share for our mutual benefit, please PM me. Also, anyone needing a wingman, please be welcome to contact me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AussieFella  [View Original Post]
    I think I know the one you're talking about. I spent a few days in Sanur last week and stopped by Padang Galak on my way back from a ride up past Candidasa. There was a building with fairy lights set back from the main road down near the beach. About halfway between the road and the big open area. I didn't go inside as I wasn't feeling too sure of myself but would be keen to visit with another bule. I'm not expecting to be back in Bali for a number of months now but hopefully can find some company next time. There's also a few loud, fairy-lit 'bars' along the side road to PG which I presume are the flea pits marked on Barri's map. Again, I'd love to go but not too confident to go alone.

    PG is such an intriguing and enticing area but I fear it won't stay that way for long with all the development going on there now.
    Many of those Padang Galak cafes towards the beach can access girls as a whole bunch of them were billeted close by. A few years ago I was often getting offers there. Its local turf and local prices, get a Balinese Driver to take you if unsure of yourself.

    Also some of the truck stop type cafes further up the coast have girls available.

    I had a funny incident a few months ago, I got out of a car on the Padang Galak road with a trim 38 yr old Balinese woman whom was dressed in a halter top and skimpy shorts, she was taking me to a shack in the rice paddy, in spite of appearances it was totally innocent, to show me her block of land. A group of teenage boys went by on bicycles and whooped and hollered and gave me the thumbs up etc, so the locals all know what the area is famous for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merrman  [View Original Post]
    It's always good to go on a recce for pussy. There's a "fast food" outlet just North of Sanur that needs checking out. Maybe some of the locals can tell me about it. Maybe not. It was mentioned in the press a fair while back. And I have heard that there are chicks around. It has a few fairy lights around it and is called Ramos Cafe. It's on the main coast road in Padang Galak area, beach side of the road. Check Google Maps for "Ramos Cafe, Kesiman Kertalangu" for the exact location and a photo.

    Maybe someone can check it out and report back. Maybe it will be me next time I'm there!

    I'm getting hard. .
    I think I know the one you're talking about. I spent a few days in Sanur last week and stopped by Padang Galak on my way back from a ride up past Candidasa. There was a building with fairy lights set back from the main road down near the beach. About halfway between the road and the big open area. I didn't go inside as I wasn't feeling too sure of myself but would be keen to visit with another bule. I'm not expecting to be back in Bali for a number of months now but hopefully can find some company next time. There's also a few loud, fairy-lit 'bars' along the side road to PG which I presume are the flea pits marked on Barri's map. Again, I'd love to go but not too confident to go alone.

    PG is such an intriguing and enticing area but I fear it won't stay that way for long with all the development going on there now.

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