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Thread: Jakarta

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBaton  [View Original Post]
    This was my first visit to Jakarta and I have to say the lads on this section do an excellent job of researching and writing about this city. Especially a shout-out to Smoothy and LAGuy whose PMs and posts turned out to be especially helpful.

    A few practical experiences before I get down to the mongering...
    Nice set of reports! Thanks for taking the time to write them.

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    Tonight is the soft opening of the New Red Square. Is anyone going? I'd be curious to hear a field report.

    It's not in it's old location. It's still in senayan, but they've moved it to the building near the pizza guy statue where the old Tony Roma's restaurant used to be.
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    It's funny you mention Medika. That's a place that rarely gets mentioned. I have never seen another bule there. I think that's the cheapest place I have ever been to in Jakarta. Robinson is just slightly more, but the rooms are nicer.

    I used to sit there in the lobby and wait for girls to come downstairs so I could know what they actually looked like and get their numbers. It was always so hard to pick a good one there by photos or that pitch black disco.

    I have fond memories of the first time I went. I looked over the photos as they had over a hundred glamour shot type photos on the counter top and wall. I picked a girl I thought was stunning in the photo. When she showed up to the room, she was so ugly that I refused her. I went back downstairs to pick another. The indo guy who had brought me there recommended number 100. He said she was beautiful but a bit of a *****. At the time, the price was only 100 k, so I took his advice and agreed to go with 100 for 100. When the chick showed up at the room, I was happy as hell. What an absolute stunner! I don't remember her being a *****, but my God what a beautiful creature. I didn't see her again after that.

    A while ago, many of the places I visited just had a curtain as the door to the room. Nowadays, I can't even remember the last time I went to a place that didn't have an actual door to the room. I may have to try that jl Muwardi Raya in Grogol place if just for an adventure.

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    And Jakarta

    Having stayed at Grand Mercure Harmoni many times, I like the place, more often than not now they will upgrade me. There is a group of ojek drivers just outside to the right of the overpass who will drop you speedily to your preferred destination. 20 000 will get you to Classic while Malioboro is walking distance. My idea of a world class night out is some chemical enhancement of the E variety top up with the V and then into one of the spots for 5 or 6 hours of sheer hedonistic pleasure. Then if in the mood, a take out at closing time, preferably one who also enjoys some enhancement and back to the hotel for another two or 3 hours of bliss. Have done this a few times and it's pretty damn good. Although have now backed off due to short term memory concerns but recommend everyone trying this at least once before you die.

    Jakarta, and this part of the town in my opinion is as good as it gets anywhere. A lot of the girls are negotiable on protection although it must be done discreetly. The girls at my favorite complex are just lovely and I just love the way they approach getting naked and down and dirty with you with such ease, It's like they are just working at the lunch bar making sandwiches. Chat chat chat, blah blah suck suck suck, now stick it in here, blah blah blah. I do love them so.

    In all my mongering across Indonesia I have only felt unsafe once and that was getting worked over by some fat pig of a gangster at Sunan Kuning in Semarang which is a pretty downmarket lokalisasi. Mind you getting in and out of Milles can be a little creepy.

    The place that I have given up on is Medika, although in the past have done OK there, management seems to have let the girls run the show. The last few times they have been cold, bossy and very poor service so really can't be bothered to venture over to Grogol anymore. Theres an even skankier place in the next alley where 200 000 will get you FS and they often have good singers. But be prepared to have the girls all scowl and hide their faces if you are bule, and the mamasan is pretty creepy as well. These spots are more for the hardened punter. Girls from this place work by day at a real dive of a place on jl Muwardi Raya in Grogol, concrete stall for the shower, curtain for a door and filthy old mattress. I think it cost me 175 000 but may have gone up now to 200 000. It was interesting and the girls were young enough but I haven't been falling over myself to go back.

    Enjoy, OS.

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    Interesting. A buddy of mine was in Jakarta for his first visit ever this past week. He claims he took 6 girls at Classic in 4 days and only one girl required him to use a condom, and that one only required the condom during sex, not for the BJ. Then again, he claims that every girl he took there also spoke English well enough to have a fairly nice conversation in English, so who knows? I find that harder to believe. Haha.

