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    KL. Day 2

    My normal plan in KL when I have more than one nights is to visit beach club and pick up a girl. However, the risk of getting a a non good performer girl did not allow me to explore further and called the skinny, hot beauty as agreed. She said she had classes and therefore she came a bit late but she stayed for the entire night. Once she entered the room I knew that she is here for the sex. The 50 MYR I gave her last night could not seem to justify a professional deal for staying overnight.

    Again good sex various positions. She was very light and her legs were very flexible. Passionate, strong GFE sex for a couple of hours with good BBBJ, DATY, various positions and CIM. Then we slept and then a very quick session in the morning since she had to go to work and I was flying to Singapore. I asked her how much she said is up to you. I gave her 150 MYR and she seemed happy.

    From something that was purely poor service with the first girl I ended up having two days of wild sex. Expect the unexpected in KL.

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    KL. Day 1. Part 2

    After a few messages this hot skinny girl arrived outside of my hotel. Walk of shame and then off we go to the room. Door closes and she comes close to me. A bit of chatting and then kissing and full GFE experience. She was moaning during the entire foreplay and when I put my finger down to check for humidity level she was all wet. BBBJ and a few positions on the sofa, on the table and on the bed. I was pushing hard and fast and she was responding very well. I finished in her mouth and she made sure that not a drop will be wasted. What an experience. After some chatting and a few drinks we had another session of wild sex. We both had to go to work and she left after 2 hours. I wanted to check if she a really good pro or just a horny freebie so I did not offer any money. On her way out she asked for 50 MYR for cigarettes which I gave. She deserved much more but I wanted to see if she will come again just for the sex and not the money. I could not wait for day 2.

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    KL. Day 1. Part 1

    I had half day to walk around Bukit Bintang. I though of starting with a regular massage before have dinner and then have a full massage. A local girl a bit chappy but regular massage was ok. I specifically asked for a proper massage. Behind the curtain a viet girl giving massage was more active in offering extra services. After a good one hour massage I was hungry and ready for dinner. Across Radius hotel a young slim girl made eye contact and when I stopped to talk to her she quoted 150 for one hour and 2 shots. She was ok but I knew that she will not provide a good service and said I will think about it. She insisted drop to 100 and she said that we can go to the condo of her friend nearby. I had time so I gave it a try.

    The condo was 2 min walking distance. Her friend came down to open the gate door and we made a serious eye contact. I knew that she would be a great fuck. The condo was new and spacious. She insisted to get the money in front an I knew that it will be a poor rush service. And it was however it was only 100 and I did not care much. Then I asked her if her friend can join us. She said ok and she showed me some dildos belonging to her friend. However, she wanted to do the discussion and I said no. On our way out from the room I saw her friend sitting having a cigarette. I asked if I can have a cigarette and she said yes. Some chatting took place and I made sure that she gets the message that I want to fuck her hard.

    She gave me her business card since she seems to be doing English lessons. I left after 10 mins and she came down with me. We agreed that we will meet after a few hours in my hotel. I asked how much and she said it is up to you. I said I will text you. My plan for a full massage at one of the hotels just changed.

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    i had lunch in desa sri hartamas on saturday and went for a stroll down in front of the shoplots. stopped and peered into a thai massage that announced a sale for 1 hr and 2 hr massages. in a few seconds, a girl walks out and asks me to come in. she is dripping in sexiness. short short tight pink hot pants. the zipper was not pulled up the whole way so you could see a bit of her thong underwear. her top was a tight t shirt which outlined every curve. she smiled an in a thai accent asks me to come in and try. tips her head slightly and gives me a coy look. in a few seconds, another girl comes out too asks she is sexy clothes and white face powder with dark red lipstick. very slutty but sexy.

    i was tempted to go in but had another appointment. wow, i want to go back but not for a massage. anyone know if these are full service joints or the costs? what's the setup? do they have rooms or just curtains?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Ryder  [View Original Post]
    Was finally able to get some time to put all the info I gathered into practice yesterday in KL. Had a tough call on which spa to visit, but the spa at the Federal won out. First, let me add that the spa entrance is behind the hotel in what I would call the service alley. I didn't even go inside the hotel to see if I could have entered via the lobby, but I suspect not.

    The manager escorted me to a couch and was nicely explained pricing and what kind of girls were available. Prices are 230-260, with the Koreans being at the top of the list. I told him I was not interested in the PRC girls, since I reside in China.

    He obliged and only sent local Malay gals and a few Koreans. He did include a couple of local Chinese girls just for spice. In all viewed about 10-12 girls, one was a very tall Korean lovely, but I didn't really like to scowl on her face. I was never rushed and he sat with me the entire process, even bringing back three girls for a second look at my request. I choose a curvy Malay cutie named "Annie" and was led to the room after paying the manager. I suspect Annie to be in her late 20's, and she told me she had three girls. The marks were evident, but she was fun and upbeat throughout the session. Nice BBBJ, not much DT action, but skilled where it counted. She allowed everything I wanted except anal. I enjoyed multiple positions, and a nice race to the standing doggie finish. The rooms aren't elaborate, but nicely mirrored, so that you can enjoy multiple vantage points.

