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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPage  [View Original Post]
    I am just back to my home country after 1 outstanding full week in Batam. Reports will follow.
    Hey BP, I always enjoy reading about your latest exploits on Batam and I look forward to your next trip report. Sadly, I have not returned to Batam since by inaugural visit a couple of years back. I had a great time there and met some real nice girls. I would like to go back, but in the meantime I discovered Jakarta. WOW! I love those big city girls.

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    Batam on Ramadhan 2015

    I am just back to my home country after 1 outstanding full week in Batam.

    I did not miss anything: 3 some, quasi 3 some (one in bed, the other pretending to sleep on sofa), beer girl, girls from Newton, girls booked from joint, girls from NoName.

    Even one who wrote me "I come to sleep only sleep because I am still virgin" after dancing in Newton. Fortunately she did not show up.

    Oh Goodness! Much more than 1 girl per day on the average.

    Ramadhan is always the best time for me to visit Batam. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Better luck. Reports will follow.

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    Happy in Batam (March 2015): Brief explanatory notes

    My last day in Batam. Wake up, I call T, nice FL met in Newton 2 days earlier, regular full-time job as maid in hotel and also part-time dancer in a disco. We go for lunch, I propose her to spend my last hours in Batam together in my room, ok.
    It seems everything perfect, when at 3 pm after a while in my room she tells me:
    - I have my period.
    - Why you angry?? You invite me to your room only for that?

    I manage to send her back home (no extra tip for ojek: she has its own) and I rush to joints. After a quick recce I take two lovely girls from New Berry at 4pm. One is new, never tried icecream she says, but both very willing to please.
    Excellent 3 some. I fuck one after the other, keeping both tight in my arms. I can even convince them to touch and play with the tits of the other.
    One of the few times I regret I did not book them before, to be able to keep them sleeping with me for the night. I think I will try again to book them next time for a night.
    300k tip to each, well deserved. That was not ordinary service.
    I checkout at 6:30pm and rush to Harbour Bay to take the ferry at 7:15pm.

    I go to Pacific with a bar girl M met in NoName (d1). We find a cheap girl, dark skin, lovely smile and sweet. Agree 500k to go to my room with me and my GF. M does not want, she tells me she is not a prostitute, she just wants to stay with me alone or leave me with the WG. Finally we go 3. Very good 3 some. M sleeps with me, the other leaves after the deed.

    Hidden among old-seasoned pros I find T in Newton. Open smile, little body, very pretty. Regular full-time job as maid in hotel and also part-time dancer in another disco. She asks 1.5M, she agrees that was just an attempt, we agree 1M overnight.

    Nothing to remember. A PR of I Hotel met in Newton. 800 k short time.

    R is always the best. Like my GF in Batam. The most beautiful, the sweetest. I keep her in my heart. Many previous reports about her in the last 2 years. YES!! I met her 1.5 years ago and she's still my best friend in Batam.

    M is a former bar girl, now just back to Batam, looking for job. Not a stunner, but not bad. She looks wild, but she's sweet in bed. See (b1). I leave her 1M in the morning, not requested but expected.

    See is a regular girl with regular job. Lots of problems, as many others. A kid at home. I meet her in NoName on my first night. She's alone, because her gf left her alone to leave with some bule.
    We go to sleep to my hotel.
    It's my choice to leave her 1M in her purse in the morning when she leaves around 11am. She's a nice good girl.

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    Happy in Batam (March 2015): Only summary count this time.

    After my series of reports dated September 2014, I have been in Batam two more times: in November 2014 and in March 2015.
    I did not have any time (or enough motivation) to write down all stories, in spite of some very interesting adventure I had. Sorry.
    This time, at least I write down the summary count for my future memory.

    So, I summarize here the girl count for my March 2015 stay (7 days, 6 nights).

    Girls booked from massage joints:
    (a) 1+1 (1.2M + 800k - 100k discount + 2x300k tip).

    Girls from Newton and Pacific discoes:
    (b1) 1 (500k).
    (b2) 1 (1M).
    (b3) 1 (800k).

    Girls from Nagoya Hill:

    Girls from past stays:
    (c) 1 (R) (500k each time + gifts etc.).

    Girls from NoName:
    (d1) 1 (1M).
    (d2) 1 (1M).

    None! :
    (it's always a hit and miss, and I must be open to accept good and bad luck, but this time only good).

    Money spent on tips, drinks and various incidentals:
    Lots! I do not want to think about that!

