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Thread: Batam

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    Linking or attaching MP4

    Well, I wanted to attach the MP4 with the audio recording, but it seems impossible.

    ISG does not allow linking files from other web sites. I use upload or ***********, but it censors the link. Also, it does not allow to link files with MP4 extension and 390 KB.
    I wonder if I could link a dropbox, but I don't want to risk a penalty because I go against forum rules.

    Sorry guys, no moaning recorded.

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    Moaning ghost

    It just came back to my memory that in November 2014 I posted some funny notes on another Board (SB), mainly attended by Singaporeans, Malay and Indonesians, including an audio recording of someone who kept fucking like a rabbit in Formosa room 207 from 5:30 am onwards for hours with multiple turns. I was in the adjacent room on the other side of the wall and I could not sleep because of that.
    I made a search and I could not find it here. I hope I am not wrong and I am not posting twice the same story.
    I will copy here some excerpts from those notes. Even more than one year after that, it's still funny.


    I cannot sleep

    Who is fucking like rabbit in room 207 of Formosa Hotel RIGHT NOW 5. 30 am??
    I am at the other side of the wall and I cannot sleep!
    Moaning and moaning.
    Bro, if you are reading this NOW, please let me in. Can I knock the door? I am waiting.

    UPDATE 6am: still fucking there, still moaning, still I cannot sleep, still I am waiting to be admitted to help or give moral support


    Believe it or not, but in this very precise moment 19:49 there is still activity in 207. I am sure it's the same girl. I recognize the same style of moaning. There's high probability that it's still the same guy, although not 100% sure. If so, he's having quite a nice week in Batam.

    Original audio recording:
    ISG does not allow other URLs or MP4 files

    I still have that audio recording on my phone. Good memory of Batam.

    The funny thing is that someone commented on SB that the room could have been haunted and the moaning being supernatural.
    There are many superstitious in Singapore and Batam. They believe to ghosts and haunting. There is even people who reports a list of rooms to avoid in Batam hotels because of haunting.
    And some girls might knock 3 times before entering the room in hotel, to warn any ghost that people is coming and stay away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YukeYuke  [View Original Post]
    I am visiting Batam on 29th December 2015 .

    Will be a great help to find some hot chicks and massage ladies doing outcall.
    Perhaps if YOU read the posts in this forum you will find out where to find hot chicks and massage ladies.

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    Can you give me contact number of some good girls in batam

    I am visiting Batam on 29th December 2015 .

    Will be a great help to find some hot chicks and massage ladies doing outcall.



    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPage  [View Original Post]
    I've been in Batam in the first week of November. I was not in the mood, neither I had the time, to write my usual long reports for the entertainment of ISG readers.
    I took some note on some days. I will post those notes almost without editing, to preserve the freshness of the moment.
    Delightful set of reports BP. You have breathed back some life into this otherwise quiet thread. A reminder & motivation for myself to make that trip before the year turns 2016.

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - Unconventional tourist in Batam

    (Once again: notes written 2 weeks ago while I was in Batam)

    If you go to Santaria after midnight, until say 1:30am or so, you might still see a bule busy chatting on his phone connected to the wifi.
    I saw him 2-3 times last week, when I went there to drink something with one of my girls. He might be still there.

    He was very happy and surprised to see another bule, so he wanted to exchange some words. He stays in Sekupang. I guess he just took a ferry from Singapore then settled there for some days ("Yes nothing there, no nightlife at all!")

    At night he comes to Nagoya. To enjoy nightlife? NO. To eat and sit down busy on phone at Santaria.

    I asked how he comes and go, thinking he was spending a lot on taxi. NO. He moves back and forth by BiCYCLE. He showed me the bicycle parked among bikes at Santaria.
    He takes about 30-40 minutes on bicycle to go from Nagoya back to Sekupang. I was worried for him, bicycling at night without lights, but he showed me he has a portable flashlight. He looked very happy for his holidays.

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - Example of GFE "only in Batam"

    It's 5am in Newton.
    I just left my friend (I'd say one of my friends, and ex-friend now), because she became annoying: too drunk and pestering me with requests to pay her obat. I said a clear NO.

    Once in my room, at 4am, she refused to shower and wanted to sleep dressed, angry with me because I did not pay the drug. Problem easy to solve: I kicked her our of the room with 50k for the taxi. In 10 minutes I am back to Newton, alone and free to meet someone else.

