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    Screwed over at see-Clove, do not go there

    OK so I thought I'd toss this update out there just to warn all my fellow mongers. I was approaching desert dick status and couldn't hold it anymore. I caved and decided to go to a rub and tug. I didn't feel like driving all the way up to Tsuji which I don't really care for to begin with, and I told myself before I'd stop going to tugs, because they never do anything for me. Handjobs just aren't enough to finish me, they never have been, and I've been to almost all the rub-and tugs on this island, except for the 3 I'm about to mention. Anyhow I was looking at two places with two different girls that piqued my interest, so I pulled out the yen, Google mapped the address, and started driving over. Well, I didn't even realize until my dumb-ass turned off onto this street, that I was headed straight into the Yoshihara RLD. I don't think I've ever "Nope-the" so hard and went into reverse so damn fast. LOL I have a yellow "A" plate, but even still, driving at 10 pm on Saturday night, my balls aren't big enough to risk that with MP's, let alone for a simple rub and tug joint. Well, with all other tug places closed nearby, I remembered see-Clove relocated and would be open and like a dumbass, I figured I'd give them a try. I didn't get the chance to look at their site, so I risked going with whatever they gave me. Big mistake.

    If you are gajin, do not go into see-Clove, forget it. Just don't do it. First and foremost, the guy behind the counter, I could tell he was looking down on me from his facial expression. It had "you filthy gajin" all over it. He refused to give me the table option, for reasons which I do not know, and forced me to get the mattress option, which I didn't really want, but said fuck it anyway. (red flag #1). When he finally called me back, he busted out the translator on his phone which said "no cancel or leaving" (Red flag #2), usually I turn around and leave when they do that, but I've never had that happen at a rub and tug place, only at the crappy soapies in Tsuji, besides the fact that I was already in the wash room at that point. I get changed into the boxers and what comes around the curtain had me so mad I started seeing red. It was THE biggest, THE fattest, THE most gruesome ogre of a woman I have ever seen. If anyone here knows about the obesity in America, I swear on a stack of fucking Trojan condoms this broad was bigger than that. She had to have been pushing 300 lbs easily. No exaggeration, I'm surprised she could even walk, and I've never seen Japanese people that big before. Her voice was deeper than mine which was scary, and as soon as she started the water, I could hear the massage table in the next room over being dragged out and a cute girl's voice in there, talking to a patron who came in after me. I was fuming. That bastard fucked me over and I thought I couldn't escape. Screw that. I laid down on the mat for 10 minutes, just enough for this beast to finish whipping up the nuru gel, and I pulled a freaking Hercule from Dragonball Z and started complaining about intense stomach pain. She left asking if I wanted her to get help and I told her no, and as soon as she turned the corner, I washed myself off and darted out the door which was in a different direction than the entrance. Had I seen that fucker, lord knows I would have given him a piece of my mind, but I just left, got to my car, vigorously rubbed hand sanitizer on my entire body (yes, my whole body) and drove my angry-ass home. A waste of 10,000 yen, and I just ended up spanking it, disgruntled as fuck with Hotto Motto Take-out for dinner. Lesson learned, any place that says " we cater to foreigners" or "Americans welcome", take great caution when becoming a patron.

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    New to Okinawa

    Hey everyone,

    New to the island, I've had my fair share of "adventures" in the states. Now turning to you fine folks to point me in the right direction. I'm looking to try out KG, any recommendations? Tips? You can PM me if need be.

    Happy hunting,




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    Quote Originally Posted by WetDreamz  [View Original Post]
    Long time lurker of the thread. Finally decided on getting a membership. Was curious on what I can do to pay for the membership, being that I don't want the significant other to find out. Will a pre paid Visa card work? Any info will help.


    Dreamz out!
    It is explained in the FAQ. You can even mail in your subscription request.


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    Paying for membership

    Long time lurker of the thread. Finally decided on getting a membership. Was curious on what I can do to pay for the membership, being that I don't want the significant other to find out. Will a pre paid Visa card work? Any info will help.


    Dreamz out!

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    Hansen Libo buddy

    I need a Libo buddy to go out and have fun visiting different places. I am a 20 years old and at camp Hansen.

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    I had Kumi visit this weekend. She is cute, but does not have the reddish hair. She speaks a little English, is very friendly, skilled, and accommodating, but no intercourse. Her BBBJ with CIM were awesome and she had great BJ endurance. She was in no hurry. She said she enjoys it for hours and she just kept moving around, bottom, tip, switching hands, and technique. I really thought I should have filmed it for training future wives or Girlfriends (LOL). I thoroughly enjoyed my hour, but was disappointed about the full service.


