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    Nova Hotel

    I went back to the Hotel Nova spa, but my prior girl was not around. I picked a girl from the lineup (there was an Indo girl begging to be picked, which is a bad sign). This one was Nut, from Laos. She was the giggly friend type, but shy at first. She would not shower in front of me, and kept the towel on for a while.

    Once the towel was off, she was a monster. Her hips were wider than most girls, but she was in shape and kind of a hard body, and had a butt that didn't stop, round and firm.

    She started off with a BBBJ, and after a few minutes got on top and worked those muscles. I had the idea to switch to doggy, but did not want her to stop what she was doing, because I was about to cum. When I did, I could hardly feel it, not much of an orgasm, don't know why.

    After some chitchat, I was out the door, probably within 30 minutes. Damage was 218 ringgit, plus 7 ringgit tip.

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    Looking for Indian FL.

    I'm visiting KL at the end of the month. Looking for an Indian FL. Please PM me with info and contact.


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    Bris. KL Malaysian Airlines on again

    If you haven't heard Malaysian Airlines is flying direct from Brisbane to KL again.

    My future plan. Bris to Phuket via KL with stopover.

    2018 going to be a great year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaluwa357  [View Original Post]
    Hi all mongers,

    I'm planing a trip to KL on next weekend and looking for some good places to stay. Is there any Girl friendly hotels in bukit bintang area and where can I get some action.

    Thanks in advance.
    By most accounts, almost all hotels in KL are guest-friendly, including the best and the worst. But, if you need specifics simply Google "Guest friendly hotels Kuala Lumpur". I did it just now and at least three sites that details those things popped up.

    FYI, it has also come to my attention that most hotels throughout neighboring Thailand are guest friendly. The joiner fee that is a common annoyance in BKK and Pattaya is a local phenomenon. Its a method for hoteliers in those places to garnish extra $$$ from tourists in those towns. According to a blog by a Hat Yai based expat, the joiner fee is otherwise unheard in Thailand, outside of BKK and Patts. However, the impact of this seems to be that travelers throughout Southeast Asia are now burdened with the concept of "guest friendly" whereas it is a localized problem in a few parts of Thailand.

    If I am wrong on that presumption, someone please correct me. But, most people who post field reports on SE Asian destinations, don't seem to have problems taking girls back to their rooms, regardless of where they are mongering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaluwa357  [View Original Post]
    Hi all mongers,
    I'm planing a trip to KL on next weekend and looking for some good places to stay. Is there any Girl friendly hotels in bukit bintang area and where can I get some action.
    Thanks in advance.
    All details explained here:

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    Newbie to KL.

    Hi all mongers,

    I'm planing a trip to KL on next weekend and looking for some good places to stay. Is there any Girl friendly hotels in bukit bintang area and where can I get some action.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First Time in KL.

    Hello fellow mongers,

    I'm planing of sort of mongering tour in next weekend in KL. What are the good places to visit? I was planing to use Corona inn to stay. Please give me some advice.

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    They all have pussy hair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee66  [View Original Post]
    The girls you took had pussy hair or were shaved? Thanks.

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    Re lust141:

    The girls you took had pussy hair or were shaved? Thanks.

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    Last week, I was in KL and decided to try 2 of the freelance website advertised on Lust141.
    First, I had a look at local7888, and they were advertising local Chinese girl, at 400-500 RM for 1's. As usual, the girls look pretty on the picture and too good to be true.
    Then, I switch to klescortmodel, which also look very nice. I made contact with both of them with Wechat, and both of them replied to me quickly. I decided to try one girl named Gin, with a price tag at 450 RM for 45 min. The agent provided me the location of the hotel, which was at Best Western Petaling Jaya. Once I reach the hotel, he sent me the room number and asked me to go directly to the room.
    The hotel was nice on itself, and once I reach the room, the girl who opened the door was a totally different one. She was a local chinese girl from Sabah, but was not the one who I ordered.
    However, her look was OK, not as good as the one in the picture, and I'm aware of all the photoshop done, but this was definitively not the girl. I still decided to go with her.
    When I entered the room, the bathroom floor was all wet, so the girl had several sessions already before. She told me that she has been in this room for 2 months already.
    Before we even started, she asked me to pay upfront, which put me off. Once I handed over the cash, she asked me to a take my shower by myself. I then understood that the session would not be a good one.
    Once I was out, she went to take her shower as well, and I waited for her on the bed. She then joined me and started her service, with some kisses on my chest and nipple, and BBJ. Shen then put the condoms and asked me to go on the top. The girl was pretty lazy and when I touched her breast, it was all hard, made of silicon, which I hate. I did her missionary, tried to kiss her, but she was avoiding me. So I was not in the mood anymore, and wanted to finish as quickly as I could. After finishing, I just took a quick shower, dress up and left unhappily.
    I then texted the agent telling him that the girl was not the one I ordered, and he was trying to convince me about the photoshop thing, which I answered it was definitively not the girl.
    Today, I see that he is still advertising the same girl, which is fake. So beware of klescortmodel, they may have real girls, but the one I ordered was not the one in the picture.