    In my personal experience, most of the girls at Classic do not demand a condom for the BJ so when that girl told you that none of the girls there would give BBBJ, she was either a liar or ignorant. There are some there who have demanded a condom for BJ with me, and when they do, I just walk out on them immediately and find another girl. You were likely just unlucky that day, while you were lucky at other venues. I've had girls at royal demand a condom too, as well as pretty much every place I've ever been to in Jakarta at some point.

    Although I've had it happen many times at Classic, It's rare that I have had a local indo girl at Malioboro request a condom for the BJ. I've had them ask in the room, but when I vehemently refuse it, they have always relented. Many times the girls there will have sex without a condom as well. I've don't ask the mamasan about their policy, I just speak with the girls in the room. Maybe I've just been lucky there. I do speak bahasa, so that may be an advantage.

    That same buddy last week went to King Cross as well. He sent me a text the night he went there saying there were not many girls to choose from and the ones he saw were not attractive. (he went on a Friday night at 10 pm.) he has basically the exact same taste in girls as I do, so I found that surprising. Trying to help him out, I sent a text to a girl I know there at KC to see where her and her hot co-workers were that night. She claimed she was there, but on the weekend a lot of girls get booked into the karaoke rooms. She said there were plenty of girls there that night, but at the moment she was booked in a karaoke room with 1 guy who wanted a karaoke party and he took 10 of the best looking girls in the place for hours. She said many of the other girls were in other karaoke rooms as well. However, she said if my buddy waited until 1 am he would likely have a very good selection because they will almost all be back downstairs. That can be a problem with those places that double as a massage / karaoke place.

    I suggested to him that he not wait until 1 am, but wait about an hour to see if any stunners came down from upstairs rooms. And if he did see a stunner, to jump on her immediately. The stunners there are very hot, and they aren't on the market long once they come back downstairs. He decided not to wait, so who knows if / when the girls came back downstairs.

    I like the rooms at KC and the girls always seem to have great attitudes relative to the other places in town. I've always thought the selection there was pretty darn excellent. Then again, I have never gone there on a weekend as far as I know. I pretty much stay home and order delivery on the weekend because there are so many guys out on the town those nights. But the same girls as during the week.

    Regardless, it sounds like you had fun. My bet is that if you returned to the places you had a 1 or 0 out of 10 experience, you would have a better experience the next attempt and may even love them. (it's hard not to improve on a 1 or 0 rating, haha) The particular girl you happen to select is key. Once you are in the room with her, anything is up for negotiation. Then again, when you are asking the mamasan to bring you an inexperienced 18 year old girl, the chances of good service from that girl are random at best.

    I liked your report on Grand Mercure Harmoni. I agree with you. So many guys here talk that hotel up as if it's some great hotel. In my opinion, it is not. It's very mediocre. But North Jakarta is not a nice area in general, it's not easy to find a nice hotel near the brothels. I always stay at the nicer hotels in the nicer areas and spend the extra time in traffic. It's definitely a trade off one way or the other.

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    This was my first visit to Jakarta and I have to say the lads on this section do an excellent job of researching and writing about this city. Especially a shout-out to Smoothy and LAGuy whose PMs and posts turned out to be especially helpful.

    A few practical experiences before I get down to the mongering:

    I arrived on Garuda at 13:00 and after carefully scrutinizing this respected forum's November diatribe, I "walked very briskly" but did not "make a fool of myself" by running to immigration alas, there was zero waiting. Immigration Tip don't say you are there on business if you qualify for the Visa free treatment as do most Europeans, Aussies, and Americans. If you do they will charge you at least they tried to do so for me.

    1) TAXI: Smoothy's suggestion to consider booking a Silverbird or Bluebird for 4 hours was brilliant. I booked the car from the desk as you exit customs. You can get a Silverbird Camry for 700,000 for 4 hours. For my afternoon and Jakarta traffic this was a great luxury since I just kept my bag in the car and hit several places before going to my hotel at 10:00 pm. It save lots of time and hassle to not have to worry about catching taxis when I changed venues and to go straight from the airport to the bordellos.