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    Red light district

    So I hear that the red light district has been closed down.

    Any others like it that have women working now.

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    Naha Soapies

    So I have been using this website for months. For my trips around town, but I felt I had to share my terrible experience, in hopes you can avoid the same. I've been to quite a few Soapies in Naha, and I know you never get what is advertised. I didn't learn after I got a weird foot fungus from going barefoot on the tile. I didn't learn after I got a weird rash down below. This time though was the third strike. I am almost positive this girl had some sort of skin disease, as well as genital warts on her anus. I high tailed it out of there and I will never return again. I'm not telling you what to do. I just want to pass along my horrible experiences in Soapland.

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    Had a nice hour with Naomi from KG. She is a bit older than the advertised 37 probably more like 44 IMHO. She is plain looking, milky-white skin, I do not remember any tattoos, her breasts were nice natural beauties with large and responsive nips. I think her dimensions were also a bit higher than published but she is not huge. She was good with DFK, Great BBBJ, extensive touching, but initially sex was off the table. After about 5-10 minutes of what seemed to be mutually-satisfying 69 action, she said yes to sex with a condom-which she did not have. Fortunately, I did have one and she let me do the deed. I did not try multiple positions only mish. She stayed next to me until the timer went off and then made her way back to the shower. Her English is good. She says she is from mainland and will be here for a few months. For me, she is alright for the GFE and I probably will repeat.

    On the other end of the spectrum is Runa. Anybody try her yet? Her pic looks hot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LordBastian  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any information about the new men's relaxation spa on 330 on the corner going to the zoo. I think it's called Vanilla.
    I actually stopped in there a few days back. Obviously they recently opened. Time I went was only 1 girl on duty, and she had to leave soon so only the 30 min option was available.

    I can't remember her name, but she was alright. Thin, tatted up, good English. Decent personality, if a bit standoff-ish.

    Anyway, it was a decent rub and tug, on an air mattress.

    I didn't like the entrance there by the traffic lights at a busy intersection. The "shower area" is a bit prison-like, dark brick and rows. Not something you want to enter when it's at full capacity I'd imagine.

    Overall, just slightly above average joint. Worth a visit, but not going to recommend it in any special manner.

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    New Relaxation Spa

    Does anyone have any information about the new men's relaxation spa on 330 on the corner going to the zoo. I think it's called Vanilla.

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    Asato back in the game

    Lots more action in the area behind Asato station in Naha recently. A few little "ryokans" have reopened but only a few will even look at gaijin. But there are quite a few FLs walking around and even a pair of chicks sitting inside the market, who invited me to take them both to a love hotel for 5K each.

    Go alone and be quiet and discreet, maybe you can find some fun.

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    Feri Feri. MOE

    Does anyone know what happened to Feri feri? No new schedules for the girls in a long time.

    Anyway, a little delayed but here's my report on 19 yo Moe ( She mentioned she is from Nago. Great GFE, a little hesitant at first but warmed up and was game for mutual FUN. Thick girl, nice ass firm natural breasts to grab ahold of while she rode me. Nicely trimmed. Very little English. Great BBBJ. Covered FS. She did have a snaggle tooth that I could not stop staring at. Definitely recommend, if Feri Feri is still in business.

    Happy hunting.

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    KG Review

    Had Kumi the other day and she was great. Nice ass, but a scar on her stomach which I don't mind. She is a very nice girl, so just treat her right and you will have a good time.

    Saki-oh man, this girl will give it up, but this was a horrible experience. I felt I was doing a dead woman. She is a little bit cute, but extremely shy. You have to guide her on what to do or you will just be staring at the ceiling the whole time, while she plays with her finger nails.

    Miho- very cute girl, tiny, and clean. She knows what she is doing, highly recommended.

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    Outdated Intel

    Fellow tail chasers,

    It seems based on the feedback in these forums, KG's once reliable service is turning into a crap shoot on a daily basis. Can anyone provided updated Intel on the current girls remaining at KG; new / old because I know some of the old ones that use to give up it up aren't. Please any feedback is good, similar to what MHF posted below on the new chick Colon. 17,000 Yen is a steep price; I would like to ensure that when I do spend it, all out full service is on the menu from the girl.

    Forever creeping,

    Jay Bilas

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