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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIndian  [View Original Post]
    Ask them specifically about Devi.
    The website indicates 1. 2 first time and 1 jt regular customers. You said you paid 800 k total?

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    So I've been doing quite a bit of ground work for my upcoming trip. I thought I'd try the app circuit and as has been suggested here in the forums, Badoo was good for hunting Indo smurf. So I thought I'd try it first.

    (There is also a very good review of hunting Indo girls social media / apps on jakarta100 bars website).

    I'm happy I chose this platform first as within 1 week I have so many real GF companions and FL numbers, it will be impossible to meet them all in the 5 days I will be available.

    For those that don't know, Badoo is a chat / friend / hook up app. It shows you potential 'friends' in your local area. Since I'm not in Indo at the moment, I installed a (completely free and easy to use) app called 'GPS Emulator' and set it to somewhere in Bali. You can zoom in on the map anywhere and set the location. I've used many different spots such as Beachwalk Kuta Beach, Skygarden, Potatoe Head Beach Club, Cocoon, Danao Poso at On On Bar, Akasaka in Denpasar etc. Even though I've only been on this a week now, it's clear that your level of success depends on how much $ you want to put into it. You can put in nothing however and still get 'match-ups'. But spend a little cash. (I've used $20 aud) and you get your profile seen by more and get shown more potential 'friends'. (not sure if there are any ads to put up with if you don't deposit some coin).

    There is a tonne of freelancers on there as well as the genuine girls that are looking for long term / marriage relationships and yes bencong banyak. Some of them are a little hard to spot, but they are honest so it's easy to hit the 'block' button. (most will have ladyboy or TS in their name or profile).

    If you are looking to get hooked up quick, you should have no trouble within a couple hours MAX! As bad as the generalization is; if the girl has a choker necklace on. She's available to boom boom. (I've had a stupidly high success rate. Only 2 out of maybe 50 with chokers have stated they don't FL) Many of the pictures are clearly taken whilst sitting in the fishbowl or karaoke bar with other girls in the background. Don't be shy make it clear what you want and they'll shoot you back a price or tell you they're not interested.

    What is astonishing to me is a lot of these girls have phones with 2 megapixel+ cameras, but the photos are awful quality. LOL and 75% are face sideways pics and not many body shots. Most are happy to send more pics in private message and give you a whatsapp # for contact.

    What I really like about the app is that you can check who is / was in the immediate area close to you (also can see if they are online) and message them straight away. (You can only send 2 messages to them, before you need to get a single reply. Then you can message at will.).

    It even shows you who you 'bumped into' which I take it, is if they were within 10 m of you. (I think it's within the last 24 hrs though) It will show you a map where you both were and at what time.


    - Simple and free app.

    - Hundreds of genuine girls just want to hang out / chat / party / travel.

    - Hundreds of FL's are active on there.

    - Easy to find hook-ups with any type of person you are looking for (search function is decent).

    - Heaps of the girls that work for the spas and nightclubs are active on there.

    - Using 'people nearby' and 'online' mode will almost get you instant action.


    - Sometimes pics take ages to load.

    - A lot of Indo girls are poor at replying to messages with anything more than 2 or 3 words. (suspect for some its limited Bahasa English).

    - As soon as the FL's know you're not in Bali and available to boom boom in the next 48 hrs, they'll pretty much not reply. They'll tell you to message when you are in Bali. Understandable, time is money and you can only imagine the amount of messages some of these girls get.

    - A lot of the super fine snatch Face: 8 Body: 8 have a profile, but they haven't logged in for over a month. (you won't see their last log-in until you've messaged them).

    As can be expected, prices are all over the place. I've had some F:8 be:8 commit to 250-300 k ST whilst also some fugly girls F:5 be:6 asking 2 jt ST and stand rock solid and not budge! Don't know who is paying these sub-standard FL's so much for ST. But hey everybody got to get some, sometime.

    I've also met two pimps and a 'pimp-ette' LOL that work for some of the bigger name spas have been sending pictures of the girls currently at the spas ready to come for you to have la carte in your villa / hotel. The prices quoted are the same as the spa service, however I've been able to negotiate to the local prices which is around 200-500 k cheaper than advertised! (keep that in mind next time you go to a FS Spa).

    If you're not yet in Indo or can't deal with chasing snatch around crowded nightclubs and having to spend money buying them drinks and negotiating terms at shouting level alongside deafening bass beats, this is an easy way to go.

    If you use it, use the 'people nearby' and 'online' mode! Then use the 'GPS Emulator' app to move your location around! Too easy.

