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    Village Arum Spa

    Based on reviews from other mongers (thanks!) went across to this establishment last week when I was in Bali. I was staying in Seminyak so this turned out to be quite a trek. Close to 45 minutes by cab. Walked in and was shown the menu. The highest end massage they had was the 21 hand 4 S Massage, which I was told is the one where you lie on your side and have two girls massage you. Cost 400,000 + 25,000 for the VIP room option with an in-room shower. The room was basic but clean. Was told to shower and then the two girls came in. Youngish and quite pretty, dressed in tight but not revealing clothes. They got to work pretty fast with the oil and cream. They get you on your side with one leg raised and placed on a hard pillow. This way they have continuous access to your tackle from both sides. They take it in turns to give you a caress and a tug every now and then to keep you hard through the session. The massage itself was pure piano play but in a sensual way. Towards the end I was told to lie on my back and then they got to work in earnest on the HJ. Grabbed both butts with both hands for a bit of a feel but didn't try to get too adventurous, they didn't object. When I was done had another shower and off I went. Tipped them 50,000 each even though they it seemed they were not expecting anything.

    All in all a nice and novel experience. This sort of massage was a first for me. If I am ever in Bali again will be sure to do a repeat visit.

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    Lovina at Last

    Very little action around Lovina until this visit. Stayed at Rini Hotel on Jl Mawar near beach. Nice place at 350 K for AC room. One of the staff can supply girls to your room for 350 K. Not as good as Sanur but passable depending on your taste. PM me for his phone number.

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    Riverside Spa

    Not much on here lately about Riverside Spa so I guess I'd better post about my experience.

    First the good:

    Easy to find. Just a short walk (5 minutes or so) up the road extending from Jalan 66, then a right, just across the bridge, for about 75 meters to Riverside Spa on the left.

    Beautiful, new facility. The rooms are the largest, cleanest I've ever seen in Bali. Large jacuzzi tub. Big bed with crispy clean sheets. Really first rate.

    Not offered a lineup or choice. The Mamasan recommended Ari as she introduced her to me. Beautiful lady. Stunning body. No hesitation.

    Now for the not quite so good:

    Turns out that Ari was "ticklish" "down there" so any pre-game activities were quite limited.

    Everything else was offered, albeit in a "semi-scripted", routine sort of way. No particular connection. (That could have just been me.) Certainly not a GFE experience.

    The advertised price of 920,000 turned out -- to my surprise -- to be 1,250,000 on the way out. Taxes. Okay, I guess I can understand that. But, 200,000 for two bottles of water? Good grief. That was simply gouging, in my opinion.

    Well -- there you have it. An "okay" experience. Very pricy by Bali standards. Still a "bargain" compared to back-home prices.

    I did not return, especially after reconnecting with one of my old UTR favorites from one of the massage parlors. Whew! Wore me out! .


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    Bali again!

    Hey guys,

    I will be at Bali tonite for a week anyone wanting to meet up and take me places?

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    Was feeling frisky so called into Angels at Simpang Siur, Kuta about lunchtime and selected the nicely stacked Lia. What a nice surprise! Awesome tits, fairly slim, not bad ass. She enjoyed DATY bigtime and did everything just perfectly. This girl enjoys her work! Definitely a 9 plus. There may be two Lia s there. Not sure. The other I listed as an 8 so still OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony35  [View Original Post]
    Hi Alexis,

    I think I'll be in Sanur on Thursday if you're still there.

    Hi Alexis and Tony,

    Not new to the forum but new to Bali. I will be there just in time for the weekend, not exactly in Sanur but close enough.

    PM me your contact number or email, I will get a sim card once I get there.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis44  [View Original Post]
    Hi mates,

    New here, read many actual interesting reports from Sanur, hanging around first days.

    Suppose they smell it that I am newbie here and requests prices of 600-700 k 1 h, too much when I see what mates pay.

    If one of you like to check area together + some tips would be helpfull.

    Thanks, see you.
    Hi Alexis,

    I think I'll be in Sanur on Thursday if you're still there.


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    Mates in Sanur

    Hi mates,

    New here, read many actual interesting reports from Sanur, hanging around first days.

    Suppose they smell it that I am newbie here and requests prices of 600-700 k 1 h, too much when I see what mates pay.

    If one of you like to check area together + some tips would be helpfull.

    Thanks, see you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamaca  [View Original Post]
    I would say it is Crusoe's Bar you meaning, there are a few girls working out of there.
    Yes! Thank you. I was thinking Pirates, or something sea themed. Crusoe's it is!

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    Angels Kuta-Vina

    With few choices for daytime I returned yet again to about 10 eager babes. I misjudged again and forgot just how much flesh is squashed inside those stretch jeans! Ayu is a bit on the tubby side wlithout being fat. She has excellent tits!! Large, natural and heavy. Her BBBJ is great and her cowgirl riding very enthusiasteeic. She seemed to really get off that way and those breasts were delightful. An 8 plus for sure.

