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    Thanks Offshore Swell

    Thanks for your response. Lucky you about renting the wife. Would love for that to happen to me. But I would trurn around and charge something for the hubby to watch!

    This is Indonesia. There must be places renting motorbikes. Hopefully some brother living in Bandung can find out. Thanks.


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    [QUOTE=FunMan13;Hi FM.

    Taxi's in Bandung you pay by the meter.

    Motorbikes are not so easy to rent although that may have changed. I stayed at the Papandayan once and one of the engineering staff hired me his bike for 3 days. About 100 000/ day.

    Another guy hired me his wife. Brought her in from somwhere out of town. She loved it in the pooper while he watched. She was a bit chubby but often said Hello, on facebook afterwards. Wanted more. She is still about.

    Enjoy Bandung, regards.

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    Taxis in Bandung


    I will be visiting Bandung for the first time next month in March. I read the whole Bandung thread of 20 pages from the beginning on 5-17-2002. Though not a lot of info, I did get the gist of the P4 P scene in Bandung. I have two questions:

    1. How do you pay for taxis? Do you negotiate before you get in or just use meter? Can I report to an authority if I think I have been ripped off?

    2. Can I rent a motorbike in Bandung? If yes, where can I find these rental shops? What is the going rate? I always rent a bike when I am in Bali or Surabaya. I pay 50 k-60 k a day in Bali.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Holy shit.

    My trip south just keeps topping itself.

    Went to Venetian. First of all, outside of Macau, I haven't seen this level of good service. From the staff, the manager lady sitting with you and calmly explaining the rules, pricing, how it all works. Top notch facilities. Clean, great beds.

    The manager, she said it's *all* Sundanese girls? That would surprise me, but holy shit. The lineup was pretty bonkers. Tough to tell bodies over their dresses, but I chose one that smiled at me.

    Her name was Dera. 1,000,000 category. Though plenty of lookers in the cheaper cats, but it was my only visit, so I thought what the hell. Still reasonable. Prices are all in.

    I keep saying this, again and again, but THIS was definitely the hottest girl I've been with. Cute, small face, perfect body, great rack.

    Very playful. Open for whatever. I guess she is new. But, wow. Perfect massage, perfect BBBJ, agreed to my request at attending to the boys. Did whatever I wanted with a giggle.

    I'm welcome for this to be topped, but honestly, if I lived in Jakarta, I'd be on a train to this place on my days off.

    Crushed I can't visit again before I leave.


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    Any Bandung bros have updates on spas?

    Could someone confirm Venetian is FS?

    Sounds like I should just go to Venetian, but. What about these other options, ala "Zeus"?

    Seems "Octopuss" is just HJ?

    Not much info out there.


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    I would consider venetian spa as a decent option if you do not have much time and want a quality option in terms of looks. A bit pricey, although compared to Jakarta hotel service the price is still quite good. No time pressure either. Braga (karaoke for ex.) would be an non-spa option but I found the looks less impressive. If you have friends or enough money to spend there is karaoke next to tropicana. You pay around 1. 6 M for the room for the whole evening (including drinks) and then are supposed to negotiate to do more in the room. I have not tried it as I can not rectify spending money on this approach. I received a tour around though and the girls seem fun. Now I understand why so many guys wait in the main area, guess their friends are busy. .

    If you want to go for the "free" option and want my maybe wrong advice: I find Bandung girls to be much more pretty and young then in Jakarta but a bit harder if you do not have time to stay around. They are smart. A less moral option would be to chat to one and ask after your 2nd date to be your girlfriend. Apparently people in Indonesia still ask this stuff and it works. Have a bad temper sometimes or just say no enough, they do not like the easy, I do anything for you guy at all. Reason they seem to like bule is cause we not so soft following or girly as most indo guys. Do not shave to often. Be a bit cocky about how great you are.

    If this would not work (which I have not experienced yet) and you do not mind investing, just give them gifts. Giving gifts is considered romantic. It shows your commitment to them (how they think). I stay surprised how many double standards they morally have in Indonesia. Recently in the newspapers a guy got married after so called 5 dates with an actress, every date a big gift. I call it buying her. When I ask the girls what they think about it (girls I give nothing except paying for dinner and going out) they call it love and don't see any problem with what I call getting bought by gifts. Comfort is more important then really liking someone. Or just plainly ask how much they want to spend the night if you want to skip all this. Do not worry, its not considered offending, indo guys do it all the time.

    Personally i prefer the free wealthier women recently which usually want to pay for me in the beginning, till they accept i am comfortable of doing it for both. Even if they know i am not committed they not mind the first few months.

