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    Any action in Novetel Batam?

    I always stay in Novetel, but the hotel looks quiet. Not sure if there is any action happening. How about the massage? Any extra service?

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    singapore newspaper reporters read this

    there are so many newspaper reports about singaporean going over to
    the indonesian riau islands to have sex.i dont understand why the reporters they just
    cant leave us be. as for underage gals i have not seen one the youngest was
    maybe 18. certainly not 14 or under even if there is as for myself i would
    not have sex with such a young gal.

    sex is everywhere if not the riau island there is thailand or the philippines
    who can stop this trade, answer no one it is just there

    look at singapore the ORCHARD TOWERS or the GEYLANG AREA every night is pack with people
    looking for sex so whats wrong if some people decide to go over to
    batam to have sex its our thing so please leave us be

    why dont u write about bangkok the whole sukumit area is nothing
    but a big fuck shop u think the thai goverment dont know about it
    what can they do, a lot of jobs depend on this trade hotels shopkeepers
    bar owners eating places night street shopping etc.

    so fuck it u singapore reporters u just want to sell more papers
    do u really care

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    after ramadan

    batam after ramadam, most of the gals should be back
    by now,as most of them dont have much rupiah they will
    come back to batam by ferries taking average 3 days.

    usually after ramadam there are new lot that comes in
    new faces not necessary new in the trade as they come
    from other brothels all over indonesia.

    so now is good time to come to batam.but as usual be carefull
    to them 1,000.000 rupiah is a lot of money they will kill u
    for it.

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    Ramadan supposedly ended November 2, 2005 or thereabouts.

    However, as of last night, most of the girls have not returned to the massage parlors and the discos have not re-opened. For example, before a parlor would have 50 or more to choose from, there were only one to eight at 2 pm yesterday. One mama-san explained that the girls go home for the holidays and stay a few days longer. A few parlors were closed, like Queen which is across from Center Point.

    Even my four-star hotel seemed empty of guests at the breakfast buffet at 8 am and in the lobby in the evenings.

    Still there are plenty to choose from for the really thorny guy. For more action although at a higher price, there is Singapore about an hour away by ferry.

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    Ramadan slow


    How much does Batam slow down during Ramadan? Do things spring to life after sunset? What percentage of girls go home?


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    Hello gentlemen. I am going to be in Batam for two weeks starting from the evening of 27 October. I am aware that this means I'll be arriving in Ramadan, but unfortunately, due to work commitments, I had to bring the date of the trip forward.

    A couple of years ago, arriving in Batam in the middle of Ramadan, I arranged a girl through the hotel concierge, after knocking back an offer from a girl on the street who was with a mixed group of friends and obviously underage. Apparently, a group of fundamentalist students had been running around, threatening to trash any bars they found open. On subsequent nights, it was possible to get into a lot of places which were still open, but had lights down and doors shut.

    My question is: what is the best procedure for getting girls, either amateur of professional, in Batam during Ramadan? I am especially interested in the first night, as I shall be arriving in Singapore at around 19:00 and, I hope, getting on a ferry for Batam that night.

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    Her name William

    [QUOTE=William Saw]I took a trip last week to Batam Island.

    That gal must have done orgy before. Not afraid and highly sex. Around 1:00 am we were all tired, the gal wanted to go home. No problem. Paid her and she left. The three of us slept like a log.

    Her details was she chinese sligtly older and named Yanti?

    thin small tits?

    sounds good

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    Trip to TJ Balai

    Took a boat ride from Singapore to TJ Balai in Jun 02. No visa necessary for Americans at that time (but I think it is required now). Stayed at the love hotel to the left of the boat dock. Main action was at a set of newly constructed building a couple KMs outside town. Seemed like the action used to be inside the town, not so much anymore. Went out on a motorbike in the early afternoon and booked a girl for dinnertime and agreed that she would meet me at my hotel.

    That gave me some time to ride out to Paya Labu, TJ Balai's "village of joy". It was about 12 km away and I was pretty suprised at what I found. I was there in the afternoon and at most of the 30-40 houses there didn't appear to be open prositition. Most activity was old women and young children in a pretty normal interaction. At the last few houses I finally found a few girls who looked at least 18 and available. Got FS for 5,000 and left a 5,000 tip to soothe my conscience. I expect the village gets busy with a local crowd at night, but during the day it was very quiet and sexual activity was readily apparent.


