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    Was wondering

    I went to the Chinatown / Night market area. Looking for the building flooded with Chinese girls on the 2nd floor. Been there before but was a little disoriented so could not find it. Ask around, they said it's gone, disappear. Anyone know what I am talking about. Is that Ace that has been refer to.

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    OL In KL

    I have been out of the action for a long time, so pardon me for the long silence.

    This is my recent encounter with an Office Lady, hence OL. Sorry no contact and no name. Just sharing my experience for your reading pleasure.

    She picked me up and together we checked into a resort hotel. She asked why I was not taking a double bed. I said there wasn't any available!

    This is the third time we were going to spent time in the room. The last two times I only managed to play with her boobs and got her to touch my cock.

    I have known for quite some time. She is single and used to call me up for her especially with her office work. This getting together session was planned for quite some time. She said she wanted to repay me for helping her.

    After settling down we were chatting in the living room. She was upset with her work while I tried my best to offer my views.

    Soon I got bored with the subject. I just walked over to her and hugged her. I wanted to kiss her but she moved her head away.

    So my hands went for her boobs instead. She has big boobs, very soft to touch and caress. She tried to push my hands away but I did not care. She did not get angry so I continued.

    I tried to put my hands into her bra but it was rather tight. I reached the back and unhook her bra. I had problem with the hook so I asked her to help me. She unhooked her bra.

    So I had a good time playing with her big soft breasts. Her nipples were small but sensitive. She was moaning away.

    I then licked her breasts. She moaned even louder. Her whole body was shivering.

    My hand then went to her pussy, rubbing her through her pants. She told me she was having her period. I did not believe her. The last time also she used the excuse. I did not find any sanitary pad though.

    She moaned even more. I wanted to reach inside her pants but he stopped me. She did not stop me from rubbing from outside. She eyes were closed and she was moaning. I knew she was enjoying. Meanwhile I was still playing with her boobs with my tongue.

    After playing for quite a long time we rested on the sofa.

    I asked if she wanted to play with my cock. She said no. Without getting her agreement, I took off my pants and my underwear. My cock sprung right in front of her.

    She did not look away. I asked her to touch but she was hesitating. I said she might not get another chance next time. So she slowly touched my cock then slowly caressing it. It felt good but I wanted more.

    So I thought her where to touch and how to masturbate it for me. She was doing fine and I was in heaven.

    Then I asked her to blow me but she refused. So I asked if she wanted to see me cum. She said ok. I asked her to get the body lotion from the bathroom. She obeyed.

    So I thought her how to stroke me with the body lotion. I was sure it was her first time despite being more than 40 years old. She was enjoying it. I let her play with my cock and from time to time told her where to concentrate.

    After a long time I told her I wanted to cum and requested her to move faster and firmer. I got the tissue papers ready and I shot a big load. She was thrilled like a little girl.

    After that she helped me to clean up.

    I asked if she wanted to take bath together with me but she rejected. I let her be.

    We went out for dinner after that and came to the hotel hoping for more fun. But she had a long phone call. I sat down watching television. By the time she finally finished with her phone I was already sleepy.

    She said she wanted to watch TV and asked me to sleep first. I went to the bed but could not really sleep. I was wondering what was coming next.

    Soon she came in to the bed. It was a king size bed. She sleep rather far from me.

    I moved closed and hugged her from behind. She did not push me away. I wanted to kiss her but she still avoided me. So I went for her boobs again. She still had her bra on. Again I asked her to take off her bra. She followed as I asked.

    I caressed, knead, kissed and licked her nipples. She was moaning so loudly. Her breathing was heavy. I knew she was enjoying it.

    My hand then went into her pants. She still had her panties on. My hand went inside and found her pussy. She did not stop me this time.

    I played with her pussy lips for a while then dipped a finger inside. She was really tight. I was very sure she was still a virgin. Then I concentrated on her clitoris. It sent electrical wave into her whole body.

    She was panting and moving from side to side but did not push me away. She kept telling me that I made her so excited and aroused.

    I kept playing with her pussy and her boobs. She was telling me she was so wet. It was true. Her pussy was really wet.

