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    Hell Hole

    "Girl of the week" (Acting Out Day) From the local Nusa Dua Bali 'Flea Pit" Were for less $10 you can have the girl of your dream. This place look and smells like hell and the place is full of local girls doing the oldest profession known to man. For blue Rp150,000 is fair or max over the top price Rp200,000. The days for value for money are finish. To many white guys and gals visiting or living in Bali and they love to throw there money around. Bali is one of the most expensive place in Indonesia now. Every month the price of things go up, including pussy. LOL We can only do our best and had 30 good years of cheap young pussy. There is cheap pussy around ,But you have to do a lot more leg work . Im f--king lazy . heeee LOL good hunting guys . Price for x house in Sanur is Rp200,000 or over paid price is Rp250,000 . (Local Price Rp100,000)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Flea Pit Bali                 2011-000.JPG‎   CIMG2580.JPG‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimTimGuy  [View Original Post]
    Hi P. I have had the exact opposite experience. The recent chatter is about Sanur X houses and various new MPs, and that may distort the record a bit.

    I think much depends on how you meet the lady -- in a club, on a dating site, wandering the beach, etc. , works more for GFE. But I've generally had more issues getting women to leave, rather than have them run out early. Yes, YMMV but I think Bali is great for overnighters.

    But I would never, ever knock Thailand. Nice choices to have! TTG.
    Thanks. I went back more than 50 pages and it began looking interesting. Made up my mind to invest my time and explore Bali with just one page of forum posts.

    I owe you one.


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    Great report

    Quote Originally Posted by HjisOK  [View Original Post]
    Report #1 Sanur.
    Great first report, HjisOK.

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    Two aspects

    Quote Originally Posted by TimTimGuy  [View Original Post]
    The recent chatter is about . . . various new MPs, and that may distort the record a bit..
    Quote Originally Posted by Merrman  [View Original Post]
    What a brilliant post!


    Two aspects on a report.

    Thank you, TTG.

    Thank you, Merrman.

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    Bali report

    fucken internet drama with the isp here blocking this site with nawala. og. downloaded tor browser and all good! fucken indonesian govt!

    report #1 sanur.

    decided to take a walk down the road from the ari putri and have a massage with the intention of corrupting one of the cuties at a spa not mentioned on the mongers map. took a pretty little one into cubicle for 1 hr massage. she left the cubicle while i undressed. i stripped off and she had the sight of my bare ass when she walked back in. little gasp and some muttered indonesian and covered it with a towel (obviously not a good sign). very friendly and we had a good laugh while she did my back. hands of fucken steel and had to tell her to soften up a few times. maybe it was punishment lol. anyway, hard to get wood while in pain but did manage it in time for the roll so managed to give her another good flash (that was worth the 65 k alone). same reaction, little gasp and some muttering.

    her english very poor so we just laughed while i tried to get the subject around to happy ending. cut a long story short, that wasn't happening but still i enjoyed the time.

    got back to hotel and starting messaging badoo girls.

    priyan came right out with "you want to fuck? she wasn't the best looker (pic wise) but her directness got some movement in my pants. she said she could send a girl round to my hotel (she was obviously just pimping for them). she sent me a photo of this fucken super model to which i replied are you sure this aint a ladyboy? was almost too good to be true!

    anyway, this kinda pissed her off but we persevered. i asked how much and the usual response how much you want. i told her two hours, two cum, 250 k. no surprise her response to that! finally negotiated 500 k for a different girl as "super model" apparently lives in ubud!

    she promised me would be hot. yeah right, we'll see.

    anyway "sarah" arrives at hotel. first impressions, cute! little plump, blonde hair, wearing braces and a big smile, about 19/20 (who the fuck knows anyway). i do the walk of shame and take her to the pool area for a cocktail amid lots of stares from the +60 age group euro set.

    drinks delivered and take her back to room. she's from bandung, very happy girl. great attitude, pretty poor english.

    i ask her if she wants to watch some porn. nope she doesn't like that. strike one.

    we're on the bed and she is clothed. i love the anticipation. i can see she is sporting a fair amount of cleavage which is promising. you probably guessed by now i'm a bit of an exhibitionist so i take my gear off and sit next to her. my cock is up at 90 degrees and rock hard (not bad for 59 and no drugs). i love to see their expression as they look at it, maybe getting a bit nervous (not bragging but 9 inches usually get's that response).