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    Sanur. Experiences - last days

    My time on the Island of the Gods is shortly bur surely coming to an end. I am running out of runway to write long reports so I give you here the basics on the various other encounters I managed to jack up:

    Around 23.00.
    Hannah collected from 89 and delivered both on bikes to Sukun. One of my favorites, mid twenties, good proportions, medium activity and initiative. BBBJ 6/10, Root 8/10, overall 7/10. ST - 200 K + 50 K tip.

    Around 22.00.
    Dewi from Sweet Hearts to Sukun. Had her back for a second take. Mid thirties, good proportions, medium activity and initiative. BBBJ 7/10, Root 8/10, overall 8/10. All night - 400 K + 100 K tip.

    Hardies also introduced me to his friend at 41 X. He is now also my go-to-man for 'pizza home-delivery'. Just specify your 'desired toppings' and wait for the efficient delivery.

    Around 22.00.
    Puspa from 29, delivered to Sukun. 21 y, solid proportions on the heavy side, low activity and initiative. BBBJ 7/10, Root 6/10, overall 6/10. ST 250 K.

    Around 17.30.
    Julie Tantangan: Mid thirties, solid proportions, very heavy from mid section down. BBBJ 9/10, overall 8/10. Massage & BBBJ 75 K + 175 K + 50 K tip (I know I should not tip in massage places, but her mouth and technique really deserved this).

    Around 22.00.
    Tika from 29, vis SMS to Sukun. 25 y, good proportions with the curves in the right spots, mid activity and initiative. BBBJ 7/10, Root 8/10, overall 8/10. ST 200 K + 50 K.

    Around 22.30.
    Angi from 505, delivered to Sukun. 19 y, fantastic proportions with good sized chest, very low activity and initiative, no DATY. BJ 5/10, Root 6/10, overall 6/10. ST 250 K.

    Around 21.30.
    Resa from? Delivered to Sukun. Early 30, fantastic proportions on the small size, medium activity and initiative, no DATY. BJ 6/10, Root 7/10, overall 7/10. ST 300 K.

    Around 17.00.
    Caca from? Via SMS to Sukun. Early 30, solid proportions with good and comfortable curves, very high activity and initiative, no DATY. BBBJ 9/10, Root 8/10, overall 8/10. ST 200 K + 50 K.

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    Dewi from Sweet Hearts

    Saturday around 23.00.

    Met up with Hardies earlier in the evening. I found him to be very knowledgable, straight shooter and no-nonsense bloke. Being similar in many ways helped the experiece. Having similar tastes complicated matters only slighty as seasoned travellers can always find amicable solutions. I enjoyed Hardie's company during the few days he was enjoying his short break.

    After an outstanding dinner at Warung Blanjong, we went on a joint reconnesance, starting with 3 B, 11 B, 18,66 X, 29. All had very limited selections probably a bit early in the night. Stopped at Sweet Hearts for a refreshement and pit stop. Got talking to the girls. Ida or Ita was keen to go to my hotel with me. But I had my eyes on two other girls: Dewi and Linda. As it turned out Linda does not LT and is very pricy for ST. Hardies found his match and I chose Dewi. Had a few more drinks and slowly we made our way 'home'.

    Dewi was a good choice. She was reasonably pro- and active. Good BBBJ and full contact in several positions. Initially she was very shy about me taking pictures. I gave her the 'power' to decide which pictures to keep. That gave her some confidence and we kept rock 'and rolling until both climaxed. Same again in the morning for pre-breakfast exercise. Have to say a very enjoyable and satisfactory encounter. To be repeated. All night: 400 K + 100 K tip.

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    Anis from Salon Rizqi

    Went to Rizqi to find out who was left after Lina joint other girls on the Ramadan exodus. To be honest, not much, only two could make the cut: an older model, similar to Lina but more meat on the frame and a much younger girl. Avid readers of this thread would have picked up that I tend now to pick slightly more seasoned and experienced flowers, so following my trend, I ordered Anis to Sukun for 5 pm. She arrived before time and that was most positive point with and from her. Massage was barely ok, negotiations for extras was painful, but eventually I managed to get her into the right frame of mind: 100 K for the massage and 200 for FS with both oral and full contact. She kept trying to exclude oral at any way possible. Eventually we got the show on the road. Unfortunately, this girl and the encounter left no memorable traces. All I know is that somewhen I came, nothing more and nothing less. Not to be repeated. Massage and extras at my hotel: 300 K.

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    North Coast

    I have little knowledge of the north but have heard of red-light areas a little west of Kebutambahan inland of main road.

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    Singaraja supprise

    Quote Originally Posted by Merrman  [View Original Post]
    Visited a big hotel called Gran Surya which has a fairly flashy massage floor upstairs. The rate for an hour and a half was 400 K but special price today only 293 K. Picked a pretty girl called Ismi from the photo album. Massage was superb and I was waiting for the usual bargaining for extras. To my surprise she just continued to the "pinish" massage and asked if I wanted "keluar" (out) which of course I did. An excellent session in nice surroundings at not too high a price.
    Thank you "Merman" for the report, I shall be filing it away for any trips to Lovina or Singaraja, in the not too distant future. I have a close friend from Singaraja who has told me that you can find lots of pretty local ones (early 20's) up there and you must be very selective up north. As disease is rife, is this what you have found.


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