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    P.S. Re: Bandung newbie

    FYI I visited Venetian and Jl Saritem in the mid afternoon. The latter had plenty of ladies awaiting customers, not necessarily all hotties. If you are a first timer there, it might feel safer to check it out during the day at first.

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    Bandung newbie

    I see a lot of "Executive Spa" places. They are expensive, as you might expect. I imagine some are more or less expensive than others. I went into the Venetian (near train station and Hilton), and they quoted me 400+k for oil massage and HJ. I think FS runs 800-1200 k. Wouldn't surprise me if locals, or those who speak bahasa, get lower prices.

    On the low end, there are Jalan Saritem lanes. Walk west from intersection of Jl Pasirkkaliki 100 m or so. You pass by a very visible police station, which is probably to keep things under control, but they do not appear to be regulating anything. You will be met by men who want to guide you to places, doubtlessly in exchange for a cut. I strongly suspect that after the first visit, you can just find your way down, but speaking basic bahasa could be important. I have heard local prices are 150 k, but I they could be lower than that. In the very narrow lanes (about 4 ft wide) heading south from Saritem are a number of small rooms with 3-8 ladies, dolled up and wearing sexy outfits.

    I was quoted 250k, but the room was another 50 k, and I tipped her. She was 33, nice large natural tits and body in good shape. I think I did alright for a first visit. It was the basic short-time in a crappy room.

    I tried to use Google Maps to find Aloha massage. It was not where Google said it was, or at least I saw no signs. Can anyone clue me in on its location?

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    JustaBule troll

    Jesus H. Christ, can't you guys see he's a lonely troll?

    Everything he writes reeks of bullshit.

    I say we either all pitch in to buy him some rat poison or just ignore him.

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    Bandung for Novices

    I stayed at the Gino Feruci Kebonjati hotel near the train station, and walked to the Venetian Healthspa. The damage was 900000 rupiah, including the upgrade to a suite. That's about $70 US, which is steep for me, but I only had one night in Bandung, and the Venetian is very nice.

    I picked a 30 year MILF, curvier than most, but after a week of Thai spinners, I was ready for a girl with meat on her bones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoelGoodsen  [View Original Post]
    Interesting reports Justabule.

    Why stay in Bandung?
    Interestingly I personally like Bandung and find it one of the nicer places in Indo. Jalan Braga has some pretty good places to eat and there are always girls for P4 P at the North Sea bar.

    But to each his own, I can understand that the girls in Bandung may not be the youngest around, but they were no older than I saw in Top Gun the other week, but that places seems to have gone down hill. First time I'd been there for a long while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustABule  [View Original Post]

    Was it worth the money: Of course not but i am in a special situation so for me it probably was worth it how weird it may sound to most
    Meneer Londo.

    You're stories are rather tiresome and remind me of Tjalie Robinson's woeful tales after the transfer of sovereignty.

    But strangely I think I can offer some help. There is a very famous accupressure doctor based in Bandung. People with issues, not unlike yours, fly from allover Asia to Bandung to help heal.

    He's called Pak Haji (Agus) and is based at Jalan Serayu 3 A (RE. Martadinata) Bandung. An hours accupresssure session costs about Rp120 000 which is less than I paid on my last visit to Saritem.

    P.S. Try and learn some Bahasa Indonesian or Gaul the way Indonesian's speak it, not the rigid stuff from the UN textbooks.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks lost99 + p4p report Indigo spa

    Thanks for your private msg Lost99 I had not seen it but read it and replied you.

    I have a severe mental problem which I never had treated because even though it always bothered me a lot and prevented me from getting girls in Indonesia, I just always got enough girls to keep me satisfied (albeit not nearly as many as other white guys get on average).

    So I never saw any reason to have it treated (partly out of shame and partly because my mind kinda keeps me telling not to do anything about it).

    Now it has for the first time become so severe that I am really suffering (not getting any girl at all anymore).

    I go back home 10 April and I will have to seek out help, maybe still something can be done about it if I find the right help / approach / medicine etc.

    Yesterday I went to Dago Indigo spa. I took the car from downtown, big traffic jams all the way but after about 2 hours driving I reached the spa.

    I was met by the security in the parking lot and asked them for directions. The first guy told me the Spa had been closed but then another security guy came and brought me to an elevator and joined me.

    I think it was the 5th floor but I am not sure about that. I clean place it was indeed, looking very upscale. A Papasan greeted me at the door and brought me inside. He first explained the rules and told me I could select a girl from behind the glass. There were around 35 girls present, and I must say the selection was quite good (20 times better then in aloha).