    So now, 5am at Newton, who is still here? Only hard-core pros? NO.

    There is a couple of not-so-beautiful girls, who giggle at me every time I see them while I roam around. They are not in the corners with the FL working girls.
    We dance a while, then leave to go home. They are not so beautiful, but decent and certainly not hard-core pro.
    6am: they take me back to Formosa with their car (this indicates me that they are not poor; also, they do not ask me tip or whatever).

    I try to invite them to my room "for chatting".
    The one who always smiles to me asks: "Only me? Or we two? "
    I reply: "You two of course!"
    They say: "No, we have no time, we work early in the morning..."

    They leave me at the hotel door and drive away. I insist by SMS. She replies 1 hour later when I am sleeping already: " give us some money?" Ah ah! BINGO!

    I write back: "Yes, but can you do massage? I am sleeping, I am so tired...."
    After some more SMS, I tell them I go back sleeping, with the door of my room open: IF they want to come to visit me, just enter and wake me up saying "hello".

    I sleep deeply, until 9am when they really enter my door. Honestly, I did not hope that.
    Changed dress, showered and clean, so neat! Not beautiful, yet attractive. They are shy and don't know what to do. So I ask them to sit down. I am sleepy and I keep my eyes half shut. They enter my bed totally dressed and say "We did not sleep! Can we?"

    "Of course darling, but what about massage?"
    So they start, totally unprofessional and naif. They just pull and massage my body. I feel so well.

    In short, they were with me 3 hours, daring more and more in a progression. Not real sex, but HJ and even some oral by one of the two (the other was shocked by the view, but helped her friend with massage).

    I gave them 500k+500k. Too bad I could not meet them again. They work and cannot go out if not in weekends.

    Where else if not in Indonesia I could have such a nice way to wake up?

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - Wifi access in Batam

    If you don't buy a local SIM card (e.g., TelkomSel Simpati) to use a phone in Batam, but you prefer to keep using your usual phone with your usual SIM (e.g., to keep using your WeChat and WhatsApp IDs), then you are bound to using WiFi to access Internet. In most hotels, the wifi is good, but the wifi provided by restaurants and cafes mostly sucks.

    If you give up using the wifi of JCO and restaurants in Nagoya Hill because they are slow and run out of IP addresses to assign, as I gave up, there is a good alternative: the network, available almost anywhere in Nagoya, Jodoh and I assume around Batam cities.

    One week access is only 20k payable by SMS from a Simpati SIM card (I have TWO phones: my Galaxy smartphone and an old Nokia with Simpati SIM card). Once you pay, you receive an SMS with ID and password.

    The speed of is acceptable in Nagoya (adequate for web browsing and chatting), but very slow in other places, for example Ramayana mall Jodoh. Now, I am using it always, instead of asking the pw from restaurants or cafes. It is available also in Harbour Bay and Windsor. That's very useful, because you can be online also using your regular phone almost anywhere without expensive data roaming.

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - First time all night booking

    I had personally banned Sedona / Gold Bird some years ago, after I had a bad experience with its odd-looking papi (a Chinese with blonde hair, imagine), who insisted to give me the girl who *he* considered more appropriate for my needs, and not letting me look and talk to girls.

    Also, he did not understand that I was doing a recce of joints to book the day after (sometimes I make a tour and I compile a list of all girls that may look outstanding to my eyes, say 2-3 over 5-6 joints, for booking the day after or one of my next days). Awful experience. I promised myself never again. And girls were MILFs too.

    I went to Gold Bird the other day and I changed completely my opinion. The mami had very good attitude, was very understanding and helped me a lot. Thumbs up! I definitely recommend it now.

    Well, the few times I booked a girl (who reads my reports knows I am for hunting no-pros in disco and clubs and anywhere, rather than booking), I've been used to take her in the early afternoon and leave her free before or max after dinner, because I feel itchy and I want to be free to roam pubs and discos, search for some FL or some regular office girl seeking adventures, or meet my friends (girls, of course).

    This time I made a mistake. For my first time, I spent the whole night with the girl booked from joint (I am used to do that only with FL girls or regular girls).

    I booked this fantastic girl from Gold Bird, because I was not able to say no to her eyes and to mami, who offered me a good discount when she recognized I was *seriously* interested, tempted, but still in doubt and I pointed out that the price was the top (see the professionality of the mami, who caught me while I had other two names from other joints shortlisted in my pocket).