    Average counts:
    F. Girls/day: 1.33 (including girls met more than once) (vs. 1.00 in Sept. 2014: +33%.
    F. Girls/day: 1.33 (girls met more than once count as one) (vs. 0.80 in Sept. 2014: +66%.
    (F. Girls does NOT stand for Flying Girls, neither Furry Girls. I let you guess.).

    Total number of hours spent at disco (Newton and Pacific):
    About 2h/night on the average.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeSkyWanker  [View Original Post]
    It is maybe 4 or 5 years since my last visit to Batam, I stayed at the Goodway hotel which I found adequate and close to where I needed to be. I am visiting again in 3 weeks and would like to know which hotel is the best these days, Holiday inn resort is my choice at the moment purely because I am a Platinum member of their programme but it looks away out of town. I am going to try the seafood recommended at front of Nagoya hill by Black Page, I love seafood not too heavy on the stomach to effect your shagging.
    May the force be with you.
    Is the Holiday Inn the resort one hour away from Nagoya??


    Stay at any hotel like Goodway or Harmoni, or other 4 stars if you like the style and do not mind to pay premium price.

    I prefer to save money on the hotel, get reasonable comfort, excellent cleanness and spacious room: I stay in Formosa.

    For seafood, try also Windsor (888 I think? I never remember the number) or Harbour Bay (Wei Wei) for a wider choice of plates.

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    It is maybe 4 or 5 years since my last visit to Batam, I stayed at the Goodway hotel which I found adequate and close to where I needed to be. I am visiting again in 3 weeks and would like to know which hotel is the best these days, Holiday inn resort is my choice at the moment purely because I am a Platinum member of their programme but it looks away out of town. I am going to try the seafood recommended at front of Nagoya hill by Black Page, I love seafood not too heavy on the stomach to effect your shagging.

    May the force be with you.
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    Happy in Batam (Sept. 2014): : Summary Count

    I summarize here the girl count from what I reported in my posts for my Sept 2014 stay (10 days, 9 nights).
    Due to pilot strike, I got stranded in Singapore for a few days more than planned. Well, better stay in Batam to wait for the first available flight! At least the hotel and seafood are less expensive than in Singapore. AND IN BATAM....
    Things were quieter this time. Less girls than in previous stays, more relax.
    There are a couple more girls counted here in this summary, than in my reports. Sorry, I did not have the time to report all events.

    Girls booked from massage / KTV places:
    1 (1.1 M + 250 k tip + permission to take photos of my dick)

    Girls from Newton disco:
    1 (2 nights) (1 M + 1 M)

    Girls from Nagoya Hill:
    1 (500 k)

    Girls from past stays:
    1 (R) (500 k each time + gifts etc.).
    1 (1 M)

    Girls from NoName:
    1 (1 M)
    1+1 (1 M)

    (it's always a hit and miss, and I must be open to accept good and bad luck).

    Money spent on tips, drinks and various incidentals:
    I do not want to think about that!

    Average counts:
    F. Girls / day: 1.00 (including girls met more than once) (Vs. 1.33 in July 2013: -25%)
    F. Girls / day: 0.80 (girls met more than once count as one) (Vs. 1.17 in July 2013: -31%)
    (F. Girls does NOT stand for Flying Girls, neither Furry Girls. I let you guess.).

    Total number of hours spent at disco (Newton and Pacific):
    Not worth to count, only 2 h / night on the average
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    Happy in Batam (#7 - Sunday)

    (Follows from Happy in Batam (#6 - Saturday)

    We go to lunch at Nagoya Hill. 2 pm come quickly.

    I have the Prima Ferry back to Singapore at 7:30 pm. I need to decide how to spend my last day. OK, she's sweet and I love her, but now I want plain hot steamy sex.
    I propose her to call her friend, to let me have a 3 some as we started on my first day with them in Batam one week ago. She's happy to set it up ("I want you happy") and she goes back home to change dress.
    The only problem is her friend, who calls me just to tell me "Ok but you give me 1 M like last time". That sounds too commercial to my ears, but it's ok. She confirms she will come to my room with are at 4 pm.

    At 4 pm, are calls me again to tell me that her friend cannot come: mens came. Of course it's a stupid excuse. I say "Bye-ok-we-meet-next-time-I-come-to-Batam".

    I have only 2 hours left, so I must hurry!
    I point straight to the joint, where I spotted a nice SYT girl during my recce earlier this week. Mami is wonderful as always. Bubbly and funny with me. We have our laughs and I choose the girl: 1. 2 M, 19 yo, only 3 weeks in Batam, smiling to me and very sweet. Not corrupted yet by Batam, so to speak.