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    ice pub

    I took a trip last week to Batam Island.

    Arrive Saturday late in the afternoon, check into new hotel call Hotel 81 not too bad about 250, 000 Rupiah 3 star very good breakfast.

    There was three of us each brought a bottle of wine had a good drink among oursleves. Around 7pm we left and went to the Ice Pub still early. Not much gals around. We order a bottle of whisky (Black Label Johnny Walker) about 600, 000 rupiah. Play pool. 4 hours later, a little high by now, most of the gals have arrive. Some good looking, some like shit. All in the late twenties. By now we were looking for a gal who is willing to fuck the three of us together. After much searching we found one willing to do it for 200. 000 each. Why not? So off we went to our hotel.

    Anyway we still another had bottle of wine, so the 4 of us finish it with the gal. In the meantime, two of us was sucking her tits, one was digging her pussy. He took out our dicks and and she started sucking the three of us taking turns. WOW, we were all horny. Took out our raincoat. One started fucking her **** while my friend try to screw her ass. Not successfull. I stick my balls into her mouth after so much booze it took such a long time to come. It must have been quite a long time before all of us came.

    That gal must have done orgy before. Not afraid and highly sex. Around 1:00 am we were all tired, the gal wanted to go home. No problem. Paid her and she left. The three of us slept like a log.

    Next day call for a massage and a hand job while sucking her tits.

    Next stop back to Singapore.

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    Thanks a lot for your Tg. Balai field report.

    I am much appreciation, if you can briefly solve some questions for me:-

    1. Is there a safe parking lot in Kukup that can park car overnight? cost?
    2. How long the ferry trip take from Kukup to Tg. Balai?
    3. How far is Vila or Ruko from Maximillion?
    4. Is it safe to go alone?


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    Batam Trip

    Although it was 2 months ago, I thought to share my experience here. Went there 3 times. So far the experience was not too bad. Looking at Batam now, you can't help to feel sorry for them. No jobs and no $$$.

    However, it was the second time when I was there (mid July). Went there with my bro & 1 friend. Reached there in the afternoon, check into Hotel Ozone (stayed there during the 1st visit). Not bad & $ seems reasonable (R200,000 p/nite).

    I must say, the body massage in Batam is one of the reasonable ones. For R80,000, you got 1 1/2 hrs massage (damn cheap as compare to where I came from).

    After reenergised, we prepared to go for dinner and head out to you-know-where. Reached Pacific about 11pm, not as packed as my 1st visit. Do the usual stuffs - get a table , order beers, start scanning for cewek.

    We're the honey and these ceweks are the bees. Within 15 mins, they'll show up toyour face. Me, knowing of how things go here, quickly book a cewek intro by my bro's cewek. Somehow, no connection.

    The good part starts now. Saw 2 not too bad looking ceweks in front of us. Saw them with some friends (guys & gals). Thinking that they wouldn't be available, we continue to party. Somehow, my friend (1st time in Batam) gathered enough courage and checked out the girls. Jackpot! He managed to invite the 2 girls to our table. Well, zoom in, they look even better (believe me, not the average ceweks in Pacific).

    Since I've set my eyes on one of them, this is my chance. Told my friend that I fancy her and asked him did mind to 'let go' of her, he said go ahead. Wait for what, get rid of the initial cewek & paid her R20,000 for taxifare. Started to party with her. "She's chinese" as she spoke to me in Mandarin. My luck! Cut the story short, we went back to our hotel. "I'm not a booking girl & I'm there to celebrate my sis's birthday" she told me. Hell no I'm going to let you go. Coaxed her to stay with me for the nite, "No hanky-panky" I promised. "Ok" she said. Went in the room, both of us were lying in the bed. For the 1st 2 hrs, nothing happen, just some kisses and hugs. Well after that, started to work on her G-spot down there, some reactions were given. Soon everything gone wild. She took off my clothes, I tooks off hers. She has small-built body and I'm 6 ft. I'll be the Capt tonite, start to move the 'ship'.
    Missionary, doggie, she on top, side way, still can't shoot my load (must be the alcohol & tiredness). Finally, HJ to get the job done. Lasted for whole 60 mins.
    It's time for her to leave. Never asked for $ but as a gesture of goodwill, pass her R200,000.

