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    KL report

    Just returned from KL and want to thank all my fellow mongers who reponded to my questions and also for the PM's. I want to share my views on the mongering scene in KL.

    I stayed in a hotel off Bukit Binantang. Though it is just the walking distance from Bukit Bintang but the climate is too hot and humid to walk. The taxis will rarely put on the meter at nights but will charge you 10 to 15 MlYR to take you to beach club. On return from the beach club back to the hotel taxis will charge 20 to 30 MYR. To my point of view, staying in the street of Fedral hotel is the best option. Plenty of restuarants, bars, pick ups, massages and live music in restuarants and well as street musicians.

    The scence at the beach club is that there are mix of all Vietnamese, Russian and Filipinos. They will ask for 1000 MYR or the night and 500 MYR for ST. But they come down to 50% without much pressure.

    Tiger Bistro is just side of Beach club, amazing pretty girls but only Vietnamese.

    SPAs usually will cost you 150 to 200 MYR. Federal hotel has a good spa with some some good babes but they charge 230 MYR. You can get plenty on the same street with room. I took a girl from Mangolia, she wanted 100 MYR for ST but agreed for 80.

    Have fun.

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    FL active at base of Petronas Towers

    Was approached by a nice young lady near the dancing water fountain show in the park. I was walking with a coworker right behind the Mandarin Oriental where she tried to strike up a conversation. Based on my conservative coworker and I being old Out of shape, only one explanation. It was about 9:30 pm and she was sitting on a concrete ledge with two other hotties. No other details.

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    Visiting Kuala Lumpur for 4 days from tomorrow. Staying in Corus hotel near Petronas. Did RTFF, lots of information. Thanks. Looking forward to Beach club visit. Would appreciate sharing any contacts of semi pros. I have PM facility.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Bukit Bintang area

    Slightly belated FR but girl is probably still there.

    Had a wonderful time with this Vietnamese lady at a spa in KL.

    Name: Han? Hahn?

    Age: Probably mid-to-late 20's.

    Height: Short-to-medium.

    Looks: 6. 5/10. Dyed hair. No tattoos.

    Communications: Very very limited English.

    Damage: 178.


    Went to this place and the OKT offered a parade of Indon, Thai and Vietnamese. Chose the later 2. Of all the 10+ girls offered, she was the only one who smiled at me. That is ALWAYS a good sign so the choice was easy. She was also kinda pretty in a Vietnamese kind of way. (Girls there wear a number now so very easy to remember).

    After paying, she lead me to the basement (They've changed their action venue). Room isn't great, just queen-sized bed with a shower cubicle. We undressed together but before I took all off, I cupped her natural, firm, be-cup breasts from behind and played with those small erect nipples. She seemed to enjoy it and I kissed her neck from behind. I reached down and realized she was cleanly shaven. Nice! After helping me off my shirt, we showered together.

    I sat at the side of the bed and waited for her. She came over and gave me a kiss. I reciprocated but didn't go for DFK. I'm sure this is on offer as well. She then went down to give me a cat bath and we shifted the action onto the bed. Nice and gentle cat bath and she was quite expert at knowing all the sensual zones. Tits, groin, balls and the area between the balls and the ass. No AR action here. Gentle BBBJ with deep throat action without too much suction. I like it this way. She alternate between, cat bath, BBBJ, shaft licking, deep throat and caressing my throbbing shaft with her boobs. Good CFM eye contact as well.

    I was able to reach down and cup her nice boobs and play with her tits. Was really thinking of DATY but thought better of it this time. The oral action went on for quite some time as I enjoyed her variations. There was a short period of 'aggressive' deep throating above as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the oral session. I pulled her towards me and went for her nice boobs with her on top of me. With my right hand, I reached around the back, spread her labia with my fingers and caressed her clitoris. It didn't take longer before she started moaning with some small orgasmic jerks. I could feel her getting really wet now and I used this juice to lubricate the caressing of her clitoris. She was really turned on now as her hip gyrations became more pronounced. On and off I slipped my middle finger in and I can tell you, her vagina is literally hot! She was also moaning more and aggressively "attacked" my ears, neck and lips. (Not sure why but I didn't want DFK that day).

    "Condom?" She asked. Hmmmm. Is that optional?(Use your big head guys! She put it on and mounted me. Fuck. Really nice HOT and wet hole. Her head was just next to mine and she was moaning and nibbling away at my ear. Really stimulating. I took control and pumped from below while crouching forward to lick her tits. Not a comfy position so she indicated that I should be on top.