    she asks if i want a blowjob but i am not in any rush. i like savouring the moment, just letting her flick her fingers up and down the shaft and hold my balls while she is fully clothed (bit of a cfnm doesn't go astray).

    eventually i tell her to take her clothes off. nice. shapely, not fat, lovely big, firm dd's with tattoo on right tit (sorry she wouldn't let me take pics).

    she gets in front of me and immediately gets her lips over my knob and goes for it for about 3 or 4 minutes which was long enough as bbbj can make me cum quick.

    on with johny and while i'm still on my back she straddles it and pushes down hard. straight in all the way and tight as. still got that big braces grin on her face and i'm loving it.

    she's making all the right noises and time for doggy. she puts a pillow under her stomach and sticks her ass in the air. i dive in and boy does she push back hard, awesome.

    i think she is under the impression she can make me cum quick with all this enthusiasm. big mistake. i can't cum with johny so she is probably going to regret this. every fucken position i can think of and i'm getting exhausted (not very fit lol). only been about 1 hr so far.

    ok, i'm ready now, so i tell her to take off johny and give me nice handjob. a good handjob is awesome and this girl was good.

    she oiled it up and with that cute smile and big tits in front of me she spent the next 10 minutes tenderly stroking my rod, cupping my balls and fingering my ass. i like. she knew enough to stick her finger in my ass on the vinegar stroke and i'd like to say i shot like a porn star but those days are long gone. i did manage a pretty good load though and she milked it properly.

    we cleaned up and she asked if i wanted a massage but i was still aching from the earlier going over at the spa so declined. total time about 1 hr 15, total damage 600 k (extra 100 for transport). pretty happy. she gave me her phone number and asked to see me again. i said sure (but i won't as i have too many more lined up to try).


    body 6/10

    face 6/10

    tits 9/10

    attitude 9/10 (would have got a 10 if she watched porn with me and didn't want to rush into head job at the beginning).

    lessons learned:

    don't bother with massage parlours not on the map.

    don't bring any more girls to the ari putri (i'll take them to st hotel somewhere).


    priyan (badoo) whatsapp - 081 xxx 000 856.

    sarah. mobile 087 760 xxx 026 (not much english).

    day 2 - report #1.

    11.00 am and trying to set up meet with badoo girl / s for tonite. decide to take a walk and check out local massage action from map. up jl danao poso and arum spa is stil closed. walk around to magic hands. two girls inside, one plump the other skinny, late 20's and not overly attractive but i take the skinny one because she has a naughty look. into cubicle and fucken hot, no ac. give her the sign and she holds up 3 fingers. offer 2 but she aint budging. ok, whatever. get naked on stomach and she starts on my toes. fucken painful! don't these girls know difference between sensual and therapeutic (still aching from yesterday's!

    show her what i want and all good now. she spreads my legs to get a good look at the ass and balls and kneels between and starts on legs. nice work, manages to brush ass and balls occasionally which is always welcome.

    about 20 minutes in and she wants me to flip. yeah baby here comes the good stuff! roll over and the 9 inches is up rock hard and dancing which makes her giggle. i like.

    so she does the legs same way and is brushing over the balls and shaft occasionally. finally gets some oil on her hands and goes for the stroke. nice. good touch, two hands, works the balls nicely and doesn't forget the asshole. after about 5 minutes she motions for blow job. berapa? she tells me 200. ok 500 in total which is probably too much but fuck it, i'm on holiday and still a damn sight cheaper than oz.

    she cleans little brother with a wet one and drops her lips over the knob. ooh yeah, nice action, sucking firmly. she has to spit a bit of pre-cum occasionally but all good. she uses her free hands to good effect while sucking and also licking and holding said balls in mouth. i was thinking seriously about blow in her mouth but wanted it to last a bit longer. she pulled her head up and motioned she was getting tired jaw. oh well that's to be expected.

    she went back to the massage action for about another 10 minutes, smiling at me the whole time. i like. when it was close i sat up so we could both see the action (bit dark in the cubicle). she managed to drain that cock nicely, cum dripping off her hands and her giggling. i like.

    total time, around 45 minutes.


    body 4/10

    face 4/10

    attitude 8/10

    lessons learned:

    negotiate the bj and hj together up front, may be cheaper.

    will be going back tomorrow for 4 hand action and take the chubby one too.


    don't know her name, will ask tomorrow.

    day 2 - report #2.