    2) SIM card: my first FAIL. I'the done a little research and wanted to get the #2 provider's card Indosat-Ooredoo's which I have used in other places and found Ooredoo's service to be cheap, fast and easy to understand. Also Ooredoo / Indosat has the only LTE network in Jakarta. Unfortunately I found only one mobile phone desk near the exit from customs and the vendor claimed to only sell Indosat SIMs but no data package. That makes no sense but I speak no Bahasa and couldn't really understand. He kept pointing me to the national service, Telkomsel's prepaid service, SimPATI, which he had displayed with advertising of 2 GBs of data. Usually the national provider has the most complicated and expensive data plans because they've never had completion whereas the new overseas providers are cheaper and faster, but often weaker networks in the provinces.

    Anyway, I got SimPATI because I knew the guy would get it working on my phone and I'the have data for the long congested drive into town and 2 GB would certainly last 2 days. The cost was very high, 220,000 including 60,000 for the card. And, the data was gone in 14 hours I wasn't streaming Pornhub so I'm not sure what got screwed up. Anyway, I suggest if you are staying only in Jakarta get another telco provider's card.

    3) HOTEL: I stayed at the Grand Mercure Harmoni: I think this place is fine due solely to its good location in the North of the city. But. The breakfast sux if you like Western, Japanese, or Chinese food. The place is very sparsely decorated and has a cold feeling. The sheets are cotton / poly. Much of the hotel has that hospital restroom smell of disinfectant mixed with roses and durian. But, I protest too much. It was fine, just fine for the location and price. Oh, and the free internet is weak, but the front desk staff attractive and helpful. I wish there were a better option in this area or more likely north as I didn't really appreciate Classic and Malioboro and probably wouldn't return for the reasons listed below (100% condoms 100% of the time I was told).

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    ORCHARDZ HOTEL SPA (15:00 mid-week): Based on terrific reports from our intrepid Arabian stud (5-6 shots per day I count) "Ibn Buttita "I decided to start my afternoon at the spa of Orchardz Hotel (Orchardz Hotel, Jl. Industri Raya No 8, Gunung Sahari, Daerah Knusus Ibukota Jakarta. It is ID'ed in Google Maps). The drive from the airport took about 75 minutes and the time was about 3:00 pm. I went up to the hotel's spa. As previously mentioned, the spa staff select the girl based on your request. I immediately asked if Buttita's girl Yanny was working, but was told she had "resigned". Nevertheless since it went so well for Ibn Buttita I decided to go with this approach and requested: "18-19 years, slim, with big tits. " So they got 33% of this correct and matched me with a 22 year old, thin, small tits, but absolutely gorgeous face. I must say these big dark-eyed Indonesian girls can have beautiful faces, almost South Asian eyes.

    As it turned out, as I undid her bra from behind and slipped my hands to cup each of her breast, getting my first feel of what was hidden under the push-up, damn! My heart and pecker fell a full inch: they were small saggy mother tits. As I completed the undressing we revealed the unfortunate stretch marks. This wasn't what I paid 700,000 for, but I made the best of it and eventually had a decent shag. But her performance was uninspired. A BBBJ that took little more than the tip of my cock into her warm mouth. But she was happy to lick and suck my balls so I climbed on her face and had her lick my balls and ass as I fingered her, surprisingly tight pussy. I left without blowing my load as it would have been a waste.

    5/10 and probably would not go back since they seemed to insist on picking a girl for you.

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    These were a great find thanks to LAGuy for his detailed directions. This group of 4 bars with fishbowls and private rooms upstairs were very difficult to find. They are in a horseshoe shaped road off of the *north* side of the main Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No. 45, RT. 1/ RW2, just south of Jl Mangga Dua Raya. (if you search Google Maps looking for "Grand LA" and "New Royal Bar" you may see them near an OMA Pomade Store. If you can't find just get close and have the taxi ask a local.

    I initially checked out these bars around 2:30/3:00 before going further south to Orchardz. At that time they have maybe a dozen girls all too old and fat for my taste. When I returned at 4:30 they were much improved. This is a very local and somewhat dirty place if that bothers you, skip it. But I'm sometimes up for these places if they yield young, fresh off the farm girls. And, this time they did, twice.

    In each of the bars there is invariably a semi-circle bar in the center and a fishbowl in the back right-hand corner (the same architect must have done all of them). Fairly quickly I was approached by a mamasan who spoke a little English. I pointed to my google translate app which said (18-19, tipis, payudara besar, tidak ada bayi" (18-19, slim, big tits, NO BABY.) This seemed to work and she would bring out several girls.