    Finally she could not take it any more. So I stopped. She went into the bathroom for a long time. Went she came back she was without her bra and panties. She only cover her body with a big t shirt.

    We hugged and I let her played with my cock. She did not do much beside rubbing me.

    Then we both drifted to sleep.

    When I woke up the next morning she was still asleep. I was horny so I attacked her.

    I rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples. She was moaning. I pushed up her t-shirt revealing her two big breasts. I licked and sucked them like no tomorrow. She moan even louder. She reached out and hugged me. Obviously she was enjoying it. She did not push me away.

    Then my hand went down to play with her pussy. She was wet. I pushed a finger inside and it went in surprisingly with ease. This sent her to heaven. She was moaning, she was hugging me very hard.

    Her pussy was soft and warm besides being very wet. I had a good time. Finally she climaxed and almost screamed out. Her whole body was shivering and was covered with sweat despite being in the air-conditioned room.

    I asked if she enjoyed it, she said yes and hugged me. Yet she refused to kiss me. I did not insist. I guess soon she will be.

    Then I told her I wanted to cum. She asked if I could still cum I said why not. So she started to play with my cock. I asked her lick me. She hesitated but did it finally. Then I spent some time coaching her on how to give me a blow job. She did fine for a first timer.

    She went to get the body lotion and masturbated for me. This time she used her hand to block my sperm from flying all over. She even played with it and rubbed in on my chest.

    We rested for a while. I asked if she enjoyed the new experience. She said yes and hugged me.

    We then washed up and went out for breakfast.

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    Turbo258 bro,

    I want Rose number. I'm new and I'm sorry bro. Couldn't PM you because I dunno why. Can you kindly PM me her number. Rose Philippines. Very much appreciated bro.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantina52  [View Original Post]
    First time i bought from Singapore . then i bought from Malaysia .
    If possible , buy from Singapore because cheaper .
    Malaysia agent u can call this hp no 010-2077788 . They bought from Singapore then sell locally . so price of cource difference .
    This Vigred is from US , Singapore the Asian distributor . It much better than Cialis or Viagra in term of effectiveness and less side effect like headache ....I personally like it very much .
    I bought from local agent b4 . They will courier in 2 working days after you bank in .
    Remember for best result , empty stomach and take half piece enough . Already can screw her to heaven .
    Quote Originally Posted by Bennychan  [View Original Post]
    Dun buy locally . Better go Sg buy because can save RM10 at lease per bottle of 10 pcs .
    Normally I bought many when visit Sg or can ask Sg friend courier to me .
    After ate , small man become Superman . Look at her satisfy face sure will let you
    Actually it not only improve hardness but also the length and longer lasting .
    For best result , spray procomil spray + Vigred = few times orgasm .
    Call them Wednesday morning, received it yesterday afternoon. Very fast.

    Tried already, better than Viagra. Faster respond time and can last longer time. Hardeness very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zzeee  [View Original Post]
    I was in CC PJ last month. A friend recommended to try an Indian girl.

    Actually I called earlier to booked my regular girls, but none of them are working on Saturday. Too bad. Suddenly the OKT told that there an Indian girl in the house. Damn, I was feeling rather kinky thinking of screwing an Indian gal.

    Called and fixed the time for in-call service. Waited for few minutes then a tall, slim, beauty creamy colored arrived at the door.

    We started with massage, and she's really good at it. Putting right pressure a the rite place. Really relaxing. She even give my head a neck crack. The one that you always get when you go to Indian barber. Then we proceed to bathroom. She really cleanse my very thorough. Every inch of my body.

    Once dried up, we proceed to the bed. I was asked lie down on my tummy. Backside cat bath, something new to me. She lick and peck every part of my body. Later she ask me to go doggy style with ass up. I knew this going to be an AR, and indeed it is. A really good AR with ball lickings and masturbating your bro while doing this. I was hard that time..
    I called the spa to book an in-call session. But the guy who answered the phone said that there's no Indian girls working in there. Can you confirm if this person is still active or not in that spa?