    I'd like to know any feedback or hints / tips / successes you have on Badoo or other social media / apps.

    Happy mongering.


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    I just got back from 3 days in Sanur. I stayed near the circle k fishbowl. I took 3 girls from the fish bowl 250 k plus their tip. Pretty crap to average experience and rushed. At 99 x the mamasan asked me what I like, lovely spinner about 35 kg really tiny. That was the best of my trip. Overall I like Thailand better.

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    Bali Back-page

    Have been keeping an eye on the Bali back-page which has a number of FL advertising on there as has been mentioned here many times. Ranging from nice Indos at 1 jt / HR to high class European escorts at 5 jt and up.

    I've contacted a few of them on whatsapp to get the menu and prices, but nothing has really peaked my interest. Maybe I'd like to spend a little time nestled up to Pearl's massive titties, but haven't gone there yet as she is expensive.

    There is however one Euro girl that just popped up however that peeked my attention; working name is 'Sveta'. However I know her modelling name as Ekaterina Zuueva.

    Her instagram is 'Zuueva' or 'Zuuevalife'. Just check out those pics.

    This is one piece of ass I would pay handsomely to take out for wine, dine and 69.

    She's in Bali for 14 days, which doesn't line up with my dates. However if you have the cash to splash, I would love to read a report on that adventure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeLilBirds  [View Original Post]
    The Bali Monger Map is there anyway that we can share comments on the map and add new locations?

    Or is that only available to the map owner? Anyone have a contact?

    The Bali X Map is quite a few years older, some of the reviews are 2009/10/11/12 so unknown if half of those spots still exist.

    Be good to know if the owner of that map is still mongering, he would be very well traveled by now.
    Please RTFF and Google this thread. It has been years since I logged on and there were some changes. On a quick look, it has the information there. If you cannot add to the map you can try PM senior member Barri as the map is his or maybe another member can modify it if you post the corrected / updated information here. The login / printing instructions are on the map site. Your updates will be much appreciated.

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    Jl. Bakung Sari. No 42.

    Forgot about this encounter one hungover morning a couple months ago.

    I was walking along the eastern most gang between Jl. Tegal Wangi to Jl. Bukung Sari to to the Kuta Sports Bar for early lunch, was about 10 am. When I got onto Bukung Sari I stopped to pull out a Sampoerna for a smoke and heard the old familiar; "Hello Sir, you like massage?

    I turned and saw a girl standing in the doorway, about 5'3" with a small tight body lovely inviting smile and what appeared to be a big rack on her ribs. I'd guess about 22-24.

    Now my first thought was no, I'm hung-over, tired, sore (trekking day before) and I just wanted to be left alone. However she had approached and politely and quietly said; "Whatever massage you like sir".

    OK, I'm intrigued, you got me. After no more than 3 draws of my smoke, it was quickly extinguished and in I hopped.

    First thing I noticed was the pumping music that was coming from upstairs, not so noticeable from the road. The establishment was very clean.

    There was an older woman sitting at the 'reception table' who looked up from her phone and greeted me with an excited and determined face like she had just been brought the most succulent babi guling to devour.

    I'm guessing she was anywhere between 35-45 with a nice face, big tits and fairly well fit I thought for a bird of her probable age. I sat down on the chair and began negotiations and putting out the feelers for what may be available.

    The girl showed me a menu and was pointing out the standard fare. I let her speak for about 10 seconds before interrupting and asking a massage happy ending. She smiled a warm smile of course happy that I asked.

    Then she said "how many girl you want? You want 6 hand massage?" I looked around the room confused searching for a 3rd girl and thinking am I still drunk or these two girls have a third hidden appendage? "Another girl upstairs" she giggled. Ahhh ok, the plot thickens.

    So cheapest I could get the massage was 50 k 60 min 2 hands. 100 k 60 min 4 hands, 150 k 60 min 6 hands. However when negotiating the HJ the prices got stupid. The older lady started to takeover the talking and started at 500 k for 6 hands complete massage HJ he. Obviously no way was I entertaining that BS and gruffly said "no way". She was naturally irritated that she knew she wasn't going to take this bule for a ride.

    Then I politely said; "tidak makasih ibu, mahal banyak" which even though is basic she seemed warm to the fact this stupid bule could speak some bahasa. After some more bargaining in bahasa I got her down to 300 k for 6 hand massage HJ he with the girls topless with kissing / touching.

    I asked how much for BJ and again the price was stupid at 1 mil. I mean I only have 1 penis, so I'm still only paying for one mouth on the schlong at a time. What a rip off. But still thought maybe I could get to that point and we could negotiate again.