    On the second day, I wanted to try another agent and contacted KLE141. This time, the girl in the photos looked more real, with some photoshop.
    I booked Kitty, a vietnamese girl, and price tag was 190 RM. When I arrived to the hotel, the agent told me the room number, and I went directly to the room. This time, the girl who opened the door was similar to the one in the picture. I entered, and she asked me to take off my clothes. She then went with me to the shower and washed my body carefully. I dried up and went to wait for her on the bed.
    Once she joined me, the process was the same, sucking my nipple, went down to BBJ me, and then I did her missionary. But this time, she was much more responsive and boobs were real and nice! Her moan was also more natural. But still no kiss. After 10-15 min, I came and was overall happy with the session. I paid her at the end 200 RM and left.
    I went down to the hotel reception and wanted to try another one advertised int he website. After resting for 20 min, I contacted the agent again and told him several names, but many of them were already busy or booked. Kimiko seemed to be popular, as she was fully booked for the rest of the night. Finally, Fendy was available, she is advertised as being Cambodian, but she was actually Vietnamese. When I went to the room and knocked on the door. Suprise, Kitty was also there in the room chatting with her. The two girls said something in Vietnamese and Kitty left the room.
    Fendy was same as in the picture, very cute and 20 yo. The whole process was the same, but she was also much more friendly and service oriented. At the end, I left happily after these 2 satisfactory sessions.

    In summary:

    1st session:
    Name: Gin (not the girl from the pic).
    Agent: from klescortmodel.
    Face: 7.
    Body: 7.
    Boobs: 8 (bu Fake boobs).
    BBBJ: 7.
    DFK: None.
    FK: 6.
    GFE: 5.
    Price: 450 RM and Will not repeat.

    2nd session:
    Name: Kitty (girl was same as the pic).
    Agent: kle141.
    Face: 8.
    Body: 8.
    Boobs: 8.
    BBBJ: 8.
    DFK: None.
    FK: 7.
    GFE: 6.
    Price: 200 RM and good session.

    3rd session:
    Name: Fendy (girl was same as the pic).
    Agent: kle141.
    Face: 7.
    Body: 7.
    Boobs: 7.
    BBBJ: 8.
    DFK: None.
    FK: 7.
    GFE: 7.
    Price: 200 RM and good session.

    In conclusion, I had a much better session with 2 girls for a lower price of 1 session with klescortmodel.
    I can definitively recommend KLE141 as being honest with what they advertise and you need to be careful with klescortmodel and local7888. They both operate at the same hotel.

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    Mongering / Spa / Massage


    Long overdue report. All prices are around a year older. Kuala Lumpur is a great city. It is not in-your-face like Bangkok but has things available for mongers.


    The best area for this which I used a lot was the Jalan Bukit Bintang near Arab Street. This is place from Mcdonalds / starbucks to moving on the circle crossing KFC and onwards. Just walk by and you will be approached by FLs and pimps. I did an Indian for RM80 (Yes only RM80). GFE experience. She had a room and it was included in the price. Other than that, you will quite a few Thais offering massage (showing brochures). All of them, of course, lead you to FS and Happy Ending.


    Places near Changat (the entire massage street) seemed mostly clean. Had an Happy Ending massage at Phuket Thai massage. This is right next to Hotel Sentral Pudu.


    Went to Bond Spa. Somewhere around RM200 for Thai / Viet / Ind and RM380 for Chinese (don't exactly remember the prices). The usual drill. Choose the girl. Use the facilities for as long as you like and eat as much as you want.

    Went onwards to Penang but didn't find any scene there.

    Happy Mongering.


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    How to get a Jap in KL Sentral?

    Hello bros, was looking for Japanese or Cambodians in KL Sentral area. Do not have much opportunity to travel far. So far found them in Subang. Guess it is far from KL Sentral, so cannot go there. Anyone has contacts which you can share? Arigatōgozaimashita.

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    Nova Hotel Spa

    I booked myself into the Nova Hotel, went down to the spa, picked a girl from the lineup, and had her sent up to my room. The short time rooms at the spa are not great or particularly clean, so my room was a better option.

    There were no PRC girls, so I went with a Thai lady who is a twin of the dancer in the "Panama Dance" video. Cost was 218 ringgit ($60).