    From looking at what each of them brought and what I saw in general in my brief time in Jakarta, I would say that finding slim young girls with no kids is the challenging. I found lots of young girls but so many of them were big, some certainly fat, but most are what we might call big boned. Slim young ladies are in short supply let alone with ample see / the breasts.

    GRAND LA: Following that I went to Grand LA (was this LA Bar before?) I was introduced to 19 year old JayJay who was of the big-boned, big titted variety but with lots of tattoos. I usually hate tattoos, but JayJay's face was so young and nave with big black eyes and very nice skin that I relented and took her upstairs, paying 300,000 first. The room was small and unattractive with a shower and a few mirrors. We had a good time, she was cute and fun in the way that, shall I say, a less-than-Menza material girl can be? Her skills were pretty limited and she seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time admiring herself in the mirror in a perfect reference to Narcissus. I caught her batting eyes at herself a few times. Still I enjoyed a reasonable blowjob (no condom). She was a sweet girl who seemed to enjoy me taking charge of her. Entering her from the back, pulling her up to her knees, pinning her arms behind her so that she arched her back thrusting her large tits toward the mirror as I pounded her ass was almost enough to put me over the edge. She made all the right noises of enjoyment. We exchanged numbers and are so far still in touch.

    ROYAL MASSAGE: Royal Massage is next door to Grand LA Bar. Same routine and was introduced by the mamasan to a gorgeous young girl with exactly the body and face I was hoping for. 18 year old Asta (#855) was 5 feet tall, weighed perhaps 40 kilos dripping wet, had perfect full see+ cups. Paid the requested 300,000 in advance and took her to a similar brothel style room. Sex with her was excellent and she may have been the best of my trip. Fair BBBJ. Very tight pussy, had to go easy but she took my cock like a champ.

    After this I peeked into the other two bars to see what had changed but decided to move on to Kings Cross to end the evening. Fortunately, my Silverbird taxi was waiting on site and we quickly headed that way.

    CONCLUSION: I really like this area, it is a little down scale and dirty compared to Classic but while the price is the same as Classic, but the girls are fresher and less polished and the blowjobs are natural without condoms. 90% of the girls were too old or too stout for my taste but many had pretty faces and willing attitudes. The younger girls that I chose were less experienced and the GFE was limited but ok and better than what I find in other SEA mongering places from new fresh girls. I will definitely return. Anytime between 4:30 and 11:00 pm there would seem to be plenty of girls.

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    Smoothy had suggested this place over Classic as had a couple of other members so I was eager to check it out.

    But, what a goddamn pain in the ass to get there. The driver got lost multiple times as Google Maps kept navigating us eastward through a neighborhood that had blocked streets. I think it's impossible to get there from the west. Walking I could have been there in 4 minutes, but we had to double back and drive 30 minutes all the way around a perimeter to access the entrance from the east side. Tip: stick to the main road and enter this from the east side (coming from north or south) before turning west for block and into the nice gated parking area.

    King Cross is a 5 story black building and you drive all the way to the back before coming around to the entrance. I asked my Silver Bird to wait for me and went inside.

    Very nice upscale place compared to the prior venues. As you enter they give you a plastic card with a number on it you charge everything against this number and are presented with a bill upon leaving. I went into the main room (1st floor?) and was immediately greeted by a mamasan who showed me to a table. Surrounding the room and several rows of well-lighted couches covered with maybe 50 girls. To my eye, the average quality of this only marginally better than what I'the seen at the Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta bars. However there were a few girls who looked much nicer.

    I told the mamasan my request: 18-19, big tits, slim, no baby. She brought up a couple of girls which were just too fat. Finally she arrived with ChiChi (SV#325 her badge said) who had a very, very innocent face, nice looking the cups spilling out of her top. She said she was 19 and had been there only one month. Based on her performance I think that was about right. She was bigger than I'the have preferred but those innocent eyes got me and I said yes. I believe the charge was 700,000 which I signed for.