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    Budget hotels near beach club

    Hi guys,

    I will be visiting KUL for a week end of this month on business. Can you please recommed some girl friendly budget 2-3 star hotels with Wifi and safe in room facility not very far from Beach club.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRoamer  [View Original Post]
    I arrived at BC around 10:15 pm on a Monday night. I paid the entrance fee (I think it was 30 something ringgit and that included a voucher for a beer.
    BC asks for entrance fee on weekdays? Is that new? Thought it's Friday and Saturday only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmpMax  [View Original Post]

    Don't know about Klia, but I.

    Am sure you can get extras at Suvarnabhumi. I got a HJ and am sure I could have got more. Girl was pretty open, and the room was nice and secluded.
    Will you then be so kind to be more specific? Hoping we do not see a flow of Class Managers queing there before their flight but it is all kept discreet.

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    Disagree on BKK


    Don't know about Klia, but I.

    Am sure you can get extras at Suvarnabhumi. I got a HJ and am sure I could have got more. Girl was pretty open, and the room was nice and secluded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRoamer  [View Original Post]
    I needed another drink and she was eager to order the beer for me. I'm exactly not sure why
    It is so she can use up an unused voucher. She either still has one herself or one of her friends have a drink voucher from the entry fee.

    The girls will sell them from 20 RM which gets some of the entry fee back. I usually give them 30 RM which is about the same as the bar beer price.

    The bar doesn't seem to be too concerned by I am discreet anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julroy  [View Original Post]
    The other day I arrive early at KLIA2. . . Then I came across this Thai Odyssey massage parlour and I thought, well I can spend some time here for good. But it was late and I had to board the plane.

    Has any brother tried this one yet? What's in the menu and do they have happy ending?
    You are too optimistic to think that a massage parlour in an airport will give you happy ending or so. Not even in BKK!

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    Beach Club (Gina. January)

    I was in KL for a business trip earlier in the year and planned a few days off afterwards to have some fun. Having reviewed the forum I decided to go to the Beach Club. It's my first time doing this in KL so please forgive any newbie mistakes.

    I arrived at BC around 10:15 pm on a Monday night. I paid the entrance fee (I think it was 30 something ringgit and that included a voucher for a beer. There's a lower terrace, an upper terrace and the club itself. I made my way across the lower balcony where there were tables of customers and girls drinking in the evening heat. There wasn't much going on either balcony so I decided to do a quick recon of the club to understand the layout.

    I entered the club section and from just inside the main entrance I could see some seating in the lobby area, a dance floor beyond and the main bar to the right. I circled around the bar area, redeeming my voucher for a beer along the way and managed to find a seat at a table near the dance floor opposite the stage. Inside the club there's a VIP section that was closed off and no one was in it I couldn't be bothered trying to find out how to get in. The action was in the main section anyway. There were girls everywhere and they definitely outnumbered the guys. Some were alone, others in small groups.

    It was a pretty light crowd when I arrived but both customers and girls started to arrive around 10:30 pm, by 11 pm it was crowded but not packed. You could still move around the club. The girls still outnumbered the guys at it's peak.

    I started scoping targets. After reading this forum I was a bit concerned about the quality of the girls available, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot to choose from; older, younger, plain, slutty, sophisticated, thin, chubby or down right fat and ugly. There was a good selection of 7's and a few 8's. The Caucasian girls (East European looking) based themselves at the oval table near the main entrance. I checked them out but found them to be rather below standard. For anyone lucky enough to travel to Europe regularly the quality of the girls available in London or Berlin are way higher, so I avoided them this night.

    It seemed common practise for girls to walk around the club making approaches to the guys. If you're shy or lazy this might be for you, but my instinct told me to avoid the sharks and do my own hunting. I politely brushed them off or avoided eye contact while checking them out.

    The other common modus operandi for the girls seemed to be standing around waiting to be approached, or trying to make eye contact with a prospect and then making an approach if there was any sign of interest.

    I didn't really see much happening near the dance floor. After a while I moved to another location in the club, just next to the passage to the bathrooms. It was a good way to check out the talent coming and going as it was a major intersection. Being a bit of a butt lover myself, you got to see their rear profile as they walked past and turned the corner. It was also reasonably well lit in that area so you could make a decent assessment.

    From reading previous posts I knew that all the girls used heavily padded bras so a discount factor of 2 cup sizes seemed about right. I also ensured my targets had a flat stomach and a curvy ass. Lots of girls had the opposite, a slight paunch and completely flat butts, easily missed in the constantly changing light.