    Till next time.


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    It look like its more fun in Balai, I have given up on Batu.

    Also thanks for the photos. Well done.

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    Tanjung Balai, Karimun.

    Here I would like to share my experience in Tg Balai.

    Tg Balai is located near Johor, Malaysia and Singapore. It is a fast growing town on prostitusion. Last 2 years, there were only about 200 girls, now, there are choices of upto 2000 girls plus freelances. On my experience, I have only departed from Kukup Jetty, Johor. The fare is RM60 for return ticket. You need to pay another RM10 at the jetty counter. The earliest Ferry to Tg Balai is at 8.30am (GMT +8.00) and the latest Ferry is at 5.00pm.

    Now, back to my full report.

    On arrival, I will usually head to my favourite hotel, Maximillion. There are decent hotels in Tg Balai. To name a few, Padimas, Paradise, Rasa Sayang and Maximillion. Maximillion hotel is the newest among all. The rate is somewhere about Rp 200,000 for a night for a standard room. After checking in and leaving my baggage in the room, i will head straight to get the Girls. There are 2 popular places to get them. Vila (Villa) and Ruko (Rocko, hmm!! reminds me of that popular porn guy). Prices are the same range for both places. Depending on how new is the girl. Usual range is from Rp180,000 - Rp250,000. If you were to come by Ojek, the prices are higher by Rp50,000 - Rp 70,000 due to the commissions. I usually take the hotel taxi, why? because hotel taxi drivers are forbidden to receive any commission from the brothels or they will get fired.

    There are about 30 houses to choose from. Each house has about 30 girls. After paying for the girl, you will head back to the hotel first, the girl will come shortly. Remember to buy condoms as they do not provide condoms. Unless you are willing to take the risk. It's easy to get condoms since all the shops are closeby the hotels. When the girl arrive, do your thang!!.

    At night, activities are OK. 2 famous discos in Tg Balai are Santana and Bravo. Don't know until what time it is because there is once i left Bravo at 4am and the music is still pumping. In Maximillion there are also Karaoke on the top floor if you are not into discos. Or, you could just stay in your room and do your thang!!.

    Next morning, the girls usually leave at about 8am. It is common for you to give tips. The normal rate for tips are Rp50,000 and above. I usually give the girls Rp100,000. Let's say if you want the girl to stay until noon. You have to pay an extra Rp100,000. I usally do not extend. I will wait at my hotel room door after my girl left and see other people's girl walking by to go back. If I see a girl that is to my taste, i would offer a ST. It will cost RM100,000 for ST. Rather than paying to extend your girl till noon and the same pussy, might as well i pay the same amount for another pussy. Hehehe!

    I usally catch back the 1pm ferry. That's all i can think of writing. If there is any questions, do drop me a messege.

    I do have some photos on my trips. I will try to edit the pictures (cover my face) and will post it in the Photo Gallery. Please be patient. I am a very busy man. Hehehe!


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    its the same

    Nothing new in Batam. The same joints. I don't know of any new ones. The one I go to is call Harmony, which is opposite the Hotel Melia and Lucy Oar. Anyway, you need transport to get to some of the places. Take the ojak (meaning motor cycle). They will take you around. You should not pay more than 300,000 rupiah for overnight with a girl, which includes the commisssion and ojak fare.

    Sometime it is more fun if you just hang around the pub. The place is call Jodoh area. Here there are couple of pubs. The famous Lucy Oars and the Ice Pub and Red Cock. You should be able to pick one here. If not, you can go later in the night to the many disco such as Planet to find one. If you still fail to find one, I guess you must be a fussy guy.

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    Back to BAtam

    I will be headed back to Batam in a few weeks and would like any recent information on the most recommended "booking" joints (name and address / directions if you have them).


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