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    I'll be there tomorrow so will report on the 'downfall' of Batam. I would expect that I can still find an 18-year old without much trouble.

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    Why is Batam going down???

    I don't understand - I thought the legions of horny Singapore guys would keep Batam afloat for a loooong time. Those kinda deals you can't find on the island of Batam...anyone care to comment???

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    Tight in Batam

    Things are really tight for working gals in batam now

    the number of bules has dwindled a few good palces have closed or a poorly patronised and there are just a few semi human bule sitting around looking for desperate girls

    I think its time to travel further and re frequent Jakarta again

    Batam was good in its day-small and hassle free but now its dead and the girls are leaving

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    Batam detour

    Had a forced one-day stopover in Singapore but surprisingly could not find any hotels on arrival given multiple conventions in town. So decided to head to Batam just south. Found a good package deal including at the ferry desk in the World Trade Centre. Arrived at the Novotel by noon too tired to go out immediately. Called up the massage service but it only sent a middle-aged woman who had a cough I did not want to get, so sent her off soon and had a nap.

    In the evening went for a walkaround. Saw some massage parlours but the girls seated in the lobby giggled a lot when I asked the mamasan whether one could select the masseur and if there was any other services - which was denied, though suspect HJ is available for a tip. Was taken by a hotel security guard to a house behind the Horizona Hotel in town that had girls staying who were sent out on-call to hotels. Seeing them in those poor conditions, many napping on the floor in their shared rooms, and pushy pimps was a turn off. Met a girl at a shopping centre who gave me 'the eye' but she was more keen to go to the disco first. Motorcycle 'taxi-drivers' were a real pain in hassling to take you to 'find girls' - I prefer to do my own hunting.

    After dinner came across PP Banana with about 10 girls but only the occasional girl dancing dressed on the 'stage'. Saw a quite attractive girl but she was available for only ST upstairs. Noticed another plainer girl massaging a white guy sitting at the bar and thought he was her regular. But an Indon guy who said he was a part-owner of the pub and that he was also his partner. He called the girl over and I decided to go with her for Rp300,000 overnight (US$30), rather than just Rp200,000 ST.

    Took her back to the Novotel where the doormen and bell-boys gave sneering smiles. When we got to the room and her kit was off, discovered that she had managed to hide a post-baby tummy quite well till then. So did her mostly doggie style both twice before and once after sleep. Overall performance - including massage and cbj lacking enthusiasm. She also snored a bit, which did not help. In between our sessions she kept telling me a sob story about having two kids, having lost a job at a factory in a neighbouring country, being deserted by a husband of the same race than I, etc. Was it all true or was it to get sympathy because before she left she asked for a larger tip than I had decided on? Not a great experience but one that was an unplanned bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duck1981
    Hi all.

    I am going to Batam this Sunday.

    Is there someone who is helpful to list all the brothels there in Nagoya.

    Thanks a lot.


    that a taxi, better if u take taxi from the hotel u are staying

    tell them to u want to look for cewek and they will show u

    all the brotherls in nagoya should not pay more than 300,000 rupiah

    for a night. sunday is good not much people around better choice

    name of some of the brothers



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    Hi all.

    I am going to Batam this Sunday.

    Is there someone who is helpful to list all the brothels there in Nagoya.

    Thanks a lot.


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    looking for kaki malay for friends

    destination balai indonesia 2 hrs by ferry

    date 15.12.06

    time 9.50 am penquin ferry from harbour front singapore

    return 16.12.06 afternoon

    must like to drink and love brown pussy

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    Batam just back

    Batam trip report

    Getting to the satge now that one must go to the source to score good quality gals

    Large Discos are the best place to have unfettered access although its dark and noisy and some agro takes place

    Ususal bars are sad places full of fat English misfits who get drunker and drunker and become ah how can I say? become English after a few too many

    Overall still a good place to score without the hassles of a large city and girls are good quality

    even ran into a old man who had his wife and child in the hotel while he was groping a few young n lovelies at the disco-my friend said they like to see grandpops trying to dance it really was a funny sight

    Got a few numbers if you get bored in singapore and only USD10 for up to a week VOA.

    PS PPBananas was very low quality but girls were fun to chat with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yess24
    I always stay in Novetel, but the hotel looks quiet. Not sure if there is any action happening. How about the massage? Any extra service?

    try hotel fomosa, more fun, fish bowl on the 4th floor
    and opposite from the hotel another couple of fish bowl

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    Any action in Novetel Batam?

    I always stay in Novetel, but the hotel looks quiet. Not sure if there is any action happening. How about the massage? Any extra service?

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    singapore newspaper reporters read this

    there are so many newspaper reports about singaporean going over to
    the indonesian riau islands to have sex.i dont understand why the reporters they just
    cant leave us be. as for underage gals i have not seen one the youngest was
    maybe 18. certainly not 14 or under even if there is as for myself i would
    not have sex with such a young gal.

    sex is everywhere if not the riau island there is thailand or the philippines
    who can stop this trade, answer no one it is just there

    look at singapore the ORCHARD TOWERS or the GEYLANG AREA every night is pack with people
    looking for sex so whats wrong if some people decide to go over to
    batam to have sex its our thing so please leave us be

    why dont u write about bangkok the whole sukumit area is nothing
    but a big fuck shop u think the thai goverment dont know about it
    what can they do, a lot of jobs depend on this trade hotels shopkeepers
    bar owners eating places night street shopping etc.

    so fuck it u singapore reporters u just want to sell more papers
    do u really care

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    after ramadan

    batam after ramadam, most of the gals should be back
    by now,as most of them dont have much rupiah they will
    come back to batam by ferries taking average 3 days.

    usually after ramadam there are new lot that comes in
    new faces not necessary new in the trade as they come
    from other brothels all over indonesia.

    so now is good time to come to batam.but as usual be carefull
    to them 1,000.000 rupiah is a lot of money they will kill u
    for it.

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    Ramadan supposedly ended November 2, 2005 or thereabouts.

    However, as of last night, most of the girls have not returned to the massage parlors and the discos have not re-opened. For example, before a parlor would have 50 or more to choose from, there were only one to eight at 2 pm yesterday. One mama-san explained that the girls go home for the holidays and stay a few days longer. A few parlors were closed, like Queen which is across from Center Point.

    Even my four-star hotel seemed empty of guests at the breakfast buffet at 8 am and in the lobby in the evenings.

    Still there are plenty to choose from for the really thorny guy. For more action although at a higher price, there is Singapore about an hour away by ferry.

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    Ramadan slow


    How much does Batam slow down during Ramadan? Do things spring to life after sunset? What percentage of girls go home?


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    Hello gentlemen. I am going to be in Batam for two weeks starting from the evening of 27 October. I am aware that this means I'll be arriving in Ramadan, but unfortunately, due to work commitments, I had to bring the date of the trip forward.

    A couple of years ago, arriving in Batam in the middle of Ramadan, I arranged a girl through the hotel concierge, after knocking back an offer from a girl on the street who was with a mixed group of friends and obviously underage. Apparently, a group of fundamentalist students had been running around, threatening to trash any bars they found open. On subsequent nights, it was possible to get into a lot of places which were still open, but had lights down and doors shut.

    My question is: what is the best procedure for getting girls, either amateur of professional, in Batam during Ramadan? I am especially interested in the first night, as I shall be arriving in Singapore at around 19:00 and, I hope, getting on a ferry for Batam that night.

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