    3. 30 and getting horny so go for a walk. end up at sanur#11 danao poso.

    papasan welcomes me in (obviously mistaking me for someone else). i play along and make small talk.

    he sends guy off to bring girl and returns with slim gorgeous dark skinned girl showing a bit of tantalising boobie (she says she is 24). i give 350 to papasan and he seems happy with that.

    go into room and she is taking her clothes off. very nice slim body, obviously had a kid. she has big nice shaped breasts with very dark big nipples but they are a little soft. still nice though. most amazing thing about her was her face. absolutely stunning with lovely smile and white teeth.

    i get my cock washed with cold water and she gives me very nice bbbj. goes for quite a while too. she likes watching herself in the mirror. a bit of porn star moaning but not so much to be distracting.

    then its on with johny and she sits straight on top of it, no lube! it's a bit tight but i persevere and she starts to get wet.

    usual doggy and missionary but can't cum in that thing so rip it off and ask her to suck and hand.

    she was very accommodating and managed to get me to splash over those big nipples. i like.

    all up i don't think i was there for more than 45 minutes but i was happy.


    body 6/10

    tits 6. 5/10

    face 8/10

    attitude 8/10

    lessons learned:

    will be going back to this place.


    rani from bandung.

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    I have the opposite view

    Quote Originally Posted by peeman  [View Original Post]
    i am planning my next vacation this new years eve and from browsing the many pages of this thread i am beginning to think bali is best for st arrangements in mps or like establishments but not for take home to the hotel room for lte overnight. is that correct?
    hi p. i have had the exact opposite experience. the recent chatter is about sanur x houses and various new mps, and that may distort the record a bit.

    i think much depends on how you meet the lady -- in a club, on a dating site, wandering the beach, etc. , works more for gfe. but i've generally had more issues getting women to leave, rather than have them run out early. yes, ymmv but i think bali is great for overnighters.

    but i would never, ever knock thailand. nice choices to have! ttg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuga  [View Original Post]
    I found these two places just by being curious and following a hunch
    What a brilliant post Shuga!! If only we could get information on other places of interest with such accuracy from all the forum members. I look forward to hearing details of the more expensive massages. Sounds exciting!

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    Good for LT?


    I am planning my next vacation this new years eve and from browsing the many pages of this thread I am beginning to think Bali is best for ST arrangements in MPs or like establishments but not for take home to the hotel room for LTE overnight. Is that correct? I've done four mongering trips so far to TH and PP and beginning to think I'll get more bang for the buck over there as I am not into ST one hour sessions. ST for me has to be about 3 to 4 h atleast to be satisfying.

    Thanks for any quick advice in helping me make up my mind.


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    Door to door

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotpete  [View Original Post]
    I've tried to work out where the Ten bars are located in terms of each other, can yo just bar hop by foot?
    The '10 bars alley' is fleapit II in Jl Danau Tempe, and is some 100 m long with some forking alleys. The bars are more or less wall to wall with each other, so bar hopping by foot would be no problem.

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    Two New Spas with Extras Included.

    I found these two places just by being curious and following a hunch: A big new plackard along a street showing a young sweet smiling girl should indicate something. And when the reception has a screen with pictures of girls to choose from, the extra is bound to come.

    Celebrity Spa

    Jl. Tukad Citarum LC. 1, Renon.

    This is a new spa quite near Body Arum and Bidadari Biru Spa in Renon. From the fork of Jl. Tukad Ayu, in the S bend between those two spas, southwards into Jl. Tukad Citarum there are easy-to-follows signboards all the way to the spa. The picture on the sign board changes, but the text is the same.

    It seems to be newly built and in the same style as e. G. BBS with a small reception and then a corridor with rooms to left an right.

    The receptionist speaks a little bit English and could inform that only Arik of the nine girls was free. Though Arik looked a bit chubby on the screen I agreed to 'Brith Massage' for 200 k.

    The room seemed solid with walls up to ceiling, had a simple massage bench and in one corner a shower. Arik, 21 year old from Kintamani, arrived and to my surprise she was quite slim: obviously the pictures in the computer had been compressed vertically. She knew a bit of Englsih and she had quite a nice rack, too.

    Massage on backside was quite good with a little bit of teasing, which of course continued and increased after I had flipped over. Unfortunately Arik did not allow fondling with her boobs, which was a real shame because they were more than a handful. She didn't mind me caressing her ass, though.

    The session was one of the more enjoyable ones that I have had in a while, and I might go back and try some other item on the menue, like Rock n roll or Fantastic with 'Full sensational', see attached menue picture.