    ChiChi lead my out the back of the hall to an exit. There I was asked if I wanted to pay 100,000 ($7. 50) for a "hotel room". Sure, why not? We went through another set of doors and were in what I guess is the Kings Cross Hotel. Very nice rooms compared to the brothels with TV, large bed, nice shower area. Probably 30 SQM with a nice, clean king bed with decent sheets.

    I undressed ChiChi and found a beautiful body and a wide-eyed inexperienced girl. Beautiful tits, almost hairless pussy, smooth warm soft skin. We showered and got into the bed. She just wanted to be cuddled. After doing that for a while I gently moved her head as she lay on her side into my lap and opened her large mouth and eased my cock right in. I gently fucked her mouth for a while this way until she had gagged too many times and then had her lay on her back with my balls hanging in her face to allow bit of tea-bagging. The sex was acceptable but she didn't really doing much work. Still watching her big tits slapping back and forth as a I pounded her and her eyes getting wide when I went deep was plenty to get me to blow my load in a very nice teenage pussy. I think I tipped her 100,000. Left and paid my bill.


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    Jakarta DAY 2: MALIOBORO AND CLASSIC - 100% Condoms!

    MALIOBORO: I went to Malioboro around 7:00 pm and it was still pretty quiet. I know this place has multiple floors but the upper floors seemed to be closed so I just had the one room to check out. There were 20-30 girls sitting around on couches with good light on them. A mamasan approached and led me to a table and asked what I wanted. 18-19, slim, no baby, big tits. Looking over the crowd, I didn't see anyone that looked like that. Most were kind of chunky and looked late 20's to my eye. Nonetheless the mamasan found one real diamond. A very pretty innocent looking girl with wide dark eyes, large tits and reasonably slim. She sat and we talked and touched for 5-10 minutes before I decided that she would do fine. I just wanted to make sure the blowjob with be "natural". Here is where I got frustrated. Both the girl and the mamasan insisted that all blowjobs would be with a condom. I even indicated that I'the tip a little extra if required. But the girl was total firm and I sent her away. The mamasan basically said that if that's what I wanted then she couldn't help me. Shit, I'm not going to pay 700,000 and not get my dick wet. So I left. 0/10.

    CLASSIC: This was much nicer than I expected considering the reasonable prices. I think there were 3 floors open and I checked them all. I'll make this short and just conclude by saying that I did find an attractive slim young girl who spoke pretty good English (a first on this trip) which was nice. We established some rapport and enjoyed some "heavy petting" and DFK. But after this I learned that she too insisted on a condom for the blowjob. No amount of money would convince her otherwise I offered as much as 300,000 just to test her resolve. She said none of the other girls would give a BBBJ. I was unhappy about this and quickly fucked her hard and left. 1/10.

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    1) THE WOMEN: These are some beautiful Asian girls with an abundance of large breasts, round plump asses and sweet personalities. They have beautiful eyes, almost Indian. It was a new and kind of exciting experience to be screwing so many Muslim girls who I think of as very private and untouchable. I found a reasonable selection of attractive teenagers working and not a lot of MILFs unlike the Philippines. On the other hand, I found that that a surprising portion of the girls I saw were big units, a bit fat and chunky. Charitably, some are not so much fat as big-boned or just pretty well fed. Much more so than the slender Vietnamese, Chinese, Burmese, Thai, etc. But there are fewer flat asses and flat chests which is a plus. Lastly, it seems that close to 90% of the girls smoke which is a turn-off for me and something that I don't see among most other Asian girls.

    2) THE SERVICE: Many of the girls have a nice GFE way about them and I can see that the sex can be enthusiastic if you choose a girl with some experience. I mostly chose young inexperienced girls but was happy with that. The fact that at least two of the main venues seem to have a strict 100% condom policy for everything is totally bad. I have no interest in that sort of service as a strong wet BJ is integral to my enjoyment of a session. I found that in the bordellos / fish bowls the use of condoms was much less strict and I'the go back to those places.

    3) THE ACTION: I really liked the bordellos and well lighted clubs with mamasans to assist you in finding a girl. It makes it fairly quick to identify an attractive girl and gives you time to test the chemistry in a place that isn't a loud, dark bar like you find in AC or Thailand bar scenes. There seem to be hundreds of "outlets" or places to pick up girls and I can see that the city rewards some experimentation. In sheer number of venues and the variety this is city much more like Bangkok than say HCMC or Phnom Penh.