    I used my little brother to play with her clit and labia before I entered her in the missionary position and pumped. She was spreading both her legs straight out and up in the air! I grabbed her both her wrist and pressed them over her head and kissed the sensitive parts of her inner arms, moving down to her tits. She moaned, squirmed and mumbled something in Vietnamese. I kept pumping because she was wet wet wet. Did my planking missionary with her legs over my shoulder. Went deep deep and enjoyed her "oh Oh". Not sure if planking is going out of fashion or what but didn't do it for long. Pulled out to desensitize my little bro. Don't want to come too fast as this was a gem.

    Switched to doggy. Changed speed of pumping up and down. Tried to play with her asshole but she disapproved. Grabbed a pillow and put it below her tummy to indicate I wanted her in a lower position. Changed my angle so that I was pumping and hitting the front of her vagina. Kissed and licked her sensitive back and ears. Straining my back here so switched back to missionary. Could feel I wasn't going to last much longer so pumped hard. AsI was coming I pulled out, took off my condom and came on her boobs. Was actually trying to aim for a CIM (My bad. She is not into this. Not something I do usually unless the girl offers).

    WIR: Definitely yes but KL is not local for me. Perhaps should try DATY or 69 to get her really turned on.

    BTW, if you're familiar with my FR, you can see that sideways, lotus or scissors position are not in my repertoire. LOL. I do like good cowgirl but rarely does a girl ever want to do a reverse cowgirl like in porn. Why is that? (Idid get to enjoy a remarkable one ages ago. Sure miss it).

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    Sunway Resort


    I am staying in Sunway resorts and spa. Could someone give some hints of this place and spa inside the hotel or in sunway pyramid. I am new to this place and your seniors helps is much appreciated. I have PM we can discuss. First time to Malaysia so not sure how it goes here.

    Seniors please.


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    Radius International Hotel SPA

    A fortnight ago, I decided to make a trip to the Radius International Hotel SPA, located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. I first had some decent meal in the form of fish 'and' chips at a nearby eatery and also had a nice helping of a cheesecake slice at a joint within Pavilion. I arrived at the SPA at around 7. 00 pm And there were already 3-4 customers present. The friendly captain approached me and I informed him that I am interested in a package. My request was for a Bakso and almost immediately two of them were paraded in front of me, only a few meters away. The choice was quite easy to make. I chose the one who had a friendly smile. The other Bakso seemed not to be interested. After settling the payment to the captain, the girl escorted me through the back door, up to several flights of stairs, to a floor which is meant for package purposes.

    We entered the hotel room together and I immediately asked her age and where she is from. Then, together we stripped naked and proceeded for a shower. She gave me quite a thorough cleaning and I am already feeling good about this. After towelling down, we sat on the edge of the queen-sized bed and chatted for a while. I found out that she was from Jakarta. Perhaps an interesting feature she has is some tattoos marked on various strategic parts of her body. I quite like the one on her right shoulder blade. The Bakso I had previously also sported some similar tattoos.

    When it was time to make love, she switched off the room and bed lights, leaving only the wash room light switched on. It was a bit dark and my eyes took quite some time to adjust to the darkness, but I was loving it. We fondled each other, planted some fiery kisses and then dropped back towards the bed in unison. After some grappling, she gave me quite a decent BBBJ which made me almost come, but I requested her to stop. Then, I went on top of her. I kissed her and tried to kiss her lips, like I always love to do to all the girls I make love to. But, she politely refused, which was quite understandable, but to my disappoinment. I kissed her neck and she gave me license to auto-roam her breasts. I spent quite some time on these twin towers and my hard-on continued. She writhed now and then.

    Then, comes one of my favourite part of my foreplay. This is always a must when I make love. Yes, guys. You know it. Giving her private parts a good workout. Her moans became louder and louder and I spent nearly five minutes down there, much to our excitement. Then, it was time for the entrance. She was already wanting it. I put on the Durex condoms that I brought along, which is ribbed and dotted. Well, the actual sex did not last too long. I gave her my all in four different positions and within a short period of time, I shot my load into the condom. Anyway, she was very expressive and did not rush things. Always played to my tempo. The only drawback, I guess, is that she could have been more talkative, a trait which I like in girls that I make love to.

    After the love-making session, we chatted for a while and later cleaned up. I gave her a tip and she was quite happy. I returned down to the lounge, but turned down the captain's offer of free food as I had already eaten. I got myself a glass of fresh orange instead. All in all, it was quite memorable as I do not visit SPAs too often. I cannot wait for my next adventure.