    Marina Salon & Spa

    Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra, Jl. Sri Padang Kerta.

    This spa is located directly opposite Maharani Spa: The entrance to the small gang leading into it is right at the foot of the greenish portal that says ' Jl Prof Dr Ida Bagus Mantra' just as one enters the bypass from south (see my post #3632) It is quite a big complex built (opened in July 2014) in traditional Balinese brick stone style, and the rooms are organized on boths sides of a corridor that runs in a square inside the building.

    From the screen I picked Angel (of total 9 girls) and 'Standart Massage' for 250 K. The room was very solid, quite big, a queen size matress on the floor and a shower in one corner. Door has double locks. Angel entered after a while and looked quite different from the picture on the computer, but she was slim and looked OK, though she did not speak English at all.

    Massage on back was OK with a lot of cream. Flipped over after 20 minutes and then Angel went to business with the HJ, which she was not particularly skilled at. She allowed groping her small perky breast inside the bra but she did not want to remove the bra.

    The session was not quite as good as at Celebrity, but the ambience was nice and I might go back and try some other item on the menue.

    Will put them in Bali Monger Map shortly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1 Fork on Tukad Ayu - turn right.jpg‎   2 Fork on Tukad Citarum.jpg‎   3 Celebrity sign board.jpg‎   4 Celebrity card.jpg‎   5 Celebrity card map.JPG‎  

    6 Celebrity Spa menue.JPG‎   7 Marina and Maharani 1.JPG‎   8 Marina and Maharani 2.JPG‎   9 Marina menue.JPG‎  

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    Jln. Danau Tempe

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotpete  [View Original Post]
    I've tried to work out where the Ten bars are located in terms of each other, can yo just bar hop by foot?
    I don't know about Ten bars, but here's the world-famous Bali Monger Map: (Thanks to Barri).

    It shows Jln. Danau Tempe around the east end of Sanur. Look for the three purple fleapit icons.


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    Ten bars Danua tempe

    I've tried to work out where the Ten bars are located in terms of each other, can yo just bar hop by foot?

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    More than two

    Quote Originally Posted by Taiyuanguy  [View Original Post]
    Small report about Sanur: I have been to several of the "X"-houses and paid the two fishbowls a visit.

    X-Houses: You go there, hope you will meet somebody (ran into several empty ones), negotiate the price and tell what you want.
    Interesting report, but needs clarification.

    1. "The two fishbowls" - there are many more than just two. And a couple of them open at late afternoon.

    2. ". . ran into several empty ones". If you assumed that every house marked with an X is a short time hotel you could have made a serious fool of yourself. As has been said many times before the letter X on a house only means 'Extension' and has nothing to do with 'X-rated'.

    3. ". . Negotiate the price". Wrong approach: don't negotiate, just hand over 200 K.

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    Rp 100,000 per hour Less then 10 us dollars

    The right price to pay and that guys life is F---ked for less then 10 US dollars ]Late last week a 24 year old lady was killed in Danau Tempe 1 by a disgruntled customer.

    The police are on the hunt for the perpetrator and there will be renewed interest in foreign visitors to these bar areas.

    I would caution members of ISG to be careful when visiting these establishments.

    I myself have been there a few times but as previously reported it is not really my thing.

    Drugs abound in this area so please be careful when visiting this area.

    You are much safer staying with the X Houses.[/QUOTE]Police arrest teenage over prostitute murder.

    Denpasar Police have arrested a 16 year old in relation to the murder of a commercial sex worker earlier this week.

    JA was arrested at his workplace on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai in Sanur on Wednesday afternoon.

    "We secured the mobile phone which belonged to the victim who is identified by the initial A," said Denpasar Police Commissioner Nyoman Artana.

    According to Artana, the boy aged 16 was frustrated at the woman as HE paid her Rp. 100,000 for a one hour service however she left earlier than expected.

    The suspect, JA admitted to frequenting the Jalan Danau Tempe locale four times in the past and always asked for the victim to serve him.

    "The victim was stabbed in the chest from behind with a knife HE brought from home. The victim was in the shower in a squat position," Artana added.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HjisOK  [View Original Post]

    I'll be there on 7th also, from Australia. Will be staying in Sanur though. I have about 15 girls lined up to meet from tagged and badoo (hopefully not ladyboys!)
    From my experience, all ladyboys here make that pretty clear either when talking to them or in their profile. I think the risk is low.

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