    I selected a slim young sundanese looking girl with braces and contact lenses. (she reminded me a lot of the girl i had met in Gambir station in 2013 when i was in a much better period of my life) .She looked a lot like the young university students that stay in my kos.

    The price for one hour massage++ was 650.000 RP excluding the room fee which was 260.000. So in total the price is 910.000 for one hour. The papasan told me the girls expect a tip of 100.000 so the total price is 1 million rupia.

    We were brought to a room and the girl insisted I had a shower. She showered and soaped me and after I was done she had a shower (they know how to use the time).

    After showering she laid me down on the bed and started massaging me, which she obviously was very bad at. After the massage (i had opted for ++), she started to put on a condom and tried to give me a BJ but i cannot get hard from a BJ with a condom if my life depends on it.
    I asked her if she could give me a BBBJ but she said the spa policy did not allow it (bullshit of course). So i told her to stop and i tried to see if she was into some GFE,
    So i tried to French kiss her but it was not allowed too she said so what about DATY? (Boleh saya jilat memek kamu?) i love to give a good service but she said NOOOOOOOOOO, not allowed.
    My problem is i need the GFE type of foreplay to get turned on but i knew it was not gonna happen. Condom still on my John was sound asleep. She started licking my nipples and neck and ears and with a lot of tugging, trying etc i finally got hardd

    So when i finally was hard enough she expertly slipped on a condom and I managed to do the deed. I came really quickly (after about 2 minutes or less) because I had not had sex for at least 3 weeks (the last time had been in saritem). After that we had a shower again, talked a bit and the hour was up. I tipped her the 100.000 so the total damage was 1 million rupia. The papasan came and also asked for a tip so I gave him my (almost full) pack of Sampurna mild sigarettes which he happily accepted.

    My dutch friend who had advised me this place had told me the girls in Indigo were very GFE and you could get their number if you got a good chemistry with them. He had had a few girls from the spa and they had become his kind of irregular FWB's (in Indonesian they say Teman Tapi Masrah) who sometimes visited him or went out with him and he only had to pay taxi money if one slept with him.

    Well with the girl i had this definately was not going to happen, I did not even think about giving her my phone number.

    Face: 7/10
    Body: 8/10

    GFE: 0/10
    BJ: 1/10
    Sex: 6/10

    Was it worth the money: Of course not but i am in a special situation so for me it probably was worth it how weird it may sound to most

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    Truth or Fiction?

    If you've been following JustABule's post's, you've probably gotten the sense that he is an unconfident, self-depricating man seemingly unable to get women (paid, free, or otherwise) no matter what or how hard he tries.

    Myself and others have tried to give him advice out of sympathy, but he seemingly does not take it or put it into action, and continues on the same past ways which are proven to fail. The only thing he seems to try is complain about his results here, instead of pro-actively changing his additude, mindset, approach, and other things within his control.

    I'm really beginning to wonder if his writing's are True or Fiction? I honestly cannot believe a man, particulary a Bule in Indonesia, can have SO much trouble meeting women no matter how bad his 'game' is.

    In the previous post, he let a Fat Arab man snatch a woman from right underneath him, and gave up no fight or fuss? That's not the actions of a 'man' in my opinion. A real man would have told off the Arab, or at least stopped the lady (who he built up a rapport with) from leaving.

    JustABule: If you are going to continue to write about your personal life failures and inability to pickup women, and not about pickup or P4P tips in Bandung, perhaps you should stop posting in this section.

    I"ve PMed you with some advice on how to stop acting like a Beta-Male, but it looks like you haven't tried to use any of it. This Forum is about SEX, and at this point if you still aren't able to get any, or provide tips for others how to get it, your posts don't bring any value.

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    Unbelievable but true

    Last night (Saturday night) I was in a cafe in Bandung. I met a really beautiful young girl in the bar and we started chatting. She works as a dental assistant in Ruma sakit Advent. We had a great chat and she enjoyed it. Then a really overweight old Arab guy joined our conversation and started to talk to the girl.

    The first question he asked her "are you a hooker looking for money or are you a normal girl looking to get laid". She immediately replied him "Nooo I'm not a hooker, sorry I have a normal job".

    Ok the fat arab said to her, "then you can come with me to my apartment", get your bag, and lets go".

    She looked at me with a kind of apologizing, excusing face, and said, "ok Harry, bye it was nice to talk to you". Then she got her bag, paid her bill and went to the arab who was waiting for her, and they left together.

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