    First she gave an erotic shower, and then went for some quick sex on the bed, starting with BBBJ, ball licking, then got on top and pumped away. Super ass, if you like well formed tight buns. The experience is great if you want a no-hassle, quick one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeenEyeJoe  [View Original Post]
    ACE building in Pudu at around 1 pm... in my years of mongering around the world, most sessions I've had with Chinese women have not measured up to par. I try to avoid them whenever possible. Even in Hong Kong, I attempt to seek out a Thai woman if I can find one.
    Great report. ACE girls have distinct shifts, so the scene (PRC / Viet mix, age) looks different depending on the time you go. Early afternoon is indeed reserved for Chinese dinosaurs.

    As for Chinese hookers service levels, I wholeheartedly agree, however, it's mostly with PRC women all over the world. I'm willing to bet your girl was not actually Taiwanese, it's not too common to find other types of Chinese hooking (and she'd be getting way way more than 60 RM in Taipei). However, on a few occasions, I had decent service (and good value at 40-50 RM) with local Malaysian Chinese (2-3 decent ones in Seremban, 1 in Pudu).

    At ACE, the Vietnamese are not all that great service-wise either. Though there is an occasional decent (rarely good) one. I like ACE for the meat-market setup, but better service can be had elsewhere, even in Malaysia.

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    Thursday afternoon. ACE Building (Hotel Richmoore) in Pudu

    This afternoon I arrived at the ACE building in Pudu at around 1 pm. Usually at ACE I select a Vietnamese lady. Yesterday I had a nice session with a 70 MYR Viet woman and was hoping to find another today.

    For some reason the pickings were small this afternoon, with only about 15 women present. Mostly the dreaded older Chinese dragon women.

    I don't mean to appear racially prejudicial, but in my years of mongering around the world, most sessions I've had with Chinese women have not measured up to par. I try to avoid them whenever possible. Even in Hong Kong, I attempt to seek out a Thai woman if I can find one.

    So as I exited the broken escalator I headed straight ahead to the back of the complex and found an empty table. The waitress brought me a large bottle of Carlsburg beer (19.50 MYR or $5 US) and I sat and waited for more ladies to arrive.

    A few of the pesky dragons attempted to get my attention but I shooed them away. But after about 10 minutes an intriguing gal came by the table. A Taiwanese lady, 36 years old with alabaster skin, long black hair, 5' tall but appeared higher in her 4 inch sandal heels. Had a small waist but a sizable butt. Her best feature was her ample bosom which was oozing out of her low cut dress. She even knew a bit of English, which is rare for a Chinese provider in KL.

    She stood behind me and massaged my shoulders and asked if she could sit. Her breasts captivated me, so I let my guard down and invited her in. She was a genuinely friendly lady and seemed glad to pass the time with me. I motioned that I was not going to go upstairs until I had finished my beer, and was surprised when she decided to stay. Being the generous guy I am, I splurged on a 4 MYR ($1) coffee for her to drink. Her asking price was 60 MYR ($15 USA) which was acceptable to me.

    20 minutes later I finally drained the last drop, and we left the table and walked hand in hand up the stairs / elevator to her room. She brushed her hand up against my cock once or twice along the way, but no demonstrative public displays of affection were in the cards.

    Her room was as comfy and clean as a room can be in that shit-hole building. Eventually we undressed and she led me to the bathroom where we stood in the bathtub and she cleaned me up. Afterward she began soaping up, and surprisingly put her arms around me and started rubbing those big soapy boobies against my wet back for about 30 seconds. My little buddy immediately stiffened up as I enjoyed the show.

    After toweling off, we laid on the bed facing each other and she began giving me a hand job. I reciprocated by fingering her pussy with one hand and rubbing a nipple with the other. She seemed to really be enjoying herself, which surprised me a bit.

    But after 30 seconds my carnal world came crashing down around me. Apparently some pre-ejaculate had emerged from my cock and transferred to her fingers. All of a sudden she shrieked and started looking at her hand. My gosh, you would have thought I had dusted her with anthrax!

    She leaped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom and kept saying, "you finished". Heck I wasn't anywhere close to being finished, but in her eyes I was out of the game.

    At that moment I had two choices. I could be an asshole or I could just accept the fact that the session was done. So after mumbling a few choice obscenities under my breath, I took another shower, got dressed, and headed out the door.

    I must admit it the session was okay while it lasted and she provided fairly decent GFE for an ACE Chinese gal. Fortunately it was only a 60 MYR loss.

    So I licked my wounds, walked to the Pudu train stop, and kept muttering that's what I get for being such a dumb-ass and hiring another Chinese woman. But my gosh, those breasts were sure luscious.

    I bought a ticket for the Maharajalela monorail station to look for an Indonesian at one of the Chinatown shit-hole brothels. I'm glad I did. Details to follow later.

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