    4) THE CITY: Jakarta seems nice enough and although I was there for only a few days I can see how one could stay a week and not be bored. However, the traffic is horrific and you need to plan your whole day and night around that especially if you are not a late night hunter like me. The logistics between north and south are daunting any time before 7:30 pm. But, the availability of good taxis like the Silver Bird (Camry or MBZs) makes life a bit better. Google Maps worked excellent for me with good real time reporting of traffic and accidents. I sure wish there was a true 5 star hotel in the north of city as the Mercure was not really very satisfying but if / when I return I don't want to go any further south since the bars I liked were all in the north.

    In total, it was a great few days and I will definitely return. Thanks to all for excellent posting and generous PMs. This is great forum.

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    Grand Boutique Spa

    I hd read up on the Gran Boutique hotel and spa on the internet. So on return to Jakarta I wnt to the orchardz hotel at jl Industrie. Got there about 18:30 to 19:00 and was by chance received by the head mamasan that spoke quite well English. There was a selection of about 15 girls but nothing really striking, so I first had something to eat. While waiting Mamasan kept pointing out a few girls to me and made sure I understood their other service. I understand that they had two girls there with a bit more English and she strongly advised one of them for good service so I went along.

    The 90 min massage started out wth a totally nude massege that any spa would be proud of. Then after a few teases nd an quick shower it was down again to some rimming, BJ and a pleasing fuckroutine. As I tipped the girl she advised me to pay her directly as it was cheaper thn a package. (Damage 350 for a Nasi Goreng+Bintag+Room and 300 +100 Tip for the girl). Would return there antime again. When I got out at 21:30 there were only 3 girls left on the couch. I gues it is peak time for them.

    On a second occasion I then tried the Grand Boutique spa at Jayakarta. After getting my lockerkey at about 19:30 I walked into a big hall like a dancefloor where a few mamasans where organising everything. No girls to be seen or to be picked. Instead there was a group of blokes sitting and watching television. One of the mamasans asked if I wanted a massage with sex to whch I agreed. She then put down the Butterfly package for me at 705000 INR whch I assumed was inkluding the room but it is not.

    She asked me for my target and then ignored my description totally, which might have had something to do with the group of 8-10 guys that got up just in front of me. I was led to my room and had to wait for my girl. Quite short, a little plump but still sexy and no word of English. What followed was a much shorter massage wth only her bra off, then a good cleaning. After that I was attaclked by a little brown fuckmachine for more than 30 min. After rimming and a pornstar BJ we did it in about every position that I can remember. After I had spilled my load I was pepped up again untill he respondend and of we went again. I was totally worn out. Total cost was 1.000.000 INR plus 25.000 for a coke. In total a good experienvce but I did not get to pick the girl myself and I assume as a regular you can get at least two shots as well without having to book the expensive package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eboniman  [View Original Post]
    Sim card was 50 k and 150 k for more data than I used during the entire stay in the country. Worked out to like 15 usd but he still f*the me because not until after did I look at see the sim was 20 k. No telling what the mark up was for the data. Later, my tinder babe told me she could have gotten it for much less.
    You can get Sim cards for 20 k, but they also have them for 50 k. I've seen them as high as 300 k (for the same type of sim card). Believe it or not, it's not usually foreigners paying higher prices, it's the locals who pay the higher amount. The reason for the higher priced sim cards is they supposedly have "nomor cantik", or a nice number. Meaning that it's a number that's easier to remember or a special sequence of numbers. For example, 08127348139 will be 20 k, but 08123456789 or 08122222222 will cost more. The 100 k more for extra data is simply a top up of the card. When you initially buy the card, you only get about 10 k on the card (whether it's the 20 k or a 300 k nomor cantik card), and that ain't much, so you are going to need to top it up a bit. 100 k is probably a bit too much for a short visit, but it's the amount I always use. You could have gone with 50 k top up and been fine. Better safe than sorry. I hate it when I need to use my phone and don't have any credit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eboniman  [View Original Post]
    Bats (Shangri-La hotel): I ask one to join me. Feeling good and we agree to leave together for 600 k.
    600 k at Bats? That's far below the going rate. That's even lower than the average Blok M rate. No offense, but did you take the ugliest girl in the place? I'd be interested to see a picture. I can't imagine any self respecting Bats girl going even short time for 600 k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eboniman  [View Original Post]
    Field report of my maiden voyage to Indonesia. Its about 2 months behind and I haven't been keeping up with the boards. Not sure what info is out date yet.