    Name: Riska.

    Nationality: Bakso (Indonesian).

    Age: 25.

    Face: 6/10 (a bit dark, but pretty smile).

    Boobs: 34 B (just nice for me).

    Body: 7/10 (a bit voluptuous).

    Height: Around 5 feet 4 inches.

    BBBJ: 8/10 (very decent).

    Massage: Nil.

    FK: Not allowed.

    DATY: 8/10 (both of us enjoyed it!)

    GFE: 6/10.

    FJ: 7/10.

    Overall: 6.5 /10.

    WIR: Yes, but to try others.

    Damages: RM188 + RM20 tip.
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    In KL for the week and looking to buy some viagra, cialis, or zydena. Went to 7 pharms (not places like Guardian, but non-chain places) asked and all said need prescription. Maybe just having bad luck? Read there are sex shops in KL where you can buy or other pharms but some names, locations of these places would be very helpful. Staying in Little India right now (Brickfield) near KL Sentral. Plan to go out an purchase tomorrow evening so I'll be ready for weekend. Can anyone recommend a certain sex shop or pharm to purchase what I need?

    And not too sure about this Vigred stuff and messing with a courier and all that crap. Would just like to go hand over some cash and get it done. Advice would be much appreciated for this monger in training.

    And will do field reports. If I can get this shit bought. Not going in unprepared.

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    Spas in Bukit Bintang

    Hi guys,

    I will be staying in Bukit Bintang area, are there any spass in that area with extras for R150 or less. I also wanted to know as to what time these SPA close at night.


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    Massage in Pandan Jaya

    Helo to all bro,

    Recently been tranferred to Pandan Jaya for some auditing for few weeks. Wonder if theres any good recommendation of massage, batin or extra in the area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPage  [View Original Post]
    How are the girls there? My friend is really a doll (Indonesian SYT who worked in Batam before). I was surprised (shocked) to know that she went there to work from her kampung.
    I would not expect such a pretty girl could work in such a hotel in KL.

    As usual there, she works for many hours, and she has no permission to go out alone. She can only move from room to hotel and back with the driver. In my perspective, she is prisoner. And she is happy! She earns more than in Batam massage joint, apparently.
    There's a separate entrance for the HC, it's quite obvious there. Girl vary. I reckon back in 2010 they used to have Viet, Chinese, Thai, Indon girls. In 2013 I don't remember any Chiesea or Viet girls, so had to enjoy Indon. The price if I'm not mistaken was the same at 168 RM.

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    Summer Spa

    I went to Summer Spa / Massage today, which is just behind Berjaya Times Square. Many thanks, maybe, to others who previously mentioned it, which allowed me to check it out.

    It was a Sunday afternoon. I got there at 1:45 pm. It was very easy to find and I parked just out front of a coffee shop about 2 minutes walk up the street. Unfortunately, when I came back, there was a ticket on my bike. I haven't read it yet as it was soaking wet from a downpour so it's drying out.

    I entered and sat down and was offered a drink at the mini-cafe, which was welcome since I had done a ride to Port Klang and back. I swallowed the drink in one gulp and asked the counterman how long to wait and he said they actually don't open til 2, so I went downstairs and had a regular foot massage, then came back at 3. Was pointed to a seat in the cafe to wait, had another drink, and then asked the guy how long, and he said no need to wait, just pay rm168. Finally, paid and he led me back to a room with a curtain for a door. Changed into the shorts that were laying on the bed (which was all that was in the room) and waited about 10 minutes til a short, fairly ugly Viet woman came in. Not good. Then, instead of leading me to a shower (I was hot and sweaty) it was lie down and she gave me a crappy back massage for 10-15 minutes. She had taken her top off so rubbed her tits against me but all I could do was try to keep her face away from mine, as she kept trying to kiss me and I just didn't want any of that. To make a long story short, I rolled over and let her give me a handjob; gave her rm20 tip, and ran.

    Would I go back to this place. Not a chance. I could get a way better handjob and a real 90 min massage for less than rm100 5 minutes from my house.

    I asked the counterguy on the way out why I couldn't pick and he said she was the only 1 available because it was busy. BS, I hardly saw a soul there, and from the foot massage place I could see the entrance and there weren't more than 3-4 other punters that went in before me.

    Live and learn.