    Again the 300 k for 6 hand massage HJ he is pricey, but I have never had 3 girls before and I was sort of nervous about what this 3rd girl was like. Thinking to myself, 50 year old dadong please no!

    The older lady locked the front doors and drew the curtain and the young girl grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the room and up the stairs. There were about 6 tables up there with curtains to draw across to separate each. The place was super clean, the tables had soft mattresses and clean sheets on them which were untouched, so guessing I was first sucker for the day. Then as I walked towards the front end of the building I could see a girl lying face down on a mat on a mat on the floor, looking at her phone and bopping her head to the booming music from the stereo about 3 feet from her head totally oblivious to anything else that was going on.

    It was all smiles again and the two older girls helped me undress while the girl changed the music to softer relaxing tunes and grabbed the supplies. (namely oil and tissues).

    The older lady grabbed my meat stick as soon as it was swaying freely and gave it a few strokes and smiled to herself. She was keen as f* and I bet if the other two weren't there I could of pushed her to her knees she would have gobbled away happily.

    "Santai sayang" I said sternly to her and she smacked my butt playfully, giggled and said something to her girls about me being bossy. I'm inclined to think this bird could also be a FL, but likely too old to be in the trendy clubs of Legian hunting brondongs.

    I lay face down on the table and the girls started the massage. Now apart from the wonderful sensation of 6 hands, the older girls were really good at massage. Asked if harder or softer, if I was sore anywhere particular. This attention to my needs was appreciated as my legs and upper back were quite sore which they happily obliged. The younger girl really didn't have a great deal of strength in her hands as she was all of about 30 kgs wringing wet so no weight to apply pressure, but her technique was good. (obviously thanks to teacher Ibu).

    Came time to the he, the girls began taking their tops off, but I said I didn't want the younger girl to. (still a bit nervous about age, but also as she was pretty flat chested anyways, I thought I'd save her the embarrassment.) Because the other two girls had fantastic tits. The middle one would have one of the best natural sets of titties I've seen in Bali. Big for her small body size, super perky with small nipples. I asked her did she have a boyfriend, to which she replied no and I straight away gave her a playful smack on the tit and called her a liar. She was shocked. Hahah she looked at me as if to say what the hell! But I grabbed her ass, pulled her close so I could suck on her nipple to which she sighed loudly.

    The older lady also had a beautiful set of fun bags which a bit saggy (to be expected) but great nips too. They both grabbed them in one hand each rubbed in my face at the same time! Goo goo gah gah. Like a hungry baby I sucked on those sensational titties with reckless abandon!

    They applied a lot of oil with each of them taking turns tweaking my nipples, tickling my date and polishing my shaft and balls with big smiles. I had both the older girls asses in my hands squeezing them and rubbing their pussies through their jeans whilst taking turns sucking their tits. The middle one was really getting aroused as she gyrated on my hand and breathed short breaths. I thought this is the time to strike, so I motioned / signalled sucky sucky to the middle girl and she gave a look of 'can I' to the old duck. She then looked at the youngest girl and looked back at me and said 'No, sorry just hand job'. This had me thinking,. Hmmm maybe [CodeWord902] as first thought. I instantly got nervous and the main man softened a little which they countered by increasing the stroking.

    The old girl then said 'too much oil, no condom' I had no condom either as this wasn't pre-planned. I wouldn't like a mouthful of cheap coconut oil either so I let them continue as was, I mean, the sensation was incredible as f* and this was of course my first visit to the place.

    All the time thinking I should get this other girl's number and try to get her after work. (the middle one) Before too much longer the deed was done and they had gotten a large wad of my special sauce. A particularly forceful shot with some on the floor and the older ladies jeans.

    Cleaned up and went downstairs to pay the bill. The old duck said, 'next time, I give you more cheaper yah'.

    'Suksuma Ibu' I replied and she smiled, handed me the change and went straight back to her mobile phone, all business.

    I wanted to stay and have a chat to the other girl, but she had gone upstairs. Possibly to fingerbang herself silly at the thought of my rod in her, but most likely to change the sheets. I'll keep thinking it was the former.

    Damage: 300 k- 1.5 hrs- 6 hands HJ he w / 4 titty suck job and groping through jeans.

    WIR: Only to have a 1/1 with the middle one and try my best to get digits and coerce her into coming back to my villa.