    Landed at Jakarta and started going through arrival process. At one of the stations I was asked, "Why are you here? Tourism. "How long will you be here?" You can answer anything less than 30 days. 30 days or more and you'll be hit with the $35 usd visa fee.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eboniman  [View Original Post]
    Pacific place mall: Upscale modern mall with like 8 floors. Walked around and TONS of beauties. Probably some could be for take out but be prepared to pay hefty. Didn't look like any were hurting for cash. Had lunch and found a spot to get a sim card. This is what I didn't want to do but I needed a local number to connect with the uber drivers. Sim card was 50 k and 150 k for more data than I used during the entire stay in the country. Worked out to like 15 usd but he still f*the me because not until after did I look at see the sim was 20 k. No telling what the mark up was for the data. Later, my tinder babe told me she could have gotten it for much less. Blue bird meter drops at 7500, silver bird (Mercedes, etc) drops at 11500
    Thanks for the report. There are a couple of things though that need correction. If you are a tourist and haven't received a visa in advance, you are allowed in for 30 days without charge assuming you are from one of the approximately 50 countries this applies to. If you are there on business, you have to pay $35 and similarly can stay up to 30 days. There are no visas on arrival that allow you to stay more than 30 days irrespective of whether you pay $35 or not (I believe it is possible to renew a 30-day visa on arrival for another 30 days, but the process is more trouble than it is worth).

    As to the Silver Birds, if you get a Mercedes the drop charge is 16,000 rupiah as a general rule in my recent experience. If you get a Toyota car (I believe the Silver Bird alternative to a Mercedes) the drop charge may be a bit lower, but not as low as 11,500 rupiah. If a van, you are back up to about 16,000 rupiah drop charge, even if a Toyota.

    With regard to Ubers, they are a relatively inexpensive way to get around. However, I only use it when a friend who speaks fluent Indonesian orders it. It is not uncommon for the driver, who often does not speak English, to have some trouble finding one's exact location and a phone call is often needed to clarify this, at least that has been my experience with perhaps twenty Uber pickups in Jakarta. I wish there was a way around this because if I could avoid the potential language problem I would use Uber for my solo trips.

    Also, I have purchased many SIM cards in Jakarta at malls, and never have felt I was ripped off. The prices have been consistent, and yes there generally is a small service charge on these purchases. Differences in data charges often reflect differences in the specific data plan purchased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crocodilexp  [View Original Post]
    When I went there earlier this year, there was one attractive girl. Asked her if 2 shots are OK, and she wanted to up the price from 600 k to 1 m. Way too much given the surroundings, so I didn't partake. So, I guess 2 shots are not the norm any longer (if they had been before, I do not know).

    Honestly, I'm not that impressed by Maribaya. The selection is meager, and although from the forums I got an impression that service would be good/relaxed, not allowing 2 shots basically makes it a quickie place. That I can get at Travel/Classic for 350k (with a wider selection of better looking girls), no need to pay 600k.
    I'm not quite ready to give up on Maribaya as a two-shot place. Two of the last three girls I had sessions with this year gave two shots, no problem. One did not. Then again, I had the misfortune about four or five years ago of having a session there with a girl who only allowed one shot (and was sub-par in other respects as well). So, I think we need more information as to whether recently more than one or two girls there is asking for more money for two shots and whether things have really changed (or instead whether there now is, and always has been the occasional girl who does not give standard Maribaya service). Indeed, there is a reasonable possibility the girl you spoke with and the one I recently reported on as only allowing one shot is the same girl, as I thought she also was fairly clearly the most attractive of the girls in the line-up the day I sessioned with her.

    Indeed, the only way I can justify the price there (almost double what Classic and the Pangeran Jayakarta places such as Sari Ayu and LA Bar charge) is that one gets two shots and better service most of the time (if not the greatest looking girls). If it turns into a one-shot place, or the girls otherwise give bad service generally, I'm out of there.

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