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    Deluxe spa

    This was my first trip to Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to visit several tourist attractions, so I didn't have much time to monger. I had a 2 hour window before my schedule tour of the Petronas Towers. Therefore, I only had time to hit one spa. After reading Tiger Country's reviews, I decided to visit Sky River. The only problem, the taxi driver didn't know where it was. I told him it was behind Fahrenheit 88 and he still didn't know. He asked the hotel staff if they knew, but they had no clue either. Being pressed for time, I told him to take me Federal Hotel. I walked inside and saw the sign for the Deluxe Spa. As I walked in, the captain immediately greeted me. He offered me some tea, but I asked if I could have a glass of water instead. I couldn't believe that he brought me a glass of hot water! After a brief conversation, The girls paraded in front of me by groups. The selection of girls was much better than I expected. I told him that I liked this Malaysian girl wearing the white dress and pointed out a few hot Chinese girls. He instructed them to stand off to the side as more groups of girls walked by. I liked the way one of the Malaysian girl was flirting with me. She was good looking, but not as hot as the other girls I picked out. I asked the captain if I could have 2 girls. He said something in Chinese to the girls and called out number 2 and the girls dispersed. I said, "No, I want 2 girls, not number 2. " I didn't even know the girls had numbers. I quickly waved the Malaysian girl in the white dress to comeback. The other Malaysian disappeared with the rest of the girls. The captain said he would have to talk to the girls and see if they would be willing to work together. I described the outfit the other girl was wearing and he brought her out. They agreed to the threesome and I paid the captain 460 RM.

    The girls met me in the room and we talked while getting undressed. The girls couldn't believe I picked them together. It turned out that the two girls were friends prior to working there. With all the girls to choose from, what are the odds of that happening? We fooled around a little in the shower and then took the action to the bed. I laid down and began making out with the one girl while the other girl blew me (BBBJ). I then put on a condom and began nailing the one girl, while the other girl massaged my balls. It's a good thing I brought my own condoms because we used 6 of them with all the switching. I finally came and the girls cleaned me up. The only downside was that the girls refused to take photos. Overall, It was a great time! I highly recommend this Spa!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrongGg  [View Original Post]
    Where can get it in Sg? I heard Sg sell cheaper.

    Previously bought from Malaysia agent through WhatsApp to +6010-XXXX788.

    Many Singaporean friends talk about it but feel embarrass to ask them order for me. Better go there buy myself.

    Remember first try last 2 weeks, My penis very very hard and long. She feels my difference and keep asking why today difference.

    Of course I don't admit that night. I use delay spray as well. Prefect combination for max sex pleasure.

    She gave very high rate on my performance that night. Haha.
    Sorry for late FR. I tested many days ago but not free to post my FR.

    I order from Facebook "Vigred Malaysia".

    First tried on Vigred, result "Failed".

    I am damn disappointed, called to complain.

    After conversation, I knew what is the problem already.

    Is because I ate too full (heavy dinner) and immediately took Vigred and bank.

    All blood flow to stomach for digestion. Caused not enough blood to didi. Result is upset because I spend RM200 for Viet but her only 5 minutes with soft didi.

    RM200/5 minutes: RM50 for one minutes. Damn pain.

    Second tried last 2 days, this time I tried Philipine.

    Follow exactly the instruction (empty stomach). Vigred + delay spray (the Vigred salesman advised).

    I took it one hour before.

    When she help me bath and wassh my didi, my didi already stand up proudly. She also very surprise and keep asking why my didi so hard and hot?

    Actually not only hard but longer as well. I like the feeling.

    First 10 minutes, she moans as "standard" , sound very "fake".

    Next 10 minutes, she start hold my hand and her leg start clamp my body. Moans getting loud and louder. Keep asking me to bonk her harder.

    And subsequent 10 minutes, begging me to stop. She said very sensitive.

    First time bonk FL until she surrender. I never having sex for so long tome, damn excited and exhausted. But feel great.

    About 30 minutes.

    RM200/30 minutes= RM6. 60 per minutes.

    Very worth from financial point of view.

    Strongly recommended on Vigred + Procomil Spray combination. Much better than Viagra. Trust me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Negrooo  [View Original Post]
    Hello all,
    Just a question, I would like to know where to find Iranian, Turkish girls in Kuala lump?
    Can you help me to find Malay girls in Istanbul? I go there next month.

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    Question about Iranian and Turkish girls

    Hello all,

    Just a question, I would like to know where to find Iranian, Turkish girls in Kuala lump?

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