    After a while a lot of the girls started to look the same, so I really had to consciously remember who my preferred targets were. The only way was to remember what they were wearing:

    - Little Black Dress with diamond ear studs.

    - Black & white striped top with black skirt.

    - Blue tank top with jeans.

    I think they were all Vietnamese. For some reason the PRC or Thai girls didn't appeal to me either a bit to aggressive, too slutty or poor English. The Vietnamese girls seemed to dress well, but be a bit more girl next door type and weren't too aggressive.

    The girl in a little black dress was at the top of my list but it was too early in the evening to make a move. So waited and watched, listened to music, sipped my expensive beer and kept track of some of the other punters progress. Quite entertaining to see how some of the other "gwai lo" found themselves attached to rather ugly girls who then fended off the prettier ones.

    After a while the band started up and played a set, after which the DJ kicked in. The atmosphere started to liven up and some of the girls started dancing. I did another tour of the club and ended up in front of the pillar next to the dance floor. This was another good intersection as the girls that came in from the balcony made their way to the dance floor, and also an excellent spot to enjoy the band.

    It was around 11:45 when I thought I'the better make a move so I kept a watch for the three girls on my list, and the little black dress in particular.

    I finally found her and gave her a signal from across the room. All you need to do is hold your gaze until you make eye contact. Hold eye contact for a several seconds, smile or tilt your head up to make the "come hither" signal. She smiled back but didn't come over immediately as she finished a conversation with her friends. As she started making her way towards me another guy made a move and started to chat her up. All the time she was talking to the other dude she kept looking at me. She smiled and flirted with her eyes even as the other guy clumsily droned on. She just needed to brush him off and she was mine. But the idiot pulled out his wallet, flashed some cash and they got drinks and went outside. As they left she pouted a cute little sad face at me. I didn't see them the rest of the night. Damn. Opportunity lost. Well that's why its good to have some preselected backup options.

    Both of my alternative targets were in front of the dance floor. I kept making eye contact with both as the band played. I was happy with either so I decided to leave it to fate. As it turned out the girl in the jeans and tank top noticed me staring at her first. She didn't come over immediately and was playing with her phone. It took a few signals but she finally came over, stood in front of me, posed and gave me a friendly smile. I smiled back and motioned for her to come closer.

    We struck up a conversation amidst the pounding music. She was Gina, 25 from Hanoi. She had been in KL for about 3 months and was working at the Beach Club until Chinese New year. She had an exceptional fit body with a tiny waist that along with her tight jeans, emphasised her perfect butt. She was a little taller than the other girls even when discounting the high heels she wore and had nice legs. The only critical thing I could say was that she had a slight under bite and it had pushed her teeth out of alignment. But the thought of her mouth around my swelling cock was sufficient to overlook this.

    I asked her how much for an overnight and she quoted me RM 700. I counter offered with 500. Gina asked if I had been here before and I said yes (lied). So we agreed on 600. I'm sorry for adding inflationary pressure to the scene but I didn't want to let another one of my carefully selected targets get away. Besides, now that she was standing next to me I could see she had a nice rack and a great ass and my other brain took over. Negotiations were completed and we relaxed and enjoyed the music.

    Now even though she's a working girl, I think it's still important to be a gentleman, treat it like a date and to set up an emotional connection for later. So when we started dancing I kept smiling, flirting, and sexually escalated with a bit of kissing and touching. It was a good sign that she reciprocated and started grinding her ass against me on the dance floor. We both liked to dance so we enjoyed ourselves for a few songs.

    After a while I needed another drink and she was eager to order the beer for me. I'm exactly not sure why, but I think it's because Gina herself didn't drink and she wanted to be seen by the staff to have ordered something (perhaps another "tai kor" could help explain). The price was the same as normal. We sat at a table outside on the lower balcony and talked some more. I used the opportunity to keep flirting, make jokes about sex and continue sexual escalation. I was rewarded with addition touching and crotch grinding.