    I've been flashed by the elegance and sweetness of this very good girl. I was not able to send her back. We had dinner and rounds. Then she slipped in the bed to sleep like an angel and of course I felt I would have been an idiot to kick her out of the room at midnight. I slept hugging her in my arms and now I am in love.

    SHIT. This is not good. I did not want to book her again a second day to avoid to break my heart, but the next days will be hard, once I will be back to my country and I will chat with her. And I know she is fucking someone else NOW, right in this moment.

    Note written today, 2 weeks after writing these original notes:
    I am still in touch by whatsapp. As I expected, I feel bad and I miss her.

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - Disco Razia

    Some interesting news, which may sound totally new to some ones, yet well known for others.

    One of my best friends in Batam is a girl who I met years ago in Newton, offering sortem as many others. In spite of her hard life, which already includes all worst things that can happen to a girl who comes to Batam from a small village, she has still a sweet good heart and I keep her in mine. She is my treasure in Batam.

    She told me that in the last couple of months Pacific and Newton were raided multiple times (this is not a novel piece of news). Last time 15 October. During a raid, all patrons are tested ur-ine, many (or all? This is not clear to me) are also tested more thoroughly (blood and even vaginal test for girls, looking for STD).

    She and many other people were sent to jail for 4 days in Nongsa, because found positive for extasy. They are now under periodic control of the Narcotics Agency BNN. She showed me the card with the signatures and dates of other controls. In case they are caught again, they will be sent to jail for 3 months.

    So, if your good judgement is not enough, now you have one more reason to stay away from drug in disco, you come from Singapore or not.

    By the way, 2 girls and 1 boy were also found HIV positive.

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - I love Batam

    Not all girls from disco are Ali Baba.
    Newton is a dump, but there are jewels indeed. One has to dig in it, and make hands dirty, to find best gems.

    This lovely girl left me this surprise (not the same girl as in the previous post). I found it after she left my room.

    Once again, if it is your first time to Batam, taking a girl from disco is NOT a good idea. I strongly advise to not try to do it. High chance she will take advantage of you (not necessarily steal money, but ask high price for zero service is possible, if not likely).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails iloveu.jpg‎  

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    Highlights from my Nov2015 stay - Crazy girls

    I've been in Batam in the first week of November. I was not in the mood, neither I had the time, to write my usual long reports for the entertainment of ISG readers.
    I took some note on some days. I will post those notes almost without editing, to preserve the freshness of the moment.

    Crazy girls

    Tonight after 2am a group of sexy girls entered No Name. 2 Chinese with blonde hair (the types who have inexpressive face and seem frozen thinking "Look I am so beautiful") and 3 Indonesian.

    One of them catch my attention: very manis, smiling like a doll (but overall normal body and complexion), only 3 months in Batam, ZERO English.
    No surprise they look so upper scale (yet nothing special): they are PR from the pub of I Hotel.

    After some drinks, with the girl so sweet always holding my hand tight, I dare to ask about going back to my hotel.
    They (yes, THEY: they behave like a team) quote me the unbelievable amount of 3 JUTA.

    I say bubye and I move straight to Newton. After less than one hour I have a sexy small girl with baby body and breast, properly handled for sortem in my bed, for the reasonable fee of 400k. Yes, lower class, but tonight I am especially happy that I sent to hell those sharks. Good night.

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    Batam trip 24/ Oct till 26/ Oct.

    Hello bros,

    I'm planning to visit Batam this coming 23/ Oct for a short weekend getaway. Any bros happen to be around there?

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    What is the average income in batam?

    Say for example, how much does a supermarket clerk make a month? I like to know to gauge how much I should offer someone I meet on street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJtemp  [View Original Post]
    Ah. Batam!

    Exactly my place -- dirty, sleazy, open, and cheap.

    Stayed at Formosa Hotel; place is very old but not a big deal. Security people did not give a hoot about taking girls upstairs, which is good. Had two girls for the two days, each staying from early afternoon to next morning (well, one left past midnight so technically same night). Prices are 1 mil and 1. 2 mil.

    Beer is cheap, and seafood is good. I will be back shortly for sure.

    This time only tried having girl in hotel room, outside massage, and hotel massage. Next time I am trying the disco scene.
    Nice girl! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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