    I wanted something not thin, and with something to hold onto and thats what I got in Annie, if I was in a like mood again, I would not hesitate to take her for another session. The sessions are supposed to last 45 mins or one shot, but I didn't feel rushed.

    I am sure I will try other spas, but was completely satisfied with the experience at Federal and it was easy to find. I wish I could find something closer to the Sama-Sama Hotel in the airport, but so far haven't had any luck.

    Stay horny my friends!
    I frequently stayed at sama-sama and before that when it was called pan oacific. You can actually get onto escort agency and get them to send girls up for you, I used to pay about 50 for transport. Of course, if you take the KLIA express, it's only about 30 minutes to KL central and from there to anywhere if you are familiar with KL. Or like I frequently does, I take the KLIA express to KL sentral and then check into Hilton KL Central and then call the girls to be send to Hilton, much cheaper and more agency willing to do that.

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    Is CK still working at Ci*el?

    From my readings of previous posts, I came across the name CK who was willing for almost everything at Ci*el. Last time I was there, I asked for her and I was told she was off. So this time, I called in advance to book. When I asked, the person in phone said she's off today as well. I asked him when she will be working again. I really didn't understand his cryptic response. From what I thought he said, I assume he was trying to say that she has gone freelancing or she left. Anyone know for sure.

    I'm basically looking for a good GFE type girl who is willing to do everything (DFK, DATY and if possible Anal). Anyone have a recommendation of someone at the same location or somewhere else you know?

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    My two previous posts detailed my KL adventure was not very successful but since then I have read this forum extensively and now have the information to really enjoy my next visit damm wish I had done this research earlier. My thanks to all you guys for your contributions it really very helpful and saves a lot of time when one is travelling in unfamilar surroundings.

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    KL visit still trying

    After my ordinary Bukit Bintang experience decided to just walk and get the feel of the city, approached by touts 3 times "you want girl, go here, I will take you" No, I said and they give me a card. Did not go, who knows what may be waiting for me there. As I was walking in the triangle area, saw many beautiful girls just shopping etc, not with guys, thought wish I was young man here LOL, two girls walking toward me made eye contact so I gave them a wink and they stopped, where you going they say, just walking, where you live, at. Hotel just down the road. Who with you.

    No I am alone (ok I lie) , you think we hot girls yes very nice, we come with you if you like us, how much money. Up to you. Wow I like this place but sadly not alone and had to make up story and leave. Very hot sexy dress think maybe Thai. Went for massage and foot treatment at my 5* hotel spa. Very legit but both massage girl and foot girl give me paper with cell phone numbers. I come to your room for private treatment after finish work. Sshh don't tell boss. Sadly not alone but learn one lesson come back to KL alone! Will do that soon.

    Happy days boys.

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    KL first visit no luck

    My KL adventure was not great. I was somewhat restricted by the presence of "you know who" but I still managed to walk around Bukit Bintang and was approached several times. A good looking 20 something offered massage, asked for sexy massage, you will be happy she says. Takes me through a men's wear shop, yes customers watching, up stairs, pay guy led along past many massage rooms separated only by curtains. Into one get gear off and get a shit massage, whispering to me'" ëxtras for tip" go for topless HJ pay tip first and she starts jerking. Wait says I topless baby. No take off boss hear, you feel under here good tits but not look- ripoff. Blew my load and out of there fast, did not buy any clothes at shop on way out LOL. KL first experience 2/10 for good tits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreebieFan  [View Original Post]
    Hi Bro, can I get your contacts please. BIG LOL.

    The serious answer to your question is you go to places and meet girls, get their numbers, then you share them with every idiot who says " how do I get contacts".

    Maybe you are not so well suited to this board. Maybe Mummy spoon fed you when you were a boy and you expect the same to happen here. ?
    I wanted to say that!

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    Lina. Russian Chick

    To Jonlittle, Notiguy and Viajando Musilo,

    Check your PM as I had forward the ctc as requested. I would appreciate if you upload the FR later. By the way. Lina I got from Alina her friend. At the moment Alina in Istanbul.

    Just have fun wif her.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kungfupets  [View Original Post]
    How do I get FL contacts?
    Hi Bro, can I get your contacts please. BIG LOL.

    The serious answer to your question is you go to places and meet girls, get their numbers, then you share them with every idiot who says " how do I get contacts".

    Maybe you are not so well suited to this board. Maybe Mummy spoon fed you when you were a boy and you expect the same to happen here. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kungfupets  [View Original Post]
    How do I get FL contacts?
    Post your FR and attract the attention you desire.

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    Heading to ace this afternoon. Anyone want to hangout there this afternoon? PM



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:

    If you cannot afford $20 dollars to buy a subscription, then perhaps you can convince another forum member to purchase a subscription for you.


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    How do I get FL contacts?

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