    At this point, Mami asks me where is my driver. I reply I don't have, because I came walking from Formosa. Then she smiles and tells me the following.
    - Ah then price is 1.1 juta only. No commission to the driver!
    - Wow! you are so good and honest with me! Then 1.1 juta for the cewek and 100k tip for you.
    - NO! Tip 100k cewek lah! Only 50k for mami!
    Isn't she a nice lady?

    Mami also suggests we don't need a taxi or ojek to go back to Formosa: "jalan jalan lah!
    Then, I exit the joint holding the girl under my arm. She's dressing the same dress she was wearing in the fish tank: clean white / blue dress to the knees, big boobs pushed up out of the neckline, 5-6 cm heels. We start walking and I realize it wasn't a good idea: too many eyes pointed at us. We are an improbable couple. Then, I give her my room key, 10k and I direct her to an ojek. I will follow on foot. Actually, I arrive before her.

    Everything excellent about sex, in spite of some excessive fake moaning. After the initial shyness and fear to see my big dick (at least to the local standards, because mine is not really huge), she shows a progressively increasing enthusiasm during the session, because I am very careful and delicate when needed. No need of KY lotion. My ability is to make her lubricated naturally.
    But the fun part comes at the end.

    When we finish, I pop out my dick from her pussy. I am looking at it for an instant, still hard and wet, when she quickly jumps out of the bed to reach her bag and grab her phone.
    My dick is still hard, yet showing the first signs of sagging, and she begs me:
    - Oh please can I take a photo??
    - What you mean? A photo of my dick now? Why?
    - I want to keep a photo of it! It's big! I never saw one so big! I want a phooootoooo....!! Pleaaaaseee.....!!!
    - Ok, but please not my face.
    - Yes I want only dick!

    And she starts shooting several photos of my dick, whilst it is progressively decreasing its erection angle and size.
    - What will you do with the photo? Will you show it to your friends at Massage? To Mami? (ehehe, I wish that! I wish to see the face of Mami and other girls next time).
    - Nooo Don't worry it's only for meeeee.... !

    Ok, so now in Batam there are probably photos of my dick circulating on WhatsApp among girls.



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    Out of sequence: Happy in Batam (#2 BIS Day 3: Sunday)

    Regrettably, I missed to post this report, which should be read between #2 ("Happy in Batam (2)") and #3 (Happy in Batam (#3 - Week Days)). I post it now, although out of the right sequence.

    Sunday: my day 3 in Batam. I am slowly getting in synch with the local vibe.

    First thing I want to do today is to call R and get her smile back. Time to send her SMS "I am in Nagoya Hill" and in 10-minutes-10 she appears in front of me. She is a doll, with a simple blue stripes dress, no make up, the opposite of the hard-core working girl I met at Newton the first time or the aggressive girl type she is when she works at pub. She is sweet like I missed her for all these months in my sad Europe.

    She has no plans neither requests: "I follow you wherever you like" (translated by Google, sure, my Bahasa is too poor to establish such a complex conversation). We go for lunch in Street Food, facing the angry eyes of the waitress who always asks me to meet etc.

    When I tell her "Now I want to buy a gift for you" she starts jumping on the chair and clapping hands like a small child "yesyesyes! With a smile which fills up the entire face. Unbelievable. Is this the same sex machine I know? We go for shopping, and she chooses a simple hat and a pair of jeans: just 170 k total. Isn't she a treasure?

    I am tempted to invite her and her friend out for the night, for another 3 some but this time extended to all night, but I resist. I am missing the adventure of Pacific and Newton.

    Sunday night at Pacific is dead. Few people, few girls, except hard-core workers. I move to Newton, where I find totally different atmosphere. I love those young teens!

    After 15 minutes, I am captured by a smiling girl, who in darkness initially looked an ugly old lady to me. Definitely not! When we go out at 5 am, the light lets me discover she is one of the prettiest in the whole disco. My instinct is still good.

    We dance for hours, and she is HOT. I have never seen this in Batam: after a couple of hours, she takes my dick out of the pants and starts playing in the darkness, smiling to me, in front of her sister (who is made dumb by obat, so she cannot realize she has my dick at 20 cm from her, anyway). I have been with any type of girl in Batam, but nobody dared to do that in disco.

    We move to my room, and no money is ever mentioned.

    Only after we wake up around 12 today, she tells me she works as PR in the KTV of a big famous hotel, but just sitting, not "booking out". I tend to believe her, because she does not know how to BJ. She knows the theory from movies, but no practical training. OK, I believe she learned something tonight to fill such a significant gap in her expertise.