    Location: Bukung Sari on the end of the eastern gang from Tegal Wangi. As soon as you exit the gang its on your right. I think it's the second shop number 42. Also a tattoo shop there. There is also a number of spas in your immediate view, however this is the only 2 story one in the area and is a pretty new building. (Maybe 2 years old).

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    Visiting Bali for business conference

    Hi all,

    I will be visiting bali in 2nd week of this month. I will be grateful if any member can help to PM me the contacts of good spa or incall indi's location near or in seminyak.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Riverview Spa. Visit #1

    Monday I got some time away from the ball and chain to check out Riverview spa on Jl Kresna at around 2 pm.

    You can look up the website to see the room types and services available.

    'Luxury Injection' is 1. 2 jt for 1 girl 1. 5 hrs? Which is 'massage', B2 B, HJ, CBJ and Jiggyjig.

    There is 2 girls for two options at 1.7 jt and 2.1 JT.

    There was a pleasant little gay fella with bad teeth at the reception plus a security guard and 1 security guard out the front.

    Entrance is exactly as seen in the website pics and is a lounge area with a bar but no visible drink options in sight.

    So the guy sits me down in a lounge and explains the options / prices. I took the luxury room 1 girl for 1. 2 jt.

    Then he disappears out a back door and returns 30 seconds later followed by 9 or 10 cock slaves dressed all in similar white body hugging club outfits for me to pick from.

    As they line up he announces their working names and they all smile politely with a couple of giggles. I sipped my 'Welcome Drink' which was a small mixed juice and weighed up the options.

    I'd rate what I saw between 5 to 6 out of ten but I am pretty picky and it was early in the day so perhaps the talent is better at night.

    A couple of the girls appeared to be high and one almost fell over, maybe unaccustomed to walking in heels over the kampung thongs.

    Most were pretty skinny and all looked between 18-26.

    I chose one of the 6's. Javanese Fifi, about 5'5"who had a lovely smile and seemed the most interested in taking my freshly manicured man meat for a ride.

    The other girls filed back out the door and The reception guy asked if I'd like a free beer or water with my free fruit plate.

    Fifi led me to the room which was directly behind the reception area. The room was immaculately presented just like the website pics.

    We made small chit chat while she started filling the spa bath which she said takes 30 minutes to fill due to low water flow rate.

    I got undressed and Fifi changed into her robe. I decided as my first time I'd let her do her thing so I lay down on the mattress.

    The massage was woeful and she obviously never did any type of course for it. But let's not beat around the Bush, there's only one muscle these girls are here to massage.

    BTW they use cream not oil which is preferable to me as cream wipes off a lot easier with less residue left.

    Fifi's skin was very smooth with no tattoos. Sizable titties with small nipples. She had a small butt like most indos and a couple of extra kgs but I'm the same so meh.

    After the massage and body slide I flipped over and she started massaging the main man.

    Now unbeknownst to Fifi, I had dropped a 100MG Viagra just before stepping out of the taxi so I was at full mast within a handful of strokes.

    Fifi commented that she liked my cock and smiled widely as she smeared some more cream on her sweet rack and began the titty fuck.

    After a few minutes she wiped off the excess cream and put the raincoat on.

    The CBJ was average, however she didn't mind me grabbing her hair and giving her a subtle push down on the rod. She took about 3" which was decent, CBJ was about 5 minutes total, but not enthusiastic in any form.

    I didn't ask for BBBJ maybe next time, assume negotiation for more rupiah would be involved.

    But no matter it was time for me to jackhammer this cute indo girl into oblivion.

    I'm sure Fifi regretted turning up for work that day because I absolutely pounded her silly for 30 solid minutes only letting up briefly to throw her into a different position.

    Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (her first time) doggy, missionary, side on, spooning, doggy, cowgirl, and after all that she was flat out f*cked and ready to tap out.

    I'm only 7" and I thought this working girl could take it, but she was hurting. I was still hard and struggling to get a shot away before exhaustion got the better of me.

    She asked did I want a HJ with COT to finish off but I felt like no way was I spending my hard earned cashola to go out on a bloody HJ! Should have opted to do it in hindsight.

    So I flipped her over again to doggy, pushed her head into the mattress, grabbed those hips, and with her yelping like a little puppy I smashed the absolute soul out of her until I blew my seed.

    Exhausted we collapsed in a pool of sweat together. She politely cleaned me off and then we jumped into the jacuzzi.

    This was disappointing however as the jacuzzi was broken! Nevertheless Fifi showered us both off. I thanked her for her service, we dressed and I was fully expecting her to ask for a tip.

    However she didn't, so I gave her 150 k for being a good little trooper and copping the beating.