    We finished our drinks and after a few more songs on the dance floor we went outside. I was staying a hotel close by, but it was a warm night and I wasn't used to the heat. So I decided to save my energy for later and take a taxi. It was a short taxi ride back to my hotel. While we were in the back seat I held her hand and then slowly guided it to my crotch while staring into her eyes with a cheeky smile. After a quick rub through my jeans she lovingly slapped my shoulder, laughed and called me a "naughty boy". Gina whispered to me if I had condoms and I said yes (had previously bought a dozen from Watsons as well as some KY lube). When we got to the hotel the taxi driver also asked if I needed condoms and I again said yes. I guess the driver probably makes a pretty good profit from unprepared punters. The taxi ride was 20 RM complete rip off for such a short trip but when converted to GBP the difference was completely insignificant to me.

    Now in order to have a great GFE I find it works well to take control of the proceedings and break her out of her standard operating procedure. With a bit of preparation it's not that hard. My most successful method of doing this is to purchase a sexy outfit and have it hung on the back of the bathroom door. When she goes to the bathroom to get ready you can tell them to put on the dress / outfit they find. It makes the experience a lot more fun while at the same time making it different and putting you in control of the process.

    After a bit of fooling around with the outfit she was in, I led her to the couch and started our first session. Starting with fully clothed kissing and fondling on the couch, followed by a cat bath and BBBJ. Then lead her to the bed for a passionate session in multiple positions.

    As I had hoped for, Gina was a firm natural B cup with a great ass and a tiny waist. With her heels off she was about 5'4 in height. We started with lots of deep French kissing followed by DATY, BBBJ, 69, doggy and missionary. I discovered a large tattoo of a flower on her right shoulder going down her back. It was nice to explore her tattoo while pumping her in doggy style. She had excellent tongue technique for the BBBJ and enjoyed a hard drilling for the main event. Our session was rather frenzied and passionate. Gina was clearly enjoying herself.

    After our session she gave me a short massage until I fell asleep. An hour later (it was early morning by then) I woke up to find her still awake reading the news on her mobile phone. After a bit more conversation we started fondling each other again and it was clear Gina wanted some more action. She started rubbing my crotch until I was hard again then gave me a wonderful slow sloppy BBBJ. Then condom on and she straddled me in cowgirl position and spent quite a while grinding her pelvis into me. Her soft long hair cascaded across my face and chest as she rocked back and forth and the sensation was electrifying. More missionary, then splitting bamboo and finished in doggy. After this we both fell asleep until morning.

    When I awoke, Gina was still sleeping next to me, so I wriggled up next to her into a spoon position. The air conditioning in the room was quite cold, so feeling the warmth of her body felt really nice. When she woke up she immediately rolled on top of me and worked her legs between mine. This girl was such a nympho. I love sex in the morning, so it didn't take much for me to get hard. She slipped down under the covers and started off our third session with another BBBJ. Unlike the previous two sessions this was much slower, easier and sensual. With Gina taking a slower pace she had me last a good 40 minutes before I blew my load.

    BBBJ 9/10

    FJ 10/10

    DFK Yes

    DATY No

    AR No

    Face 7.5/10

    Body 9/10

    Damage: 600 RM (about 100 GBP at the time).

    An awesome experience for the price.

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    Thai Odyssey

    The other day I arrive early at KLIA2 and wandered around before boarding. There are just so many outlets there you will never finish checking out all of them even if you have 1 hour to burn. Then I came across this Thai Odyssey massage parlour and I thought, well I can spend some time here for good. But it was late and I had to board the plane.

    Has any brother tried this one yet? What's in the menu and do they have happy ending?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerCountry  [View Original Post]
    KL spa review
    Awesome writeup, thanks for that.

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    Legendary Rose (Philippines) in KL

    Simple FR:

    Name: Rose

    Age: 30's

    Location: Hotel in KL.

    Boobs: 32 a

    Face: 4/10

    Body: 5/10

    Bbj: 10/10 (so expert until I CIM).

    Ass rimming: 10/10

    Pussy: shaven, clean and no smell.

    FJ: 8/10

    GFE: 10/10 (sweet, very friendly and talkative lady).

    Damage: rm150 for maximum 2 hrs (unlimited shots).

    WIR: yes. You want to try her superb service bro's? Just PM me.




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