    When she leaves to go working (she has a part-time job daytime, plus the PR at night) I try to say that I would like to give her some gift, so she smiles and tells me "better money to pay my room rent. ". I know the rate for booking a girl from her KTV (1. 5 juta), so I give her 1 M. Much more than she realistically expected, I think, but much less than she tried to propose, more as a joke then seriously (2 M).

    In any case, money given very happily: it's IMPOSSIBLE to find such a good sweet girl by hunting in standard massage / KTV joints. This is GFE at its best.

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    I have been enjoying your latest saga. Well done. I haven't been back to Batam since my visit in 2012, but I have some fond memories of two Chili bar girls and a talented amateur that I met at No Name. The amateur and I hugged and kissed all night long until we fell asleep at around 5am. I really enjoyed it for some reason. Obviously I liked the girl and her amateur status was a rarity for me when I travel. When we woke up we had morning sex. She explained that the morning was not the same as last night so having sex this morning did not break her convention of no sex on a first date. Ok. If it works for you, it works for me. lol.

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    Happy in Batam (#6 - Saturday)

    (Follows from Happy in Batam (#5 - Friday p2)

    I was used to think and repeat in many reports that Saturday is the best night at NoName. No, I must correct myself. The best night is Friday, not Saturday.

    Saturday is the most crowded night. The place is packed since before midnight. Yes, there are many sexy girls, not only those working at pubs who patronize this place on weekdays after their pub closes at 1 am /2 am, but also many regular girls who come here to have fun after a week of hard work at their office. But, and this is the bad point, also many handsome young bule craving as me for all this young goodness. The ratio between men and woman is approaching a disappointing 50%.

    It was not like this some years ago, on my first visit to this island. Then, most bule were old, yet considered attractive by many girls. Now, there has been an influx of expats, coming here for work in one of the many companies active on international trade. The economy is booming, and this is just one of its effects.

    Saturday night, I find myself facing the competition of many young handsome European or Australian guys, who would be considered sexy in Europe, imagine here for the local girls. In short: for the majority of local girls in NoName, I am not seen as Brad Pitt anymore.
    I am just one of many, and not certainly the most handsome.

    At 1 am, I understand that there are no decent girls available for me. All good ones have company. I stand sipping my drink, and I don't know what to do. Oh no, I can recover. I send a message to are, my beloved are. She replies immediately that she's in Newton with a friend, but she will come to NoName for me. Such a lovely girl. She shows up in 10 minutes, looking excessive as always with her highest heels, black ultra-short dress, green contact lenses, hair extension, sexy as hell.
    She grabs the attention of all bule immediately. Many try to involve her in dancing, before I manage to reach her pushing the crowd and I pull her away with me.

    We don't stay long in NoName. She wants me to go to Chili Bar, where she was working months ago. She wants to sing a song in the KTV for me. I am bored, till she begins singing: the Titanic theme "My Heart Will Go On" of Celine Dion. Ooowww! Her voice is weak but well tuned, sweetest. She sings keeping her eyes on mine. OMG, I almost start to shed tears!

    We move to Newton, but we don't stay long also there. We go back to my room.
    Believe it or not, we were naked in bed till 12 am next morning, just hugging and sleeping. No sex. Just hugging her soft but firm body.

    (Follows to Happy in Batam (#7 - Sunday) )

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    Happy in Batam (#5 - Friday p2)

    (Follows from Happy in Batam (#4 - Friday p1)

    No, the night is not over yet.

    I receive SMS from my girl of Sunday, the PR in the KTV at one of the best hotels in Nagoya. She is in Newton, with two "sexy friends" and she waits me there.
    Difficult decision: 4 new girls just entered NoName. They look young and fresh, but from where do they come from at this time?? They smile to me. I have to decide and I opt for the safe path already run: the PR in Newton, instead of the uncertain better adventure with the new ones.

    This the following of my Friday night:
    2:30 am: enter Newton, meet the girls, pay 1 obat to share among them 3.
    2:30-5:30 am: hot fun and dance with my friend.
    6 am: enter my room with her.
    6 am-8 am: fuck like rabbit, furiously, all positions in front of the mirror.
    8 am: sleep finally! I give her again 1 M when she leaves at 11.

    Note: there is just one problem with this girl. She SCREAMS loud like being killed when she has orgasm. I wonder what people in hotel (you know what hotel) may think hearing a screaming baby like there was a murder at 8 am in the morning.
    So embarassing.