    Paid the bill and old mate called me a taxi while I had a smoke in the lounge area and contemplated my next destination.

    Before I'd even left I saw a guy heading to the room with fresh sheets and some cleaning products. Very efficient!

    Damage: 1.350 jt. Expensive yes, but I didn't have the time to chase up other options and wanted something clean and guaranteed with the window of opportunity I had.

    WIR: I'd say 50/50 chance. Will call the place and see if I can suss out when the better talent arrives or get a recommended pairing.

    Might still go in the evening time and if I can't see any girls at 8/10 or higher then I'll go somewhere else and pay much less for 6/10 talent.

    Will report back later in the month.

    Happy mongering all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgon  [View Original Post]
    As the subject was recently discussed, is "Bali monger map" the more curated and up to date one? There is also a "Bali X map" connected to an abandoned web page.
    The Bali Monger Map is there anyway that we can share comments on the map and add new locations?

    Or is that only available to the map owner? Anyone have a contact?

    The Bali X Map is quite a few years older, some of the reviews are 2009/10/11/12 so unknown if half of those spots still exist.

    Be good to know if the owner of that map is still mongering, he would be very well traveled by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franga  [View Original Post]
    I had about 10 massages in poppies 2 and on benesari, and not once did any chick ever offer extras, and I also never asked. Its pretty strange seeing they are so poor, so an extra 100 k or more for a tug could be quite handy for them. But no, nothing. Best to head to Sanur to one of the X houses for a good quality bang.
    A few years ago now, I got a he HJ from the tiny massage place that's in the 'shop' area of the Secret Garden Bar & Cafe about 2/3 rds the way along Poppies 2 from Jl Pantai Kuta.

    It's been ages since then though and I haven't been back that way, so I'm not even sure the place still exists. Don't recall the name of the place or the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BushRusher  [View Original Post]
    If you are worried about STD, just latex up. No real guarantee unless you just don't do it. STD tests can take time so, in a way, it is the barn door analogy.
    Yep, play with fire, you may get burned.

    Quote Originally Posted by BushRusher  [View Original Post]
    As for your villa of sin, I might suggest reversing the schedule so the wife leaves before you bring home your play things.
    I wish that could be a possibility however it's not. Not to worry though, some careful planning is all.

    Though as you mentioned, Bali is small. And the staff do talk.

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    Swell spa

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIndian  [View Original Post]
    On their website they say "if it swells, rub it" and I just had a great session at their place. Good looking girls lineup, excellent massage and happy ending. No intercouse though, although some girls do oral. 750 k for an hour.
    The GF and I had a couples session here late last year. Around 1. 1 M for 2 girls for the hour.

    About 6 so called 'bi' girls were brought in to choose from, and all were very attractive.

    No FS, and one of the girls was a little more 'bi' than the other, but overall a great experience.

    Can recommend for couples looking for a 'soft' session.

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    Swell Spa

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyIndian  [View Original Post]
    On their website they say "if it swells, rub it" and I just had a great session at their place. Good looking girls lineup, excellent massage and happy ending. No intercouse though, although some girls do oral. 750 k for an hour.
    The GF and I had a couples session there in July '16 ('Endless Summer' package), was a around 1.2 M for the 1 HR session with 2 girls from memory.

    Sorry can't remember names of the girls, one was a little more 'bi' than the other, not FS, but an enjoyable experience none the less. The choice of the 6 or so girls offered was excellent, good looking girls.

    Can definitely recommend for couples looking for a little 'soft' fun.

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    As the subject was recently discussed, is "Bali monger map" the more curated and up to date one? There is also a "Bali X map" connected to an abandoned web page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodja  [View Original Post]
    I could read the FF 1,000 times and google until my finger tips were red. Doing any of this would not make my task any easier that's why I asked here.

    I have a copy of the map but couldn't find similar places to the one I found next to Circle K. As I said the x house's I did find on the map looked just like normal houses. I was hoping that someone with experience could point me in the right direction or describe what these houses may look like as I don't want to be wandering into people homes by error.
    It is all there on the map with the house numbers. Knock, walk in and see if it is what you want. If not, apologize and walk out. No guns in most houses so they won't shoot you.

    Alternatively, ask a taxi or bemo driver to take you to a house with girls. Say close by to Sanur. If you don't like one, say show me another. They get a cut so your prices will be higher. After you have built up your confidence, you can explore by yourself. I met a lady on the street who claims not to be a WG show me a house once. She still claims not to be a FL but I have great suspicions. Enjoy your time.

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