    (Follows to Happy in Batam (#6 - Saturday) )

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    Happy in Batam (#4 - Friday p1)

    (follows from happy in batam (#3 - week days)

    batam is unpredictable, i wrote it so many times, but it's the truth.

    after 2-3 days mainly wasted without any meeting worth to remember, finally friday night, the best night in noname (saturday is supposedly better, but also too crowded).
    a good number of hot girls having fun. i try to refrain beginning chatting with the first girl, trying to focus on the one i may like most. finally i decide: little, not thin, a killing sweet smile to die for.

    she immediately grabs my hand and does not want to leave me. she closes her eyes when dancing next to me and holds me tight. she really does not look a pub girl looking for extra cash, so i wonder what to expect. she kisses me hot and horny. wow!

    at 2 am, the unpredictable comes. her sister approaches me and starts this conversation:
    - are you married? you look married.
    - uhmmm actually yes, still, but we are breaking, we have our different lives, i am here actually.
    - my sister is very poor. if she comes with you to your hotel, will you marry her?
    - hell, what is this?? i met her 2 hours ago. i could not even talk, only dance with her!
    - i want to know if you would marry her!
    - no, of course. how can i marry someone after 2 hours i meet her?

    they leave and go home. i remain speechless with my drink. at 2 am, all hot girls are busy already, drunk and hot in the safe arms of her new friends. my night at noname turned out to be a major failure as few others i remember.

    (follows to happy in batam (#5 - friday p2) )

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    Happy in Batam (#3 - Week Days)

    (Follows from Happy in Batam (2) )

    I spent my days with alternate luck hopping bars and discos, hitting 1 girl on the average every 2 days.
    This time, I feel tired and not motivated to sustain the rate 1 girl / day.
    I will not make people bored reporting every single day, just few hints

    SLEEPING (Thursday)
    Today I woke up at 12 (alarm watch) to find that my beloved girl R (ultra pro, former hard core girl in Newton, then pub girl, now more relaxed FL) has left me alone in the bed in the morning without me even noticing it.
    I thought it was not possible, but either she is very smooth and silent, either I was sleeping very hard, or both. Imagine if the girl is not trusted. She could take computer, mobile, watch, money....
    She even did not raid the frigo-bar, as she was used time ago.
    I owe her 50k, because she paid a taxi (I did not have the small note).

    IKAN BAKAR (Friday)
    Since most tourists (me included) are used to have dinner 90% of times at expensive restaurants such as at Windsor or Harbour Bay, here is one precious tip, for everyone enjoyment.
    Have dinner at the fish barbecue stalls down the mosque in front of Nagoya Hill. You choose the fresh fish among many types (not just the usual bawal and kerapu), they cook it, et voila.
    My dinner tonight: 1 big fish, 1 small fish, 1 kailan, rice, juice, just 156k. Really tasty and fresh.
    Just don't take there cewek in sexy attire from a KTV: it would be not appropriate to the location.

    (Follows to Happy in Batam (#4 - Friday p1) )

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    Happy in Batam (2)

    Another good second night in Batam!

    Saturday night is always the dream night in NoName: packed with sexy girls of all types, from pub girls to regular girls. The problem is that it is ALSO packed with hungry bule sharing the common interest in sexy Indonesian girls.

    By the way, a special note is worth for the band: outstanding as always. The singers have a great voice and are also beautiful and sexy too. Hearing "Black Dog" of the Led Zeppelin, sung perfectly with strong rough voice by a sexiest beauty in high heels, tumbled my heart.

    I spend my night with a micro dark girl, maybe less than 40 kg and 1. 50 m (I love this type! Not certainly Miss NoName, but with a killing smile and sweetest.

    Shock when are and her friend (see report 1) appear in front of me: angry eyes pointed to me. They start dancing besides me and she pushes me violently with her ass. I don't know how to manage the situation.
    Later, I find longest SMS with dramatic words like "I though you were my friend, you lied to me, etc. "

    Batam is wonderful, but it is too small. It is impossible to be not noticed. Everywhere you go, there may be one of your previous girls looking at you (or worse, her friends).

    The drama after my new girl enters my room and sits on bed: she confesses she does this for money, etc. I am frankly surprised, because I thought I spent my time with a regular girl hunting for a bule boyfriend, but she looks the contrary of the working girl type, so it's ok. She does not want to ask a specific amount ("you know how much girls in NoName do ask. ") and looks shocked when I tell her that NOT ALL GIRLS in NoName ask for money: I was indeed with a few ones without giving "financial support". Finally, she tries to ask 1 million and starts crying "I need this! OMG!
    No problem lah! Be happy!

    She's a sweetie, hot in bed, and I am very happy I was lucky also tonight.

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